Teen gets ed and perfect ass fucked hd xxx my dad always says that once you open the

Teen gets ed and perfect ass fucked hd xxx my dad always says that once you open the
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He kills me, he thrills me Simultaneously He haunts my dreams Taunting me Teetering on the edge of reality Subject to his whims For him, only him… Every night I see him He comes to fuck me in my dreams All the moans and groans And pain and gain Transforming, morphing Imaginary… Only my memory Torturing me… Grabbing my hair Fucking my mouth Until I choke On his shaft In my throat Gagging, contracting, squeezing Tears streaming Saliva dripping Smack!

Smack! Smack! Across my face "Who's your Daddy, Bitch?!" A muffled… "Ooou Raawr." I look up, soggy eyes He smiles, evil eyes And blows his load Down my throat Thick, hot, sticky I swallow it Every bit I love it! Fuck!

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I love it! Then he moves south His mouth Oh and his tongue On my clit Takes the breath out of my lungs His fingers deep inside One finger Then two Then four The fist… It hurts so fucking good Pain mixes with exquisite pleasure And pleasure becomes lust And lust… Oh sweet, sweet lust Walks the line A fine tiny little line Between Passion and violence Black and white Being blind and having sight And just like love Eventually ava adams caught panty thief to hate His fist turns into his cock Deep inside my wet juicy, tight pussy He fucks me so good Pounding me so hard Fast, uninhibited, grunts, screaming, panting Out of breath, ecstasy His hands around my throat Looking deep into my eyes Seeing my soul I could never hide His fingers tighten "Say my name bitch!" Harder, faster, deeper "Say it bitch!" Smack!

Smack! Smack! Across my face I fucking love the abuse! Fucking love it! "Fucking say my fucking name, Bitch!" So deep, so hard, fuck!

"Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy!" I scream it He loves it He growls Feral, like and animal Grabbing my hair Pulling back hard Pushing his throbbing Concrete cock In me, to the base Its touching my cervix I can feel it His seed Pumping, pouring, hot Inside me Head rush… Hormones going to war '"Birth control don't fail me now!"' Love is war And no one comes out the same Somehow you always get maimed In some way Shape or form Maybe good, or bad Or pain… Always hoping for the pleasure Infinite pleasure Endless pleasure And then finding it again and again and again But I know now that Infinite is imaginary Made up Nothing can go on forever But I know that he is not done yet He wants one more part of me He will have it His very favorite part The only one worthy To violate seachjapanese son mother sleeping sex story there "I swear, Bitch, its going to hurt!" But I'll love it, I always do Pain and pleasure melding Welding sensations together Creating new He looks down at me Grinning in a cruel And in a loving way He's flipping me On my stomach Face buried Not gently His hand On the back of my neck Holding me down I'm his fuck toy now Just another piece of noun Right now… I'm now even a proper noun Right now… He's cramming four of his fingers In my eager, waiting, ready, dripping in anticipation pussy Lifting my ass in the air Sliding my knees Up under me His fingers sliding out slowly He wants me to feel every inch I feel it Every inch of it Moving up Over my ass Lingering… Rubbing, lightly with his thumb Getting it wet In preparation For the impending violation For the deep and violent penetration He is about to inflict Upon my tight, sweet, little ass hole… "You better not complain, fuck toy dolly!

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I don't want to fucking hear it!" Smack! Smack! Smack! Across my ass I moan, I love the pain, fucking relish it Luke warm spit Hits me He rubs it With the head of his dick "Ready or not, dolly!" Slam! White light Black light Into me out of me Tight little me All the way in He's growling Grabbing my hair Yanking me up My back pressed against his stomach His hands now Gripping my hips Not gently Slowly In and out Soft strokes Its feels genuinely good Lulling me Into a false sense of security… "Do you like being my fuck toy dolly?" He asks, whispering in my ear "Yes Daddy, I like being your fuck toy." Soft, innocent, just the way he likes it He chuckles strokes slowing His hand on my throat squeezing… "You're a very good little play thing, in fact you're my favorite one." Strokes stop, squeezing harder His breath in my ear… "I love you my sweet, sweet little dolly.

Do you love me to?" He's inside me all the way In my tight forbidden places I feel the pressure Inside me All around me… Love is war Pain is pleasure Infinite pleasure Imaginary, shit!

Its so fucking surreal… "Yes, I love you Daddy!" Thrown down Face plant On the bed Vicious, vicious grip Holding me No complaints Deep, hard, fast, unrelenting pounding Violating my tiny ass Violently It hurts But I love it Fucking love it Screaming You're screaming "Tell me how much you love it when I fuck one dick is not enough for a naughty girl in your ass dolly!

Fucking tell me!" Heart racing Thinking it might beat out of my chest Smack! Smack! Smack! Across my ass, in my ass "I fucking love it when you fuck me in my ass Daddy! I fucking love it!" I scream in between breathing "Play with your clit my little fuck toy dolly, I want to feel your ass orgasm on my cock.

Daddy wants it dolly." My soft fingers Touching my soft clit Floating softly in circles Teasing, pleasing myself, softly While he fucks me violently I'm taking my time Smack! Smack! Smack! Across my thigh "I told you to cum slut doll!

Fucking cum!" Smack! Smack! Smack! Across my side My fingers frantically rubbing I love the beating That's it Oh Gods!

Release, muscles uncontrollable Spasming around his cock "OH DADDY! I'M CUMMING!" Just the way he wants it Just the was he loves it "Oh yes, my sweet darling dolly, you're the best fuck toy I've ever had. Oh you cum so well, my love." I'm panting Orgasmic energy Radiating… "Ready or not slut doll, Daddy's gona fill your beautiful little ass up with cum." SLAM!

SLAM! SLAM! In as far as he can be I feel it throbbing, pumping, dumping His wonderful, hot cum Inside me Daddy collapses on top of me Stroking my hair Rapid blinking Cock shrinking Minds linking Cigarette smoke lingering In the air Drifting off in a blind stare Finding our dreams together… Waking in a cold sweat Feeling an imaginary threat Light up a cigarette Black lonely stare Gave myself quite a scare… Missing you My obscured view Right on cue Delirium makes me feel so dumb…