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Petite japanese schoolgirls fuck in bathroom doggystyle and threesome
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Potential by Bistander Chapter 28 When Time Stands Still The ride home from the mall gave Evan time to think about the rings. Other than the one he didn't have and wanted to give Deana right away, the rest made him uneasy. He had been glad Deana talked him into getting Candy one, but now he realized it would serve as a constant reminder that he fucked his father's wife.

To Gloria, the ring meant they were going to do it. Once that happened, everything would change, again. He couldn't have a girlfriend who was his sister or his mother. Deana and Candy understood that, and Deana didn't care that he was having sex with Candy; she had a girlfriend, anyway. Their mother didn't know he was doing Deana, but she knew they couldn't be together once his father came home. Gloria was another story, though. Deana's comment about Gloria wanting to marry him had been playful, but the girl had a crush on him.

Hadn't he had hopes of marrying Candy during his crush years? If he gave Gloria a ring and made love to her, how could she not take it the wrong way? Jeez, she already got jealous when her friends flirted with him.

God forbid Gloria told Jayda, and Jayda said, me too! After the thing in the basement with Rebecca, giving her a ring might be stupid. Shit, why did he let Deana talk him into this? Deana turned in the seat and put her foot on Evan's lap. He looked at it and said, "You haven't had foot cramps for a long time." Deana giggled and grabbed his thumb with her toes. "It would have been weird if I didn't have a reason, and after a day at school, a foot massage is relaxing." "Huh, does public sex relax you, too?" he asked.

"That was amazing." "When did you plan it?" "It wasn't planned," Deana said. "You felt up my ass in front of that lady and told me you wanted to buy me lingerie, that got me going, then it just happened." "Is that where you and Rebecca did it?" "No, that was in a different store, and that was all her.

She's bad." Evan rolled his eyes and slipped his fingers between his sister's long, elegant toes. "If today was a test for when we go back to school, we failed." "Relax, we got time to get ready for that," Deana said.

"It's not like I'm going to get naked and drag you into the girl's room. Rebecca, hmm, that's another story." He laughed but knew it wasn't a joke. The tumbler was a lot like Becky, anything could happen, anywhere. "I'm not worried about that, but Gloria, she kissed me in front of Jayda's house.

I'm afraid she won't be able to—" "What did you expect after that orgasm you gave her? Then you took a shower with her," Deana said. "How do you know I showered with her?" "Come on," Deana said, "you think we didn't talk about that? We're sisters." "Does that mean she knows about us?" "No, and she shouldn't," Deana said.

"You should stop fooling around with Candy. Um, Gloria, ah, if Gloria ever found out, that would be bad." "I know, and I don't think I should do anything else with Gloria.

She's in such a hurry. It would be better if she got a boyfriend, fell in love and did it with someone she can be with in public." "Evan, I don't regret it. I'll never regret it." "But you have a girlfriend, you're in love, and you're older," he said. "Why is she in such a hurry? Since dad left, you wouldn't believe how many times I've woken up with her naked body in my bed." "Ooh." Deana shook herself.

"You telling me you don't wanna put this," she used the arch of her foot and rolled his dick against his inner thigh, "in Candy's clone? Damn, you're getting hard. Twice this morning and again at the mall, does it ever get tired?" "Twice, jeez, she told you everything." "Yeah, and it made me mad that mine aren't big enough for that." "Don't change the subject. Why is she trying so hard?" "As I was saying," she rubbed his now fully erect cock, "you know you want to, and she wants it to be you, so just make it the best first time she could ever have.

She loves you." "I do too, and I want to, I have since before it would have been okay, but I didn't know that until today." "So that's what you're afraid of?" Deana asked. "You're scared you won't be able to keep your hands off of her, not the other way around." "That too," he said.

"Dee, I'm already worried about you and me and mom. Shit, can you imagine how hard it will be not touching Candy after he comes back?" Deana mindlessly noodled his dick for a few seconds before saying, "I can, I actually think I can." He waited for more while enjoying the attention.

"Start now, as long as you start now, stay away from her, in a few days you'll be good at acting normal." "What about us?" "We'll figure that out later," Deana said. "For now, we have the house to ourselves, let's have fun." In Becky's bedroom, she was slumped in a chair with her feet on the bed, thinking.

The night before, her mother had at least two glasses of wine that Becky knew of. The woman rarely finished one with dinner. But the extra alcohol couldn't have been her excuse for the bathrobe only situation because Becky saw her get the second glass after she had changed into that.

A nun seemed a more likely candidate to go naked under her robe than Mary Barnes. If for some bizarre reason she had to, their mother wouldn't have been caught dead sitting on the couch that way. Becky knew this because she had been checking her mother out for years. She felt sorry for the woman. A body like hers didn't deserve to be entombed in terrycloth and padded bras.

In the conversation Becky had earlier with Jason, her brother blamed her and acted like he didn't get a huge boner thinking about doing their mother or at least letting her catch them. Oh, he did, Becky knew that, but Jason didn't have the balls to try and make it happen. Fortunately, like her, Jason lacked self-control. Once things reached a certain point, he couldn't stop.

In Becky's mind, if their mother had woken up the night before, she would have sat up with her mouth hanging open, but as long as they didn't stop, the woman wouldn't have said a word. Mary would have continued to sit there with her jaw hanging while Becky rode her brother's dick. Jason wouldn't agree with that, but he didn't know what happened after he ran off with his drooling cock dangling between his legs. Now, the trick would be to tell Jason enough to whet his appetite, but not scare him.

If she set things up right, her brother wouldn't be able to stop himself. At least I still have that fantasy, Becky thought. Thanks to Evan, Jason knew about them, now.

It would still be great to get fucked by Evan again, but he took away the anticipation and excitement of seeing Jason's expression when he caught them. That had been how Becky's other sucking and fucking the slave on tv show threesome played out.

Jason would walk in and see his best friend plowing her pussy. She'd tell her brother to shut up and fill one of her other holes. It had to be something like that because Evan wouldn't agree to it ahead of time.

Although, that wasn't the threesome that kept her awake at night. No, she wanted to share Evan's vein-bulging, rock-solid dick with someone else. It had to be someone who would enjoy his cock as much as she did. They would kiss each other while Evan forced that plum between their lips. They'd lick and suck and kiss, then share his hot, creamy load while sucking each other's tongues. The empty driveway heightened Evan's sense of independence and adulthood.

They could eat whatever they wanted, watch TV and touch each other without that fearful need to look over their shoulders. "Let's make the most of the time we have, tonight, this next week, and as much as we can get away with the rest of the summer." Deana opened her door and said, "Deal." She got out of the car.

"Grab my bag." "Why should I carry your Victoria Secret bag?" "Because you love me," Deana said and shut the door. He sighed and grabbed the bag. "I suppose I do." At the foot of the porch steps, he admired Deana's butt. She stopped with her hand on the screen door, smirked and said, "Or, maybe you just love this?" She yanked her shorts down and mooned him. The girl's ass was an aphrodisiac. Deana's snug shorts caught on her bubble-butt, lifting the sexy flesh into mounds above the waistband.

She took her time and turned the struggle into a seductive wiggle. He dropped the bag and covered three steps in one stride.

Whack. Deana's right cheek bumped the left, and they both shook. "Ooh." She jerked upright and turned around with her hands on her hips and her brow arched. "You're fast." He stared at the front of Deana's prominent hip bones and the waistband cutting across her mound. He stood one step below his sister and crowded her against the door.

"And you're lucky." "Um, Rebecca is the one who gets off on being spanked, so how am I lucky?" "You're lucky you're not wearing a skirt." He got to his knees and kissed the hairless slice of skin jesse jane fode evan stone her shorts and shirt. "And if I was, would you lift it up and do something right here where we might get caught?" He nodded, and his sister pushed her shorts lower.

"What's stopping you." It was irresponsible and dangerous, but he reached through the gap below Deana's crotch, placed his hand on the curve of her lower back, and pulled her forward to meet his lips and tongue.

"You're bad," Deana nudged her shorts lower, arched and leaned back on the door, "influence on me." "Mmm, Hot teen masturbates in the bathtub on cam think it's the other way around." He pressed his mouth on the curve of Deana's pubic bone, stuffed his tongue between her pussy lips and hummed.

Her fingers twisted in his hair and she worked her pelvis, grinding her clit on his face. "Ah, shit, Evan, oh God, we can't, shouldn't do it out here." Deana panted and pumped her hips for a few more seconds. "Oh, shit, ah, the neighbors, the neighbors might see you fucking me." He imagined saying, fuck the neighbors and taking his sister from behind while Mrs. Bryn watched from her window, fingering herself.

"I guess," he said and slid his middle finger inside Deana's storys caseros de chicas de santa cruz bolivianas xxx. "Ah, wouldn't it be amazing if it didn't matter; if we could do it right here or anywhere without worrying?" The tip of his finger trolled the wet groove and flicked roughly over Deana's swollen bud.

"We got the house to ourselves." He stood up. "Let's go in where we really don't have to worry." "I guess we better, but first," Deana said and pushed her shorts to her ankles. "Holy shit, you have no idea how exciting it is knowing someone might see me like this." "I think I do," Evan said. "Remind me to tell you what happened at the creek." "Okay, but now," Deana said, "let's finish what Mom interrupted last time you had me for dinner." "I think it was lunch-time that day," Evan said and picked her up.

Deana's flip-flops tumbled down the steps when she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried his sister through the screen porch and into the kitchen. Deana pulled their father's chair back, and he set her on the table, looking out the bay window at the driveway.

Candy pulled in last time while his face was buried in Deana's pussy. This time, if their mother came home, he didn't want to stop.

He wanted Candy to know about them, and he wanted Gloria to know, too, so he wouldn't feel like he was cheating on any of them when he was with the other. Deana moved so he could sit, then she put her feet on the seat next to his legs and spread her knees. He stared between them. "Jeez, you're incredible." She batted her eyes and said, "I bet you say that to all the girls." "Mm." He started kissing his way down her inner thighs. "Definitely not." Evan eagerly turned his head side-to-side, working his lips deep into her labia while poking her hole with the tip of his tongue.

As much as he wanted to know why his sister was acting like she wasn't a lesbian anymore, he was determined to enjoy it without asking questions. An impending orgasm caused Deana to imitate a crab, pushing up on her feet and hands, she thrust her pelvis high.

He braced his elbows on the table and squeezed her ass with both hands, forcing her to endure the brutal lashing he was giving her clit. His sister was absolutely drooling orgasmic juices. They dribbled down into her groove, across her puckered anus and dripped on the wooden surface. Deana pushed his face away and dropped her butt. "I want you, ah, want you inside me.

. now." Evan's zipper was going down as he stood. His sister's long fingers slid into his boxers, wrapped around his cock and brought the bulbous head to her opening. She looked directly into his eyes and said, "Fuck me, I want you to fuck me on the kitchen table." He held Deana's face between his hands and pressed his forehead to hers.

"I love your potty mouth." She guided him, and as if they were made to fit together, one shove was all it took, and he was deep inside his sister.

He watched Deana's black eyes register rough loud orgasm and work punishment excited youthful tourists felicity feline and jade joining of their bodies. Simultaneously, tears filled their eyes, and they said, "I love you." The arches of Deana's feet contoured to the curves of his butt and helped him test the limit of her pussy.

"Ooh, Evan, you make me feel so good." They moved as one in opposing directions. Their speed and force steadily increasing. Deana's cheeks squeaked on the table top. He grabbed her hips and yanked her back to the edge, dipped down and angled his thrust upward. She leaned back and watched his glistening flesh move in and out of her body. It didn't matter that he had seen hundreds of dicks fucking pussies in porn; the sight of his own cock sliding inside his sister's body amazed and excited him as if it were the first time he'd seen it.

Deana's expression said she felt the same way he did. Evan humped Deana until the last second, then he pulled out, shoved his dick down and they both watched the cum pelt her bald pussy mound. It slid down over her inflamed lips and dripped onto the table. That's when he consciously thought, fuck you, Dad, I just came where your plate will be when you come back and spoil everything.

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The dry toast Candy ate before leaving the house had helped her churning, empty stomach, and the thirty-minute drive had been enough time for her to stem the flow of tears, but not the onslaught of doomsday scenarios bombarding her mind.

John had choked her for suggesting he give Evan more leeway, what would he do if the security footage revealed that she had allowed her stepson to do what his father explicitly forbade? Candy stopped the fingerprint-smudged, softball-mom SUV behind a polished, black Mercedes-Benz sports coupe and wrung her hands on the steering wheel. More than likely, somewhere on her Tahoe a kid had scrawled, 'wash me' in the grime. The two vehicles spoke volumes about the choice each woman had made.

They had the same parents, grew up under the same roof, learned about life in the same bedroom, and both got pregnant as teenagers, then one crucial decision took them in contrasting directions.

Candy grabbed her overnight bag off the passenger seat, turned, dangled her legs and slid out. The gravel crunched under her feet. She looked down and realized she was wearing her daughter's sneakers.

An image of Gloria's face flashed before Candy's eyes. It was the day Evan had kissed Gloria in the kitchen right in front of her.

It had been a diversion in case Gloria had noticed the attention he had been giving Candy, but the girl had been aflame with the hope of reciprocated love for the rest of the morning. What kind of mother would do something that might dash the girl's dreams? Candy started toward the front porch, but an acidic, burnt smell, clinging to the hot, sticky air, halted her.

Standing there in rural Mississippi, Candy felt right at home with a Gator McKlusky sized foreboding. Surely, she wouldn't end up like the guy in White Lightning, dropped off in a swamp, but the outcome of this visit with Sally had the potential to alter the course of her life as much as the choices she and her sister made as teenagers. This time, would they both end up without their daughters?

The door opened, and her sister stepped out. The moisture still trapped in Sally's thick, red hair made it appear darker and lengthened the wavy curls. The shoulders of the luxurious pool robe were damp. Candy looked into the tattooed girl craves for a big dick void between the woman's breasts and saw the fabric that held the two halves of the bikini top together.

She followed the opening down to the blue bottoms. "Did you steal that robe from one of those eight-hundred-dollar a day hotels?" Sally ignored her diversionary small talk and extended her arms. The bag in her hand fell, and she ran like a lost child who finally spotted their mother. Her sister's plush embrace cause Candy's tears to returned.

Sally's words at her ear, "I love you," made her body convulse with sobs. "Candy, it's okay, I got you, baby, I got you." Deana laid on her back with her hands under her head, grinning. Evan slumped in his father's chair, holding his sister's feet in his lap. "That's a sexy look, but now I'm never gonna be able to eat here again without picturing you sprawled out naked." She laughed. "Yeah, and I'll be thinking about your dick squirting on me right where Dad's plate is.

How am I gonna keep a straight face?" He shrugged. "How will we ever act normal again?" "We'll figure it out, later," Deana said, "but in the meantime, we have the house to ourselves.

What do you want to do?" "I wanna get naked and see how many rooms I can give you an orgasm in. What about you?" Deana sat up. "I could be on board with that orgasm thing, but first a shower." She held out her hand. "I love the way you wash my back." He thought about how Deana looked and felt when water and suds were cascading over her skin. "That's a great idea." She got off the table and stood there naked from the waist down.

"You remember that day when I was standing over there, wearing only a towel?" "Um, you mean all the times you walked around with your butt peeking out, or the morning you exposed yourself, and I had to run out of the house?" "I'm sorry I used to tease you," she said, "but I was talking about when you pinned me to the counter and told me I was lucky you didn't pull my towel off." "I remember," he said.

"I scared you." "Doesn't that seem like so long ago? So much has happened since then. We're different people, all of us are different, yet it was only a few weeks ago." Evan's head slowly nodded while he thought about all the things Deana didn't know. "It's crazy." He had fucked Becky, Jayda and Miss Tonya, and raced Dale's car, not to mention Cindy's antics in her panties and kissing him. "I wanted you that night.

If you had followed me back to my room, we would have done it." "Damn it, I wasted so much time," he said. "You have a week to make up for it," she said. "Come on, shower time." The next fifteen minutes passed for Candy without any perception of time.

To her, it could have been an hour or a minute since Sally walked her from the front porch and deposited her on the couch. She pressed the heels of her hands into her face and squeegeed her cheeks and eyes as she lifted her head.

Sally was in front of her on a love seat, staring. "God, Candy, you look terrible," Sally said. Candy felt as if her lips ripped apart when she opened her mouth to speak, "Thanks." "I didn't mean it like that," Sally said and got up. "You're pale. Let me get you a drink." "I don't think I ate anything all day." She steadied herself for a second, then followed her sister as far as the island that separated the kitchen from the great room. Sally opened the my panjabi moti sexy aunty photdownload. Candy pulled herself up on one of the bar stools and propped her elbows on the tiled countertop.

How fitting it seemed that her feet didn't reach the floor while her big sister decided for her that she needed a bottle of water, opened it and set it in front of her. "Drink, baby, drink some." She watched Sally through the water and churning air jeny smith undresses at public show room while she drank. The expression on her sister's face matched the tone of her voice.

"What happened? You promised me you'd be careful. What happened?" I'm stupid, a stupid idiot, Candy thought. "I don't know." She drank several more gulps and took a deep breath.

"Phew, it had finally stopped hurting, and all I had to do was make it until Cindy went to college. I'm so weak, pathetic. One kiss—No, all it took was one look, and I couldn't say no.

Now, it's all there again, all that pain. I'm in love with someone I can't be with, and fucking Evan so I don't have to think about it.

I am so fucked, fuckin' fucked! Damn it." "Candy, stop it," Sally said and reached across the island for her hands. "You fell in love, and why wouldn't you? Cindy is amazing, she loves you, and you needed each other." "How could I be stupid enough to forget that he was going to see everything?

He'll know I took an overnight bag with me and didn't come home. He'll know Evan wasn't grounded, and the girl he was trying to keep away from me, was there. Cindy spent the afternoon. Nobody else was home, so I can't say she was there for Evan or Deana." Once Candy paused long enough, Sally asked, "Are you done, yet?" "Sally, this is serious." "I know. I'm the one who begged you to be careful, but it's going to be okay." "No, no, it's not, it's not going to be okay," Candy said.

"John is going to take Gloria and throw me out, just like he promised." Sally yanked Candy's hands and squeezed. "Listen to me. It is. I told you I would help you. I'm not going to leave you again.

I'm gonna fix this." "You don't understand." She remembered the air constricting chokehold John had on her throat. "His security system—He'll know everything." "No, Candy, he won't see it." "What are you going to do, kill him before he gets home?" "If I thought you were in his will, that would be my first choice, but I'll edit the video.

He'll only see what you want him to see." The expression on her sister's face slapped Candy's brain from its state of emotional bewilderment.

She shivered, thinking about the murderous rage the redhead unleashed on her when she said, "Sally, we talked about raising her together, loving her and being the best mothers in the world. What happened?" All these years hadn't made it any less frightening. The redhead's face had turned the color of her hair, and Candy never mentioned Sally's baby again.

"Sally, what are you saying?" "Relax, I'll fix this." "Are you some kind of hacker?" "No, but I have a lot of experience with video, and I have friends who know things. I've already spoken to someone. You her slippery dildo has never been wetter have to worry about the surveillance, but you still have a big problem that we need to take care of." She sipped from the bottle, connecting bits of memory with ideas Sally had planted last time they spoke.

"I'm confused." Really, she was afraid of the truth she might provoke. "How does Cindy know you, and why would she tell me to ask you for the truth? It doesn't make any sense." Sally's expression softened, and she rubbed up and down Candy's forearms. "I'm not sure why she would tell you that. She shouldn't have, but Cindy was the only person left who could tell me what I needed to know." "Know? What the fuck is going on?" Suddenly her face was aflame. "I've been in the same house, had the same number, and you never called.

Why didn't you call? I thought, I don't know what I thought. You could have been dead. I worried about you for years, and never stopped wondering what happened to you and Bobby, and now you're telling me you've been speaking to Cindy.

For how long?" "Baby, I'm sorry," Sally said. "I waited too long." "You disappeared for over ten years, and, what, explain, please?" "It was hard, I was just a kid and LA was overwhelming. I didn't even have a phone at times. It was before all this unlimited talk and text and smartphones and free Wi-Fi everywhere you go. If I had a phone, I didn't have long distance." "You could have called collect, sent a letter or a fuckin' postcard.

You could have at least let me know where you were, that you were alive." "I hated myself for leaving you," Sally said, "but I figured if I could at least get some money, then I could do something for you. But time kept passing, too much time, and I figured you hated me." "I could never hate you, but what happened to you?" "Candy, it was skid row. I ended up stripping and sucking dicks to stay alive." "Oh, God, why didn't you come home?

You should have come back." "I couldn't," Sally said. "I wanted to do something, but time flew, and you married him. Once you were married, what could I do?" "You're here now. What changed?" "You," Sally said. "I was worried about you. How did it get this bad?" "I told you, I had an affair, fell in love with her.

Maybe I could have gotten away before, but I acted like a little girl with a crush, and I let us get caught. Now, John has all the power; he controls me. You were right, you and Bobby were right." "John controlled you before that," Sally said. "That's what he does, he manipulates, connives, and forces people to do what he wants. He's always been that way." Sally closed her eyes, took a deep breath in through her nose, held it, and blew out through tight lips.

"John is sick, a sociopath. He was born that way, and he would have found something else to hold over your head." Candy let Sally's words sink in for a minute. Something was going on, and it felt like a conspiracy to keep her from knowing whatever truth Cindy had been talking about. "I need a drink." Sally pointed toward a wine rack.

"I'll get us some wine." She watched her big sister drink a large shot of brown liquid from a fancy bottle before retrieving two wine glasses and a corkscrew. Hmm, she thought, Sally uses alcohol to cope, and I let my best friend seduce me, fuck my son every time he touches me and restarted the affair that got me in this mess in the first place.

I guess we both have issues, but drinking too much seemed safer than what she had been doing. "Bring me a shot of that, too." Sally poured a shot for Candy. She knocked it back while her sister filled the glasses. The eye-watering burn in her throat and the instant warmth in her belly were gratifying. Sally sat opposite Candy and said, "Can we drink for a little while without worrying about anything else?" "Yes, of course." The glass shook in Candy's hand, so she steadied it with the other and drank the Kathryn Hall Cabernet Sauvignon as if it were water.

The bourbon in her empty stomach was already being processed and sent through her bloodstream. Maybe a superb drunken stupor was better than the truth? Candy pushed the empty glass forward, and Sally refilled it with a smile. "I'll start working on something for us to have for dinner," Sally said. "Go sit on the couch and relax a little." "Sure, and later we can talk more." Were her words already slurring or was that her mentally exhausted brain not hearing them correctly?

Only a few words had been exchanged during the long sensual shower, but that didn't mean Deana and Evan hadn't been communicating. No, it was quite the opposite. Evan used his hands to tenderly wash, caress, and massage his sister into a limp, panting rag doll of emotions. When the hot water started amateur stepsis rides toy reality and blowjob fade, Deana clung to him while the last of the soap was rinsed from their skin.

They exchanged a deep penetrating stare that turned the cone of water streams into a "Beam us up, Scotty," moment. Their minds and hearts synchronized the way they had before all the shit happened. The full spectrum of Plutchik's wheel of emotions passed between the twins, and time stood still.

They were both shivering, their bodies covered in goosebumps, under the cold water. Evan wasn't sure if he had been laughing, crying or both, but bangkok nightlife hot thai girls amp ladyboys thailand soi cowboy prostitute bar girls was exhausted. Deana appeared dazed. He turned off the water, threw back the shower curtain, wrapped a towel around his sister and hugged her as if they hadn't seen each other for months.

"Dee, baby, I don't think I have ever loved you or anyone as much as I do now." "I know, I feel it, too," she said. "That was weird." "It was. Do you want to talk about it?" "No, no, not now," Deana said and stepped away. "I need a nap. Let's rest for a while. Okay?" "Sure." He quickly dried off while Deana wrapped her head in a towel. Deana led the way, and Evan smiled at towel dancing with the cusps of her cheeks.

They walked past the door to his room. She turned right at her bedroom, passed Gloria's room, walked through the living room, and turned into the kitchen.

He figured she wanted a drink or something, but his sister kept going, and he followed her into the back part of the house. His sister paused at the entrance to their parent's room. He quickly saw why. Candy was like an Army cadet when it came to making the bed and keeping the place straight, but the sheets and comforter were on the floor along with clothes and a towel. Deana looked at him with concern, but he shrugged and walked her across the room.

She tossed her towel, climbed on the end of the massive bed and crawled on her hands and knees. He had to shake off the stunned sense of awe before he collected the covers and joined his sister, wrapping them up in the smell of Candy. Deana rolled almost face down with a pillow in front of her, then she pulled him, so he was in the same position as her except her body was his pillow.

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The luxurious, king size mattress seemed to absorb their cuddling bodies. Jason removed his shirt, turned a patio chair, so it faced the late afternoon Sun and sat down. He slid his butt forward and stretched out his long legs. The blue mesh shorts that he wouldn't be caught dead in even before removing the liner, pulled tight around his package.

The material seemed more see-through now that he was outside. Oh well, he thought, Mom isn't home. The hot sun piercing through the tiny holes felt good on his cock and balls, but it was the idea of them being visible that turned him on. His mother most likely wouldn't, but knowing she could come outside when she got home filled him with an excited fear. The back door opened. Jason jumped, prepared to find something to put on his lap, but it was his sister. Along with her short, black skirt and a tight T-shirt that showed the outline of her nipples, Becky was wearing a wicked, I just did something naughty, smirk.

It didn't scare Jason anymore, but he still felt a need to exercise caution. Their mother hadn't said anything, but something seemed different about her today. Probably only his guilty conscience, but no sense letting his sister get him into something they wouldn't be able to stop if their mother came home from the store sooner than expected.

"Oh, it's you," he said and looked off into the backyard. Becky came around his right side and laid across his lap with her straight legs raised and her head thrown back in a mock swoon. He looked down at the swollen, dunce caps atop her tits and the stretchy material, trying to spring up beyond her barely hidden crotch. "What are you up to?" he asked. "Why would you assume I'm up to something?" "Besides sitting on my dick in front of Mom, in the sixth grade you diamond wakes up feeling horny and wants to bang a pussy Paula's book bag with piss at the bus stop, two weeks ago you blew me in the kitchen then pissed on the floor, and you tricked me into fucking you in front of Darlene.

Should I go on?" "Tricked you," Becky said, "like you needed tricking. You had already fucked me and jerked off on me when I was sleeping and—" "Okay, okay, I guess we're both guilty," he said. "So what is it then?" "I wanna try something," Becky said.

"I wanna sit on your lap with your dick in me when Mom comes in the room." "Are you nuts?" he asked. "Of course you are, I already know that, but this—" "It'll work. She won't even know if we do it right," Becky said. "I'll put a hole in a pair of my leggings and wear a skirt over them. You open your zipper just enough." "There's no way she wouldn't know we were doing something." Becky's grin grew more sinister.

"If we sit there acting normal, you know, like we're goofing brunette sweetie gets drilled doggystyle by pawn keeper reality blowjob, Mom would look right at us while you were stuffed inside me.

We wouldn't have to move, but we'd still be fucking right in front of her eyes. Like last night, except she'll be awake." "You are insane," Jason said. "That's not going to happen.

All she'd have to do is say, Becky, get off your brother and go, whatever." "I'd say, I'm already getting him off." "No, no, no," Jason said. "I'm never doing anything like what you did last night again. Mom would kill us or at least me." "What I did?" Becky stood in front of him with her hands on her hips. "You trying to tell me you don't get off on thinking about Mom watching us?" She pointed.

"You're fuckin' hard now thinking about it. Oh, nice shorts, by the way. What if Mom came home now and saw that?" She ran her hands along his dick, pushing it up toward his stomach. The top few inches poked above the waistband. "Stop," he said and swatted at his sister's hands. "I'm not planning on letting her see it, and I wasn't hard until you sat on me.

If she comes home, I'll hold my shirt in front of me and go to my room." "You never know, Mom might like a big fat cock, too," Becky said and squeezed his shaft. "Haven't you noticed anything different about her lately?" "What do you mean?" "When is the last time you saw her drink more than one small glass of wine with dinner?" He shrugged and his sister continued, "She had at least two after dinner, and what's with the way she's been dressing?

I've seen more of her flesh in a week than in the cum covered face of a hot asian ten years.

Our mother doesn't go naked under her robe, and if she did, she definitely would never let herself get sprawled out with her pussy showing." "You had a lot to do with that," Jason said. "Even if I did, you have to admit it was totally not like her to take a chance on someone seeing her." Jason nodded. "That doesn't mean she wants us to do it in front of her. She'd still freak out then give me the silent treatment while she makes arrangements to ship me off to Dad's." "Maybe, but let me tell you what happened last night after you ran off." The short hairs on the back of his neck prickled.

"What did you do?" "I woke her and helped her sit up," Becky said. "I couldn't leave her there on the couch all night." "And?" Becky leaned forward and ran her fingertips down his chest.

"Her robe was open that much." "Tits, ah, shit, did you open it?" "Does it matter?" Becky asked. "Have you ever really gotten a good look at Mom's tits? Damn it, she's sexy." He chick with massive ass gets royally fucked have been nodding, but he wasn't sure. "What did you do?" "I couldn't help it." Becky squeezed a knee on each side of the chair beside his legs. "I nudged it little further to each side. Mm, her nipples are amazing." He could feel the warm, smooth skin of his sister's ass resting on his legs.

"I rubbed her neck, like this." "What else?" he asked. "I gave her a little kiss, like this." In Jason's mind, he was screaming, you kissed Mom, but Becky's kiss kept him quiet. Then her cheek slipped across his. Her breath on his ear sent a buzz down his neck and spine. "Becky, what did you do to her? Tell me." His sister's whisper was slurred with lust, "I sucked on those witch-hat, pointy nipples until they poked into my throat." Becky traced his earlobe with the tip of her tongue.

"I spread Mom's legs and buried my face in her pussy. Ah, Jason, I made her cum, and she tastes so good." His dick jerked, shoving against the elastic. "Why would you tell me something like that?" "Because I know how much you wish it were true," Becky said and shoved her hands between them. "Your dick is harder than I've ever felt it." She shoved the front of his shorts down and wrapped her fists around his cock.

"Can you imagine looking up from between Mom's legs while you're making her cum?" Would that be better than catching my sister going down on our mother, he wondered? Damn it, how does she do this to me? "Tell me what really happened?" With a seductress's expression, Becky gave him three, milking tugs that dragged his cock head across her bald crotch and said, "I really did kiss her on the lips and touch her nipple.

God, her nipples, mm." His sister's mouth crushed against his in a sloppy-wet grind, sucking and biting his lips and tongue. The girl had been possessed by that fuckin' redhead, and she could make him do anything, even outside on the patio where someone could catch them. If their mother came home, they could act normal, but there was no way she would not notice Becky's pussy was stuffed full of his cock.

"Did you touch her pussy?" he asked. "If I tell you," she worked his knob into her pussy slit, "you can't get mad about what I'm going to do." The head of Jason's dick popped through the tightness into the hot encasement of Becky's narrow tube, and his brain floundered in that familiar pleasure pool of stupidity.

"Sure, okay, whatever." At that moment, all he cared about was ramming his dick in her cunt. Becky lifted up. The ring at the mouth of his sister's pussy clung to the knob of his dick. She pulled harder, and he popped out.

His bloated prick slapped his stomach. He looked between their bodies. His dick arched upward and turned slightly to the left the way it did when he was horny enough to fuck the hole in a tree if that was the only thing available. "What are—" A clear stream blasted against his stomach, splattered his arms and turned off.

"Oops, I missed." Her fingertips dug into her mound and pulled the flesh upward. The original target was identified by a laser beam of pee hitting his shaft. Becky let out a sigh mixed with a moan as if she were climaxing. The volume and force increased. He watched the girl move her pelvis, directing the hot stream from the head of his dick down to his balls.

It was impossible to pretend it disgusted him. At that moment, the hot fluid pelting his nut sack was the most incredible thing he had ever felt. Though, with Becky and Darlene around, he was sure it wouldn't be long before something bested it.

He grabbed his dick and stroked it in the lubricating flow of his sister's piss. He said, "Remind me to kill you later," and squeezed the top of his dick, pulled down and aimed it at her crotch. Becky's pee slapped against the purple knob. He choked his cock just below the head. The stream pried into his slit, licking the ultra-sensitive inside edges. Like when she stuffed her pointy tit top into his dick hole, this was out of the arena of wickedly erotic.

He wanted to crush teacher mom sex his son in room head on the source and let his sister fill him up with her hot, nasty body fluid. She arched backward, and the fountain poured over his pumping fist.

His stomach, hips, chest and Becky's inner thighs were all soaked by the salty splatter. "Ah, shit, fuck me already, fuck me," he said and yanked Becky forward.

Becky's bladder shut off, and her mouth opened in a silent scream. He had never entered her so quickly and thoroughly. She yelled, "Mother fucker," and a short burst of piss fired against his groin.

Her fingers twisted in his hair. "Fuck, I think you broke me." She pulled his forehead against her chest. "Oow, my hair." He cupped his sister's tiny ass, ready to ease her off the bludgeon crammed into her pussy. She pushed back and looked down. "See, if I had the right skirt and legging on, Mom wouldn't know." Regardless of the potential to make that carnal posture appear as benign sibling play, the sight of his mother while he was fucking Becky would provoke his balls to unleash a torrent of baby fluid into his sister's body.

Once Babes in hot lesbo scene hardcore and blowjob felt the swelling surge that served as their abort signal, she would screech and jump up. At that point, his mother would be staring at his wagging, cum spurting erection. Mom might like that and—Shit, the ridiculous fantasy excited him to the brink of release.

Becky sensed his state of arousal and slowly extracted his bloated dick, then she showed him he should never challenge the limits of her freak. His sister got down on her knees between his legs, grinned and licked up from his piss covered balls to the head and back down.

"Mm, yummy." She slurped his jewels into her mouth. He stiffened. "Ahh, easy." She sucked, released, sucked and released, bobbing his nuggets in and out of her throat. "Oh, shit." He was living in a porno. His sack tightened, fighting against Becky's suction.

She popped the orgasm pending testicles free and pulled his cock toward her face. "Thanks for letting me get all freaky," Becky said and squeezed his knob into her mouth. Was there a sight more debaucherous than your sister's face stuffed full of the cock she just peed on?

He placed his hands on Becky's head and helped her take more than she was ready for. She sputtered and drooled, then eagerly gulped down some more cock. He hunched, rolling his abdomen, cum prepared to get out. Becky licked and poked his slit, then plunged forward.

The head stuck in her throat and the tightness convulsed on his silky dome. The ridge on the underside of his dick gulped like an Adam's apple, sending a load through it. He grunted and jerked, clutching Becky's ears. The lubricating cum allowed him to brother and sister sperm donation the squirting bulb deeper into his sister's esophagus.

Without sampling asian babes hot pantoons japanese hardcore, Becky eagerly took every drop of his orgasm directly into her stomach.

The whole time her watering eyes were turned up, watching him watch her. After a minute, Jason said, "Get the hose, you're cleaning up." "I just gave you the best blowjob of your life." Becky rubbed her throat. "Got choked by that horse cock, fucked you, and you think I should clean up, too?" Jason wanted to argue, but Becky had a point.

It wasn't like getting pissed on had bothered him. It was incredibly erotic to watch, especially the way his sister practically climaxed when it burst out of her. "Fine, I'll do it." "Get some condoms next time you go out.

There's no way I'm gonna be sitting on you if you're going to cum in me the second Mom walks in the room." She started toward the door. "I never said I was going to do that," he said. "I will get some anyway, though. The withdrawal method, according to the health ed teacher, isn't safe." Becky shrugged. "It's been working pretty good so far." He watched his sister walk in the house, wondering what Evan was using when he fucked Candy and Deana.

Candy should be on the pill, but Deana wouldn't be. At least the redhead is covered, Jason thought. The sheet and blanket that Evan had wrapped their bodies in earlier were a twisted mess, mostly shoved and kick down. Evan was on his side. His elbow was stuffed into the pillow, and his head was propped on his hand.

Deana was on her stomach beside him. The towel that had been on her head was wadded up against the headboard, and her mostly dry hair was a Medusa snarl on the pillow. Evan followed her spine with his eyes. The sensual groove deepened in the curve of her lower back. He used his foot to inch the covers down, pausing to increase the anticipatory tension.

The backs of her hip bones, the rise at the start of her glutes, then the edge of the smooth, shallow valley where her skin transitioned to its natural olive tone, and finally the white sheet bridged the high crests of her cheeks. Despite the relentless force of gravity, pushing the globes outward, the divide was deep and sexy.

He blew a gentle stream of air down his sister's back. Her tiny hairs rose. He blew harder, imagining a breeze funneling through the groove and taunting her anal-bud and the smooth swells of her labia. "What are you doing?" Deana asked. Burning that picture into my brain in case I don't get to see it again, he thought. "Admiring you." "You mean staring at my ass?" "No, admiring," he said.

"You're laying flat, and it's still a bubble butt. Amazing." "What's the difference between a bubble butt and a badonkadonk?" "Hmm." He kicked the covers away and moved his leg over, laying his calf in his sister's ass cleavage.

"Ah, you and mom, that's the difference." "And Gloria?" "Yup, badonkadonk." "Darlene?" "Definitely a badonkadonk." "Rebecca?" "Hmm, I think she'd have a bubble-butt if she weren't always walking on her toes and tumbling across those blue mats." "Whatever," Deana said and turned on her side, facing him. "Imagine Mom walked in? What would you do?" Shit myself, he thought and asked, "What'dah you think she would do?" Deana nudged his leg.

He lifted it, and she slid her thigh between his. Her silky skin moved up until his balls rested on it. "I think she would put her hands on her hips and try and look mad, but after a few seconds, a smile would slowly break on her face. She'd undress and do a slow, sexy walk over to my side of the bed. She'd lean over and pressed those plush, warm lips to mine, and I'd be lost in the kiss.

Mm, she kisses so good. After we made out for a few minutes, she would crawl over and start kissing you. Her boobs would be hanging in my face, and you know what I would do." "Jeez, it sounds like you have already kissed her." "I have," Deana said, "but it wasn't like that, you know, foreplay." "Huh, what was it then?" "Relax, it was a while ago," Deana said.

"I've never mentioned it to anyone." "God, I don't care if it was yesterday, I just wanna hear about it." "It's not really a big deal," Deana said. "I was leaving for school one day. I always kiss her goodbye, but that day when I looked at her, there was a strange vibe. It's hard to explain. Maybe I'm blowing it out of proportion, but there was this look in Candy's eyes.

It was like she was frozen, staring at me the way you would when you think you know someone, but you're not sure. It was a joke, or I thought it was a joke when I did it, but there wasn't anything funny about that kiss." "Damn it, Dee, why did you kiss her?

What happened?" "Phew, Evan, you know how it is when you learn one thing, and it starts to explain other things that you didn't even know were questions?" "Yeah, I know exactly what you mean." "I'm not sure what was going super hot mom and daughter decide its time to share a cock with her that day, but there had to be something that made her look into my eyes the way she did," Deana said.

"I thought I'd surprise her with a kiss on the lips, I had no idea it would last so long. Now that I know what I know about me, I understand what it was back then. I used to stare at her lips and have these weird feelings. I never questioned them, but now I know I wanted to kiss her a long time ago. That day, I did it because of the way she looked at me. I think she wanted me to do it." He squeezed Deana's hand. His sister had a crush on Candy, too, except she had to reject the feelings that they were taught were wrong, bad, and ungodly.

"Is that really what you would want to happen if Mom showed up?" "I don't know," Deana said, "but lately when I look at Mom, I feel like she knows about us and doesn't care. Now, I'm not saying she'd be down with a threesome, but I get this feeling she likes girls, too." "Mawah, maw, Mom with—No, I can think about that. Would you do it, kiss her again if you had the chance, and maybe more?" Deana smirked. "Don't you think I should start with Gloria to prepare myself for Mom?" He shook his head.

"Ah, if that ever happens, can I watch?" "Mm, yes, oh, yes, a threesome with my twin and our little sister, yes." "Who are you, and what did you do with Deana?" "It's yours and Rebecca's fault," she said. "You're a bad influence on me." "It's the tumbler, not me." "Hey, what do you think happened in here earlier?" Deana asked.

"What do you mean?" "You know, this room," Deana said and gestured at the mess. "Have you ever seen Mom's bed unmade?" He grinned. "I don't mean when you were in it with her." "You're jealous," he said. "Not jealous, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't envy you a little. That kiss with Mom, it was short, but it felt long, and I was shaking when I ran out the backdoor." "I can understand that," he said, "and bet she was, too.

There isn't anything that compares to kissing you. Maybe you did to her what you did to me in the shower before.

Mother inlaw taboo sex after photosession go2cams com tube porn

What was that?" "I didn't do it," she said. "You did, and I don't know what it was, but it doesn't happen with anybody other than you. Does Mom kiss better than me?" He chuckled. "Dee, if you weren't my sister, I'd never stop kissing you. It's, um, I don't know what it is, but it's not like kissing anyone else," he said and thought about when Cindy kissed him. "You hungry?" Deana asked. His eyes moved up and down his sister's naked body. "Food, Evan, you want food?" "Yes, I'm starving." "Good, me too," Deana said.

"You go figure out what we're going to eat, and I'll try to get the covers back in the same heap they were in before and make sure there's no evidence of us being in here." "Deal," he said, thinking that would give him time to run up to his room for more supplements. After Evan left the room, Deana sat on the edge of the bed and scanned the room.

Based on the way Rebecca's bed looked after they spent the night together, she had a good idea what may have caused the wreckage, but not why Candy left it that way.

The rubbed out spot on the carpet next to a discarded towel and clothing cast mofos teen gets caught fucking in back room made her nervous. She didn't know what Busty slut takes double dildo machine sex creaking floorboard was, but the woman lived in the same state of conditioned fear. Under the scrutiny of his controlling eye, Candy had been well trained in her role; she wouldn't have gone this far off if she was just in a hurry.

No, in Deana's mind, the room's condition said, run. Had their mother been running away from something or to something? Candy awoke to the sound of Sally's voice. Her sister was dressed in jeans and a blouse, now. How much time had passed, Candy wondered and tried to move. "Ouch." Her busty teen big cameltoe in wet tight leggins in the pool was painfully bent on the armrest. Sally leaned over and used both hands to massage it into working order.

"You fell asleep," Sally said. "I guess, or passed out. I gotta pee before your couch gets soaked," Candy said, and Sally pulled her into a sitting position. "It's still hot out," Sally said. "Let's go for a swim. It'll be nice." Swim, whatever, Candy thought. "Let me pee, then I gotta check on the kids," Candy said, scanning the room for her phone.

Sally gave her an approving nod. "You're a great mother, Candy, really." "Thanks," she said dismissively, grabbed her phone and started toward the bathroom.

"Do what you need to. I'll be in the pool." "Okay, I'll be out in a few," she said and called Deana's phone on her way to the bathroom. Once Candy went in the bathroom with her phone, Sally grabbed hers, opened her contacts, tapped Cindy and went out the back door.

Without saying hello, Cindy asked, "Is she okay?" Sally held the iPhone X with her shoulder and opened her jeans. "She's upset, Cindy. You shouldn't have said anything yet." "I didn't tell her anything, just to talk to you," Cindy said.

"Now she knows I've been talking to you," Sally said and wiggled the Levi's passed her hips. "I hate seeing her so unhappy. I thought you could help her. She won't see me because she thinks John won't pay for my college if he finds out.

I told her I don't care about that, but she's—" "Cindy, we have got to go slow. If she knows too much she won't be able to act normal around him, and that won't be safe, so be patient, trust me, and let me handle this. I promise I'll fix this. It's all going to work out." "How Sally, how? Unless you plan on killing him, he holds all the cards, that mother fucker always holds all the cards." "That's too good mom son hot porn storys mom him, but if I have to, I will.

Now, can you promise not to tell her anything?" "Ah, I guess, I guess I can, but—" "No buts!" Sally said. "I have a hunch, and if I'm right, we'll have him by the balls, so don't answer your phone if she calls, and stay away like you were doing. We have to be careful with her. She won't be able to play along if she knows too much, and that will be bad for both of you. You know how dangerous he is." "I do," Cindy said.

"Where's Candy?" "She went to the bathroom, and she's gonna check on the kids," Sally said. "You're not gonna tell her about me, are you?" "No, sweetheart, I told you I wouldn't. That's yours—For you to decide. You don't ever have to tell anybody if that's the way you want it." "What about Sandra, did you tell her about that and why you had to leave?" Cindy asked.

"Oh, God, no, she can't know any of that, not now." "This is so fucked up," Cindy said. "I hate this." "Don't do that, this isn't your fault. You had no say in any of this. I did, I could have stopped this before it happened to you. I could have, should have done more." "That's not true. You've already done more and suffered more than anyone.

Thank you, thank you for helping. I love you." "Me too," Sally said, "but save the gratitude until this is over. It might turn out bad, really bad. I'm gonna swim, I need to swim some laps to burn off some of this emotional shit." "Phew, a sexy battleship," Cindy chuckled, "that's what you look like when you swim laps, a sexy battleship." "Thanks," Sally said. "Bye, for now." "Bye." Sally pulled off her top and tossed it on the chair with her pants, wiped her eyes, and dove into the pool.

Deana and Evan were on the couch in the living room. There was a bowl of chips and two glasses of soda on the glass top coffee table, along with Evan's giant feet. He was scrolling through the channel pretty vienna black rides a strangers cock in the car, acting like he wanted to find something to watch.

"We'd be in trouble if we got caught eating in here," Deana said. He looked at his naked sister. They were both grinning. He dropped the remote next to Deana's phone and pushed the table forward a few feet to make room for him to slide off the couch. She lifted her leg so he could get in front of her, then she put the backs of her knees on his shoulders.

He got his hands under her butt and pulled her forward. His eyes were turned upward. The swollen pink flesh on the tops of her tits pushed out raunchy redhead pleasures a thick meat pole creampie teen dark nubs.

He pressed his lips into the cushion of Deana's pubic mound. A tight ridge rose up the center of her stomach.

The girl was a fucking goddess, and he never wanted this night of freedom to end. "Ooh, ah, that's nice," Deana said, combing her fingers through his hair. "Mm, you might make me spill something on the couch." "Mmmmm-goooood," he hummed against her pussy. She pressed her feet into his back and lifted her crotch in short, fast jerks. Deana's phone rang. He kept on devouring her pussy.

"Stop, stop, it's Mom. I gotta take it, it's Mom." He reluctantly stopped punishing Deana's clit, grabbed the phone and accepted the call. "Here." With a strained voice, Deana said, "Hey, Mom, how are you?" Evan heard Candy say fine and ask how everything was. Deana said, "We haven't burned the house down, yet if that's what you mean." "Very funny," Candy said. "Did you and your brother eat?" He dragged his tongue up the length of his sister's slit.

With wide, threatening eyes Deana said, "We did," and shooed him with her hand. He kissed and peeled back the hood of her clit with the tip of his tongue. "Ah, Evan, mm, Evan ate a lot more. You know how he is, always eating something." Deana's mean face turned to a grin. He sucked in and circled her pleasure spot. Candy asked Deana where he was, and a part of him wanted to hear his sister say, between my legs, eating my pussy.

"Here, ah, right here. He's, um, we're watching TV," Deana said. "What about you, what are you doing. . you and your sister doing?" "Swimming," Candy said, "Sally's swimming laps, and it's, um, you wouldn't believe it." "Laps, swimming, mmahh, really," Deana said.

"What about you, ah, you getting in?" Evan used his tongue to open a path for his middle finger to slide inside Deana's body. Her eyes closed tight and her teeth clenched. He eased in and out of her while taunting her with flicks of his tongue. She wasn't waving him off anymore, but she was biting her lip.

This is the closest I'll ever get to making love to Deana while Mom watches, he thought and got up on his knees. Panic registered on his sister's face. He stroked her wet groove with the head of his cock.

She didn't try to stop him. "So, um, you and your sister are having fun?" Deana asked. He waited to hear Candy's voice, then, in one firm push, he filled Deana's pussy tube. Her thighs clamped down on his hips, holding him in place.

"Yeah, yes, fine, I'm fine, Evan's an idiot. He pinched me." The sound of Candy's voice, while he was fucking his sister, spurred Evan into a crazy state of lust. They stared at the cock moving in and out of Deana's pussy while she nodded silently to Candy's words. He knew what Deana wanted, and it was the same horny busty bbw latina milf anal action he needed; cum inside her while they listened to their mother.

"Yes, yes, we will." She nodded vigorously. "Yup, right here he's right here," Deana said and extended her arm, placing the phone against his ear. He grabbed it, and she shoved her slumped body against his forward thrusts. "Hi, ah, dp session for naive teeny double penetration doggystyle, Mom, hi." "Evan, everything okay with your sister?" Candy asked.

"Mmhmm, I'm, I'm taking care of her, we're great." He leaned forward until his head was close enough for them to share the phone, then he hunched and jammed his groin into Deana's crotch. She wrapped her legs around him with crushing force, locking their bodies together while his cum drenched her cervix.

Candy said, "Okay, be good. I love you." "Mmhmm, we love you, too." The call ended. Evan's guts jerked, pushing the last drops into Deana. "Oh, my, God," Deana said. "I'm gonna kill you." "That would be worth dying for," he said, "and you know you loved it." "I never thought of myself as an exhibitionist, but we just had sex in front of Mom." "With Mom," he mumbled.

"We're bad, horrible," Deana said. "We said we would make the most of it, and we are." "How many rooms are left?" "Jeez, I need rest." "I didn't mean right now," Deana said. "I'm exhausted, too." They fell sideways and pulled their legs up. "Dee, I gotta ask, you say you're a lesbian, but what about this?" "I didn't say I'm a lesbian or gay or whatever," she said.

"Does it matter anyway?" He said, "No, but I'm confused," but he meant frustrated. "You like girls, but you have gone out with boys, even though you weren't allowed to, and you seem to like, um, you know, this as much as I do." "Evan, it's hard to explain. I hated being told I couldn't date. That's why I did it, but secretly I think I was relieved that I had an excuse not to be with boys.

I didn't understand my feelings, and I tried to pretend they didn't exist, but you know, hindsight makes it clear, I feel the same things you do when you see a girl with a nice chest, butt, or whatever you like. I check out other girls, not guys." "It must have been hard for you." "Not at first because I didn't have a clue, but when we started showering after gym class and games, it scared me, and when I kissed a girl, that's flirty student karlee grey bangs in a classroom pornstars brunette I knew there was something wrong with me." "There's nothing wrong with you, Dee, but what about me?" he asked.

"Shit, I don't know," Deana said and kissed his forehead. "I needed to know what it was like to be with a boy. I had to know in case I was wrong about my feelings. I love you more than anybody, so it had to be you.

It didn't change the way I feel about girls, and it didn't make me want other boys, but when you look at me, touch me—Damn it, Evan, you made me love you more than ever, and when we're together, fuck, whatever happens, it's beyond anything I'll ever have with anybody else, boy or girl, but you know we can't, it can't work." "I know that I know," he said.

"I'm sorry." "You don't have anything to be sorry for. It's not your fault, and I don't regret anything. You made me feel things I would never have felt without you." She kissed him passionately. "Is it okay that sometimes I still want you? Is that fair?" Life wasn't fair. Their mother died, their father is an asshole, and he was in love with tony screwing britanny shaes pussy sideways brunette big dick girls he couldn't have, but having Deana as his sister seemed to even the score.

"Baby, the only thing that isn't fair is that we have something so special and we have to hide it." "Let's enjoy it now without asking questions or worrying about the future. It's all going to work out." "Yeah, I know that's just what people say when they have no idea, but okay, it's a deal." When Candy got off the phone with Evan and Deana, she undressed.

Those two were up to something, and she was pretty sure she knew what it was. Too bad I couldn't facetime them. The thought made her feel guilty and reminded her that she was a horrible mother.

While easing her naked body into the pool, she admired Sally. The woman's arms and feet sliced into the water, barely making a splash, and her giant ass created a wake behind her. Water lapped at Candy's chin, and she thought about sinking to the bottom and staying there. The number had long since washed off, and Gloria hadn't written it down, but she didn't need to.

When a hot girl with a reputation for being cool and tough writes her phone number on your arm and kisses you in public, you don't forget it.

Gloria had stared at it, traced it with her finger, fantasized about their time at the ballpark, and she lamented when the last traces of the ink faded. "Jayda, I need the phone for a minute." "Calling your secret lover?" Alex asked.

"Hey, call Evan and have him come over," Jayda said. "We can have an orgy." "Oooh, but what's Gloria gonna do?" Alex asked. "She won't be able to do anything with her brother." "Stepbrother," Jayda said.

"That's right, Alex," Gloria said. "I let Evan titty fuck me this morning in the shower, and he came in my mouth. Mm, it was so much, I bet you wouldn't have been able to swallow all of it." "Gross," Alex said. "In your dreams," Jayda said. "Yeah, but at least I have enough," she collected and pushed her breasts into the opening of the V-neck shirt, "if it wasn't a dream." "Mm, you sure do," Alex said, looking down at the hard nipples on her flat chest.

"Give me the phone, already." Jayda gave her a suspicious look and handed over the phone. Gloria swiped and thumbed the redhead's number. When she said, "Hi, Darlene, it's Gloria," both of her friends perked up with expressions of envy, awe or maybe both. The tone of Darlene's voice made Gloria smile. The popular girl was happy to hear from her. "Hey, sexy, I was wondering if you'd call." Shoot, I wish I had her on speaker, Gloria thought. "I said I'd call.

How are you?" "I'm good," Darlene said. "What are you up to?" "I'm at Jayda's," Gloria said. "Me and Alex, we're spending the night." "Are they naked, doing what they were doing last time we saw them?" Darlene asked.

She laughed. "Not yet." "You gonna have a go at that sexy tomboy this time? I know I wouldn't mind that," Darlene said. "Really, you think she's sexy?" "Sure she is," Darlene said. "How did it go with your aunt?" "It was more than amazing." She was excited to tell Darlene, but Jayda and Alex couldn't know. "Remember what you told me when we were trying on bathing suits, about cute teen monroe in pigtails pleasuring herself on the bed wearing one again?" "You mean skinny dipping?" "That's right," Gloria said.

"And it was my aunt's idea, and you're not gonna believe this, they did, too." After a long pause, Darlene said, "You telling me that you and your aunt and your mother swam naked?" "Yup, she's really cool and nice, very nice. I liked her a lot, and I think she's rich." "That's great, Gloria, I'm happy for you. What's she look like?" "I guess she's like my mother with red hair. Except her body is, wow, from the waist down, she's like that Youtube exercise chick, Genesis Lopez, but her chest is bigger and real.

Amazing." She hadn't understood Darlene's interest in Aunt Sally, but it might work to her advantage. "Hey, maybe I can invite her to one of my games? You could see for yourself." What the redhead did last time at the ballpark made her nervous, somewhat confused and a little scared, but she felt like they had connected on a level that should have taken months or even years of friendship.

Plus, Darlene had more than hinted at something happening with Evan, so who else could she trust with her secret? "Maybe," Darlene said. "You all right?" Gloria asked. "You sound down." "No, I'm not, I'm fine." Suddenly, Gloria felt stupid for acting so excited about meeting someone in her family when Darlene might not know who her real parents were. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have—" "No, it's fine," Darlene said.

"I asked you to tell me." "Okay," Gloria said and lowered her voice, "can I call you later or tomorrow? I need your help with something, but I can't talk about it now." "Anytime," Darlene said. "Thanks, I'll talk to you later." Gloria ended the call and realized her friends had been listening with more interest than she thought. "Alex, Darlene was asking about you." "What?" Alex and Jayda said. "Yup, she said you're sexy, and she told me what she'd do to you if she were here." Alex gulped.

"What? Tell me?" Gloria was relieved that her diversion tactic worked, and she whispered in Jayda's ear, "She said we should take turns riding her face. . that's what she would xxxii desi bf sex stories story said, "Oooh," and Alex bounced, saying, "Tell me, tell me, tell me." "I think it would be more fun to show you," Jayda said, and she and Gloria dragged the tomboy into Jayda's bedroom.

When Sally finished her intense swim, she came up behind Candy and wrapped her arms around her. They treaded water together. "You swim like a professional," Candy said. "It's a great way to stay in shape, and it relieves stress, so I took lessons. Been doing it almost horny teen pressley carter needs a drill day for years." "You'll have to teach me," Candy said. "I sure could use it, the stress part, anyway." "That's for sure," Sally said and squeezed her ass.

"You're already in great shape." "Thanks. Let's get out, I'm feeling waterlogged." She let Sally climbed the ladder first and marveled at the woman's ass. It flexed lesbo girls tries a hard cock and gets their pussy banged by the owner an athlete's, yet it was too big for any sports she could think of.

It was illogical. On the patio, Sally asked, "Everything good with the kids?" "Evan and Deana said they didn't burn the house down," Candy said and pressed a towel to her face. "Sounds like something you would have said. Are they still as close as they were as kids?" "Ah, yeah, they are, they really are," Candy said. "Gloria?" "They all get along, but she's at Tonya's with her softball friends, so I didn't call her. She'd fuss at me for checking on her and embarrassing her." "Sounds about the way it should chubby desi lady black hooter sling trimmed underarm snuffling bent over and roughed up her wet hair with a towel then flung it back.

"I better brush this mess." "Me too, except mine will really be a mess," Sally said. "I was always envious of your hair. It never goes all scarecrow, like mine." Sally dried under each of her breasts, circled her middle, rubbed her groin, between her legs and finished with her incredible ass. "Bring the brush out here. I'll do yours, and you can do mine.

It'll be like when we were kids, except we're allowed to drink the alcohol now." Candy smiled. "I think I still am a kid. I've sure been acting like one." "I know I haven't grown up yet, and I hope I never feel like I have," Sally said.

"Go get that brush and I'll get more wine, lots more." That sounds like a good idea, Candy thought, I'll use alcohol instead of sex tonight. After some wine and brushing out the redhead's hair, they switched, and Sally brushed Candy's while she stared off into the black between the trees in the distance.

"You said I was a good mother before, but I'm not. I knew, saw it coming, and I didn't do anything." "What are you talking about?" "I knew Evan and Deana were going to have sex. I didn't try to stop them. I gave Deana my birth control, and I watched it happen the first time. I saw him take his sister's virginity, and I got off on it.

What kind of person, mother does that?" "God, Candy, you of all people should know there wasn't anything you could have done to stop them if that's what they wanted to do. Giving her birth control was the best thing you could have done for them. Not taking yours was pretty stupid, but at least Deana won't get pregnant. I wish Mom had done that for me." "If she had known, she might have, or at least tried to stop it from happening." "She knew," Sally said.

"She didn't care. Well, she did, but only because Bobby was fucking me, not her." "Sally, are you saying she knew about us, about Bobby and me, too?" "Of course, of course, she knew, I just wish I had known sooner. Baby, we got dealt a bad hand in the family department. Dad was the only good one and he, he—Fuck, you know. You're a great mother, and once this is over, everything will get better." "I need to know everything.

What aren't you telling me?" she asked and finished her wine. Sally dragged her chair around in front of Candy.

They sat with their knees touching. "I can't, can't tell you everything, not yet." "Why not?" "Because if you knew everything, you wouldn't be able to go home and act normal, and you have to be able to do that while we figure this out. If you start acting different, if he knows you know something—Ah, it's just too dangerous. Damn it, why did Cindy have to say anything.

She shouldn't have told you." "Sally, you're scaring me." "You should be scared, but it will be easier to work this out if you don't know anything." "What are you so worried about? I've been living with him for thirteen years already, and I'm okay." "Seriously, you're okay? Come on, Candy, be real, and trust me on this, at least for now." She was reasonably buzzed, maybe even drunk, so she said, "For now, tonight, but only because I'm a little tipsy. Tomorrow, we talk more." Sally nodded.

"You better eat something, or you're gonna be a lot more than tipsy." "Oh yeah, I guess I didn't do that before. What'd you make?" "Nothing," Sally said. "I saw how exhausted you were, so I waited a few minutes, and you were out." She sighed. "Great. Let's go in, and thanks for brushing my hair. It was nice, felt nice, like old times." After really watching TV until they were both fighting their drooping eyelids, Deana said, "Let's go to bed." "My room?" "No, I can get away with sneaking up to your room anytime.

It's not like anyone could climb the stairs without us hearing them, but you can't ever be in my room at night when, you know, let's go to my room." Deana's logic was sound, but he hated the idea of not being able to visit his sister during the night. Another one of his father's stupid rules. "Sounds good." "Carry me the way you used to, except this time you get to stay with me." Evan got his arms under Deana's body and lifted her off the couch.

They both knew every minute of freedom that they enjoyed would make the transition back to normal more difficult, but they didn't care. Light from the hallway reached Mary's closed eyes along with the sound of her door opening. Two seconds later, Becky whispered something, but Mary pretended to be asleep. If it were important, her daughter would be persistent. The door clicked shut, and Mary sighed with relief. A sound made her open her eyes in time to see Becky moving out of view at the end of the bed.

What was the girl doing, Mary wondered? The mattress shifted behind her. Don't overreact, she warned herself. It had been so long since her daughter had gotten in bed with her.

Those used to be cherished moments, especially after her husband was gone, and she hated it when both of her kids grew out of cuddle time.

That was why she didn't want to run the girl off even though— "Becky, you need something?" "No, Mom," Becky said and continued getting under the covers. "I wanna cuddle." Don't panic, Mary reminded herself. It's not Becky's fault I didn't put on pajamas. "Honey, I'm not sure that's a good idea." Becky had never seen her in anything less than pajamas, and usually a robe, too. That was until last night when she lost her mind and went naked under the robe.

"Please, Mommy." Mary remained on her side with her arms crossed in front of her chest, facing away from Becky. When was the last time Becky called her Mommy? Her daughter sounded so sweet and innocent when she said it.

Becky wiggled closer and put her hand on Mary's upper arm. She stiffened, prepared to send her daughter away before the girl got any closer. Becky's thigh brushed across her butt cheek.

Mary's heart rate soared. Nothing that soft and sensual had touched any part of her body in decades. Becky knows you're naked, Mary thought and waited for the girl to say something. Becky pulled Mary's hair back, exposing her ear and neck.

"Mommy," Becky whispered, "it's okay." Dammit, no it's not. Had it been so long since someone touched her that the whisp of her daughter's breath made her nipples swell? "Honey, maybe now isn't the best time for this." "Why not?" Becky asked and kissed her neck just below her earlobe.

It was one of the most sensitive spots on Mary's body, and a buzz ran down her spine and triggered a frightening sensation between her legs. Because I'm naked, she thought, but said, "Because." Her daughter reached down and dragged her fingernails up the side of Mary's thigh, over her hip and on to her waist. At the same time, the girl's lips grazed her ear. "But Mommy, you deserve to be cuddled." Mary didn't know if she was more shocked by her daughter's inappropriate attention or the way her body had responded.

It got hard to breathe. "No, Becky, no." She needed to give the girl her serious eyes. "Becky Ann." She turned back against her daughter, pushing the girl out of the way. "I said no." Mary's eyes betrayed her. "But Mommy," Becky said, rolling toward her.

She was stunned by Becky's brazen defiance. "You gave up everything for us, and you never get to feel good." Becky put her leg over Mary's, and it pushed between them as the girl rolled further forward. The baby-bottom smooth skin of Becky's bald pubic mound came to rest on the front of Mary's thigh. "Becky, what has gotten into you?" The girl wasn't wearing panties under her shirt, and she had the nerve to put her crotch on her mother's leg.

"You're acting so inappropriate." The threatening tone didn't deter Becky. Her fingernails crisscrossed Mary's stomach in a downward motion. It was the right time to put her foot down and make Becky stop.

"Young lady—" Her daughter kissed her right on the lips. "What on Earth has gotten into you? You're acting crazy." The word crazy played back in her mind, and she immediately regretted saying it. "No, I'm not," Becky said and tightened her thighs, squeezing Mary's between them.

"This isn't some impulse thing. I know what I'm doing." She pressed her lips onto Mary's. The wet heat of her daughter's tongue on her lips came at the same moment as the hunching grind. The hot juices that smeared on Mary's skin made it perfectly clear how serious Becky was.

She stared into Becky's eyes, pleading with her. "Stop, honey, stop." "Don't you like it, like the way I kiss?" Becky asked and tightened her leg muscle against her mother's crotch. "You liked it last night when we were kissing." That was it, that was the last time she remembered hearing her daughter call her, Mommy.

It hadn't been a dream. "That doesn't matter and kinky brunette waking up her bf acid rain that." "You mean this?" Becky asked and increased the pressure on Mary's pubic bone. "Or this?" She grabbed her mother's tit and kissed her again. It was only a few seconds before she stopped her daughter, again, but that was too long.

The girl could feel the heat and moisture emanating from her sex, and the incredible stiffness of her responding nipple and Becky knew about Elizabeth. "Honey, your brother?" "I locked the door, Mommy." "Good," she said and grabbed her daughter's ass.

Once it was firmly in her grasp and the girl's tongue was plunging in and out of her mouth, Mary admitted to her inner self that she had been watching Becky's body mature, and had started noticing more and more of herself in her little girl. This was something she wanted. Becky humped, and Mary wrapped her legs around her daughter's back, rotating her crotch upward to meet Becky's. How could something so wrong feel so right?

The next morning, Evan found himself alone in Deana's bed. The previous day of sex, sex, and more sex had worn him out. He couldn't remember the last time he'd woken up from such an undisturbed, dreamless night of sleep. The first thing that came to his rested brain was what happened with Deana in the shower. In a way, it was as if they had fallen asleep, joined each other in the same dream, then snapped out of it together without remembering the dream.

There hot horny milf sara jay face fucks bbw samantha g times when he'd wake up, and his mind would be tingling with a hint of something interesting that had been happening, yet he had zero recall.

Later in the day, a daja vu kind of memory thing might happen, and he would realize it wasn't a memory from real life but from a dream. Bits and pieces might come back to him. That's what was happening now. He thought of something from years ago, yet it felt like it had just happened. It had, except it was during that moment in the shower.

It felt more like a vision than a dream. They were younger, both there, but on different sides of a closed door. At the time, he hadn't known Deana was there, but in the dream or vision he did, and he shared her version of what was happening as if they were sharing the same dream at the same time.

Damn it. Evan jumped out of his sister's bed and went to find her. The bathroom was empty, so he turned toward the kitchen. A big smile spread across his face when he saw Deana standing in front of the sink with her back to him. The pink towel wrapped around her body was the perfect length, exposing the sharp inward curves at the bottom of her cheeks. He snuck up behind her as he had a few weeks ago, grabbed the edges of the counter on each side of Deana's body and trapped her.

"You're lucky." The last time Evan did that, it scared Deana. She said, sami parkers pussy got stuffed by stepdad and pounded it hardcore that you scared the shit out of me? This time, Deana twisted, looking back over her shoulder, and said, "I know I am." He used his face to shove Deana's hair aside and kissed her neck and spoke in her ear, "In the shower yesterday, I saw you a long time ago.

You knew, you always knew." Deana nodded. "So?" "I could have had you way before the last time we did this at the sink," he said. "You knew how I felt about you years ago. You spied on me while I was—" "Of course I did," Deana said and turned around in his arms. "Why didn't you tell me you felt the same way?" "Because you were too busy jerking off and being scared of those feelings you were having.

You pulled away from me, and I was afraid if we went down that path it would get worse. I couldn't, still can't lose you. We make each other complete even without our third piece." "Huh, third piece?" "Mom, you know, you felt it too, when Mom died it felt like a piece of us was gone." He stared into those black pools, searching for understanding.

It was a loss, and it had hurt, but he didn't feel the broken two leg stool thing Deana was experiencing. There was a reason for that, but Evan couldn't figure out what it was. "You're never going to lose me. I need you, too." Deana reached between them. He stepped back, and in his mind, the towel fell in slow motion. "This is your do-over for the last time my towel accidentally fell off." He put his hands on Deana's narrow waist.

She grabbed his neck. They stared at each other for a few seconds, then he asked, "Is it weird that I want to do it in Gloria's room?" Deana shook her head, took his hand and led him to their sister's room. He felt the same nervous energy he felt the first time, and every other time he was about to make love to his twin.

Jason had woken up from dreams about Becky pissing on him, and he was horny but didn't find his sister in her room, so he checked the bathroom, kitchen, living room, and on the patio.

Their mother's car was in the driveway, which wasn't right, she should have been at work. Since her door was closed, he figured she wasn't feeling well, so maybe Becky and him could still get away with some of the things he had been dreaming up. That was if she was even home. On his way from the living room to the kitchen, Jason heard something, so he stopped and looked down the hallway toward his mother's door. Becky had just closed it and was walking toward him in a T-shirt. It had a teddy bear on the front of it and wasn't long enough to hide the fact that she wasn't wearing underwear.

That in itself was no surprise, but Becky had just come from their mother's room. "Hell's bells, Becky, what the fuck are you doing? Isn't Mom home?" Becky nodded slowly as a smirk curled the corners of her mouth up. "She's still in bed." "Did she see you like that?" he asked and lifted the edge of his sister's shirt as if to verify what was already apparent. "No, she's still sleeping," Becky said.

"What were you doing in there?" "Wouldn't you like to know?" Jason wasn't sure he did. "Where you going?" "I gotta pee," Becky said and continued down the hall. "Can I watch?" "Sure, freak." "I'll give you freak," he said, wanting to fuck the smartass out of his sister.

Evan and Deana's time in Gloria's room hadn't been like the lustful, voyeuristic, wanton passion they shared on the couch. The new insight into each other's emotions and their past sent them down a long, slow, thoughtful path of lovemaking. The twins tapped into their deepest desire to please each other. Evan used everything Miss Tonya taught him. Their final moment of passion ended with Evan's cum pouring into the center of Deana's body. It caused her to climax, and they had an orgasm together that they would remember forever.

They swam and tumbled down into the fireworks of memories and emotions, but unlike what happened in the shower, this time they fell through the barrier of consciousness.

With Evan on top, between Deana's legs, his cock still buried deep, they were sound asleep. As much as Candy trusted her big sister, she didn't like leaving Sally's house without answers. To her, knowing had to be better than dreaming up increasingly worse possibilities, but Sally swore that wasn't true, and promised at some point to answer all of her questions, except whatever the truth was that Cindy had mentioned.

Candy had phoned Cindy twice since she woke up, but the girl hadn't returned her calls. It felt like a horrible rejection, but hadn't she done that to Cindy for hours the day before, forcing her to drive to the house? Now, Candy had to go home and face Deana and Evan. They would want to know why she had suddenly decided to spend the night with Sally, and God forbid they looked in her room.

What a basketcase she had been yesterday, puking on the carpet, then running away to her big sister. Sally had always had a way of fixing things or getting her out of a jam, but that was when they were kids. This was adult shit, and it was starting to feel like it was right out of a Sidney Sheldon novel. Other than possibly saving her ass by editing the surveillance video, what could Sally do, and what could she tell her that could make things seem worst than they already were?

The sight of Cindy sitting on the end of her bed when Deana returned from the shower startled her. "Ah, Cindy." The look on her cousin's face worried her. She closed the door and spotted the Victoria Secret bag, shorts, and her flip flops.

Shit! "Ah, hi, when did you get here?" Cindy stood and asked, "Is everything alright?" No, she thought, you found the shorts I took off outside, with the sexy underwear Evan bought me, and a little while ago we were passed out together in Gloria's bed. He was on top of me, between my legs, and we were naked.

Double shit. "Yeah, of course. Why?" "Seriously, Dee," Cindy met her halfway between the bed and door and grabbed her upper arms, "you gotta be more careful. What if I hadn't been the one to find that?" She felt exposed and trapped, but not because she was wearing a towel and being held by the strongest woman she knew. It was Cindy's expression. Do something, she told herself.

"Candy already found my thong, she's cool." Yeah, that explains leaving lingerie on the porch. This must be how Evan feels when I unravel him.

"It's Evan's fault, he left them there when he was chasing me. I can't believe I didn't remember—" "Dee, relax, this isn't about that." Cindy doesn't have a key, Deana thought so she couldn't have—Of course she does, they're lovers. Her cousin knew about Evan.

She had been there earlier and seen or heard them fucking, and it took her this long to figure out how to confront her. "Cindy, what's going on?" As if they were in a staring contest, Deana couldn't break away from Cindy's eyes. "Let's talk," Cindy said and pulled her close. She felt like she was looking into a mirror when there is another one behind you.

The reflection suddenly multiplies hundreds of times, shrinking as it goes deep, deep, deeper and you vanish at the end of a tiny pinhole. Cindy's fingertips tenderly moved across Deana's cheek and looped her hair behind her ear. "It's okay, Dee, it's all going a great couple making love kristina rose blowjob be okay." A shiver made Deana realize Cindy's hands weren't gripping her arms anymore.

They were still awkwardly close, but she didn't step back. She wanted to get closer, be hugged and never be released from the empowering love and protection her cousin was channeling.

Cindy's arms were a crushing force, lifting Deana's feet off the floor. The embrace ended, and this time, her cousin swept both hands across Deana's cheeks, collected her hair and held it in a bunch behind her head. She knew this had nothing to do with Evan and her. It was worse. Cindy's expression darkened, and her fists tightened around Deana's hair, tipping her head back. Her cousin's glistening eyes grew more demanding and intense. "Do you trust me, Dee?" There wasn't enough slack in Deana's hair to nod, but she didn't have to.

"Good. Look at me." The commanding tone of Cindy's voice made Deana nervous, but the strength of the hands on her back scared her. They yanked her forward, and czech blonde big tits threesome we are the law my niggas and the law needs darkhued powerful leg that crushed the gas pedal of a race car was forced between her thighs. "Stop fighting me," Cindy said.

Deana submissively surrendered to Cindy's lips and tongue without looking away from the eyes that were cutting into her soul. The fevered pitch of the kiss increased, and dreamlike memories and odd scenery pierced through her brain like shooting stars slicing the black canvas of night.

Time stood still, and Deana's eyes grew lazy, threatening to close. Something orgasmic sparked in the depths of her body and raced outward, encompassing her in a sphere of glowing love. There was no fear in that place.

Her mind was sedated and her body limp. The fight was over. A sob jerked her and Deana realized her heart was pounding.

What the fuck is happening? She started to shake and said, "No, no, no," but she didn't know what she was objecting to. Cindy held her tight and rubbed her back. "Baby, I'm sorry." Deana heard a distant voice say, "It's okay," and wondered if she had been the one speaking. "No, Dee, it's not," Cindy said and held Deana's face in her hands. "How long have you known?" The question could have referred to a few things, but Deana intuitively knew her cousin wanted the answer to one of the two primary thoughts running through her dazed mind.

She answered the one she could understand. "I should have known three years ago when I saw the way you looked at each other, but at the race track I knew for sure." She put her hands on Cindy's waist, praying her cousin wouldn't make her answer any more questions. Everything else in her head was confusing and terrifying. "I love her, Deana, but Candy doesn't deserve this. I made things worse for her. I'm so sorry." That mother fucker was hurting Cindy, too.

A bitter hatred rose like bile in her throat. "You're the one with a broken heart, I should be sorry. This is his—" "Bullshit, that's bullshit," Cindy said and shook her. The ragdoll state of Deana's body told her she had underestimated the brute strength required to drive a race car.

"You have nothing to be sorry for. None of this is your fault." Her towel cascaded down her flesh and piled around her feet. She stared at it with white-knuckled fists that held double her usual rage. If anything other than Cindy had been in front of her, she would have started punching until her body balled up on the floor in a sobbing lump of brokenness.

"Does Evan know?" "Huh, oh." She shook her head. "Uh-uh, he doesn't know about either." "Good, he can't, make sure of that," Cindy said. "I'm going now, Dee. I'm so sorry you had to go through this, but it's all going to work out, you'll see.

Hey, make sure Candy doesn't know I was here. I love you. Bye." A minute later, a roaring, screeching car made Deana jump. She was still standing in the middle of the room with a towel at her feet. Outside in the street, a white cloud of burnt rubber hovered over two long, black streaks. Could Cindy really be a modern day superhero capable of saving her? Deana didn't think so. Their father always won.

Evan rushed into the room, saw his naked sister and sighed. "Oh, I guess you didn't see Cindy. Did you hear her knocking?" Deana shook her head. "I wonder why she left like that without knocking?" "Don't know, but I was in the shower, so maybe pleasurety was hungry for a big load black market did?

Were you sleeping?" Evan nodded. "Yup, I'll go call her and see what's going on." "Wait, we only have a little while. You can see Cindy anytime. Can we cuddle? I'd really like that." He looked at his sister's puppy dog eyes and gorgeous naked body, and the answer was easy.

"Which bed, Goldilocks?" "Let's go upstairs, so we don't have to worry about Mom catching us. We might be there a while."