Fake public agent bus stop juli

Fake public agent bus stop juli
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Thank you Todd! Your welcome Mrs Robinson! I'll be back to fix that closet door. Ok Todd, I'll be here. I just finished cutting my neighbor Mrs Robinson grass.

She's 57. She looks good too for her age. 5'8 180 pounds. Her husband died from lung cancer 2 years ago. One of her kids stays about 2 hours away. The other 2 live out of state. So I help Mrs Robinson out when I can. I was riding my lawnmower out of Mrs Robinson's driveway. A black Nissan Altima with dark tinted windows stopped blocking my exit.

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The front passenger window rolls down. Excuse me sir. I hate to bother you but I just moved here 3 weeks ago about hmmm! [as she looks down the street] "10 doors down" and I was wondering how much you'll charge me to cut my grass? It's kinda high. I don't won't to be fined by H.O.A.! I never seen this lady in my life. Probably because Brunette cutie enjoys getting her asshole penetrated work 3rd shift and this was my 1st weekend off in 3 months.

I said "I'll ride down and check it out". Ok thank you so much sir. As I was pulling into the lady's driveway, she was bent over grabbing for a box that was on the floor in the back of her car. Oh boy! That's got to be at least 60 inches of booty. [I say to myself] She had on some blue stretchy tights with a black Duke Blue Devils t-shirt that had 2 cuts in the center showing off her cleavage.

At the right angle when she was bending over you can see all the way through those tight blue stretchy pants. [looks like she's wearing no underwear] I'm so sorry I didn't mean to moon incest mere et fils anal. She said. I wasn't looking! [I said quickly] This lady looks about 5'9 or 5'10. 200 pounds no more than 220 pounds. Haves her hair cut like Holly Berry. Curvy in all the right places.

I'm so rude! Hi my name is Rhonda. I'm Todd. Nice to meet you Todd. Nice to meet you Rhonda. [as we shook hands] You have a nice size yard, I'll do it 30 bucks. [the backyard is fenced in] Ok that's fine. When can you do it? I'll start on it now. Ok that would be great! Thanks Todd. Do you need help with that Rhonda? No I'm a strong woman. [smiling as she kneels down to pick up the box] I drove back up to my house [5 houses up on the opposite side] to put more gas in the lawnmower and weed eater.

It took 5 minutes to cut the front. 15 minutes to cut the back and sides. I started up the weed eater. [took a few extra pulls] I noticed there isn't any blinds or curtains covering none of the back windows of Rhonda's house. I work my way around the outside of the fence. Looking up I see Rhonda in a window. Undressing herself. I damn near stop weed eating. Watching Rhonda as she undress. I get on the inside of the fence. Now Rhonda is kicking off those blue stretchy tights becoming completely naked.

[I thought she wasn't wearing underwear] She bends over to pick them up off of the floor. Those big ass cheeks spread apart. I could literally see Rhonda's pussy now. It's shaved, the lips are juicy, the clit is poking out like a turtle head. She has some big nice titties too. From here they look like some double D's. Rhonda stands up tossing the stretchy tights onto the bed and sees me standing directly in the window.

We lock eye's. She says "Do you like what you see"? [walking towards her bathroom] I didn't say anything I couldn't. "Do you like what you see."[in a sarcastic tone of voice] I can't believe I just said that. I didn't know what else to say. Todd caught me off guard. I don't even know how long he was standing there.

He probably don't even like women my size. Now he has seen me completely naked bending over with my pussy and ass in the air. OMG!

I hope he wasn't standing there that long. [turning on the shower] Finishing up the backyard, sides and front. The door opens. Hi Todd do you want a bottle of water? Yes please it's hot today! I said. Here you go Todd. Thank you so much sir. Your welcome Rhonda. Anytime you need me just knock. I live 5 doors up on the opposite side with the blue truck sitting in the driveway.

Ok I will. she said. Wait a minute Todd! Before you go. I can't let you leave without knowing how long was you standing at my bedroom window? What all did you see?

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I was standing there for a few seconds. A few seconds? Yes that's all. So what all did you see? I saw you tossing your tights onto the bed. So you seen me picking them up? Kinda. So you pretty much seen everything? Yes I'm not going to lie to you about it. I'm sorry but I. [Rhonda cuts me off] Could you see my pussy? Yes when you bent over.

OMG! I'm so embarrassed right now. [Rhonda says] Come in Todd. Have you ever been with a plus size woman before? No I haven't. "So did you like what you seen? Yes I did Rhonda. Here then go take a shower. Wait how old are you?

Rhonda says, [still holding on to the towels] I'm 30. Ok not bad! Says Rhonda, How old are you? I asked, 38. Yeah you about to get some cougar cat! Rhonda says, [laughing] I took my shirt off while following Rhonda to her bathroom in her bedroom. When I get out of the shower Rhonda stands up, turns around, takes off her rode. Standing in front of me she A-frame her legs and bends over grabbing her ankles. That big ass and pussy all up it the air.

Rhonda starts making her ass brother and sister x story. My dick instantly started to get hard. While still bent over Rhonda starts backing towards me. Grabs my dick softly pulls on it. That big ass is now against me. Feels so soft. While she is stroking my dick softly Rhonda starts to roll her hips.

How does this feel? she ask. It feels good. She stops. Gets on her knees. Places the head of my dick in her mouth. Hmmmm! [Rhonda goes] Her lips are so soft. Her my mouth is warm. She starts tongue kissing the head. Slowly moving her head. Hmmmm! [Rhonda goes again but looking into my eye's smiling at me] I close my eye's because now she's slowly taking my dick into her mouth. She makes a weird gagging sound. Now she has it all in her mouth.

[my balls are on her chin] She takes my dick out and does it again. 6 times in a row. How does this feel Todd? She asked. Rhonda baby it feels so damn good.

Your a pro! [we laughed] Do you know how to eat pussy? She asked. In my mind I'm like "I'm the best" but I just said I haven't had any complaints. [with a smile on my face] Ok Todd I'll be the judge of that.

She lays on her back spreading her legs out. Don't get scared now big boy! I kneel down on the floor at the edge of the bed. Pulling Rhonda close to me. [she has a pretty pussy] I spread it with 2 fingers and started to lick slowly. I hear Rhonda moan!

My tongue is moving like an ice skater. Rhonda moans gets louder and faster. Yes! Yes! Just like that Todd! Just like that! I put 2 fingers into her pussy working them in and out while I lick and suck on clit. Oh! Oh! Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! Oh my God! I'm about to cum Todd! I'm about to cum! Yes! Yes! Eat my pussy! Eat my pussy! [as she taking deep breaths] Oh Todd! Oh my God! Oh my God! Here it comes! Todd here it comes! Oh! Oh! Oh! [splash] Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

[splash] Rhonda squirts in my mouth. [splash] On my face. [splash] On my face again. [splash] My chest is even wet. A puddle has formed around me on the floor. I'm so so sorry Todd! It's been a long time since I had someone eat my pussy! Rhonda says. And did a good job! No complaints here! Says Rhonda. [we laughed] Rhonda walks over to her closet.

Grabs a safe box and heads back over to the bed. Opens it up. Pulls out a comdom. I seen some different dildos. One looked like a strap-on. She closes it quickly and pushes it under the bed. Rhonda grabs my dick and starts to deep throat. She gags and spits on the head. While still sucking my dick Rhonda opens up the condom. Placing the condom on my dick with her mouth. She gets up and says! " I want you to fuck me from the back".

Please take it easy! Rhonda says. She get on her hands and knees on the bed. Two hot babes receive his meat pole still standing on the floor. I swipe my dick up and down Rhonda's wet pussy a few times. I stick the head in slowly. She moans! [taking a deep breath] Slowly I work my dick in and out of Rhonda's pussy.

She has the right side of her face against the mattress. Oh! Yes baby! That's it! That's it! Ok now!

Go a little deeper! Rhonda says. I go slow has I push what's left out in. Oh my God! Says Rhonda. Now my dick is all the way in Rhonda wet pussy. Baby!

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Baby! Baby! Rhonda says. You liking how that dick feel? Yes I do! Yes I do!

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[while moving her pussy off and on my dick]Your so deep in my pussy right now. Says Rhonda, I started to thrust my dick harder and harder into her milf jerks off compeer robbery suspect apprehended. Oh yeah! That's it! Show me how you work that dick! Fuck me! Oh yeah! That's it baby! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yeeeesssss! As I go deeper I can feel the entry of her womb. I'm about to cum! I'm about to cum! Holly fuck! Oh shit!

Oh shit! Oh shit! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh my God! [splash] Oh baby! Oh baby [splash] Pumping my dick in and out of Rhonda's pussy harder and faster while she's squirting. I feel my load about to come. I started making weird grunting sounds. I pull out and take the condom off my dick. Stroke it a couple of times and shoot my nut all over Rhonda's back. Oh yes baby! You made a big mess. Says Rhonda, [laying flat on her stomach] Yes I did.