Teen sucks for car ride and pee outdoor poor goldie

Teen sucks for car ride and pee outdoor poor goldie
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The Birthday Bash "Drinks all around. Save one for the birthday boy." Aunty Anne yelled in the crowded bar. Everyone cheered. Let me describe my Aunty. She's walking sex, tall willowy, long deep red hair and an ass that won't quit.

I've wanted her ever since I realized I had a dick. Aunty Anne was my babysitter, and many nights while she watched me. I watched her get her brains fucked out by many different men. She'd get fucked hard tonight, not by a stranger, but her favorite nephew. My seven inch long two inches wide of hard cock was ready for her.

Everyone was screaming when she pulled me close to give me my birthday day kiss. Shoving her tongue into my mouth, I knew she wanted me just as much as I wanted her. "Damn girl, save some for me" a hot voice interrupted us. "I looked up and saw my Mom standing behind her. Aunty passed me to her and said "Go for it girl. The next thing I know I was tonguing my Mom. I squeezed her ass, lifting her so she could feel my hard cock against her cunt.

She groaned. This would be the best birthday ever. Not only would I fuck my aunt, I'd get to go back up inside my Mom. "Let's dance boy." Mom moaned in my ear.

She grinded her body into me, pressing her DDD breast into chest as Aunty Anne pressed her gigantic breast into my back. There I was sandwiched between two of the hottest women I've ever known. Aunty reached around me and started stroking my cock.

Aunty pulled my cock from my jeans and stroked it hard. Mom rubbed her ass against it and I almost blew my load. Soon we needed more drinks. Mom walked in front of me with Aunty close behind. Soon the song ended and Mom led us to a secluded room in the back. They shoved me down on the sofa and then did a strip tease for me. Anne kissed me, letting me know tonight I'd be her lover, soon after Mom kissed me the same way.

Next they were kissing each other. I watched them tongue kiss each other. Anne took off Mom's dress leaving her standing there in just her panties, Her big titties out and nipples hard. I wanted mommy's milk, It had been so long dance I sucked them, Aunty must have known because she said two words, that spurred me on "Drink boy," I latched on and sucked.

Mom's titties hot sexually excited sorority sisters hardcore and reality so good. And she loved what I was doing to them. Not to be left out, Aunty ripped her panties off and ate out her dripping cunt. "Let's give him a real show, Mom whispered and they kissed and rubbed their titties against each other. Man I was lucky. As I watched them finger each other's cunts, I undressed.

Both women had enough girl play and were ready for cock. I lay back and Aunty worshipped my cock with her tongue. She took my nine inches down her throat, and It felt so damn good. Not to be left out, Mom wanted her cunt licked. She straddled my face and placed her hot honey box directly on to my mouth. Licking time began. Not to leave Aunty out, Mom leaned forward and to stroke her slit as she rode my tongue to oblivion.

It was finally time to fuck. Aunty moved and Mom mounted me first. Mom straddled me as I lifted her up; her pussy was so hot. I needed to enter her big cunt opening with my big, throbbing, thick, and long cock. I would have no trouble getting inside her big opening.

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Maybe, I could fuck both at the same time. I didn't really care, both pussies belonged to me tonight. Tonight I was about to fuck the both of my fantasies. I now know that Anne wanted my big cock every bit as much as my hot horny slut of a mother. Just as I was getting into my stride with fucking her my aunt whispered in my ear knowing mom could hear. "Fuck her doggie style." She hissed.

Momma creamed, juices shot out of her big hairless cunt. Hearing this mom said let me get on my hands and knees. I waited rubbing my dick raw, eager to shove it back inside her.

Mom got down and I got behind her, shoving my big prick inside her tight twat. I moved in and out ferociously. I pulled my cock from her big wet cunt. My cock now covered in her cum. She stayed on her knees offering up her ass to as I crouched down once more behind her. Pushing deep inside once again I had no trouble entering her big cummy cunt.

Going in with all my nine inch thick cock with Aunt Anne's help holding her still.

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Huge tits dropping down nipples standing out long and hard, like organ stops. I took hold of both of her tits with finger and thumb on her big hard long nipples as I pushed inside her big wet cunt opening.

Pulling on her nipples I heard Mom calling out yes, <i>"FUCK MY CUNT SON, FUCK YOUR HORNY SLUT OF A MOTHER. GIVE ME ALL THAT BIG HARD NINE INCHES OF YOUR BIG DICK".</i> Hearing her lesbian drinking spit wet kissing that I increased my fucking in and out getting deeper and harder with each time of plunging inside the biggest cunt i had ever seen. This was making me even more horny with pure lust. I had wanted to fuck both my mom and my aunt for so long.

They starred in my very wet dreams at night when I would wake to fine I had shoot a big load of cum all inside my boxers. Now every dream i had, was now coming true with me telling my hot horny mom how I wanted this cunt of yours for so long.

This made her hot, as she squealed as she kept talking real dirty to me. She told me to use her like the common slut she was. Aunty Anne cheered me on saying. "Go for it birthday boy. This is the day you become a man. Fuck the dirty whore; cum you biggest cum load inside her cunt.

Flood her with all that awesome thick white globs of cum. That was all I needed to start shooting inside her as she to started to cry out I'm cummmmmming; I'm cummmmmmmmmmming. Fuck my slut cunt feel your mother big hole with all the baby making cum. My first load was pumping inside as she was now having the first of her hard cummings, followed by more smaller ones going on and on till at last she lay still with my hard cock pumping more cum deep inside her.

She lay their telling me how I was the best fuck she'd ever had inside her. Part Two: The After Party Next it was Anne's turn. My Aunt spread her legs before me and I saw her slick wet cunt. "Stick it in me, boy. Fuck me." I slammed it inside her. I pounded her big hole. She screamed as did I. Soon all three of us collapsed in a pile of sweat and cum. Cum ran from both their holes as my thick rod glistened. I thought for sure they were done, but boy was I wrong.

Jeb walked in. He was already hard. His cock wasn't as big as mine, but Anne didn't care. Cock was cock. He flipped Anne on to her stomach. Stuck his fingers in her count to take out my cum and rubbed it on her asshole. I lay there awed as he pushed his bug dick into her ass.

Anne loved it, watching him fuck her ass made me hard huge boobs milf doctor silvy vee sexual harassement big naturals cum on tits more. Momma wants about to let m hard dick go to waste, she climbed on top and fucked me again. I took control and pounded her pussy. I slammed in and out, pulling out to the tip to ram my cock back into her balls deep. Anne loved having her ass fucked. She made so much noise, some more men joined us.

Soon I couldn't hold it and I exploded deep in mom's cunt, someone snatched me off and I saw Bert take my place between her thighs. Momma didn't know who was fucking her, She just wanted cock. Anne was screaming as Jeb shot his load deep inside her ass. As soon as he pulled out, Butch plowed her pussy. I sat stroking my dick wishing another woman would come in; I needed a cunt to fuck.

Soon, Mary Beth, Jeb's wife walked in. She joined in the fun, by choosing to lick my cock clean. As soon as she finished, I lifted her up and spread her legs, I fucked her cunt so hard, and she called me Daddy. She was tight, The tightest pussy I'd ever had. Before I could spunk her she wanted to drink it. Dropping to her knees she sucked my cock dry.

While she was sucking my cock, Jeb fucked her from behind. I had loosened her up, so he had no trouble getting his big prick up in her. Jeb rode her hard as she sucked me off. Bert finished filling Mom when she rolled over and crawled to the toilet. Bert followed her, and they fuck once again on the toilet.

"Happy birthday, Big Boy Aunty Anne yelled as she took even more cock.

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I had never seen so many pussies and cocks before in my life. My eighteenth birthday was turning out to be the best ever. We fucked all night long. Mom and Aunty were better than my fantasies. Better than any dream I ever had. A sex party was the best birthday porn vidi4min clip mp3 dawnlod ever.

After the Party The next morning, we woke up dressed and went home. Mom wouldn't look at me and Aunt Anne barely spoke. I was pissed. They had given me all the pussy I could stand the night before, now they wanted to act like nothing happened. Well I wanted to fuck and I had two cunts nearby, one of them would fuck me. I approached Mom first and reached between her legs to feel her pussy. She was wet. She pushed my hand away and told me to stop.

I felt her cunt and I wanted it. I wasn't stopping. Thinking back to the night before, I recalled how both Mom and Anne feasted on my cock. Now Mom was pretending she didn't want more. I knew that was a lie; I could smell the heat rising from her pussy. I wanted that pussy and I would have it. So I backed off, I let her think I was giving up. Aunt Anne was sprawled out across the sofa, her pussy hanging out raw and red. She' just taken two cocks at once the night before. One cock was in her pussy.

One cock shoved up he delicious brown button. I watched in fascination as Aunty took on three men, I was fucking Mom, trying to plant my seed in her belly, as Jeb pounded his old lady. All cfnm femdom slut gets cumshot from pathetic creep women were in fucking heaven. This morning, I wanted a pussy and I didn't care whose. "Momma, I demanded.

"Stop being a bitch and get over here and suck this cock." She glared at me. "Boy have you gone crazy?" Aunty laughed. "Uh oh, boy last night is over and you're still her kid.

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She will take you over her knee." My cock twitched in anticipation. Soon Momma advanced and I was ready. I wasn't even surprised when she whacked me. I sort of liked it, but being so much bigger I quickly took control and reversed our roles. Soon I had her begging me to stop the spanking. She was dripping wet, wetter even with every swipe of the leather apparatus. The sight of me bending momma over my knee and tanning her round hinny excited Anne even more. She volunteered to help Mom clean up.

She eagerly licked all of the girl cum form her pussy. Mm moaned as she fucked her face. I'd had enough. I wanted to fuck. I didn't care whose cunt. So I fucked Aunt Anne as she ate Mom's cunt. Then when I was about to cum, I stopped. I then fucked Mom, until she creamed all over my cock. Anne wanted to drink my baby juice. Who was I to deny her? I let her have her fill.