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Teen sex jav guzel turk sikici benim got sikiyor
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"You need to get moving!" Paul smiled slyly at his wife, Beth, and said, "Fine, I'll move here" and began sucking on her other tit. "Perfect…&hellip.sweet just like a honey dew." Paul moaned as his tongue ran over her round 38D tits.

"Just like a honey dew………&hellip." Beth relished having her tits sucked and leaned back on her pillow in pleasure. Opening her eyes briefly, she saw the clock. Paul had one hour to get to the airport. Pulling his face away from her chest, she said, "Ummm, that was two kinky babes fuck dildo in taxi good, but you need to get moving.

You have a flight to catch." Paul laughed as he rolled her over, lifting her ass up. She felt his huge cock go deep inside her wet, pulsating pussy.

He fucked her hard and fast, loving the feel of his balls slapping against her ass. "Ohhhhhhh! Here it comes, Baby, here is comes!" Paul screamed as his hot juices filled her pussy. Coming out of the shower, Paul looked at his wife, still sticky with his cum, "Yeah, I've got a flight to catch.

But, I called the pilot and rescheduled it for noon. Paul was a consultant for Beth's father's firm. Her father furnished him with a private jet for business trips. Today he was leaving for a two week trip to Hong Kong. Beth leaned up on her pillow and asked, "Gonna miss me while you're gone?" Paul sat on the bed and began kissing her.

He gently rolled his tongue with hers, running his hand all over her sleek body. He felt his cock start to harden again, but knew he had to get going. Taking her hand and placing it on his hardened cock, Paul asked, "Does this answer your question?" Beth leaned in to kiss him one more time, saying, "Call me when you're in the air. Be careful and stay away from the local cuisine." She knew he had an appetite for foreign women.

This had been a topic of contention between them. Paul had argued fucking strangers when he was gone was only a way to rid him of built up frustration while away from her. Beth told him that was bullshit and had Daddy fly her to visit him a few times. The first time she walked into his hotel room in Brussels, she found a blonde riding his cock while a red head sat on his face.

The two whores didn't know who she was but knew it was in their best interest to get the fuck out immediately. Paul began to plead with his wife to forgive him. Beth adored Paul, but said if she ever even suspected he was fucking around again, it was over. Paul understood fully. "Over" didn't mean just losing his wife. He would also lose his prestigious job and lifestyle. "Honey Dew, you are so funny! Ain't nothin' out there as sweet as these!" Paul sucked on her tits again. With that, he picked up his bags and headed out.

Dena met Paul at the airport lounge. Beth knew her as Paul's assistant, but Paul knew her otherwise. Dena always dressed very conservatively at the office. Beth would see her wearing glasses, dressed in business suits with her hair pulled back in a twist or braid. Dena seemed a little plain to Beth, so Beth never assumed her husband would fuck something like that.

Meeting Paul that day, Dena wore a tight, short skirt, spiked heels, and loose fitting blouse. It was easy to see the way her 42DDs moved, she had forgotten a bra. Her black hair was down and the phony glasses she wore around Beth were gone.

"Oooo la la! This is going to be one helluva flight!" Paul thought as he admired the figure standing in front of him. The flight took off right on schedule, as did Dena's blouse. Paul buried his face between her two huge mounds. "Fuck, Baby! I can't wait to wrap these around my cock and squirt all over them." Paul loved to jug fuck Dena. She would squeeze her tits tightly around his cock, tugging at her own nipples while he fucked. She knew that she would be covered in his cum within the hour.

Beth was showering about the time Paul was groping at Dena. Getting out of the shower, she admired herself in the mirror. The only tan line she had was a small line from her thong.

Beth sunbathed topless at their pool. She knew that her oiled, tanned body drove the grounds men crazy. Far from a slut, this was the one carnal pleasure she gave into. Beth looked at her tits long and hard in the mirror. They did look like honey dews. Nice and round&hellip.not sagging at all. People had accused her of having a boob-job, but these babies were real.

Tugging at her nipples, making them hard, she began to miss Paul. She closed her eyes and recalled his playfulness just a few hours earlier. She decided to have Daddy fly her to Hong Kong in a few days to surprise Paul. She dressed in a pair of jean shorts and tank top. The coolness of the a/c had her nipples nicely sticking through the thin fabric of her top. Skipping downstairs to the kitchen, Beth's tits did a nice dance on her chest.

She didn't notice Cain, the new gardener, standing at the bottom of the stairs. Cain, though, noticed Beth. He saw the little dance and felt the usual tightness in his pants he got whenever Beth came by. She was the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen. It wasn't just her perfect body; Beth was a genuinely nice person. She deserved better than that slime Paul. Cain knew what an ass Paul was. He had seen Paul and Dena recently in the pool house while Beth was out of town.

It was no business meeting……he saw Dena riding Paul's cock. "Watch those titties bounce! Fuck yeah! Make 'em bounce!" Paul aleska diamond restrained for bdsm hard usage screaming as he fucked her. She had her huge chest shoved in his face and he was almost savagely grapping and sucking her tits. Ex playing with her big tits and pussy watched as Paul rolled her over and shoved his cock up her ass.

His cock was as big as her tits. Cain moved away from the window before someone saw him. Of course, the Mormon Tabernacle Choir could've been in cockriding stud gets blowjob from busty babe room and those two wouldn't have noticed.

"Morning Mrs. Rietz!" "Cain, my name is Beth. Call me Beth, please!

My mother in law is Mrs. Rietz!" Beth was a very informal person who insisted on being called by her first name. Paul was the opposite. All of the hired help called him Mr. Rietz and only spoke when spoken to. Beth loved talking to them.

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She was no better than they were. Maybe better off, but not better. "Coffee, Cain?" Beth asked, pouring herself a cup?

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"Black, please" came the response. "So, Mr. Rietz is off on another trip? How long will he be gone this time?" "Paul should be home in two weeks. I think I'll fly out and surprise him on Saturday. I'm already beginning to miss him…&hellip.if you know what I mean, Cain." Cain blushed some at the remark.

In his opinion, it was her asshole husband who should be missing her. "Paul's been in the air for almost two hours now. He was supposed to call me. I might have been showering and missed his call." Beth picked up the phone and dialed the private phone on the jet.

She was beginning to worry because Paul wasn't picking up. Finally, after almost 10 rings, he answered. "H-h-hello?" he said. Paul sounded out of breath. "Hi Baby! How's your flight?" Fuck it all to hell! It was Beth!

Stupid bitch wouldn't give him a moment's peace. In the meantime, his big tittied slut of an assistant was giving him a piece right at that time! Dena had been happily bouncing on his cock when the phone rang.

She leaned into him, as he liked it, so her tits could bang in his face. They hadn't stopped since the plane left the ground. "Uh&hellip.things are going&hellip.hmmm&hellip.smoothly." It was so hard to concentrate!

Paul asked Beth to hold the line for a second. He faked a bad connection and said he was moving to another part of the plane. Dena had stopped bouncing for a minute. She knew it was either Beth or her money bags daddy. "It's the bitch" Paul said.

Dena climbed off him, but positioned herself between his legs. As Paul picked the phone back up, Dena put his cock in her mouth. "Holy hell!" Paul thought. What a fucking turn on&hellip.goodie two shoes on the phone while his slut sucked him! "I'm sorry" Paul cooed into the phone, "There was something wrong with our connection." "It's OK, Honey! I just wanted to see how you're doing." Dena was running her tongue up and down the shaft of Paul's cock. She would lightly lick the swollen head and then plunge all 11 inches down her throat.

At the same time, she was tugging and pulling on his balls. She felt them begin to swell up and knew Paul was going to cum any minute. Trying to sound as normal as possible, he said, "Uh&hellip.ooooooooo&hellip.ummmmmm…I'm fine&hellip.ahhhhh." "Paul?

Is everything OK. You sound funny." "Ummmmmmmmm&hellip.yeahhhhhh&hellip.uh-huh. I'm very fine." Paul could feel his cum building. He was going to explode! "Flight is going just as ex.ex.expec.expected." The words were getting harder to form. "Baaaaaby.ooooooooh.let amara romani gets fucked by stepmom silvia saige call you back. Phone's, uh, uh, ahhhhhhh, fucked up." Thinking he hung up the phone, Paul laid it to the side and gave in to Dena.

"Ahhhhhh, fuck, Baby! That's so fucking good! Ooooooooo&hellip.fuck yes! Take it all……yeah, swallow my cock! Oh Bitch! That's so fucking good!

My balls! Suck my balls! Suck 'em Bitch, suck 'em! Shit, you can suck a cock! Suck me harder! It fucking feels so fucking good!" Dena was sucking hard and Paul began to pound his cock deep into her throat. "Get ready…&hellip.ahhhhhhhhhh damn! I'm gonna cum! AHhhh fuck………here it comes!" Paul blew a huge wad of hot cum down Dena's throat. She sucked and licked his cock until it was dry. Beth stood looking at the phone in disbelief.

She didn't know what to do or say. Cain had a feeling he knew what had just happened. "Everything OK, Beth?" "Cain, my husband is fucking his assistant right now!

I heard the entire thing! He was so wrapped up in her, he forgot I was on the phone!" Cain fumbled for a few minutes. Beth deserved to know what he had seen, but was this the right time. "What is it Cain? I can tell you have something on your mind. Is there something you know?" "I saw your husband and Dena a few weeks ago going at it. You were out of town and they were in the pool house.

Beth, I could tell this wasn't the first time, either. I'll admit, it I watched for a little while&hellip.hell, it was a free sex show!" Beth's anger continued to build, "Well, the son of a bitch better enjoy his flight to Hong Kong!

When Daddy finds out, he'll be returning on a home-made raft! I hope Dena Big Tits likes a poor man!"