Massage turns into a hot lesbian sex with kennedy and kat

Massage turns into a hot lesbian sex with kennedy and kat
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This is my first story so take it easy on me lol. Let me know what I can do to make this better. In this story I am caught by my roommate's teen daughter playing with her panties and her catching me. I am 27 years old I moved into a room about 6 months ago. The lease on my apartment was up and I wanted to move closer to work and closer to my friends. I found a woman in her mid 40's with a 15 year old daughter.

It was a lot cheaper than my previous place and closer to work. I am about 5'9 140 pounds. I have been told mostly that I'm cute and a few times that I am hot.

I consider myself average. My dick is average around 6 inches. Her daughter Emily was 15 years old. She was about 4'11 or so and around 100 to 110 pounds. She had light brown hair just past her shoulders. Teen savors harsh fucking hardcore and blowjob ass is one of the best I have ever seen. Her boobs were a 32B or 34B depending on which bra of hers I looked at.

They were perfect not to small not too big.

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For me anyhow. I have been in quite the dry spell for a while between working 12 hours every day including the weekend. I had never really thought about Emily sexually before.

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However on this particular day I got home from work and got something to eat. After eating I got a beer and went outside to smoke. I started talking to her mom about some stuff.

She is pretty cool however nothing happened between us. I got done with my beer and cigarette I told her I would talk to her later I was going to go shower and go to sleep.

I walked upstairs went in to my room and got some clean clothes then headed into the bathroom.

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Emily's bedroom door was to the left of mine and the bathroom door was to the right of mine. I went into the bathroom and stripped. After turning the water on I noticed her clothes were on the floor. This is very rare for her to leave her clothes on the floor. I immediately noticed her panties laying under her short jean shorts.

My dick started to get rock hard. Before I knew it I had picked up her panties. They are a red AREO brand panties. The crotch was somewhat wet. I could not help but smell them, they smelled so good words cannot describe. They smelled really sweet as I pressed the crouch against my noise.

I wrapped the wet crouch of her panties around my cock and started stroking faster and faster.

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Within a few minutes I felt that familiar feeling in my balls. I knew in a matter of seconds I would cum. Then a erupted a week or so worth of cum. Just before I came I made sure the panties were completely covering my cock head.

After I was done cumming I felt bad and the panties were covered in cum. I jumped into the shower after the shower I dried off and got dressed. I opened the bathroom door to go into my room.

Emily's door was opened when I turned to close my door I saw her walk into the bathroom. I closed my door all but a crack I saw her walk out of the bathroom a minute or two later and heard the toilet flushing. She closed her door so I walked back into the bathroom. Her clothes including the panties were gone. I started to freak out thinking she would notice and say something to me or her mom. Needless to say I slept great after blowing that load out and doing it in such a pervy manner.

In the morning I woke up and went into the kitchen to make some breakfast. Emily was in there making her lunch for school that day. Her mom had already left to go to work. Emily was wearing these short cotton punish teens car halle von is in town on vacation with her boyally. My cock started to harden.

I made sure to keep it hidden and she did not say anything about the panties from when she took them out of the bathroom the night before.

I guessed she did not notice. It was around a week later before I did anything else with her panties. I came home and Emily and her mom were gone.

I guess they were shopping or something. I got russian granny! upskirt! tube porn thinking I could go into Emily's room have some fun. I go upstairs and into her room, her closet door was open and there was her laundry basket. Right on top was a Victoria Secret thong it was pink.

I smelled it and licked it for a few minutes. I took it to the bathroom and stripped down naked. I started rubbing the crouch on my cock. I stroked my cock for around five minutes before cumming on the crouch and the string that had been in her ass crack the last time she wore it. I walked out of the bathroom naked and into her room and put it right back where I found it. I took my shower and went to sleep. I did this over and over for about a month.

If she was home and downstairs I would sneak into her room and grab a pair then into the bathroom I'd go. After a while I got the balls to cum on her clean panties and put them back for her to wear.

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After the month of doing this her mom was at work. Emily had just gone to a friend's house. I found a pair of her panties and decided to lay naked in her bed and stroke off with panties and cum hot girl pron xxx story her bed. As I was laying there jerking off with her panties. I heard OH MY GOD. I looked up to see Emily turn around and run from the doorway.

I heard the front door shut a minute later. Let me know if you want me to continue this. Also let me know what areas I can improve. I hope you enjoyed it.