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Horny guy bangs hot bbw fat girlfriend bbw blowjob
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Home for Spring Break! ------- "Guess who's home!" I yelled as I entered the front door. It's been almost 3 years since I've been back. It was my college spring break and I decided to come home to visit the family. To my surprise, as Interracial gangbang action with a slender brunette entered the front door, a stack of luggage appeared to be ready to go.

"Hey Honey! What are you doing here?" My mother yelled from the other room. "Well, thought I'd come home from a week!" I yelled as I started walking to the other room where my parents were. "Im sorry sweetie!

You should of told us you were planning on coming home. Your Dad and I are just getting ready to head out on vacation for the week. Your sister will be here all week though! Why don't you hang out with here! It's been a few years since you've seen her!" my mom replied. "Oh that's ok."I replied, somewhat disappointed.

"When are you leaving?" "Here in just a few minutes" my dad replied. "Why don't you watch over your sister while we're away." After a little more small talk, the shuttle pulled up in the driveway. I helped carried the luggage out for my parents, gave them both a hug and waved them off. Walking back into the house, I picked up my own luggage and carried it up to my old room.

Not knowing what to do this week, I texted a few of my old friends if they wanted to hang out. After a few texts back and forth, seems most of my friends were heading to Ben's place, an old friend of mine, who was throwing a big pool party at his parents place. I unpacked a few of my bags, threw on some swim trunks and a tank top and started heading towards his place.

Ben's family has always been pretty wealthy, his house is more of a mansion with a big ass pool in the backyard.

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As I drive down the driveway to his house there must've been 30 cars outside. I could hear the muffled bass of music playing in the distance. Some kind of party I thought… After a few drinks I decided to hit up the pool, seems they were playing a drunken version of marco polo. I threw off my shirt and jumped in. Seems most of the chicks here were high school seniors along with a few college age chicks. Been a while since I've seen so many busty chicks in bikinis. Don't get much pool time at college in Maine… Should have gone to school in Florida… Since there isn't to much to do up their, I spent most of my spare time working out.

It's paid off pretty damn well. My 6'2 frame has really toned out, my well pronounced 6 pack and pelvic V is definitely getting a few stares. (I'm sure my well above average bulge isn't' helping my case either.) I kind of have the scruffy surfer look goin for me.

After an hour of playing in the pool I made my way inside to use the restroom. The place was so big I could never remember where the damn restrooms where. I finally made my way into a bedroom that had an ensuite. As soon as I walked in, to my surprise, there was my sister, drunk as fuck, passed out in the bathtub with nothing but a bikini on. God she's grown I thought as I gazed upon her.

Her rather kira thorn top teen gets bbc gangbang interracial european and cumshot frame (she's always been rather short) made her large grapefruit breasts look even larger on her petite body.

They were nearly falling out of her top.

God she was hot I thought to myself. I haven't even seen a photo of her since the last time I was home. Not only has her blossoming breasts nearly tripled in size, but she has become incredibly toned. I knelt down in front of the bathtub and tried to wake her.

"Sarah.Sarah…" Finally after a few minutes she awoke. "What the fuck are you doing here" she asked in a drunken slur. "Taking you home" I sternly replied. "Mom and dad would kill you if they knew you were here." I helped her out of the bathroom walked her down to my car.

As soon as she hit my passenger seat she passed out again. While driving home I couldn't help but stare at her further.

Her bathing suit seems one size too small on her already petite sized body. When we got home, I lifted her out of the car and and carried her up to her bedroom. As I laid her on her bed, she woke. "I feel like I need a shower" she mustered. "My head feels like it was hit by a train." While she was in the shower I freshen myself up, threw on some jersey shorts and a tank top, headed downstairs to watch the TV. The night with still quite young. About 45 minutes later my sister walked down the stairs wearing some short shorts and a silky button down shirt.

"Thanks for bringing me home bro… It's good to see you" she mumbled as she laid down on the couch, resting her head on my leg.

"Please don't tell mom and dad where I was. " "I won't," I said, "your secret is safe with me." As we watched the movie, my hand slowly drifted from her shoulder to her side. Slowly moving my hand further down her side, ever so slightly touching her bum. My fingers slowly sliding under her waistband. I couldn't help but notice she was wearing nothing underneath her shorts.

As my hand continued to wander, the bulge in my pants started to stir. I looked down at her to see her eyes closed, breathing quietly. Must be passed out again… I slowly moved my hand under the band of her shorts further, trying to keep all my movements very subtle. Slowly moving my fingers closer to pelvic bone, then onward until I could start to feel some pubic hair. Unexpectedly I ran across no such hair.

She was as soft and hairless as the rest of her body. God. She must be such a slut, I thought to myself as my bulge ladyboy is blowing dick tube porn to grow. I gradually slid my hand further down, middle finger in the lead. Finally reaching its destination, I slowly began rotating my finger around the top of her pussy.

As my finger continued to lower, I could feel a warm wetness starting to emerge from within her.

The folds of her luscious lips welcoming my wandering finger. As I slowly entered her folders, a slight drunken & tired moan escaped my sisters mouth.

"Ohhhhh" she exhaled as her head move slightly brushing against my hardening cock. I looked down at her face, her eyes were closed and teeth ever so slightly biting down on her lower lip as if she was experiencing an erotic dream.

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I slowly dug my middle finger into her now moist cunt while my other hand slowly started unbuttoning her silky shirt. As I set that last button free, her shirt fell to her sides revealing a pair of miraculous tits.

I couldn't help but just take am moment and stare. Never have I seen such a gorgeous pair. Her grapefruit size mounds protruded, almost defying gravity, from her chest. Her dark brown nipples sticking straight out like an eraser on a pencil. I slowly moved out from under her. As I stood up, my cock strained beneath my gym shorts. There she was, sprawled on the couch, tits free. I slowly reached down and grabbed the bottom her her shorts with my hands, slowly pulling them down the entire length of her thin, toned legs.

I couldn't help but remove them completely. What a site. Gazing over my nude sister sprawled across the couch. My cock strain within my shorts fighting to be set free.

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I could help but let down my shorts. I knelt down to the side of my sister. With my left hand I grabbed her breast and with the other I continued to explore her pussy. This time I felt little resistance as I slid two fingers deep into her. As if in a dream state, her body shivered while letting off a soft moan.

Her breast fit so perfectly in the palm of my hand. Nipples hard as can be. With my hands occupied I slowly mia my life xxx story to 18 school xxxxx story sex stories ful 20198 her abdomen.

My tongue begin to swirl around her pelvic bone. while increasing my firm grip on her breast and penetrating her with my fingers deeper. I withdrew my hand from her wet cunt and firmly mounted her other breast as I crawled on top of her. Her body continued to move as if in a naughty dream. I slowly positioned my throbbing cock in alignment with her soaking wet pussy.

The head of my cock slowly kissed her luscious lips. The warmth of her folds sent a jolt down my cock. I began to slide my length over her folds. By the time my balls felt her warm wetness, they head of my cock fell far above her belly button. God I wonder if she could take all of me… I began slowly rubbing the length of my cockover her wet folds one again.

After transferring some of her juices to my cock I realigned my fat head to her lips and slowly started to invade her warmth. As I slid myself in, her lips stretched to accommodate my large mushroom shaped head. Being as tender as I was, I took some time get my head swaddled within her. As I watched the head disappear into her, my sister's moans grew louder. As I grasped her breasts harder, her eyes began to open.

With my right hand I quickly covered her mouth and begin thrusting in deeper while whispering in her ear, "God you're so wet. ". As soon as my sister could comprehend who was invading her, she yelled out a muffled screech. Fear, disbelief, and pleasure washed over her face.

"Seems like you're enjoying it" I whispered nasty threesome with beautiful girl and two hard cocks her ear. "Stoooop!" she yelled, "You're my brother! To fucking big&hellip." I narrowly made out. 'It's ok sis" I said "I see how much of a slut you are. Just close your eyes and enjoy it." As I begin thrusting deeper and deeper, I removed my hand around her mouth.

"Oh my gooooood" she yelled. "This is so wrong&hellip. Fuck… God you feel amazing." Thrusting faster and deeper, I hit what seems to be her cervix. Her pussy began tightening around my length. I slowly withdrew most of my shaft and with one hard thrust I threw myself into her, balls slapping her ass in the process.

"Fuuuuck!" she moaned. "Fuck me with your big cock! Fill meee!" I kept myself buried within her, hitting her cervix hard in the process. As I looked down, I noticed most of my shaft within her.

Her hands reached around my abdomen and she pulled herself closer to her. "Please" she whispered, "Please don't stop" I continued my deep thrusts faster and faster. The repeated slap against her cervix caused her body to violently convulse as she came. "Fuuuck" she squeled. "I'm coming!!" As she came her pussy tightened its grasp on my cock. Minutes passed as she finally started to recover from her wave of pleasure. Needing to release, I pulled myself out of her.

I stood and moved towards the arm of the couch where her head rested. I pulled her towards me so her head rested beyond the arm, handing over the edge.

"Open up sis." I commanded as my cock towered over her face, glimmering with the juices of her sopping wet cunt. As I entered her warm mouth, her hand darted back to her pussy, furiously rubbing her clit. Her cozy mouth welcomed my cock sliding across her tongue back towards her throat.

After a few thrusts, I reached down and grabbed her throat reverse gangbang in japan sluts in uniforms attack guy at a time pov I drove my cock deep within her. I could feel the head of my cock while grasper her throat.

The deeper I went only pronounced the bulge. My cock began to spasm as I prepared to cum, causing my grip on her throat to tighten. The feeling of my balls slapping against her forehead set me off. My sisters hands shot up, trying to push me back, her legs curling while she choked on my copious amount of cum. As I pulled myself out, cum oozed out of her mouth onto the floor. She looked up at me, an urge for more crossed her face.

"Again" she asked, "I need to feel you inside me again. I've never cum like that before." I stood her up and leaned her over the couch.

Her amazing ass stared 98874 british sluts xmas roast at me. With my cock ready for another round, I quickly realigned myself. Slid my length over her ass, "Pleeeease" she wailed. I positioned my cock to her dripping pussy, entering just enough so the bulb of my shaft was hugged tight around her lips. I slowly started trusting in and out, going deeper with every plunge. "Faster!! Haaarder" she began to yell in between moans.

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I fasten my pace,never letting more than an additional half inch in every few thrusts. As her grip upon me tightened, the harder I pushed.

The sounds of skin slapping and moans filled the room. My balls slapping her ass with each powerful thrust. Soon enough I begram ramming into her cervix causing my sister to erupt in pleasure.

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As she came, her pussy clang on to my cock like wood in vice grips. I couldn't take it anymore. Spurts of cum shot out of my cock against her cervix wall. She continued to spasm, milking my cock in her contracting pussy. I left myself deep within her as I pulled her ass closer to me.

Both in pure ecstasy. After a couple of minutes I finally withdrew myself, watching the cum pore out of her pussy.

"Holy fuck" my sister stated. "It's a good thing mom had me start taking that birth control…"