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Frisky nymphos bang the biggest strapons and spray juice everywhere
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We have been married for 7 years now with Amy and we have two wonderful kids. Daddy fuck his daughter in washroo is of course causing some pressure on our relationship and we try to have one night in a month that we spend without kids.

This weekend we joined our forces with our family friends Jason and Kate whom I have known about 10 years, but maybe last couple of years we have been doing more things together. My wife knows Kate from high school and they are the main connecting force with between us. Anyway, we are heading to a golf resort for this weekend. Now in Friday we do not have anything special but on Saturday we will play round of golf which we all are fond of but find it sometimes difficult to play due to time restrictions.

We are in nice apartment with two bedrooms with nice view on the course. After unpacking we went for an early dinner as nobody ate anything after work and after dinner we came to apartment for drinks. Ladies were having champagne and men beer, maybe a bit too much when thinking tomorrow but in the end, this was supposed to be relaxing. About us, my wife is 5ft 4 and weighs about 130 lbs.

I would call her roundish and she has quite big tits. We are both quite strong build, me being 5ft 9 and 190 lbs., so there is some extra weight, but I think we carry it well. Jason and Kate are sportier. Kate is little shorter than me and Jason maybe two inches taller, but without that extra 20 lbs. milf teases the restrained gardner pornstars and pantyhose I do. Kate on the other hand is like long jumper, slender with enough muscles for not being too thin.

Clock was past ten when Kate said that she got to go to sleep, and for her defense, she got to woke up very early so she went to sleep first. We stayed up discussing everything, Amy continued with bubbly that she loves and me and Jason changed to whiskey. Time went fast and I saw that my wife was in very relaxed condition, someone would say that she was drunk but so were me and Jason.

We were sitting in armchairs, there was four of those around the table in the living room. Discussion become bawdier and I saw that my wife was very eager to laugh on Jason's jokes. There was nothing sexual then, at least it did not look like that, but I have heard some rumors about Jason that I remembered then. We have not discussed with Jason about it, but I have heard that he is quite a player even now when married with such a gorgeous woman.

Of course, I don't know if these rumors are true, but I have heard those from multiple sources.

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Then came the surprise, my wife suggested that we play something, clearly, she was still going strong. We suggested different games but none of these really worked, until Jason suggested poker. I started thinking if we play for real money or matches, but we could not find matches and real money we did not have that much.

"Clothes" said Jason out of the blue. I thought it was a joke but "OK" said my wife without hesitation I must have been there for a while mouth open as both of them looked at me and were kind of waiting for an answer. "Mark?" Well, what could I do, I did not want to spoil the party.

It was quite dark in the room too so there would be some privacy left. "Ok, but how about Kate?" girl force old man sex is sleeping, and we are not doing anything bad, right?" grinned Jason.

"I will get the cards" he Jason. When Jason went to get cards and my wife went to bathroom, I realized that my dick was stiff. I was really aroused, and I was thinking if that was my wife or my wife getting potentially naked in front of another man. Jason came with cards and new drinks and my wife followed him. "Let's start. Loser gets one piece off and I will deal first" Jason started, he seemed to be excited about this. Well, I can't blame him. "You can choose what you take off by yourself?" my wife asked.

"Yes, and loser is the one who is first butt naked". "And we are playing until the winner is found?" my wife asked again, I was not sure if she had something in her mind. Did she want to see Jason dick or show herself to him. I was not sure, but this did just put more pressure in my boxers.

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I felt my balls were tingling, I was hard as an iron rod and some pre-cum was already oozing. I was wondering if others saw my erection. I tried to see if Jason had one and it was clear that he had a good one small fist kopek kadini sikiyor. I'm pretty sure that my wife also recognized that.

"Let's start then" I just kept thinking that my wife must have her pants wet already when Jason was dealing first hand and we made that change. "I got a pair" said my wife. "King" "I got queens, Mark first is on you" said Jason "I will get rid of my sock" I said laughing. It went like that for couple of rounds, me and Jason were without socks and shirt, my wife lost her socks, pantyhose and shirt.

She still had one shirt, bra, skirt and panties. Jason and I teased her that she was cheating because she had more clothes than we did. Now I realized that she was sitting so that Jason had direct view under her skirt. Again, I was wondering if this was accident or not.

"Amy loses, I have three sixes and Mark has a pair." I saw that Jason's eyes were longer and longer fixed to my wife. "Ok, I will take off my shirt." Amy threw her shirt to the floor and now she had only her bra to cover her upper body. I could tell that she was turned on as her breast were barely staying in her bra and I think that another nipple was partly showing.

"You have good looking tits!" noted Jason. "Thanks" said Amy, she really liked that compliment and extra attention he paid to her. I lost next round and I took my jeans off. "Wow, you must be liking this game!" said my wife grinningly.

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I knew that I had major erection and I also had big pre-cum stain in my trunks. "And you guys aren't?" I asked a bit embarrassed "I think we flirty student karlee grey bangs in a classroom pornstars brunette said Jason looking under my wife's skirt and smiling.

Amy lost next round and she took her skirt off with smile in her face. When she throw her skirt in the floor I saw a wet spot there. Oh my god she must be wet. We must end this game fast, so I can go and fuck her. Then I saw her sheer white panties, those were so wet that I think could see her pussy lips even it was quite dark.

I also saw that Jason saw that, he could not get his eyes off from my wife's wet pussy. "Ok, I'm a bit wet, so what" "I don't mind, do you Mark?" "No, we can deal that later in our room honey" I managed to say. "Good that someone gets good sagging today." commented Jason Jason lost next round, he stood up and started unbuttoning his jeans. I was watching my wife and her eyes were locked to Jason's crotch. He took his jeans down and even though he was standing just a second before getting back to chair I could see that he's dick was barely staying in his boxers.

I could hear my wife deep breath outside, she seems to enjoy the view. My wife showed nothing in next deal and me and Jason got pair, so she must now get her bra off.

I could not understand what was going on. My wife is showing her breasts to other man in front of me and I could not get more excited about.

She made sure to pose so that her tits were looking good, and they were. I took the liberty to reach those and fondle them and bit, I also squeezed her nipple and I don't think I have seen those as hard before. "Next deal will decide the loser" said Jason I got two aces and sixes in first deal. I knew that it should not be me, so either my wife gets to see other man's dick in full condition or she will show her pussy to him.

I was afraid that I come to my pants. She showed pair, but Jason had higher pair. "Oh no, did I lose?" she did not sound disappointed, not at all. She raised herself and watched Jason all the time she was getting her panties down. Those were so wet that you could squeeze her juice out of them. She stood there for a while making sure that we both got an eyeful of her pussy. She had some hair on top, but her lips were shaven clean. Her pussy and thighs were gleaming from wetness. "You are beautiful and sexy woman Amy" Jason said.

"She surely is" I continued. I felt sexy blonde in boots shagged hard outdoors because Jason commented first. "Ok, let's see who is the poker king" Jason said looking at me for a change.

"Deal for me too" my wife requested "What if you lose" "We figure it out if that happens" said Jason with smirk in his face And she did lose. "So, what now" I asked. "How about lap dance" asked my wife.

What, I was screaming in my head. You are totally naked and pussy wet like never. "Ok", we both said. I was wondering if I really said it, but I did. No backing off anymore.

"I guess you better give it to your hubby first." She came on my lap, face towards me and sitting me her legs spread. I was just thinking what kind of a view Jason was having.

I think that she was arching her back just to show more for him. She started rubbing herself on me and I caressed her big tits, I was sucking her nipples and spreading her ass cheeks.

"I don't think that is allowed in lap dance" said Jason. "Now it is" I said, without seeing what this meant. I found her pussy with my fingers and easily pushed two fingers in her. She was gasping loudly. "Times up" she said and got off from me. I just wanted to fuck her so badly now. I saw here going on Jason and then I realized that the consequences. She was now backward sitting on Jason's lap and her legs spread.

Jason was fondling here tits and she, what, she started rubbing his cock that must have been drilling inside her already.

It did not take that long until Jason's hand found her pussy. "You are wet" he commented, and I was not believing it. I was watching my wife being fingered by another man and she was enjoying it fully. I did not know what to do, but my wife did. She got off from Jason and went to another chair and raised her legs up and spreading them. Ok, this is getting out of control. That was all that Jason needed, he took off his shorts releasing his dick from strains and kneeled on my wife and buried his face to her pussy.

I saw that Jason's school girl rape sleeping japanese terrorist was about similar sized as mine, at least what I can say about another man's equipment.

Must have been medium length and quite thick.

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I realized that he is going to fuck her after a while, so I better join now. I dropped my trunks and put my cock next to my wife's head.

She eagerly took that in her mouth while looking at me. She was sucking me well but was clearly distracted by Jason's activities, I saw that he had three fingers inside her and was licking his clit in great devotion. Jason raised his head and said "I want to fuck you, from behind.

I want to see your ass while I'm fucking you". That was more direct language that I have used, I saw my wife obeying and getting even more excited of that talk. "Fuck my pussy, fuck it hard," she has never said that before and it took me by surprised.

I realized that when she was arching his back to give full view and better access for Jason, her head was on back rest that was just at correct height. I put my cock back to my wife's mouth. We penetrated my wife at the same time as she gasped loudly, and her eyes started rolling when Jason pushed his cock in her. He started slowly but increased speed quite quickly and she had hard time sucking my cock. I guess I drank just a good amount of alcohol during the evening, not too much to ruin my ability but enough to keep me going longer than usually.

I was still very gentle though, I let my wife to suck and I did not push it too deep. A bit deeper than normally, she usually took less than half of it. Now at least half of my shaft was in. Jason was really pounding her now and she was just holding my cock in her hand. Her eyes were rolling, and she has whispering "yes, yes, yes, ooooohh". I'm pretty sure that she came at least two times. I filthy rubber loves wild sex hardcore massage to say, "fuck her well" and then Jason came.

"Aaaaah, yeaaah, fuck this is amazing" he grunted. He kept on fucking her for a while until he was too soft and pulled out. I watched my wife in the eyes and she was so sexed up. I jesse jane feet fetsih vidoes myself from her hand and moved behind her.

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Shoved my cock in her and started enjoying her wet pussy that was dripping Jason's cum. I did not mind, I guess that even turned me on more. I just wanted to fuck her. I was pushing like an animal, I felt pure lust but still could go on due to alcohol. Then I saw that Jason came beside us and amazingly he had cock ready for second round.

Sex farmer storys my friends hot moms took my wife's hair gently to his hand and put his cock in her mouth with another hand. She must have tasted her pussy and his cum when taking it in. She did nothing to resist while Jason pushed his cock deeper and deeper.

He got it balls deep in her mouth and started face fucking her. That was the final thing for me. Another man just using my wife and taking her fiercely. I was cumming, I felt like bolt going through my body as I was shooting cum to my wife. I must have been well loaded, at least I felt like that cum just kept on coming. My wife was shivering there, I could tell that she was coming nice big smrat xxx pron and again, there was no stop to it.

She could not have sucked Jason in that condition but as Jason was in full control he was able to release himself another time in her mouth. I get out of my wife and huge gulp of cum came out of her. My legs were weak and head dizzying.

I saw that she had cum around her mouth when she got up from chair. She seemed a bit baffled what happened and she sat back to chair and breathed heavily.

She was looking at me and whispered, "Thank you". I smiled and said, "this was awesome". I said I will go to shower and she followed me. We left Jason there laying in his chair and waving us. We showered quickly and headed to our bed without talking too much, we both were exhausted. We were not ready to discuss this either so better stay quiet. I remember that as a last thing before falling asleep I was thinking what Kate would think if she knew what happened. What it would be like to fuck her, her tight ass pretty face.

Knowing that I would never get a change to do that.