Fuck me hard and make me squirt

Fuck me hard and make me squirt
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Incredible, as a normal heterosexual white male, i never believed the rumors that black penises were bigger than ours, but i was proven ever so wrong one day on a walk to a friend's house. Being well educated and from the suburbs, i nearly never meet inner city people, much less the gangsters and thugs talked about in rap music. One weekend however when visiting an old friend who lives in the inner-city, my first meeting with gangsters was one i would rather forget about.

Admist the TV watching and eating my friend and i were doing on that one saturday he discovered that we had run out of pizza. Normally, we would have ordered delivery, but neither of us had money to spare for that, i had only 7 dollars and he none. a little caesar's was only 3 blocks away and me, being the distance runner that i am, would have no problem getting there and back within the hour, or less. my friend had suffered an ankle injury just last night at an indoor soccer game and so instead of waiting up for him the whole time, i would just run there and back, it would be quicker and give me some exercise during my off season (It was about mid-Novemeber).

So off i started springing my muscular legs into action down the dimly lit street, i was going to continue erotic chick spreads narrow snatch and gets deflorated defloration virginity the main road down to the little caesars, but i knew of a short cut behind a line of stores that i had discovered on previous encounters with this trek.

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so to kill a few minutes i started off down the dimly lit alleyway, during my progress i heard a voice call out, i turned and looked behind me.

i saw someone come from behind a garbage can, i turned to run fast but ran right into an ominous figure with two other silouhettes to the side of him. "what you doing here cracker?" he asked in a voice as cold as the wind that night. i feebly responded " i just want to get some pizza." and at that i quickly dove between the shadows and sprinted out of there.

relieved i continued until i got to the pizza parlor safe and sound. i paid the 5.50 for a large pizza and decided it would be best to take the side streets back to my friend's in order to avoid those men again. i stepped out of the store, and started to run to the side street, just as i ran toward it, an arm came from around the corner and clothselined me. i was out of breath and laid helpless on the pavement, i was lifted up and carried behind the store alleyway, my sexual fate was inevitable, as they carried me i felt them caress my small athletic ass and rub around my scrotum.

my breathing hastened as a worried about what would become of me, and what these men intended to do. "That wadn't very nice what you did back there whitey" a booming voice sounded which seemed to be comming from the largest figure. "yeah what chu think yo betta than us mutha fucka?!" another threatened. ''We'll show you what yo really better at, takin' it like a bitch" i found myself surrounded by these angry black antagonizing voices.

i was suddenly lifted from the ground, and my pants were dropped to my ankles, one then punched my in the face, snapping tera patrick has sex with tatooed man head back and as i stood there, i felt the autum/winter wind slapping up against my bare ass in the wind and then felt one smack it sending a burining sensation on my ass cheeks. i heard the sound of 4 other pairs of pants drop and then was kicked in the back of the legs to bring me to my knees, my fate was sealed and it was time to face the music i felt my mouth being forced open and a long shaft reach the back of my throat "yeah now suck on it you little bitchass or ill cut your fucking balls off!!" i heard a switchblade knife open and felt cold steel on my throat, i began to suck on his long manmeat and felt different hands force my head along, gagging me constantly.

"now lift your ass up here bitch!" ordered a voice behind me. the pressure on the blade to my throat reminded me i should cooperate or i would be slaughtered there like a pig is for bacon. i felt several fingers slide into my ass and pull in separate directions sending pain throughout my body.

"fuck yeah, how do ya like that?!" they all laughed and taunted me then i felt a knee hit my directly in the solarplexes, this caused the cock to eject from my mouth and me to cough rapidly trying to catch my breath.

"what the fuck do you think your doing?!?!, get my mother fuckin dick back in there" i felt the dick slide back in my mouth, the switchblade on my neck, and now a tip of a penis at my anus. suddenly i was jammed with a dick at least 9 inches long and a full 2 1/2 inches in diameter. i screamed in pain only to be muffled by the penis hot slut gets gangbanged in various positions my mouth slowly sliding down my throat cavity. my body jolted back and forth rapidly as the african american continued to rape my asshole, violently pulling in and out opening my anus wider and wider.

the man on my ass slapped it hard and many times, him forcefully jamming his manhood in and out of me, i felt someing inside my jarr loose and i continued to scream into the meat pole sliding to and fro in my mouth. "OH SHIT" exclaimed the man in front of me, i felt a hot creamy liquid slide down my tounge and finally down my throat "yeah bitch swallow that, you'll know what race runs this town" i swallowed the nasty semen reluctantly and continued to try sorry you have cum on ya face ignore the pain radiating from my lower half, i felt that i was getting pounded harder and harder, i thought i was dying from all the pain that i was experiencing, finally i felt some warm liquid in my rectum, this filled me with relief temporarly as the black man fucking my ass exclaimed in a victorius shout "I have conquerd this asshole".

"I dont think so" the same booming voice i recognized from my first encounter with these thugs had came back, and his figure was well bigger and taller than theres. i looked around at my rapists, i saw the two that had already violated me, one still putting the knife to my throat, the huge shadow, and another one with a red light.THEY WERE VIDEO TAPING!!!

i stared in awe at what i saw, these men had ambushed me, beat me, humiliated and threatened me, violated me, and video taped the whole thing so they can get pleasure again at my expense. Quickly, i realized i had a chance to escape, i pushed the knife from my throat and sprung up to run.

my hopes were dashed as i felt one tackle me, still naked i suppose because his hanging penis rubbed against my now almost frostbitten body.

"spread that mother fucker and bring him here" commanded the huge figure. i was punched in the solarplexus again and bent over while another separated my asscheeks.

"Turn him around, i want him to see this" the figure came closer to me and dropped trow, i was shocked and frightened at the sight. it had to be the world's biggest penis IT HAD TO. it was well over twice the size of the one that was just in my asshole and i quietly sobbed as i knew what was going to happen.

" now spread his ass cheeks, he's goin love my dick in 'em". a sock was then shoved into my mouth, by the time i tasted it a piece of duct tape covered it.

i tried to scream but simply couldnt. the figure evidently was in a sitting position because i was picked up, spread, and then slowly lowered onto the monsterous cock. i closed my eyes and tried to imagine myself somewhere else, but no, this pain was unlike any other, i felt his warm penis enter me, and work its way up my anus, a brisk wind blew as the school girl and boye xxx goons pushed on my shoulders forcing me further and futher down this death shaft, i put my feet on the ground to stand but were picked up by each one of the two "assistents".

"you aint gettin' away this time honkey." one snarled. the big man began to thrust upwards into me, pushing a half- inch every time, i felt my asshole split around my gooch and i knew my colon was going to be pushed to my stomach.

slowly and slowly his huge cock worked all the way up to my limit, i could be stretched no further. he made a few feeble thursting motions but knew i could take no more. " stand this motherfucker up.

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im goin bust his fuckin guts" oh my god i thought as the position me, how could they be this ruthless, only because of my race, i looked around frantically searching for a savior, but to no avail, they started to count to three "one" oh no, im going to die "two" please no, please "Thre. "stop assholes" it was my friend, limping into the alleyway, he must have knew that i got jumped, but his face dropped when he finally saw all that happened.

he then brandished his fathers .45 magnum at them, i felt the large penis withrdraw like a sword from its sheath and heard footsteps in the distance, i collapsed and my friend ran over to me, he took off the tape and held me up "th-th-thanks" i muttered shivering from the cold.

he then put my pants on for me and helped me home. that was the last time i ever used that alley way or went anywhere alone again. i still am heterosexual although thinking of that huge penis sometimes gives me the shivers.