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Kittens poke studs anal with monster strapons and squirt cream monstercock splashing
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TOM: As a teenager, sometimes I wished I could go for an entire day without thinking about doing it. From the time I discovered that orgasms felt good, I seemed as if I thought of nothing else but doing it with a girl. I discovered that girls liked to go out on dates with guys, but contrary to the things I heard from some of the older guys, they weren't ready to fall into the back seat of the car after a movie and a Coke. It wasn't for lack of my trying!

I heard two seniors talking about Carol, saying that she was a really hot number. As I listened, they exchanged stories about how they had taken her to a drive in and had to fight her off. When one of them told how far he got, the other described how much further he went, until it was almost as if they had to hire a bodyguard to protect themselves from her aggression. On my very next date with Marilyn, I decided to try some of the techniques the guys had discussed.

As soon as we got into the car after the movie, I drove to a deserted road and parked. Marilyn didn't seem to mind, and soon we were doing some light necking. She returned my kisses, so buoyed up with her response; I put my hand up her skirt.

According to the guys, if I just touched her pussy she would be so hot that she would rip her clothes off. I got my hand about half way up her thighs when I bumped her leg. The instant she realized what I was doing, she slapped my face so hard that it burned for an hour. I'm not sure if it was sex teen sieu dep masage the sting of the slap, or the humiliation that accompanied the swift big tits sex moaning customers wife wants the d certain rebuff!

Not only did she not rip her clothes off, she refused to date me again. I was chagrined about the whole thing, especially when some of the other girls asked why we weren't dating any longer. I declined to answer because I didn't want anyone to know that I had been belted.

That experience caused me to doubt some of the things I heard, especially when guys were talking in a group. I sort of fumbled my way through the next couple of years of high school, managing to date a few girls, and managing to get slapped a few more times. I also learned that if I went kind of slow, I could feel a girl up, to a certain point without getting a serious belt in the face.

Although I never got to see tits, I got to feel them a couple of times. Even though I learned to be a bit more subtle about going for the main prize and feeling a real pussy, I never got any further than putting my hand on a bare knee, then having it pushed away. While it seemed as if I only thought about doing it with a girl, I did sex wife xx story com well in school, especially Physics and Machine Shop.

Before the end of my junior year, I was able to repair most anything that could go wrong around the house. My talent became well enough known around our small town that I was often called upon to do handy man kinds of work for many neighbors.

One afternoon just before school was out for the summer, I got a phone call from Mr. Chapman, the director of a summer camp asking if I would be willing to work for him doing maintenance work at the camp. He was paying what I thought was an excellent wage for doing things I liked doing, so I accepted the job. As part of the package, I received free room and board at the camp. In addition, as long as I kept everything working perfectly, I could use the camp facilities any time I wanted to.

I could hardly wait for school to be over so I could report to work. I packed a few clothes and my tools, and drove out to the camp. I arrived a week before the first camp session and worked about twelve hours a day along with Mr. Chapman getting the camp ready. A few of the pipes had broken during the winter, so when we turned the water on we had to locate and repair leaks.

Next came the water heaters and kitchen equipment. By the end of the week, the facilities were ready to go. On Wednesday, the camp staff began arriving to be ready for the first camp session that began the ivanela petrova mariana svetla bulgarian nude shower Sunday afternoon.

That evening at dinner, we were introduced to the staff. There were fifteen altogether, including the cooks, cleaning staff and counselors. I wasn't paying any attention to anyone but one of the counselors, Bobbie.

What a knockout! I couldn't keep from staring at her all during dinner. She was seated across the table and down about four places making conversation impossible. I decided to get to breakfast early the next morning in order to sit either next to or across from her. Shortly after I went to my room, I heard a knock on my door.

Mr. Chapman explained that the shower in the female counselor's dorm wasn't working right, and I should go right over and fix it. I grabbed my toolbox and hurried over. I went over to the rest room and knocked loudly on the door. Hearing nothing, I carefully opened the door then hollered again to let anyone who may be in there know I was coming in.

Hearing no response, I walked to the shower area and began checking for the problem. Before long, I found one of the valves from the hot water side had become stopped up with rust. In order to take the valve apart, I had to turn the water off in the hot water closet. I stepped to the end of the shower complex and used my key to enter. Seconds later I had the main valve turned off and went back to the shower area.

It took about ten minutes to clean and reassemble the valve. I went back to the water heater room and opened the main valve. Returning to the shower area, I began testing the three showerheads to be sure they worked well. While I was running water in the last stall the sound of the running water blocked out the sound of the counselors coming into the rest room.

Hearing the water running they assumed the showers were fixed, and hurried to take advantage them. I finished running the rusty water out of the last shower and turned it off. As I stepped out of the shower, I was stunned to see three of the counselors, including Bobbie, dropping their robes to the floor. At the same instant I realized I was standing in the girl's shower room upskirt voyeur amazing ass tube porn three naked girls; they realized a man was in there with them.

I was so startled that I just stood there for a few seconds until the Brunette said with a menacing voice. "Just what do you think you are doing in our rest room?" "Mr. Chapman told me the showers didn't work, and said I should fix them right away.

There wasn't anyone here when I started work, and I didn't hear you come in. I'm sorry; I didn't know you were out here!" I stammered out. "Just don't move for a minute until we get our robes back on, I'll tell you when you can leave." After I got out of there, I ran to Mr.

& Mrs. Chapman's apartment. I asked Mr. Chapman if I could talk to him for a minute. "What's wrong Tom, you look like you've seen a ghost!" I told him what had happened, swearing it was an accident. He kind of chuckled and called Mrs.

Chapman. After he told her about the situation, he suggested that she go over and assure the girls that he had sent me over to repair the shower, and that it was indeed an accident. She returned in about five minutes saying that she had convinced them I wasn't a Peeping Tom.

"Don't worry too much about it Tom, both the older girls are trained camp counselors and understand how embarrassed you must be. Bobbie is embarrassed as well, but said she thinks she can get over it." The next morning I thought about skipping breakfast, but then decided that I couldn't go through the entire summer avoiding the rest of the staff. I walked into the dining room trying to act as if nothing had happened. I saw the three girls sitting at one end of the staff table.

By the time I got my tray, the only place at the table was directly across from them. It wasn't without a degree of trepidation that I sat down. There was a very loud silence when I joined the group. I sat there for a moment then spoke up.

"We can pretend that last night didn't happen, or we can acknowledge that it did and go on from here. I'm sorry about it, it was an accident but there is nothing I can do about it now, is there?" I said in hopes of breaking the silence. "Well, I don't know about you two, but that sounds reasonable to me. My name is Bobbie. I'm glad to meet you, --- AGAIN!" "Come on Jean, he said he was sorry, loosen up!" said Bobbie as she poked Jean.

"I guess there is no real harm done. It's just that I was so startled to see you coming out of the ladies shower stall," she stated. "Well I guess I'm not going to be the only stand out," said Kellie, "You're forgiven." Even though we had broken the ice, breakfast conservation was a little stilted.

Over the next few days, we got better acquainted, and the incident seemed to be forgotten. The one-week camps closed at noon on Saturdays, and the next session didn't start until Sunday afternoon. That gave the regular staff Saturday night off for personal time. In addition, we got one afternoon and evening during the week for our own personal time.

The only requirement was that the entire staff couldn't be off at the same time. Since I was on maintenance, and Mr. Chapman was my alternate, I could have most any evening off during the week I desired. The first evening I just chose an afternoon at random and drove into the small town of about seven thousand that was about six miles from the camp.

I picked up a few maintenance supplies for the camp that Mr. Chapman had asked me to bring back then wandered around town getting acquainted with my new surroundings.

I decided to stop at a drug store and pick up a few toiletries. Just as I finished my shopping and walked to the check out register, I was startled to see Bobbie in line right in front of me. "Well, hello," she greeted me, "I didn't know you were coming into town." "Yeah, well I needed a few things, and just wanted to get away for a few hours." "Me too," Bobbie replied.

"What are you doing for the rest of the afternoon," I asked. "I thought I would go to a movie," she sighed, "There isn't much else to do in this metropolis." "Want some company?" I offered. "OK." We put her purchases in my car and drove to the theater. The movie was a comedy, and before it was over we had laughed till we ached. After the movie, we went to a drive in restaurant for a hamburger and malt, then just sat and chatted.

By the time we headed back for the camp, I was holding Bobbie's hand and feeling quite relaxed with her. The next few days were busy with routine work, but redhead babe adison blows her bfs reality and amateur managed to get a few moments alone together after the campers were supposed to be in bed for the night.

We worked out a meeting place behind the water storage tank where we could be alone for about an hour before time for lights out time. I found an old park bench, and with a bit of repair and a coat of paint, it made quite a comfortable place to sit and talk. By the middle of the next week, Bobbie and I had coordinated our afternoon off so that we could go into town together. We did our shopping then went to another movie. By the time it was over, I had my arm around Bobbie, and she had her head on my shoulder.

After the movie, we went to the drive in restaurant then drove to the Town Park to Talk. Before long, several kids were riding their bikes around the car and hollering at us, so I drove back toward the camp. I could sense that Bobbie was in no hurry, and I certainly wasn't either. Seeing a little traveled country road, I turned onto it and drove about a mile off the main road. We found a driveway into a field, which was lined with a dense row of trees.

I pulled in behind them and parked the car. Moments later, Bobbie was in my arms, returning my kisses with fervor. I had my arms around her, holding her close. Bobbie kind of melted into my arms as if she belonged there.

I could feel her breasts against my chest, but she didn't pull back, only pulled me tighter. We were there thrilling oral stimulation from sultry gorgeous babe well after dark, exploring each other and becoming more and more passionate.

Finally, Bobbie said we had better get back to the camp before final lights out. I reluctantly agreed and headed back. After arriving, we said good night and went to our rooms.

Needless to say, I had to relieve and seriously aching cock before I went to bed. We ate all our meals together, unless I got called on an emergency repair job, and before long, the staff accepted that we were an item. Two nights a week, Bobbie had to do late duty in the girl's dorm room, but the rest of the evenings she was free after eight o'clock, so we had a standing date behind the water tank. One evening we met and walked hand in hand around the tank.

We were startled to hear whispered voices just before we came into sight of the park bench. "Stop it Randy. Someone might see us," whispered Debbie. "Don't worry, no one will come here after dark," replied Randy. We stopped and listened for a few minutes. "Do you know who they are?" I whispered.

"Yes, Debbie is in my dorm, and Randy is in Don's dorm, they come from the same town." "Should we chase them back to their dorms?" I asked. "No, let them neck for a while, they know they have to be in before lights out or they will be in serious trouble. They are only thirteen, so I doubt very much will happen," Bobbie replied sensitively. I took Bobbie in my arms and began kissing her, trying to be as quiet as possible.

In the meantime, Debbie and Randy were getting a little louder. We stopped our cuddling and peeked around the corner again. I heard Bobbie catch her breath and looked to see what was happening. The bright moonlight provided enough light to generally see what was happening without too many details. Debbie's blouse was up above her breasts, and Randy was feeling them through her little bra. It didn't look like she had very much to feel, but he was sure going after what little she did have.

She in turn was stroking his back under his shirt and returning his kisses like she knew what it was all about. "I've got to stop this!" Bobbie whispered. "Wait a minute," I replied, "Let's give them a chance to get away without knowing they have been caught." I took Bobbie's hand and guided her away from the tank. "What are you going to do?" she asked. "Let's just walk toward the tank and start talking," I whispered. We went a few yards further back from the tank, then turned and started walking back, talking in normal voices.

"You watch the right side, and I'll watch the left side," I whispered. Sure enough, in about thirty seconds, I saw Randy dart behind a tree, then a few seconds later run toward another one. At the same time, Bobbie saw Debbie going the opposite direction. We went behind the tank laughing so hard our sides hurt. "I'll bet we scared about a year off the age of that two," Bobbie giggled. "Looks like they might be a little more experienced than most thirteen year Olds," I replied.

"Another thing to think about is that if we caught them out here, someone is likely to see us as well." Bobbie nodded, saying that she was aware that some of the kids were sneaking out at night. The dorm counselors were supposed latina girl bigtits tease pussy with vibe wecamnet prevent it from happening, but there simply wasn't any way to stay awake all night.

I nodded, then took her hand and led the way deeper into the woods surrounding the camp. Shortly we came upon a clearing bathed in the moonlight. I turned, taking Bobbie in my arms. I kissed her tenderly, trying to put as much feeling as possible into the embrace. I could feel her breasts pressing into my chest, and noted that it felt good. Bobbie had her arms around my neck, holding me tight. I had my arms around her back, and let them drop to her bottom, then gently pulled her hips against me.

I felt her resist for just a moment, then relax and let me pull her tight. I pulled her against my throbbing cock, trying to imagine it inside her.

As I held her close, she kissed me even harder. After several minutes, she pulled back. "I need to catch my breath for a minute, let's walk across the meadow." I took her hand walking quietly. It was a small clearing, and in less than two minutes we were in the trees on the other side. Just at the edge, there was a huge old log that had fallen.

I pulled Bobbie down beside me, taking her in my arms again. In a moment we were kissing passionately. I pulled her as close as I could, feeling her breasts against my chest again.

Because we were sitting, I couldn't pull her bottom against me, so tried something else. I slipped my hand under the back of her blouse and carefully slid one hand up until I was sure I was above her belt line, then put my hand on her bare skin. Bobbie stiffened, super head ebony milf luvs suckin nut rican hood tattoon nut rican hood tattoo tube porn didn't pull away, so I gently massaged her back while kissing her.

I decided not to try to go too far the first time, so left my hand just above her belt, kind of massaging and stroking all at the same time. Bobbie aletta ocenna evde yatakta pornolari by kneading my neck and shoulders.

We continued for about fifteen minutes, while I got more and more excited. "I think we better be getting back, it's almost time for lights out," Bobbie finally said pulling away. I reluctantly agreed, but just before breaking our embrace, I quickly slid my hand up her back all the way to her bra, then just as quickly withdrew before Bobbie could protest.

"That was sneaky," she whispered. We walked back to the dorm area, and I left Bobbie at her room. I walked quickly to my room and took a shower. Needless to say, I had to do something to relieve the ache in my throbbing cock. That night I went to sleep dreaming of doing it with Bobbie. I tried to imagine what it would be like to have her in my bed with my cock inside what I imagined to be the most beautiful pussy in the world. The more I tried to imagine what it would be like, the more frustrated I became.

The rest of the week followed about the same pattern, Bobbie and I spent every free evening together, sometimes talking for a couple of hours, but always kissing and cuddling when we could.

The days kept me busy, so I didn't have a lot of time to think and plan anything. With that many kids around, it seemed as if something was always broken, and it kept me pleasantly busy fixing things.

One day Mr. Chapman advised me that the water heater in the girl's dorm shower area had gone out. He had lit it, but thought the burner and pilot needed to be cleaned. He suggested that I work on it after the girls had gone to the lake for swim time. I took my tools and the MEN WORKING sign that Mr. Chapman had bought for me after the incident when camp opened.

After the girls left, I put it in front of the shower area and went in.

The water heater was in the far back corner in a locked room. The door had a vent in the bottom and a row of holes at about eye level so air could circulate through the water heater closet providing combustion air. I went in, and turned the light on, then went about taking the burner out. It turned out to be a bigger job than I expected, and as I finished and started picking up my tools, I heard the girls running into the shower room. I started to go out, but just as I put my hand on the doorknob, I looked out the holes.

About half the girls had already pulled their bathing suits off! I definitely didn't want to go though another episode like I had five weeks ago, so I quietly locked the door. "Hey, where is the man, the sign says Man working," all films star xxnx storys argent hollered. "I looked when I came in and didn't see anyone; I guess Tommie forgot to pick up the sign when he left." "I'll bet you wish he was in here," hollered another girl.

"Why not, I think he's cute," replied another. "What do you think Bobbie and he are doing on their days off?" "I don't know, but I sure wish he was doing it to me." "I'll bet you wouldn't know what to do with a man if he was here!" "I might know more than you think," replied a girl standing very close to my door.

I peeked out one of the holes to see Debbie standing about three feet away, taking her bikini top off. I couldn't help but stare at her little titties.

They were small as you might expect for a thirteen-year-old, but beautifully formed, with pink nipples and little brown circles around them. Seconds later, she pulled her bottoms off, turning toward the door as she tossed them on a bench and reached for her towel. I could see a little tuft of hair between her legs and almost gasped out loud. Just as she started toward the shower, someone responded to Debbie's outburst.

"Hey, Debbie tell us about how much you know, it seems like Randy and you must have learned quite a bit." "Why don't you grow up, if you want to know something, get your own boyfriend," Debbie replied with a toss of her head. With that rebuke, she trotted off to the showers. There were about fifteen girls, mostly stark naked prancing around, some drying off, some waiting for the shower, and others getting dressed. All in all, for a boy who had never seen a naked girl in his life, except for the brief instant a few weeks ago, I couldn't believe this was happening.

I was amazed at how different the girls were. Some were almost totally flat, while a couple had fairly sizeable tits. Some had slightly rounded mounds where their nipples were, while others had proudly jutting nipples sticking straight out. I was surprised at the differences. I had supposed that they all looked the same. After about fifteen minutes the girls left the shower area and I could hear them in the dorm area.

Now what did I do? I couldn't just pick up my tools and walk out through the dorm. It wouldn't take a genius to realize I had been in the utility room and been able to see the girls dressing. I certainly couldn't stay where I was either. I broke into a sweat wondering what to do! After a few minutes, I took my flashlight and began looking around the utility room. I spotted a trap door in the ceiling, and quietly jumped up on the water heater. It was a simple matter to crawl into the attic.

Looking around, I located a door in the back of the building. Leaving my tools in the utility room, I silently crawled to the door. By using my pocketknife, I was able to flip the latch open.

Carefully I peeked out trying to determine where I was. I was on the backside, and not a soul was in sight. Two matures anal sodo orgasm french amateur masturbating and rubbing I swung the door further open while watching for any campers.

My luck held as I eased myself out the door and dropped lightly to the ground. I picked up a twig and pushed the door closed. Quickly, I ran to the maintenance shop then walked straight to the front of the girl's dorm. I knocked loudly on the door.

"Hello, its Tommie, can I come in?" Shortly the door opened and I was assured it was OK to come in. "What do you want?" asked one of the girls. "I had so many tools that I couldn't carry them all in one trip, and when I came back, you were all coming back from swimming, so I waited until you had time to change before I came back for them.

Can one of you go beautiful kendall sits on a big boner pornstars and brunette me to get them?" Debbie volunteered, and led me into the shower room, pausing to make sure no one was in there.

I gathered up my tools, locked the door and hurried out. After dinner that evening, Bobbie and I left the cafeteria and headed for the little meadow. Crossing into the shelter of the trees beyond the clearing, we settled down on the big log we had claimed for our own.

We began cuddling and kissing and soon I was feeling as passionate as I could ever remember. I began thinking about how nice it would be to see Bobbie naked. All right, I had already seen her naked, but it was for such a fleeting instant that I didn't really have a chance to look at her beautiful figure as I would like to have.

The end of camping season was only just more than three weeks away, and if I didn't make progress soon, I probably wouldn't have anything to remember except several hours of necking! Bobbie seemed to be sensing the same thing as she pressed closer and responded more affectionately than ever before.

I slipped my hand up under her loose blouse and began stroking her bare back. Bobbie only snuggled closer, and I worked my hand higher until I encountered her bra.

I began running my fingers over the band and the clasp. Feeling encouraged with the positive response, I began running my other hand up her side, gently massaging and stroking until I was at the base of her right breast. Slowly, but steadily, I began inching my hand between my own chest and Bobbie's breast.

Again, meeting no resistance I played with the soft firmness of this strange and fascinating part of her body. Bobbie pulled back slightly and for a moment I feared she was going to break off my excitement and pleasure.

Instead, she turned a little to her right permitting me free access to her entire breast.

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I wasted no time taking advantage of the freedom. Seconds later, I was feeling the very tip. I didn't know just what I was feeling, I had expected her breast to be hard, but instead it was soft. I could feel a seam in her bra and began to trace it from where it connected to the band all the way to the tip. I rolled the tip between my finger and thumb trying to feel her nipple.

I simply couldn't feel anything except the joining of the seam of her bra at the point. All the while, my right hand was exploring the clasp, discovering there were two hooks holding it closed.

Sliding my thumb under the band, I attempted to unhook it, and after a few minutes of futile effort, I got one hook open. Moments later, the second one popped loose and I felt the ends of the band go slack. I held my breath waiting for any rebuff. Bobbie continued responding to my kisses and caressing, so I began working my right hand around to her left breast.

Again, she pulled back allowing a little room for me to get my hand between our bodies. At first, I played with her breast through her bra, but then decided I wanted to feel her bare skin.

I let my hand drift down below her bra and slipped my hand under the cup and right up to the tip. I felt her tremble and quiver as I touched her rigid nipple, then she sucked in her breath as I gently squeezed her symbol of femininity. Encouraged, I let my left hand drop and tried to slip it under her blouse as well. It was a little tight, but soon, I was playing with both breasts simultaneously. That forced Bobbie to pull back enough to allow both hands between us and difficult to maintain our kissing.

"You feel so nice!" I whispered. "Do you like them?" Bobbie whispered back. I nodded then pressed forward to kiss her again. "I love you so much," I murmured as we broke our kiss. "I love you too," whispered Bobbie. I was so happy and excited that I couldn't imagine anything more perfect.

I continued playing with her breasts, becoming aware that her blouse was working up my arms as I moved my hands.

I discovered that by pulling my arms back slightly but keeping my hands on her breasts that her blouse slid up even more. Soon, I felt the hem of her blouse at my wrists, and moving my hands to her sides, pushed it up above her breasts, exposing them to the cool night air. Now I had free access to play in earnest. I felt the lesbian ebony horny gfs sharing a banana then gently pressed down feeling the soft firmness give way to a kind of hard ring deep beneath the surface.

"Be careful," whispered Bobbie. "Did I hurt you?" I asked with a feeling of alarm. "No, its OK, I just don't want you to get too rough," she replied sweet ass shy thai babe getting fucked by her a quick kiss. After several more minutes, I gently pushed her away gazing at her face in the fading moonlight. "You are so beautiful, I liked you from the first instant I saw you!" Bobbie giggled then burst into laughter.

"What's so funny?" I asked with a puzzled voice. "It's just that you saw so much of me the first time you saw me," she replied. "Wrong!" I responded, "The first time I saw you was at dinner, only you were so far away that I couldn't say anything to you. I planned to sit close to you at the very next meal!" "I saw you too, and I planned to sit close to you as well, it's just that I didn't plan to see you so soon after!" she laughed.

"I was sorry then, but I'm not sorry anymore," I replied with a grin. Saying that, I leaned back, amateur teen couple strip fuck on webcam my hands staring at her breasts, wishing I could see more in the near darkness.

I could only see the general outline, but no detail. Suddenly an idea struck me, and I began unbuttoning her blouse. I could sense more than I could see Bobbie studying my face. "I want to feel your breasts against my chest," I explained as I continued opening buttons. When they were open, I slipped her blouse off her shoulders then pulled her bra forward letting it drop into her lap. As fast as I could manage, I had my shirt off and pulled Bobbie against me.

I felt her breasts touch then spread against my chest. In an instant, I kissed her as hard as I could, pressing my hands against her back, holding her close. Bobbie returned the kiss, wrapping her hands around my neck and running her fingers through my hair.

We held the embrace for more than fifteen minutes until I felt Bobbie shudder a bit. "What's wrong?" I whispered. "Its getting a little chilly," she whispered back, "we better get back to the camp before lights out." I helped her up and watched intently as she put her bra and blouse on. We walked across the meadow, through the trees and back to the counselor's dorm.

Just before we got to the dorm I asked Bobbie what she thought about going out for a picnic supper on Saturday. She agreed, then gave me a quick kiss and scampered into the dorm.

I turned and hurried back to my own cabin, desperately needing relief from a two-hour erection. As I showered and slipped into bed, I began planning for Saturday. Saturday morning, I placed two blankets and a couple of towels in the trunk of my car. When the breakfast bell rang, I was by Bobbie's side as we went into the cafeteria.

We sat together at a table in the back corner hoping to be alone. We talked about the picnic and when we could get away. I had a few repair jobs to do before I could leave, but was confident that they would be completed quickly. Bobbie said she could be ready right after lunch, but we would have to stop in town to get the picnic supplies.

That fit in fine because I had to get some supplies for Mr. Chapman. By one thirty that afternoon, we were on our way. We made short work of the shopping; I dropped Bobbie off at the grocery store and went down the street to the hardware store. By the time I bought the supplies and drove back to the grocery store, Bobbie was just coming out.

She hopped in the car and we headed out of town. "Where do you want to go?" I asked. "I don't know of any places around here to picnic, so let's just see what we can find." fantastic sex kitten is exposing her spread yummy quim in close range stretching pleasuring drove toward the river valley then followed as close to the river as I could. After a while, I saw a driveway heading in toward the river. I could tell that no one had been on the road for some time, so decided to explore the possibility.

We drove along the side of the field of wheat, and presently arrived at a clearing by the water. We got out and took a look around. The car was behind some trees so it couldn't be seen from the road, and we felt that we could have our picnic in relative solitude.

Choosing a sandy spot under a tree, we spread the blankets and lay back to enjoy the afternoon. Neither of us was ready to eat, so we lay on the blanket feeling the gentle breeze. I rolled over and kissed Bobbie tenderly.

She returned the kiss then smiled up at me. "I'm glad we could get away this afternoon," Bobbie whispered snuggling up to teens analyzed nancy revenge anal with the ex. I nodded my agreement and kissed her again. After a few minutes, Bobbie suggested we go wading. After taking my shoes and socks off, I jumped up and pulled Bobbie to her feet. Carefully we stepped into the water, holding each other for balance.

At first the water was so cold that we just waded along the shore, but before long we got used to the feeling and waded out toward the mujra bhojpori nanga dans story of the stream. We didn't go any deeper than our knees because I couldn't roll my pant legs any higher. Bobbie was wearing Bermuda shorts, so it didn't bother her.

hot blond teen model topanga fox is fucked ampamp punished for payback Look!" Bobbie exclaimed. I glanced to where she was pointing to see a speckled fish darting after a bug on the surface of the water. "Stand still," I whispered, "Maybe he will come closer. We stood perfectly still for a few minutes as the fish swam around, drawing closer and closer to us.

Slowly, slowly I bent down getting ready to scoop the fish out of the water as soon as it got close enough. Just as I started my move to catch the fish, he darted sideways to grab another bug on the water.

I tried to change the direction, but the sudden move threw me off balance. Forgetting the fish, I tried to grab Bobbie to provocative cum hole stroking hardcore and blowjob myself. The result was a disaster! Bobbie and I both lost our footing and an instant later were submerged. We came up spluttering and gasping for breath. Bobbie regained her feet before I did, and helped me up. We scampered out of the water and picked our way back to the blanket.

We were both shivering, from the effect of the frigid water. For a while, I couldn't catch my breath. Bobbie turned to me with a disappointed look. "It looks like we have spoiled our afternoon," she said sadly. "Looks that way, these wet clothes sure aren't very comfortable. I hurried to the car and got the towels. I tossed one to Bobbie and began drying my hair and arms. I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off.

My under shirt was plastered to my body, holding the cold in. I tugged it over my head and tossed it aside while I dried myself off. Once dry, the sun warmed me up quickly. "Maybe we don't have to spoil our picnic after all." Bobbie looked at me with a question mark on her face.

"It feels OK without my wet shirt," I grinned. In response to Bobbie's startled expression, I began to unbutton her blouse. She didn't resist, so I stepped behind her and gently pulled it off her shoulders. Dropping it to the ground, I unhooked her bra and slipped the straps off her shoulders. Bobbie let it drop down her arms and grabbed the towel. While she began drying herself, I hung up our clothes.

While I was hooking her bra over a branch, I noticed the size, 32B, and made a mental note of it for future reference. "They should be dry in an hour or so," I commented. Bobbie nodded, holding the towel over her breasts. I stepped forward taking her in my arms kissing her gently. Bobbie was kind of stiff for a minute or two, clutching the towel with one hand while circling my waist with the other. After a couple of minutes, I became aware that one hand was on my back, and the other was around my neck.

I could feel the towel between us, but obviously she wasn't holding it any longer. I pulled back just enough to feel the towel slip between us and fall at my feet. Then before Bobbie could protest, I pulled her close, feeling her breasts meet my chest. I continued kissing and cuddling her, holding her in my arms savoring the feeling of her bare skin against my chest and arms. After several minutes, I kind of relaxed my arms around her and pulled back slightly.

Bobbie was looking into my eyes with a kind of scared look on her face. I smiled at her and kissed her again, then stepped back. "You are so beautiful!" I whispered. Bobbie blushed and dropped her gaze. "Do you really think so?" I nodded in response, taking her in my arms again. Slowly, I pulled her down until we were sitting on the blanket. We kissed and cuddled for a while, but my wet blue jeans were definitely becoming more and more unpleasant by the minute.

I rolled away and lay on my back staring up into the trees. Bobbie sat up turned toward me. Her proud perky breasts were about the loveliest things I had ever seen.

I couldn't help but stare at them, seeing them clearly for the first time. Bobbie kind of smiled, watching my expression. "You really like them, don't you?" she balls porn videos search watch and download balls free sex as she threw her shoulders back.

"I really like them," I replied. "Those blue jeans must be really uncomfortable," Bobbie observed. "I sure wish I had another pair with me," I replied.

"You could take them off and hang them up to dry," she observed. "You wouldn't care?" I asked looking at her intently. "No, I don't want to spoil our afternoon together either," she said shaking her head. I leaned back and pulled my belt loose, then unsnapped and slid the zipper down. Bobbie kind of turned away and I quickly slid my jeans off and hung them with the rest of the clothes. By now, my cock was pounding hard, straining to get out of my shorts. I tried to arrange it so that it didn't show so much.

Slowly I turned back toward Bobbie. She handed me a towel so I could dry my legs. "This sure feels a lot better," I observed. Bobbie nodded and smiled at me.

"You should take yours off too, you would feel a lot better," I said with a grin. Bobbie stared at me for a few seconds, then unbuttoned her shorts and opened the zipper. Before I could recover from my surprise, she handed her shorts to me and asked if I would hang them up.

When I turned back, she was drying her legs, and pressing the towel against her panties. I couldn't help but stare at her gorgeous body covered only with a thin pair of wet panties.

Bobbie sat down on the blanket and indicated that I should sit by her. I sat down, but didn't lean back, trying to hide my swollen cock from being so obvious. We sat with our arms around each other for several minutes, feeling each other's warmth. I rolled onto my side, and pulled Bobbie close, pressing her down beside me.

Seeking her lips with mine, I began kissing her with as much feeling as I could muster. Bobbie responded in kind, and soon we were locked in an embrace. I slipped my hand between us and began playing with her breasts. Bobbie kind of sucked in her breath, but didn't pull away, only snuggled closer. We seemed to melt together as we had a few times before, only this time there was almost nothing to inhibit our melting. We cuddled for perhaps another half an hour, then broke and lay back.

Bobbie was lying on her side looking at me. "Bobbie, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!" I said forcefully. "I think you are a handsome boy too," she replied blushing. "I love the way the muscles move in your arms." My heart beat faster as I kissed her again. Suddenly I had an idea. Without a word, I scooted down a little so that my face was in line with her breasts. I kind of rolled toward Bobbie and began kissing her creamy white breast skin.

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Bobbie stiffened, but didn't say a word. Moments later, I was sucking her hard little pink nipple, running my hand over her other breast.

The feeling was so fantastic that I just kept sucking and stroking. Bobbie began making little moaning sounds, and started stroking my hair with her fingers, making little circles on my scalp. She was thrusting her hips against my belly, and it seemed as if I needed to do more.

I slid my hand down her back and under the band of her panties. As I pressed them downward, Bobbie shifted her hips in nonverbal assent. Shortly, I had slid them down her legs and sensed that she had kicked them free. I ran my hand up her leg until I felt her downy soft hair. Imitating her long haired dude fucking his curvy gf on webcam on my head, I began making little circles in her stepmom and her stepson threesome sex with young babe hair.

Inevitably, I stumbled into her slick wet opening. Although I didn't know what to do, it seemed right to run my finger up sweethearts share cock at the casting hardcore blowjob down the slit. By now, Bobbie was moaning softly and pressing her hips against my belly. My cock was at full attention, straining to get out of its binding.

As I ran my finger further down her dripping wet bottom, I felt it slip inside. Bobbie shuddered and pressed tighter against me. I stopped sucking her breast concentrating on exploring this fantastic new part of a girl I had only heard about but never experienced.

As I caught a glimpse of her glazed look of ecstasy, my passion spilled over. I pulled back for a second, stripping my shorts as quickly as possible. As I did, Bobbie caught sight of my throbbing waving cock. "It's so big!" she gasped. I felt a kind of surge of pride, and rolled onto my back. Bobbie just stared at my tower of manhood. Finally, she reached out with a trembling hand and touched the tip.

In a moment, she began exploring my tool, running her hand down the shaft, finally coming to my balls. I lay very still feeling her fingers probing, exploring. Soon she began moving back up my cock, then circled the tip.

At that moment, I felt myself going over the edge. I started to say something, but before I could get the words out, my pent up love juice spurted into the air and splashed down on her hand and my belly. Bobbie stared with her mouth open. "Did you know that was going to happen?" she asked in amazement. "I knew it could, I just didn't think it would come so fast. Your hand on me really sends me!" I exclaimed. "It's really sticky," Bobbie said as she got to her feet and pulled me up after her. We walked down to the river where she washed my come off her hands and arms.

I squatted down and splashed some water on my cock and rinsed the sticky juices off. The shock of the cold spring water combined with having just shot my come all over the place caused my cock to drop to about half-mast.

Bobbie stared at it again marveling at its amazing properties. "Is it big much of the time?" she asked. "Mostly when I am with you," I said with a self-conscious smile, "Most of the time it is real little." I took her hand and led her back to the blanket. We lay down again, and talked for a while. We both dozed off in the warm sunlight, not waking up for about an hour. When I opened my eyes, Bobbie was sitting up looking at my cock.

It had shrunk to its normal size. (Normal except when I was thinking about Bobbie that is.) "Can I touch it?" she asked. I nodded. "If you want to feel it little, you better do it quick!" Bobbie reached out cradling my relaxed little cock in her hand, turning, squeezing, and exploring. In less than a minute, it was standing up as straight as the trees we were laying under.

Bobbie stared with her mouth open. "Wow!" she exclaimed, "I can't believe that it can be so little one minute and so big the next!" By now, my passion was almost overwhelming.

I began kissing her passionately, rubbing her breasts, squeezing her bottom, and pulling her tight against my throbbing tool. Bobbie was responding with similar passion, thrusting her bottom against me in a kind of rhythm.

Slowly, I rolled her onto her back and positioned myself on top of her, straddling her with my arms and legs. My heart was racing like it would burst. It looked like I was finally going to do it! I kissed Bobbie again as hard as I could and told her that I loved her. She smiled and kissed me back saying she loved me too. I put one knee between her legs, and kind of pushed her legs apart.

She opened them giving me room for my other knee. Then, I kind of hunkered down, feeling my cock touch her hair. I pulled back just a little letting my cock slide down to where I thought it should go. I tried to push in, but met with solid resistance.

Bobbie reached down and pressed my cock down further and further. I was about to ask her what she was doing when I felt myself slide in a warm, wet, slippery tunnel. Bobbie sucked in her breath as I slid in a little further. I was just about to plunge in when I felt Bobbie stiffen. "Am I hurting you?" Bobbie nodded slightly biting her bottom lip. "Just hold still for a minute," she whispered in reply. I kissed her again then felt her relax a little.

Bobbie shifted her bottom slightly to one side. As she did, I moved with her then felt myself slip in a little more. Bobbie didn't resist or say anything, so I kept on pressing in. In a moment, I was in as far as I could go without crawling in behind my cock, which was exactly what I wanted to do! I lay on her, shuddering in amazement at the exquisite feeling. After a few moments, I pulled out just a little then pressed back in. That felt so good that I pulled back again and pressed in a little harder.

After a few clumsy movements, I got the feeling and began rocking in and out. Bobbie began matching my movements, and before long we were moving in rather good time with each other's passionate movements. In much less time than I wanted, I could feel myself building up to come. I speeded up my movements, and seconds later began shooting my white sticky stuff into her belly. I shoved in as hard as I could, pressing in while my bottom, cock, and balls jerked and pulsed.

Finally, it felt as if it was over, and I collapsed on top of her breathing hard. Bobbie rolled me off to one side and clung to me as the passion of our lovemaking subsided. After several minutes, I kissed Bobbie and hugged her close. She returned the embrace, kissing my nose, eyes, and finally my lips. "Did you like it?" I asked. Bobbie blushed and nodded, then asked if I liked it too.

In answer, I kissed her again. "Its kind of messy isn't it?" she observed. I glanced down to see some of my stuff dried on her thighs, and noticed that my pubic hair was matted and sticky as well. "Let's go down to the water and rinse off," I suggested. We walked down hand in hand, then knelt by the water and scooped up enough to rinse most of our love juices. We walked back to the blanket and dried ourselves off. We lay on our sides, looking into each other's faces.

We talked about camp, where we went to school, just about everything. We must have talked for over an hour when Bobbie s spoke.

"I think its time to eat our picnic." I agreed, and shortly we had our dinner spread out. We were both still totally naked, but it felt good in the warm summer heat.

After we finished eating, we picked up the remains of the dinner and put it in the picnic basket. I kissed Bobbie pressing her back on the blanket. Moments later I was inside her again, and this time I didn't come until we had rocked in and out together for quite a while. I could hear Bobbie's breathing coming faster, and felt her fingernails digging into my back. Her thrusting became more urgent until she mom and son of son friends out a long deep moan.

I pushed in as hard as I could, then felt myself go over the edge, feeling as if I was blasting my juices into her very soul. We collapsed into each other's arms, breathing hard and sweating like we had run a race.

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"I like doing it with you so much, I could just keep doing it and doing it." "I like it to," murmured Bobbie. We lay together talking and kissing, exploring our bodies, asking and answering questions. Bobbie guided my hand to mom fuck front of daughter bottom and helped me locate her clitoris, telling me what felt nice and asking what felt good to me.

She opened her legs so I could look at the funny folds and lips of her bottom. I lay back so she could explore my balls and the under side of my cock.

By then, I was so aroused that I asked Bobbie if we could do it again. Her response was to open her arms to me. I quickly slid into her again then lay still savoring the feeling of my pulsing cock inside her. We lay together kissing and gazing at each other. Then, I began to rock in and out, moving slowly taking long strokes.

Bobbie responded by moving in time with me. "It feels so good, it feels so good!" My climax came slowly then washed over me like a huge wave. We lay together for a few minutes, but by then, I was totally spent.

We took another quick splash bath in the river, and dried ourselves off. It was nearly dark, and the temperature was dropping. We decided to get dressed and head back to camp. I watched Bobbie dress, trying to imprint her image in my eyes so it would last until we could do it again.

After I dressed, we looked at each other and realized that we had a problem. Our clothes were horribly dirty and wrinkled. It would be obvious that they had been wet, and there would be questions.

We decided that all we could do was drive back to camp and try to come up with a solution. We hatched up a plan, and as soon as we drove in we executed it. We got out of the car in the growing darkness.

Mr. and Mrs. Chapman were welcoming the new campers after their first supper at the camp. They always held the meeting under the shelter by the swimming area. Bobbie and I trotted down to the pond, and just as we got into the lighted area, I pretended to trip. As I fell down, I grabbed for Bobbie, and we both tumbled into the jamaican blowjob hungry woman gets food and fuck. We came up spluttering and hollering.

The entire camp was roaring with laughter. Mr. Chapman introduced me as the camp maintenance man. "I hope he can fix things better than he can walk." Over the next two weeks before camp closed, we were able to do it a couple more times, once in the woods behind the camp, but we decided it was too risky.

Of course we went for a picnic the next Saturday afternoon, but this time we took spare clothes! The week before camp closed Mr. Chapman asked if I could stay two more days and help him close the camp. I told him I thought I could, but would need to check with my parents to see if they could arrange for me to take a late enrollment at school.

I hurried to find Bobbie to see if we could work out some kind of plan to stay together for another three days. Bobbie suggested that she call her parents and tell them she had a way home so they wouldn't have to come get her. That way I could drive her home. Then, she would volunteer to help Mrs. Chapman with her part in closing the camp. It all worked out according to plan, and by Saturday night, the only persons left at the camp were Mr.

and Mrs. Chapman, Bobbie and I. The rest of the staff went home after the little end of sativa rose pussy stretching the right way season party the Chapmans had for us. Mr. Chapman told me that since they hadn't been away from camp as a couple the entire summer, they were going out for dinner that evening and would be back late.

He suggested that Bobbie and I go into town to a movie so we wouldn't be at camp alone. We agreed, and left just ahead of them. We drove into town and pulled up in front of the Movie Theater. As soon as Mr. Chapman drove by, we turned right around and drove back to camp. hot arab couple black vs white my ultimate dick challenge about celebrating our first real meeting?" I suggested to Bobbie.

"What do you have in mind?" she asked with a smile. I took her hand and led her to the counselor's dorm. Seconds later, we were under the shower, kissing and cuddling under the stinging flood of water. I dried Bobbie then while she went to her bed I dried myself then joined her. It was the first time we had done it in a bed, and it was GREAT! We fell asleep immediately after and didn't wake up until we heard the Chapmans drive in.

It was late enough that they assumed we were both in bed, and of course we were! We waited until we saw the lights go out in their cabin, then waiting another half-hour, just to be safe, (And to give us time to do it again) I snuck back to my cabin and went to bed in the darkness. The close up went better than expected, and instead of the three days we expected, we finished up mid afternoon the second day.

The Chapmans said they wanted to leave that evening, and asked if Bobbie and I could be ready to leave as well. We said we could, and soon we were all packed. We drove out of camp with a sense of emptiness, knowing we would not see each other nearly often enough. As we drove, I hit upon a plan. "No one expects us until tomorrow night, right?" I said. Bobbie nodded with a questioning look on her face. "Let's find a motel and spend the night together," I proposed. Bobbie agreed enthusiastically.

We had to stop at the third motel before the owners would let us check in as Mr. & Mrs. Baker. I don't think I fooled them one bit, but I was holding cash in advance so I think the owner figured it wasn't his responsibility to protect us from ourselves. We checked in a little after five then went out for dinner and a movie.

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We made love five times that night and left only five minutes before check out time. I drove Bobbie home and met her parents again. Bobbie had introduced me when they came to visit during the camping season. They invited me to have an early supper with them so I would have time to make it home before ten that night. We tried to see each other during the school year, but the distance made it difficult. Before the next camping season, Bobbie's father was transferred to the West Coast.

We were able to arrange to make love once more before she left. We wrote for several months, but then predictably she and I both began dating others, and after about a year we didn't write anymore. Even so, I have never forgotten the first time I made love.