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Hot euro couple perfect tits fucked on webcam
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She was my best friend, also the love of my life. She was my best friend's girlfriend, and one of the most beautiful, sweetest girls ever. It was back in the end of May when I realized I loved her. We started engaging in online video chats, and we exchanged our hopes for the future, what taste in music we had, and what taste we had in a significant other.

So after spending all night on video chat with her, I finally fessed up that I loved her; she didn't believe me, but than I explained it better and she believed me. I really enjoyed spending my nights with Lacey, and she did too. But I was disappointed when I didn't get an, "Oh, Zach I love you too." I got an "Aw, Zach I'm flattered, I really like you, but you should've asked me out before Victor." I couldn't agree more.

It got so frustrating for the both of us, so we started a secret relationship. We also have in common the fact we both are going to be away from home this summer, at camp; she's a year younger meaning she's a camper, and I am a counselor. And camp strictly prohibits camper counselor relationships, but I know that she'll do anything rug munch and nice sex hardcore and blowjob me, because she'll love me; I'll make her love me.

It was a hot summer day in late June. I was excited to see Lacey, the tall brunette, blue eyed, perfect in everyway girl I was in love with. Before today I had an agonizing count down that didn't seem to be counting down fast enough. I was excited for camp, my first summer getting paid, seeing the jerks I was friends with, etc.

but I was mostly excited to see her. Lacey was a gift from God.

She had beautiful brown hair, perfect breasts, and an ass that would put any African American woman to shame. She is 17, with the body of a 21 yearold, not to mention the habits of one too. I'm about to turn 18, and the fact that I'm almost an adult makes me feel dominant in everything that I do. I'm well built, with shaggy blonde hair, green eyes, and I play the guitar, which made her swoon over me anyway.

We are the perfect pair, yet she doesn't see it. Why? She will soon, I'll make her. There I was standing in front of peeping tom gets caught and gets punished for his actions pornstars and hardcore rec hall when I saw her. She had that adoreable grin on her face that sent the blood rushing everywhere, and I mean everywhere.

Her golden hair swished with every step she took towards me, the coral colored tee highlighted one of her best features; her boobs, and those white shorts, shit I love those white shorts.

I wanted her right than and there, and I was so close to just taking her down, but no. It's not the gentleman thing to do, and I am indeed a gentleman, in public.

"Zach! Wow it's so nice to see you in person again!" She hugged me. Her boobs were crushed against my chest, in this embrace; I loved it. I could barely speak, I was frozen thinking about what a great summer I was going to have with her; whether she wanted it or not.

I finally regained a sane train of thought amateur pawn babe doggystyled by manager reality and voyeur simply said "Hey Lace, I really missed you too, you look great." She noticed me undressing her with my eyes, I could tell she felt naked, as I looked her down; she blushed, her cheeks matching the color of her shirt.

Afterwards she said she'd catch me later. Little did she know I'd be "catching" her later; I started to plan. My plan consisted of passing a note to one of her friends, Erin, to give to her.

The note was a simple gesture of wanting to catch up, and where we stood as a couple or as friends, It would also consist of a time after evening activity and a meeting spot right behind the soccer fields in the woods; I knew this secret cabin where me and my buddies drank and smoked last summer.

Hopefully she would get the note, look at me and give me that dynamite smile I love so much. What I would love even more would be that she would ask too many questions about being separated away from the rest of the camp, and just show up like I requested. Than me and her would kiss, and I'd go for more, even against her will. At this point nothing would stop me from expressing how I really feel for her; regardless of her boyfriend, and my best friend.

I saw Erin in the Cafeteria at dinner. "Hey Zach, wow you look great! How have ya been?" Annoyed, I sharply replied "Thanks, good, here give this to Lacey… we'll chat later." Psh like that'll ever happen.

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I saw Erin walk over to Lacey, and hand her the lined paper. Erin stupidly pointed to me; because I'm pretty sure I signed my name… what a moron. I saw Lacey smile wink at me and continue a casual conversation with her friends. Funny, now that I think about it, I actually had feelings for Lacey out of that whole group.

It's true that I slept with all of her friends, but it was just sex. Now with Lacey, it'll be passionate love making, on my part. Evening activity seemed to drag on forever. The annual welcome show was just ridiculous. I could think of better things to do, like make love to the girl of my dreams. The girl of my dreams happened to sit down next to me. She put her hand on my knee, and I felt a stiff coming on.

dirty girl hillary scott gagging on meat, I really missed you this year, I'm sorry about the last time I was in Miami, Victor kept me to sleep girl clothes cut off the whole time." I didn't know whether to smack her or kiss her, so smoothly I said, "Yeah, well Victor might be an animal in the sack, but I'm a God." "Let's not be too modest Zach," Lacey said sarcastically.

I gave her a play slap on her thigh, leaving a red mark, she rubbed my knee playfully back. "Hey, Zach, have you talked to Victor since we've been here?" as a matter of fact I did. I hated the kid, because he had the one thing that I've wanted for 2 years.

"Yes, I did actually. He told me to keep an eye on you and make sure you stay out of trouble, and the arms of another guy." I'd keep a promise to Victor alright, I'd keep my eye on her, keep her out of trouble, and keep her out of the arms of every other male at camp, except for me of course. So I ran back to the bunk right after evening activity.

I quickly grabbed my guitar, flashlights, my lucky lighter, batteries, and an extra belt. After I made one last stop at the boys field house (where packages are called for, and the director of boys camp resides) to fetch some packing tape, I was lucky there was still a roll left, and candles. The belt would to be incase I'd have to restrain my beautiful brunette, and the tape was for shutting her the fuck up if she'd decide to scream or call out for help.

I'm kind of hoping that those items wont be necessary. I don't want to hurt the love of my life, although she did hurt me.

It was show time. I walked into the empty, deserted cabin. It was dark, but if I turned the lights on I could risk getting caught, and that was not happening. Plus I think the electric in this shithole of a cabin was faulty anyway. I took the flashlights out and set them around the room.

They were bright but not bright enough for us to get caught. Finally I heard the light, graceful footsteps, I've been dying to hear all night. In a low whisper I heard her, "Zachie, are you here?!" I opened the door and leaned in the door way.

She beamed a smile only an angel could compete with, I smiled back. "Hey beautiful." She blushed, I noticed she changed into a basic black halter dress with black flip flops, and the shark's tooth necklace I made for her.

She noticed I was staring at the necklace. "Zach, I love the necklace. It's pretty cool that you took the time to find a tooth and make this for me." God everything she says is just so perfect. The wind was blowing, and her hair danced in the gust. I also noticed raised bumps on her skin, and I realized that it was a little chilly out, "come in, it's cold out." She followed me in, and took off her shoes. We sat on the floor and talked for a half hour about school, friends, and other nonsense, than finally she said something that pissed me off pretty bad.

"Zach, there's something that needs to be addressed here. I love Victor, I'm in love with him and well yeah." I looked at her in anguish, and she was terrified. I saw the tears start to fill her beautiful blue eyes. She did something that most certainly shocked me, still to this day.

She leaned over and kissed me right on the cheek. I took my hand and caressed her baby peculiar sweeties bang the biggest belt cocks and spray jizz everywhere cheek.

She sighed in relief, thinking that I completely forgave her for what she said. Testing her limit, I leaned in to kiss her, a peck on the lips. She was fine with that. I leaned in a bit more getting more aggressive with each kiss, until I was on top of her. She didn't like what I was doing, and kept trying to push me off of her, but she had nothing on me, a football champ. She kept moving, and pushing, and saying No repeatedly. I pulled away, we both stood up.

"Zach, what the fuck. I'm in love with your best friend, and in a relationship with your best friend, are you crazy?" this talk of Victor made me irritated, and not thinking straight I slapped her across the face. She stumbled and fell to the ground, crying. I had no pity for her, she knew I resented him for being with her yet she brought him up anyway, bitch. I guess my slap across her face was more powerful than I thought, because she didn't have the strength to get up, or maybe she was scared to come near me.

She continued to whimper in pain on the floor. I finally offered her my help, which she refused. I decided to sit down right next to her.

I pulled her by the waist into my arms, in a loving embrace. This time she didn't fight it, and sobbed into my shoulder, I kissed the top of her head. She looked at me with pain in her eyes, and I felt horrible. "Zach, I'm sorry, I know it's hard for you, but I." I cut her off with another passionate kiss which she submitted to without resistance. I started to feel her bountiful breasts while kissing her, and again she pushed me away, but this time I didn't pull away.

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She kept fighting me off, and the more she denied me the more I wanted her. Eventually I had her arms pinned on the floor above her head while I sat on top of her lower torso and bent over the rest of her great body.

My face was parallel with hers as I went from kissing her lips cheeks, and nose, down to her neck, with each kiss whispers of I love you's. My kisses on her neck started as soft gentle kisses turning into love bites. She was in too much physical stress to scream or yell, but I knew as soon as I got off of her she'd try to run, or call for help. I grabbed the belt from inside my guitar and bound her wrists together, I than grabbed the tape and taped her mouth shut.

I helped her up and carried her over to the empty unsheeted bed. She looked at me again while laying there on her side in fear, hurt, and desperation. I looked at her with a huge grin on my face, I talked to her "I'm sorry it had to be like this Carson. I didn't want to hurt you in anyway, but in life to get what or in this case whom you want you have to take control and be assertive. I hope you understand babygirl." She looked so innocent tied there helpless with tears strolling down her face, not able to utter a sound.

I walked over to her and traced the outline of her body from the base of her neck to the beginning of her thigh. She cringed.

I turned her on her tummy and began to untie the straps to her halter dress. I flipped her over again and shimmied it down to her mid torso, exposing her black strapless bra, and her tan tummy up to her belly button. At this point hot homemade lesbian couple doing their thing both knew what was going to happen, and she began to jolt frantically.

I slapped her across the face not so hard as the last time, but hard enough for my point to get across, "Listen to me, and listen to me good, you have two options here. You can fight and risk being dumped in the lake, or you can let me be assertive, and walk away alive in the morning. You choose. Look at me, blink twice to stay alive." She blinked twice. Of course I wouldn't dump her in the lake, but she didn't know that and wasn't going to underestimate my threat.

I made her another deal. "If you're good for another hour, I'll just lock the door, and unbind you and remove the tape.

That's only if you agree not to call out for help ever, or try to run." I assumed she agreed and understood, so I continued what I had started earlier. I kissed from the base of her neck all over her covered breasts, and her tummy. I lifted her enough to unclasp her bra, than let her back down.

I pulled the bra away from her flawless body slowly as she began to tense up. She couldn't cover her exposed breasts, and it killed her to have her modesty taken from her by force. I leaned into her breasts and began to kiss them. I got to her pinkish nipple and licked it at first, than I took the whole nipple into my mouth and began to suck on it. She began to relax a bit and began to moan. "oooh, you like that baby? Do you like the way I touch you there? Do you like it when I lick and suck on your beautiful pink nipples?" she moaned some more.

I shifted away from her top to focus on her shapely legs. I picked up each one and massaged each from each toe, all the way up to her mid-thigh. After caressing her legs I pushed myself in between her legs. She tried to close them but couldn't. What did I find hiding underneath her dress? Nothing, she went commando. I shifted up the skirt of her dress to her torso exposing a babysoft shaved pussy. I lowered myself to the top of her pussy and kissed her sensitive skin.

The closer I got to her slit the more she moaned. I loved it. " does my babygirl want me to lick and suck her clit? I think she does." I kept her legs apart with my shoulders as I knelt right in front of her pussy. She began to tense up as I inserted a finger into her slit, and caressed it up and down, from her clit down to her hole. After teasing her for a little, I inserted my finger into her hole. She was tight and beginning to get wet.

I slid another finger into her, and felt around inside her rigid, soft, and warm love canal. Than I progressed into fingering her. Everytime I pushed my fingers in, she circled her hips upward, than returned to her grounded state when my fingers retracted.

She was beginning to relax a little more, and I felt her pussy lose a little of it's grip on my finger. I pulled out my fingers and gave the tip of them a lick. She was so sweet, even her cum was delicious. I than lowered my face right to her pussy and just kissed her labia, not even trying to open them just yet.

I inserted my tongue into her slit and made a beeline for her clit. She gasped and began to move. While pleasuring her, I slapped her thigh to remind her to behave. She complied and tried to keep still. I kept toying her clit with my tongue, first with slow little licks, to fast circular motions. She was trying to keep still, so I could make her situation a bit more comfortable, but it was hard. With compassion, I looked at her milf teases the restrained gardner pornstars and pantyhose I said, "I understand that when you are overcome by ecstasy it's hard to obey, so you can move, but only in responsive ways to what I am doing." She looked at me with such hate and disgust that sheepishly I said aloud " Yeah yeah, I love you too." Eventually I wanted to see all of her, so with my fingers I pulled apart her precious labia, to expose a pink so pure, and innocent I couldn't help but to tear up a little (of course not to be seen by her.) I kept her labia apart for a while, while I just looked at her flesh.

She was beautiful, and I couldn't stop staring, I resumed going down on her only this time her lips were apart and I slid my tongue into her, and tasted for real how sweet she really was.

She was rocking her body up and down and left to right, and she couldn't fight me off, not like she wanted to anyway. "You like that angel? You like the way how intimate I am with you?" she moaned in agreement. I continued to play with her body some more till I realized it was her pleasure more than mine. Since the hour passed and she tried hard to abide by my rule, I decided to unbelt her wrists. But I sat on her torso again, and pinned her arms to the mattress with one hand while I pulled the tape off of her mouth.

"shhh, now listen you've been good so far. Don't ruin it. I don't like hurting you baby, you know I don't. So please make this easy on both of us, and just do as I say." I waited for her to make a motion or sound that she understood, but she was still just glaring at me.

I don't know how to describe it, it was like a look of hate but passion at the same time. I let go of her arms and removed myself off of her. She didn't move for a while and I just stood in the door. I looked over to her and she turned her head to the side facing me. She had a lovely look to her, I kept staring at her as the tears rolled down the bridge of her nose to her cheek. I walked over to her and wiped away her tears. I lifted her onto my lap and held her to my chest. She whispered into my ear one simple word… "Why?" I whispered back into her ear, "because, I love you." She began to shake violently and I held her closer to me till she began to calm.

She pulled away a little to look up at me. In her angelic voice she lightly said, "I love you too." I got up and locked the door. I walked back to her on the bed. And laid next to her.

She rolled on her side to face me and I wrapped my arm around her slender waist. We fell asleep together, peacefully. I felt like we were forever connected, sort of like a married couple the way we laid there. I woke up and checked my phone; one missed call… Victor. Great. It was 3:24 a.m. and I still didn't get a chance to prove my love to Lacey. I gently woke her up by tracing her curves again and kissing her shoulder.

She looked at me for the first time with a broken grin, and leaned up to kiss me. I kissed her back and began to take my shirt off. I didn't even say anything regarding to making love to her, but I guess she knew because she looked up at me with a loving look on her face, and said "take me." I took off the remainder of my clothes and was standing in front of her completely naked. I really wanted her to pleasure my dick with her mouth.

"Baby, be a good girl and open your pretty little mouth please." She got off the bed, and sat on her knees. I approached her with my hard on. She looked up with her mouth wide open, inviting me to put it in. I put my dick in her mouth and from there on she did the rest of the work.

She went all the way down slow than faster each time she went down. She pulled up a little to fit her little hand to help her, god she was a pro. I felt myself begin to engorge and I warned her. "Baby, be a good girl and swallow for me; all of it." She pulled up a bit more so she could take my stream in her mouth. She looked up at me as I was cumming in her mouth. She continued to look up, even as she swallowed.

I bent down to kiss her, I didn't care if she just had my cum in her mouth; I loved her enough not to care. As we kissed I picked her up and carried her over to the bare bed again. I was on top of her and I took my dick and rubbed her slit. "Just put it in Zach, stop being a tease." I gave my woman what she wanted, I entered my dick into her pussy, and pumped in slow and easy.

She wanted it harder and faster and of course how could I say no? She lifted her legs to wrap the around my waistas I bent down to kiss her and her breasts. Than I place her feet on my shoulders and pumped even harder and faster than before.

She moaned uncontrollably, and breathed my name. I wanted her on all fours now, so I pulled out and told her to get on her hands and knees. I re-entered her from behind and I felt the tip of my dick bump her cervix, she moaned in pleasure and pain. I couldn't stop I kept pushing harder into her, smashing into her cervix each time. And than without realizing, I didn't have a condom on and I came inside of her.

She collapsed on her tummy breathing heavily. I wasn't quite done yet with her. I placed my dick against her sweet little asshole. She sighed anxiously a little as I pushed in. I took my sweet time pushing in, and as soon as I was in she sighed and breathed heavily.

"Ah, Zachary. it hurts." "I promise you sweetie, I'll be very gentle. Like I said before I love you, and would never want o hurt you." Lacey began to relax again and got on all fours for round two. I pumped a little too hard, and she yelped in pain. I pulled out and noticed she was bleeding. I took Lacey's anal virginity, I felt a sense of pride as I remounted her.

This time it wasn't so painful for her, and with her permission I kept at a faster rhythmic pace. She loved it as it was new and exotic to her. "Don't stop. Ugh keep going baby, please." I came right inside of her ass again and it was amazing.

A sensation none of is has felt before. I got out of her and flipped her on her back. I sat on her torso again and fondled her breasts again. I moved up towards her chest and separated them apart. I slid my dick in between her big, beautiful, luscious breasts. I than pressed them back together and had her hold them together while I fucked her chest senselessly.

I couldn't believe I was doing this to the woman I loved, and it got me even more turned on. I felt myself get fatter and pulled away from in between her breasts. I knelt over her and came all over her chest, shoulders, and bottom of her neck.

I examined my work, and even covered in cum she still managed to look absolutely gorgeous. I got my shirt and wiped away my mess from her. Lacey looked at me with a love in her eyes, so pure, I don't even think Victor ever has seen it.

It was a reassurance that she had forgave me for before, when I restrained her, that look on her face. It's like I fell in love all over again.

We laid there a while just staring at each other and touching and caressing each other's faces and shoulders. Eventually sleep overcame us, and we fell asleep again in each other's arms. Morning announcements were at 7:00 am, and line up was at 7:15. I set the alarm for 6:50 enough time for her to get back to the bunk. She awoke and kissed my cheek, which woke me up. Pretty sweetie gapes spread twat and gets deflorated defloration virginity watched her get dressed, and noticed a rip in her dress.

I offered to take it to the tailor in town. She refused my offer, as she put her bra back on. She was having a tough time, she was debating whether to put her bra on or just leave it off. "Zach, help me. Clasp it for me." I did. She put her dress back on grabbed her shoes not even bothering to put them back on, and kissed me one last time, and she swore this was between sensual teen stretches wet cunt and gets deflorated we both said we loved each other too.

I unlocked the door, and she looked at me before she ran back to her cabin. I watched her go barefoot, slow at first than picking up the pace. Her blonde hair swished in between vagina of adorable cutie drilled wild girlfriend and homemade shoulder blades. I liked the way the tree roots she ran over made her leap over them like hurdles.

She was back to her cabin just in time to make it for wake up. I saw her at breakfast and she looked tired, but satisfied.

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Erin came over again stupid as usual, "Wow! You and Lacey sure talked for a long time last night, it's like she didn't even come back to the bunk at all." "Yeah, well she did.

Don't be jealous Erin. It's not attractive." She walked away. I saw Lacey stare at me with love in her eyes, for the first time since last summer. And I loved her too. The next few weeks, Lacey complained of being sick to her stomach to Erin. I don't think she remembered us not using protection. She eventually put two and two together, and confronted me. "Zach, I think I'm pregnant." I went out and got her a few selections of pregnancy tests.

We went to the cabin again. She took them and all were positive. We both were scared, but for some reason, I found her to be more attractive than before. I think it was the fact that I left a little bit of me inside of her body, made me feel very much connected to her. She was beginning to cradle her lower tummy. I kneeled on the floor and began to kiss and caress her little protruding belly. "I can't believe we're having a child… it's crazy." I couldn't agree more but something inside both of us knew we could abort it but didn't want kidnapped young french schoolgirl forced taxi raped english subtitle. This growing life was a product of our love.

I wasn't about to give that up. In a sick way I felt that this child would keep us together, the way it's supposed to be. Finally we would be that perfect couple I always dreamed about.

I got up and sat down on the bed, which I impregnated her on. Lacey came and sat on my lap and wrapped her arms around my neck. I nuzzled into her neck and whispered in her ear, "Lacey, I love you so much. You make me the happiest man alive.

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Now please take this into consideration, but I was thinking…" She pulled away and looked at me with those big baby blue eyes. "yes, baby boy." She said so innocently. I think she knew what was I was going to say. "Well, I've been thinking about a deeper commitment, like marriage?" she began to tear. " Lacey Jaqueline Mircelle, would you do me the honor of spending the rest of your life with me, and well our baby?" Lacey began to breathe heavily, and cry.

She wrapped her arms around my neck again and kept kissing my shoulder and neck in between kisses muttering Yes over and over again. Who knew that a little force, and tough love could have put me in such a position. After the summer Lacey went home. She got kicked out of the house and came to live with me. We got married after the birth of our beautiful baby girl; Layla. And the best man was Victor, he still hates me till this day for what happened. But it doesn't matter because I have everything that I've ever wanted; Lacey.