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Sweet hottie shane blair loves huge cock smalltits and pornstars
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A girl's night out which happens rarely in our part of town. Sara, Jamie and I decided to go out and have some fun. A break from work, children, bills. Days we had like when we were teenagers. A world waiting for us to tear it apart.

We were rebels to the core. Jamie had a baby. She had to have her home by midnight. So we went to a local bar in town. We threw back few shots here and there.

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Handsome men surrounding us offering to buy drinks. We were on the verge of tipping the scale. I had a boyfriend already so no men phased me. I can not say I did not think on it. I were and am a faithful girl to one man. All of us were dancing and singing to the latest popular songs. Our hair getting sweaty falling from the style we had it in.

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We all decided that we were going to see our boyfriends. We begin to drink alot of soda. It helped some not alot. We were able to walk straight and see straight to get us where we was going.

Text our boyfriends of our coming. I drove, I honestly did not drink that much, but enough to feel the effect of the drinks I did have. Driving, my black mustang, along the dirt road. Dust flying behind us as we were trying to get away from the police. We made it there about eleven thirty. Called our love ones, babysitters and parents letting them know we were staying a night there at our boyfriend's house.

Jamie her parents said she had to come home. So I let Sara drive her home. Sara had gone I decided to take a shower. A remedy to help sober up. Luckily all our boyfriends were brothers. Brandon, Mike and Lex was in the living room watching television. By the time I were done with my shower Sara had come back. Mike was a gentleman in everything he did. Not the typical open the car door or pull up your chair at the table.

He did those things but I paid no attention to that. It was clear things. He had long black hair. Soft to the touch and shined when light hit it. He was tall almost like the pine trees along the road, high cheek bones those of an indian and the muscle mass to define he was a man indeed.

His eyes were unsophisticated and yet at the same time complex. To many brown eyes or almond some say its boring but not to me. Many nights I wondered. Why he asked me to be his girlfriend, but I never formed my words to ask such a thing. Coming out of the bathroom everyone was in their own rooms.My head turned in the direction of Mike's room. I notice he had just gotten there. Sneaky thoughts came to my head, but only led me to jumping on his back.

His laugh made me all the more happy. He Flipped me over his head onto the bed. Giggling I sat up and moved my hair from my face. When he sat down beside I could tell something was wrong.

"Are you alright?" I asked. "I'm OK" he said smiling a bit. "You have shorts on under that shirt?" "No I do not." I replied. I could not pass up the chance to tease him "What have I told you about not wearing shorts?" he said as he poked my sides. "You must want something to happen to you?" "Hehe.I'm kidding.I'm kidding." Giggling trying to pull away from his hands.

".See?" I said as I uk agent bangs american model hardcore european my shirt to show him my shorts.

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"What have I told you. I do not like to be teased." he said placing his lips against mine.

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"If you do it again. You will have hell to pay." I nodded to him. It was something about his voice.

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Something about the tone of his voice. I know deep down he was not playing with me. We talked about many things till I fell asleep in his arms. I was awoken to a terrifying sound. ISat up as I had awoken from a horrible nightmare. My eyes giving the room a warm sweep. Not seeing anything I walked towards the window.

Looking out the window to gaze at the moon. That is when I saw it. Something enormous and black running into the woods under the moon of teen pov blowjob and hard fucking with cum in mouth hard bdsm night.

I ran to wake Mike to tell him what I had seen, After shaking him a few times. I notice my hands were wet. Wet from him sweating. He was burning up, shivering as he was cold. I walked to Brandon's room. He had gone. I walked towards Lex's room he and Sara had gone too. We were alone and he was sick. I ran back to the room and into Mike's bathroom. I had wet a towel and placing it on his forehead. I left and walked to the kitchen to look for medication.

Tylenol, Aleve's, Motrin something to bring down his fever. There was nothing in the house to help make him better. I Walked back to his room. Surprisingly he was sitting up on the edge of his bed.

I could not help it. My motherly mode had kicked in. "Mike, what are you doing?" walked towards him. "Come on Im going to take you to the hos." I paused when he cut me off.

"No.no hospital." He said "But." I inputted "No hospital is going to help me." he said with a growl to his tone. "Mike.Mike is you okay?" I asked again. This time reaching out to touch his shoulders. He turned and looked at me. The Mike I knew was not in those eyes. They were golden in color, his veins stuck out from his neck and his face was dripping with sweat, but he was still growling at me. "Mike you scaring me, please stop." I said to him I moved away from him into the corner on the bed.

My words did not even phase him any. My hands shivered and my heart begin to beat faster from how scared I was of him this way. I felt that my heart beat a bit faster the closer he got to me. I Had no place to go. He had me pinned in the corner. He got so close to where I could feel him brutal rough forced rape bondage against my skin.

"Please Mike.don't hurt me." Begged with tears in my eyes. Suddenly it felt as time had stopped. I could not hear anything. His hand cupping my chin and turning my head to face him. His eyes still golden but I found him in them.

"Please don't be afraid of me. This is who I am." he said placing his lips against mine. I was confused on what he meant by "This was who he was." I knew Mike more stuning tanned brunette toying on cam part anyone else.

He was the perfect gentleman. This person I did and did not know all at the same time. For that moment I had him back.

I had him back in my arms. We kissed like we never had kissed before. It was romantic in everyway, but short lived. I could hear him growling louder and louder against my lips. "Fight it mike" I whispers against his lips. I wanted to help him pass this night of sickness. It was a battle for a second I thought I had won. "Come.fight it. Do not give into it." He had held my arms and held them firmly above my head. His other hand gripped my shirt. I could hear the fabric ripping as he yanked his hand back from me.

I tried to plead with him. If my voice brought him back once it could do it again. In one swift moment I heard my bra snap. The air brushing my skin. I knew he had unsnapped my bra. My full smooth caramel mounds exposed to him. "Mike lets me go now!" I yelled at him. Wiggling trying to get free of his grasp. If he wanted sex that was not the way to melt me over. Then he looked up at me and smiled. That smile chilled me to my bones.

I wanted nothing else but to get away, but I were locked in the man I loved but did not know anymore. (Sorry guys for the grammar)