As a prize for a good workout lady dee gets huge dick from her trainer pornstars hardcore

As a prize for a good workout lady dee gets huge dick from her trainer pornstars hardcore
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Save Water Everyone has heard the old phrase, "Save water, shower with a friend." Well I've said it many times over the years and I've actually had some very good results too. When I was in high school my steady girlfriend Rosalyn was at my house when I got home from baseball practice one day.

As I grabbed her and rolled her onto my bed in a very passionate embrace she took one sniff of me and told me that I needed a shower. So I said to her, "Save water, shower with a friend." To my surprise Rosalyn said okay. It wasn't like we hadn't seen one another nude before. Hell we had been having sex together for almost a year. But that particular day when she said okay and followed me into the bathroom, she changed me forever.

As Rosalyn undressed I watched her like I always had. I just loved watching Rosalyn get naked. She was my first true love and I thought that I would marry her someday.

As we stepped into that shower together Rosalyn had a hold of my hard cock and I had a hold of her nice firm ass.

It wasn't long before I had turned the water down to a soft rain and filled my hand with shampoo. I slimed her entire body and used both of my hands to massage the soap into her.

I had often ran my hands over her naked flesh but never when it was all soapy and slick like that. The suds were great. As I rubbed her body I massaged it too. All over! I squeezed her flesh in my hands, especially her firm breasts. I could squeeze then pretty hard and they would just slip out of my hands before I hurt her.

I managed to get three of my fingers in her pussy and I even got two of them into her ass. After that I got my cock in her ass too for our very first anal fuck. I loved it and she didn't seem to mind it too much either.

I believed that it was because she was just as excited as I was and that she was very well lubricated as well. The soap was so thick that she couldn't have jerked me off either small short guy forced to sex by a tall big woman in front of her small wife there wasn't enough friction for that.

When I did cum in her ass it was the best fuck that we had ever had and it was all because of the shower. After that we showered together often but I would always remember that very first time and our very first anal fuck. +++++ When I was in college this girl called Suzette was dating my roommate.

I had caught them fucking in his bed a few times and I had also seen her naked a few times when my girlfriend Josey and I had joined my roommate and Suzette in a game of Strip Poker. My roommate and I had often suggested an orgy but the girls just weren't into it. We had suggested that they do a lesbian thing for us too but they weren't into that either. Fuck if they weren't! One time my girlfriend Josey told me that she and Suzette had gotten together and shared a bottle of wine and couple of joints one night.

Suzette was a swing hitter and enjoyed a beautiful woman just as much as a handsome man and my girlfriend was certainly a beautiful woman. Josey told me how soft Suzette's lips were when they kissed, how sweet her pussy had tasted, and how nice it was to be able to smash her breasts into asian legal age teenager nipples pinched and caressed schoolgirl and japanese pair of breasts that were just as nice as hers.

She talked about sharing a double-ended dildo with Suzette too. They had stuffed it in both of their pussies and in both of their rectums also. Josey said that the best part was when she folded the double-ended dildo in half and double fucked Suzette with it until she had multiple orgasms. She said that Suzette was the best sex partner that she had ever had and that she was in love with her.

Oh yes and Josey dumped my ass and became Suzette's girlfriend.

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My roommate wasn't any happier about it than I was either. After all he lost his girlfriend too.

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Then one day a week or so later Suzette came by to tell me that she was sorry for stealing my girlfriend away from me. I think I told her to go fuck herself and then I headed toward the shower. It was a pretty modern co-ed dorm so the bathrooms and showers were also co-ed or unisex as they used to say. All it really meant was that some drunken chicks would have to drop the seat before they sat down or their asses would kiss the cold porcelain.

That only seemed to piss off anal tulip whore porn theater gang bang lesbians though. They were only looking for an excuse to trash us guys anyway.

After that we never put the seats down again. That really pissed them off. Fuck them if they couldn't take a joke. Anyway as Suzette entered the shower with me she was still dressed while I was not. I smiled at her and said, "Save water, shower with a friend." I had lusted after Suzette for a long time but she had belonged to my roommate.

Then Josey had taken her away from both of us. Suzette didn't seem to mind being totally soaked to the skin with her clothes still on.

She started undressing but soon she needed my help to get her wet clothes off. Suzette was a fine looking babe and undressing her just made andra college girls sex storys harder.

There was no way in hell that she could miss it. Then she started to stroke it gently and lovingly. Suzette got on her knees and started sucking my cock right there in the shower where anyone could walk in on sister and brother sex and black guy at any time. Then she started slipping my cock in between her nice soapy tits.

When I told her that I wanted to butt fuck her Suzette just said okay then she asked me if she could watch too. Watch? What to hell was she talking about? I had only had anal sex in the doggy position or with the girl bent over. So when Suzette got on the floor of the shower room on her back and placed both of her feet behind her head I finally realized what she was getting at.

In that position she could see everything even better than I could. She was one limber babe that's for sure. So I got down on the floor with her and dripped some shampoo onto her pussy. Suzette rubbed it around with both of her hands and got herself all sudsed up. I then watched as Suzette put two of her fingers from one hand and three from her other hand into her pussy and finger fucked herself with them. My roommate had told me once that Suzette could get a beer bottle in her snatch but I hadn't believed him, that is until then.

Then Suzette put one of her fingers into her asshole. Then she put in two fingers from that hand in her ass and fucked herself with them. Finally she added one finger from her other hand as well and stretched her asshole out enough for my cock. When she told me to go for it I did just that. I butt fucked Suzette with a vengeance.

I guess that I was just trying to get even with her for taking my girlfriend away from me. So anyway I fucked into Suzette like a man possessed. I rammed it into her hard and I slapped her ass with my ball sack. I poked her hard and I didn't give a shit about her feelings. For once in my life I was only concerned about my own feelings. Soon the cum in my balls was boiling up and demanding to be released. With every cum shot that I fired into her I sent my cock into her bowels deeper and deeper until I was finally spent.

As we lay together there on the floor I realized that I had to agree with my ex-girlfriend, Suzette was the best sex partner that I had ever had and that I was in love with her.

When a couple of guys came in to take a shower Suzette just unwound herself, stood up proudly, and finished taking her shower with me. Afterwards the guys couldn't believe that a hot chick like Suzette would take a shower with me. Especially right there in front of them when they knew that she had just gotten fucked. The joke was on them because she became my girlfriend. Suzette and I had a few threesomes with our ex-girlfriend Josey. Then after graduation Suzette and I were married.

Hell Josey was even one of Suzette's bride's maids. +++++ Most recently my sister-in-law Tonya came to live with Suzette and I when her marriage was on the rocks. Tonya was just as pretty as her sister and only a couple of years older too. The first week that Tanya lived with us I found myself walking in on her in the shower thinking that she was Suzette. I apologized but I got a good look at her naked, that's for sure and I liked what I saw.

Tanya got even with me a couple of days later when she walked in on me in the shower. It was certainly no mistake, like mine had been. She stood there and got a good view too. Tanya made sure to tell her sister all about both instances. Suzette just smiled about it and told me to enjoy whatever I could. That was a total surprise to me. However Suzette had told me about how she had gotten to be so good at eating pussy in the first place.

Tanya and her had shared a bedroom for years and they had made out almost every night for years after Tanya had hit puberty.

They had even shared Tanya's husband a few times too in a threesome. So I guess it was only fair that my wife offered to share her sister with me. Okay! I could go for that. So that night when Tanya excused herself to go take a shower she said, "Aren't you the one that is always telling me to save water and shower with a friend?" Then she walked off toward the bathroom.

I waited a couple of minutes before following her. Suzette smiled at me and patted my ass as I walked by her. She knew what I was up too and she didn't mind one bit. I undressed in my bedroom and walked out into the hall naked. Suzette was sill in the living room and whistled at me. I could hear the water being turned on big tits milf alexis gets lured into pussy licking by lexi the shower as I approached the bathroom.

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When I turned the doorknob and found that she hadn't locked the door from the inside I just smiled. None of us ever lock it that's why we get walked in on so often.

So anyway I opened the door gently, walked in very quietly, and then slipped into the shower with Tanya. Actually our shower is our bathtub with a shower curtain across it. There is plenty of room for two people in there. Tanya's hair was covered in soapsuds and her eyes were closed but she still called me by name.

She had been expecting me to join her. I was glad that I hadn't disappointed her. I reached around Tanya and cupped her breasts in both of my hands as I snuggled my hard cock into her ass crack. Just then Suzette stepped into the shower behind me.

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Apparently there was plenty of room in there for three people. Suzette said, "Watch out Tanya. The first time he showers with a friend he winds up butt fucking them. I should know." Tanya said, "You know very well that I don't mind things poked in my ass any more than you do." With that said, Tanya rinsed her hair and bent over slightly for me. She reached back between her legs to grab my stiff cock and position it against her anus. I grabbed her love handles and eased it into her rectum.

As I slowly butt fucked my sister-in-law my wife pressed her tits into my back and reached around to grab one of her sisters hanging tits. The three of us humped obedient star gets big cock in her petite mouth one another until I came in Tanya's ass.

We finished our shower together and took turns drying each other off before we retired to my bedroom. The three of us made love all night long. Suzette and Tanya put me to shame. Those two sisters never seemed to tire or give up. Their sex drives were extraordinary. After that day the three of us never showered alone again. Tanya slept in our bed every night with us. Tanya's marriage failed and she divorced. She remained with us and the girls learned to share me.

Then one day I asked Suzette, "Could we invite Rosalyn and Josey to join us someday?" Suzette smiled and said, "Yes! But wouldn't we need a bigger shower though!" The End Save Water 137