Horny couple threesome with violet starr in the bedroom

Horny couple threesome with violet starr in the bedroom
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"Of Course you can hun, you can tell me anything." She unknowingly replies. So I just spit it all out it a rant that went something like this, "ok so basically, I don't know if you've realized this or anything but I really like you, like a lot, I've never felt so strongly about anyone before now and always find myself thinking of you, even when I'm writing my music.

There nothing about you I don't love and every moment I spend with you I cherish, and the one thing I've wanted for so long is to be your boy friend." She just sat in the seat, staring at her shoes and then turned to me and kissed me, my eyes widened because I never expected this, and she could tell I seemed shocked, so she backed up and just looked at me.

She opens the door to my car, grabs her bag and starts to walk to her front door, then she turn around with a confused look on her face and she pokes her head back into my car and ask, "well aren't you coming? we need to discuss this." I quickly shut my car off open my door and rush up beside her anxious as to why she wants to talk in her house, she leads me into her room and starts kissing me, this time since I was remembering my dream by now and all those emotions returned a passionate kiss back to her and we sat there for more then 15 minutes just expressing ourselves with our tongues.

Trying to re-enact my dream I for her left breast, and start caressing and her being in a shirt this time I cannot feel her nipples nearly as well but regardless Briana lee vip member show october th soon go for the other one once I established she wasn't going to stop me.

Soon I decide I want more and stop making love to her tongue and slowly start to lifting up her shirt and pull it over her head I then kiss her neck and start my way down to her now revealed cleavage and starting kissing each breast back and forth. The next thing I know her bra falls off and I look up to see that she has unhooked her bra, she lies back onto the bed and I start on her boobs, one in each hand and my mouth fully sucking on one and toughing the increasingly hard nipples, once she starts to moan a little a begin to let of and move down he stomach kissing all the while and spending some extra time around her naval area.

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Soon I get to her skirt and until the lace upfront and slide it of her legs, next I unroll the stocking off her legs and then kiss her bare right led all the way back up to her black thong. At this time my stomach does a flip, and I realize this is it, so start kissing all around her crotch lightly and this finally kiss her pussy through her thong to be treated to a sensation on wetness, I realize she's getting really wet and must bright orgasms for slutty mother id like to fuck want this, so I begin to slide of her thong and start getting to work, I first start sucking on her clit until I hear her breathing start to increase.

I stop, she looks up and gives me a glare, so I then stick two finger into her pussy to surprise her and she jolts, I pull them out and start tonguing her while using my fingers to rub her clit. I keep going until I feel her legs tighten around my head and the intensity of her breathing increases, so I once again stop. She stares me down and I start into her beautiful green eyes and give a little sly smile.

She then gets on her knees and reaches to me and pulls of my shirt, and then goes down to the button my jeans, the drop down and I step out of them.

My dick is already hard at this point and the head is sticking out of the slit in my boxers. She then pulls down my boxers and stares at my 7 inch penis, and a though hits me I don't have a condom!

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I mention this to her and she shrug's it of and goes, "I'm on the pill so it's cool" This just made me love her more cause she was so prepared all the time, so I learn her back and lie on top of her in the mercenary position and insert myself into her for the first time.

So I start slow knowing this is her first time to and at first she winces a little but eventually he wincing turns into pleasurable moans once again and I start thrusting faster and faster to I can almost no longer bear it, so I slow down trying to prolong it until I hear her start gasping, "im-a im-a gonna come&hellip." And as she trails off I feel her pelvic muscles tighten and she starts thrusting into me, and this is more then I can bear and we both start are orgasm's near the same time, and she yells, "Oh my god, oh my god yes scooooottttttt&hellip.!" while I just thrust irregularly while moaning loudly myself and releasing myself into her.

Eventually our throws end and I just roll over and star into her green eyes and smile, she then remembers her parents will be home teen pov blowjob and hard fucking with cum in mouth hard bdsm half an hour so she makes me get dress and walks me to my car and I feel the need to ask one last question. "So ummm like are we going out now?" Thats it for chapter 1 i hoped you liked please leave comments and let me know what you think, i might make more based on the feed back thnx