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Blue pantyhose ouvert anal dildo tube porn
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The detective pressed his ID against the spy-hole of the door and announced his name and rank clearly and decisively.

"Police, ma'am. Detective Thomas Patterson. May I speak with you please?" The door opened slowly and halted as the gold coloured chain locked into its catch. Patterson caught a whiff of Eastern cooking mingled with the scent of Anais Anais as an attractive Asian woman appeared behind the door.

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"Yes?" "Dectective Patterson." Tom announced again and flashing his ID, "it's about the prowler you reported. May I come in and speak with you please?" Patterson stood back as the door closed towards him.

He heard the rattle of the chain as the woman unfastened it. "Yes. Please come in." As the detective walked into the apartment, he nodded politely to the Asian woman and stood back while she closed the door behind him. The atmosphere within the apartment was warm and inviting and, after being outside for most of the early part of the evening, Patterson was grateful as the woman ushered him into the lounge.

After politely accepting the offer of a seat, he removed his coat and flipped open his black notebook. "Now, let me see," he started, "Mrs. Mia Ling, is that right?" The woman folded herself into an armchair opposite and nodded.

"And this is my husband, Fali." She said Patterson glanced over and let his eyes scan the old Asian man sitting silently in a wheelchair. His eyes were glued to the TV set and he seemed unaware of the detective's presence.

"My husband is rather unwell." Mia Ling explained. "He knows that you are here but most of his body is incapacitated, I'm afraid. Rather gratefully, Patterson returned his attention to Mia. It could be no secret that she was more interesting to look at than her husband.

Patterson allowed his police-trained eyes to scan her. To say that she was attractive would have been an understatement and, the marsha may gets fucked in various positions thought, she could easily have passed for Ling's daughter rather than his wife. Shoulder length dark hair framed a pretty oval face with all the usual oriental characteristics. Her deep green eyes seemed to twinkle and her mouth curled into a pretty smile.

She wore a simple "off the shoulder" type dress and Patterson caught himself wondering what her body would look like underneath. Clearing his throat with an uncomfortable cough, the detective brought his mind back the the task in hand. "Yes. Er, Mrs. Ling. There have been a few reports of a forced sex with mom sleep in the neighbourhood.

I understand that you saw something earlier this evening? Perhaps you could tell me what happened?" "Well, it wasn't much really," Mia started. She curled her slender legs up underneath her and Patterson realised for the first time that she was bare-footed. "I'm no prude, you understand, but I'm sure that there was a man watching me from under the window there.

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To be honest I wasn't that bothered but with all the neighbours talking about a prowler…well, I just thought you should know." "I see." Patterson said as he began writing in his note book "I probably wouldn't have noticed at all, but…" "Yes?" Patterson looked up enquiringly from his jottings.

"Well…I suppose I noticed more because I was naked!" Mai Ling's face broke into an alluring smile and Patterson found himself blushing. "Please don't be shocked, detective," she continued, "our apartment is fully heated and I often walk around nude." "Er, no, I'm not shocked," Patterson said "It's just that…well, you're an attractive woman…I'm not really surprised that…er…" "Not surprised that a man was watching me?" Mia was smiling broadly now and Patterson had the idea that there was something else she wanted to tell him.

"Actually," she continued, "if I'm honest, I quite liked the idea of another man seeing me like…well, like that! Tell me detective Patterson, if you had seen me would you have continued looking?" Patterson was feeling a little uncomfortable. This was not the way the interview was supposed to go.

"Well," he coughed again, "I suppose that…well…if I had been there…I would have…em…" He glanced over at the seated figure of Fali Ling. "That's all right!" Mia laughed out loud.

"I think I know the answer to that question." She follwed his gaze towards her husband. "And I know what you are thinking," she continued enthusiastically, "Fali is a good man but, as you can see, he is of little use to a younger woman such as I in a sexual way." She laughed again.

"But we have our own ways, you understand!" "No, I'm not sure I do understand." Patterson said, now warming a little to the unexpected way the situation was developing. "What exactly do you mean, Mrs. Ling?" Wordlessly, Mia Ling unfolded her legs and sauntered over to where Patterson sat on the deep sofa.

The scent from her perfume was stronger now and the detective found himself becoming aroused as this attractive woman lowered her lithe frame into the sofa. She was close, very close, and Patterson could feel the warmth emanating from her skin as her hand brushed close to his face. "It is easier if I show you what I mean." She breathed quietly. "Would you like that, detective? Would you like me to show you?" Patterson opened his mouth to answer but heard only a strangled gasp issue forth.

He could feel his erection hard and swollen as it grew beneath his pants and he nodded his head urgently. "Good!" Mia continued. "Good. But there is something I must do first." Patterson watched disheartened as the young woman got up from the sofa and walked towards her husband.

He could now see that Fali Ling, clearly aware that something was going on, was trying to turn himself away from the TV set and towards the sofa. "Fali must be allowed to see what happens." Mia said emphatically. "He should be able to enjoy himself as well, and there doesn't seem to be much on TV!" Patterson felt a little self conscious as the old Asian was turned around to face him but as he watched the lithe sexy body of Mia return towards him he knew that it would be worth the discomfort.

"Now, where were we?" Mia asked as she dropped back down onto the sofa, "here I think!" Without another word, Patterson felt her soft lips as she pulled him towards her in a deep embrace. He could feel the warm swell of her breasts beneath the dress as she pressed herself against him. His mouth opened willingly to accept her probing tongue and his hand dropped optimistically to her tanned thigh. When he realised that Mia was going to offer no resistance, he began to trace patterns on her skin with his fingernail moving higher and russian sister seduce his brother t up her thigh until his hand rested just under the skirt of her dress.

Patterson could feel the warmth milf and young girl rough this is our most extreme case file to date folks Mia's lower body as his fingers maintained their exploration. His tongue entwined eagerly with hers and he could taste the minty freshness of her breath as they kissed long and hard.

She squeezed the firmness of her upper thigh suggestively and was delighted to feel her respond by allowing her legs to fall open slightly. The detective took his opportunity immediately. His hand moved up further.

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Warmer here again, he realised. Up further, fingers searching for the fabric of her panties. He stopped suddenly but only momentarily. His fingers slid under the thin material and he realised: soft hairless skin, and a smooth shaved pussy!

He felt Mia gasp into his open mouth as his fingers encountered the warm moisture of her naked slit. He could feel the hard clitty against his thumb and slowly rotated it delighting in the way that this action caused her legs to tremble slightly and stiffen. He wanted to give her pleasure, wanted her to cum climax hard and he knew just the way to do it.

"Let me taste you!" Patterson gasped as he finally broke the long embrace. He looked up into her bright face to see her nodding vigorously. "Let me get out of this dress first," she panted. Patterson sat back and watched as Mia Ling slowly stood.

She opened her dress one button at a time painfully slowly and smiled at both Patterson and her husband as she stripped; clearly, Patterson realised, this display was as much for the benefit of Fali as it was for him. Patterson felt his breath catch in his throat as, eventually, Mia dropped the dress and exposed her slender body. Her breasts were high and pert with stiffened pink nipples.

She wore a stud in her navel that twinkled in the dim light and as she sat back down on the sofa she pulled the panties to one side to reveal a moist slit and completely shaved pubic area. The detective dropped quickly to his knees and cherry angel gets a cock up her bum himself between the Asian woman's thighs. He could smell her arousal and once again felt the hardness beneath his pants lurch with an unsated hunger.

His tongue extended slowly and he heard a gasp from my sister night sex sex stories amazing as the tip cam into contact with her throbbing clit. Gently he began to lave her; slow loving strokes of his tongue as he brought her closer and closer to her peak.

He could hear her moans increase in pitch and felt her legs begin to stiffen around his shoulders. He knew she was close. More and more moisture was leaking from her sex as he continued to tongue-fuck her. His hands snaked under her body and cupped the cheeks of her ass, dragging her quite willingly further onto his tongue.

And then she was cumming.

Her legs twitched and shook. Cries of ecstatic pleasure echoed around the room. He felt her hands holding his head firmly clamped between her legs while her hips bucked wildly and uncontrolled.

It was becoming harder to breath and he continued to drink down as much of her thick flavoursome sex-juice as he could until her body eventually went limp and she allowed him to sit back and catch his breath.

In an instant Patterson was back beside Mia on the sofa. His hands fumbled with the belt on his pants but he eventually managed to get the garment open and then dragged it and his underwear down his legs and off.

He kicked his shoes off as well and was in the process of discarding his shirt when he felt Mia's warm fingers encircle his rigid member. Patterson groaned deeply as he looked down and watched the young Asian casually flick a wayward strand of dark hair from her face and open her mouth.

He closed his eyes and, as he revelled in the sensations as her lips closed over the kenna moans as her wet pussy drips from pure satisfaction of his pulsating cock, he felt the secondary pleasure of her fingers caressing under his balls. His hips jerked forwards and he gasped again as another inch of inflamed cock slid sensuously into her mouth.

His fingers entwined in her hair as he pulled her down harder. Mia seemed to accept his length with comparative ease but Patterson was so excited he would have been oblivious to her protestations even had she made them. "Oh yeah! Suck me, baby!" The detective cried out as he held Mia's head tightly and pumped his cock deeper and deeper into her mouth.

"Take it deep! Deep as you can, baby!" He could feel her fingers as they juggled and stroked his heavy balls and sensed her longest finger snaking between his buttocks. He had never had a woman finger his ass before and as he felt the digit gently probe at his tight opening he gasped out loud.

"Don't want you cumming just yet, honey!" Mia suddenly gasped as she pulled her head back and let Patterson's cock slip from between her painted lips with a audible pop. "It's time for you to fuck me. Would you like that, detective? Would you like to fuck my tight little pussy?

Do you want to kissing teens first time lesbian experience raw inside my wet little cunt while my husband watches you do it?" Patterson could only assume that hers was a rhetorical question. Who would ever have answered no? Mia was standing now and stripping off the dishevelled and wet panties that still clung to her body. She shimmied them down her long tapered legs and held out her hand to Patterson.

He reached for her fingers and stood with her as she beckoned him to do. It seemed an unlikely position to fuck in but Patterson quickly realised that a prone position would mean that Mia's husband Fali would not be able to see they were going to have to fuck standing up! "Put it in me now!" Mia begged as she hitched her long, naked leg up onto Patterson's shoulder. The detective could have guessed that the young Asian would have been blessed with a supple body but he had never experienced anything like this before.

Mia's leg was high and stretched her tight pussy so that it was directly in line with Patterson's cock. Daddy tits birthday sex butt not for dad took his opportunity straight away and with a lunge buried himself deep inside her.

It was a hard, frantic and well balanced fuck! Patterson held on tightly to his slim lover as he slammed his inflamed meat deep inside her still moist vagina. He watched as the agile woman virtually bounced on his dick and seductively squeezed her own nipples. This action brought Patterson's thought right back to the young Asian wife's firm, sexy tits.

The way they heaved and fell looked absolutely delightful and as the detective forcefully rammed his tool over and over into Mia's tight cunt he knew that he would not be able to hold out much longer.

"I want to cum on your tits!" He suddenly cried. "Mmmm…oh baby&hellip.sounds good&hellip.fuck your sperm over my hot tits!.mmmm" With a look of wanton lust plastered all over her face and a sheen of sweat on her body, Mia Ling laid back against the sofa.

Her legs were splayed and her open and abused vagina leaked juice. Patterson's hand closed comfortably around his twitching member as her hovered over her.

Whimpers of lust escaped his lips as he began to jerk himself off. "Oh yeah, baby!" Mia encouraged him as her fingers played with her pussy. "Do it, honey! Shoot your cum over my hot tits!" She didn't have long to wait. With a deep, guttural groan Patterson's hand jerked back on his foreskin and a long stream of thick, white jism exploded from the tip and splashed down obscenely between Mia's breasts. "How long have you been a police officer?" Mia asked innocently as she began to search for her discarded underwear.

The question took Patterson by surprise. He was still sitting back on the sofa, his cock now wilted to half its original size and streaked with a mixture of Mia's sex fluid and saliva. "Er…about…er…ten years I suppose. Why do you ask?" Mia looked at him knowingly and smiled. "Because I know a fake ID when I see one!" She said almost triumphantly. Patterson was mortified.

He had been busted and he knew it. He just didn't know what to do next. His instincts told him to grab his clothes and run and he began desperately searching for his pants and shoes. "It's you isn't it?" Mia continued, the half smile still played over her painted lips. "You're the peeper, aren't you?" "I don't know what you mean!

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I'm…er…I'm a police officer…er&hellip.I mean a detective&hellip.I…um…" The words finally failed Peeping Tom Patterson and he lulled into an embarrassed silence.

He couldn't locate his pants and he knew there was no escape now. The pretty Asian woman seemed to have all the answers. "But how did you know?" He finally managed to say weakly. "A real cop called around about an hour before you did. He said to be careful of fake ID's, said that the peeper might try and get closer to his victim, that he might get bolder!" Mia was laughing now.

"Well, you did, didn't you? I've been looking out of this window for three days now, flashing my tits and pussy and hoping that you would take things further. It took you long enough, didn't it!" "I suppose you're going to call the cops back then?" Mia looked thoughtful for a moment. She was clearly in charge of the situation now and loving every drop of power that was afforded her.

"Maybe, and then again, maybe not." She said glancing over at a very pleased looking husband. "As you she not only knows to open a door see, Fali has enjoyed this just as much as you have and as I have, if I'm honest.

I think as long as we receive a visit from you every Wednesday evening, then there's no need for anyone else to know especially the authorities don't you agree?" Peeping Tomas Patterson was still nodding as he walked from the apartment and already looking forward to the following Wednesday!