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Blonde lesbian babe licking female agent in office femaleagent and lesbians
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Texas, during deer hunting season is the place to be. Whether you are looking to bag a trophy deer or a trophy dear. I have always been amused by the great white hunters who for their pleasure spend literally thousands of dollars every year to get a chance to bag a trophy deer.

Now, don't get me wrong hunting is a good sport. When we were youngsters growing up in New Mexico, my brothers and I would hunt deer, primarily because it was great food source for our family. With Dad working 10-12 hours a day, six and seven days a week to support a family of seven, a little extra venison went beautiful blonde german peeping tom on our asses long way to helping diminish our food bill at the local grocery.

Being of Native American descent, it was a great feeling to be able to track and eventually kill our trophy. My two brothers and I would always plan to get at mom and son xxx story raip two bucks apiece, knowing that if we were successful, dad would reward us with a trip to town to see a movie and our sisters would be able to get a new dress apiece, at least, with the money we would save in not having to buy as much meat.

However, the sport of deer hunting has gone by the wayside and everyone now thinks a deerstand and high powered rifle are the ultimate in getting a chance to bag a trophy deer.

Hunting from a deer stand with a scoped rifle to me and my brothers is like running several deer into a corral, choosing the best of the lot and then killing it. Surely not a sport as being able to track, follow, and then locate the deer and shoot him with an unscoped rifle at a distance of 50 to 200 yards.

It was late October as I pulled into the driveway of my new apartment in Dallas. Having had knee surgery to repair my "football" knees, I was hobbling a bit as I got out of my Durango and took my last load of carry -alls tpward the front porch of #131.

a young teenager, probably 15 or 16 was coming down the side walk and asked me if I needed some help. I answered assuredly that it would be most appreciated.

He eagerly took my bags and followed me up to the door. I opened the door and motioned him to come on in. He paused, then went on in front of me.

"Anywhere in the floor is fine," I thankfully told him. He set them down by the sofa, extended his hand and said, "I'm Brady Combs, we live right next door, do you have anything else?" I replied with a "No, thank you," then introduced myself and asked him sit and stay for a few minutes. He sat down on the sofa as I went in and got us both a cold soda.

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He thanked me when I handed it to him and started telling me that he and his dad would be leaving on a deer hunt at the end of the week and would be gone all weekend to south Texas. I could tell he was excited about the trip and engaged him in conversation about his gun and all the things that pertain to hunting He seemed like a nice young teen, a certain change from the rag tag elements I had just recently left behind in East L.

A. He was a sophmore at Nolan High and evidently was a pretty good football player as well as student. We were interrupted by a knock at the door. A pretty rehaired lady stood on th doorstep as I approached,"Have you seen lost teenage boy wandering around?", she jokingly asked.

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Motioning her in, she spotted Brady sitting on the sofa. "Brady, it's about time to get in, dad will be home in a few minutes and dinner is about ready and I hope you weren't bothering our new neighbor," she said. I told her that he had actually helped me with my heaviest luggage and that I was paying him back with a soda.

"Yeah, Brady makes friends very easily, Mr. New Neighbor," she said laughingly. After intoducing ourselves, she invited me to eat with them.

Hesitantly, I agreed, and said I would be over in about twenty minutes, as they headed out the door. Dinner went well. Mr. Combs was a teacher at South Garland High and a very interesting individual.

His wife, Carol sold real estate out of her home, and they seemed to be just the average work-a-holics that were nestled in the condo-ridden part of North Dallas. Shorty after dinner, the sublect changed to deer hunting and as the men conversed about the upcoming hunt, Mrs. Combs busied herself clearing the table and cleaning up. It was a pretty good evening that ended too son as I thanked the host and hostess for having me and went on over to my place.

I did not see any of the Combs family again until Thursday afternoon when Carol rang my door bell just shortly after three. She was wondering if I would ride with her to look at a prospective house to be sold in Mesquite. She said she wasn't real comfortable with the area the house was in, and would pay me to go with her. I agreed, and we were off. Glamorous milf lisa ann enjoys a hot interracial fuck talked small talk most of the time, but as we neared the area where the house was located, Carol opened up about the deer hunting event coming up.

It was plain that she was not enthused about her husband and son taking off. We pulled into the driveway of a three bedroom brick home.

The house actually didn't look to bad. The yard needed mowing, but externally, it looked to have been taken care of pretty well. Although not in an extremely bad side of town, I could tell we were on the fringes of poverty to low middle class. We entered the house with her pass key and went room by room giving everything the once over. As we made our way to the back bed room, Carol turned and asked bluntly, "Do you think I would be good in Bed?" Having been indoctrinated down through the years by the ever suprising things that people say and do, I replied undauntedly, "I bet you would be a real wild cat in the sack." She blushed a little as she seemingly came to her senses, then reaching out and pulling me to her chest, she tiptoed up and kissed me full on the lips.

Her hands were flat on my chest as she explored my mouth with her tongue. I easily slid my hand down the front of her green skirt, feeling her flinch as my finger found her clit.

She wasn't wearing any panties, I found, as I further explored her nether regions with my wandering finger. Her twat was on sex xxx kishamr old sax and already seeping seminal fluid as I fingered her clit and stroked her slit. Her breathing rapidly increasing as I ran my free hand over her tight buttocks and rubbed the area just above her ass, about the belt line.

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That was her erogenous zone, I found, because she would almost whimper when I stroked her there. Her hands made their way down to my Haggers and she gently unlatched and unzipped me, reached in and pulled out my case hardened spear.

Her pussy was making a soft sucking sound as the clitoral manipulation brought out her first orgasmic ejaculation. Peeling off her skirt, She stood now before me with only a blouse, bra, and shoes on. Taking me down the hall, we found the master bedroom was empty, but the carpet beckoned to us, so we laid down.

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with me on my back, she mounted me with her knees on each side of my stomach, and eagerly guided my missle into her wettened silo. Her dampened red pubic hair glistened in the sunlight that was coming through the bare windows. She gasped as she leaned into the hardness that had just scratched the edge of her g-spot and responded by gently farting a second surge of juices from deep in her plugged portal of delight. She bucked and fucked my risen rod with authority and grace, expelling any doubts that she was just a stay at home mom.

With each up and down motion of her ecstatic torso, I could feel the impending conclusion of the whole matter, quickly building in my throbbing tool and balls. Her hands were now palms down on my chest as she continued her adulterous attack upon my manhood. Suddenly, she leaned forward and with a shrill scream, exploded her wantoness, just as my hot jet stream of come shot out of the end of my rlfle and deep ito her sweltering snatch.

"OH, MY GOD, MY LORD, OH MYSTEAMY PUSSY, THAT FEELS SO GODAWFUL GOOD!!!", she wailed, as the last tremor of erotcism escaped her wracked body. With the shrinking of my sock, the release of our united juices spilled forth, running down my ass and onto the carpet. "Well, the carpet will need cleaning, but everything else looks doxy gets her tight fur pie vibrated she exclaimed smilingly as she arose to find her clothes.

In a few minutes, she returned with her dress on and that "just fucked look " in her eyes. I had found a partial roll of paper towels and was wiping my self off and cleaning up the spot on the carpet. With great exertion, I finally made it to my feet, my newly repaired knees making it difficult to motivate.

She giggled a little then said, "tomorrow night, it will be you and me in my bed and we will continue this episode." gorgeous girl comes in for a massage and ends up getting fucked and facialized by stiff cock for out The Landcruiser had just pulled out of the driveway when Carol knocked on my door.

She was stunning, standing there in her black midi skirt and pink blouse, and barefoot, with a bottle of Crown Royal in her hand. Stepping into my living room, I could smell the aroma of sex permeating through her White Diamond cologne.

I went to the bar and got us two shot glasses and handed them to her. She easily poured us a drink, set the Crown Royal on the counter, and handed me my drink. "You really are not into hunting are you?" she queried. I went into the history of us boys and the hunting we did, mainly as a way to help Mom and Dad out, but that to me, there just wasn't any sport in it anymore.

She gigggled a bit, then said, "I think I like your kind of sports much better anyway." Setting her drink down, she came over to me and said she really enjoyed our fuck testerday and hoped I didn't think too badly of her, but she really needed sex and just wasn't getting it from her husband.

She also added that she knew several women that were in the same frame of mind and wouldn't mind sharing if I was game. Daddy had always said a person needed to be at the right place at the right time to be successful at just about everything. I really know he wouldn't approve of me fucking someone else's wife, but it looks as if he was certainly right. Nodding in agreement to her proposal, she took a sip from her shot glass, then downed it all, handed me the glass and said, "If you will refill this, I'll make a call or two, if you don't mind." I handed her my phone, then went about refilling our shot glasses.

With her back to me. she didn't know I was behind her as she hung up the phone and turned around, into my arms. We kissed deeply and traded tongue swapping before she pulled back slightly and said. "If you want, you can fuck me right now, or wait about thirty minutes and we will have some company." I reached around her waist and slid her midi skirt down her slender body, exposing her nakedness and again getting that sweet smell of sex that emo beautiful chick shares her perky hooters hardcore and blowjob first permeated through the air when she first came in.

Her naked ass cheeks were shuddering with excitement as I rubbed her back just below the belt line. Her pubic hair was already moist and slick as my other hand reached down to play with her clit.

She began removing her blouse and bra as I continued my assault on her enlarged clit. Her nipples were now digging into my chest as she became more and more aroused at the clitoral attention.

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Stooping down, I began to kiss the dark area of her nipples, causing a gentle moan to exude from her throat. Her head was leaned back, her eyes were closed, and her breathing became more intense. When my fingers slid into her drooling pussy, she shuddered and spent her first orgasm, spurting her juices onto my hand and slowling sliding down her inner thighs.

To me, there has never been a more erotic picture that to have that type of wetness captured in those sensual moments, as a woman releases her pent up passions in such of a simple, yet provocative manner. I picked her up and carried her naked body to the bedroom, gently laying her down. I quickly got undressed and lay down on top of her, easily engaging my stickshift into her drive train. She bucked a little as my entry spread her wettened, but tight pussy walls.

When I had bottomed out, with my balls resting on her ass, I slowly began pumping life into her juicy, jizzed up hole. Wrapping her legs around my waist, she was now anticipating every thrust of my forward penetration. Her climax came as my balls continued to bounce on her wettened ass cheeks,"OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, MY ACHING CUNT!!!" she exclaimed through gritted teeth, as my ram rod continued its intense pumping into her well of wetness. "OH, JEEZ, FUCK ME WITH THAT WONDERFUL COCK, FILL ME UP WITH YOUR HOT STEAMY CUM, OH, SHIT, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, IN THAT GLORIOUS GASH, AAHGG!!!", she wailed incessently as my spewing rod hosed down her inner chamber of lust, creating a wettened section upon the bedspread and again leaving the fresh aroma of fuck juices lingering in the air, as she silently sagged with spent erotic emotion, and lay motionless for a few minutes as our juices collided in midstream and forced themselves from out of her quivering hole and down her ass onto the bed beneath us.

After several minutes of silence, she stirred beneath me, kissed me playfully on the cheek, then said, " I had better get going, Kara, my friend is due over at my house in just a few minutes. I'll call you when she gets here, she's gonna love this idea because her husband and friends are gone elk hunting in Utah and won't be back for about a week. In a few minutes, she was gone and I was left wondering what this night was going to bring. If my calculations were right I would have time to take a quick shower and get ready for blonde is ready for a double blowjob evening to cum.

It was about an hour later when the phone rang.

Carol asked if it would hurt my feelings if she brought one more of her friends over. When I agreed, she said it would be in about twenty minutes because her second friend had just gotten off of work and was just now getting into town.

True to her word, Carol knocked on the door right at the twenty minute mark. The two girls with her were much younger. Kara was a athletic looking girl of about twenty, while the other girl, Millie was just barely legal at eighteen, thin, yet a little taller than the other two. Both of their husbands were on the hunt for elk and they were absolutely pissed at their husbands for taking leave for so long.

All of them were members of the same health spa in Richardson and each one had horny asian slut on her knees sucking dick some type of escapade like this since last year. "I took the liberty of ordering in Pizza to be delivered here shortly," said Carol.

"We hope you don't mind Meat lovers from Pizza Hut, we ordered pan and thin crust and some bread sticks, also, I hope you don't mind us doing our revellings over here," she added. The other two girls produced Coke and Sprite, as well as a bottle of Captain Morgan and Cuervo Gold. We busied ourselves in small conversation while awaiting the Pizzas, and went through my CD collection before settling on some the Eagles, Creedence, and Stevie Ray, to begin with.

Millie was pouring our drinks as Carol and Kara cleaned up the leftovers. Susie Q was bouncing the speakers as Millie came up to me and handed me my drink. She provocatively slid her hands up and down the front of my casuals before starting over to get the remaining glasses and handing them to Carol and Kara. Kara was stroking Carol's hips, just above the belt line as Millie made her way back to me, peeling off her sweater and showing me her braless breasts.

Though not extremely large, the rising in her nipples made them appear more than adequate as she slipped off her jeans. Now totally nude, she picked up her clothes and laid them on the back of the sofa, motioning for me to join her on the sofa. As I headed that direction, she set her kendra star woodman casting x down of the end table and with her legs slightly spread, began fingering herself.

Her soft masseuse canela skin milks clients big cock pubic hair already gathering droplets of erotic sweat as I sat beside her nude body. She had the grayest eyes I have ever seen on a brunette. She was truly attractive and it was looking like she would be my second trophy in the last two days.Kara and Carol were already feverishly fingering themselves even though they had not stripped off their clothing. Both of them had their skirts pulled up, exposing their assets as they settled into their lovemaking on the carpet.

Seeing the two women kissing each other and finger picking each other's clits gave my manhood new life. Millei had stopped her masturbation long enough to unzip my slacks and expose my now risen rod.

While easily squeezing my ball,s she went down on the head of my cock, easily sliding its tip in and out of her soft palate. Gently pushing me into a prone position, she sat on my chest with her back to me and began a long slow blow job of my pecker.

I reached out and pulled her ass to my face and began licking her asshole as she blew my cock. I could smell the musty smell of sexual excitement as it oozed out of her pussy. I probed her asshole deep with my tongue before inserting my fore finger completely into her dark hole. My tongue was now bathing the area between her asshole and pussy.

She was enjoying the swabbing as much as iI was enjoying the vacuuming of her mouth on my cock. Looking down, I saw Kara had managed to get her fist into Carol's stretched pussy.

Her pussy was already feverishly trembling with aanticpation as Kara corkscrewed her hand deep inside Carol's stretched kinky teen isida deepthroats and asshole ripped by big dick pornstars and blowjob. Kara was using her other hand to masurbate her own chasm as Carol convulsed in sheer delight and passed a geyser of cum from her fist filled pussy.

Milie had stopped blowing me and was now moving forward, ready to guide my lance deep into her sweltering scabbard. Her wet pussy was still tight as my knob passed through the first stage of her vaginal ring, then parted her pink walls as it reached deep into her passion pit, and into her g-spot. As she rose and fell on my lance, it's head beat upon her g-spot with each stroke deep inside her vagina.

I knew it wasn't going to take her long to reach her orgasm, as silently, but with great anticipation, she purged herwomb of her sexual waters. She fell forward onto her face and stayed ther face down. I withdrew my poker from her sluice pit and leaned over and kissed her on the ear. "let me catch my breath," she whispered.

I arose and found my next target. Kara had withdrawn her fist from Carol's pussy, but was giving her the finishing touches of orgasmic relief as I planted my tool deep into her gash. She shuddered slightly as I went deep inside her target that had been in the air, as she licked and kissed Carol's clit and pussy.

Carol released her pent up river as I began my strokes deep inside my third trophy of the evening. Kara was already moaning with delight at the spearing action that was taking place deep in her twat.

She was also a natural brunette, I could witness as her mouse brown pubic hair meshed with mine> As my balls exploded their load in her crevice, she passionately preleased her gurgeling gashs' geyser like flood. Shuddering with ardor and sexual excitement. Giggling, Carol noted, "Three ten pointers and the night is still young, you are our kind of hunter."