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Lovely brunette whore in her pink lingerie te
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Inspired from another story ------------------------------------ It was only a few hours later after they had pleasured each other when he awoke to find that that he was still on the bed stark naked.

Turning his head he expected to find the room completely empty. Then his eyes settled on her pale, shining form sitting in the chair by the window. "I thought you had left as you always do," he thought he said to her. He wasn't sure, as it seemed hardly any of his senses were working correctly.

"Have stayed to watch you," he thought he heard her whisper from across the room, his eyes tracing the beauty of her ashen body.

"I thought you only came on this night; we pleasured each other then you left," he told her. His breathing starting to quicken as she seemed to once again float across the room to him. "In the past; now different," came her voice like a gentle breeze breathing through the room. Again she sat at the foot of the bed, her weight not registering at all, staring at his face almost as if she was studying it for the first time. Again, he felt the darkness start to take him as his eyes closed.

La patrona me provoca y termino follandomela prostituta and jovencitas time, he knew exactly what brought him around, or rather the lack of.

Looking down his body he saw that she had impaled herself upon his manhood. The lack of heat was once again an odd feeling around him. When she looked up at him he could see that she had the dark look of a predator in her eyes. God, he wanted to touch her. Bringing his hand up he tried to touch her thigh only to have her swipe at his hand, knocking it away. Looking at his a wrist he could see the lacerations but strangely enough, there was no pain; just blood.

Finally finding the rhythm she wanted she began to pound herself upon him even harder.

"I want to." he started. This only brought another fierce hiss from her lips as she steadily increased her speed. Finally, with a most unfeminine roar she pressed her sex onto him. His cock was squeezed harder than he ever remembered it being. The pain was almost too much as again he started to blast deep into her. A minute later she looked down at him, a sly satisfied look on her face.

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"Good," he thought he heard her purr out as she moved off his now red and deflated member. Laying at the foot of the bed again she began to lick her fingers and hand, cleaning his blood from them. Another sly smile crossed her lips and she stared straight at him. This time, he had decided to fight the darkness only to find that this last session had indeed sapped almost all of his strength.

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It seemed he'd just closed his eyes when he felt a silky softness envelop his manhood, opening them he saw the outline of her body seeming to glow in the moonlight. He tried to move but found that it was useless. While she was gently massaging his manhood, she was also leaning over his hand cleaning the blood off his wrist.

Smiling she began to kiss across hot chick verona sky receives sensual massage chest, her touch more like a gentle breeze, stopping at each nipple to nip and lavish it with a suckle and a kiss. Moving steadily higher she nipped at his neck. Strangely, he only felt a sharpness and cold feeling each time she did.

Then she did the one thing he thought she never would, as she moved to his lips and took them in a whisper soft kiss. Groaning, he wasn't sure if it was him or her, her lips lingered a moment longer, the cold washing over him like a wave of water. Then she withdrew, and he felt as if he was on fire. Moving away she stood beside the bed.

Raising a pale perfect hand to her naked breasts she laid it between then and then pointing at him simply saying with a huge smile, "Bast, mine." She vanished as the first light of the day poured into the room.

He shook his head. Bast? Was that her name? After all this time, was she telling him who she was? What had changed? Getting up he stumbled in a weakened state to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror beautiful bitches got wet from darksome rod saw that he had two small bites on his neck but as he watched in amazement they were healing and going away.

Shocked a moment he could only stare, then he looked at the wrist she had deeply gouged, but there was nothing there! Okay, he thought, did I dream it all?

That's when he saw the small ankh symbol on his inner right thigh near his scrotum. Then he saw the sistrum on his left thigh. What the hell? What is a sistrum and how the hell did I know that's what it was? Looks like an ancient rattle to me. Dressing he left his house and headed to the library.

I might need to research this, he thought. Along the way he had several women staring at him as if they were starving and he was the lunch special. Okay, he thought, this is something new. In the library he stopped to asked the older librarian for the section on ancient Egypt.

The woman started to point to it when she looked up. Fixing her eyes upon him, a sly smile lit up her face, and he could swear that the woman was almost panting. She moved to show him where it was, but he politely told her that he was fine. Again he could swear that the woman was almost ready to cry but sat back down. Moving through the dusty sections of the library he could see that this section was hardly ever used. Reaching up he found a book on Bast and began to read.

An hour later his eyes were wide, the Egyptian goddess was known as the cat goddess of sensual pleasure, protector of the household, bringer of health, and the guardian saint of firefighters? She personified the playfulness, grace, affection, and cunning of a cat as well as the fierce power of a lioness. Because of her all-seeing sacred eye (called the utchat) she could see perfectly in the dark.

She is one of the few sun goddesses who was also classified as a moon goddess . with her glowing cat's eye reminding us of the moon that it reflects. It's not surprising she had a reputation since she herself had three husbands and was acknowledged as a sexual partner of every god and goddess.

So that was why she was so damn good! He was just curious as to why she had chosen him, especially after all this time. He'd have to ask her though it seemed every time he had she always wanted to say nothing or nothing much. Leaving that section of the library he stopped short as almost every female head snapped up.

Shaken a bit they almost looked like a pack of ravenous wolves out on a hunting expedition. The look of pure lust in all their eyes had him feeling more like a side of meat than a man.

Escaping the building, he quickened his pace to get as far from there as he could. Again, as with on his way there, he noticed that there were more than just a few women staring at him longingly. Arriving at home he'd had to take a back alleyway to deter any females following him as he'd noticed at least twenty were not all that far behind him.

Closing off his house he went to the bathroom to wash his face, a gasp escaped his lips. There staring back from the mirror was a much younger form of himself. His mouth still open, he nodded at his reflection.

A faint smile edged across his lips as he started to admire his image. He'd forgotten just how good he used to look. Flexing his arms he saw that the muscles he had at one time, were indeed again with him. Hearing the sound of several running feet he took a peek out his bathroom window.

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The sight he saw shocked him a moment as he watched, at least, fifteen women running down the sidewalk toward a man who had his back to them. Upon reaching him they tapped his shoulder each with an expectant look on their faces. When the man turned fully towards the women, the man at his window could hear several of them groan in disappointment. Undeterred they moved on in mass towards the next male. Shaking his head he sat and started his computer, deciding he'd take his mind off of things for a while.

Opening up his stock page he stared at sexy hot adorable hottie hardcore and bondage a moment, then he had an epiphany.

Putting almost all his money into several stocks he watched as he was starting to accrue a substantial amount after only an hour. Shutting down at a million he was shaking a bit that it had been as easy as it had.

Then he remembered that Bast was a very devoted lover and would do much to reward her lovers. Shaking his head he sat deep in thought again wondering what he'd done to earn her love.

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She had xxx-rated amateur creampie hardcore cream pie cunt fuck sexxyfreeca tube porn him for years every time a night of bliss for them both, but that was it.

What was different now? Laying back on the bed he thought of every time they had been together, but nothing stood out to him. Then he remembered that she had taken not one but two bites on his neck both drawing blood.

Though it was his blood he'd found both times that the color on her lips had greatly excited him. Within moments he was sound asleep, having spent a better part of the day at the library. He wasn't sure why he awoke as the sun was starting to sink from sight when he opened his eyes. Getting up he figured it would be a while before he saw her again. Walking to the kitchen he made a bite to eat, then finding he was still tired returned to the bedroom.

The silver bright light of the full moon began to spill into the room, sending odd-shaped shadows creeping toward him. One moment he was alone staring at the light of the moon, the next she appeared again across the room. "Bast," he said making her smile and nod, "I thought I wouldn't see you again." Shaking her head no, she spoke pointing to him, "Mine, forever, husband," came her answer in hushed tones.

His eyes grew wide, he was her husband? She was a goddess for crying out loud! "Why?" He finally managed to get out. As far as he knew no mortal man had ever ended up on the good side of being an Egyptian goddess's husband. Waving her hand he was suddenly stark naked, as the thin delicate wrap she wore on her body softly floated to the floor.

Smiling an almost wicked but loving smile she bent to engulf his twitching and starting to throb member. "Good," lifting her head, she repeated from the night before, "mine, spread seed." Then with another long, lingering, slow lick all the way up his shaft, she took his whole now hard length down her throat. With a groan, he almost rose off the bed, her throat muscles doing things he'd never thought were possible.

Feeling the massive pressure he almost roared as he started to pump his seed deep down her throat. Collapsing he was gasping for air as she released his still hard member and smiled down at it. Again a wicked smile lit up her pale face as she moved and brought her now soaked pussy to above his throbbing penis.

With one thrust she breathed out a contented sigh as she sank all the way down his shaft. The man, still trying to catch his breath, nangi photchut boor land ki veido again as the velvety softness of her wet sex seemed to suck and draw him in even deeper.

Looking up at the pale vision of beauty, her dark hair was such a contrast against her pale skin. Her actions upon his penis began to become harder and more frantic as the maniacal look once again came into her deeply dark eyes. Finally, after only a few minutes he felt her vaginal muscles tighten as she reached her release.

Another unfeminine roar issued from her lips as she as she removed her blood covered hands from his chest. Oddly enough, there still was no pain. Bending low she nipped at his neck causing another wave of cold to wash over him. Now sitting beside him, she licked the blood red color from her lips and hands.

He still thought the color was beautiful on her then he remembered that red was Bast's color. "I so want to touch you," he told her an almost desperation in his voice.

"Shhh," she told him as she looked at him through slitted eyes, "not yet, soon." It was almost a whisper but the man could still swear that she was purring. Touching his now deflated member she looked him directly in the eyes, "go tomorrow spread seed." Then she smiled at him and continued to clean the blood from herself, then bent to lick his chest and neck. Feeling drained as he always did, he thought he heard her say, "soon husband, soon." As sweet sleep overtook him, she floated away.

The next morning he again stumbled to the bathroom stark naked, washing his face he stared in disbelief at his chest. There were not only no blood stains but there were no scratches either. The same was true of his neck.

Where she had drawn blood there was no mark. as if it hadn't happened. The biggest shock, though, had to be the fact that he was looking at the face of a twenty-four or twenty-five-year-old in the mirror. Looking closer he could see it was him, but almost half the age he had been. Remembering a number of times he'd come the last few days he could only smirk. Hell, if this kept up he could most definitely get used to it. He tried to remember all he could about her; Bast - Egyptian cat goddess of pleasure, music, and dancing.

She was highly devoted to her lover, goddess of fertility, protector of pregnant women and households. Shaking his head he had to agree she did seem extremely loyal. True, the money would protect the household, but what exactly had she meant by soon?

That he could touch her? That they'd stay together? This last part had him in a quandary. Heading out, he looked both ways before he left in his car. He had to get a few things at the store, and with the money he'd made he decided that he could splurge a bit.

Entering the supermarket was the easy part; even shopping wasn't that hard. Then he made chubby ebony honey has her slit pounded mistake of making eye contact with a woman as he was heading to the bathroom.

He'd just finished when he heard the bathroom door close and then lock. Wait a minute, lock? It was a multi-person men's room. The same woman was standing by the door removing all her clothes, then completely naked advanced upon the shocked man, almost knocking him to the floor and fishing his now semi - hard cock out of his pants. Opening her mouth she engulfed it quickly bringing it to full hardness, her head bobbing at a furious speed. Now pleased with her work she held his member as she drove her dripping wet hole all the way down his shaft until her ass was resting on his thighs.

Sighing in utter satisfaction she began to slowly lift and drop taking him all the way each time. In just a minute she was quickening her pace and was pounding as hard as she could. He was shocked enough that she was doing this in the men's room but when she started to yell for him to fill her two kinky babes fuck dildo in taxi full as he could, he knew he could no longer hold back.

Thrusting up to meet her, he felt his scrotum tighten and his balls start to doxy receives rammed with joy smalltits and homemade as the cum began to pump deep into the woman. Shrieking she ground herself even harder, trying to take him as deep as she could. Collapsing on his chest for a moment, the woman then got up, got dressed, and left as if nothing had happened.

Still a little shocked, the man paid for his groceries and left. Arriving home he quickly made his way into the house not sure if there were a horde of women waiting on him or not. Sitting in his chair he began to think over what he'd learned: one, he was Bast's husband. Two, he was obviously irresistible to all women, three, he was going to see her again, at least, more than once a year plus four, he was almost half his age. So she wanted him to spread his seed, she had obviously done something to him.

Well, he thought after a few hours, I should have known what I was getting myself into all those years ago. Then a huge smile spread across his face. The way the plan she had for him right now was, yeah, he could live with it, providing he was careful and wasn't screwed to death!