Skimpy swimsuit clad janice griffith boned by the beach

Skimpy swimsuit clad janice griffith boned by the beach
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I stepped out of the shower and dried myself off. I thought that blake ran off home after what happened. Blake had left his sweaty gym clothes on the bathroom floor. I picked up his blue hanes boxer briefs. i looked inside and there was a dried cum stain i put them up in my face and started to smell them. the smell of sweat boy juice made me horney.

I walked out of the bathroom japanese teen school girl sex virgin blood his underwear in hand and headed to my room. I walked arounds naked in the house when my parents weren't home. It felt good to air dry my cock every once in a while. blake was in my room standing next to my bed with the towel wrapped around his waist. I took some clothes out of the dresser, and set them on the bed. i got out shorts, shirt, and some whity tighties.he must have not known I was there because he jumped when he saw me.he was so frightened that he dropped his towel to expose his hot teen body.

his cock was semi hard now. "Go away!" He yelled. So I rushed out of the room still nakedand went down stairs to watch TV. After about 20 mins.

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I went back upstairs to my door and xnxxfiji matila waqanidrola fuck mega dick it a crack. Blake was laying on my bed with only the whity tighties on. He was asleep, and there was a wet stain on the front of the undies. He must have masterbaited in them after I left. I quietly got on the bed and ran my fingers up Blakes leg up to the underwear leg hole, and back down again.

I heard hi, yawn so i quickly got up and ran into the closet to hide.i could see him get up throught the wooden blades that made up the door.he got off the bed and was standing at the edge of it. Then he stuck his hands down the undies and started rubbing in a circular motion, probably trying to get hard.he was now facing away from me so I stepped out of the closet sporting a ful hard on.

I walked up behind him. hand put my hands on his waist. He jumped but then he knew it was me."Why did you run out of the bathroom earlier?" I asked.

"That was my first time being jacked off by another boy."Blake confessed. "Don't worry."I assured him," That was my first time jacking off another boy." "Have you ever touched another boy's cock before?" asked Blake. "Nope, have you?"I asked. "Nope."Replied Blake.Then he turned around and looked me in the eyes.i Felt something poke my cock. It was his fully erect cock that made a tent in the whity tighties a let him borrow. his cock stuck out so far that it left an open gap that i could see his pubes and the base of his shaft.

Then I got down on my knees, and raped my fingers around the waistband of the underwear. I started to pull them down slowly. my eyes followed the underwear all the way down.

When they were down at his ankles I looked up and his rod was right in front of my face. Then I wrapped both my hands around his meat and started to pump it slowly. He tilted his head back and let out a moan. Then he started to run his fingers through my hair.

after a few more moans some pre cum got on my hands, and it made for a good lubricant. Then as my pump increased so did his sweat moans. " I think I'm gonna cum." He shouted.

Then he let out one final moan, and cumed all staggered honey in undies is geeting peed on and banged my hands, chest, and face.

I released my grip and started to lick up the cum off his cock. Then he got down on his knees and licked off the cum on my chest and face.Then he took my hands, and licked off the cum from my hands. Then we bothstood up, and he pushed me down on my bed. My still hard dick stood at atention.

Then Blake got on the bed on his knees, and crawled inbetween my spread legs. He then put his touge on the head of my cock and lapped up all the pre cum. I started to moan. Then he slowly crept his touge around my rod. Then he put most of it in his mouth and started to suck me.

I Gave out moan after moan as he sucked faster and faster. Soon enough i was ready to blow my load. " Blake do you want me to cum in your mouth or in your face?" I asked.

But he didn't answer he just kept on going, then i gave off a final moan and blew my load with my cock still in his mouth. I then heard a big gulp, so i'm guessing he swallowed some of my juice.

then he took my cock out of his mouth with cum surrounding it.

"thanks." he said. then i noticed it was dark out, so i looked at my alarm clock and it was 9:00 so i pulled his body close to mine, and pulled the covers over us. I brushed my fingers through his hair until we fell asleep. The next mourning I awoke to an empty bed, and on my dresser was a note that said: Thaks for the wounderfull night. I hope we can venture farther soon. I took your underwear, and ill get them to you next time we have fun.

Also i am took your close and i'll get them back to you in gym class on monday. Can't wait till next time. Hope you text me soon. I had to go to swimming practice, so i hope i can come over tomorrow. Your fuck buddy Blake<3 Then i set the note down and picked up his boxer briefs that he wore yesterday.

That he left. I wraped them onaround my mourning wood and jacked off with them. THE END

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