Pretty girl gets her wet pussy destroyed

Pretty girl gets her wet pussy destroyed
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Chapter 29 HER BROTHER, PART ONE Laura looked again at the rules for interacting with her brother during his visit to town. (1) Dress like a slut. Your outfit should be at least as slutty and publicly inappropriate as if you were wearing nothing but underwear. (2) Don't discourage him in any way from any affection or sexual interest he shows in you. Don't say no, or look disinterested or unhappy. If he hugs you, lean into it.

If he gropes you, moan sluttily to show how much you enjoy it. (3) At least once each hour you spend with him awake, you should ask him if you're a bimbo, if you're a slut, if you're sexy, if you're a well-behaved fucktoy, if you're a dumb bitch, if you're a good little cunt, or if you deserve to be raped. You must get him to agree to all of them before he leaves. (4) You must sleep in his bed with him each night, naked.

(5) You must let him watch you fuck your slut girlfriend at least once. (6) Give a sexual or degrading answer to any question he asks you. (7) If he hasn't fucked you by the last day of his visit, you must show him your house and entertain him there for at least three hours. - - - Laura arrived at her brother's hotel room wearing a trenchoat, and nothing beneath it except lacy pink panties and bra.

She had been told by her blackmailer she had to be wearing something "at least as slutty as underwear", and therefore she though underwear was probably the least slutty thing she could get away with wearing. She had arranged with him on the phone that she would stay the night, sharing the bed - it sounded innocent over the phone, and she suspected he might have a different opinion if she had asked once he had seen how she was dressed and acting.

Daniel opened the door, and went to hug her, but Laura quickly stepped past him into the room. It was large and lavish - Daniel's work appeared to be paying well. There was a large double bed, a floor to ceiling mirror, a couch and TV, and a spa in one corner of the room.

It looked sumptuous and inviting. Laura waited for her brother to close the door, and then quickly removed her trenchcoat. Even for the new, sluttier Laura, mia martinez saves the day made her blush, her cheeks a bright red as she showed off her body to her brother. "Laura, what the hell?" Daniel asked, shocked. "This is ashton marie girlfriend enjoys her free pass I dress now," Laura said, avoiding eye contact.

She wanted to ask him not to make a big deal of it, but she wasn't allowed to discourage his interest, so instead she said, "Do you like it?" He was speechless for a moment, then said, "Um. you look great." "Thank you," she said. "Um. Erica's not going to wait up for me.

Is it okay if I crash here tonight?" "Of course," said Daniel, still uncertain what was happening. He settled for stepping forward and giving his sister a hug. Laura leaned into it, conscious she was to encourage his interest. She melted into her brother's arms, felt her tits press against his chest, nestled her head in his neck.

Honestly, it felt good, even if it was her brother. It was a combination of the sexual attention she had been receiving so much lately, but also a kind of love. It made her feel warm, and like Daniel would help and protect her.

It was confusing, of course, because Laura's cunt was wet, because Laura's cunt was always wet. If it she wasn't aroused, her collar would be shocking her. She had a constant loop playing in the back of her head, thinking about cocks, and cum, and pretty lesbian cunts, and girls being raped, and it kept her pussy damp all day long, with a little occasional stimulation from her fingers. And she was thinking about all these things as she stood hugging her brother in her underwear.

"Do you think I'm sexy?" she whispered into his neck, knowing she was required to ask this by her blackmailer. To her dismay, she felt her brother's cock hardening in response, pressing slightly against her underwear through his pants. "Um, yes," he said. He led Laura into the room, and sat her down on the couch, taking a seat next to her. He was clearly uncomfortable and confused by his sister's dress and behaviour. "So how have you been?" he asked her cautiously.

Laura wanted to answer that she was not okay, that her life was messed up, that she needed to be saved. But she couldn't. Failing that, she wanted to answer that she was okay, and keep things breezy, but she knew she couldn't answer that either.

All her answers had to be slutty or degrading. "I've been horny a lot," she said quietly. There was a silence as her brother processed the unexpected answer.

She couldn't help but notice that his eyes skinny pissdrinking teen close up at home urinedrinking goldenshower briefly to her crotch, and she knew her constant arousal meant there was a wet spot on the front of her groin.

If she kept her knees together, of course, it would be hidden, but Laura didn't ever sit like that anymore.

Her legs were obediently spread to keep her twat visible. "And. uh. what's new in your life?" her brother continued. Laura bit her lip. She wanted this to stop. She should never have agreed to this bet. But she had to follow the rules now. So she whispered her answer. "I fuck boys now," she breathed. Her brother looked confused - and, upsettingly, aroused. "You're not gay anymore?" he asked. "No, I'm still a lesbo slut," she said - the words "lesbo slut" being the way she though of the term "lesbian" now - "but I also let boys cum inside me, because I'm trying to be a good fuckpig." Her collar wouldn't let her say "girl".

"What kind of boys?" her brother asked. "My boss at work," Laura replied. "My male friends. And I work as a whore now, so lots of strangers." She wanted to cry. This was so wrong, that she was telling her brother this. Surely if she kept talking like this, he would realise something was wrong, and help her? But he kept asking. busty mom and tight teen fondling each pussies on the couch oldvsyoung and pantyhose Erica okay with this?" "Erica fucks boys now too.

Her job at work is basically just to suck men's cocks and drink their piss. When she comes home, I rape her while she cries." Laura was deliberately playing into it now, being extra slutty so her brother would react, would realise that she was not okay.

"Jesus, Laura," her brother breathed. And to Laura's delight, he reached out and drew her into a hug. It still felt weird, being pressed against her brother while half-naked, her cunt wet and her nipples erect, but his care for her gave her hope that he might actually help her.

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She nestled against his chest eagerly, both out of affection and because she was to encourage his physical interest in her. He kept asking questions. "What's happening to you? Why are you doing this?" She couldn't tell him about the blackmail. She couldn't tell him she didn't want to be this way. So she gave him a different answer.

"I realised that I was a huge disgusting cocktease," she said. "I know I always dress like a total rapetoy, but I never let any boy touch me. I got off on being cruel, knowing I was giving my friends erections, encouraging them to fantasise about me, but leaving them with blue balls.

I was a teasing little bitch and I was awful." And Laura knew it was all true.

Her conditioning had helped her see that. She went on. "I've been taking courses recently to help me learn. They've made me see that women were designed to please men, and the only way being a lesbo slut is okay is if men are watching me lez off, or if I'm hurting the other bitch to make her learn what her place is." And she knew that was true too.

She wasn't even sure if she could cum from another girl now without knowing a man was watching or one or both of the girls were being degraded or hurt. She watched his face. Surely he would help her now? Surely saying something japanese wife sex stories durasi panjang degrading and slutty - albeit true - would show him she was not okay?

Her brother was silent for a long pause. Then he exhaled and said, "God, Laura. It's so great that you've finally realised that." Laura's heart sank. What was he saying? "I got so frustrated watching you cocktease all your friends," he went on. "So embarrassed for them. I love you as my sister, but you were such a bitch all the time. You were so lucky none of them ever just raped you - you certainly encouraged them to enough." Laura felt so confused. She was standing here in her underwear in front of her brother, and her cunt was wet while she was listening to him tell her she deserved to be raped.

This wasn't how things were supposed to be. At least he hadn't asked her a question. She could say something now without it needing to degrade her. "I want you to help me," she said, in a quiet, whimpery voice. And her voice broke, because it was so true. "Please help me, Daniel." He looked confused. "You mean help you to stop being a cocktease?" No!

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she thought desperately. That's the wrong question! And now she had to answer it the way she had been told to.

"Yes," she simpered, trying to say "no" with her eyes. "How should I help you stop being a cocktease?" he asked. And again Laura realised she had lost control of this conversation, and had to answer in a way that degraded her.

"Spank me when I'm a slut," she said. She didn't want her brother to spank her but it occurred to her that maybe he could undo some of her conditioning, if he hurt her when she was behaving like a fuckdoll. Except she wanted to be a fuckdoll, didn't she? That was what a good little hetero was. Her conditioning had stunning brunette beauty veronica vice filmed fucking by her bf her. But she was so humiliated to be this way in front of her brother.

it couldn't be right. She couldn't resolve it in her head. Instead, she turned off her brain and kept talking. "Punish me when I'm being disobedient or bitchy. Hurt me when I'm behaving badly." Her eyes were fixed on her brother's pants as she talked. His erection was huge and obvious. She watched it twitch inside his pants as she begged him to hurt her. Unbidden, her mind pictured what his cock might look like, what it might feel like in her mouth, huge and hard.

She sex games by a wicked luscious bitch about it going into her cunt, ejaculating, impregnating her.

Her pussy suddenly flooded with moisture and her face reddened. "Well," he said, "Why did you turn up to my room wearing lingerie?" "Because I wanted to dress slutty for you," she replied. It was the truth. "And what reaction did you hope for?" he continued. There was only one answer she could give. She didn't want to. But she was required to.

"I wanted you to be sexually attracted to your sister." "What did you think I'd want to do?" Daniel asked slowly. Laura scrambled for an answer. She didn't want him to fuck her. She needed him to not fuck her. She didn't want to put that idea in his head more than it already was. "I thought it would make you want to masturbate," she said. "Masturbate to thoughts of my sister?

God, Laura, you really are a slut now, aren't you?" "Yes," Laura admitted. "So why did you come in lingerie?

Why didn't you just come naked?" Her answer had to degrade her. She said, "Because I'm a cockteasing little bitch." "That's what I thought," said Daniel. "You were going to try to make me want to see your cunt, but not let me see it, weren't you?" "Yes," admitted Laura. "Well, the first step in not being a cocktease is to follow through on your implied promises," said Daniel. "I don't want to fuck my sister, of course" - his erect cocking showing the lie - "but you can't just do this with boys and not give them what they want.

Take off that underwear." Laura blushed. She unhooked her bra, and removed it, exposing her big tits to her brother's gaze, and then slid her panties down her legs and kicked them away. Her cunt was obviously puffy and aroused, and her cunt slime was conspicuously glistening on her inner thighs. As she shifted her position, her legs parted slightly, and a sticky rope of girl nectar could be seen hanging stickily between her labia.

Daniel stared at her cunt and said nothing.

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His cock pressed eagerly against his pants. Laura remembered the specific questions she had to ask. "Do you think I'm a slut?" she asked.

"Yes, Laura," her brother said, "I think you're a huge slut. Come over here and lie on my lap for a spanking." Laura did as she was told. She positioned herself on the couch face down, her tits pressed against the armrest, her arms hanging over the edge, her twat pressed against her brother's crotch and her ass pointing upwards. She could feel the tent of Daniel's cock poking against her fuckhole, and she knew that in return she was drooling pussy juice all over his pants, leaving a tangible wet spot.

Daniel put his hands on her buttocks, feeling them, parting them to look at her anus, and then squeezing them. Laura moaned and ground her pussy against his cock. She knew it was slutty but she couldn't help it. Then Daniel started to spank her - light blows at first, stinging slaps to her butt cheeks that made her gasp but didn't really hurt. She felt the blood rising to the surface of her skin. Then he started hitting her harder.

It hurt, but at the same time it felt good. It felt like the sluttiness was being beaten out of her. She moaned happily as he hit her. At the same time, each blow bounced her groin down against her brother's cock. With the pants in the way, it couldn't go into her, but each time the tented peak in his pants pressed between her labia, separating them, touching against her clit or teasing at the entrance to her cum-catcher.

As he spanked, he spoke. "You were always a slut, Laura," he said. "Dressing up like one breathtaking young beautiful cutie rides old rod oldvsyoung hardcore those rapebait princesses in your anime. Showing off those giant fuckmelons on your chest. I used to think you weren't a lesbian because you liked girls, but just because your real fantasy was being raped and you needed an excuse to keep saying no to your friends until they raped you.

And the way you're acting today makes me think I was probably right." Laura couldn't respond. She couldn't speak at all. She was lost in the pain in her ass, and the prodding at her fuckhole. She tried to say something but only squeaked. What Daniel was saying sounded right. It must be right, because she felt so good. She had always wanted to be raped by her friends. That must have been why she acted that way. Her brother was so good to tell her this, to help her learn.

He spanked her harder. "This is what mum should have done to you, Laura. Stripped you naked and spanked you for your friends to watch, so they'd learn that what you really wanted was to be forced." His breath was ragged now.

His hand on her ass really hurt - but in such a good way. She couldn't move, huge boobs brazzers sex stories free download get away, and she knew the pain would keep continuing and she didn't want it to stop.

He was hitting her now about as hard as he physically could. Laura could feel her ass bruising under his hands. She was bucking her hips now, rising up to meet his blows then pushing down on his crotch as hard as she could, trying to get that dick into her pussy, pants or no pants. And then he suddenly stopped, and his hips bucked, and suddenly Laura felt a new wetness at her crotch. She realised what had happened - he had cum in his pants, soaking his trouser front with his cum.

And when she realised her brother had cum against her pussy, she lost it herself, and orgasmed - and then orgasmed again, and again. She pulled herself off his lap, and knelt in front of him.

Her intention was to pull open his pants and lick up the cum. She wanted the cum in her mouth. She wanted her brother's cum. She would have, too, except suddenly she felt a stinging slap on her cheek that threw her to the ground.

Her brother had hit her. "Slut!" he yelled. "What the hell? You're disgusting." His face was twisted in loathing - partly for himself, for what he had just done, but mostly for his succubus of a sister who had tempted him. Laura knew he was right - she was disgusting. What kind of girl cums from her brother spanking her?

What kind of *lesbian* cums from that? For that matter, what kind of dumb gross slut leaves a wet patch of her cunt juices on the front of her brother's pants? She was most terrified that he would throw her out.

Then she would lose the bet, because she needed to sleep here tonight. "Please," she begged. "Please, I'll be good. Please, I'll stop being so slutty. Just let me stay. It's been so long since I've seen you. I'm all fucked up, I know. Please." He looked at her nude body for a time - her swollen tits, her dripping twat - and then made a decision. "Go put some clothes on.

Real clothes. Take my suitcase into the bathroom and change." Laura grabbed her discarded underwear and her brother's suitcase and gratefully ran for the bathroom and closed the door.

The suitcase was stuffed with quality men's clothes, but she had a problem. She was required to dress at least as sluttily as if she were only wearing underwear. But her brother wanted her dressed in "real clothes". She had to think for a moment before she came up with an answer. Thinking was harder for her these days. It was difficult to form complex thoughts through the constant haze of arousal.

But she had an idea. Her sluttiness didn't have to be immediately visible. She wiped her hands across her cunt, gathering up a dripping handful of fuckslime, and then wiped it across her tits. She took another handful and rubbed it into her face. It felt so good touching her twat, so she did it a third time and added a bit more to her boobs.

Then she took her panties and pushed them carefully up her ass. Her anus was tight and she couldn't home alone with my mom for a week get them all inside her - she was left with a little pit of cloth poking out of her butt.

She looked around in his suitcase and found a small packet of stationary in a zip-lock bag. This didn't surprise her - her brother didn't go anywhere without writing supplies. It had been the same since school days. She opened the bag and wonderful sexy body in sexy gorgeous virgin sex out a roll of sticky tape. She broke off a couple of strips and used them to tape her pussy lips to her inner thighs, lewdly splaying her cunt wide open.

She wondered if this would be slutty enough once her tits and cunt were covered. She wasn't sure, so she added one further accessory - a little bulldog clip on her clitoris.

It hurt so much to put it on that she had to stuff her fist into her mouth to gag her own scream, and she knew it would hurt even worse coming off, and more the longer it was on. But now she could be sure she was enough of a slut.

In terms of clothes, her brother had plenty of trousers but Laura just didn't feel right wearing pants. That felt like a dykey thing to do, not something a good hetero slut would dress in. He was a lot taller than her though, and she found that one of his white cotton casual T-shirts came halfway down her thighs, adequately covering her groin as long as she kept her legs together and didn't bend too far at the waist.

Her big tits pushed out at the front of the shirt lewdly, and her erect nipples were clearly visible against the fabric. All told, she still looked like a total fuckdoll, but she could probably get away with travelling a short distance in public dressed like this without being arrested.

She was certain it was slutty enough for her blackmailer, at least. Part of her mind was still screaming at her that she shouldn't look like this, or dress like this - ever.

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Let alone in front of her brother. But her pussy was so wet and her clitoris hurt so much and it was hard to think. She just had to obey her rules and she would get through this.

When she stepped back outside, her brother's eyes went wide, and she knew she had made a mistake. She'd dressed herself as even more of a sexual object than when she had first arrived. The shirt just accentuated her tits, and was still short enough to tease the idea of her cunt.

She could see that Daniel was picturing her naked, being fucked, just because of how she was dressed, and she felt herself tearing up. Daniel said, "Is this how you dress at home?" Laura wanted to say, "No, of course not," but she wasn't allowed to answer questions that way. And with the pain in her pussy she couldn't concentrate enough to make up a lie so instead she told the truth, hating the way it degraded her even as she did.

"No," she whispered. "At home I'm naked except for my collar all the time, except that I rub sperm into my tits." Daniel's face wrinkled up in a mixture of disgust and arousal.

"Jesus," he spat. "Just sit on the couch. I ordered us room service. Stay put when it comes. If anyone sees you they'll think I've hired a prostitute, so best you don't answer the door." Laura did as she was told and sat on the couch, and Daniel stepped into the bathroom to use the toilet, closing the door behind him.

Laura's cunt hurt very badly. Laura needed relief, so while Daniel was away she reached between her legs and removed the bulldog clip from her clitoris. Instantly her twat exploded with pain as the blood rushed back into her clit. Laura had to stuff her fist in her mouth to stifle a squeal - and then to muffle other noises as the pain triggered an orgasm. Laura bit her hand and shook quietly as she endured a long slutty cum with her brother in the next room.

And the worst part was when she was done she knew she needed to put the bulldog clip back, and was forced to return it to her abused clit.

Laura had intended to sit with her legs closed but her conditioning got the better of her and when Daniel returned from the toilet, he found her with her knees spread wide apart on the couch, with a clear view up her thighs to her cunt. He took in the sticky tape holding her twat open and the clip on her clit, and his recently satisfied cock began to stiffen again.

Laura saw him looking, and blushed, but found herself too well-conditioned to close her legs or cover herself. "Fuck, Laura, close your legs," Daniel chided her. "I can't," whimpered Laura. "Why not?" he asked. Again, Laura couldn't think of anything other than the truth. She was only able to change it enough to conceal the role of her blackmailer.

"I paid to be conditioned to not protect my fervent bookworm gets tempted and screwed by her older instructor she said. "I took lessons and training and now I can't protect or cover my pussy even if someone is going to hurt it. My tits either." Daniel looked at her thoughtfully, and then stepped forward.

He drew asian college teen teases on cam with butt plug his hand in an obvious signal of a forthcoming slap. When Laura did nothing other than look up at him pleadingly, he brought the hand down hard against her breasts. SLAP! Her brother's hand smashed into her left slutmelon painfully, and Laura did nothing whatsoever to stop it or protect herself. She couldn't. Her arms wouldn't have moved if she tried.

But not only was she unable to protect herself - her rules said she was supposed to encourage his interest in touching her. So she moaned sluttily at the pain when what she really wanted to do was cry. "You really have been conditioned," her brother said. "And you wanted this?" Laura nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

"Why is there a bulldog clip on your clit?" he asked. "Because it makes me feel sluttier and look sluttier," said Laura. "And I need to look and feel slutty." It was the truth, of a sort. He was silent again for a long moment, and then said, "And how do you expect me to react to all this?" Laura's breath caught. It was an open ended question. Her answer needed to be sexual or degrading but. it could be the truth, couldn't it? She felt herself start to cry. "Please don't fuck me," she said, choking on a sob.

"Please don't. Please don't fuck me. I know how I'm acting and what I look like but you're my brother, please don't fuck me. I'm such a stupid bimbo slut now, I know, but I can't help it." And then she panicked.

She wasn't supposed to discourage his affection, was she? Had she just forfeited this game? She backpedaled. "I mean, you can fuck me. I'd let you. It wouldn't be rape or anything. I'd cum, if you fucked me. I know I'm such a cocktease." Her brother had heard enough. He stepped forward and put a hand over her mouth, silencing her.

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Laura looked up at him with big, tear-filled eyes. "I'm not going to fuck you, Laura," he said, in a disgusted voice. "God, what kind of person do you think I am? I don't know why you're acting like this or what you've done to your life, but I'm your brother and I'm not going to use you the way you seem to want to be used." And the words were reassuring but Laura was aware that his cock was visibly hard in his pants again. He mght have said more, but then there was a knock at the hotel door.

It was the food delivery. Laura scuttled into the toilet to hide while Daniel answered the door to receive the food. While she waited for Daniel to receive the food she gave herself another brief relief from the clip on her twat.

Once again she orgasmed quietly from the rush of pain as she removed it then replaced it. When she came out, the food had been placed on the room's small table - a dish of pasta for each of them. Laura sat at a chair, her legs again spread, aware that her cunt was leaving a wet patch on the seat.

Daniel sat opposite her and they ate in silence, broken only by Laura plaintively asking, "Do you think I deserve to be raped?" She was frustrated when Daniel sighed, and replied, "No Laura, you're acting local bus sex infront of other peopls slutty tonight, but that doesn't mean you deserve to be raped." Laura knew she would need to convince her brother otherwise before he left.

After dinner, Daniel asked, "So what do you want to do now?" Laura ran through possible answers - they had to be slutty and degrading, after all. She wanted to say, "I want to masturbate until I cum," because that was exactly what she wanted to do. But she was scared if she disgusted her brother too much he would kick her out, and she would lose her bet. So instead she said, "I want you to spank me for being such a slut." He sighed.

"No, Laura." He stood up. "In fact, why don't we just go to bed, before you embarass yourself any more?" Laura was relieved. That was the best she could have hoped for. She was worried he might make her sleep on the couch, but thankfully there was no discussion of this. Daniel stripped down to his boxers to sleep. He was clearly uncomfortable doing this in front of his newly-sluttified sister, but not so much as to do something else. "I need to sleep naked, Daniel," Laura said.

He looked at her silently, before saying, "Okay." Blushing, Laura pulled off her shirt, exposing her large tits to her brother. He took in her erect nipples, her dripping wet cunt splayed open by sticky tape, and the clip on her clitoris, and said nothing. She climbed into bed next to him, and he turned off the lights. In bed there was an awkward silence. They were face to face. Laura could feel her brother's breath on her cheek. "Are you just going to leave that clip on your pussy all night?" Daniel asked.

"It can't be good for you." "May I take it off?" Laura asked. Daniel hadn't put it there but somehow it felt right that she should ask for permission to make the pain stop. "Yes, of course," Daniel said. Laura reached between her legs and unclipped her clitoris. Once again it made her squeal in pain, and buck violently against the sudden combination of ecruciating pain and the orgasm that went with it.

Daniel said nothing as his naked sister orgasmed humiliatingly in bed next to him. "What about the sticky tape?" he asked when she was done. Her answer needed to be degrading. "My cunt should be accessible," she told him.

And then, "Am I a bimbo?" "I don't know," he replied. And he rolled away from her. It took her a long time to get to sleep.

(To be continued.)