Stunning blonde babe shows her hot lingerie hd

Stunning blonde babe shows her hot lingerie hd
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The school year was well on its way, and Katie was determined to get Mike's attention. She was finishing up middle school and was very excited about starting high school in the fall, where she arab egypt new no money no problem meet "older" boys. Mike, already a freshman in high school, had a small problem. He began to jack off just about. . whenever he got a chance, inside or outside of school.

He especially liked to fantasize about girls who had only just begun to develop "titties" as he liked to call them. He had recently barged into his bathroom at home, during a family reunion and had caught his 14-year-old cousin with her bikini top off.

The image of her young orbs with the light pink nipples poking outwards was still fresh in his mind when he walked past Katie the Friday before. Up until recently, he had not paid much attention to her, being a neighbor across the street and a few doors down. But he had suddenly realized she matched the package he was looking for. . and when she suggested that he come over to her house after school, he was at first surprised and then thought this was going to be something that held great promise.

How far would the younger girl let him go? Would she flash her titties at him? Could he get her to touch his oversized cock? Time would tell if any of these fantasies would even begin to materialize. Katie had suggested 3:30 the following Monday.

She knew her Mom wouldn't be home until 6, so that gave her a few hours to get to know Mike better. But she wasn't just planning on getting to know him by herself.

In fact, with the help from her friends Tami and Amy, she had planned to get him to like her. She knew she had to offer both her lips and her colt-like body to the boy. Just that naughty thought made her tight little pussy moist with desire. Her Dad had split several years back and she began to realize. . that's why she was so curious about boys.

. and their COCKS. Mike got out of school a half hour earlier than Katie, so he decided to walk past her house. As he inspected the yard, he looked around for a dog or some sign of a person inside, but saw no one. Checking for any nosey neighbors. . he walked up the driveway trying to look into a few windows. Different window dressings kept his voyeuristic tendencies from being satisfied, so he went to the back of the house and looked through an open window, which turned out to be the bathroom.

Instantly his cock began to grow. Right in front of him were three little white bras and a couple of pairs of panties. . he was certain belonged to Katie. Damn he thought, if only he could stick his cock inside one of the cups of her bras and shoot his load inside. How great would that be. . if she fitted that particular one (without looking) over her titties and his hot cum smeared all over her nipples? He then focused his attention on a pair of light blue panties that looked very new and shiny.

How fun would it be to pull that pair up over his cock and then begin to jack-off against the slick material? Shit was he ever horny. He looked over his shoulder and noticed he really couldn't be seen much by any neighbors.

. so he zipped down his Levi's and yanked out his over-sized rod. Soon the 7" shaft was sticking out through the opening and he leaned over and began to spit on the purple head making it all shiny. The large bulbous head had already begun to leak sticky pre-cum out of the tiny slit.

As he fantasized more about Katie, he curled his fingers hood rican tattoo milf makes luv to dick superhead style the tip of his shaft and very slowly began to work his cock. He had deposited enough saliva to make his thick shaft very slippery as he squeezed the head and began to buck his hips back and forth.

How fun would it be to feel up her titties under her bra like the ones he was looking at? Maybe he could get her to stick her hand down his pants and bring him off just like he was doing right now.

Being 15-years-old, it only took him a few seconds to begin to feel that itchy wonderful feeling between his legs as he was getting closer and closer to blowing his load.

Maybe he could get her to strip naked in front of him and pinch her titties. . or even rub his cock up against her bare pussy. That was the last thought that went through his mind as he closed his eyes and began to shoot cum all over the back of the house. He deliberately moved his cock from side to side spraying the dark stained T-111 with gallons of his juices. Slowly recovering, he looked at his watch and realized he had better get home and change or else Katie would catch him with his cock out.

. which began to make his hard-on come back alive. Meanwhile, Katie was sitting on her bus, knowing her bus stop was the next one on the route. On either side of her were her two best friends, Tami and Amy, who were in the same grade. Ever since telling them about her plan to have Mike come over. .

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they were equally as excited. Tami was a very cute blonde, with pretty blue eyes but a very slight figure. Her titties were more like half tangerines on her chest, and it was exciting for her to pinch them at night and watch the hard nipples expand into stiff little pebbles. Amy on the other hand was a few months older than the other two and she had already developed apple-like titties on her chest. Katie liked looking at Amy's titties through the tight clothes she wore and wondered whether today she would get a chance to see her young tits all bare; maybe with Mike's mouth all over them!

Katie knew both girls were rather horny, having recently had them both over to her house for a sleepover. She had snuck some rum from her mother's stash and had made rum and Cokes for her friends outside the house in their tent they stayed in overnight. After they were all a bit tipsy, they played Truth or Dare almost until dawn. At one point she had both girls rubbing themselves off at the same time as she read dirty stories to them.

She had collected a few magazines and porn books from her uncle's stash (her mother's brother) and brought them to her house and hid them under her mattress so her mom wouldn't know. She wouldn't soon forget the sound of her best friends reaching orgasm as they twiddled their twats as she rammed her middle finger into her own moist wet hole. Just thinking about it made her almost cum on the bus! As the bus came to a stop, she winked at her friends and they worked their way to the front of the bus and navigated down the three steps to the pavement.

Katie found her key inside her purse and the three young girls walked up the front steps ready to meet Mike, up close and personal. As they entered the living room, Katie raced to her room to shed her school clothes. Passing the bathroom, she remembered her underwear that were hanging on the shower bar and quickly yanked them off. Looking past the garments, she noticed a stream of sticky stuff on the window pane, but didn't think much of it. Once in her room, she stripped off her clothes entirely, including her socks.

She walked over to the full length mirror on the feels so good! tube porn of the door and inspected her 14-year-old body. She was beginning to get a shape with her cute bubble butt in the back, but her titties were still only the size of lemons on her chest. The air conditioning was on and soon her nipples began to sprout upwards and suddenly a wicked grin crossed her face.

She was going to have fun making her friends do things with this boy. . VERY NAUGHTY THINGS she thought! She realized she was more of a voyeur than a participant. While Katie was changing in her room, Tami and Amy were switching into the clothes they had brought with them. All three girls had gone shopping over the weekend and had bought matching outfits, which they thought Mike might enjoy. Tami took her new top out of her backpack as she watched Amy do the same thing. The girls had bought light blue tank tops that had three small flowers across the chest with the words "Life is Good".

They also bought a pair of darker blue Reebok cut shorts, with stretchy cotton/spandex fabric that molded across their loins. They knew from watching older girls. . that the best way to get Mike's attention would be to leave off their underwear, so they took turns using the bathroom and putting on their outfits.

When Tami came out of the bathroom with her new white athletic shoes and the rest of the outfit on, Amy noticed how the fabric molded over her friend's pussy, showcasing the tiny "V" between her legs. Amy was still a little shy about not wearing a bra, but since her friends were dressing the same way, she thought she could overcome the initial embarrassment.

She took the two pieces of the outfit with her to the bathroom and closed the door. She quickly whisked out of her school clothes, slipped hot babe has her pussy recorded brunette big tits her bra and looked in the mirror at her titties, still encased inside her dainty cups.

Amy playfully brought her finger up and touched the tip of the white bra cup and wiggled her finger. Almost instantly the hidden nipple underneath, poked upwards and the unmistakable shape caused her to smile.

She unsnapped the bra in the front and carefully lifted it off her young chest, displaying her titties to the man in the mirror. She pushed her shoulders back and thrust her slight developing chest forward.

At the same time, she slipped down her panties and she was suddenly naked. Amy knew it was a bit kinky, but she moved her fingers in between her pussy lips and wiggled her finger back and forth against her clit. Shivers began to take over her body as she remembered listening to Katie read dirty stories to her the other night.

She especially remembered the one about the young girl that let her boyfriend put his cock in her mouth. For some reason, that nasty thought excited the 14-year-old passionately. A loud knock on the door brought her back to reality. "I gotta pee Amy. Hurry up!" said Katie already dressed in her outfit. She had deliberately twisted her nipples before pulling the tank top over her titties. This was going to be some real fun. "I'll be out in a second," said Amy desperately pulling up her blue shorts, sans her panties, up to her waist.

Just like Tami, the tight shorts showcased her wet pussy lips underneath, leaving little to the imagination. She then pulled her new tank top over her head and tucked it into her shorts and snapped the top button.

She looked at herself in the mirror, straightened her straps and soon realized her developing titties looked the best of the three girls and with a smile. . she gathered her clothes and left the bathroom. Amy and Tami waited nervously in the living room as Katie spruced up the bathroom and then came out and joined them.

Everyone looked at each other's outfits and began to laugh. "This is wicked awesome. . girls!" said Tami wiggling her upper body and posing for girls out west three australian lesbians licking assholes others. "And to truly act WICKED.

. is what we are going to do," stated Katie as she leaned over and tried to kiss Amy on the cheek. Amy screamed and then moved to the end of the couch. The doorbell rang and suddenly the girls were silent. Katie rose up and announced to the girls: "I'll get it. I wonder who that might be?" and then everyone started to laugh hysterically. Outside Mike overheard the laughter, and suddenly got scared. He thought only Katie was going to be home.

Why did he hear at least two other girls laughing. Suddenly Katie's pretty face appeared in the glass of the storm door window and his stomach began to flutter and his cock began to rise inside his Nike shorts.

He debated upon wearing his boxers, but after seeing that the outline of his rigid cock was almost transparent on his shorts, he decided to just wear them and a muscle man tank top. He had begun lifting weights and his chest was beginning to represent those workouts. The door opened and Katie stood with her hand on her waist, striking a quick pose.

"Hi Michael. . or do you prefer Mike?" she asked teasingly. "Hi Katie. . either one works. . but people pretty much call me Mike," he said looking over her outfit, which did nothing to stop his cock from rising even more.

The light blue top sat proudly on her developing chest and he was almost certain he couldn't see any type of bra or underwear underneath. A quick glance downward was equally as stimulating as her dark blue Reebok cut shorts, with the stretchy cotton/spandex fabric.

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. . faintly showed off her pussy underneath. Damn she was hot! He suddenly hoped he could walk past her and quickly manipulate his shaft into an upward position so that the stiff cock wouldn't give away his instant arousal.

Little did he know, Katie was already inspecting his plumbing down below, and her heart began to flutter as she watched his growing shaft ricochet into a full grown erection. She couldn't wait to inspect his very stiff pipe!

"Then come on in. . .Michael. A few of my friends dropped by and we are ready for a little party." "Thanks," he said processing her words. He turned slightly and moved his hand across his boner and pushed it up against the middle part of his shorts so that it would not stick out and impede his walking. He continued forward and heard the back door close and then the unmistakable sound of a dead bolt being pulled over and down into place.

Shit this girl was serious about not being caught with a guy in the house he thought. "Just go into the living room and I will introduce you to my friends who are hot mom fucked by friend as excited as I am that you could come by and party with us." "Party" he thought?

What kind of party? Dope? Drinking? Sex? He walked in and noticed her best friends sitting on the couch and then realized all three girls were wearing matching outfits. Damn he loved that sort of stuff. . and to make things better, his quick inspection told him the others were lacking underwear as well underneath their outfits.

His fantasies were interrupted as he felt Katie's hand touch his shoulder. "Michael. . this is Tami," she said, still keeping her hand in place and then slowly moving it to the center of his back. "Hi!" he said awkwardly. . as he waved to her. This girl had similar breasts, but something about her blue eyes and blonde hair made him attracted to her instantly. "Pleased to meet you Michael," said the smiling girl. Remaining seated, she was treated sunny leon brazzar xxx story sex stories a side shot of his HUGE erection that had now moved off slightly from the center.

She had never seen a real cock before, so this was extremely arousing to the little blonde nymph. "And this is my other best teen slut jayden fucks to keep her job Amy," said Katie as she teased the boy by allowing her fingers to slip into the back of his shorts as he leaned downwards to shake Amy's hand that she offered to him.

Whether by design or not, Amy leaned slightly forward, allowing the material from her slightly over-sized tank top to pull away from her chest and immediately display her bare titties to the boy. As he shook her hand, he stared down her top and almost shot his load as two handfuls of teen breasts came into view and at the same time, Katie's soft hands had begun to rub up against the bare cheeks of his backside. "Wow!" was all he was able to get out as he kept shaking her hand.

Amy began to smile, knowing what he was looking at. After a few seconds, she sat back upwards and let go of his hand. "Why don't you three get to know each other a bit more, Michael. I will go and make us a couple of cold drinks. Is rum and Coke OK?" she asked. He turned slightly surprised and said "Oh sure.

. thanks." He felt her hand pull out of the waist band of his shorts and then he saw her turn around and head for the kitchen. "Why don't you sit here between us," said Tami, moving slightly milf belly button lick we are the law my niggas and the law needs ebony cock the side. "So Michael. Do you like to see and read PORN?" The question caught him truly by surprise, but he managed to look at the blonde girl and honestly nod his head up and down.

"We do to. A couple of Saturday's ago, Katie had us overnight in her tent outside and she read us some real naughty stuff that made us all horny." As she finished, her eyes traveled downwards and to the right as she focused on Mike's cock that was now poking out the slick fabric of his shorts. "Yeah it was great! I didn't know I could get that turned on, by listening to someone read really dirty stuff like that," said Amy as she opened up her legs slightly, knowing her young mound was now more visible to the boy.

"Would you like to see if we can find some nasty stories online. . and maybe you could read them to us," she suggested. The boy looked up at a desk not far away and noticed a large 21" flat screen monitor with the Microsoft logo sailing across the screen and also two chairs on either side of the red web sleep bad mom son computer chair. "That would be pretty wild girls.

. but why not?" he answered. The three looked at each other and began to laugh. "Then let's get going. Katie will join us in a few minutes," said Tami as she placed her hand on Michael's upper thigh and then as she was rising up, nonchalantly moved it slightly towards his cock. . allowing her fingers to graze against the edge of his expanding shaft and she quickly gave it a rub.

She then played it off and walked over to the computer. Michael couldn't believe this girl, who he had never met before. . had touched his stiff cock and turned to Amy who had watched the little episode. There was a glowing but devious smile on her face as she whispered in his ear, "Did you know these were real?" and with that she grasped his hand and placed it over her cupcake shaped titties.

Without thinking, the boy quickly felt her up, as her stiff nipples massaged the tips of his fingers showing how rigid they were. And then she stood up carefully taking his hand off her chest and joining her friend.

Michael again adjusted his rigid cock as he walked over to the monitor that had originally shown the screen saver but now displayed the image of two bare-chested girls, maybe 14 or 15-years-old standing on each side of an older boy whose naked body and stiff rod was lewdly plastered across the screen. Michael had never seen anything this revealing before as he stood behind Amy who had sat to the right of Tami.

"Whatcha think?" asked Tami as she turned around. "Let me slip over and let you sit down". The vivacious little nymph turned the large black leather chair towards Michael and then moved aside. How could he not sit down? His loins were almost on fire with desire as his ass touched the leather. "Wow! That's really. . uh. . you know. . ." but he didn't finish. "HOT!" said Amy knowing the boy was entranced by the image on the screen.

"I like this pic, because those two girls have small tits like mine," said Tami as she unexpectedly pulled up her tank top and proudly displayed her bare chest to the boy. Michael could not believe what was literally inches away from his mouth and lips. He expected her to drop the fabric, but instead she curled her fingers under the hem and rolled it up to her neck. "Don't cha think I look like them.

. except my nips are a little bigger, right?" Amy had never seen her friends titties before, and without thinking she moved her hand between her legs and slowly began to rub her slit as she watched the expression on the boy's face as they both inspected Tami's titties.

Since Amy had no panties on underneath, she began to shiver with relief as her middle finger began to rub little circles over her twat. Michael knew it wouldn't take much more before he would blow his load. He loved Tami's pink pair of nipples and would have given anything to lean over and place them inside his mouth.

But he felt it necessary to respond to Tami. "Yours are much nicer. . Tami. I truly. . um like yours," he said. "What about these Michael? You keep staring at them. . so why don't you take a good look," said Amy as she followed her friends lead and pulled the tank top out of her shorts and pulled it up towards her chin.

Her beautiful breasts slowly came into view, with her nipples nearly matching the stiffness of her friends. She had petite teen ruby rayes gets rammed by mature coach let a boy see her naked before, so this made her heart begin to pound with excitement. Little goose bumps began to grow around her stiff nipples. As she was showing off her titties, she noticed that the head of Michael's cock had begun to slip past the waistband of his shorts and the dark purple head made an unexpected special appearance for the girls.

She wanted to say something about its massive size, but heard Katie coming into the living room. Both girls dropped their shirts back into place.

"How about a little something to get us started," said Katie as she came up to the trio in front of the image on the screen. "Shoot, it looks like you guys started without me! Here, Michael. . I made this one especially for you!" she said handing him a tall Coke glass. Her sudden appearance caused the tip of his cock to shrink slightly inside his shorts which was a disappointment to Amy who wanted so badly to slip that thing into her mouth. Damn she was horny!

For the next ten minutes or so everyone pretended to like the drinks Katie had made, even though the youngsters were not use to the flavor of liquor and it took some effort to get the liquid down. She had brought a pitcher with her and she had made enough for refills which she gradually poured into everyone's glasses.

Pretty soon all four teens were getting more and more toasted. Not knowing any better, Katie school girls want to deep blow that dick used an entire bottle of Jamaican Rum her mother had brought back from a cruise to make the drinks. The image on the screen had dissolved back to the screen saver which prompted Katie to begin her little plan. "Shake the mouse Michael. What was that image on the screen before?" she asked.

The three horny girls watched him wiggle the mouse and the original image of the kneeling teens in front of the boy's cock came back into view. Each of them was becoming more and more shit faced polluted. "Looks pretty hot and makes me very horny," volunteered Michael as he inspected the screen again. Suddenly he felt Katie's fingers on his shoulders. He still could not believe what was going on.

Two girls on either side of him and one massaging his neck from behind. . shit he had to be in heaven. "Click the mouse Michael. . we want you to read us a little story and let's see what happens. .

. OK?" she asked expertly placing her thumbs on his neck and rubbing her fingers along the top of his chest. Without answering, he clicked the mouse and large text appeared on the screen. He looked over the words, his cock now ready to explode. "Go ahead Michael. . let's hear it!" she said whispering in his ears. Michael cleared his throat, and began reading. . 'Amy and Tami had never seen a boy's cock before, but they cute ginger babe has her pussy drilled Michael into showing them his.

He told the girls they had to pull off all his clothes and then take off their tops for him. They giggled but took off their tank tops and let the boy look at their bare breasts. He was getting very horny as they unbuttoned his shirt and then pulled down his jeans. Once he stepped out of his pants, his big COCK was pushing against his boxers, making it look like some weapon of mass destruction underneath.

The girls knelt down on either side of him and slowly worked his boxers over his rigid COCK and then past his knees to his feet below.' Michael clicked the mouse and a second picture came into view. It was the same as the first one, but this time the girl's heads were very close to the boy's cock and no longer was his head or feet in the picture. Everyone looked at what was on the screen, and by now the rum was racing through their bodies.

"FAR FUCKING OUT," said little Tami as she stared at the boy's rigid organ on the screen. "He certainly has a BIIIGGGGG One, doesn't he," said Amy giggling. "I'll bet Michael has one about the same size. . am I right?" asked Katie as she moved her hands inside the boy's muscle shirt and over his chest. Amy and Tami watched their friend tease the boy with her hands.

"Kind of the same size," said Michael as he began to become even more aroused by what Katie was doing. He felt her fingers find his nipples and begin to pinch them. It made him shiver with excitement. "Let's have Michael keep reading, but let's do like the girls in the picture and take off our tops," ordered Katie as she slipped her fingers out of the boy's top, stood up and quickly pulled her top over her shoulders and then threw it on the couch.

Michael tilted the chair a quarter turn, and there in front of him was the topless girl he had been fantasizing about for the last several days. He zoomed in on her chest and her bare titties. "Like what cha see big boy?" she teased as she looked at her breasts and then begin to pinch and twist her nipples.

Very quickly her buds became stiff and a wicked smile came across her face. Amy and Tami followed suit and soon Michael was surrounded by three topless girls, each with their own unique pair of titties now showing. "We're going to switch chairs Michael so that you can continue your story," she said as she went to the piano and pulled the bench over behind his chair.

"Everybody get up!" she said and soon Michael was back sitting, with Amy and Tami on either side of him and Katie behind as before. "Everybody needs to be topless, so get this thing off!" ordered Katie as she reached alongside his body and then towards the waistband of his shorts. Mischievously and deliberately teasing Michael and to the amusement of her two friends, she slipped her fingers into the waist of his shorts, supposedly finding the bottom of his shirt, but making sure she found the tip of his cock.

She playfully german teen girl gets fucked at a parking spot pornstars and hardcore her fingers around the tip and began to gently twist it and then she quickly pulled out the material and then yanked it over his head.

"Keep reading," she said as everyone watched the screen. As the image switched back to text, Katie continued to tease the boy by slowly rubbing her two titties back and forth across his neck and back. Despite her antics, he attempted to continue to read. . 'Amy and Katie could not stop looking at the boy's cock as they knelt beside him. It must have been 7 or 8 inches long and the boy suddenly got the urge to grasp the rigid pole and to display his cock closer to the girl's faces.

He had to be careful, because if he wasn't he would have instantly shot his sticky wad all over their mouths. Little did he know, they wanted that to happen!

Slowly, the boy began to yank on his cock, but at the same time he moved a few inches closer to Katie's face and then let the soft velvet mushroom tip touch. . first her cheeks and then her lips." Michael clicked the mouse and again a much closer shot appeared as the boy was now rubbing the tip of his long cock up against the moist lips of the young girl.

Everyone stared at the image on the screen, all equally as horny as the next person. Katie was still rubbing her titties against the boy's neck but also noticed that her two friends had slipped their hands inside their shorts and were now rubbing themselves off.

She smiled and decided to go one step further in the seduction of the boy. "Michael, what are Amy and Tami doing right now that is very naughty?" The boy looked to his left and saw an embarrassed Amy pull her hand out of her shorts. A split second later, he looked down at Tami's hand still inside her shorts and he smiled. "Probably getting themselves off! This is simply awesome!" he said, deciding not to think about hiding his bulging shorts.

"Not yet it isn't. . Ok everyone. . take off your shorts and we are going to move around a bit." Everyone was so hot at this point; shorts were flying in all directions. Hairless pussies were soon on display and then at last, Michael yanked down his own shorts and instantly his baseball bat of a cock came into view, bobbing from side to side.

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He could feel his cock begin to twitch just enough to catch Amy's eye. The moment it began to stir, she shifted naughty czech girl gapes her tight pussy to the strange little, leaning a little bit closer to it.

. to get a better look. His cock began to straighten out a little more and now, the head of his organ was beginning to blossom into a large pink mushroom. Amy adjusted her position, scooting down a little so her head was now at the same level as his crotch, until her head was only about a foot away from his cock.

She was breathing a little heavier now, and Michael could swear he could see her licking her lips. And still his cock grew larger and harder. It began to rise in such a way that now the head was completely out in the open for everyone see. From time to time, Tami would look over at his face to see if he knew what was happening but he began to grow confident and acted as though nothing was out of the ordinary, despite displaying his 7" cock in front of three teen girls.

Soon his cock was completely erect. . now throbbing and twitching. He could see all three girls, including Katie fully mesmerized. . looking at his hard-on, and fantasizing about his shaft being their first. He looked again under the computer table at Amy and how her eyes were wild with the image of his swollen organ as she moved her hand upwards, past his shin and knee.

Without any notice, he began rubbing up and down on his 7" shaft. His right hand. . lingered on the pink mushroom head. The girls noticed he had the beginnings of a nice little thatch of curly hair at the base of his cock and his balls hung below. Almost enthralled at the stark appearance of Michael's naked cock, Katie continued her group seduction.

"Michael will still keep reading. . but I want Amy to center herself on her knees in front of him. . and us two will sit on either side," said Katie winking at Tami. Amy was surprised at what she had been ordered to do, but she was secretly excited to look more directly at Michael's underwear free cock.

With some trouble she inched her way in between Michael's legs. She placed her hands on his knees and pulled them slightly more open so she could snuggle closer to him. Her nipples were fully taunt with desire as she kept her hands on his knees, but leaned forward. There in front of her small breast lucie cline toying her pussy . . was her first real cock. . and it was HUGE! He had obviously started to grow pubic hair around his cock, but that just made her more excited.

. knowing he was older than she was. "Go ahead Michael. Click the mouse!" said Katie. She moved her bare legs up against his and almost on cue so did Tami. The alcohol had taken its toll and without any hesitation the girls on either side slipped their hand between their legs and began to rub their twat as the boy continued.

. 'Amy always wanted to feel and touch a boy's cock. So she centered herself in between the boy's legs and then let her hands move along the inside of his limbs. . closer and closer to the BIG prize in the middle". The girls read the words on the screen as Michael read them out loud, but below, Amy moved her hands to match his words, as she gently moved her fingers along his inner thighs.

Closer and closer she came to his hanging balls and long shaft. She upskirt voyeur amazing ass tube porn herself from reaching out and holding it.

. as she listened to Michael continue. 'Amy, you are going to like touching and feeling boy's COCKS. They love it! Go ahead and carefully wrap your fingers around the base of MY cock, and then squeeze it slightly. Ohhhhhh yeah! You are the BEST'. Michael couldn't believe the kneeling 14-year-old in between his legs was mimicking the story perfectly. 'Now move your hand up and down, but keep squeezing my cock at the same time.

Not bad. . but it's a little dry. To make boys happy . . you MUST get their COCKS all wet. What should you do right now. .

to make my cock get wet?' Michael said, reading from the screen. He clicked the mouse and the next shot on the screen was the girl's mouth circling the boy's cock. Without being told to do so. . Tami began coaching her friend kneeling on the floor. "Amy, lick the head of his cock with your tongue.

. he will love it!" And just as she was being instructed to do, Amy nervously stuck out her tongue and began to coat Michael's cock with a layer of her spit expecting it to taste gross.

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. . but it didn't. She playfully wiggled her tongue on the underside of his cock and the boy began to twitch and shake. Soon the entire shaft was covered with her spit as she kept licking his cock like her very favorite Popsicle. Now it was Katie's turn to give instructions. "You know you want to taste what it is like. . So go ahead Amy. . PUT HIS COCK IN YOUR MOUTH AND SUCK HIM OFF.

SHOW US WHAT IT IS LIKE. SLIP THAT COCK Young and pretty girl expert in straws with her foot BETWEEN YOUR LIPS AND LET HIM SHOOT HIS LOAD IN YOUR MOUTH. JUST DO IT!" The two girls leaned closer to watch Amy under the table. She had her hand around his organ. . just below the crown and then she slowly let the tip of his cock pierce the space in between her lips.

She moved her head slightly forward. . and slowly her slippery lips were lubricating his shaft as it was being swallowed up inside her mouth. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fucking A. . ," cried Michael. "Curl those sexy lips of yours. . over your teeth and suck me off!" The sensation of her tight slippery lips hugging his knob was almost too much to gain control as he felt his hot juices begin to move up the shaft.

Then Amy tried something she saw in a movie and began to bob her head so that the underside of his cock was being stimulated by her fixed lips.

Up and down the girls watched her friend bob and then Michael began to moan. Katie clicked the mouse and almost simultaneously the boy in the picture sprayed his seed all over the girls face. . as Michael pulled his cock out of Amy's mouth. . and began to shoot load after load of hot cum all over the pretty girl. Keeping her mouth open, Michael kept shooting his juices into her oral cavity to the point of not only filling it up.

. but making it overflow and then dribble down her chin onto her cupcake shaped titties. Meanwhile Katie and Tami thrust their fingers deep into their hairless twats and began to bring themselves off watching the horny sight. Minutes later Michael's cock began to shrink and everyone looked carefully at Amy's face and chest that were now completed covered with hot sticky cum. As everyone tried to recover, Katie located the mouse and clicked onto another file entitled, "How Tami Learned How to FUCK" which would be the next story the three girls would act out with Michael's help.

Stay tuned!