Jane darling and peter north

Jane darling and peter north
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What a spring for Isabella. Seeing how the world became a boring place to live. She was just 20 yrs old, taking up a Nursing course in a College. She is in her boring vacation. With her parents grounding her to the level, she got annoyed since she would be self-sufficent in a house that is intended for her in such times as this.

But in the eyes of many, she wasn't a normal girl. Despite her intelligence and high grades, her parents grounds her if she brings boys in their house. It was a mess for her so much. It was about the second day of her vacation when her baby brother, Marcos who was 13 just joined her illustrous boring vacation.

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Surprisingly, he was joined by his best friend, Juan Carlos who was the same age as Marcos. Every night since, the living room was in chaos. Isabella had to clean up the mess since they weren't taught of manners. Besides, they are freaking out in video games.

In one occasion, Isabella was masturbating with a vibrator while watching a sex video. When she knew the door was not locked, she locked it but didn't stop thinking about Juan Carlos. In one instance, she tried to grab Juan Carlos' hand to guide him to her fantasies but Marcos was disturbing her all the time. It is because his penis is always erecting and is visible through his pants. For Isabella, making them tired is the only way.

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She was in her fantasies when Marcos told her to "Shut The Fuck Up and keep quiet." Isabella responded by that phrase again. She would device a plan if it will work. One night, Isabella went to the living room of their occupied 2-story house when she sneaked on the boys that they were watching pornographic movies.

She screamed at both Juan Carlos and Marcos and told them to clean the "fuckin' mess up". While Marcos got first in cleaning the whole thing, Juan Carlos got tired, sitting in a sofa and his penis can get out of his pants in an instant where Isabella got turned-on. While sensing everything was clear, Isabella touched her breastes in front of an amazed but tired Juan Carlos.

From that point on, Juan Carlos has an erecting penis from a tent. Then, filipin small teen anal porno touched her vagina to have Juan Carlos feel that he is in paradise all night long.

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White Paradise. Later, Isabella told Juan Carlos to come with her in her own bedroom. Good thing for Isabella, her baby brother was fast asleep and locked the door with a key to prevent him from going out the room until 5am.

It was 10pm that time. She have Juan Carlos under her own sleeve. Isabella told Juan Carlos to face-up in the bed, facing her.

Then, she removed his sleeveless shirt, skinny jeans and his underwear. Juan Carlos feeling something that was inevitable almost blacked out in fear but Isabella calmed her. She was taking advantage of him, removing her own nightgown, g-string and her bra, to have Juan Carlos turn on her.

In an instant, Juan Carlos felt a warm tounge on his penis. He didn't realize that Isabella was performing fellatio on him and he moaned heavily.

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He tried to get out but Isabella's mouth was too strong for his penis. So, Isabella was cumming herself also for getting a virgin. In just three minutes, his penis ejected sperm into Isabella's mouth and she sucked all of the cum without any of it shed down. Juan Carlos was exhausted for a while because he got himself in a situaton. "It was good tasting, Vanilla!" The words of Isabella after Juan Carlos cummed into her mouth and the taste was so delicious.

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But more to come for him, since Isabella rested for 1 hour and resumes their sexual intimacy. This time however, fate came down on him.

Isabella is more in fantasies. But it was her first time to taste cums from boys. She desired boys cum than her own age. Before resuming her sexual activities, Isabella went to a bathroom to replenish herself and to drink Gatorade and other energy drink to make herself energetic. Juan Carlos felt something was juicing on his penis, Isabella's woman juices and she pumped the penis using her vagina over and over until one atomic bomb explosion Juan Carlos felt he ejected on Isabella's vagina.

After that, Juan Carlos blacked out until the next morning. So thus Isabella. The next day, they went back to their home. Too bad for Isabella since her sexual fantasies are over for now. But she wrote everything in a diary about her fullfilled desire of getting a 13 year old virgin to her fantasies.

But after 13 days, minka gets fucked at night in a public spot felt vomitting. She went to an Obygeyne and confirmed that she was pregnant. "OMG" She told herself. Later that day, she apologized to her parents for being pregnant to a 13 yr old boy and she called Jaun Carlos and his parents to apologize for creating a baby with him.

Later when Juan Carlos and his parents came, they arranged that the baby will not be aborted since it is life. Isabella would stop her education for a year until 3 months will pass when the baby is born. Too bad for Juan Carlos, he is repelling girls his age of what happenned. But he will be happy with Isabella until she will make another scheme of creating babies. The End. Tell me if you want more.