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A big hard dick gets to fuck ceces tight pink pussy
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Dalia's Dream Another hot dry desert day. Not a cloud in the azure blue sky&hellip. Dalia dropped to her bed… exhausted from the heat… and felt the coolness of the air conditioner pour over her… Slowly she pulled her top and her jeans off… Silky bra and panties barely covered her soft skin.

Her eyes closed and she slipped into a deep sleep&hellip. letting the cool envelope her… Her breathing deepened and soft moans escaped her lips as the dreams overtook her. Dalia knocked at the door and from deep within the house heard a soft voice. "Entre vous." She slipped thru the door, into the cool darkness of the house and seeing thru to the pool, she spotted Susan. Susan was tall and slender, her athletic, toned body showed the color of golden honey in the bright desert sun.

Her brown hair sparkled with a variety of highlights from auburn red to sparkly blonde. Her brown bikini hung precariously on her flared hips and clung to her "B" cup breasts invitingly Susan walked slowly across the sundeck towards Dalia, a soft smile played over glistening white teeth.

"Hi" she breathed softly. "Glad you could come over." Their eyes met, and held, if only for a moment, but Dalia felt the electricity between them and she forced herself to exhale for the first time.

"Thanks." She whispered back. "I really appreciate you taking the time to help me." "Come kitty at the cohf condo out by the pool." Susan whispered softly, "I fixed us some iced tea'" Susans hand slipped into Dalia's as she led her out the door to the deck. "I was just working on my tan". Dalia felt herself warming as she looked at Susan's long tanned figure… "Your tan looks great to me." Whispered Dalia, barely able to force her voice above a whisper.

Susan the bikini bottoms down slightly, letting the hot sun strike the hidden parts of her. Dalia marveled at the smoothness of the golden honey colored skin. Her eyes lingered at the top of the soft fold, smooth, hairless and the color of golden honey. She tore her eyes away&hellip.trying to concentrate.

Susan arched her back&hellip.pushing her breasts against the fabric of the bikini… her nipples growing gently in the heat. Dalia bit her lip in an effort to concentrate. "Let's go inside," Susan said, "This heat is getting lesbian hairy armpits kissing spit dirty scat group be too much." Together, they walked thru the patio doors into the coolness of the living room.

"You're very pretty Dalia." The words took Dalia by surprise.

"Thank you." She breathed. "That's quite a compliment coming from someone as beautiful as you are." They stood in the living room… both becoming acutely aware of the others beauty… beginning to feel the heat from their own bodies. Close… their eyes met… their breasts rising and falling in unison.

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Their tongues flicking out to moisten soft lips. They moved closer to one another, without being conscious of it.

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Eyes peered deep into each other searching… Dalias voice cracker as she tried to speak, not certain of what she would say anyway. Susan raised her fingers to Dalias lips silencing her and Dalia felt her warm breath strike Susans palm.

She fought back a tiny moan and settled for exhaling. They stood, watching each other, breathing together, until Susan took Dalias hand in hers, turning to walk away.

Dalia followed, afraid of where Susan was leading her. Afraid not to go. They followed the hallway down, turning into Susans bedroom. The scream of the air conditioner, barely covered their soft breathing. Dalia felt the coolness on her skin. Uncertain what raised the tiny goosebumps.

Susan stopped… turning to face her. Her tongue slowly moving over parched lips. A tiny whimper escaped Dalias throat as Susan stepped slightly closer. Her fingers remained in Susans, unwilling to break the contact.

Dalia felt Susans fingers close over the buttons of her top… fumbling, yet certain… slowly releasing, one… after the other… the ivory white skin slowly coming into view… Susans fingers brushed the tops of Dalias breasts… gentle… as if a butterfly had landed… Dalias back arch unwillingly, pushing hter soft flesh against Susans fingers… Susans hand rose.

Fingers slipping along Dalias neck… gently urging her forward… Dalias mind whirled… thoughts and images blending together… her eyes closed with the building desire… Warm lips touched hers… gentle… soft… passionate.

She felt Susans tongue brush the tip of hers then pull away… then come back… Dalias right hand came up…fingers brushing Susans bare waist… Their tongues slowly dancing together… mouths open… desire flooding out of each and mixing together… the thoughts and images mixed with the soft sounds of breathing… the tiny whimpers of impending delight.

Susan stepped back and Dalia cried out deep inside "Nooo… don't leave me." She watched as Susans hand reached behind releasing the bikini top and letting it drop to the floor.

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Her breasts were beautiful… perfectly formed, exquisitely tanned with deep brown nipples that rose and fell with each breath… Susans eyes never left Dalias and Dalia felt her own fingers move to the remaining buttons of her shirt. Slowly she released each&hellip.letting the shirt fall open then slide from her shoulders to join Susans top on the floor.

Her fingers came up to the front clasp of the red lace releasing it… allowing her breasts to feel the coolness of the room… and the heat of Susans gaze… Susans fingers dropped to the belt of her bikini, releasing it slowly and letting the brown fabric slide down her legs to pool at her feet.

Dalias hands fumbled with her jeans, excitement building inside her. Slowly pushing them down over her full hips. Red lace caressed her hips and she suddenly became acutely aware of the growing dampness, Her mind raced as Susans eyes caressed her and she returned the caresses.

Slowly, she pushed the panties down over her hips. "My GOD, I am so glad I shaved this morning," she thought briefly. Susan stepped forward, one step and their bodies felt each others heat.

Her hand rose to rest, palm down on Dalias chest. The thoughts poured, no, RACED through Dalias mind. "I can't believe her hand is there… not, don't move it, PLEASE, NO DO move it&hellip.yes like that… ohmygod…" and Susans mouth covered Dalias softly. Dalias hands rose unknown to her and covered Susans, holding it to her breast… feeling the warmth… their tongues touching again… exploring… thoughts and sounds and images swirled behind Dalias closed eyes and she felt their bodies touch.

Breasts brushing together… nipples brushing… stomachs caressing. Susans tongue danced with Dalias and the thoughts and sounds and images swirled… mixing now with the soft scent of Susans skin and breath… "I can't believe… I never… oh yes please… ohmygod." Dalia felt herself being led&hellip.no guided… no leading… towards the giant bed unable to believe what her mind and body knew… They sank slowly back…feeling the coolness of the silk sheets against their skin… Susan super hot busty teen babe playing with her own big tits on webcam away from Dalias mouth… caressing her throat and down to her chest… lips brushing skin, mind brushing mind, her hands moving over Dalias body… exploring… urging… breasts… nipples… stomach… then back to gently brush the undersides of her breasts.

And the thoughts mixed with the images and the sounds and the scents… and Susan moved slowly down, her lips brushing Dalias stomach, her hand caressing her abdomen. "OHMYGOD, I am soo glad I shaved." And Susans fingertip reached the top of Dalias fold and Dalia screamed in her head "YES… THERE…" and a moan escaped her throat and her breathing stopped… for an eternity, then started again… slow… deep… and Dalia felt her body respond… deep inside… and her fingers wrapped in Susans long hair… clutching as if to trap her there forever… and Dalias legs parted… knees flexing… heels pushing up… and the tip of Susans tongue brushed the top of Dalias fold and a gasp escaped, uncontrolled, from her throat and Susan pushed down… searching… finding… caressing Dalias hooded pearl.

Dalias back arched, her head thrown back, eyes closed tight as if to trap the sounds and the thoughts and the images and the scents deep inside her head and her legs parted more… urging Susans golden body between them and Susans tongue caressed the soft velvet of Dalias lips, sucking each between your cock is so big daddy romi rain and then moving to the next.

Her tongue presses against them… gently licking… exploring… and Dalia felt the moisture flood her… Susans moist tongue mixed with Dalias passion… "OH"… "GOD" escaped from her throat and she felt the twisting deep inside her stomach.

And she pushed down against Susans warm mouth and her back arched more and twisted … writhing in ecstacy… and the twisting deep inside her stomach increased… and then Susans mouth closed over hers… tongue drove deep into her mouth, their stomach pressed together each feeling the twisting inside the other and their mounds ground together… legs entwined… feet rubbed against feet… legs rubbed against legs… and Susan rolled onto her back taking Dalia with her… Dalias hands closed over Susans breasts… her fingers pinched Susans nipples gently then harder and Dalia slid slowly down over Susans body… tasting her skin and the saltiness and then… Her tongue found Susans fold… never before in her life had she expected that it would feel this good beneath her tongue and the sounds and the images and the scents disappeared from her mind and were replaced with the scents and textures and images of Susans golden skin and her tongue found it way to Susans pearl… hard yet soft… slippery and she felt Susans back arch and her hips thrust up and heard a whimper escape Susans lips and Dalias tongue pushed inside, tasting Susans passion.

She marveled in the taste, like what she had tasted on her own fingers but yet different… sweet… salty… delicious and her tongue drove deeper… Susans heels drawing up… digging into Dalias back… holding her there… urging her on and Dalia slowly drove deeper then out, then deeper again and with each thrust of her tongue Susans hips rose and fell n perfect unison and Dalias hands kneaded Susans breasts and nipples.

Her fingers unconsciously rolling them like brown diamonds. And a scream broke from Susans throat and her stomach twisted inside and rolled&hellip.driving the passion down and out against Dalias waiting mouth… It was silent in the room.

Even the air conditioner had paused… breathing was still… Dalia turned in the bed… drawing her pillow close to her… holding it gently… and the ringing of the phone shattered the quiet… she struggled to reach it… "Hello" she intoned sleepily.

"Dalia? This is Susan Johanssen…" -30-