Orgasms beautiful natural girl enjoys romantic foreplay and sensual sex

Orgasms beautiful natural girl enjoys romantic foreplay and sensual sex
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My relationship with my wife was perfectly normal. I was afraid to tell her what I constantly thinking when nicole aniston rachel starr blowjobsenjoy came to sex. She was in control of when and where we have sex. I had the honor of watching her with several of her lovers but I'm always made to only watch and never speak. I would love to be equipped like those guys but I'm not. My penis when rock hard measures three and three quarters of an inch and is only one inch wide.

This is the God's honest truth. One evening after dinner she and I where relaxing in the den and she was flipping through the TV channels looking for something to watch. Over two hundred channels and not a decent thing on she said. We could watch a movie I suggested.

We have about three hundred DVD's and I figured she would pick one of them. She said you know what, I feel like watching a special movie, I'm kind of horny. By special she ment one of her and a lover having sex. We have set up a private porn studio in our spare bedroom and she has used it to make videos of herself and her lovers.

While I waited she went to the safe in our closet and got a DVD. She keeps all her private performances locked in a safe that only she knows the combination to.

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We had to buy it due to her standing in bbw in nylons takes it from behind on the pool table HOA she couldn't risk any of those movies getting into the wrong hands. When she returned with the movie I noticed she had changed out of her work cloths and into a nighty. It was mostly see through and her hairless pussy could easily be seen along with her hard nipples.

I asked if where cold. She looked at her nipples and said no, just horny. I hadn't seen this one she told me. I'm never allowed to ask questions about who she is with. The first time I did that I was told very matter of fact that was none of my business. The screen went blue and then the bed room shownwe have three digital cameras set up in there and they all three record at the same time. Thanks to editing equipment she can then edit a finished DVD. She is talented in doing that.

She said puts it she is the producer, director, actress,and editor. When the movie started she came into frame wearing a white corset with eight garterswhite stockings with a four inch band of lace at the top. Her breast where bare. She had sex with a black guy that was very well equipped. He literally beat her vagina with his penis and several times she was crying while having sex with him. She told me that her pussy hurt for two days after that one. That night in bed my wife asked me if I enjoyed the movie?

I told her yesthat I always enjoy watching her doing what she loves.

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She asked me if I ever wished I was one of those guys? I said every time. She said that she did too, but that my child size penis makes that impossible.

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She asked me if I had a hard on right now. I said yes why? She told me to stick it in her and do my best. I was able to sink it all the way in one stroke. She was wet from watching the movie and her permanently relaxed vagina hot sex lovers role play it useless to even try. She laughted then very tenderly kissed me. She said sweetheart why don't you just jerk off while I talk dirty to you.

The following Friday when I came from work I found my wife cooking dinner wile wearing a very short pair of cotton shorts and a white thim tank top. The bottom quarter of her tanned butt cheeks could easily be seen as could her hard nipples. I asked if she where entertaining tonight. She told me yes, and that after after we ate I should go shower and touch up my shaving, she wanted me totally hairless in my groin area.

After showering I went to the bedroom to dress and there I found my wife waiting on me. She was setting on the bed with her legs crossed. Come here and let me check you she said. She took my soft penis in her right hand and lifted it to see if I had done a good job. She was pleased and said she was going to help me get dressed for tonight.

She had me set next to her and she handed my something black and waded up. I asked what it was. She said tights, they are to help hold my tiny pee pee down. With her help I was able to get them on but just before I pulled the waist up she stopped me. She pushed the head of my penis down the shaft all the way to where it looked like I had no dick. Then while holding it with one finger she pushed my testicles up into my abdomen and pulled the loose scrotum skin up and over my penis. Now while I hold this pull the tights up as far as you can she told mercedes carrera first time anal fuck by lexingtons big cock. I did and when I looked down my crotch was every bit as smooth as my wife's.

She cooed and ran her hand over my now dickless front. Oh baby she saidthat's making me wet. Next she handed me a black leotard, I stepped into it and pulled it up and over my shoulders. It was very tight and really held my junk in. Now the best part she said. She took a black harness from her dress drawer. It had a black rubber cock about ten inches long and two and a half inches wide.

She helped me stap it on. It went around my waist and between my legs. The straps where pulled tightly and the new sex tool hung from me exactly where my own little guy used to. How does that feel my wife asked me? Well its not uncomfortable I told her. Good follow me she said. We went into the studio and she began turning all the lights on as well as the video cameras. There's a fourty inch flat screen one the ceiling that is used as a monitor so she can tell when she is in frame when she is recording.

She laid back and started fingering her wet pussy. I just watched for a few minutes. When she was worked up I noticed that her vagina was gaped just enough to where there was a black hole the size of a quarter. I thought to my self no wonder I can't feel anything. She told me there is a bottle of lube on the night stand and to use it to lube up the dildo.

I pumped two squirts into my hand and worked it up and down the black rubber cock. I felt all the vains in it while doing this. She spread her legs and said fuck me you bastard. I crawled ashli orion does favor for producer without female pornstar doing a black stud between her legs and with her help worked the head of the rubber dick into her.

She hooked her feet behind my ass and forced me to ram it home in a single thrust. She screamed then moaned. I didn't dare move. Are you OK I asked? She said yes now move your ass. I started out moving in and out like if I where fucking her with my cock. She said look dickless you have plenty of meat down there take longer strokes. I began to take longer and longer strokes.

She was coming over and over. I had never made my wife orgasm while fucking her. I had zero sensation down there so I could go on forever. I fucked her for two hours non stop. When she had enough she pushed me off. Her breathing was rapid. We where both covered in sweat.

I got up and started to go to get undressed. My wife still laying flat on her back called to me and as I turned around I was shocked to see her vagina was opened wide. Her eyes where closed so I thought I can stare without her knowing. She said did you have fun acting like a man having sex with his wife? I answered yes. She asked me if her pussy was gaped open? I again said yes. She told me that the rubber cock I was wearing was molded from one of her friends real hard cock.

And that when he is finished with her she is always that loose. I said is it OK to take this off? She said put the harness back on her dresser but not to remove the outfit. And that she was expecting a visitor soon and I was to greet him and bring him to her. I had gone in the kitchen to grab a beer.

My heart rate had just started to return to normal when the front door bell rang. Instantly my heart started racing. I went to the door and opened it. There was a tall black guy, he said hello I Marcus and I'm here to fuck your wife.

I was shocked at his forwardness. He broke my trance by saying can I come in? I stepped aside and let him pass. I closed the door and told him to follow me. I knocked on the studio door, my wife said come in. I opened the door and found her still on the bed.

Honey I said this is Marcus. He pushed pasted me and said hello. Then he placed a big hand in the center of my chest and with ease pushed me out of the room. The door closed and I heard it lock. I stood there for a minuteI didn't know what to do.

I ended up going into the den and turning on the TV. It was still set on the video setting and I could see inside the studio. My wide had set it so I could watch. I watched as that man had his way with my wife for the next four hours. They would fuck then rest then fuck again this went on until eight that evening. I saw when he was getting dressed and thought its about damn time. I heard the door unlock so I turned the TV off so he wouldn't know I had been watching them.

He told me that he would be back for more of that. I saw him out and went to see my wife.

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I walked in and she was laying face down, her legs where slightly parted. I spoke and asked if she was OK. She said yes and she rolled over. Eat my pussy but be careful she ordered. As I cleaned her badly beat up pussy she told me that she had me use that dildo on her to loosen her up so Marcus could have sex with her. After giving her a total cleaning I helped her to the shower and I washed her. She then put on a pair of see through panties and remained topless the rest of the evening.