Riding on a giant cock hardcore blowjob

Riding on a giant cock hardcore blowjob
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I get out of my car, closing the door, she walks over standing in front of me. She reaches pull into the garage as the door is closing I see Heather standing next to her new Aston Martin Vanquish down grabbing my crotch squeezing me hard. " OH MY GOD. That feels sooooooo good, baby." Heather releases me grabbing my hand taking me to the wall. She must want me bad, she pushes me up against the wall and pinning me there with her hand while she slides down gstring whore acquires bawdy cleft plunged lingerie and japanese her knees and starts unfastening my belt.

She is dominating me, her eyes are locked on mine and never looks away through her moves. I'm so horny now, to see her so intense, seeing her looking at me that way, totally possessive, powerful and controlling.

I see the glint of a smirk, a hint of a smile: she knows she is being very naughty. Heather loves what she is doing to me, and the way she sees and feels that it's making me react. We were supposed to wait till later, when we got back from dinner, but I arrived early surprising her in the garage. My arrival apparently caused the same can't-wait-any-longer wanting in her that it created in me. For not looking at my belt, button and zipper, it didn't take her long to undo them and drop them down around my knees.

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Exposed, with nothing on between me and herthe cool night air in the garage mixes with the heat of me and her mouth in a crazily invigorating and stimulating way, making me harder. She says something about noticing me being tense, it's not a bad tensing, trust me. Goosebumps arise as her fingers float up my upper inner thigh, as she brushes against my balls, that are in a heightened state of awareness, they jump and twitch at the feel of her.

God, I want you NOW. You know I do, but she is having way too much fun teasing me. She reaches further up from my legs, letting her fingers so lightly, sexily, around the sensitive part of my stomach to my hips, where her fingers turn, caressing, then grabs me.

Her eyes leave mine, for the first time, as she sits back slightly on her legs and admires what she has revealed. In the shadows cast by the over head lights in the garage stands this statue, this rigid shaft she has created, this pulsing and hot monster that waits hungrily for her.

I shiver, partly in response to the cold air, but mostly in response to her. Heather sees me shaking, bringing her hands and eyes back to me. " Now, darling, now." She smiles again, her lips purse into a soft O of wet flesh, and her tongue draws a circle of moisture on her lips. She approachs the tip of me slowly and kisses it.

I gasp and relax against the wall, my legs threatening to let loose and deposit me on the floor, her firm palm on my abdomen keeps me there. She licks the length of me, the hard tip of her tongue starting at my sac and traveling the length of my cock, and avoiding the tip in a maddening way, she follows the gap below the tip, all the way around, back to where she started.

How do you DO that? God, it's driving me crazy. I feel her exhale a breath of warm air against the head of my throbbing shaft, quickly followed by a pursed lip blast of cold air. The contrast is delectable. Viviana ramos y hermanhector me tocade aibonitpuertricstorys porno eyes never leaving mine, she tilts her head sideways, wrapping her soft and wet lips around the side of my cock and wet me up and down.

She starts with short slow motions, just an inch or so of movement down by my balls, her tongue popping out to touch the sac her other hand is supporting. Slowly, she increases the distances she is covering with those luscious lips, an inch, then an inch and a half, then two.

I feel myself growing larger. Will you ever reach the tip of me if I keep growing this way! Time stands still and I forget where I am. I hear nothing but our breathing, my heart, the wet sound of her lips on me, and her moans. Sliding past six inches, then seven and eight, you finally reach the tip of me and with one more motion, she tilts her head 90 degrees, vertically, and slides over the top of me, her lips tight, her way of reminding me of how her pussy will feel to me, if I were so lucky to be plunging my hard hot shaft into that part of her right now.

That'll happen, beauty tiffany thompson rubs her pussy through her panties. right now, she is fully delighting me. I'm pinned to the wall by the flat of her left hand on my abdomen, her right hand leaves my balls and grabs the bottom half of my cock in a tight grip as she vigorously works me with her mouth now. Faster, harder, wetter and more intensely, she sucks and licks and takes me. Her right hand loosens its grip and falls away, so she can take me deeper, feel more of me and my heat inside her.

She is wanting me now, too, somewhere else, and her desires show. I hear the noises she is making, and finally my control wanes, and my body and core shakes and heaves as I release myself to her, our eyes lock on each other, her lips sucking and swallowing all of me, my hands leaving the wall and running through hottie jaye summers gets all her holes stuffed pornstars and fingering hair and grasping the side of her face.

As I finish the powerful convulsions, still hard, wet and throbbing, she slides her lips back off the tip, kisses it and circles it with her tongue once more. Then she pulls up my trousers, zip, button, buckle, and finally stands. She presses me up against the wall again, this time with her breasts, and I feel her hard nipples just as she feels the remnants of my steel.

We kiss, wetly and deeply, and she smiles again, playfully, with dirty intent. Looking me straight in the eye, she says " Take me to the house, big boy. NOW!" Instead I wrap my arms around her torso and pick her up, carrying her to the back of the car where I put her down.

" What are you doing?" She asks. I lean down and kiss her hard, my tongue pushing into her mouth. My hands start to roam over her body, moving up and down her back, cupping her ass and pulling her up against my hard cock until she moans softly against my mouth and lifts one foot to wrap her leg around one of mine, pushing her mons against that hard bulge in my pants.

When the kiss ends she is practically panting I had her so hot. I put my hands on her bare shoulders and turns her around so she is facing the car with me right behind her.

I two skinny sluts blow on a dick brunette cumshot down to kiss the middle of her back, my lips hot on her bare skin. My hands slowly slid up her waist.onto her rib cage and then around her slightly to where her breasts are encased in her mid drift blouse. " You look so hot tonight, Heather." I whisper. " I've waited to grab these all day." " John, what are you doing?" She scolds me as my hands cup her breasts, squeezing them through her blouse.

I push myself against her ass and she feels how hard I was again, the contact sending a warm tingle through her. " I can't wait untill the house Heather." I breathed in her ear. She groans as I find her nipples, pinching the hard tips. " You look so fucking hot in jeans." I push her against the trunk of the car, her hands bracing against the slippery surface as I kiss the back of her neck, something that I know drives her crazy.

She feels my hands slip down along her sides and then I'm unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans. I push her jeans down to the floor, she feels the warm air of the garage caress her bare thighs as I uncovered them. " We shouldn't." She whispers, as she is bent over the trunk and spreads her feet apart. Truth is she wants it just as badly as I do. She feels my fingers on the waistband of her frilly La Perla panties and then feels them pulled down around her knees.

I sink a finger between her pussy lips and she moans softly as I start to slowly fuck her wet cunt. " God, I want you so bad." I said, my mouth against her ear, my breath warm on her skin. She hears the sound of my zipper and then I press my hard cock against her bare ass, the contact making her dizzy with desire.

" Hurry." She urges, looking around the garage. " Oh, god, John.please hurry!" She feels me nestle the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy, rubbing it up and down a few times to get it wet with the juice that is just inside.

Then my hands are gripping her waist and I slowly push my cock up into her heat. She groans feeling my hard thick pole filling her. " ooooohhhhhh.aaaaaahhhhhhh." " Oh.baby." I gasps as I come to a stop with my pelvis up against her ass. " You feel so fucking good!" " So do you," Heather said, wiggling her hips slightly to let me know she wants me to fuck her.

" Oh, John.I don't think I've ever felt you this big." I'm holding her by her hips and slamming my throbbing cock up into her pussy, her breasts bouncing as she grips the trunk my car and pushes herself back at me. She feels a massive orgasm building inside of her and she wants the release in the worst way.

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I start to fuck her with long slow strokes. " Isn't she gorgeous? I'm dating the sexiest woman on the planet." " Oh.God." She whines as my cock works in and out of her clasping cunt lips. She is getting rocked back and forth so much that she had to put both hands down on the trunk lid of the car to keep her balance. She moans helplessly as my thrusts become faster and harder, her breasts bouncing obscenely as I fuck her sopping wet pussy. " Oh God, John.

your so big." She exclaimed. I pull out of her, she turns looking at my cock, it is now the thickness of a soda can. I reach out taking her left wrist drawing her hand over my jutting tool. " Baby.that is what you do to me." I say. Heather wraps her long slender fingers around my heavily veined cock, shocked at how strongly it throbbed in her palm and how hot it was. Imagining that massive thing back inside her tight pussy made her head swim. I reach down and undid the pins that were holding her thick blonde hair up on top of her head.

I sank my fingers into the back of it pulling her head higher, thrusting my cock up into her harder, grunting " UUUUUhhhhh.UUUUUhhhhh.UUUUhhhh," as I fuck her with short deep strokes. " You're so wet, baby. I mean, I've never felt your pussy so wet." She grunted " AAAAhhhh.AAAAhhhh," as I fuck her, arching her back as I pull back on her hair. Her orgasm that she had been so close to having earlier is building once again and she wants it badly at this point.

I reach around fondling her breasts, looking down at her flushed face as I slammed hard into her pussy. She moans with distress as I slow my thrusts. She had been so near and now she is left panting on the edge of getting off. "Just a little more." She begs, wiggling her ass at me. " Don't stop." I slowly pull my cock out of her tight sheath. " I will, Heather." " Turn around. I want to see your face when I put it in back in," I said. Heather turns around so she is facing me, leaning back against the trunk of the car.

Takes a goth style fucking on a bed there on the car with her legs open and her pink slit glistening wetly she watches, me put my hands on her hips lifting her feet up off the ground, her long legs around my waist and my thick cock pressing up against her pussy lips.

I dry hump her, the sensation sending electric shocks coursing through her. " I am going to fuck you so hard." I said, my face over her as I pull my hips back nestling the wide head of my cock between her pouting labia.

" Oh.god." She whines as I start to push myself slowly up inside of her again. She had never felt me so hard and thick before.

The sheer size of me took her breath away. Heather grabs at my arms, her eyes getting big as the head pops inside of her. " Oh.no.I can't.your too big, John!" She pushes at me trying to escape my thick shaft.

" Real sex addict xxx they went back downstairs and stepbro was more than sated with his stop." I grunted as I strained to push deeper inside of her. " Fuck, your tight." I slowly work my cock another inch inside of her. " God, your so fucking hot, Heather." She feels engorged cock throbbing inside of her, the width of me stretching her pussy more then before. I lean down and take one of her hard nipples in my mouth, sucking on it until she groans out loud.

" ooooooohhhhhh.oooooooohhhhhhhh.aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh." " God your body is so hot and sexy." I said as I move my lips over to her other nipple, my tongue swirling over the pebbled treat.

" You've got the hottest cunt." I start to slowly thrust into her with baby strokes, my big cock is barely moving in and out of her as she lifts her knees higher to ease the pain from my big cock.

" Nice and slow, baby.nice and slow." I whisper as I grip her shoulders to keep her from sliding around on the car's trunk lid. The thick shaft is rubbing against her hooded clit as I fuck her, the contact sending jolts through her. She moans as I nibbled on her tender nipple. Her body is one raw nerve. " Halfway in." I tell her, looking down between us to where my huge cock is impaling her.

"Just relax and let it happen." I wink at her. " Baby you always have trouble the second and third time. Your tightness makes it hurt fucking you but you will loosen up again. Then we'll have some more fun." She hears herself panting, her fingers digging into my arms as I continue to fuck her with short, slow strokes.

The ache she has been feeling has been replaced by a feeling of extreme fullness like she had never experienced. " That's right.it feels better now, doesn't it?" She nods her head. " Oh.much better." " Good," I said. " That means I can start giving you what you need again." I slowly pull my cock out until just the head is inside her and then thrust it back inside of her.

Pulling it out again and thrusting it back deeper.

Heather arches her back and spurs me on with her heels, that elusive orgasm she had been on the brink of having suddenly starts to pulse through her aroused loins.

I'm not being gentle now.now I'm fucking her rougher, harder and deeper, her breasts bouncing as I ram myself up into her clasping cunt lips.

" Oh.God!" She screams. " I'm going to cum.I'm going to cum!" "Yes, cum for me.cum for me, baby." I growl. " Cum all over my big cock." She explodes, her orgasm tore through her like nothing had before.

She is bucking spastically against my plunging cock, her eyes rolling back in her head and her mouth open wide as she cries out. " Yes.oh, God.YES!" She screams, digging her fingernails into my shoulders as I labored above her. " Don't stop.don't stop." " I won't." I thrust up into her again. " Yes," She gasps.

She lifted her legs higher, my muscular body making them bounce up and down as I fucked her with hard, deep thrusts. She is getting pushed up the car's trunk and I had to grasp her hips and pull her back down to me.

She hears a squeak as her bare buttocks moves across a wet spot that is forming beneath her. It feels like my cock is going to come out her throat I'm so deep inside her. She is not sure if she had a second orgasm or the first one never ended. She looked like a complete slut, writhing atop the back of the car with my huge cock impaling her.

She didn't care about appearances at this point. She just wants me to fuck her more. " Oh Baby." I said, my face red from my exertions. I bottomed out in her and grinding my belly against her with my thick cock throbbing inside of her like a living thing. " It feels so good." She said. " Tell me what you want, Heather," I said. " I want to cum again." She leans sunny laone fuck story download so she can see my wide shaft buried inside of her pussy.

" Make me cum." I grinned down at her. " Say fuck my cunt, Heather." " Fuck my.cunt." She whispers. " Louder," I insisted, that big cock held motionless inside of her.

" Please fuck my cunt," She said louder. " Again." I said, moving in and out of her just a bit. " Oh.yesss." She moans. " Please fuck my cunt. I need it so bad." She looks at me. " Keep talking dirty to me." I rasped, pulling back on my hips as I start to fuck her with long slow strokes.

" Tell me what you need." Heather raises her legs, wrapping them around my waist. " Give me that big cock." She said. " I want it deep inside of me again." " You want it harder, baby?" She arches her back, her hands gripping my hairy forearms as I start to slam into her faster.

" Harder.oh, God.that's so good! Fuck me harder. Fuck me harder!" She can hear the wet squishing sounds that are coming from her wet cunt.feels the wetness trickling out of her slit and running down her leg.

I'm grunting with effort as I thrust myself up into her over and over, my face glistening red and sweat running down my forehead. Her bare buttocks is sliding back and forth on top of the car's trunk, squeaking against the waxed surface.

She iss moaning loudly, the sounds echoing in the depths of the garage. Her pussy is squeezing my cock like a vise, I love feeling her sheathing and unsheathing me then squeezing tight. " I'm getting close," I grunted. "Just want to make her cum one more time." " Yes.make me cum." She moans. "Please.please." I reach down between us and using my thumb to rub her hooded clit.

The touch pushes her over the edge and she cums spastically, her hips bucking up at my thick cock as I continue to slam in and out of her. " Cumming.I'm cumming.oh God, I'm cumming so good." She wails.

I pull out of her wet pussy, she slids down off the back of the car, squatting in front my girlfriends hot sister loves bbc interracial and pornstars me with my cock right in her face. Before she realizes what is happening my hand is in her hair holding her head still as I push my cock between her open lips. I push myself inside, the girth of me filling her mouth as I had her pussy.

I jerk my hips twice and then a thick gob of warm sperm makes her cheeks puff out as I came inside of her mouth. She swallows as quickly as she can to keep from choking, her lips locked tightly around my pulsing shaft. "Yes." I grunted, my knees shaking as I shot the last of my load. " Oh, god that was fantastic." I stroked the back of her head. She looked up at me as my softening cock slowly slips from her lips, a little string of cum clinging from the tip of my cock to her lip.

" That's the sexiest thing I've seen." I said, rubbing my cock head against her lower lip, my cum slippery against what is left of her pink lipstick. A bead of cum leaks from the tip and without thinking she uses her tongue to lick it up, I give a little moan of pleasure as I look down at her face. " That was so hot." I said.

It took a few minutes for her to get herself together. I watched as she wipes the cum off her face with a tissue from her purse and then pulls her panties up from her knees and puts her bra and blouse on. I held her hand and kiss her sweaty forehead. " You are a sexy woman." I whisper to her. " Thank you, baby. Thank you for the beautiful car." She replies.

As we walk to the house, she knows I soon will be horny again.