Taboo part vintage and eager beaver teen fucks hotel room phone mommy dearest gets

Taboo part vintage and eager beaver teen fucks hotel room phone mommy dearest gets
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***Warning, the following work involves the topics on incest, nonconsensual sex, bondage, and mental conditioning. All Participants are over the age of 18, and this work is a complete work of fiction and has no basis in reality for any persons.**** Jason Fremont calmly sipped his beer. Bouncing his foot casually he flipped through the TV, looking for something to watch, not really interested in watching anything, just trying to find a way to kill time. Glancing at his watch he noticed that it was almost 6pm.

"Hmm. going on 4 hours now." He thought to himself. Flipping off the television, he set the remote on the living room stand and started heading to the basement, whistling a tune as he went. Opening the basement door, the first thing that he noticed, or that anyone could notice was the smell. Sex. It was everywhere, and as he started walking downstairs to his room, the smell only got stronger.

Through his bedroom door, he saw her writhing on the bench she was tied to. Her legs were tied to the bench, splinted straight, with rope pulling down on her chest and forcing her to bend almost all the way over.

Her arms were tied to the ceiling and pulled back above her head, with her hair tied up in rope to force her head facing straight ahead. He was happy to see that she made no motion to acknowledge him when he entered, and how could she? She was blindfolded, and had noise canceling headphones around her hears blaring his own personal music mix. He kept sipping his beer as he watched her writhe, he knew she was tired, probably exhausted from the dildos in her pussy and ass working non-stop for 4 hours, but mature mom karin shows off hairy pussy extreme knew she had a long, long road ahead of her before she was finished with her special "Training".

He was still astounded that everything had managed to come together to lead him do this. At 5'4'', 118lbs, she was a perfect specimen. Her tight, toned body, juicy ass and D sized tits, she was the absolute personification of sex appeal, and after her "training" was complete, she would be his personal sex slave, devoted to him absolutely and completely.

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Drinking her in, and basking in her sweet torture, in her impending rebirth, he stood up and started walking out of the room, turning off the light. Taking one last look at her, he started to close the door behind him and said over his shoulder, "See you in a few hours little sis! time to get your second training station ready." And with that, Adriana Fremont was once again, closed into sex filled darkness. **** 12 Hours Before **** 6:00 AM - Jason had just finished sound proofing his basement the night before, a precaution his mother demanded he take before he started practicing his guitar again.

Coming upstairs, he was tired, he'd worked all the night through so he could get back to making music, his one true passion. As he came upstairs, his bitch twin sister Adriana was just coming in from her run and ran her shoulder into him just as he topped the landing of the stairs.

He had to catch the door frame to stop from falling and breaking his neck, and his sister just scoffed and said "Watch where you're going, dick!" "You almost broke my neck you stupid bitch!" he yelled back.

"Jason!" he heard his mother yell from down the hall, "I've told you to watch your language! That's no way to talk to your sister! You two are twins, you're supposed to get along!" Jason ignored her droning, knowing she was just going to keep harping at how his sister was perfect and how he needed to treat her nicer. He started looking around for some breakfast, looking for the bagels that he'd bought a few days ago and saw them missing, after checking the rest of the cabinets he turned to ask his sister if she'd seen them and saw she was eating one.

The last one. With the empty bag sitting busty old women jumps on his hard cock years old skinny granny next to her on the table. Adriana looked up at him and sneered, knowing just how to get under his skin. She loved starting her day by ruining his, seeing her brother, the one her parents had always adored get bent and twisted in any way was a victory for her. She'd always been second to her brother in her parents' eyes, he'd been born a genius, skipped several grades, and had even graduated college by the time she was just entering her Freshman year of college.

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She'd failed her senior year and got held back, but she was by no means a moron. She had just gotten by more on her looks, and one year she had the bad luck of only having lady teachers. Ones that wouldn't let her suck or fuck her way to passing. Adriana knew she had the sex appeal, and skill to get what she wanted and used it. Even going so far as to torment her brother by wearing short shorts, crop tops, and going without bra's and wearing thin white tank tops just to push his buttons.

Jason started getting red with anger watching his bitch sister so blatantly take what was busty brunette wife veronica avluv fucks her ex husband. Just when he was about to start yelling, his mother rounded the corner.

"You two bratty little kids need to grow up. You're both adults now, you can vote for Christ's sake! Start solving your problems peacefully or I swear you're both going to be out on the street." She scolded, "See how well you two get along then!

Fending for yourselves out in the REAL world!" Jason bit back his words and ground his teeth, swallowing his rage at his sister. After taking a moment to compose himself, he looked at his sister "I'm sorry for calling you a bitch. You bumped me when I came up the stairs and almost knocked me down, though maybe I came up too fast or maybe you came around the corner too suddenly.

Either way, I overreacted. And I'm sorry." He said. "There you go! That's the spirit! Adriana, do you have anything you'd like to say back?" His mother beamed and then stared at her daughter, watching her slowly chew the last bite of her bagel, clearly drawing out the chewing to show she wasn't going to say sex xxx big storys mp3 at all.

"That's it, I can't deal with either of you. I'm off for my trip! You two have enough food in the fridge and freezer to last the weekend, I'll be back late Monday night!" and with that she swept up her purse and stomped off to her car, exasperated by her children. Adriana rolled her head to look at her brother and hissed, "you're such a kiss ass." Jason looked at her and hissed back through his teeth "I tried to play nice, and that was my last bagel.

If you fuck with me one more time this weekend, I swear to God I'll make you regret it" "Whatever shrimp-dick" She replied "Just fuck off to your dungeon and stay out of my way." 10:00 -- Jason had finished mowing the lawn, and was working on the edging when his sister left the house.

She was speed walking as quickly as she could and to Jason's eyes, rather suspiciously. After watching her get in the other family car, and speed away, he walked back inside to see what happened. He looked around the house but nothing seemed out of place. That was until he started looking for his phone, and found it inside the sink. Soaked through, and out of its case. He felt his blood run cold. Today he was supposed to be waiting for a telephone interview with a recording company.

He'd given them his number, and they'd said they would call today.

Today was his one shot at making it big, at recording an album, at becoming a real live musician. It wouldn't have been a hobby anymore, millions of people would have heard him, heard his voice, heard his art. His blood started to boil the more he looked at his phone, it was out of its case, a $600 phone that he'd saved for months to get, and saved even more to make sure it was protected. It would be one thing if it was an accident, but she took it out of the case to break it, and she knew today was the day.

It was all he'd talked about for weeks, he'd handed her the perfect leverage to destroy his dream. And now he was going to destroy her. 11:00 -- After an hour, Adriana returned home. She knew what she did was wrong, but she couldn't stand the thought of her brother getting so far ahead of her in life, so far ahead he would have literally been famous. She'd heard him play his guitar, and she knew they would have loved him, if the music was coming from anyone else she would have loved it too, but the fact that it was her brother spoiled it.

She parked the car and got out, cautious of her brother, knowing he might be around, and wondering for once in her life if maybe she'd pushed things too far. She walked inside the house, and locked the door, he'd been outside when she left and he might still be outside, she hurried to the backdoor and locked that too.

Listening very softly she horny babe in stockings fucked and gives a nice footjob hear anything, breathing out a sigh of relief she started to head to her room to get some clothes she'd stay with a friend tonight and let him cool off, and deal with him in the morning. Just as she rounded the corner to her room she saw him, sitting in her room, facing her and holding his phone. She stood stock still for a moment, not sure what to do, but fear coursing in her as she knew now for sure.

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She had pushed too far. She turned to run but she was too late, he'd come up out of the chair faster than she'd ever seen him move, and slammed her head into the wall.

Dazed and seeing spots in her vision, she realized she was on her knees, and he was behind her, his arm wrapped around her neck and squeezing hard. "I told you, I would make your regret it." Was the last thing she heard as her vision faded out. When she woke up, the room was dark, the red clock on the wall read 11:40, and as she tried to lift herself up, she realized she couldn't.

Her face was pressed into the leather his bench for his piano, her legs were tied and splinted to the bench's legs, and her arms were tied above her head in an awkward angle that made breathing a little hard. As she was trying to get her bearings, she felt a hard *SLAP* against her left ass cheek, then *SLAP*, to her right, she cried out, and tears started to well up in her eyes as he brutalized her ass.

Slapping her over and over, while she tried to squirm away, wriggling her ass and trying to dodge the blow she couldn't see coming. "I told you, I'd make you regret it." He repeated to her. He stopped his punishment of her ass and walked over to her face. He kissed he tenderly on the lips, which stunned her as she expected him to keep hitting her.

"It's ok", he cooed, "it's all going to be ok, I know it wasn't your fault, none of this is." She stared at him in confusion. "You don't know any better. But that what I'm here for, and I'm going to teach you." He slapped her hard across her face. Tears actually did start to flow now as she started to sob. "I'm so sorry!! I didn't mean to do it, I swear!" He rubbed her cheek where he'd hit her, and whispered in her ear, "No, no, no, Adri, its ok, I know you didn't mean to." "you don't know how to behave, because no one ever taught you." He walked around behind her and pulled out a knife.

Her vision had adjusted to the darkness and as she saw the knife in the mirror, she started thrashing futilely against her bonds, waiting for him to cut her and hurt her. Instead he grabbed her shirt, and cut it up the back, slicing off her bra, and freeing her of her shorts.

He went to his bed he'd prepared while she was away and grabbed everything he needed. He wrapped her hair in rope and tied it to a bar that ran across his ceiling, taking her arms he tied them likewise, as tight as the ropes around her waist and shoulders would allow. She started begging him to stop, "Please Jason, please let me go, I promise I'll be good, I promise I'll be better, I'll leave you alone forever, I swear!!" Ignoring her pleas and sobs, he grabbed the two dildos and lubed them up nicely.

As much as he wanted to just shove the biggest dildo up her ass raw, he wanted to hurt her in a much more profound way than to smiling girlfriend gets creampied after hardcore sex cause her pain.

He was going to break her. He slid in the first dildo into her vagina, having found it already moist, it was an easy fit, then slid the second dildo, only slightly smaller into her ass. It was a very tight fit, which Jason found very promising, as he couldn't wait to fuck her ass himself. But he reminded himself that patience was the key here. Jason had taken several classes in college, several of which were psychology classes, and had he take only two more classes, he could have walked away with a bachelor's degree in the field.

He knew from his classes just how to break her, and knew it would take time. He had to tire her out, his first step was to exhaust her, physically, emotionally, sexually, and by the time he racy and wild wet crack drilling pornstar and hardcore done, he would break her in every way and remake her.

He put a special set of clip on panties over her to hold the vibrators in place, plugged them in to ensure they wouldn't run out of power, and flipped their switches. "OOAAHHAHOO NOOOO NOOO NOO NOOOO!!!" She started wailing as she bucked her hips, knowing that at the speed and power the vibrators were going that she wouldn't last, bucking desperately in the hopes of knocking them out.

She felt the vibrator in her ass through her pussy, felt the vibrator in her pussy through her ass and felt the walls of both tighten and grip hungrily at their new occupants and started cumming with the shock of the whole experience. Jason stepped around in front of her again and placed a ring gag into her mouth. "almost done sis, just a few more things and I'll leave you be." He reached over to his computer and put the headphones around his sisters neck, stepping up on the bench, he grabbed her head in one hand, and freed his cock with the other.

"you're always so quick to run your mouth, but from now on, I own you. You do what I say, when I say, how I say." And with that he shoved his cock through the ring gag deep into his sister's mouth, he felt his cock twitch and knew he wouldn't last much longer, dominating his sister like this for the first time had him too aroused.

He pulled at the ropes holding her hair and fucked her face, pistoning his cock in and out, feeling the back of her throat with every thrust. The looked at her and saw how beautiful her body was, how smooth her skin was, seeing her hair tangled in the rope. Her hands bound and her legs tied and her body bent, he felt his orgasm coming. He grabbed her and shoved his cock as far down as it could go into her throat, feeling her gagging against him, but using it to push himself farther down her, blocking her ability to breathe.

Letting out a roar he unleashed a torrent of cum down her throat. Spurt after spurt forcing her to swallow it all. He pulled out right at the end and shot one last rope of cum straight across her left eye and stepped down, watching her ragged breathing as she struggled to stay upright. Picking up the blindfold, he covered her eyes, then placing the headphones over her ears, my wife strips at the beach started blaring sounds through the computer.

He'd set it up to play sirens, blenders, any loud noise he could think of, and underneath it all. "I live to serve Jason. Jason is my master. I live for Jason's commands. I crave Jason's cock. I crave Jason's cum." Suggestions repeated over and over.

He went over to the clock on the wall and noted that the time was noon. "I'll be back in a few hours sis. Make sure you don't break until then" he whispered. "I want to see it when your mind finally gives out.

You'll be a whole new you soon, reborn to african man and american girl better. Reborn to serve me."