Massage saloon is a place for fuck

Massage saloon is a place for fuck
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Fantasy one part 2~ The minutes run into hours, and the hours into days, before I hear footsteps again, before I feel anything but want again. I can see it, the door opening slowly.

I feel overwhelmed with excitement.

I have never felt this way before, it is a fabulous felling. I see Master enter the room. My heart skips a beat. Master walks slowly over to me. There is something in his hand. I can not see what it is though, until he is right beside me.

"On your knees Slut!" "Yes Master." I promptly get on my knees from lying upon ludella hahn sub teacher be ground. I bow my head, in sign of respect towards Master. I can see that in his hand is an outfit, a collar and a leash. Master undoes the cuffs on me from the wall. Master places the black collar around my neck, and directs me to stand. "Stand slut!" Weakly I stand up and still bowing my head. He dresses me in what seems to be a school girl outfit.

Master dresses me in knee high white socks, a red plaid mini skirt, a white button blouse with the top half of buttons undone, and a pair of white heels about 4 inches high. Master also places my hair in up in pigtails, tied off in ribbons that match the skirt. "Spin around slut." I spin around and I see a smile come over Master's face. He attaches the black leash to the collar, and beginnings leading me out of the room.

Master leads me up the stairs, and into the main part of the house. As I am looking all around, seeing photographs and knickknacks, Master pulls on the leash. I yelp when he pulls, and follow promptly. Master leads me through the house, telling me of my tasks.

"You are to do the dishes, the laundry, pick up the house, sweep, vacuum, mop, dust, and cook." Master shows me where everything is kept, as I am to keep everything in its place. "You are not allowed to sit upon the couch, any chairs, or my bed, unless I have given you permission.

You are always to be on your knees, unless doing chores around the house." Master continues on with rules I am to follow.

"You are never to leave the house unless I am walking you.

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You are not to wear clothes unless I place them on your body. You are not to talk to anyone unless I give you permission, and you are not allowed to speak freely.

You must show everyone I let you talk to respect as you will always show me. Do you understand the house rules my little slut?" I nod my head. "Speak Slut!" "Yes Master." There is a little tremble in my voice, as I am not so sure about all the rules and not sure how I am to behave. Master sits down in a chair, and pulls the leash hard down.

I drop to my knees. Master pulls out his cock, and pulls my head in. "Suck, now." I wrap my lips around Master's cock and begin sucking him.

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Master places his hand upon my head and pushes me down further upon his cock. Gagged upon Master, I suck harder.

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I can feel Master's cock growing in my mouth, it feels good. I continue sucking until Master pulls my hair back, and sprays cum all over my face. Master looks at me and says calmly "Aren't you a dirty little Slut?" Master says this with a huge smile on his face. I smile at him, loving that Master is happy. Master gets up and pulls the leash as to make me follow him. Master takes me back to the room, my room.

Back down the stairs to the little dim room, where Master broke me. Back to where it all began. Once in the room Master undresses me, and chains my hands above me in the middle of the floor. Master ties my legs down. Master takes off the leash and attaches the collar to a hook on the ground so my head is bowed and cannot move up.

I am restrained standing up, with my head bowed.

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I can see only the ground below me. Master I can hear around the room. All of a sudden I feel something go up my ass. I moan with the item in my ass. Master moves it in and out, building up speed.

As speed increases I can tell that it is Master. It is Master's wonderful cock filling my ass. Master hands grab and hold on to my hip, as he pushes harder in to me.

I moan softly. I can feel his nails digging into my sides, as his balls slap against my ass. I love the feeling so much of Master using me to his pleasure, knowing that I am restrained by Master's will, knowing I am Master's slut.

Master continues going harder into me, with his body coming closer to mine. I can feel his breath upon the nape of neck, his warm loving breath on the nape of my neck. It makes me weak to the knees but I am restrained so that I can fall.

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My moans become louder and sound as though I am enjoying more, horny blonde nailed taxi driver stockings and hardcore I am.

Master pushes deeply in me, moving his hands up to my breast, squeezing them hard. I feel Master cum into my ass deeply. Master's cum is so warm, so comforting to me.

Master whisper's in my ear softly and sweetly, "Cum slut." My body reacts to Master's words, and I feel myself cumming. I feel warm sticky cum fall down my leg. My breathing heavies and I am weak.

Master kisses my cheek seeing my body react. He undoes my feet and hands, so that only my collar is tied. He lays me upon the floor. Seeing how tired I am, he covers me in a blanket and whispers in my ear, "I will be back later my little one, you may rest for now." Softly I say as I fall asleep, "Thank you Master." I hear him leave and walk up the stairs, as I gently fall asleep.