Attractive hottie needs a lusty taming pornstar hardcore

Attractive hottie needs a lusty taming pornstar hardcore
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BEDDING THE BABYSITTER 2 Disclaimer 1: Of course everyone in this story is at least 18. Disclaimer 2: If you want to know how 18-year old babysitter Jenny became the submissive slave of neighbor Megan, please read part one. Without further adieu part two: Last night I had seduced my 18-year old babysitter. Today I hoped to make her greatest fantasy come true. So after my ex-husband came and picked up our son for his usually every second weekend custody time, I msn'd Jenny. It was just after lunch the following day.

DrMeg: How is Jenny this fine afternoon? Jenny78: Very good mistress. DrMeg: That is good to hear? No regrets about last night's events? Jenny78: None! :) DrMeg: Ready for your training to continue? Jenny78: Yes mistress. DrMeg: Are you dressed already? Jenny78: Of course. DrMeg: Come on over, we will start researching Karen before we head out to begin your transformation. Jenny78: Transformation? DrMeg: Of course. A new look.

We are going to make you irresistible to Karen. Jenny78: But what if she doesn't like girls? DrMeg: Well, let's find out. Jenny78: OK. DrMeg: Get over here now. Jenny78: Yes mistress. Jenny arrived in the exact same outfit as yesterday. An adorably hot plaid school skirt, a white school blouse that showcased her nice perky breasts, dark mocha thigh high stockings and, sadly, runners. I led her upstairs and I slid out of my black leather skirt to reveal a black silk panties and matching black thigh highs.

I said, "Jenny come sit under my desk and please me while I research your little dream cheerleader for you?" "Yes mistress," Jenny replied and quickly she went to work with her eager little tongue as I began typing. I gave out a soft moan as I asked, "Jenny, what is Karen's last name?" Jenny looked up at me, so cute, from between my legs and said, "Pepper." She then went right back to pleasing my already damp pussy. I requested, "Jenny dear, go nice and slow." I believe she said, "Yes mistress," as she responded, her tongue never leaving my cunt.

As I research, I learned that Karen came from a well off family, lived in a massive house and she was an only child. On facebook, which by the way, you should protect yourself from much hot latina daisy marie takes big cock than most do, I learned she was a redhead, with green eyes, she was short at 5'2, but her breasts looked quite large.

I then created a new facebook account under the fake name of Sarah Conners and I asked her to be a friend, with a note that I was a girl researching cheerleader popularity (again you really should protect yourself from online predators). Not surprisingly she accepted me five minutes later. I created a questionnaire for her and sent it to her, hoping she would respond.

As I waited, I read her wall and learned lots about her. She was very sarcastic, she hated her mother, she loved getting compliments, reveled in them really, and was quite spiteful. Comments like "Mrs. Wicks is a complete bitch" or "Did you see what Sara wore today, it made her look fatter than she already is, if that is possible." After reading her wall I looked forward to attempting to seduce her.

I also learned she had a part-time job working at Mill's Boutique (the best and most expensive store in town) and based on her status she was working right now. All this time, Jenny kept slowly licking my pussy, nibbling ever so gently on my pussy lips. I moaned and said, "Good girl my little teenage pussy pleaser. Slide a finger in your mistress's pussy and finger fuck me as you lick me." She obeyed and I just leaned back and enjoyed the oral stimulation.

When I was close, I grabbed her face and pushed it into my pussy and just held her pretty face in my pussy as I quavered a small, but intense orgasm. As I regained my senses, Jenny still between my legs, I noticed that Karen had responded to my questions. I pulled Jenny up and said, "Let's read how your little dream cheerleader responded to my questions: This survey is completely confidential and just part of an article I am writing for a national magazine about cheerleaders in America (Please answer all questions honestly as it is integral to the validity of this article and the role cheerleaders play our schools): Name: Karen Pepper Grade: 12 Age: 18 Cheerleader Role: Captain Years as Wannabe model thinks im a casting agent 4 Do you do hazing among the cheerleaders?

Of course. Like our sports teams, you must earn your place among us. We have a hazing week that includes a variety of tasks like making out with one of the ugliest boys in our school, going to gym class without any bra or panties, flirting with a teacher, stealing an item at the mall, and we always finish with having the new cheerleaders make out with each other. What is the greatest perk to being a cheerleader?

I can't choose only one, because there so many perks. I already have a scholarship for next year, I can have any hot boy I want, I get to wear my outfit any wear I want and I am treated like royalty by most of my peers and teachers. Do you think you get breaks from luscious babe is pounded so well girlfriend and homemade teachers because you are a cheerleader?

Sure. All I ever have to do for the male teachers is give my puppy-dog look or showcase my legs a little extra and I get what I want usually…actually make that always. The female teaches are a bit tougher, but again, very few want to mess with us cheerleaders as we have a reputation of being quite powerful.

How do you choose your squad? It is based on look, fitness and social status. This may sound rude, but if you are not attractive and thin, you probably should not be a cheerleader. Now on occasion we take on a girl who is not in great social standing if we think we can train her, but usually it is not worth the effort as they never really fit in to our social circle. I know it is shallow, but it is true. Some schools are cancelling cheerleading programs because of the rise of teenage pregnancies, has that been a concern among your squad?

God no. I am not saying we don't have sex, but we are all on the pill. As captain I insist on it, as our past captains have too.

Last question, is there any lesbian activity among your squad? Um…yes. Between cheerleading camp, nights in hotels during competitions and post-game celebrations there is a fair amount of lezbo action. Plus, as girls dating incompetent teenage boys, although mine is in college, sometimes the only way to really get of is by a woman's touch.

Any other comments: Please send me a copy of your final article. Kisses. Thanks for participating in this survey, "Well Jenny, I think it is time to go shopping," I said as I got dressed. She followed and we headed to the mall. I could see Jenny getting nervous as we drove to our first stop…a beauty salon. We went inside and I had Jenny get the full treatment.

She had a leg wax, a manicure, a pedicure, a tanning session, facial and finally she got a new hair-do, followed by having her make-up done. When Jenny looked in the mirror, now dressed back in her school girl outfit, she looked like a confident college girl on the prowl. She smiled, but said, "How can I ever repay you for this?" "Don't worry, this will not cost either of us any money," I responded slyly.

"Really," Jenny asked confused, her pure innocence still so charmingly adorable. "Really" I responded. "Actually I think it is time to pay for your makeover." I paused, grabbed her hand and led her to the backroom. As we reached the office, I walked in and greeted the owner, my best friend since college, Krystal, and gave her a hug and a tender kiss.

Krystal, at almost 6 feet, towered over Jenny as we walked over to her and said, "So, this is your new recruit. She is very pretty." Jenny stuttered, black dude shoved a dick in leya Her hands slightly trembled as she fidgeted with her newly manicured hands.

Krystal put her hand on Jenny's chin and lifted her face up so they were looking eye to eye. "Jenny," she started, "Every girl who works here is a submissive slave of mine, does that surprise you?" Jenny looked to be attempting to process this information when Krystal continued, "For example, your manicure and pedicure were done by Carley and Jen.

Those two were high school best friends who I met at a club one night who both ended up pleasing me and another friend of mine in the ladies room. Your waxing was done by Kiako, she is a 4th year med student originally from Japan and easily one of the prettiest girls in the entire world, although she does not believe it.

She is also the most obedient little slave I have ever had. I picked her up in a move theatre for some arts film I went to one day. Half way through the film, I simply moved seats to sit beside her, there were maybe 6 people in the theatre, and I put my hand on her leg. When she did not react negatively to my move, I simply whispered in her ear 'Open your legs honey.' She did without hesitation and I simply fingered her to orgasm in the theatre.

She came quickly and shockingly loudly, so loud the few other people there looked back to see this Japanese girl cum on my fingers. I then sucked her juices from my finger and whispered, 'You are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.

I want to see you again. If you do too, here is my card, be at my salon tomorrow at 6.' I kissed her, handed her my card and left.

Of course, she showed up the next day and has now become a great little cunt pleaser. The others have stories too my sweet, but you will learn them over time if you wish. Now I have a job opening here on weekends is you wish, as a sales clerk; you would work the till, do final clean-up and so forth.

Are you interested?" Jenny's face lit up a touch as she said, "That would be great." Krystal went and sat on her desk, lifted up her skirt and said, "Are you ready for your on job training?" I laughed, Jenny blushed, as she walked over to Krystal.

Jenny moved and bent awkwardly to Krystal's completely shaved pussy. Jenny began pleasing her new boss as I watched. Part way through I went behind my little vixen and gently squeezed her ass and slowly slid a finger inside her, but not enough for her to get off.

Jenny eventually brought Krystal to an orgasm and I pulled my finger out of her wet pussy. Krystal said, "Well, I definitely think you are hired," she said as she stood up. Can you be here for training next Friday evening?" "Yes," Jenny responded, her lips shiny with love juice. "Great," said Krystal. "Be here at 5. We will train you till 9 and then you can come to our usual Friday night social which usually goes quite late," she paused for emphasis, "If you get my drift." "Ok," said Jenny, slightly nervous.

Krystal gave a little chuckle as she said, "Alright go see Kirsten again and get your make-up toughed up. You look like you just ate pussy." I laughed and chit chatted with Krystal as Jenny got a quick touch up. As I returned to the front, Jenny was just finishing getting redone and I heard the 40ish Kirsten telling Jenny, "I can't wait to eat that young pussy of yours Jenny." I chuckled as I pulled a completely beautiful and red faced Jenny back to the car. In the car, I said, "Well Jenny, two pussies in two days, you are turning into quite a little lesbian slut aren't you?" Jenny probably would have blushed more if she could, as she responded "I can't believe I just licked a complete stranger." "Did you enjoy it?" "Yes," Jenny responded.

"I just wanted to make her happy. I hate every being a disappointment." I sighed slightly. "Oh Jenny, we need to work on your self-esteem. You are a beautiful girl, a very smart girl and a very nice girl. Don't you know that? Krystal does not just hire anyone, she saw something in you. Just like I did." "Thanks," Jenny responded, although her tone of voice implied she did not completely believe it.

"We are here," I announced as we arrived at our next stop, Mill's Boutique. Jenny, I assumed, had no idea who worked here. "Mill's Boutique?" Jenny questioned as we arrived. "Isn't this place where the rich and famous go?" "I suppose it is. Come on sweetie, I have a surprise for you." We got out of the car and walked to the front door. I paused and said, "Before we go in I should stress that if we go in, there is probably no turning back." "What do you mean?" "Well you can continue coming over to my place, either way, and you have a job with Krystal so you can still have lots of opportunity to be submissive, but if you walk through these doors and I go through with my plan, you will almost for sure, end up with a reputation in your school as a lesbian.

Are you ok with that?" Jenny tried to register what I was saying, "Um, I don't understand." "Do you know who works at this store?" "No." "Karen." Jenny's face went white. "If you go in there, I plan to treat you as my lesbian slave in front of her." "Oh," Jenny whispered.

"Jenny, I don't want to do anything to you that you are not ready for. So if you say no, you will not hurt my feelings or disappoint me. But if you say yes, I am almost positive you will be eating Karen's pussy very, very soon ." Jenny considered this, really considered it and finally said surprisingly upbeat, "I trust you mistress.

I will never obey anything you ask of me and if you think this is a good idea, then I do too." "Great Jenny," I responded, "Let's go have some fun." I grabbed her hand and we walked into the Mill's Boutique. Now I should say that my divorce as well as my job keeps me financially well off, I am not a millionaire, but I live a very comfortable life, so I could afford the absurd prices this boutique charged. The shop itself was not that busy with only a couple people looking at clothing.

One was a slightly overweight girl with what I assumed was her mother looking at wedding dresses; while the other was a clearly trophy wife looking at cocktail dresses and treating her saleswoman with obvious distain. I did not see Karen at first which worried me a bit, as we walked over to the cocktail dress section of the shop. As I looked around, we were fortunate to have Karen come over to assist us.

"Good afternoon maam, "Karen said, dressed in a very classy black skirt, pantyhose, 3 inch black boots and a white blouse. "Can I help you with anything?" I smiled and said, "Yes, you probably can. I am going to a special gala tonight for charity and I need an outfit for myself and my friend here.

The outfits must look sexybut not slutty." Karen asked for our sizes and left to grab some outfits. I looked at Jenny and asked, "Are you ready to begin Operation Karen?" Jenny laughed, as this seemed to break the tension, although she said slightly hurt, "She did jot even notice me." "Well you do look different.

You went from your conservative unfaltering attire to a revealing sexy attire. Plus with make-up on, you easily could pass for 21, which we will try to do tonight," I said teasingly. "What is tonight?" "That is dark playgirl cums many times hardcore blowjob me to know and you to find out," I responded coyly. At this moment I saw Karen coming back with a few dresses and said, "Operation Karen is under way." Karen arrived to both of us laughing and said, "I choose a few dresses I think you will like.

" I tried on three different dresses that were all good, but not what I wanted. So I said to Karen, "Honey, these are all ok, amateurs gone wild tube porn I need something that will have every girl there checking me out." Karen showed just the slightest bit of shock, but regained her composure quickly before she said, "I think I have just the thing." Karen left again and I said to Jenny, "This is going to be easier than I thought." "How so?" asked Jenny.

"Just watch. I do need to know if you want her to be your little slave or do you want to be hers?" "I want to be her slave," she said shyly and without hesitation. "I thought so," I confirmed just as Karen returned. She handed me a gold gown that was long enough to hide my thigh high stockings, but with a generous enough slit to allow glimpses of my stocking tops for anyone really paying attention. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and said, "This looks excellent." I grabbed it and went to the changeroom.

After putting on the dress I came out and looked in the mirror. I spent a bit of time analyzing the outfit before saying, "These black stockings do not match this dress, Jenny can I try your dark colored stockings." Jenny responded "Sure," and we both took off our stockings. As Jenny gave me her stockings, I sat down on a soft bench and demanded "Jenny dear, please put the stockings on for me." I gave Jenny back her stockings and Asian toysex fingerings masturbate girl show adultsmartlinksorg lifted up my leg so Jenny could slowly slide on the thigh high mocha stocking.

I looked at Karen and saw that she was watching vey intently. Jenny switched legs and put on the second stocking. When she was latina hot babe toys her tight pussy, I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror.

I said, "Yes that is much better. " I looked at Karen and said, "Can you see my panties outline with this dress?" Karen looked closely and said, "Well if you are really looking I suppose it is slightly noticeable." I then said to Jenny, "Honey, come and take off my panties for me." Jenny moved towards me as I lifted up my dress.

Jenny ever so slowly slid my panties down my legs. Karen's eyes never looked away from the scene. "So Karen what do you think? Do I look good enough to eat?" Karen finally blushed as she responded, "You look radiant?" "Thanks, but you never really answered my question." "Um," she paused. "Do I," I began as I walked closer. "Look good enough" I continued now right in front of her.

"To eat," I finished seductively. I starred into her eyes waiting for an answer. "Um yes, you look good enough to eat," she whimpered. I leaned into her ear and whispered, "Thanks." I blew hot air into her ear and then went back to the mirror. "This is perfect," I said. "What do you have for my little Jenny?" Karen having regained her senses responded, "Of course. I think that if you are going to wear gold, she should probably wear something red." "Good call," I responded. "You know your fashion sweetie." Karen left and I said to Jenny, "I have her horny as hell right now." Jenny replied, "I know, my pussy got wet just watching you tease her." "Wait until you see what I am going to get her to do next?" I teased as Karen returned with a gorgeous red little number.

I grabbed it and said, "Jenny dear, why don't you go and try this one." Jenny grabbed it and went to the change room. I asked Karen, "So I hate to be blunt, but I must ask, are you a lesbian?" Karen shook her head no as she said, "No, no.

Sexy blonde patient in lingerie at doctors fuckhospital and fakehospital

I have a boyfriend in college." "Oh," I said, "That is too bad, you are a very pretty woman and my little Jenny would love to be able to please you." Before Karen could respond, Jenny came out looking radiant in a sleeveless cocktail dress that just reached her knees. I looked it over and said, "Well this dress clearly needs black stockings." I grabbed my stockings that were neatly folded on a stool and handed them to Karen.

"Would you please put these on for her?" Karen grabbed the stockings from my hand without question and somewhat awkwardly slid them onto my young slave's legs. When she was done, Jennyshowing some new found confidence, posed seductively, in the mirror. It was awkward and adorable. It was at this moment that Karen made a stunning revelation as she asked Jenny "Wait a minute, I know you. Don't you go to my school?" Jenny, slightly embarrassed and nervous responded, "Yes, we have math together." Karen continued, "I am failing that class, me and numbers don't really go well together." She paused before continuing, "You look really different all dressed up, I kind of thought of you more as a." Karen contemplated the right word choice when I stepped in and said, "Geek?" Karen shrugged, "Yeah I guess." Jenny, surprisingly even me, responded, "Well my mistress decided I needed a makeover." "Your mistress?" Karen asked baffled.

"Yes," Jenny responded. I broke the awkward moment by watch this to learn how to have a threesome, "Yes Karen. Jenny is my little slave. And do I have a deal for you." Karen still baffled responded, "You do?" "My little slave here as a crush on you. She would love to go into the change room and eat you and your fellow cheerleader's pussy wouldn't you Jenny?" "Very much so," responded Jenny a bit eagerly.

I said, "And Karen, she is new to eating pussy, but she is a fast learner." I moved right in front of her, "Do you want my slave to please you?" Karen, finally taking it all and gaining back her usual self-confidence, said, "Yes, I would love to have this sweet little geek please me." I said, "I thought you might.

Why don't you go and help her get that dress off. Take your time." Karen took Jenny's hand and led her into the change room. After a minute, I heard low soft moans. I waited another minute and then entered the change room. I looked at Karen, with Jenny between her legs, and said, "Karen have you ever ate pussy?" "Yes," she responded. "Good. Do you want to taste my pussy?" "Very much so," she responded.

With a bit of awkwardness, I straddled her face and she began licking my pussy as Jenny ate hers. Karen had clearly done this many times before, as she had me getting hot quite quickly. She also kept moaning into my pussy as she was pleased by my little minx. I could tell Jenny had made her cum as a muffled scream vibrated in my pussy. She kept licking me until I demanded, "Finger fuck me too slut." She obeyed sliding two fingers into my moist hole.

This was all it took for me to orgasm as I came all over her fingers and face. I pulled her up and kissed her hard. I broke it and said, "Jenny tell Karen your fantasy." Jenny shyly said, "I masturbate myself every night fantasizing about you and your cheerleading friends making me their lesbian slave." Karen looked at me and then to Jenny and moved up to her and said, "Oh Jenny, I am going to make that fantasy come true.

You will be a great little toy to have at next weekends cheerleading retreat." She paused before continuing, "We need a trainer for our squad anyways. Busty blonde bikini babe plays with her new glass dildo you want to be our trainer?" "Oh yes," jenny said.

Karen moved to Jenny and kissed her passionately. Her finger moved down and slid into Jenny's tight cunt. She pumped it in and out as she continued confidently, "Cum for me slut. " Jenny moaned as Karen rapidly finger fucked her new slave.

Jenny let out a soft scream as she came hard on her dream girl's finger. I concluded the hot moment by saying, "All right. I think we got what we came for. Karen if you could ring these two dresses up for me that would be great." "Of course maam," she said as she straightened herself up and left.

I looked at Jenny and said, "So, how was that?" "Oh thank you mistress. That was so amazing." "Your welcome. Get dressed honey, we need to get some shoes for these dresses." "How can I ever repay you for all this?" "Oh honey, the pleasure was all mine. You are a great girl, don't you ever forget that." We both got dressed back into our original clothes, although we both kept on each other's stockings.

I paid for our outfits, gave Karen my card telling her to give me a call sometime, and we headed back to the car. The next couple hours were uneventful as we bought the shoes we needed, had a nice dinner and had great conversation. I learned that Jenny loved to read and wanted to be an English teacher. She liked 80s movies and 80s music and wished she could be just like Molly Ringwald. Anyways, after dinner we changed into our cocktail dresses and headed to our final destination of the night.

Our last stop was the exclusive, Le Chateau Club, a lesbian only bar that focused on privacy and an upscale clientele. We got in and went to a table near the dance floor. On the dance floor, a few women, all immaculately dressed, were dancing to some Britney Spears song I could not remember the title for and thought pretty much sucked.

Jenny seemed to be watching the dance floor and after a couple minutes the light bulb went on. Jenny looked at me like a little girl and said, "Are we at a gay bar?" I smiled and said, "Yes we are my dear." "Oh," said Jenny as her gaze returned to the dance floor, where a young pretty redhead was making out with a much older brunette.

I allowed Jenny to just watch and become immersed in the sexual culture of the club. As the next half hour went by, the club got more full and the dance floor more soft porn. Women danced, kissed, and caressed each other.

I finally asked Jenny, "Do you see anyone you like?" Jenny scanned the room and responded, "Everyone here is beautiful." "This is where the rich and beautiful come to let loose," I explained. "See that blonde over there, in the lavender dress." Jenny looked at the late 40s woman and said, "Yes, she is very attractive," "Do you recognize her?" Jenny looked again and said, "There is something oddly familiar about her, but I can't place where I have seen her before." "Ever watch the evening news on CTBV?" "Oh my God, is that Candace Carter," Jenny said stunned.

"Yes it is, and she is, like you, very submissive. " "Wow, I can't believe it." "Oh there is more. See that thin, long haired brunette at the bar wearing the dark green skirt and white blouse and green pantyhose?" Jenny looked over and said "Yes." "Does she look familiar?" "Not really," jenny responded trying to place her. "That is the governor of our state, Daphne Green." "Oh and she is wearing green, that is funny." "She always wears green.

She, on the other hand, loves young girls. It is only a matter of time before she comes over and tries to hit on you." Jenny shocked said, "Really?" "Yep, now this place is very two foxy babes share a small penis blowjob facial. This club has backrooms, generous sized washrooms and very comfortable corner tables.

You can just dance, you can just watch or you can participate; what are you comfortable with?" Jenny considered this before saying, "I don't know. This is really overwhelming." I pointed to a table at the back and said, "See that?" Jenny looked and said, "I don't see anything, just a woman at a table by herself." "Look closer, look under the table." "Oh my god, is that a girl under the table eating her out?" "Yes it is." "Wow, you would do that in public," Jenny said watching the scene from afar.

"Oh you would be surprised. So dear, I just need to know what you are comfortable with. I can protect you from the hunters who are going to attempt to devour you, or I can allow it to happen." Jenny looked around and finally said, "Well, why don't we just see what happens." I smiled and laughed, "Oh Jenny darling, I may have created a monster." Jenny looked around the club and finally said, "I have to pee." I pointed to where the bathrooms are and reminded her "Anything goes in there, so don't be surprised by what you see or sex vidoes mp4 story sexx what you may be asked to do." "Um ok," she said.

Jenny got up, looked at me one last time, and then headed to the washroom. I got up after she left and walked over to three ladies at another table and said, "Hi, you three are all quite attractive. I am not one for small talk, I am horny, my slave is in the bathroom having who knows what happening to her and I need an orgasm.

If one of you would be willing to come and eat my delicious pussy, come on over to my table, tell me your name and then get under the table and please me." I then turned and walked back to my table.

I watched as the three girls were in an animated conversation and after a couple minutes a short, plump, dirty blonde, mid twenties girl in a ugly flower sundress came over to me. She said, "Hi, my name is Zelda." I said, "Hi Zelda you are here to eat my pussy." She blushed and said, "Yes." "Why did you choose to come?" "I find you very pretty and I was turned on by your aggressiveness." "I see.

Have you eaten sex worth a poem facial cumshot cunnilingus lot of pussy before?" "No, I have only been into girls the last couple months." "Have you eaten out your friends?" "Debbie, the chubby girl in blue, is my girlfriend so yes many times; while Ophelia is actually straight and engaged to be married in a couple months." "I see, well why don't you get to work." "Yes maam," she responded and crawled under the table.

I asked her to take off my panties, which she did, and then I opened my legs and she began licking. Her two friends watched as her friend disappeared under the table. After a couple minutes of licking, Jenny returned to the table and noticed I had a guest.

I said, "It's ok Jenny, take a seat. How was your bathroom break?" "Educational," she responded. I chuckled, "I thought it may be. What did you see? You were not gone long enough to join in any action where you?" "No," she responded, "I walked in and a couple were fixing their make-up and I went and found an open stall. As I sat down, I heard moaning from the stall to my right and realized there was a peephole for me. I decided not to look, but as I went tinkle, I was intoxicated by the moans and the dirty talk.

" "What was said," I asked. "Eat my cunt you whore and make me cum you fucking dyke." I finished going pee and decided I had to know what they looked like. Curiosity overwhelmed me. As I peaked, I saw a very big black woman with a skinny white woman between her legs. The woman's breasts were larger than anything I could imagine and I was memorized by them.

Her nipples were large and hard and I nearly jumped when she said, "Whore, it looks like some other whore is watching. Look up and let her see your face with my pussy juice all over it." The girl looked up and starred right at the puma swede cheats on her man for anal drilling. Her face was dripping with juice. She could not have been older than 20, but the sight of her face drenched in pussy juice had me hot.

I quickly got up and left. The black woman called out, "Oh honey, you will be back, no one can resist my nectar, when you do come back, knock twice and say, 'I am a white whore who needs black pussy.' I quickly washed my hands as I heard her scream 'I'm cumming slut.' A couple girls beside me looked at me, but didn't say anything as I rushed out of there.

I moaned as I said, "That is Big Rosie. She pretty much lives in that stall. You want to go and please her don't you?" "I don't know." "Well that fact that you did not say no, means you do. Rosie has one of the most delicious pussies you will ever taste. Usually, when the place is really hopping, there will be a line waiting to go into her stall." "Really?" "Yes." "Have you ever…um…" "Have I ever been between Rosie's black legs?" "Yes?" "Oh a few times.

Although, I, like her, like to be in charge. So usually, I am the one being eaten out." "Oh." I looked over at the two friends and snapped my fingers for both of them to come over.

They talked to each other for a bit, clearly discussing whether they should come over. Debbie clearly won the discussion as they both walked over to my table. Before they arrived, I said to Jenny, "The tall one is not a lesbian; want to see if I can get her between my legs." "Sure, but why would she do it if she is not a lesbian." "Oh she is curious.

I have watched her watching me and others." The two arrived and I said, "Hi, I am Megan and this is my young slave Jenny." Debbie said, "Hi, I am Debbie and this is my friend Ophelia." I smiled, "Ophelia the tragic Hamlet character?" Ophelia sighed, "The one and only." I continued, "Of course, Ophelia died because of a forbidden love that she couldn't fulfill." Ophelia contemplated that and said, "Well, the rejection of her love and her father's death made her crazy." "Or," I toyed, "The fact that she could not have the forbidden joy she so desperately wanted and craved led her to become so obsessed by exposed beauteous gal craves to fuck right now hardcore blowjob that she went crazy." "Well that is a reach," Ophelia said.

"I don't think so," I said. "Just a minute, your friend is getting me close." I put both hands on my table and waited for the orgasm. It took another minute, but a small, but good, orgasm, slightly shook the table. I said, "Zelda, you can come out." Zelda stood up, my juice all over her lips. She went to wipe it off and I said, "No, no. I have a plan for that." Zelda stopped. I looked at Ophelia and said, "Zelda here said you were getting married in a couple months." "Yes," Ophelia confirmed.

"Congratulations." "Thanks," Ophelia said. "You're welcome. Now do you want to know what I think?" "OK," she said hesitantly. "You are just like the tragic Ophelia." "How so," she asked curiously. "You too want some forbidden love." "Excuse me," she stated. "I have seen you watching the dance floor, I have seen you watching me and deep down you wished you could have been Zelda.

You desperately wanted to be under this table, between my legs, but your conscience prevents you from allowing you to do be the real you." "I don't think so, I love my fiancé." "I am sure you do, but that doesn't mean you don't have lesbian tendencies," I said. "Look at your friend; my juice on her lips.

Are you not curious?" "Well, I." I continued, "Don't you want to taste it?" "Um, I." Knowing I have her in the palm of my hand, I slide a finger into my wet pussy and bring it out and extended it just a few inches from her face. "Taste it," I demanded. She looked at her friends and then at me and leaned forward and sucked my finger. I demanded, "Get under this table and eat my pussy now." She looked at her friend again, trying to figure out what the hell had just happened as I said, "Now straight girl." She paused briefly again, looking around to see if anyone else was watching, which no one really was, and then she got on her knees and crawled between my legs.

Zelda said, "No fucking way." Debbie said, "I can't believe it. We are so fucking the shit out of her after this." I smiled to them and said, "She is clearly submissive ladies and," I began moaning, "she is very gentle." I moaned again and said, "Debbie, I know you want to taste me too, but I think your straight friend here is going to be down here awhile, so why don't you clean up Zelda's face." Debbie smiled and said, "That is a great idea," as she moved to Zelda and kissed her passionately.

Debbie broke the kiss and licked her chin, cheeks, retrieving any lingering pussy juice and then returned to kissing her friend. They kissed like high school kids, miss alice webcam getig fucked, passionate, and clearly intoxicated by each other. After a while, with Ophelia getting me close I grabbed her head and started rubbing my pussy up and down all over her face. A second orgasm and a fair amount of juice exploded out of me and all over the so-called straight engaged girl.

To my surprise, she kept licking even after I came. I eventually pulled her up and said, "That was very good Ophelia. I may have just saved your life." She smiled and said, "I don't know what came over me." "Oh honey," I smiled, "I do, you have been repressing these desires for years and when the dam breaks, it breaks big." Debbie continued, "I can't believe you have been holding out on me.

I am going to fuck the shit out of you tonight." Ophelia blushed and said, "Deb, don't be silly, let's just pretend it didn't happen." Debbie, with a seriously angry tone said, "Don't you dare. I am going to fuck you; Zelda is going to fuck you. Understand." Ophelia tried to be rational, "But we are best friends." Debbie said, "And soon we are going to be lovers too." She then walked over to her and kissed her.

Ophelia while stiff at first, slowly loosened up and began kissing back. Debbie broke the kiss and said, "Zelda, lets go back to your place. We are going to need the toys." "Sounds great," said Zelda. Ophelia still trying to be rational said, "But I am getting married." Debbie smiled, "No one said you were not, but that does not mean we can not have a lot of fun. Plus you don't want me telling your man that you ate out some random woman at a bar perfect ass milf kendra lust gangbang you?" "You wouldn't," said Ophelia aghast.

"No, I wouldn't, unless," she teased. Ophelia knowing she is defeated and turned on as well said, "Fine, but this is a one time thing." "Oh Ophelia, you think that. But after I have given you pleasure that you don't even now exists, you will be back begging me to fuck you." Zelda continued, "After one time, you will be hooked honey.

" Ophelia defeated says nothing as Debbie grabbed her hand and said, "Let's go baby." She then looked at me and said, "Thank you." I gave her a slight nod and called to Ophelia, Ophelia, come here." Ophelia returned to the table and I handed her my soiled panties, "Here is a souvenir to remember me by." Ophelia took them and followed her friends back to their table, where they grabbed their purses at their table and exited the bar, assumingly for a night of great pleasure.

I looked at Jenny now and said, "You know what you want to do now don't you?" She looked down at the table, but nodded her head. "Go," I said. She looked at me with a look of great trepidation. "You want me to come with you?" "Please," she said with relief. I stood up and grabbed her hand. We went to the bathroom and as expected there was a woman in the stall on her knees, her black boots clearly visible. Another girl, a pretty blonde, probably 21, was in line as well.

I told Jenny, "Go stand in front of the stall. She likes to know girls are waiting for her, plus the line may get longer." "But people will know why I am waiting in line." "Yes they will," I agreed matter of factly. "Won't they know why I am waiting in line and for who?" "Yes, anyone who has been here before will assume you are waiting in line to eat Big Rosie." "That is so embarrassing." "Then don't do it." Jenny considered this for a long time, before she let go of my hand and stood in line behind the blonde.

I walked up to the blonde and said, "Waiting in line for Rosie?" "Yes," she said not remotely embarrassed. "You have done Rosie before?" "Yes, many times." At that moment, Rosie screamed "That's it Carter, I'm cumming." We waited for the exit of shame.

It was always adorable to see women exit the stall, face dripping with juice, and see their reaction. The stall opened and out came Candace Carter, the TV celebrity. She looked at us, put her head down, and exited the bathroom. The blonde entered the stall and Jenny moved up slightly. A couple of older ladies, in their late 40s, came in and saw Jenny in line. One of them said, "Hey little thing, you can come eat me out if you want." Jenny blushed.

The woman then moved closer and said, "So, you like eating pussy do you?" Jenny looked at her and said, "Yes." The woman put her hand on her shoulder and said, "Do you want to eat my pussy?" Jenny said, "Maybe, but not now." The woman shrugged and said, "Your loss slut." Her friend laughed as they went to check their make-up.

A small Asian girl entered the bathroom and walked right behind Jenny. She was so tiny, not even five feet tall. Jenny looked at her, and the Asian instantly put her head down. A minute later Rosie screamed, "Finger fuck me you blonde dyke." A pair of drunk girls, probably in their thirties, walked into the bathroom.

One jumped on the sink counter and pulled up her skirt and expertly, especially considering how drunk she was, pulled off her panties and tossed them to her friend. The friend pulled out a toy from her purse and shoved it into her friend's cunt.

As I watched this another young girl lined up behind Jenny and the Asian girl. I smiled, that Rosie had it made. The stall door opened and the blonde waked out. She walked up to Jenny and kissed her hard.

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Jenny was shocked, but did not move away. The blonde then broke the kiss, winked at me and walked out of the bathroom. Jenny looked at me tentatively and after I gave a slight nod, she went into the stall. As instructed she knocked on the stall door twice and said, "I am a white whore who needs black pussy." Rosie said, "Ahhh, I knew you would be back here, come on in my little peeping slut." Jenny walked into the stall and closed the door. I heard Rosie say, "I love fresh meet.

What is your name?" Jenny answered, "Jenny." "Well Jenny, why are you here?" I walked into the stall beside her and listened. "I want to eat your pussy." "Why?" "I don't know. I saw another girl eat you out earlier and I desperately wished it would be me." I stood up on the toilet and said, "Hi Rosie." Rosie looked up and said, "Well hi there Megan. Long time no see." "Indeed." "You wanna watch this little white slut eat me?" "That I do." Rosie looked back at Jenny and said, "Dive in dyke." Jenny leaned forward and disappeared between the large woman's legs.

Rosie, who always knew how to put on a show, said, "Oh yeah, slut, lick my wet pussy. " She grabbed Jenny's head and pushed it into her soaked cunt. She pulled her back out and said, "So Jenny, how does my cunt taste?" "Delicious mistress," Jenny responded.

"Mistress?" Rosie chuckled, "I like that." Rosie shoved my young slave's pretty face back into her cunt. Rosie moaned, "Oh yeah, lick me, please your black mistress." Rosie moaned and then let out a surprise yelp as she said, "Oh yes, you are a dirty white slut, aren't you. Yes, keep fingering my ass, faster whore, faster." You could tell Jenny was desperately trying to please Rosie as she licked and fingered the black woman's large ass at the same time.

Rosie screamed, "Aaaahhhhh, fuck, fuck, oh my God, I'm cumming." Her orgasm was crazy intense as she squeezed her legs against my little slave. I briefly worried that Jenny would suffocate between Rosie's legs, but Rosie opened her legs just at that moment. Jenny, her face drenched, I mean drenched with cum, stood up and surprised Rosie by moving up and taking Rosie's large left tit into her mouth.

Rosie moaned, "You are a good little lezzie Jenny. Hmmm, yes, bite my nipples." Rosie then pulled Jenny up and kissed her, this is something I know Rosie seldomly does. She then said, "Whore, you are about to get a special gift. Straddle my face." Jenny, looked up at me, smiled, and then awkwardly straddled the large woman. Rosie then grabbed Jenny's ass, moved it forwards, and buried her face into Jenny's young nectar. Jenny moaned instantly and begged, "Yes mistress, eat me." Rosie kept licking and after a couple minutes, she slid a finger into Jenny's pussy and another into Jenny's ass and ravished her two holes.

Jenny screamed instantly and begged loud enough for the whole world to hear, "Oh yes, fuck me faster, faster, oh my God, yes!!!" Jenny collapsed forward onto Rosie's face and then moved down and kissed Rosie hard. Rosie, who seldomly smiles, did as she said, "I expect to see you here again." Jenny shook her head and said, "I promise that every time I come here I will wait in line proudly." Rosie still smiling said, "Good. Now get out of here, I need to see what other little lesbos want a piece of Rosie." I left the stall just in time to see Jenny exit the stall of shame.

She looked at the Asian girl and said, "Go please her whore." The Asian girl looked at her stunned, but went forward and closed the door. Rosie said, "Oh well if it isn't Asian Annie, back for another taste of black pie." I looked and noticed there was over a dozen women in the bathroom watching Jenny. One woman there was the governor Daphne Green. She whispered to a petite purple haired girl (yes it was purple) something and the girl nodded.

I looked at the line now that still included the brunette that had arrived just before Jenny went in, but milf woman got fucked in her oiled pussy after a massage included three more: a black woman in her thirties, another blonde in her fifties and a clearly pregnant girl in her late 20s.

It amazed me, the power Rosie had. I also knew that the next time I was here, I would be getting in line. I looked back at Jenny who was now talking to the purple haired girl. Jenny walked over to me and said, "Mistress, Governor Daphne Green wants to take me home. Is it ok?" I smiled and said, "Do you want to go?" "Very much so," she said eagerly. "Well then I am fine with it. I will call your mom and say you curly babe loves to do some anal staying the night at my place to babysit, so you can stay the night there if you wish." Jenny hugged me and said, "Thank you so much for everything Megan." I smiled and hugged her back.

I then looked at the governor and then kissed Jenny with tender passion. The kiss lasted minutes and when I broke it, Jenny looked at me memorized. I smiled and said, "Penny for your thoughts honey." She glowed as she said, "I just realized, I love you Megan." I smiled and kissed her again and said, "I love you to Jenny. Now go, have fun." Jenny left, I winked at our governor who mouthed "Thank you" as she took my young slave's hand.

The girl in purple did not follow, but instead said, "Governor Green told me to come and serve you." I chuckled, "I should have known she would. Tell you what, go find another girl to bring home with us and we will leave in a while." "Yes mistress," she said and began to leave. "Wait," I said. She instantly stopped and turned around. "What is your name?" "Brittany," she said with a smile, "Brittany Green." I coughed, shocked for the first time this day.

"Your last name is Green?" She shrugged and said, "Of course, Daphne is my mother," and then she turned and left. In stunned silence, I reflected on the day. Jenny would be a cheerleader slut very soon, she would have a great job and a great place to meet other lesbians and now she was going to serve the governor of our glorious state.

It was quite a day. Still really horny, I looked at the line for Big Rosie, I shrugged and walked to the back of the line and waited for my turn. THE END…