Lara onlys wife anal beach masturbation and big tits

Lara onlys wife anal beach masturbation and big tits
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"Lucy and Stace will be here soon, do you want a drink?" said Amanda Without much hesitation I agreed and took a large glass of baileys from her, Amanda was gorgeous, to be honest. She was around 5" 4' but from the added height of the heels she had on tonight she looked an easy 5" 8'.

She was wearing a short white dress that was mostly see through and was short enough that, if she bent over, you could clearly see her underwear which tonight was a leopard print G-string.

She had died red hair that was styled perfectly and always looked great. As I took a swig of the drink there was a knock on the door of the hotel room we we're staying in tonight. (Amanda's dad had treated us all to an expensive hotel room for New Years Eve) Amanda opened the door and Lucy walked in.

Lucy was an old friend of an ex of mine but we'd spent some time together too. She was shorter than Amanda but just as hot. She was blonde and was wearing a purple dress with flowers on it. She was 17, same as me and Amanda. "Where's Stace?" I asked "She's not coming, she went off with some guy this morning and text me a minute ago saying she was spending the night with him, so we know what she'll be doing all night then" she replied "Oh well" Amanda commented "We can have fun without her" as she said this she poured another drink out and handed it to Lucy.

After about an hour Amanda suggested we play a game of truth or dare. Lucy was well up for it so I thought I might as well go along with it for a bit of fun. We all sat down on the floor and started playing. "I'll go first" said Lucy "Okay then, truth or dare?" I asked "Truth" Amanda was straight in with a question for her, "did you actually let Jamie dean cum in your mouth?" Lucy giggled, bit her bottom lip and nodded.

"What was it like?!" Amanda replied "I loved it, and obviously, so did he" she giggled. "Your turn Mike!" they said "Okay, dare" "Ooh he he, I dare you to snog Amanda" suggested Lucy.

So I crawled on my hands and knees over to Amanda and kissed her. Because we were both so drunk, after a few seconds she ended up rolling backwards and I fell on top of her with pal looks at beauty fucked girlfriend and homemade body between her legs.

She kept kissing me until Lucy decided to come over and slap my ass. "Oww bitch!" I shouted as I jumped up laughing. "Sorry haha, I just couldn't bare watching you two getting it on and not be involved haha" With that she kissed me and squeezed my ass, the same cheek she'd just slapped. Amanda then walked up to us and put her arm round Lucy, who moved her lips away from mine and started to snog Amanda the way she had just kissed me.

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For a moment I just stood there, stunned but very excited. I could see where this night was going. And I was enjoying it. A lot! Lucy Stopped kissing Amanda and went to pour out more drinks. Amanda pushed me up against the wall and started to unbutton my shirt. She took my shirt off and began to kiss my chest. I looked over at Lucy who necked a shot of vodka and began to unzip the back of Amanda's dress and then slowly slipped it off of her.

From here I could see Amanda's bra and G-string. She had bigger tits than I had thought and they were made to look even better by a sexy leopard print bra.

Her Desperate chick nina uses her body for cash pornstars hardcore was incredibly skimpy and, through it, I could see Amanda was very wet. I pushed her towards the table where I layed her across it and proceeded to remover her underwear, first the bra then the G-string.

Throwing them down on the floor next to us. I kissed her lips and then moved down her body until I reached her wet and closely shaven pussy. I licked her out whilst she wrapped her legs around my neck and back, pulling my closer so I could get my tongue deeper inside of her. After a minute or so Lucy came back into the action and began to undo my trousers and belt.

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Pulling them and my boxers to the ground. I stepped out of them still licking Amanda's pussy. Lucy got down on her knees and took my dick in her mouth, sucking it harder than anyone ever had before.

I found it hard to concentrate on Amanda but she was begging for more "Ooh yes, mike uh deeper, uh make me so wet" she pleaded "Don't stop! I'm cumming uuuhhhhhh!" With her screams of ecstasy she came and orgasmed, her cum oozing into my mouth from her perfect hole.

This was enough to finish me off and I told Amanda to get down with Lucy.

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She did so and opened her mouth with Lucy, waiting for my cum to cover their faces and fill their mouths. I came on Amanda's face and some went in her hair, but most of it ended up in her mouth, then I turned to Lucy who put my dick as far into her mouth as it would go and I came right down her throat.

She gagged a little and then moved over to kiss Amanda. They swapped my cum in their mouths and then swallowed. Grinning, Amanda said to Lucy "Fuck that does taste good" "I want more of your hot cum inside me" said Lucy "put your big dick inside my pussy" "I want it on my tits" exclaimed Amanda as she played with her big boobs I'd heard all I needed to hear and pulled Amanda towards me, burying my head between her full boobs.

I kissed, licked, sucked and bit them and played with her nipples a lot too making her groan and stroke my rock solid dick.

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I picked her up and pushed her up against the wall. She was much lighter than I had expected, making what happened next much easier. I slid my cock inside her dripping wet pussy and started to fuck her as deeply as I could.

She wrapped her legs around my back and pushed her back flat against the wall. She was incredibly flexible and that just made me fuck her harder and deeper. I could feel her cumming around my dick; the warm ooze almost drove me to cum too. But I held it and continued to make her scream. By this point she was holding onto the curtain rail with one hand and the top of the wardrobe with the other.

"I can't take it any more" "oh god oh uh, fuck, uh" she screamed out.

We were going to wake the whole hotel at this rate. "Yes yes ohhh god yes" That was it, Amanda came and orgasmed again and I lowered her to the floor. My cock still wanted more and I needed someone to blow my load into. I walked over to Lucy, who had been fingering herself whilst watching me fuck her friend. Just the sight of me told her exactly what to do. She got onto all fours on the edge of the bed and into the doggy style position. I pulled up her dress to discover that she had no underwear on what so ever and I could see her gorgeous pussy shaven into a strip.

I held her at the waist and she was so wet my cock slipped inside her easy as anything. I fucked her slowly at first and then faster making her tits jiggle and almost slap her in the face.

After about 5 minutes Amanda came and lay beside Lucy on the bed. She then wiggled across so that she was underneath Lucy and between her arms and legs. They kissed and Amanda sucked on Lucy's nipples making both of them even wetter.

Soon after this it was finally time for me to cum. "Oh fuck, yeah, I'm cumming" I said Amanda made no hesitation to shimmy down the bed a bit more so that her tits were directly underneath my cock and Lucy's pussy.

I came massively and at the same time Lucy did too. Our juices together were so warm and wet. Lucy screamed with pleasure and shook with excitement.

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Her vag contracted around my dick squeezing yet more come out of me. I pulled out within seconds my cum oozed out of Lucy's beautiful pussy and onto Amanda's tits. She rubbed it around and started to lick what she could off. Lucy helped her and then they both licked the cum off of my dick and layed on the bed. I layed between them, exhausted.

"5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Happy new year!" came the voices from outside "Happy new year girls" I panted "Happy new year mike" they said simultaneously "Same time next year?" I asked jokingly "Fuck yeah!" said Lucy "and next time I'm bringing Stace no matter what she says, she wont wanna miss out on this"