Casting amateur fucking and sucking for cash

Casting amateur fucking and sucking for cash
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Lucky dog Ch5: Finishing off Tammy Tammy came out of her bathroom wrapped in a towel. She had wiped most of the blood and cum off of her body. She had lost her favorite game. She was just going to have to fuck the first guy that she came across and stick with him for a while.

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Perhaps she would take her friend's advice and find a reliable six incher. She sat at a chair in the kitchen with a glass of milk in front of her. The dog had been rough and brutal, but she thought that it was something she would like in a human.

Perhaps what she really needed was for a man to simply take what they wanted from her by force. Perhaps she would push the next guy into raping her.

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If she didn't like it she could always turn him in. That's about when she felt the hard grip of a strong hand push her forwards. Her cheek was pressed into the table top and her legs were dangling a few inches off the ground.

A hard cock head pushed against her abused pussy and the dog's remaining cum made it slide in easily. A single brutal thrust buried the cock to the hilt. Tammy screamed in pain and shock. "Not again," her mind cried, but her body just gave a whimper.

When the cock pulled out there was blood on it. The dog had broken her in the shower, but she had not stopped bleeding. "You were a virgin?" her boyfriend asked shocked. "Ngh!" she gasped as he shoved his cock back in.

Her mind was thinking rapidly. That was her boyfriend's voice. Mister Soccer the gentleman was raping her. Or was he? It wasn't rape if she didn't report it. She didn't have to. His cock felt nice up in her, and she had wanted to fuck the next guy she came across. This one thought that he was taking her virginity.

He was from a well to do family. He was sexually energetic, and she knew with her hungers would require a certain level of enthusiasm. Still, she was being forced again. "What did you say?" he asked. "Again!" she cried. No, that wasn't what she meant to say. Her body was lagging seriously behind her mind. Her mother would be passed out drunk upstairs, so she would never hear a thing. Tammy's boyfriend began slamming into her with enthusiasm.

His hot and powerful rod pistoned in and out of her with wild abandon. His pace increased steadily over the next several minutes. As he did it Tammy's body began responding to the ministrations. The warmth spread all over her and her body rocked with orgasm.

Her soccer boy continued increasing his pace and Tammy rode through it in the afterglow of her orgasm. And then he stopped. His cock was fully impaled on her. He was going to cum. She could get pregnant! "No! Don't cum in me!" If there is any magic to words, then those are the ones that will make any man cum.

He grunted. "Oh hell." She rode through his orgasm like she had her own. He made no move to pull out of her. He simply fired freely into her unguarded womb. She wondered if asian college teen teases on cam with butt plug the dog cum in her body would provide some sort of buffer.

She didn't know that both loads that had been pumped into her could make her pregnant. She knew that she was ovulating and that she needed to worry about having a baby. Eventually her boy decided to pull out of her.

He reached over and drank her glass of milk. He had worked hard and he thought he deserved a little reward. She sat back exhausted in her chair. Her nipples were still stimulated and so she pinched them as if to try to tell them that the party was over. It didn't work. They simply got harder.

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"Was going to simply grab my towel. I saw you stumbling with just the towel into the kitchen and I couldn't help myself." He reached over and grabbed his gym towel and wiped the juices off of his cock.

His eyes were locked on her tits. Her eyes were locked on his cock. Her mouth was watering it was getting hard again. He grabbed her knee and pulled her legs open. He had cum twice so far and he was good for another go. "Oh hell," she said again. He had no intention of using protection. Tammy blonde short blonde hair hal her mother both missed their periods that month.

They both were pregnant with babies that didn't look a thing like the supposed fathers. Tammy's parents would later get a divorce leaving Tammy to care for her brother. Tammy married her soccer boy and would later give him a few more little ones.

Tammy's boyfriend got a job that took him out of town a lot. He knew that his first child wasn't his own even though Tammy never cheated. He raped any woman who struck his fancy in revenge. He was accused of impropriety several times, but no charges were ever filed. Tammy got herself a dog. It was a medium sized dog.

It had a six inch cock. Later on the day in question Lucky wandered back home. He trotted up to Angela as she entered her driveway. "How did you get out? And you're soaking wet! And muddy!" She took the dog in and undressed so that she would not get her clothes wet as she washed her dog off. Lucky licked her pussy hungrily.

"No, you're not getting in there again. You knocked me up with those balls I gave you." Lucky looked up and began licking her nipples. That made Angela loose her concentration and the dog was able to push her on her back.

"Oh, I suppose you can't get me any more pregnant than you already have."

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