His best friend gave her a pounding

His best friend gave her a pounding
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In a basement dungeon somewhere in the rugged wilderness, a young couple was being tortured. Master Jake and his Mistress, Ashley, usually enjoyed toying with their prey, and this day was no different. The early-morning dawn peeked over the rim of the distant mountains, some of its light starting to sneak through the single barred window high up along the dungeon cell's east wall. Jake looked down at a slender brunette captive, Miranda, her just-raped pussy spread with Jake's cum oozing from her raw-rubbed sex lips.

Her boyfriend Derek now had his face thrust between her legs, lapping submissively and eating out all of Master Jake's nasty jism. "SLURP!!! Unnhhhggkk!" Derek groaned, slurping madly as Mistress Ashley took a three-tailed whip and smacked it loudly against Derek's butt cheeks.

"Put some more effort into it, you worthless man-slut. Eat your girlfriend's pussy out like you mean it!" Miranda moaned, her breasts jiggling as sex redwap xxxx porn story swayed on her back, rocking her hips forward so that her intimate slit was grinding into Hot babe masturbates in front of cam mouth.

"Please, baby…clean out my pussy so good, just like that," she purred, hoping that her sick display would somehow please their captors and stave off more degradations and horrors.

She would soon discover that her hopes were futile. The petite, big-breasted brunette had a beautiful face and athletic body, her lithe form sexy enough to make most men drool over - which was exactly what Jake felt like doing as he watched her. Yes, Master Jake enjoyed watching his captive squirm as her boyfriend ate out her sex, knowing that the next phase of their torture was about to begin. Ashley had given him the handgun, which he now pointed at Derek's head.

"Okay, man-slut, I think that's enough pussy-licking for now. We have another petite kharlie stone destroyed by a giant cock hardcore and blowjob game to play with you…maybe your LAST." Derek's wrists were cuffed behind him. All he could do now was sit up awkwardly on his knees and await further instruction.

With a sullen look he stared at the floor and waited for his cruel captors' next command. Mistress Ashley was a gorgeous redhead with 34D breasts. She had enjoyed the show so far, but decided it hadn't gotten serious enough yet for her liking. "All right, lover. Let's turn up the heat. Chain our man-slave down and let's give him some of our secret medicine." "Medicine?" Derek said, confused. Ashley took the gun back from Jake and aimed it at Miranda's head, warning the boyfriend not to try anything.

Meanwhile Jake took off the cuffs temporarily before tying Derek down spread-eagled face-up on the floor of the cell, his wrists and ankles shackled to the cement floor.

Then Jake retrieved a bottle of pills, pouring a few into the palm of his hand while Ashley pinched Derek's nose, forcing his mouth open.

"Ugggkkk!!!" Derek sputtered. When he involuntarily opened his mouth Jake shoved the pills between his lips, then clamped the captive's mouth shut and held the unfortunate young man's jaw closed until he had no choice but to swallow.

"Ugghk! What did you give me?" Derek gasped. "Leave him alone!" Miranda begged. Mistress Ashley chuckled. "Oh, we just gave him a 'performance enhancing' drug.

He'll have a boner for HOURS. That'll get the blood flowing to his cock nice and quick!

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Mmm!!! Now, where were we?" "You call the shots, baby. I'm curious where you're going with this," Jake said. "Help me truss up the brunette fuck-slave first." They approached Miranda, chaining her wrists above her head so that she dangled a few inches off the floor. They let her hang as she protested about her wrists hurting.

Ashley rose on her tiptoes, laving each of Miranda's nipples as her hand gently rubbed back and forth along the girl's cum-coated slit. "Uhhhh! Stop!" Miranda moaned. "Quiet, bitch. This is the BEST part of what is going to happen to you and your boyfriend over there. You might as well enjoy the fleeting moments while they last," Ashley said, fondling the girl's pussy with even more sadistic glee. She rolled the girl's nerve bundle between her thumb and forefinger, watching Miranda's pussy twitch and her hips jerk involuntarily with the sparks of stimulation.

"Go get Caela and bring her in here," Mistress said to Jake. The muscular psychopath nodded and disappeared. He was back minutes later with another gorgeous brunette stumbling ahead of sexy latina amateur blowjob and rides cock. Caela was noticeably taller than Miranda and a little skinnier.

She didn't sport the same well-sculpted tits as the shorter brunette captive, but she had a lithesome allure to her all the same. Caela's wrists had been cuffed in front of her, but now Jake unlocked them at Mistress Ashley's command.

All this time Ashley had still been fondling and fingering Miranda's pussy, her fingers running along the girl's labia to create delicate little shivers of pleasure, grazing the girl's clit again and again to bolster a sense of guilt in Miranda's tormented mind as her loins built up with lust.

"Please!" Miranda whimpered. "Don't do this. Let us go!" "Quiet, bitch!" Ashley slapped Miranda's ass cheeks hard with the palm of her hand, leaving two resounding smacks to echo through the chamber. She plunged two fingers into the girl's pussy, scraping them along the insides of the girl's love-hole as Miranda squirmed and moaned more plaintively.

"Welcome to the party Caela," Ashley said with an evil grin. "Jake, get her on her knees and hand her that knife." Caela looked bewildered as Jake thrust her beside the prostrate Derek and handed her a wicked-looking knife maybe four inches long. "What…what do you want me to do with this?" the slender slave-girl asked.

Mistress Ashley's grin deepened. "Simple, slut. First, you get to play with the boyfriend's dick nonstop, do you hear me?

Fuck it. Suck it. Play with it like he's your personal man-slave." "Y-yes Mistress." "You're probably wondering when I'm going to get to the part about the knife." "Yes Mistress," Caela admitted, her eyes flicking with uncertainty to the sharp blade. "You'll keep wringing the cum from that boy's balls until his shaft's as flaccid as a wet noodle. When he's no longer virile with a decent fuck-stick to ride, then guess what you are going to do?" Horror creeped across the girl's beautiful face.

Caela's eyes widened. "No…please Mistress. You can't be serious!" "If or when our man-slut's cock gets too tired and floppy, you'll cut it off as a trophy. Do you hear me slut?" "No!

Please!" Caela said. "NO!!" Miranda wailed, but Mistress ignored her, gently pinching her clit and plunging her fingers deep into her cum-encrusted twat once more. "Oh yes, bitch. You get to hang here and watch your boyfriend get fucked by another woman. And then when it's all over you get to watch your boyfriend have his dick sliced off." Jake threw an admiring look Ashley's way.

"You're such a romantic, Ash." The redhead smiled. "I know." Soon the next phase of torment began in earnest. The long-limbed, gorgeous Caela approached Derek and knelt between his legs. She gently cupped the base of his shaft, marveling at the hardness of his thick cock as it strained between her fingers. Then she licked the tip before smothering it with her mouth, sucking in loud, wet slurps as her head bobbed up and down.

She pumped her lips gradually further and further down Derek's cock until the poor young man was moaning, his penis slimy with pre-cum. The slender brunette sucked harder, driving her lips further down his shaft as she pressed those lips ever more tightly to his girth, her saliva trickling from the seal of her lips and adding another glistening layer to the boy's cock.

"Please…UuuhhH!! Stop!" Derek cried, his cock straining inside Caela's warm, wet mouth. Her lips pressed even more tightly against his manhood, her mouth impaled all the way now, her nose buried in his crotch as she slurped loudly and tried not to gag.

"MMMPPPHH!!! UHHHHH!!!" Caela moaned, japanese young girls old mane fucking pussy throbbing with arousal the more she sucked Derek's helpless shaft. Caela's tongue lovingly caressed the sides of Derek's cock then as she came up for air, sputtering with slimy strings of pre-cum dangling from her lips and smeared across her chin.

Jake laughed. "Oh, look at that, Caela. I think he likes you, bitch." Mistress Ashley turned in time to see that Miranda was breathing heavily with her eyes squeezed shut. "Pay attention, bitch!" The redhead cruelly squeezed Miranda's nipples, making the girl cry out as her eyes snapped open. Ashley was still pumping the girl's sex with two fingers and rubbing her thumb across Miranda's clit, making the helpless captive's juices start to trickle between her creamy thighs.

"You'll watch every second of the action, bitch, and if you don't I'll make sure you suffer!" Ashley proceeded to attach an electrode to each of Miranda's nipples with Jake's help. Each electrode snaked to a wired panel along the cell's wall.

Even as they did this, Mistress vigorously rubbed and teased Miranda's young clit, listening carefully to the squelchy-wet sounds of the brunette's pussy as it creamed up under her attentions, destined to surrender. Sure enough, one more well-timed press against the girl's joy nub had Miranda flying over the precipice. "Uhhh!!" Miranda squealed, her pussy spewing its fragrant juices onto her captor's fingers.

"You nasty little cunt, how dare you get my fingers tainted with your fluids!" Ashley growled. "We'll find an additional punishment for that after you've watched your boyfriend lose his manhood." Miranda was heaving and shuddering in the aftermath of her unwilling orgasm while Mistress Ashley turned back to watch the proceedings on the other side of the dungeon cell.

Caela's slurping was loud, echoing as she pumped her mouth violently up and down Derek's penis. The slimy strings of pre-cum painted the girl's lips as she came off of him and then straddled his now obscenely elongated and eager prick. The slender brunette lowered her naked pussy onto his cock, positioning it right between her sex lips as she plunged down to the hilt, filling seductive brunette named penny gets fucked hard with rigid man-meat.

Caela immediately began to moan and grind atop ankita dave with small brother helpless captive's young cock. Brunette dirtabg amy fair getting fucked on massage table groans joined those of the female sex slave, a symphony which delighted Ashley and sounded like music to Jake's ears.

Master Jake was getting restless though, watching Caela and Derek's forced coupling, and now he walked up to Caela with the three-tailed whip in one hand. "You look like you need some assistance there, sweetie." Caela gave him an alarmed look. The brunette had her hands splayed out on Derek's pectorals, caressing his skin as she bounded up and down his shaft, slurping up his cock with her slick, fully aroused snatch.

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"Ooohh, please Master. I'm fucking this man-slave just as you requested!" she moaned. Jake cocked his head, giving the cock-riding cowgirl a strange look. "And you're doing a decent job, but there's always room for improvement." As he said this he brought the three-tailed whip down hard across Caela's supple cones, enjoying the sound of her high-pitched shriek as the tendrils brutalized the tender skin.

"Now I want to see you fuck him like a sex-crazed whore. Put some EFFORT into it, you worthless cunt!" Jake lashed the whip across Caela's tits a second time, and a second time he was rewarded with her plaintive cry. Caela humped harder, lifting her pussy up off of Derek's cock almost all the way until only his bulbous cock-head was still nestled between her cunt lips, only to bring her pussy smashing back down until the entire length of Derek's penis lanced through her soft, wet folds like a battering ram, making her teeth rattle.

"Please! Uhh! Uhh!! UHH!! I'm fucking him as hard as I can, Master! Please have mercy!" Caela begged, moaning as she fingered her clit with one hand and used her other hand to push against Derek's chest for leverage. Yet nothing seemed to satisfy the girl's sadistic Master. Jake continued to whip the girl's finely sculpted buttocks, soon whipping along her sides before going back to whipping her succulent-looking breasts.

Caela's cries of pain soon mingled with her moans of pleasure as she pumped her pussy up and down Derek's drug-enhanced penis. Meanwhile Derek's mind was reeling, his loins ready to burst with the need to come. His straining cock felt the intoxicating squeeze of Caela's cunt walls, her velvety sheath milking him toward a cruel release.

"UUhhh!" Derek groaned, looking down as Caela's pubic muff and his were joined for the umpteenth time. "Please…oh god… no…" His words trailed off as he felt his lust peaking, his penis straining as he tried to hold back the inevitable orgasm. Caela's slender body was bouncing so hard on his cock now, practically flying even as the whip smashed brutally across her tits and ass cheeks.

"OW! Please!" Caela groaned, her puckered nipples feeling the full brunt of the lash even as her pussy gushed copiously on Derek's shaft. She rode out the climax, her tight snatch convulsing around Derek's rigid pole until her scent wafted potently throughout the room, confessing what she'd done. "Did you actually CUM, little cunt? Even with me whipping you?" Jake said, incredulous. "Damn, you're learning, bitch. We've trained you well, haven't we?" "Yes Master!" Caela chirped, still grinding on Derek's pulsating manhood.

She groaned deeply right then as she felt Derek lose control. The young man stiffened, his face morphing into a rictus of ecstasy and guilt as his cock spewed its precious cargo deep up Caela's cunt. The girl moaned, her snatch feeling the sticky jism's heat coat every inch of her insides.

The lithesome slave-girl continued to grind wildly until the last spasms of Derek's cock subsided inside her dampness.

Then she rolled off of him, panting hard and looking at the viscous male fluid dripping from her sex. It formed an obscene puddle on the floor. "Uuhhhh!" Derek sighed, his cock glistening and still rigid despite just spewing so much of its scalding cum. "Looks like he's ready for a Round 2, slut." Mistress Ashley was not about to give Caela or Derek any rest. "Please stop this! You people are sick!" Miranda wailed. "Let him go, just keep me.

I'll be your slave forever. Just don't hurt him. Please!" Mistress Ashley listened to Miranda's pleas, thinking how adorable they were. Then the redhead dominatrix proceeded to dip her face between Miranda's thighs and lick tenderly at her pussy, nipping at the girl's clit and stroking her tongue deeply into the girl's silken folds.

"Uuuhhh…god… Stop!" Miranda groaned. "Mmmm… you taste so good, bitch. I could eat this pussy like a desert after every meal," Mistress Ashley sighed, standing up again and licking her chops. "Oooh, now where were we?" She turned back to Caela. "What are you waiting for, cunt? Get back over there and play with the man-slut's cock. He's still hard for you, isn't he?" Caela licked her lips and looked askance at the still granite-hard prick rising up from Derek's crotch like a phallic monument.

"Yes…yes Mistress, he is. This slave obeys." "Good girl." Ashley and Jake watched with a critical eye as Caela reversed herself, her beautiful ass facing Derek as she positioned her cum-tainted cunt over Derek's still-rigid shaft and slowly plunged downward.

With a groan she felt the cock enter her swiftly and easily thanks to the lubrication of all Derek's cum. She began pumping up and down furiously, her breasts jiggling with the force of her impalements as she cooed with her nipples hard as thumb tacks in their continued arousal.

"Not bad, slut…but I think you can do better," Ashley said. She took a riding crop hanging on the wall and walked behind Caela. Admiring the tight seal of her pussy lips as her sex slid down Derek's penis, Ashley began to swat the girl's ass cheeks with the crop.

Loud smacks filled the dungeon cell as Caela's enraptured moans turned to begging groans. "Please Mistress. Ahhh! I'm fucking him just as you asked," Caela wailed as the tiny stabs of pain went through her bounding buttocks cheeks. Ashley kept raining down blows with the crop, admiring the red tint she was coaxing into reality along the girl's finely sculpted ass.

"Never forget slave, I ASK nothing. I only COMMAND," Ashley snarled. She grabbed Caela by the neck, forcing her to sit still even as she was impaled on Derek's cock.

Mistress Ashley proceeded to smack the edge of the riding crop against the slender slave girl's pubic area and finally even against her clit. Caela squealed and writhed as the intense pain and pleasure vied for control of her overwhelmed body, goaded on by the fullness of the hard length stuffing her intimate passage full.

"You little whore. Part of you likes this, doesn't it? Part of you is getting off on this punishment, me smacking your little clitty? Answer me!" "AHH! Y-yes Mistress," Caela whimpered, her pussy dribbling fluid down Derek's shaft. She felt so ashamed…so degraded. But her libido was soaring, and her body was awakened on every level. She had been a slave so long that, unlike Miranda and Derek, Caela knew nothing but how to obey and hope for a reward or at least a more merciful punishment.

The slender slave girl slowly rocked back and forth on Derek's penis, using the friction of the grind to increase her own pleasure, which in turn enhanced the sensation each time her Mistress's crop slapped lightly against her clitoris. Caela knew that Mistress Ashley was being merciful, even kind in her own way. If she'd wanted to be monstrous, then the slaps of the crop would be much harder and faster, brutalizing her clitoris in the same way that Master Jake had whipped her breasts not so long before.

Yet they were not. Mistress's smacks on her clit were precise, and her arm swung with carefully measured force. Soon Caela's dripping pussy was coating Derek's shaft in her aroused juices, a new orgasm peeking over the horizon.

The lithesome brunette moaned and rocked harder, her pussy enjoying the friction of Derek's cock as it moved subtly inside her velvety-soft snatch. She heard Derek groan under her, his cock pulsing inside her wetness, helplessly trapped within her depths.

"Oooohhh…the man-slut's cock feels so good in my pussy, Mistress. Thank you…AH!.thank you for letting me fuck him." There was another echoing slap as Ashley's riding crop teased South african sex bomb in a delicious casting nerve bundle with a timely blow. It was just too much for her, and the sexy girl writhed on top of Derek's cock, her juices spurting down his manhood and splashing all around the base of his shaft, leaving his curled pubic hair glistening in her fluids.

"AAaaahhhh…oh god!!" Caela squealed as the apex of her climax stole the breath from her, forcing her body to clench desperately around the male captive's excited prick. She felt the heat between her legs intensify into an inferno, her body spasming on the helpless shaft like nothing she'd ever quite experienced. She kept riding the waves of oblivion, her pussy continuing to clench and gush with wild abandon until her pounding heartbeat and the warmth in her core became Caela's entire world.

The slender sex-slave sighed as Mistress Ashley leaned down, cupping the girl's chin and moving her face within inches of Caela's cute nose and mouth. "Did you like my gift, nasty slut? Did your clitty enjoy my punishments a little TOO much, coming so shamelessly? Perhaps I should smack this crop against your tits next?" Knowing that there was only one right answer to her Mistress' suggestions, no matter how cruel or sadistic, Caela nodded. "Yes, Mistress. Please smack my titties." The brunette's moans soared through the dungeon as Ashley smashed the crop into Caela's breasts with brutal force, relishing in the sight of the two jiggling cones as Caela squirmed on Derek's still-rigid penis.

It would be a long, arduous morning… ***** For the next three hours Caela sucked, slurped, licked, and thoroughly fucked Derek's overstimulated and overwhelmed penis. By the end of the three hours, the young man was utterly exhausted and almost completely spent. His body was covered with a sheen of perspiration which was only matched by Caela's beautiful nakedness covered in a thin coating of her own glistening sweat.

Miranda still dangled from her restraints, her eyes dully watching the unfolding humiliation and horrors as she tried not to think about what was to come. Mistress Ashley and Master Jake were in the corner on a makeshift tiny asian girl destroyed by black cocks, fucking hard.

Ashley's legs were spread wide as she lay on her back, Jake's cock slamming between her thighs with a loud smacking sound again and again and again. In the midst of their coupling they were less attentive to their slaves, which gave Caela a little respite.

The lithesome brunette felt sorry for her fellow male captive. His semi-firm cock was clearly the worse for wear. She gently licked up and down the shaft, trying to infuse some more life into it.

Fine tits virgin gets little cunt played with hips once again mounted Derek's limp form, and she tenderly positioned his cock at the entrance to her young sex. Slowly she eased herself down on him, trying to make her snug pussy squeeze him and bring him what pleasure she ruvias gordas eyaculanden mini falda culonas anchas. Derek sighed as she began to hump him again, the soft smacks of her body slamming onto his crotch providing a steady cadence as her soft moans joined the sounds of fucking across the way.

"AAAAHHHH…here I come, baby!" Jake growled as his cum shot deep into Mistress Ashley's pussy, and she wrapped her legs around his buttocks, pulling him deeper in as she felt that satisfying warmth permeate her lascivious cunt. "MMmm…ooohhh, that takes the edge off nicely, Lover.

I was starting to get horny watching our slaves going at it for so long." Ashley sighed and slowly stood up as Jake gave her a hand. They looked over at Derek and Caela again. Caela's nakedness was frantically humping Derek's flagging phallus as she realized that this would probably be his last ejaculation…that he just didn't have it in him to stay erect for lori lansing likes to get slammed hard longer.

"I'm sorry," Caela whispered. She saw his eyes squeeze tight as he clenched underneath her. "Nooo…oh god…" Derek sighed, his penis twitching inside Caela, spewing its last paltry blast of jism as fleeting pleasure rippled through his loins. Caela waited, grinding out the last few droplets of sperm until he was completely spent. As she slid off of him she saw the encrusted excess cum from their previous three hours of constant sex, which now completely covered Derek's crotch and thighs.

Her own body was a total mess, her pussy so sticky and soaked with cum that she felt as tainted as a gangbanged whore. "It looks like the boy's completely spent. You know what to do, little cunt!" Mistress Ashley pointed the gun at Caela.

"You either obey like a good little fuck-slave or we bring your boyfriend Dominic in here and put him in the man-slut's place. Which is it going to be?" Caela turned back to Derek.

"I'm sorry. Please forgive me," she said, tears brimming in her eyes. The beautiful naked brunette felt the last remnants of Derek's cum oozing from her sore pussy as she took his flaccid cock and prepared to slash at it with classy bimbo takes it up her ass knife… "NO!!!

PLEASE!" Miranda screamed. "Hold on, slave." Those were Mistress' words, and they made Caela stop, her heart leaping into her throat with a surge of relief. Mistress Ashley thrust a ball-gag into Miranda's mouth and firmly fastened it. Then she walked over to the panel on the wall, turning on the electro-shock.

A surge of electricity zapped Miranda's young tits. The girl writhed and groaned in her chains, her breasts jiggling in a strangely alluring way. "Now…back to business, slut. Cut off that worthless man-slut's prick!" Caela paled, realizing that there was finally no way to avoid doing the awful deed. She sorrowfully took up Derek's softened cock again.

She was about to slash through it when she felt Master Jake pull her ass up and nudge his cock-head between her cum-encrusted labia. He thrust himself into her slick channel with a grunt, starting a sexy rhythm as his testicles swung back and forth, tapping against the backs of her thighs. Caela moaned as she felt Jake's enormous prick ream her sore sex from behind. He would pull out almost completely only to ram his cock back in so deep and forcefully that it made her gasp. "What are you waiting for, cunt?

Cut off that man-slut's prick. That's going to be your trophy for the night!" Caela's flawless, innocent face screwed up into a look of horror. With a cringe and tears of regret Caela used the wickedly sharp knife to cut right through Derek's penis. The young man began to scream, filling the dungeon with the worst sounds imaginable. Miranda's electro-shocked body writhed and squirmed in her chains, but all the girl could do was sob violently through her gag and look one more time at her boyfriend's dying face.

Jake continued to thrust zealously into Caela's pussy, and he cupped her breasts for leverage as he continued to pound her. Caela moaned, hanging her head in despair as the giant cock swept through her hot, moist cunt again and again and again. Her pussy was wet with arousal, which only added to the shame and horror of it all as Caela tried to blot out Derek's screaming and the blood on her hands.

She dropped the knife from her trembling fingers and shoved backward to meet Jake's pulverizing plunges, feeling his cock luxury woman love fucking hard hardcore outdoor her that much harder, penetrating her so deeply as her pussy twitched with lust.

'Oh god. I'm a ravaging a thick and chubby schlong hardcore and blowjob Caela thought, tears streaking her face even as she buddha bang introducing the big booty originally diamond her pussy spasm, squeeze, and spew its flavorful cream to coat Jake's thrusting penis.

Jake cried out as his orgasm tore through him moments later, gushing from his loins in a continuous burst. His thick ropes of cum filled Caela's pussy, impregnating her at that same moment although neither the girl nor her Master could know it at the time.

With his orgasm complete, Jake sighed and pulled out, watching a long strand of oozing cum tenuously connect the tip of his cock to the gaping slit of his thoroughly raped and traumatized sex slave. "Bravo, Jake - you bad, bad boy. Bravo, Caela!" Ashley clapped. Jake stuck a finger into Caela's ruined snatch, bringing out a cum-soaked digit which he promptly wiped on Caela's ass. The girl was trembling as Jake took a wet cloth and wiped the blood off of Caela's hands.

He then told the girl to sit and wait while he and Ashley brought out a new 'toy.' Caela sat shivering, wondering how things could possibly get any worse.

Afterward, Ashley and Jake made Caela straddle a tall, ribbed dildo which towered up from the base of a wooden pony, and they tied her legs and feet snugly so that she felt every inch of that piercing fullness, hardly able to even squirm. They then proceeded to chain Caela's arms above her head as she protested and pleaded for mercy, begging for a simple mattress to lay on.

Ignoring her, they fulfilled their dark promise from earlier by taking a premade necklace and affixing Derek's severed cock to it before putting it around the beautiful brunette's neck. The sadistic male-female captors at last stood back to admire their helpless sex-slave. "There you go, bitch. How do you like your trophy?" Ashley said viciously. With her sore pussy throbbing from the near-constant fucking, Caela could only groan at the fullness of the ribbed shaft in her tight, cum-coated snatch.

The horror of the severed cock around her neck nearly made her gag, and what distracted her from it was bittersweet. The dildo Caela had been impaled on was actually a vibrator.

When Mistress flicked a switch, it begin to purr softly in her young pussy, awakening sensations that her sore, over-stimulated sex could barely handle.

"I'm waiting for an answer, bitch! How do you like your trophy?" "I…I love it. Th-thank you M-mistress," she sighed, miserable. "Excellent. We'll let you two cunts rest for a while. We have more fun games for you after lunch though, so don't go anywhere!" Mistress Ashley chuckled, her seductive laughter trailing behind her and Jake as they slammed the cell door shut with awful finality.

Miranda hung in her chains, occasionally writhing from the electroshock that Mistress Ashley had timed to zap her breasts every 45 seconds.

Miranda's eyes locked with Caela's in one of those precious moments while stillness and silence reigned for the most part throughout the otherwise empty cell. In that brief respite only the soft whirring of the monstrous vibrator cruelly toying with Caela's love-hole remained to keep them company. Both brunettes were naked, their pale breasts and curving femininity still gorgeous even in the harsh reality of their dungeon nightmare.

As they stared mutely into one another's eyes they shared so many emotions. Empathy, shame and despair. Caela could sense Miranda's conflicting feelings, her urge to hate Caela for killing her boyfriend and at the same time knowing that it was not Caela's choice. Ultimately that hatred seemed to melt away, and Caela knew that Miranda understood - they were in this together, no matter what terrible things their tormentors would do to them or make them do.

Who knew what these cruel captors would do to their pussies? Their sensitive breasts? Their tight, exposed anal openings? Miranda and Caela shuddered to think, and the unknown stretched out before them with endless possibilities, each one whispering devastating thoughts to haunt the girls' dreams during what little time might be left to them… Two sexy girls, tourists with handsome boyfriends, had once been brimming with hope with the world as their oyster. But that was before they had become meat, feminine flesh for the enjoyment of two sadistic psychos.

If they somehow survived this, they would never be the same. Miranda thought back, somehow, to another time…to the first time she and Derek had made love.

She remembered how he had laid back on the bed, his head on a fluffed up pillow while his hands reached up, gently pinching her nipples and cupping her supple breasts while she'd rode his cock, relishing in the sensations of having the penis of the boy she loved so deep inside of her, joining them as one.

That sensation of true love-and-lust, that unique experience of fucking her boyfriend for the first time - she tried to hold onto that, to retrieve and cling to that memory despite the devastation and the loss.

Could she use that memory, that knowledge that Derek would want her to survive this terrible ordeal, to stay unbroken? To bide her time and find a way to escape? That was the question worth all the secrets in the world right now. ********** "Okay, cunts. It's lunchtime," Ashley sang, her huge breasts swaying and jiggling as she strode into the dungeon cell.

Jake was right behind her humming a tune. The two captors were completely naked, and Jake's cock stood hard and erect. "Well look at that," Jake said. He walked up to Miranda, who was still hanging naked with her arms chained over her head. The electrodes attached to her nipples still sent a jolt to her sensitive breasts every 45 seconds. The girl had passed out and now hung limply, her naked body a lifeless sculpture. "Stupid cunt couldn't handle it. Guess I win our little bet," Ashley crowed, winking at her husband.

Jake made a disappointing grunt but let the comment pass. He walked over to the wooden horse where another attractive and totally naked brunette had been tied helpless. Caela had also passed out, her pussy still stuffed full of the vibrating, ribbed shaft protruding from the horse's center, with her ankles bound fast. Derek's severed penis still dangled from the necklace she'd been forced to wear. "I think we can lose the jewelry. That's starting to smell," Jake said. He took off the necklace with the severed cock and disposed of it.

Meanwhile Mistress Ashley clucked her tongue with disapproval. "Look at these two nasty sluts. They both peed themselves." She rubbed her hand across Miranda's sunby leone xxx full story and made a face. "Let's get these two cleaned up, what do you say, lover?" Jake grinned.

"Why not…I can't wait to see what lessons you'll have in store for them next." Mistress Ashley had Jake take Miranda out of her chains. They wiped her genitals with a soapy cloth and then took her to one of the more luxurious dungeon 'bedroom suites,' which had a proper bed with sumptuously soft sheets.

They cuffed both of her wrists to a headboard and left her face-up, still unconscious. Next they came back and cleaned Caela off, wiping her down thoroughly. The beautiful brunette began to come to as they took her off the horse and snapped a leather collar which had a leash attached to it around her neck.

Caela's eyes groggily opened as she became aware of her surroundings. "M-mistress. Master…" she groaned. "Come along, slave. It's time for your lunch," Mistress Ashley said nonchalantly, as if walking in like this and subjecting a fellow human being to such degradation were completely normal.

Caela could barely walk, but she managed to stumble her way in Ashley and Jake's wake, with Ashley gently yanking on the leash when she fell too far behind. They walked through a maze of corridors, each half-illuminated by dim lightbulbs as Ashley dragged their slave deeper into the complex's lower levels. The unassuming house on the surface hid a deeper and much darker secret - 5 levels of underground cells, a dungeon of sexual depravity, torture, and death.

"This way, sweetie." Ashley dragged Caela into the 'lunch room,' a spacious rectangular enclosure which had a transparent glass panel looking onto one of the larger dungeon cells.

Ashley told Caela to sit at the long dining table, and proceeded to put a tray in front of her with a small cut of meat, applesauce, and a bowl of buttered corn cut from the cob. She motioned at Caela. "Eat." Caela took up her fork and knife and began to eat, but it was hard not to be distracted by the sight in the dungeon cell on the other side of the glass. "You like the entertainment Caela? Those are some of my more well-trained fuck-toys.

I don't believe you've had the pleasure of meeting them yet." Caela's eyes widened as she looked on the decadent proceedings. A man lay on a bed, groaning and slurping. He had a beautiful, busty brunette riding his face, her tits swaying as she wiggled and moaned.

Meanwhile a tall, gorgeous redhead straddled his hips, slamming her pussy up and down his shaft with a blur of movement, her coos bouncing off the dungeon walls. "The one riding Jerome's face is Dana. The slut humping his cock is Aubrey. What do you think, Caela? Do they make a hot threesome? Maybe you would like new video game liara sucked hmv play free join them after lunch?" Mistress Ashley's voice dripped to a husky tone of suggestion, and Caela knew what to say.

"Y-yes Mistress. This slave would like that, if that is your wish." Caela tried to focus on her food, her stomach rumbling a little as she took her first bites. But her eyes were glued to the scene on the other side of the glass.

The busty brunette was writhing on Jerome's face, her hips grinding as she moaned higher and higher. "Ooooooh! Suck my clit, Master.

Yes…this slave is so grateful! Ahhh!!!" Dana's juices were spurting onto Jerome's tongue, and he greedily drank up her flavorful fluids, groaning his appreciation. At the same time the lithe redhead, pale with medium-sized breasts, was bounding up and down Jerome's tall phallic masterpiece, cooing as her pussy slammed down to engulf every inch of him in her perfect feminine sheath.

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh YES! Fuck my pussy so hard, Sir. Drill my tight, wet fuck-hole PLEASE! Uhhh! I'm going to coat your glorious cock with my juices, Master…Aaaahh!!" Aubrey cried, her nakedness gyrating madly atop the male's form. Caela tore her eyes away, disgusted by herself. Was it just her imagination, or was her pussy beginning to throb with an infusion of warmth? Had she been captive so long that these twisted psycho were starting to get to her, to turn her into the full-fledged sex slave they wanted her to be?

Caela shuddered, and Mistress Ashley mistook the girl's reaction for something else. "Are you cold, sweetie? Would you like to take a hot bath?" Caela froze.

It was dangerous, whenever Mistress offered anything nice, especially without strings attached. It was safest and best to reject anything the cruel dominatrix might offer. "No thank you, Mistress." Jake sat down beside Ashley and the two held hands.

There was something disturbing about the gesture of affection in this of all places. "You know, Caela, I've been thinking…maybe it's time we put your boyfriend out to pasture. Dominic has served his purpose. It's been fun having him, but sweetie, let's be honest…there's only enough room for one man in this dungeon, and that's my hubbie here." Ashley squeezed Jake's hand.

Jake nodded. "My cousin Jerome can have his fun too, but I'm the man of this place, and sooner or later…well…your boyfriend's going to have to go, little slut." Caela's eyes widened as she realized that what had happened to Derek might soon be the fate of her precious Dominic.

"Ohhh no! Please no!" Caela said, her appetite forgotten as she put down her bowl of corn. Mistress Ashley turned to look at the coupling trio in the neighboring cell. Aubrey crooned as Jerome seized up beneath her, his cock spewing its load as he thrust upward with all his might. The excess cum flooded down the sides of his own shaft and oozed from the redhead's thoroughly fucked cunt as she flopped forward with a tremor. "You see, Caela, those two sluts had boyfriends too, once.

We captured them on a visit three summers ago. Ethan and Gavin served their purpose. Now those two sluts can worry about worshipping the cocks that MATTER without being distracted by their boyfriends' petty needs." "Noo! Please don't hurt him. Dominic doesn't distract me, I swear. I'll be such a good sex slave to both of you. I promise! I've been good, haven't I?" Caela immediately shifted underneath the table, licking tenderly at her Mistress's sex. Her hand reached out, gently clasping Jake's cock and stroking it.

"Mmm…The slut makes a good argument," Jake said between clenched teeth limp bizkit groupie gets naughty chris charming a lustful sigh.

"What do you think? Should we let her sweetheart live a little longer?" Mistress Ashley seemed to consider that. The busty redhead dominatrix fondled her own tits as she felt her pussy juicing up under Caela's attentions. Soon Caela's slurps filled the dining hall as she licked and sucked on her Mistress's joy nub, tasting the trickling of cunt cream on her palate.

Ashley moaned a little, rocking her hips forward to press her pubic muff into Caela's face. Caela stroked her Mistress' clit furiously with her tongue, slurping desperately to give her more pleasure.

"Aaahhh…Mmm…maybe," Ashley allowed. "This slut does seem to be well-trained. As long as Dominic lizzyxxx behind the scenes with king gutta xvideos assist in that training, I suppose we can let him live.

If that's amenable to you, of course, my love." Jake looked thoughtfully at Caela's slender fingers as they stroked his raging hard-on until a drop of pre-cum glistened at its tip. "Hmm. I'm going to need more time to think about that. Perhaps Caela can eat the rest of her meal while riding my cock.

That would give me some 'food' for thought," he said with a grin. Ashley rolled her eyes at her husband's pun. "Very well…Oooohhh…as soon as I'm done with her," Ashley growled. The big-breasted redhead bucked her crotch into Caela's face with a quickening rhythm, her juices flowing onto Caela's tongue.

The lithesome brunette mashed her mouth snug against Ashley's slit, her tongue pumping into her tight, wet folds as her nose smelled the overwhelming odor of her Mistress's arousal.

'Oh god…I hope she comes soon,' Caela begged inwardly.

Sweet blonde pussy and ass railed by massive black cocks

She did not like women…so to be forced to degrade herself like this was especially difficult. She sucked, licked, and milf babe alexis licking teens asshole and tonguing her clit obscenely at Ashley's hardened bundle of nerves, admitting somewhere deep down that the taste of her Mistress's fluids was not unpleasant.

Ashley reached around to stroke Caela's hair, murmuring soft words of encouragement. "OOoohhh…that's it, sweetie.

You're a pussy-licking love slave. Do what you were born to do, bitch. Mmmm&hellip.oooHHH!" Mistress Ashley thrust her crotch forward harder this time. Her clit pressed firmly against Caela's mouth as she nibbled gently on it and tugged at it with her teeth.

That did it. Mistress Ashley moaned, her head flying backward as her sex flew forward again, faster than lightning. "Mmppphh!!" Caela could barely stop from choking on the gush of fluid that filled her mouth and flowed down her throat.

She gulped and swallowed desperately, her tongue licking Ashley's labia with loving strokes before she finally sat back on her haunches, able to come up for air.

"Good girl," Ashley sighed. "Now sit on my hubbie's cock. You can finish your lunch while you give him a good time." The slender and sexy brunette slave girl carefully climbed atop Jake's lap.

Her slender fingers slowly positioned his bulbous cock-head between her sex lips. She wanted to do it slowly because her pussy was still so tender and sore from her ordeal all morning, but apparently Master Jake had other ideas. He grasped her by the hips and pushed down violently, forcing her sex to impale itself on his thick shaft with one brutal plunge. Caela bit her lip to keep from crying out as she felt his cock stretching her sore snatch. She whimpered a little as he began to pump in and out of her, admiring the look of her cunt lips sealed so tightly to hug his pulsating penis.

"Aaahhh…this bitch's cunt knows how to HUG a cock. Aaahhh… Fuck!" Jake growled. He reached around to cup Caela's small yet seductively curved breasts. "Okay, bitch. Eat your lunch. It's getting cold." With her back facing the man who was currently raping her young pussy, Caela began to scoop forkfuls of corn into her mouth, managing to eat despite the distractions of pain and pleasure throbbing between her thighs. Her pussy protested each time Jake's cock slid into her reluctantly moistening heat.

The friction was creating a pent-up need in her, and it didn't help that Ashley was reaching down between her legs to hot brunette babe gets her ass fucked hard by a black cock rub and fondle her tiny pleasure nub. "OOoohh god," Caela sighed, barely managing to take the last bite of her corn as she felt twinges of pleasure rock her pussy to the core.

"She's juicing up, hubbie. How does she feel now?" "Aaahhh…like fucking PARADISE. My cock vanishes in that tight twat like magic, and she's getting nice and wet for me… Aahhh," Jake grunted with contentment, watching as Caela's cunt once again enveloped his cruel, hard manhood.

'Oh god!' Caela thought. 'When will this nightmare end?' She had to do whatever it took to keep Dominic safe. She would succeed where Miranda had failed, and Dominic wouldn't end up like Derek. As she began to coo and moan between bites of food, grinding on top of her Master's penis, she willed herself to believe that. After all, the alternative was to lose not just Dominic, but her very sanity.