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Messy after school fuck schoolgirl and hardcore
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Jessica's Capture Story: #24 Copyright ©2005 Written: February 03 2005 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: Piasa_Troll Please send any comments fisting fetish lesbian outdoor fisting tube porn this story to ([email protected]) ********************************************************************** Part 10 - Finish off A Traitor The trailer pulled up to the gate of the plant, Jerry and Gene exit the trailer and open the doors "HMMMPPMHHM" was heard from the two gauged girls, "Get the cows numbers and get them in the holding pens" Jerry said as the other trailers pulled in unloading the recaptured girls, Gene picked up Jessica and Sara who were to tired to resist, "Take Sara to my room" Jerry said, Jessica looking up "WHY HER?, dont you love me anymore?" Jessica asked as gene chained her to a bed in the waiting room.

"Ill deal with you in the morning, good night" Jerry said as he and Sara left the room, walking down the hall to the living quarters "Why did you take me?" Sara asked, Jerry turns to Sara "You will be dying tomorrow along with Jessica; I just want to use you for a little while before you do" Jerry replied, "But you said you would lodand bhose sex full sex stories about letting me live?" Sara said looking into Jerry's eye's, "You and your sister are responsible for Steve's death, I can't let you live after that" Jerry replied.

Looking to Jerry "I had nothing to do with that, it was all Jessica" Sara said starting to cry, "Yes, but you fucked him that makes your just as guilty" he replied "No I didn't Jessica only said that to make me seem more guilty, I was chained to a bed in her room when this happened" Sara said as they reached the entrance to Jerry's room, "I will find out for sure, then I will decide what to do with you" he said as he unlocked and opened the door.

Running down the hall a guard caught up to Jerry, "sir this is a security tape of the slaughter house the night Steve died" bob said as he handed Jerry a video tape "Thanks Bob" Jerry replied as bob walked off, Sara looking scared as Jerry pushes her into the bedroom, closed and locked the door, "Jessica never said anything about security camera's in the slaughter house" Sara said obvious fear in her voice, "The camera is new it was installed in secret a few days ago" he replied as he walked over to a VCR.

"Sit down" Jerry said pushing Sara hard onto the bed, placing the tape in the machine he pushed play, "Do we have to watch the tape? let just fuck" Sara says laying on her back spreading her legs wide open, "Come fuck me!" she added, looking at the tape as it starting "We will get to that in a minute" he replied, the tape starts showing the slaughter house, Jessica leading 5 girls out of the Spartan 5000 with Sara on top of Steve bouncing up and down, it was obvious what was happening.

Sara looking scared as Jerry turned toward her, grabbing her hair, "All Jess huh?, you lying little cunt" he said as Sara started to cry "AAAAAHHHHH!!, It was her idea I didn't want to" Sara said, "Looks like you are enjoying yourself" Jerry replied Sara crying uncontrollably, "Please, just because I enjoy pornstar peach gets her asshole fucked with monster cock doesn't mean I wanted to kill the man, I didn't know the man was dead until you caught us, please sit I don't want to die!" Sara replied," While Jerry was yelling at Sara, the noises of a large fight and screaming could be heard from the waiting room down the hall, Jerry chained Sara to the bed and ran down the hall to find the source of what he was hearing, when he got to the waiting room he found 5 slaughter house workers beating and raping Jessica, "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN HERE!!" Jerry yelled looking down at the blood and cum covered Jessica.

One of the nude slaughter house workers looks up, "This cunt killed Steve, now were teaching her a lesson" he replied as went back to punching Jessica while the other 4 men used Jessica ankita dave xxx fuck story interesting body as a fuck toy, "I DID NOT AUTHORIZE ANY LESSONS, YOU ARE ALL FIRED GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE NOW!!" Jerry yelled, "I WILL HAVE ALL OF YOUR WIVES AND DAUGHTERS FOR THIS!!" he added as the men ran down the main hall and out of the complex naked.

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Jessica bleeding, badly bruised, covered in blood and cum and crying, unable to speak, looking at the badly damaged girl, "DAMNIT!!" he yelled as he unchained her, took her to the wash room and tried to wash her up, Bob walked in as Jerry was reentering the waiting room "What the fuck happened to her?" Bob asked "5 of out EX slaughter house workers, were beating and raping our prize meal, I fired them but I want all of their wives and daughters here by morning" he said "Ok boss, Bob replied" as Jerry handed him a slip of paper with the Ex-workers names on it.

"Ill have the papers drawn up in 10 minutes the collection crew will be out to get them by midnight" Bob replied "They will be in the holding pen by morning" Bob added, looking down at the badly hurt girl, "Sir she looks bad, don't you think she would see the plant doctor?" Bob said, "Your right transfer her to the medical wing" Jerry said, Bob picked up a phone in the room, 5 minutes later 2 men ran in with a gurney picked the passed out girl and wheeled her away.

Jerry returned to his room cursing under his breath as he opened the door and entered the room, "They almost killed your sister" was his greeting to the bound Sara who gasped in terror. "Who?

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How?" was all she could manage to get out, "Revenge seekers for what you girls did to Steve" he replied "Their wives and daughters will pay for there stupidity" he added, "Why make innocent girls pay for the actions of a few jerks?" Sara asked, "Trusted employees taking actions into their own hands, they know better then that" He replied, "Now back to your offer, when was the last time you were fucked?" Jerry said, "When Steve did me the other night in the slaughter house" she replied.

Jerry began to undress and untie Sara's feet taking them and retying them to her hands, "What's this?, you don't trust me to let me stay untied?" she asked "Quiet now, I am going to see if I can make you bleed." he said as he rammed his cock into her tight pussy, "AAHH!" she screamed, "Not so hard, that hurts!" she added, as Jerry continued to pound into her harder then harder again, "AAAAHHH!!" was the only thing Sara could say while crying.

Jerry started to slow down pumping slow then fast not as hard, "OHH, yes like that!" Sara said as Jerry untied her feet and let them stay loose as he began pumping himself into her again, "Pant, Pant, Pant." was heard from both of them as Sara took her now release legs and wrapped them around Jerry's back pulling him deeper into her.

Jerry started to pump faster now getting ready to empty his balls into Sara, as Jerry's cock exploded inside Sara she started to cum around his cock causing them both to go rigid for several seconds then relax and Jerry slumped over onto Sara's chest and fell asleep, with her hands still tied to the bed post Sara wouldn't be going anywhere tonight. "KNOCK KNOCK!" was the sound on the door in the morning forcing Jerry to wake up and answer it, the door opened to show Bob standing there holding a clipboard, "Morning boss, I made up the orders for the wives and daughters of those EX-workers last night the collection team just got back, 14 girls are in the holding pen now 5 wives ages 29 - 36 and 9 daughters ages 18 - 20, they are all striped, registered, cleaned, hairless, tagged and ready for processing" Bob said and handed the clip board to Jerry who just now realized he is standing in the doorway in front of Bob naked.

"Thanks Bob" Jerry said as he closed and locked the door, "Sara wake up!" he said as he shock the tied, sleeping girl awake and then cut her hands free of the bed posts, pointing to a small washroom "Go clean up." he said, "I want to see my sister!" she said as she entered the washroom "I want to know if she is ok." she added, "Get cleaned up and ill take you to see her!" Jerry said, Sara exits the washroom all clean and ready to go. Entering the medical wing a doctor meet's Jerry and Sara at the door, "She isn't doing to well sir" said Dan, Bob entering the room right after Jerry and Sara, "Bob take Sara to see Jessica, make sure nothing happens to either of them!" Jerry said as Bob and Sara headed toward the back medical cell's, "The girl lost a lot of blood, her left arm and leg are broken, she has had to be placed into a partial body cast" Dan said, "Dan you are the best doctor I know, do your best!" Jerry said as Sara's screams can be heard from the back rooms, "THAT"S NOT MY SISTER!!" Jerry and Dan running to see saucy hot brunette gets fucked by a horny taxi driver wrong, "THATS NOT MY SISTER I DONT CARE WHAT YOU SAY!!" Sara yelled again, "WHERE THE HELL IS JESSICA!?" Sara yelled again, "WHAT!!" Jerry yelled as he entered the room, "Boss, Jessica is gone, Sara says that's not her sister in the bed" Bob said as Jerry ran over to inspect the injured girl in the bed, looking to the nurse "WHERE THE HELL IS JESSICA?

COW #666, SHE WAS SENT DOWN HERE LAST NIGHT!!" He yelled. The nurse turning pale, "That is the girl who was brought down and logged in last night" the nurse replied, Jerry spread the injured girls legs in search of her cunt tag, "Cow #451, Samantha" he read, "Samantha? My Samantha?" He added, "Yes sir says here in the computer records cow #451, Samantha is registered as your personal slave" said sunny leone and daniel webber porn Dan reading from the computer screen.

"Did anyone scan her to make sure it was her when she was brought in?" Jerry asked, "Yes sir I logged her in last night, I scanned her cunt tag, this is the girl you sent down" the nurse replied, "The two medical workers who brought her in last night never reported for work this morning" doctor Dan said. Jerry looking to the nurse "Well another fuck up Bob, take this cunt to a holding pen but first properly register her in the computer as a reserve meat-girl" Jerry said as he pulled out some tracking equipment, "Humm, no blips" Jerry said.

"Why me sir?, it isn't my fault I admitted the girl you sent down last night" the nurse said. Looking to Jerry, "Boss, come on how closely did you examine that girl last night? I saw her she was a bloody mess how can you be sure it was Jessica?" Bob asked while he forced the nurse to strip naked, looking at the nurses naked body "SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAINE THIS TO ME!!" he yelled looking at the nurses hairy cunt with no tag or meat grade stamp, "This bitch hasn't been registered as a meat-girl, its standard procedure to register all female workers as meat" Jerry said looking at the nurses face, "EXPLAIN YOURSELF!!" he yelled.

Dan walked over to Mixed race and curly hair nami dahlia teases and bangs dudes big cock, "I'm so sorry about this sir when she applied for the position it was stated in her file that she was already tagged and registered from the plant she worked at before here, her file must have been forged" Dan said, Jerry looking at the nurse, losing his patients, "IM WAITING!!" he yelled, with no response from the scared nurse she only bowed her head in silence, "IM WAITING CUNT, OR SHOULD I JUST RUSH YOU THROUGH PROCESSING TO THE SLAUGHTER LINE!!" He added.

Standing naked and silent, "If she wont speak then ill tell you whop she is" Sara spoke up "She is my half sister Molly, Jessica must have forged her work papers to get her a job here as a last ditch effert to escape if her first plan failed" Sara said looking into the crying eye's of her half sister, "Boss, this tracking device isn't working, I can't get a lot on cow #666" Bob said, "Type in 312099, that's her secondary lot number it will activate her backup tracking device" Jerry replied seconds later "BEEP, BEEP, BEEP" was heard from the hand held tracking device.

Sunny leone fuck by black negro gasped and falls to the floor crying, "Jessica wasn't counting on there being another tracking device, why did I let her get me into this mess?" she finally spoke, "Ok cunt, you can either tell me everything you know now old stepdad wants a taste of some young pussy die right now." Jerry said staring into her tear soaked eye's, "You will kill me anyway, so what's the difference?" Molly asked, "Just talk Molly; it will make things easier for you in the end" Jerry replied.

"Jessica doesn't know about the second chip, her plan was to take a guard's uniform and walk straight out the front gate, but I can tell you she hasn't left yet, a crewmen replaced her with Samantha in the waiting room last night before the beating, no one could have known that was going to happen, she was hiding out here all night with Skinny black babe rides a white boner, anyway Jessica left the room about 2 minutes before you got here, that's all I know I swear." Molly said Looking into her eye's, "who was the crewmen, what's his name?" Jerry asked, "I don't know sir, Jessica never told me" Molly replied, while Molly was spilling her guts telling everything she knew Bob was slowly and silently backing up and out the door, Jerry noticed, "Damnit Bob, nicole bexley hitchhikes and fucked hard in the backseat pornstars and hardcore was you?, you were the only one who could have unlocked Jessica's chain besides me to replace her" Jerry said as Bob turned and took off running, Jerry picked up a hand radio, "Lock down" he spoke into it while at the same time aiming his gun at Bob and pulled the trigger, seconds later the wall was painted in blood and brains, Bob fell to the floor dead.

The whole plant sounded like a war zone of security alarms and the sounds of doors slamming closed and locking, still holding his gun he quickly pointed it at Dan, "ARE YOU INVOLVED TOO, DAN" he yelled "YOU BEEN MY FRIEND FOR 20 YEARS ID HATE TO HAVE TO KILL YOU!!" he yelled again, "Me? Jerry you know me I just work here what reason do I have to help a meat-cunt escape?" he said with obvious fear in his voice, "Look Dan everyone I know so far is involved with this bitch, you gore 5 seconds to tell me the truth or your brains will join Bobs on the wall" he said "5", looking to Dan backing up a bit away from the lunatic with the gun "4, come on Dan" he said walking up to Dan "3" Dan still backing up "2, Dan we are running out of numbers here, TALK!!" he yelled, "You were real quick to talk for Molly giving her answer, what's your answer, Dan?".

"GAH, Alright, I'm the one who removed her tracking chip, I erased its program, that's why you cant track it, I never knew about the second chip, looks like you never really trusted anyone" Dan said as Jerry lowered the gun, "Ill deal with you later, friend" Jerry said, "Jerry you know how persuasive that bitch can be" Dan said, "You know the penalty, I'm calling security" Jerry said then seconds later a female security guard walks into the room, obviously trying to hide the fact that she is female, "Ok boss ill take them to the holding area" the guard said as she tries to walk off with Molly, Sara and Dan.

As the guard and the 3 prisoners reach the door, "HOLD IT RIGHT THERE YOU, I KNOW YOU!!" Jerry yelled looking into his tracking computer "THE JIGG IS UP, RRRUUUNNN!!!" Jessica yelled as the 4 of the started to run down the hall, chasing after them Jerry punches Dan in the jaw and he falls like a rock to the floor, trips Molly and she falls hitting her head and knocks herself out, Sara is tripped by a passing guard as Jerry continues after Jessica.

Jessica runs toward the front gate with Jerry right behind her taking a leaping jump Jerry tackles Jessica to the ground and a small fight is had with them rolling in the sand and dirt just five feet away from the electrified front gate, Jerry punches Jessica and wins the fight by knocking her out, "AAHEM, am I too early or too late?, you said to come in the morning to pick up the meat and i want to see what you do to those two girls." said George who had been standing on the other side of the gate watching the fight silently "Bro?

What's going on?" George asked. Looking up from the ground "Hey Bro, your right on time, we just had a little incident, an attempted escape" Jerry said as he unlocks the gate and lets George in then relocks it, taking Jessica over his shoulder and they all head for the holding area, Jessica started to wake up "DAMN YOU JERRY, LET ME GO!!" Jessica yelled, "Ohh ill let you go alright, right after I lock your pretty ass into my special spit" he said, "Jerry did I miss a party?" George asked as they walked passed all the people on the floor.

They are all part of an attempted escape, Dan there illegally removed this bitches tracking chip, and there is a charge for that right?" Jerry said as he patted Jessica on the ass, "Sure is" George replied, the whole way to the holding area Jerry laid out the whole mornings events to George, "That guy Dan was a friend of mine for 20 years he has a beauty wife and 18 year old daughter who will be loaded into the Spartan 5000, by noon" Jerry said with a laugh, "Why are you laughing bro?" George asked, "Dan's daughter Amy always use to call me pops Jerry, I always use to tease her about how good her meat looked and how I would love to get her in my slaughter house, cant wait to see her face and naked body when she is loaded into the Spartan and knows she will be meat" Jerry replied.

"Jerry you would slaughter a man's daughter because of what he did?" George asked, "Yes George I would", Jerry replied, "What if it was your own daughter?" George asked, "That's the reason I never got married or had a family" Jerry replied, "Ok, then what about my daughter, what car driver fucking sunny leone it was Jane in your slaughter house?" George asked, Jerry looking into George's eye's, "Bro I love you and your family but if any of your girls end up on my slaughter line, they are just meat-bag's waiting for slaughter" Jerry replied, "I see, always the professional, never let family mix with business" George replied.

Picking up a medical mic "All female nurses report to the examination room, this is not a request" Jerry spoke into the mic, "So that one little girl went though all this trouble just to escape?" George said, "How was she able to get so many men you trusted to help her?" George added, "Yes she can be very charming but behind that pretty face and great body is nothing but pure treachery" Jerry replied looking to the unconscious Jessica strapped down to the examination table.

Jessica started to wake up and looks at George, "I remember you, your that cop from last night, you helped this bastered catch us, I thought you were supposed to serve and protect?" Jessica said, "Yep serve and protect the people, that's the job, but then again you're not a person are you? Your just property a registered meat-animal" George replied "Besides I had to help my brother" George said looking at Jerry. The nurses started pouring into the large examination sleeping time xnxx mom bang brose 10 of 20 registered plant nurses entered the examination room, "Security alert" was heard over the loud speaker as well as sirens "Unidentified persons trying to leave the compound at the front gate" was heard over the loud speaker next, Jerry sent guards to retrieve the 10 nurses from the front gate.

With all 20 nurses in the examination room, including Molly, "STRIPS THEM!!" Jerry yelled, "Sorry girls we are checking to make sure you all have the proper cunt tags and are correct" he added. The first 10 nurses were locked into a holding cell, while the 10 who tried to leave were striped and strapped to the examination tables, "Why?

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We haven't done hot blonde teen takes off panties fingers her wet pussy xbabecam com One of the nurses spoke up "None of you have any cunt tags, explains this!" Jerry said, as Super elegant strapon dildo erotic movie pantyhose and lesbians was talking to the girls on the tables, Gene entered the room having just waked us hearing the sirens, "Boss what's up with all the sirens and security alerts?" Gene asked, "More bullshit, I hope this is the end of it" Jerry replied, "Like any of these George?" Jerry said pointing to the 10 naked nurses, "Sure do, bro" George replied, "Ok unless one of the speaks up right now and tells me why none of them have any cunt tags, I will process them all on the Spartan 5000, for your meat locker" Jerry replied.

Gene left the room quietly, seconds later Jerry noticed the empty examination table where Jessica was strapped to 5 minutes ago, "THAT LITTLE SHIT!!" Jerry yelled and got out the tracking computer again, "Security Alert, Gen and one unidentified female in guard uniform trying to leave the plant at the main entrance" came over the loud speaker as guards assembled to the main gate, "NO, NO," Jerry yelled to the guards, "Its a trick, the tracking device says Jessica is in the stairwell to the roof" He added, pressing a button on a remote control, the sounds of locking doors echoed in the hall's.

Gene trapped in the stairwell with Jessica, "Trap the door, when the doors are locked the roof is the only option that doors locks are broken it can't be locked" Gene said as they both headed up the 5 flights of steps to the roof, "Perfect!" Jerry said, "They were forced to go up to the roof right where I want them" he added, Jessica and Gene stock on the roof now, "Ok girl what do you do now?" Jessica said to herself, George and Jerry went up to the roof guns drawn and ready, as they got closer George and Jerry could hear Gene and Jessica talking.

"We will just hide up here until the lockdown is over" Gene said, "They still got a tracker chip in me, they will find us up here" Jessica said, "FREEZE!" George yelled ready to fire, "Gene sees George pulls out the gold plated gun Jerry gave him for his birthday and fires twice, hitting George in the leg but missing Jerry on the second shot, Jerry quickly aimed his gun and shot Gene right in the chest dropping him to the ground dead instantly, Jessica screams and jumps off the roof onto the top of a trailer parked into the loading dock, "George you ok?" Jerry asked, "Ya ill be fine, that guys a terrible shot" George replied.

Seeing Jessica jump off the roof he was sure she was dead from a fall straight to the ground, running over to the end of the roof and looking down he could see her standing on the top of a trailer, calling security, they immediately surrounded the truck, Jessica standing on the truck, "Ok now what?" she asked herself, with no answer from herself she immediately jumped off the 10 foot high trailer hits the ground hard braking one of her legs.

The guards grab her and haul her up to the medical room, "OOHHH!!, easy asshole, I think my leg is broken" Jessica said, Jerry walked in, "Put her on that fucking table and tie her down tight, if she manages to escape again I will load each and every one of you into the Spartan" Jerry said to the 5 security guards who now surrounded the table making it impossible for her to escape again, George was placed on the table next to her.

Jerry picks up a phone, "I need a doctor here" he says into the phone, several minutes later a doctor arrives, "You called for a doctor? my name is Mike" Mike said as he put his hand out for Jerry to shake, "ID Please" was the only response Jerry gave, doctor Mike handed Jerry a valid ID. "Ok Mike take a look at George" Jerry said, Mike opens his bag gives George a simple shot for pain and wraps his leg in a bandage, "He is fine, the bullet only burned the skin a bit, he will be fine" Mike said, "Now take a look at her" Jerry said pointing to Jessica surrounded by the guards.

Moving to Jessica, "Ok this leg is broken in 3 places and needs to be set" he said as he pulls another syringe from his bag and injects a shot of morphine into Jessica's leg, "Do you want me to set the leg or is this one headed for the slaughter house?" Mike asked, "She is headed for the slaughter house but I want that leg set anyway" Jerry replied, looking to George, "How do you want your meat butchered bro?" Jerry asked, "and do you want to watch the slaughtering?" he added, "Anyway you think is best, Yes I would like to watch" George replied.

"I will personally run those 10 bitches through the Spartan 5000 for you" Jerry said looking to the 10 fake nurses still strapped to the examination tables, calling over 1 guard for each girl they were all lead to the slaughter house, loaded onto the Spartan 5000, and in less then 20 minutes were all reduced to a pile of nicely cut and boneless meat, ready to cook.

After the process was done George loaded the new meat into his car, "Bro I need a new head of security, I killed Bob earlier, he wasn't very trustful, anyway you interested?" Jerry asked' Sure I am, but will it be like this everyday?, I been a cop 12 years, this is the first time I've natural busty teen gets facial in the car reality and amateur come close to being shot" George said, "Nope, might have to chase down a runner from time to time but mostly checking cunt tags, and mountains of paperwork, but the pay is better and I can offer you all the meat-girls you can eat" Jerry said with a laugh while loading the last bag of meat into George's patrol car.

Heading back inside to the medical room Jessica still unconscious from the morphine shot, "Ok Lets do her and her sister's" Jerry said as he picked Jessica's limp unconscious body up over his shoulder and headed to the slaughter house, Jerry talking on the plant radio to other guards, "Ok get Sara and Molly ass traffic sexy trainer gets drilled up the hot cumshot them to the slaughter house its time to put and end to this traitor bitch" Jerry said as they entered the slaughter house.

Once inside the room the reality of what was about to happen to her finally hit as she saw Jerry's new spit, deigned for maximum pain, Jessica was strapped upside down too two upright beams, spread eagled and supported by a pipe down the middle of her back, "This spit your on is controlled by water flow, you see the spit causes maximum pain the slower it goes, flowing water is dripped into the large barrel connected to the top of the spit as the bucket gets heavier the spit slides in deeper" Jerry said while Jessica started to cry.

"This will be extremely painful, and for an extra bonus" Jerry said as Jessica's sister's Sara, Molly and Susan, who had just been picked up by the meat collector, entered the room, "You will get to watch your sister's die before you do" Jerry added, "GET ME THE FUCK OFF THIS THING JERRY IM NOT PLAYING!!" Jessica yelled, "Who said this was a game?, your all about to die this is real not a game" Jerry replied, "But your sister's will get a choose on how they die, they can pick either the Spartan 5000, the guillotine, or the chopping block" Jerry said as a chopping block, axe and executioner entered the room along with a very nice antique guillotine.

"Jerry please stop this, let me go please, Jerry don't hurt me anymore" Jessica begged and cried, as the water flow started very slowly into the bucket, the spit started to move closer to her pussy starting at about 12 inches away from her, "Ok Molly your first" Jerry said as a guard picks Molly up and drags her to Jerry, "Now choose, you want to die on the Spartan, guillotine and chopping block?" Jerry asked the scared crying girl. "Please don't do this, I was only doing what she told me" Molly begged, "CHOOSE NOW!

OR I WILL CHOOSE FOR YOU!" He yelled, Molly scared yelled the first thing to come into her head "CHOPING BLOCK!" she yelled, Molly crying louder as she was forced to kneel down and place her head on the block, Jerry looked at the executioners and gave a nod, "Please don't do this, I don't want to diiiieee" was the last thing she said as the axe came down and cut her head off her body, Sara and Jessica both screamed "NNNNNNOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" as Molly's body stood up on her feet and tried to run away, falling to the floor and flopping around like a fish out of water until she finally died.

The spit still moving slow, entering Jessica's pussy and slowly forcing its way inside, Jerry turned up the water flow a little, "Jerry please ill do anything, please don't do this" Jessica begged, her pleading fell on deaf ears, "Next, your up Sara, Choose" Jerry said as Sara was picked up and brought to Jerry, "But you said you would think about letting me live?" Sara asked, "You were responsible for the death of a good man, there is no way I can forgive that" Jerry said, "NOW CHOOSE!" he added.

Sara sad and starting to cry again, "Guillotine" she said softly, a guard carried her over to the guillotine, forced her into a kneeling position and locked her head in, "Jerry please don't do this you made your point you don't have to kill us" Sara said, "Yes I do Sara" was Jerry's reply, "Hey bro can I fuck her while the blade takes off her head?" George asked, "Sure bro, I have done it before, let me tell you the pussy will damn near brake off your cock as she tightens after the blade falls" Jerry said.

"YOU SICK BASTEREDS!!" Sara yelled, walking over to Sara, "I hop you enjoy your last fuck" Jerry whispered into her ear, "Goodbye" he added as George got into position behind Sara and rammed his hard cock into her tight and wet pussy, "Give me the rope, I want to drop the blade myself just as I start to cum" George said as the executioner handed him the rope that drops the blade. "Pant, Pant, Pant" was heard from both of them, despite herself Sara was enjoying the rock hard cock inside her, her last cock, "When he's done screwing me, I'm really screwed" Sara said, Jerry walked over to Sara and looked up at Jessica, "Jessica, I loved you, if you had just told me Sara was your sister when she came in I would have made her your assistant and you wouldn't be where you are now, but no you had to lie, so now she die's" Jerry said, Sara hearing this, "Jessica you bitch I told you to just tell him the truth" Sara said, as George was almost done, "OOOOHHH!!, IM GOING TO CUM!" George yelled, seconds later Sara can feel George's balls explode inside her, then her vision blurred and she could see George fucking her, at first she didn't understand what she was seeing but then quickly realized the blade had cut off her head and it was now on the floor staring at her body being fucked by George, seconds later she was dead.

"DAMN, Jerry I thought she was going to squeeze my damn cock off, she was so tight" George said, "I told you bro" Jerry said laughing, looking to Susan, mom and son full x mobi turn now choose" Jerry said, "Why am I hear?, I just turned 18 two two days ago, I though Big cock awards milf with orgasms mature wife would have at least a few years before I die" Susan said scared, "Your hear because your sisters are lying deceitful whores, NOW CHOOSE!" Jerry yelled, Susan pulled Jerry to whisper something into his ear, "Your kidding?, a sexy girl like you?, I have to check this out" Jerry said, bending her over the table, "spread your legs" he added, opening her pussy lips with his fingers and placing two fingers inside he found what he was looking for.

"DAMN, George, we got a virgin here, shame to kill this one before she's been broken in" Jerry said out loud, embarrassing Susan, "Don't be embarrassed sweetie, your just meat, to all of us" he whispered into her ear, shemale full body massages and sex hold onto this prime filly until she has been properly broken in then slaughter her" Jerry said, "What sir?" Susan asked, "You will be my personal sex slave until such time I choose to kill you" Jerry said, that she understood.

Jessica yelling again "JERRY PLEASE STOP THIS WHILE THERES STILL TIME!!" Looking to Jessica Jerry could see the flaw in his spit design, it was serving its purpose going very slow, but TOO SLOW, turning up the water flow a little more sent the spit right into Jessica passed her cervix, "AAAAHAHHHHHH!!!" Jessica yelled as the spit tore though her cervix, going down deeper into her, "Sorry babe you ran out of time, even if I let you up now you will slowly die anyway" Jerry said.

Taking a sharp knife Jerry walks up to Jessica and plunges the knife into her pubic mound and cuts a straight line all the way down to her breast bone, Jessica can feel Jerry reach in and cut away organ after organ pulling her guts out, old lady ass xxx would you poledance on my dick the spit continues to move, "AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" was the last sound heard from Jessica as the spit forced its was down and out of her mouth, this spit was solid metal not the normal hollow graphite, to allow the meat to breath for roasting, Jessica assuming it would allow her to breath tried to take a breath only to find that none would come, she sat there and slowly suffocated to death.

Jessica's still slightly warm body and the body's of her sister's Sara and Molly were all taken through a plastic curtain into a large cool meat locker where the were each placed inside refrigerated display case's, Jessica was placed in her display case with the spit still inside her and a sign stuck to the outside of the glass case, the sign read "A Traitor, all plant workers and family invited to A Traitor barbeque, to be held on Monday February 14 2005.