Group of swingers swap partners and orgy

Group of swingers swap partners and orgy
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A Hide and Seek The warmth of day bleeds its last sunny residue into the viviana ramos y hermanhector me tocade aibonitpuertricstorys porno as he silently slips through the dark.

Summer is ending but there are still things to do, tables to turn and amusements to have. A late game of hide and seek with the neighbours girl and her visiting friends are turning out more interesting that he first suspected.

One of the girls is hiding in the old tool shed and he enters it stealthily, like a hunting predator, led there by muffled giggles. He was already adjusted to the gloom; she's hiding between two stacks of old papers and magazines but a white shorts and top cuts through the stuffy darkness. It's one of the friends, part of the slumber party and the only one that not only has tits, but sizeable ones too.

Big enough to bounce when walking; she's wearing more than a training-bra underneath that tight top and her bikini where round and full at the beach he though upon reflection. With her backside turned his way he snuck up on her, irritated that he was not offered the pleasure of looking at those two huge orbs, jostling for position in her tight top.

Stopping and holding his breath, he took stock of the situation, hidden behind a pile of carefully stacked firewood. He watched her giggle with a hand over her mouth and peering out the little window framed by the door, searching the night for clues of him not knowing he was already inside, there in the shed, with her.

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Content with her ignorance, he stood up and smartly crossed the space between them with two, swift strides. She jumped in fright and would have let out a startled yelp if a hand hadn't covered her mouth as arms grabbed her from behind. 2. The shack She felt herself being lifted clear of the ground and she kicked over a stack of magazines, buckling and flailing with arms and legs as she was carried away, further into the dark.

The strong arms don't carry her far; only to a corner of the shed where no light spills in before letting her feet touch the ground again.

"I found you…" His breath is on her ear like a naked flame. Her body jerks involuntarily at the sudden hand on her breasts, fondling them both in turn and pinching the nipples though the thin fabric of her clothes. She moans. "Yes," he says to himself, as he slides a hand underneath the tight top, pulling it up over her breasts and sets to work of teasing one of them out of the cup.

", she really got a nice rack right here. Sensitive too… it'd be a shame not to let it work to her advantage." he reasons absentmindedly as the other hand finally leaves her mouth to grope and fondle the now freed breasts, kneading them in tight circles and kneading and pulling at the tender nipples with hard fingers.

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- "I found you, so what should you give me?" he asks, twisting her nipples until she squirms in his grip. "How about this?" he asks, letting a breast go and pushes a hand deftly inside her shorts and panties, down the front of her sex. The skin beneath is smooth, hairless and, incredible enough, wondrously wet.

- "No!" Her hands are immediately on his, trying to pull it out from her shorts. "I'm still a virgin!" Her panting is loud in the darkness.

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- "Okay Babe, I'll let you stay a virgin a little longer… how about this then?" he pushes her sex towards him, making her ass rear up, cheeks soft and comforting. He grinds his loins against the round, smooth orbs, cock throbbing though the fabric of her clothes, by way of reply. "You sure got a nice ass too," It was the truth.

It was almost as sweet as her tits and just as soft. His cock un petit coup de queue en pleine nature french amateur throbbing as crazy just by being near it, knowing such a sweetmeat was within grasp. "… I'd do that instead. I'd be slow and nice. You'd intense threesome session with a stunning hooker it." He added. - "No… not here…" He though he heard a note of uncertainty enter her voice as she replied head half turned towards him.

She was beginning to warm to the idea. "… what if the others find us?" -"They wont," he replied with a hint of urgency in his voice, as he started to pull down his pants. "… but if you're nervous, you can give me a tittyfuck and a blowjob. But you have to hurry then!" She nodded by way of consent and he led her by a tight grip on her upper arm to one of the stacks of magazines that had fallen over and made her kneel on top of it, which she did, obediently.

His manner and the way he gripped her arm told her of his urgency and she thought it best not to stall him any further. Rounding on her, she could smell his sex through his briefs, musky and salty, almost to the point of tasting as she knelt before him.

Strong hands wound their way into her long, brown hair, gathering it in a knot, and pulled her head towards his waiting groin. He'd dropped his briefs at some point and something hard and blunt rubbed across her nose. "Polish it, slick it good for me," she heard him say as he pressed a smooth, round thing against her lips, parting them partially. "… I want to see it gleaming with spit." Obediently she opened her mouth and let the monstrous thing slide in past her lips, huge and veined.

It throbbed, impossibly large in her mouth, jerking back and fourth, vigorously thrusted, her hot lips wrapped tight around its shaft. It seemed so huge that all she could do was to press against it with her tongue to stop it from going down her throat, gagging or choking her. But despite the largeness she pumped her hot mouth over it, lips wrapped hard around it, when he willed it. Her tongue flicked expertly over the round, swollen head as she worked the length of him and he grunted and groaned in pleasure when the fat head of his cock pounded against the back of her throat.

When he finally came, it was wedged in snugly between her huge breasts and with almost explosive force. Suddenly forcing her on her back, straddling her with one leg on either side and gripping her breasts tightly, one in each hand, he had pumped his member, slick with spit and pre-cum, between her tits until they gleamed with juices.

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The sound of his groin slapping against her, wet p v big booty jeans sweat, resounded bodily around the small shack. - "Open you mouth!" he half-shouted in a voice that brooked no disobedience.

"And swallow what's coming to you!" Still half wondering what exactly it was that was coming for her, she was overwhelmed by it when it finally came. Hot, sticky fluids shot out from her breasts vale, like a spring flood from a broken dam, splashing her lovely face lavishly, covering her throat and neck, running down her shin. After a couple of trembling, powerful spurts that covered her lips with thick goblets of cum, he rutted her tits some more and slapped of the last dregs from his cock against them for good measure, before inserting the slackening thing into her still open mouth.

"Suck out the last drops." He said casually as he watched her suck obediently on the limp member with cum cooling on her face and tits.

- "Are you satisfied?" She asked after he had cleaned her up; wiped her face clean of cum with the hem of her top and sat her down on his lap, fingers buried and dipped in the wet fold of her pussy. "Maybe you could… have my ass… as you wanted? Before I mean." Her mouth is against his ear, whispering husky things, slender arms around his neck.

He feels her need to come so badly. "Maybe later," he replies, letting her up on her feet. "… when you have gone to bed. I'll sneak in and put it in so slow you won't even wake before I'm finished.

You'd like that?" He is at the little door, peering out into the darkness outside. She doesn't answer but he know she'll keep her sleeping-bag close to the door, eager for the return of his dirty thing as he sneaks out into the night, hunting.

The sound of shouting reaches him, the others are wondering why he hasn't found them yet. The night is young, the hunt is on and there is still three left to go.