Mother and son s new pron xxc

Mother and son s new pron xxc
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Shooting my Cum - my Daughters Fetish My wife and son in law took a driving trip to their home town, a days drive away. My daughter Darla decided to spend the night at our house. That evening I was in my robe on the couch when she came in just wearing a skimpy nightie. We had always been best buddy's.

She was a daddy's girl, and fought with her mom at times. She snuggled up to me and we started to talk. She was a married woman now and her body was fully developed and very hot.

She foxy lesbian centerfolds are gaping and fist fucking anal holes 5'4", big tits, long flowing hair and the face of a model. "Daddy, how come you never made a move on me growing up?" I gulped.

I decided now she was old enough to tell her the what the real story was. "Well…it wasn't easy, in fact I longed to feel your body and fantasized about having sex with you many, many times&hellip.

but I figured you'd find your own man, and I'd stay out of it." I said. "Daddy!…I never knew that!…I had fantasized about you too…oh - my - god!" "Karl is an ok husband but I have needs he just won't fulfill.

I like exciting sex, exploring, try different things, get a little kinky, but he's just the same old thing." she said. I told her I found this very interesting because her mother was the same way. Same old thing. She scooted closer to me and whispered: (".do you want to hear some of my desires and you can tell me yours?") I got a hot feeling in my stomach and my dick.

I reached over and turned down the light. Our eyes adjusted to low light and she turned and lay across my lap. I held her close, our chests touching. We continued, but whispered. ("Daddy, tell me what you wish mom would do.") I looked in her beautiful eyes and&hellip. …the words just came out of my mouth. I said: ("How about I just show you?" ) She leaned her tits into my chest and said: ("Ooooo yes daddy!…show me." ) I had never been around my daughter when she was sexually excited.

I felt and heard her breath in my ear. Her hand trembled a little as she slowly put it inside my robe and felt my chest. She and I both were really turned on, my hands just followed my desires.

I ran my fingers thru her beautiful long hair, and started kissing her face, working up to her lips. I let my hand feel her tits for the first time. They were so soft and full. Her nipples were firm and so inviting. She had the sexiest moan I had ever heard.

A moan of wanting me. My boner was hard against her ass. She squirmed against it. Her fingers danced around my lips. She slowly brought her lips to mine and we started with our first kiss little caprice lesbo fuck in sauna full lengt new lovers. She had a low moan like a purring cat. My legs came up as we slowly laid down, face to face.

This put my dick between us. She started to rock on my dick slowly, rubbing her pussy on it gently. I felt her warm tits as she put her hand on mine and we felt them together. Our emotions burst loose and our tongues went wild in our mouths. She finally broke for air and whispered: ("…all this time I've wanted you daddy. I've never been this excited… (gasp)…in my whole life.") Darla thought&hellip.

('Vince, (my daddy), has an animal in him like me. It's time we let the animal in us out, and I'll show him what mom could never show him.

I just want to devour him, I want so suck on that big boner I feel rubbing on me. I've fantasized about him eating my pussy like a savage lover, making me screaming hot then fucking me hard and long till I pass out with passion.

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I think now I've found the one person to tell about my secret fetish. I get off big when I watch a man shoot his cum. My dream has always been to watch my daddy shoot his cum close up. That started when I first saw cute teen gags on cock and takes in it her pooper boy next door jack off by my window.

Time after time he did it in the bushes. I watched every time I could. He did it every day. He had a crush on me, but I just didn't care for him. Watching him shoot his cum up in the air got addicting. I began to finger myself as he did it. I would orgasm as he shot his cum. It got better and better. Soon I was using both my hands to get off with.

One to feel my G spot and one to fast rub my clit. I loved it and I would tease myself before he showed up to cum. I got so I could get myself so hot, I had these mind bending climaxes that buckled my knees watching him shoot his cum high in the air. Dad…&hellip. My own daughter Darla had unleashed an inner lust me that had been waiting to get out for all these years. I watched her grow up with that beautiful body of hers. I never touched her but I fucked her so many times while pretending to be fucking the wife.

I almost called the wife 'Darla' a couple of times & were going to make up for all the time.

I've wanted to fuck her so bad, and now was the time. I started pulling her nightie and panties right off her body and she trembled with delight. She jerked at my robe to pull it open.

She turned around and couldn't get her mouth on my boner fast enough. We made new sounds of joy, like two people enjoying each other. I grabbed her hips and dove my face into the sweetest pussy in the world. She didn't have one hair on her pussy. My tongue went crazy licking every inch of her slit. I felt her hot tits on my stomach, as she ground them into me. I stuck my tongue in her pussy as far as it would go. I let my chin rub on her hot clit as I rubbed it firm.

I felt her fingers dig into my butt cheeks and pull my dick deep in her throat. We both began to tremble as we knew a super cum was on the way. I felt the biggest load getting ready to shoot I had ever felt.

Her pussy began to pump my face as my tongue licked her clit relentlessly. I felt her fingers grab my balls to squeeze them as my cum was now here. She quick pulled her lips off my dick as both her hands held it. She watched and felt the huge streams of my cum shoot out. She moaned loud and climaxed hard. She peaked at seeing me shoot my cum. That hot cum landing on her lips, in her mouth and on her face became her ultimate fulfillment.

Her juices flowed out of her shaking pussy, flooding my tongue. I couldn't get enough of her as I dove my tongue in her pussy for more. She savored my first shots of cum, quick swallowed and opened her mouth for more. I had never shot this much cum in my life. I just kept hot ass euro babe bangs in fake taxi, shooting more as she watched me shoot more in her open mouth.

Darla thought about what was happening&hellip. …I'm shaking inside so good, I've fantasized about this for years, but figured it would never ever happen. Watching him shoot his cum was what I wanted to see. Watching it shoot in my mouth is now my personal climax maker. It jolts me like no other feeling. His hot cum in my mouth is the ultimate, he's thinking of me and it's mine to take and swallow. I love his cum and now I freaky babes do hot morning orgy with hung studs want a lot more.

I wonder if I should tell him the time I saw him and mom drunk. They were making out on the couch and moaning. I heard the moans and quietly got out of bed. I peeked at the top of the stairs and watched them. He slowly took her clothes off and his too. He was getting ready to fuck her when she passed out.

He was so ready, he looked over at my picture on the table. He placed it over her face. He got up on his knees over her and started stroked his dick. My face over moms body. I got chills in my pussy like never before. I couldn't help but rub my pussy fast. I watched him shoot his cum. I orgasmed so hard, I almost moaned out loud. He kept shooting more and more on my face in the picture as I orgasmed with him. I got so dizzy I went to my knees on the stair top landing.

He almost fell off the couch he got so weak. Finally he picked up my picture and stumbled to their bedroom. I wanted that picture with his cum on it.

He was thinking of me when he shot his cum on it. Later I found it and I still have it hidden. I like to look at it when I masturbate thinking about him. Knowing he shot his cum, thinking of me became a fixation in my mind from then on. It never left but only became a dominate picture in my mind. I wanted to see him shoot his cum again. I continued to masturbate thinking about it, I had dreams about it. I pictured my ultimate desire fulfilled&hellip. I would be watching the cum shoot out high and feeling it land on my lips and open mouth&hellip.

tasting his cum, and feeling more cum shooting on my face, That was my ultimate, and It gave my pussy a pulse every time I thought about it. My husband only wants a straight fuck once a week for 5 minutes, and so does mom with dad. Well, forget them. I have my daddy now, and we make each other happy with our desires. For years I felt this would never happen &hellip.but it is happening right now&hellip. Dad…… Her tongue worked to get every stream of my cum.

She rubbed the end of my dick on her face, it was so sensitive it cause me to moan out of control. Her tongue circled the tip, and I got really dizzy and fought for breath.

My lips on her clit caused her to buck her hips out of her control. She began to mumble strange sounds of joy. Her pussy pulsed each time I let my tongue enter her slit. This was the longest cum we both had ever had. It took our breath and our minds, leaving us only enough thought to moan, over and over. All went quiet, except for our soft moans and our gasping for air.

My memory went off the scale. I was unsure of the reality of what just happened. We could only close our eyes and let it take us away. We slowly woke up to waves of contentment flowing thru us.

We were so weak, we could hardly move our body's. When she felt me move, she tried to hold me sexy blonde diana dali gets her twat drilled hard outdoors pornstars cumshot to her, but she only had weak shaking arms. I some how got up and covered her up with a blanket. I stumbled to my bed, and fell in. -------- Darla thought to herself…&hellip.

I slowly started waking up from what I thought was the hottest dream I'd ever had. I then realized I was on dads couch.

I smiled as the reality of what happened came into focus. I smelled my perfume and our sex. A shot of tingles ran thru my pussy.

I relived what we did, over and over and more tingles jolted me. I looked around and it was 5am, still dark out. I smiled as I realized we had a whole day until my husband and mom came home. I headed for the shower.

Dad was already in, so I used the downstairs one. My pussy felt so hot as I showered, that had never that happen before. --------- Dad…&hellip. I fixed her and I some breakfast. We sat just smiling at each other, eating quickly. We began planning our future. Darla and I liked to fish at my mountain cabin.

Her husband and mom hated fishing. So&hellip.we planned a lot of fishing trips for the two of us. We went up nozomi uehara gets a nice creampie asian her old bedroom and laid on her old bed. She told of the times she masturbated in it, and I told of stealing her panties and laying them on her bed and cuming on them.

I fantasized I was fucking her. She said she fantasized I was shooting my cum as she watched and then us fucking. Slowly we began to peel off our robes.

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Our hands trembled a little as we slipped our hands around our body's. We took or time feeling us naked. Darla whispered: (".tell me how bad you wanted me daddy?") I began to tell her when I first got excited over her. Her eyes closed as she rubbed her pussy. I told her the age and what I thought looking at her body then. She grabbed my hand and we both now rubbed her pussy. (".yes!…go on daddy") I went in to vivid detail about all the things I fantasized about us doing.

Licking her pussy, feeling her tits, being her first fuck, going 69 with her. She could take no more and pulled me on top of her. Our hearts were throbbing with excitement.

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We felt us like never before. I think we touched every spot on us and either kissed it or licked it. We took our time, letting it build up knowing we were going to both cum so wonderful.

Her trembling hands gently guided my head down to lick her pussy. She squirmed when I teased her clit with my tongue. I put three fingers in her slick pussy and watched her face as I felt her G spot.

Busty ghetto nailed by nasty pawn dude at the pawnshop head went from side to side feeling the deep pleasure. It was time for what she wanted and dreamed about. She rolled me over on my back, turned, and put her pussy slowly down on my lips.

She began to stroke and kiss my dick. She loved to lick and excite it. She massaged my balls and her pussy rode my tongue licking her clit. My moans told her I was going to cum, and cum big. Her pussy began to fuck short and fast strokes on my tongue. She felt my balls start to tighten up. I moaned loud as it vibrated her pussy. She put both hands on my dick and jacked it as fast as she could. She began to shake, her eyes watching for what she longed for. My dick push up high as I moaned and shook&hellip.I felt the first huge cum stream go up my dick and up into the air.

She gushed out her shaking pussy. Every time another shot of cum shot out, she gushed more. She held her fingers above my dick to feel me shoot on them. She was at her ultimate moment. She turned quick and put my dick in her to feel more cum shoot in her pussy. She fucked me fast to get every ounce of pleasure out of both of us.

She just kept on squirming and gushing and moaning ……then she mp4 story rape husband ke samne biwi ka rape collapsed and tiny moans were all she could do.

I had never cum that much in my whole life, and my dick and balls were numb, except for the tip. Her pussy seemed to tease it for any cum left. My dick jumped slightly with each massage her pussy squeezed out. This went on until we slowly passed out together. ----------------------- We counted the seconds until our 'fishing trip' at the mountain cabin began.

-------------- We were able to sneak in one cum session. We both went to the sporting goods store in my van. She massaged my boner all the way. When we parked around back, we jumped in the back and I got on my knees over her head. She began to stroke me fast while I reached back and fingered her pussy under her skirt. She watched with big eyes as I shot big shots landing in her mouth.

She moaned so hot. I felt her pussy tighten on my fingers and the gush of her pussy juice. On the drive back to the house, she said: "I have a new fetish daddy." I thought&hellip. oh my god!, now what.

She leaned over, put her arms around my neck and whispered in my ear: (".I want to put my mouth over your dick and feel your cum hit the back of my throat.")