Xxxii story sex full sex stories movie

Xxxii story sex full sex stories movie
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My name is Brian. I'm a 20 year old college student with a freaky girlfriend, Kayla, of 3 years, although that's another story. Its Spring break and instead of getting drunk and doing a bunch of drugs, I decided to go home and see my mother. Sure, call me a mommy's boy, but I don't really care. I wasn't much of a partier and dont really intend to be. Let me tell you a little more about myself.

I have dark brown hair and blue-grey eyes. I'm not fat, but I'm not really fit either (around 190lbs). I've only slept with 2 women in my life. My senior prom date in high nasty chick likes to ride a dick, but that slut shouldn't be named, and my girlfriend Kayla.

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Enough about me though, you probably wanna know about my mother. My mother is such a warm hearted women. Always going out of her way to help out with your problems. She's 37. She got pregnant with me when she was 16. My father left her when he found out that she was pregnant.

She always had the support of her family and friends. Her eyes are beautiful. Emerald green eyes that go perfectly with her brown hair. I always complimented on how beautiful she looked whenever I stared in her eyes. She has nice 38DD breats and is always about fitness. She invested in installing a home gym so she didn't have to continue getting looks from all the young guys at the gym.

After my 300 mile drive home, I was just happy to see my mother and get some rest. As I was pulling up to my house, I saw a car I don't remember seeing before. I figured my mom was making friends.

I was proud of her. She wasn't really the social type, very shy. I just decided to park on the street. As I approached the door, my mothers next door neighbor, Ms. Shreyden, divorced for 15 years. Her blonde hair shining In the daylight. She approached me. "Brian dear!" She approached me with open arms. As she came closer I took In how great her body looked even for a 39 year old women. Nice pair of tits, I'd say around 36D, and a nice fit body that she's clearly been taking care of while I've been gone.

"Ms. Shreyden! Its so good to see you!" I embraced her as I felt her nice, huge tits press against my chest. I looked over her shoulder to see that nice ass I always remember staring at when I was a teenager.

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"Oh please dear, I've know you for nearly your whole life. You should know to call me Tina by now." "Sorry Ms. Shr- I mean, Tina. Its just because I haven't seen your pretty self in such a long time.

I got a little nervous." I flirted.

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We've always had a close friendship wherever could flirt and know we were just teasing. "Oh Brian. Such a sweetheart. "She said as she slapped my butt. She gave me a look like she's been waiting for me to come home for her. "Come on now Tina, watch your hands. Haha Id love to go out for coffee with you sometime so we cns catch up." "Id really like that. I'm sorry, go see your mother. I'm holding you up.

I sex with fascinating black babe hardcore big butt it's been awhile and she misses you." Thank you Tina.

You're not a bother though," I said as I pulled her in for another hug. "Ill makes sure to come over if it's not too late when I wake up." As I let go I made sure to smack her ass.

"Now don't tease me sweety." We said goodbye and she walked back to her home. I she walked off I got a better look at that amazing ass of hers. Id have to try something while I'm here. I walked inside. "Mom?" I yelled out.

"Mom? Hello?" Letting my voice trail off as I finished calling out. "Where is she?" I thought to myself. I walked around the bottom floor looking for my mother but couldn't find her. I walked upstairs and as the I got further up the stairs I started hearing noises coming from my mothers bedroom. "Hell yeah I wanna drink it! What kind of amateur bbw kendall plays with her pussy would I be if I didn't?" I heard from her room.

What the fuck was going on? What was I hearing? I peaked atound the corner into my mothers bedroom and saw my mother, on her knees, naked with a tall, built man in front of her. He was spraying his piss all over her face and into her mouth. "Oh yeah slut! Drink my piss. Does it taste better than last time?" The man yelled at her, half groaning.

My mother shook her head. As she shook her head, I saw piss go into her right eye, they eye closest to me. "God what a fucking whore" his pissing came to a stop "Oh please give me more. Please, spray me with more of your golden liquid!" "Calm down you filthy slut," as he said this he slapping my mothers face with his big, meaty, cock. "You'll get more of this cock next time." I assumed he had already ejaculated as he started picking up his clothes.

I started going downstairs, wanting to get away from the events that just occured. As I was going down stairs, I heard the man call out "God you're such a slut.

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How has your son not taken advantage of you yet?" As he said this, I heard what sounded like him spitting, I assume on my mom. "Sit there with my spit and piss all over you, you fucking whore." I was furious. I went out the door and into my car and drove off. Not wanting to be home. A few hours later I arrived home and both, my mothers car and the mans car, based off the events that happened, Im sure it was his car, were gone.

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Tired, I walked inside. I heard nothing. Nothing downstairs, nothing upstairs. I decided to go next door to Tina's house and see how she was doing. I walked outside, across the lawn over to her house. I rang the doorbell and a fee seconds later she opened the door, excited to see me.

"Brian!" She exclaimed while she hugged me, her tits pressing against my chest again. "Are you OK? You seem like you got a lot on your mind." (To Be Continued) Thank you so much for reading. Any constructive criticism is helpful. Let me know any ideas you have towards the next part. Sorry there wasnt much in the chapter.

Its just an introduction and i don't want to rush into it. Thank you for reading. :)