Redhead slut masturbates in front of cam

Redhead slut masturbates in front of cam
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This is the sequel to 'Sally Sam, Mary, Mark Kevin Kerry' and 'Sally Sam, Mary, Mark Kevin Kerry 2' It is probably best to read those two episodes first. On Saturday morning I woke early. There was something going on beside me. When I opened my eyes I saw my wife, Sally, naked on top of my 15-year old nephew, Peter, also naked. Sally's cunt was on Peter's face and I could see his tongue sliding between her labia.

Sally's head was bobbing up and down over Peter's groin. No prizes for guessing why she was doing that. I was not surprised or upset by what I was watching.

After all, Peter and I had double fucked Sally for the second time, just before I fell asleep last night. During the night I had woken up for a pee and found that Sally and Peter were asleep beside me, in a tangle of naked limbs. Ever since I fell in love with Sally, until about a month ago, I had been faithful to her. I felt certain that she loved me too, and had been faithful to me until our first orgy. I called the way that we had lived our past sex life the old rules, but now we operated under new rules.

But what were the new rules? I knew that tonight I would fuck Sally's sister Mary, and Mary's friend, Kerry in front of every one who was present, and I would watch Sally fuck Mark, Mary's partner and Kevin, Kerry's partner. I was not sure where Peter would fit in, but was sure that he would fit in somewhere. Almost certainly he would be fucking Mary in one hole while I fucked another.

I knew that Mary was ready to try a double fuck. Peter would probably also share fucking Sally with someone else. Cheating couple having vaginal and anal sex and I had double fucked her interracial anal threesome with two hot babes mg last night and I guessed that she was enthusiastic about more of the same. So I knew some of the things that were expected under the new rules, but was there brandnewamateurs bella gets teased until she squirts forbidden under those rules?

In my past experience a set of rules all started with 'Thou shall not.'. Peter and Sally both came while I was pondering the rules.

Sally then turned to me and kissed me, poking her tongue into my mouth so that I could taste Peter's cum, most of which she had swallowed. "Are you two men going to join me in the shower? I want to feel your wet bodies against mine." So we all washed each other. I made a mental note to investigate a larger shower stall with shower roses all around.

I thought that it should be big enough to accommodate 6 or 8 bodies. Sally dried herself but made no move to put any clothes on. When Peter went to wrap a towel around his waist, Sally pulled it off. "New rules, Peter, Sam. Total nudity when we are alone in the house." "OK" "If you say so." Now, this morning, sitting around the kitchen table we discussed this evening's activities.

Peter was curious about how we coped with watching each other being fucked. Sally replied first. "Until a month ago, I had been faithful to Sam and I believe that he had been faithful to me." "Yes! I had." "Then my sister, Mary told me about a night during which she was fucked by Kevin while Kerry and Mark watched, then Mark fucked Kerry on the same bed.

When I told Sam about this, I could tell by the fact that his cock stayed erect after he had fucked me that he liked the idea. Then when I told him that we were invited to join in a repeat of that night I could tell that he was as excited by the whole thing as I was." Sally continued, "That first night at Mark and Mary's place left us both so aroused that we have been busy fucking ever since.

So to answer your question, we love watching each other fucking other people. It really turns us both on, big time. What about you, Peter? How do you feel when Wendy brings a boyfriend home to fuck?" "I love it, because then I get to fuck her arse while he is fucking her cunt. Sometimes she doesn't come home until the morning, but when she gets home she's so randy, she fucks me to exhaustion, even though I can tell from her sloppy cunt that she has been fucking all night.

I love that too." "So, my slut wife, what, if any, are our new rules for fucking? It sounds, from what you just said that I can fuck anyone while you are watching, and I certainly enjoy watching you fucking with all the partners that I have seen you with. We have joked about you fucking the hunk at your work or me fucking my cute young secretary.

Would that be OK with you?" "Well! I'd really be pissed off if I found out about you fucking someone behind my back. If you do fuck your cute secretary you had bloody better tell me straight away, and I'll double blowjob for it guy she seduces sean to get his massive cock all the details.

I think that I'd be OK with that, although it would be much better if you fucked her in front of me, and even better if I could be part of the action. How about you? Would it be OK if I fucked the hunk at my work?" "I feel the same way.

I want to share in some way in all your fucking. If you tell me about it afterwards that's one way of sharing with me, but the more I'm involved the better that I'll enjoy it." For the rest of the day, except when we stopped for lunch, we were all busy preparing for the evening. Whenever Peter or I came close to Sally we would give her bum a squeeze, or a nipple a tweak, and she generally gave our pricks a little tug, nothing too arousing, just a little friendly reminder of what we would be doing that evening.

Recently, since our sex life had picked up so dramatically, Sally had only ever worn very short skirts, so I was surprised when, late in the afternoon, I saw her going into the room where she kept her sewing things, carrying a pair of jeans.

Lately she had mostly used that room to shorten her more conservative skirts. When she came out again I understood. She was wearing her jeans now but they were now more erotic than if she were naked because she had cut out a bikini shaped section, completely exposing her mons and her pussy, then she turned around revealing that she had cut a similar triangle from the back, exposing her bum slit.

She was topless and her feet were bare. I could not decide if she was beautifully obscene or obscenely beautiful. Eventually everything was ready for the evening, then the door bell rang. Sally went to open unusual lezzie lookers are opening up and fisting anals door, dressed only in her obscene jeans. Peter and I stood behind her, both still naked. Sally flung the door wide open, giving any neighbours who might happen to be passing an eyeful.

On the doorstep were Mark and Mary and Kevin and Kerry, all dressed alike in a piece of Hawaiian style cloth wrapped around their bodies. Mark's and Kevin's were short and wrapped around their waists, Mary's and Kerry's were a bit longer, wrapped around under their armpits, and reaching down to just below their pussies.

All were secured by velcro on the mens' hips or under the womens' armpits, leaving an gap down their legs or bodies which opened up as they came through the front door.

No one wore anything under their piece of cloth. Sally stepped up to each of our guests in turn, hugged them and kissed them, men and women both, then tugged their covering, pulling the velcro apart, and dropping the cloth on the floor. While she was kissing Mark and Kevin, they each slipped a couple of fingers into her pussy, and gave her a little pleasure.

Peter and I stepped forward and hugged and kissed the now naked girls. While we kissed them they squeezed our cocks, and we pushed a finger into their pussies. When the introductions/greetings were complete, and the front door finally closed, we discussed how we should proceed. Sally had organised a cold sm?sbord which we could eat at any time, so we agreed to start with some fucking straight away, then pause while we enjoyed the meal, before completing the evening with more fucking.

Mary was really keen to have Peter and me fuck her, so we went first, while every one else stood and watched us, although Kevin and Sally were groping each other, as were Mark and Kerry. Sally had placed a mattress in the middle of the living room floor, so I lay on my back on the mattress, pulling Mary on top of me. Mary must have been really aroused because my erect cock slipped into her well lubricated cunt without any difficulty.

Sally picked up a tube of lube from an occasional table, squeezed some onto her fingers and plunged one finger into Mary's bum hole and wriggled her finger around inside Mary's bowel and then squeezed more lube onto her hand and smeared it along Peter's very hard cock.

Then Sally placed Peter's cock at Mary's rear entrance with one hand while, with the other hand she pushed Peter's bum forward, causing him to penetrate Mary's bum.

Peter and I found a rhythm which pleased Mary and both of us, and almost at once the three of us were moaning with our pleasure. After a very few minutes I felt Mary's cunt squeeze my cock as her orgasm swept over her.

This triggered my own orgasm and Peter obviously could feel what was happening inside Mary's body because he came more or less simultaneously with me. Our audience cheered as we collapsed into a tangle of naked human flesh.

I could have stayed there indefinitely, reveling in the post-coital feeling of well being, with Mary on top of me and Peter on top of her, but eventually Peter climbed off Mary after his cock had slipped out of her arsehole, then Mary stood up, pulling my now limp cock out of her cunt. She reached down to me and grabbed my hand to help me up, and that was the end of that.

My wife Sally went next. She wanted Mark in her cunt and Peter in her arsehole. Amazingly, Peter was up for it. I envied him his youth, since I could not have gone again straight away, although the whole atmosphere was so erotic that I almost could have.

For her first fuck of the evening Sally kept her obscene jeans on. While we watched, Kerry came to me and rubbed her naked body against mine, while I played with her nipples, web cam dirty talk paying rent the hard way Mary and Kevin were doing much the same. I was so enjoying Kerry's attentions that I did not pay much attention to the threesome on the mattress until Mary screamed.

"Oh! Fuck yeah! I'm fucking cumming. Holly shit!" Then I realised that Peter was unloading his contribution inside her bowels, and Mark inside her cunt. They collapsed on top of each other and lay there for 5 or 10 minutes, before Peter stood up again.

Sally rolled over beside Mark and. his cock slipped out of her. They both just lay there grinning, until Kerry got impatient to use the mattress for her turn.

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Kevin and Kerry had never tried anal before, so Kerry decided that she wanted Kevin to fuck her arsehole while she and I were sucking each other in a 96, with me on the bottom. Kerry's attentions, and all the sex going on around us, had aroused me again, so that I had a great erection for her. Mary did the honours with the lube, poking mi esposa le gusta anal homemade and anal sex large dollop into Kerry's arsehole and wriggling her fingers inside her to lube and stretch her.

I watched Mary doing this from between Kerry's thighs as I was running my tongue from her clit to her hole and back again and she was taking my cock to the back of her mouth, and bobbing her head up and down. When Kevin started to press his cock head into his wife's arse, she stopped moving up and down my cock.

Guessing that she was tensing up I paid extra attention to her clit, hoping to distract her. At the same time I pressed a finger into her hole and felt around for her G-spot. Whether I found it or not, she collapsed on top of me in a huge orgasm as Kevin slipped inside her arse.

Kevin came in Kerry's arse after only a few minutes of pumping in and out, then Kerry came again before finally I pumped my second load for the evening into Kerry's mouth, which she swallowed.

With the first round of sex for the evening now over, we all sat down to enjoy the spread that Sally had prepared with Peter's and my help. As we ate Peter brought up the question that I had been asking earlier; was there anything that was not allowed under the 'new' rules? Mary didn't know the answer, but instead she told us about an adventure that she and Mark had recently enjoyed, which had some relevance. Bob was the CEO of a Canadian company that Mark's company did business with.

Bob was in Sydney to discuss a new contract with Mark. Last Friday night Mark invited Bob home for dinner and since he was traveling with his 18-year old daughter Barbara she came too. When they arrived it was obvious that they were closer than a normal father and teenage daughter.

Mary said as much and Bob and Barbara both burst out laughing. They explained, tripping over each other to tell the tale, that they started fucking when Barbara was 15. Her mother, Bob's wife had found out and confronted them with the facts as she knew them. At first, Bob's wife had threatened to go to the police, which would have landed Bob in gaol. Bob managed to convince his wife that, if she did that, they would all suffer, as he would lose his well paid job, and she and Barbara would lose the luxurious life style that they currently enjoyed.

In the end Bob's wife saw reason, he set her up in a good house with a fat trust fund to support her life style, and she agreed that Bob and Barbara could stay together.

Since he could not marry Barbara Bob was not interested in a divorce, but he assured his wife that if she ever wanted one, for what ever reason, he would make it easy for her. In the end the separation was quite amicable. By the time that Bob and Barbara had finished their story the meal was almost over. Mary went to the kitchen to brew some coffee. Bob followed her into the kitchen telling her how much he was attracted to her, and following this up by running his hands over her bare shoulders.

Mary enjoyed the attention, although she did not take it too seriously. Then she carried a tray with four fresh coffees and four brandies back into the dining room, only to discover Barbara sitting on Mark's lap, facing him.

Her skimpy top, which had not concealed much anyway was lying on the floor beside them. Her short skirt, which had not concealed much either, was bunched up around her waist. There was no sign beastiality black guy on females clitoris story any panties, and Mark had two fingers in her pussy while her lips were locked to Mark's, which explained why Mary and Bob had not heard her moans from the kitchen.

As Mary american fucking mom and dhuthsr vidio it: "We never did drink those coffees because they were cold by the time we had finished fucking.

The brandies were appreciated eventually, though. Bob and Barbara stayed until Monday morning, and over the weekend we fucked in nearly every combination possible between four people. They flew back to Canada on Monday, but in six month's time Mark has to present a progress report, in person, in Toronto, and I'm going with him, and we'll be staying in Bob and Barbara's home for one week." "Wow Mary!

That's fucking cool." from her sister Sally.

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"Some people have all the fucking luck." from her friend Kerry. "I don't know about that, Kerry. We've had our own little adventure recently, too." from Kevin. So then of course Kevin and Kerry had to tell of their adventure.

"Well," Kerry started, "I have this close friend at work who broke up with her boyfriend about 3 months ago. After our two communal fucks, I've been feeling, and acting very sexy, and of course Lyn noticed and wanted to know why.

At first I just told her that I was having especially good sex with Kevin, which was true, but not the whole truth." "Lyn sensed that there was something more and kept on at me to tell her how come Kevin's and my sex life had picked up so dramatically.

In the end I told her after swearing her to keep it secret. Her response was 'Larry left me because I was not willing to do anything kinky like that. Now, 3 months later, I'm so randy that I would love to be fucked like that.' So I asked her, 'Lyn, would you eat my pussy, while Kevin was fucking you?' 'You're kidding me aren't you?

You would let Kevin fuck me while I ate your pussy?' 'It would only be a loan you understand. Then I would want Kevin to fuck me while I ate your pussy.

Does that idea turn you on?' 'Fuck yeah! When can we do it?' 'How does this evening sound?' 'Fuck yeah!' So I rang Kevin to make sure that he was up for it, and that is what we did that evening. Since then Lyn has been back a couple of times and is now as big a slut as I am." "So why didn't you bring her tonight?" Sally wanted to know. "I wasn't sure that she would be welcome. Would she be, next time?" We took a vote and it was unanimously agreed that she should be invited to our next 'get together'.

I mentioned that Wendy, my sister and Peter's mum wanted to be invited too. Again everyone agreed that she would be welcome. After the meal the rest of the evening was pretty much like the start had been, just different combinations of cocks in various different women's holes. The grand finale was when Sally had Mark, Kevin and me fuck her in her 3 holes, while she stroked Peter to his 5th or 6th ejaculation of the evening, which he sprayed all over her tits.

After that our guests went home, Sally finally took off her obscene twistys aaliyah love starring at wouldnt yo, and she, Peter and I tumbled into bed together, but no one made any move to have further sex; we just all fell asleep.