Amateur slut in hot amateur porn 1 tube porn

Amateur slut in hot amateur porn 1 tube porn
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In the summer after I turned 12, my family moved to the town my Aunt Jane and her son Jason lived. Not knowing anyone else, I hung out with Jason pretty much every day that summer.

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He was a couple months younger, and in the grade below me. We did everything together. We played basketball, hunted small animals like snakes, frogs, birds, rode bikes all over town, and played a lot of Nintendo. Aunt Jane worked a lot so we had a lot of time alone. I also slept over almost every weekend that summer because Aunt Jane liked to go to the bar and didn't like Jason to be home alone. One day Jason told me he had something to show me and we went into Aunt Jane's bedroom.

We went into the closet and there was a chest that was locked with a pad lock. Jason pulled out a key from his pocket. "This is so cool." he said, then opened the chest. I was speechless. There were a lot of things that I had no clue what pretty girl wishes to experience arse fuck were or what they were for, but I did recognize a few dildos and lube, along with about 20 VHS tapes. I was interested in the realistic looking dildo, but when I picked it up, Jason said "Gross, that has been in my mom's pussy." and I put it back.

He grabbed one of the tapes and closed the chest. "You can lay on the bed." Jason said.

So I did, heart racing. I had seen magazines before but never a video. He put it in turned on the TV and laid next to me, both laying on our stomachs. It was a scene in hell.

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The devil and another demon were both with a sexy blonde with short hair and great tits. They were taking turns getting sucked, fucking and anal fucking the woman. After about 10 minutes, my dick hurting from being so hard, Jason got off the bed and went onto the floor. "Don't look, I'm going to jack off." he said. "You can too, I won't look." I could hear him unzip and start. On the screen the demon and devil both got behind the girl and they doubled penetrated her, one in her pussy one in her ass.

Any reservations I had melted away. "If you're done first, don't look." I said and unzipped my pants. It didn't take long before I heard Jason cum and the thought of it made me cum very soon after.

I had just gotten old enough to ejaculate but it was just clear and didn't make too much of a mess. We put the tape away and went out to play basketball.

We did the same thing every day, sometimes twice, for the next week or two, the only variation was switching who got the bed and who got the floor. One day when it was my turn for the bed I said "My turn for the bed." "I'm not going on the floor, I don't care if you do or not, but I'm staying on the bed from now on." I was mad but stubborn and just stayed on the bed.

After a minute he dropped his pants, "Don't look." he said. My heart was pounding, and I could see him out of the corner of my eye. "Screw it." I thought and pulled my pants off too. Making sure to keep my eyes forward but mostly focusing on my cousin next to me beating off, we both finished faster than ever.

This became the new normal for the next couple weeks. It got to the point we were both so comfortable we started to get naked before we even were hard. I noticed he was starting to look at me when I came and I would watch him sometimes but I always tried to be stealthy. I got so comfortable that it turned me on when he would watch. He was the same I'm sure.

Eventually we got to the point where we started having competitions. Who could finish first one day. Who could last longer the next. Who could go the longest without getting a boner and so on. One day Jason said "I bet you get a boner before me and no touching your dick." "You're on." I said and we got naked and started watching, fake taxi sex free story next to each other to make sure neither one cheated. A minute went by and I was doing pretty good, aroused but not getting hard yet.

Suddenly Jason reached over and grabbed me. I jumped but he didn't let go. It felt really good with his warm hand on my cock and it grew in his hand almost immediately. "I win." he said, but never let go of my cock. "That's not fair." I said still squirming.

This was definitely xxxcy vidoes of dikhan boy with boy my comfort zone but it felt so good I didn't make him stop. He noticed that I was getting into it and grabbed the lotion next to him, squirted some on me and kept going. It felt amazing. A couple years before that I got sucked off a few times by a neighborhood girl but that was nothing compared to this. He kept slowly rubbing and squeezing me and I forgot about everything, focusing on the immense pleasure.

I closed my eyes and laid back letting him do what he wanted with me. He was picking up the pace and before I knew it I was shooting cum harder than I ever had. I shot so hard I felt some hit my face and some even went further.

I quickly wiped it off now feeling really embarrassed. "Was it good?" Jason asked.

"Yeah." I replied. "Now do it to me." he said. "NO, I didn't say I would!" I protested. "Its only fair, and I won the contest." he said. I continued to protest, but he just grabbed my hand and put it on his hard dick.

I would have pulled away but he held my hand there and it kinda turned me on feeling the heat and hardness of it. It curved a bit towards his stomach and was smaller than mine but a little thicker. "Fine." I gave in and grabbed the lotion. I watched as I squirted some lotion on him and started to jack him off.

It seems like he came in 20 seconds. "Holy shit that felt good." he said. It really wasn't bad and it felt so good to me that I felt like it was worth it. I got up and went to clean myself off. "Are you mad?" he asked. "A little. It felt good but I didn't agree to it." "Sorry, but it really felt good didn't it?" he asked. "Yeah, it did." Then we went and played Nintendo. The next day my family went camping.

Sleeping in the same RV as my parents didn't give me a chance to jack off even though I thought about almost non-stop. It was only a few days but by the time we got back I was really horny. I put my stuff away showered then rode my bike to Jason's. "Lets go watch." I said as soon as I got there. We went straight to sampling beautys tight awesome chick pot of legal age teenager mia hurley bedroom.

As he got the video I stripped my clothes off and got on the bed. He put the tape in and got naked. I was already hard from being so horny.

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"You want me to do it again?" he asked. "Yeah." "Will you do it to me?" "Yeah." That's all it took and he was off. I came in no time. It felt even more amazing than the first time. Then it was his turn. He didn't last much longer than me. This became our new routine for the next few weeks. I always went first then him. He never lasted long so I felt like it was worth it. I slept over almost every Friday night so Jason wouldn't be home alone while my Aunt was at the bar.

Sometimes she wouldn't come home, when she did, she would get home around 3 a.m. She had Jason young and was in her late 20's I believe that summer. She had really light blonde hair blue eyes amazing tits and a nice ass. The more I would hang out with Jason, the more I noticed how hot Aunt Jane was. She would often go without a bra when she was home, and I thought about her and her sex toys more than a few times. One Friday late that summer while I was sleeping over, I stayed up late driving student in thongs bangs in car Nintendo.

Jason had already gone to bed. I felt at home there so it was no big deal. Not realizing how late it was, my Aunt came home. It was a bit after 3 a.m. and she was really drunk. "What are you doing up so late?" she asked. "Just playing." "I think its time for bed now." "Ok." and I went to Jason's room. A short time later I realized I forgot to pee and got up to use the bathroom.

I went, and on the way back to Jason's room, I noticed the door to my aunt's room and and peeked in. She had a porn on, but I could see she was asleep. I opened the door as slow and quiet as I could. She had on a silk, see through pink nightgown on and I could clearly see her nipples. I just stood there for a few minutes making sure she was asleep, but knew she was, I could smell the alcohol from 10 feet away.

I slowly crept up next to her and slowly put my hand on her chest. Her tits were huge and soft but still firm. I pulled out my dick with my right hand as I kept feeling her boob with my left. It wasn't long before I was shooting all over the side of the bed. Slightly in a panic I grabbed a tissue and wiped off the bed. I must have been a bit too aggressive and she rolled from her side to her back. I immediately froze and stood still until she started to quietly snore.

I breathed a sigh of relief and started to leave, then noticed that when she rolled, she kicked the blanket off and I could now see her pussy. I had never seen a real adult pussy before and was hard again almost instantly. I slowly pulled up her nightgown so it was fully exposed, bent down and smelled it. It smelled really good and I had to taste it. I gently put my finger at her hole, pushed it in slightly, and almost came again. It felt so warm, wet, and soft.

I slowly pushed my finger in and out a few times, then took it away and tasted it. It was nicoles bathtub fuck nikita von james pornstar bit salty but sweet and tasted great. I pulled out my dick again and started to rub it while I fingered my aunt.

I quickly came again, but noticed she had spread her legs more. I didn't go soft after i came and still had my fingers in my aunt's pussy. I decided then that I was going to fuck her. I went to the foot of the bed, slowly crawled between her legs, put my cock right at her hole and slowly pushed it in careful not to wake her up. I couldn't get more than the head in without spreading her legs more, so I gently pushed her right leg open.

I pushed all the way in. It was the best thing I have ever felt. It was hot, wet and amazingly silky. I slowly started to pump in and out of her.

I started pumping harder and faster forgetting I was fucking my aunt. Even in her sleep she was starting to get into it. She started moving a little and breathe harder. That just made me go harder and faster. I came for the third time while I was still inside her, but was so turned on I just kept going. I was picking up speed and fucking her harder and harder. The bed was shaking and I could tell my aunt was turned on. Suddenly her body started to shake and her pussy was clamping down on my cock.

It felt so good I came amateur babe pov fucking pornstars and teen. When she stopped shaking she whispered "That was great." and without ever opening her eyes sat up and kissed me, then rolled over and started snoring again. I went back to Jason's room spent and fell asleep immediately. The next morning I woke up nervous about what my aunt would say.

She wasn't up yet. I got some cereal and ate. She got up about an hour later but Jason was there so she didn't say anything. A few hours later my parents called and asked if she would give me a ride home. Jason didn't come with us so I was very nervous. When we pulled up "See ya later." was all she said.

I got away with it and she never brought it up.

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I always regretted not being able to fuck her again though. About a week before school started I was watching porn with Jason again. "I want to try something." he said, and rolled over on his stomach. I didn't want to, but he quickly said "Don't put it in my hole, just put lotion in my crack and hump my butt." I did and it felt really good sliding my slick dick fervid teen is gaping slim cunt in close up and coming g strings and hairless and down his bubble butt.

It would have been the best thing I've ever done if I hadn't fucked my aunt a few nights before. I came all over his back. "Get a towel and clean me up" he said. I did then he said "Let me try it." I was comfortable enough with him I just laid on my stomach. "Make sure you don't stick it in." I said. "I will." he said as he poured lotion in my crack.

I didn't like how it felt, and I was worried about him trying to fuck me the whole time. "Don't cum on me either." I said. "Please?" "No." Soon he grabbed the towel and came into it then cleaned off my butt. The next time we were together he asked if we could do it again. I said no, and I didn't like it. He grabbed my dick and started rubbing it. I was glad it was back to that. I could handle hand jobs. Once my cock was hard, out of no where Jason took me into his mouth and started going down on me.

He was actually pretty good at it. Soon I was about to explode.

"I'm going to cum." I said, but he just kept going. I grabbed the back of his head pushed into his mouth and let it go. I held his head there until I was done and could feel him swallowing my load. "Now you try." he said "I won't cum in your mouth if you don't want." "No, I didn't say I would.' "Please, just try." "Fine." I said, but really didn't want to.

I grabbed his already hard cock. slowly lowered my head and smelled it. It was a little musky but nothing too bad. I licked the tip, then gave in and put the tip italian harlot gets her wet cunt hammered pornstars and creampie my mouth. Feeling the warmth in my mouth kinda grossed me out, and I gagged. I pulled away took a breath and tried again.

I got a bit more in my mouth and started to slide him in and out of my mouth. It only lasted incest mere et fils anal few seconds before he thrust. I gagged again, took another breath and said if he wanted me to do it he would just have to let me do it. I tried it again. Sucked his dick for about 10 seconds before I gagged hard and almost threw up.

"It's ok, you don't have to." Jason said. Relieved I grabbed the lotion and jerked him off. The next couple days I avoided going over and school started. I made new friends and was never with Jason or Aunt Jane again. I liked the time I spent with Jason but ultimately realized I'm not gay. It was years before I was With another guy. Jason also ended up dating a lot of girls and eventually got married.

Family reunions are still a bit awkward.