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Two sexy lassies and one massive boner group sex brunette
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This is an exert from the book "One Foot in the Grave" by Jeaniene Frost. Enjoy. With deliberate slowness, Bones began unbuttoning his shirt. I watched his creamy skin revealed with each unfastened clasp. When he was finished, he pulled it off, and then ripped each sleeve free with a tug.

The reason for that strange action was revealed when he tied the fabric around my eyes, blindfolding me. My nails dug into my palms as everything went black. He'd done a good job with it. The next thing I felt were his hands pushing me back onto the bed, and then easing off my clothes until I was naked. Something was secured around my wrist, stretching an arm out lengthwise and then restraining it, presumably to the bed frame.

The same action was repeated with the other arm. "Don't fight them," Bones whispered. "They're not strong enough to hold you. Relax." A low chuckle. "Let me work." Thus shackled, I could only listen as he moved around. It sounded like he was in the bathroom rummaging through the cabinets, for what I had no idea. Being blindfolded and tied naked to a bed was disconcerting, to say the least, but he didn't take too long before he returned.

Hands trailed over my shoulders and moved lower to my breasts. A mouth closed over my nipple, fangs already extended.

He laved the peak with his tongue, and then the flatness of his human teeth nibbled it to hardness. I inhaled sharply when he carefully dug his incisors in next, just short of breaking the skin.

He drew stronger on my nipple until ribbons of raw desire shot through me. "I want you to touch me," I moaned, pulling on the bonds that prevented me. He clamped down his hand over wwxxx ebony storys xxx 2019 wrists without breaking contact with his mouth.

"Later." His English accent was thicker, and I knew from the brush of his hip that he was naked now as well.

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Below us the TV switched on, Annette pointedly turning up the volume, but it barely registered to me. Not with Bones increasing the pressure until my nipple felt seared, and there was a sharp stab when his fangs pierced it.

A cry wrenched from me, but not of pain. He made a hoarse noise and began to suck harder, pulling my blood into his mouth. As before when he drank from me, I started to feel warm all over. My breast was positively burning, but I also felt a thrill of apprehension. I'd said anything goes, and Bones wasn't wasting time.

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"Your heart is thumping in my ears, but you won't fret long," he mumbled, switching to my other breast. "I'm going to knock the fear right out of you." I gasped and arched underneath him when he bit me again in the same way.

Now both of my nipples were sizzled and each breast throbbed with heat. His lips slithered up my arm as he shifted higher in bed, moving off me. I felt the probe of his tongue on my wrist below where those unseen bonds held me. His mouth covered each spot in the next instant, fangs puncturing so quickly I didn't even have time to tense. The same throb from my breasts was now duplicated in my wrist. Hot, pulsing waves beat in accordance with my pulse.

If heroin addicts feel anything like this, I thought dizzily as it spread like warm caramel down my arm, then I completely understand why they do it. "That's the juice from my fangs you're feeling," Bones said throatily. "It's moving through your veins with every heartbeat. If you were human, I wouldn't dare bite you more. Too much would drug you, but you're not human. So I can do this." I moaned out loud when he bit my other wrist. Now that sweet unbelievable heat was covering my entire upper body.

Good God, but I hadn't know vampire bites could feel like this, or I might have demanded he drink from me every day. Bones squeezed my wrists, and I jumped. The pressure seemed to push the warmth deeper in me. "Don't move love." Easier said than done. I wanted to pull on the bonds to have their tautness drive the heat further into me.

His skin brushing against my mouth distracted me form that, however, as he slid his body down the length of me and then luscious jayden has her orgasmic pussy nailed pinched my nipples. That sudden jab of double fire had me twisting toward him with a cry. "More!" He laughed softly.

"Oh yes. Much more." Anticipation heightened within me when Bones parted my legs and moved between them, one arm underneath my hips. His mouth was so close, but he didn't so what I wanted him to. Instead he started nuzzling my thigh. "Bones, please." The request was ragged. I needed to feel his tongue inside me. Probing me. Licking me. "Not yet." The breath from his words teased me, causing the ache to expand.

I gritted my teeth, mentally cursing him. "Yes. Now." "Not yet." I was actually going to argue, caught up in a whirlwind of lust from the heat running through me, when Bones bit into my thigh.

My whole body arched, and I inadvertently pulled on the bonds holding me. More liquid fire cascaded in me, tripled by the new flames in my leg, and i came with an internal spasm that left me trembling. Holy shit! He hadn't even touched me between my legs, and here I was shaking from a 9.0 on the orgasm scale. Bones's mouth left young girl fucked by white monster cock and cum in face thigh, which was throbbing on hard, it felt like my artery was trying to shove his juices through my veins.

I didn't even have time to catch my breath when a dominating lick deep within me took it away. With his arm under my hips, he pressed me closer, his mouth greedily ravishing my pink flesh. My head fell back while my moans got even louder. Another climax drew near, accelerated by his tongue swirling and stabbing inside me, and then he abruptly stopped. "Not yet!" I cried in blind need. "Hold still." Bones's arms hardened around me until I was immobilized from the waist down.

A rasp of his mouth against my flesh made me tremble, and then he sealed it over my clitoris and sucked slowly. Deliberately. Even through the numbing ecstasy, something about the way he did it darted trepidation inside me.

He couldn't mean to. .? There was a split second of clarity when I felt his fangs penetrate, and then nothing but white-hot fire. Dimly I felt more suction and heard ear-splitting shrieks, but couldn't register who made them. One after another the orgasms convulsed me, shattering me from the inside out. Everything burned and then exploded, only to burn again. Eventually I fell back into awareness, and found the frenzied cries coming from me. My blindfold was off.

The strips of his shirt that had held me lesbian ass eating train brittany blue risika jackie avalon girl on girl ass worship the bed frame were severed, and apparently I had torn up the sheets around us.

Bones had me pinned underneath him, restrained with his body. The last haze lifted, and his face came into focus. He wore a purely masculine smile that had passed smug and hovered near conceited. I couldn't stop shaking, especially when he kissed me and I tasted blood and other things on his tongue. "Oh, Kitten," he growled.

"You have no idea how much I enjoyed that. I've already spilled myself inside you, bloody hell, I thought you'd castrate me with your pleasure. Do you know how long you 've been whipping around from the effects of my bite?" Not a clue. "Five minutes?" To my shock, my voice was hoarse and nearly unrecognizable.

He chuckled. "Try twenty, give or take a few. The police have already come and gone; Annette sent them away.

I think the neighbors thought someone was being murdered." "Huh?" I croaked, and then gasped when he moved lower and thrust fully inside me with one stroke.

That gasp turned into a cry when his pelvis ground into my bitten, throbbing clitoris. It felt like lightning just struck me below the waist. He groaned in satisfaction.

"Feels hot, doesn't it?" That didn't even begin to describe it. "It hotbollywod actress karisma kapor sex fucking in english man. Burns. God, Bones, it feels so good!" My vehemence surprised me on an internal level, but skin-deep, I wanted more. Needed more, and wasn't shy about telling him.

"Don't stop, don't stop!" Bones moved harder, faster, and I was reveled in his fierceness. Every thrust sent new heat blasting into me, make me almost insane with desire. His chest flattened my breasts, pressing on my nipples, and he clamped his hands around my wrists. The combined pressures sent me spinning into another orgasm, and yet it still wasn't enough. I urged him on in between shouts, crying out for more until I couldn't speak, and when he came, I joined him with a scream that took most of my voice with it.

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Bones pulled out of me and left the bed, I hardly noticed. I couldn't move, and my heart was beating so rapidly, I felt certain it was dangerous. He came back moments later, turning me until I lay on my side. His fingers slid between my thighs with something liquid but thicker coating them.

He kissed my neck, and then smeared the substance into the crease of my buttocks.

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I trembled. Oh God. I knew what he had intended. Bones curled his body along the length of mine, positioning. "It's all right, Kitten, don't fret, relax." Wordless grunts emerged from my throat when he spread my cheeks and I felt the first start of penetration.

A soft cry escaped me, almost a wheeze. Bones moaned, grasping my hips. His next thrust breached me and the tip of him slide inside.

He throbbed, or perhaps it was me. Either way, the new sensation was strange and almost disturbing. Bones reached down, rubbing my clit to quickly reignite the heat in me. Then he slowly invaded further into the depths that had never before been crossed. Another jagged noise left my throat. Bones stopped at once. "Does this hurt?" His voice was thick with lust, but he didn't move as he waited for my response. The fullness inside me wasn't pain in the strictest sense, but it was indescribably intense.

I wasn't sure if it hurt me, or I liked it, or both. Teen gives blowjob in car aamirs delivery I didn't respond in the affirmative, he asked another question.

"Do you want me to stop?" My voice when, voice when it came, was scratchy and very soft. "No." Bones craned his neck to kiss me. His fingers bombarded my flesh while he began to move in and out, slowly, a little deeper each time. I didn't know if it was the passion in his kiss, his fingers stoking the fire in meor something else, but when my back arched, I was shocked to find myself moving with him.

"Yes," he groaned. "Yes." My mind might still be objecting to this new activity, but my body had no morality.

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Bones increased the motion by infinitesimal degrees, building a gentle rhythm I couldn't help responding to, while rubbing my clit with every stroke. I dug my nails into his incredible millian blu loves to get blacked, moaning into his mouth, and let a hidden instinct take over. I didn't think it was possible. It probably wouldn't have been possible if I'd been thinking at all, but eventually my release hit me as surely as the astonishment over what cause it.

Bones growled deeply in his throat and abruptly pulled out. A warm wetness spilled onto my thigh moments later. "Don't move, luv," he whispered, voice still vibrating with his climax. "I'll clean us up." Seconds after the unnecessary command, because I didn't think I could move anything, he drew out a sudsy towel from a nearby bowl and ran it over my thigh.

With half-closed eyes, I watched him wipe himself with another cloth after I'd been attended to. Then he threw the rags to the floor and took me in his arms.