Petite teen megumi shino sucks cock in pov

Petite teen megumi shino sucks cock in pov
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***It takes a very long time to get to the sexy stuff.*** My name is Lye, short for Lyla. I'm about 5'5" and have long brunette hair with red highlights. It's looks like my hair is dark red but it's not. I have piercing blue eyes that look like the sky, except a couple shades darker. I have an average body, nothing special. For extra circulars, I'm a cheerleader.

But I also game pretty hard. I have a large variety of games ranging from Minecraft on the PC to Destiny on the Xbox One. Actually, gaming is how I met my two best friends, Rock and Asian whore fucked in a hotel room. They live in the same town and go to the same school.

They've been best friends since forever. Every time I was on, they were too. We played for hours at a time. Rock and J both played basketball and baseball. For basketball, they were point guard and shooting guard, and as for baseball. Pitcher and Catcher.

The dynamic duo they were called. They knew each other so well, and knew exactly what the other thought.

They were both starting varsity for both as freshman and have only lost 1 game in their careers. We are going to be seniors now. It was the summer before senior year and we were 26 hours into our 48 hour binge. My parents called me out of my room to the living room. "Hey guys. My parents want me real quick. I'll be right back." I said as I muted my mic and dropped my controller. I raced to the living room and sat on the couch. "What's up?" I said.

They both looked really serious. "You might want to have a seat." My mom said. "Who died?" I asked jokingly as I took a seat across from them. "We're moving." My dad said. "Where to?" I was trying to hide the fact that I was heartbroken. I would have to get new internet and make new friends and learn new teachers. I would have to try out for a new cheerleading squad.

"We're moving to a small town outside of Trenton. Princeton. Maybe you've heard of it." My mom said. I lit up when I heard that name. That's where Rock and J lived. I was excited. "That's like far." I said. "Should I start packing or?" "Yeah. It's an 8 hour drive, so charge your phone, and all electronics you want to bring. I would start packing. Our stuff leaves in about a week and we leave a few days after." My dad said. I bolted up to my room to tell Rock and J.

"Guys I'm back. Teamskeet compilation of teeny blondes getting fucked hard guess what?" I said panting. "What?" Rock said. His voice mom iam miss mia fit deeper making him seem older than he was. "I'm moving to Princeton." I exclaimed. "Yo for real? Shits bouta get mad hype." J said. "Dude shut up." Rock said jokingly back at J.

"Anyways. I have to go pack. I'll see you guys in a bout 2 weeks." I explained logging off. I started packing up as much as I could. I finished packing a few days later and still had a day to make sure everything was set. I went through my room again and made sure I had everything. I looked in all of my hiding spots. I made sure I had my "special box" that I kept hidden. I fell asleep early that night. I dreamt about how cool Rock and J are and how hot they probably were.

I woke up and it was time to pack the truck.

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Everything was packed up and ready to go. Right as we were about to send the truck off, my dad pulled me aside. "Hey kiddo. I know we're supposed to be going in a few days, but I made some arrangements and we can go today. I know it's sudden but, are you up for it?" He explained the details and I was more than ready. "That sounds good. Let me just grab my stuff." I ran inside and grabbed my bag. I checked to make sure I had everything. I had my phone, Gameboy, Nintendo 3DS, and attachment light.

The one thing j was missing was my box. I raced upstairs and looked for it. It turns out I left it in my closet. I grabbed the box and my bag and hopped in the car. 8 short hours later we arrived. I ran up to my new room and it was bigger than my old one. My bed was already in there as well as my dresser and several boxes of my stuff. I unpacked to the best of my ability. My parents told me I couldn't bring my desk so I had to go furniture shopping for a new one.

The next day we went and I found a really nice one. It was a glass corner desk. It had an attachment on the top for a lustful beauty performs rodeo hardcore and blowjob and a spot underneath that for my computer, Xbox, and play station.

I also found a really nice couch that I liked. I convinced my parents to buy me that too. I went back home and set everything up and hooked it all up to the Internet.

I logged on and got into a party with Rock and J. "Hey guys. I just moved in. Wanna hang out somewhere?" I asked. "Yeah that sounds great! Let me get changed." J dropped the mic. "We'll pick you up and show you around. What's your address?" Rock asked. "142 Willow Road." I said. "Alright. Be there in 15 minutes." He said. We all logged off. I used dry shampoo on my hair and fixed it up real quick. I put on some nice perfume.

The Victoria's Secret kind. I put on a black skater skirt and a cute sailor tank top. It was a really cute outfit. It was casual too. I slipped on my white converse and brushed my teeth.

I quickly threw my i came in your mom vvictoria valentino up into a pony tail. I applied a little eye liner and some mascara. I also threw on some cherry lip gloss because why not. I heard a horn and walked downstairs. "Hey guys. My friends are going to show me around.

I'll be back later." I said bye to my parents and headed out the door. I closed the door behind me and I turned and saw Rock and J leaning against a royal blue mustang convertible.

"Hey. I guess we haven't officially met. I'm Theo Rockwell." Rock held out his hand for me to shake. "And I'm James Hanson." I shook J's hand as well. "I'm Lyla Mathews." I said flashing them a shy smile. "So our plan." Rock said opening the car door. "Take you on a tour of town. Then to our favorite hang out spot when we're not online with you." "Sounds like a plan." I said climbing in the car. We all got in and they turned up the radio.

It was blasting out favorite music through the anal sex with phoneix marie girlfriend prositute cord. It had 90's pop, 00's pop, and today's pop hits. It was literally heaven. While we were driving around, I was focused on them. They were two of the best looking guys I have ever seen. They were both barely shy of 6 feet tall. They were both pretty built from sports. Rock had shorter hair but it was dirty blonde and had a wave to it.

His eyes were a dark brown. He had a perfect smile and his face was nicely shaped. J was slightly more attractive. His hair was a tiny bit longer than Rock's and was jet black. His eyes were also dark brown and his smile was almost as perfect as Rock's. I just found J more attractive than Rock.

A few minutes later we arrived at this place that looked really sketchy. It was a dirty brick building that looked like a rundown bar. "Here we are." J parked in a lot across the street. We walked over and there was a bouncer at the door. J and Rock showed their licenses and I had to show mine too. We were let in no problem. The place was packed. It was all teenagers. They led me to a booth in the corner.

"This is the only 17 and under club around here for hours, The Lucky Charmer." J explained. "We're both still 16 until October and December and then we'll be 17. So we have more time." A waitress came over and took our drink orders. They both got Cokes while I got a water. We spent a while talking and they told me a lot about themselves. They told me about how they met in kindergarten. They told me about baseball and basketball.

I told them about me too. I told them about my cheerleading and my new setup.

"Can we come check it out sometime?" Rock asked. "Yeah. But you'll have to wait until we get settled more and probably until the school year starts." I said sadly.

"Ok. Are you gonna try out for cheerleading?" J ava devine and brandi mae lick pussy. "I don't know. Maybe. Probably not." I said. "Why not?" He asked. "Because I need to focus on school and making friends first." I explained. "Well, what classes are you taking?" Rock asked.

"AP Calculus, British Lit, Psychology, Statistics." I thought there was eva notty sucking on his hard cock more.

"I'm taking psych and Brit lit." Rock said. "And I'm taking Calc." J said. "We can walk you to your classes.

Only if you want though." "That sounds great." I said as my phone went off. It was a text from my mom. *Be home by 1. Your friends can come over if it's too late for them.* The text read. "I have to be home by 1, but my mom said you guys could come over." I said with a slight confusion in my voice. "Sounds good." Rock said. "Hey Lye, wanna dance?" J said. "Sure, but I'm not that good." I said getting up and fixing my skirt.

"I got the bill this time, J." Rock said as we all got up. Rock walked over to the "bar" and paid for our drinks and nachos. Me and J were dancing for a while and I was getting tired. "Can I have a dance now?" Rock said. "Sure as long as J doesn't mind." I said flashing a smile. "You can take a turn bro but it's 12:00 and we need to have her home by 1." J said walking away. Me and Rock started dancing and next thing we knew it was 12:45.

"We have to go now." I said. "Alright let's go." Rock said. We found J and headed to the alysha laine lesbian anal fisted. "Would it be ok if we crashed at your house?

It's kind of late and I don't want to wake my parents." J asked. "Me either." Rock said. "I think that would be ok. But do you guys need to get clothes or something?" I asked. "Nah. We keep over night bags in the back in case we spend the night and the others house." Rock explained. We got to my house at 12:55. We went in the front door and my dad was asleep on the couch. There were boxes everywhere. "Dad." I shook him awake. "Dad, my friends are here and they are going to spend the night.

Go up to bed." He got up and went to bed. We followed shortly after and went to my room. It had an ensuite bathroom and we took turns getting changed. I got changed into a white tank top and black spandex. They put their stuff on the new couch I got and then they got changed. Rock got changed into a black tank top and red plaid pants. J got changed into plain green pants and didn't wear a shirt. He had a really nice body.

He had a full 6 pack and was really toned. Rock's arms were really toned as well. I showed them my setup and we played Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare until about 5:30 am.

My parents had to work so they were up early. My mom bust into my room as we were wrapping up. "Hey mom. We were just going to sleep." I said climbing into bed.

"Hi Mrs. Mathews. I'm Theo." he shook my mom's hand. "Hi, I'm James." J shook my mothers hand as well. "Don't try anything on my daughter. I'll know." She said shaking their hands. "MOM." I shouted embarrassed. She walked out and closed the door.

"I'm so sorry for her." "It's fine. Parents tend to not trust us." Rock explained. "I mean, 2 attractive guys, who wouldn't." J finished. "We're headed to the gym tomorrow, wanna come?" "Yeah. I need to go. I haven't been in a while." "Great. I'm heading to sleep, good night guys." Rock said slipping into a sleeping bag. We all fell asleep shortly after. I woke up a few hours later at 9:00. Rock and J were still sleeping.

I climbed out of bed quietly and slipped down to the kitchen. I looked for food and I found pancake mix. I looked for the stuff to make it. After about 30 minutes I had pancakes for me, J, and Rock. I cleaned up the mess and put everything away. I went upstairs and woke them up.

"Guys get up I made pancakes." I said shaking them awake. Rock woke up no problem and J just rolled onto his back and tried to go back to sleep. I noticed he had a small tent in his sleeping bag. I blushed a little and looked amateur girlfriend anal group sex with facial. "I'll meet you guys down stairs." I walked out the door and grabbed a couple pancakes. I sat and ate and they came into the room and grabbed some as well. We ate in silence.

"Do you guys need to go home before the gym?" I asked. "I want to shower, but I'll just use the showers there." Rock said. "I do as well." J said. "Well do you need clothes and stuff?" I asked. "Nah we'll just wear what we wore yesterday." J decided. "Whatever you say. I'm going to shower real quick. Don't leave with out me." I said putting my dish in the sink and ran upstairs. I hopped in the shower and washed up quickly.

I got out and wrapped a towel around myself. I walked into my room to grab clothes and Rock and J were in there cleaning up their stuff. "Oh god. We will be in the hall." J and Rock left quickly. I grabbed my clothes and ran into the bathroom.

"You guys can come back in." I shouted. I dressed quickly. I wore a pair of black leggings with some type of purple pattern down the sides and a dark gray racer back tank top. I threw my hair in a braid. I walked out and they had their stuff cleaned. "Ready to go?" J asked. "Yep lets go." I said. We went to J's car and flew to the gym. We had a really nice work out. I was tired after.

I threw some water on my face in the bathroom. I was about to leave when someone stopped me. "Hi, are you Lyla Mathews?" She asked. "Yes." I said trying to get out of there. "You're the cheerleader from Rhode Island, right?" She was very nosy.

"Yes." I said trying even harder to get out of there. She was really irritating me. "You should totally try out for our squad. Try outs are this Saturday at the high school. Hope to see you there." And like that she left. She poked her head back in. "By the way, I'm Annie." And then she was really gone.

I walked out really confused. I met up with J and Rock by the exit. "The weirdest thing just happened." I started to explain.

"Some girl just came up to me and told me to try out for the cheerleading squad." "Oh yeah?" Rock said. "Was it Annie?" J asked. "Yeah how did you know?" I asked. "You're all she talked about last year. How some girl from Rhode Island led her squad to a national victory as a sophomore." J explained.

"Maybe I will try out. Why not right?" I was thinking. "Sure. And that was you can still see us play too." Rock said jokingly. "Let's just go." I said. We walked out and they dropped me off at home. I got on Xbox and started playing Smite. J and Rock joined me a couple hours after. We played for a while. "Should we got for the 48 hour binge again?" Rock asked.

"Sure why not?" I said and J agreed. We talked and talked. Mostly about stupid stuff. Nothing of our usual though. None of our talk about our sex lives. It was weird for them I guess. Now that they met me. I had try outs the day after our binge.

We successfully finished the binge on Grand Theft Auto 5 and it was great.

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I did nothing but sleep after the binge I woke up bright and early the day of the tryout. Good thing though, school started the week after. I had a healthy breakfast then headed to the high school.

I was the fourth person to go. I did my basic routine that I had down perfectly. Just normal flips, handsprings and splits. Somehow it was really good and I made the team. I went home and started preparing for school. I got a call from J later. "Hey. We started fall baseball and we have a game tonight.

Are you coming?" He asked. "Yeah sounds good. Can you pick me up?" I asked. "Yeah I'll be there at 5:15." He said and hung up. J was a pitcher and Rock was his catcher. He didn't allow a single hit last year.

They won Nationals the past 2 years. They were going for a three-peat. J picked me up and we went to the game. It was a really good game. J threw 9 pitches in the first inning and struck all three batters out. It was amazing. J and Rock greeted me after the game.

"Nice job out there guys." I said. "Wanna get dinner?" "Yeah, let's go to the diner." Rock said. "Alright, ill take Lye. And we'll meet you there." J suggested. "Sounds good." Rock said walking away. As he walked away, someone came up erotic sweetie is gaping narrowed cunt in closeup and coming panties smooth J and me.

"Great game out there kid. Keep it up. I expect great." He stopped when he saw me. "Hi, I'm Tommy. I play center field and short stop." He stuck out his hand and I shook it. "I'm Lyla." I said giving that shy smile. "Lye, why dont you get in the car, I'll be in there in a minute." J said.

"Ok. It was nice meeting you." I said walking away. I could hear what J and Tommy were saying, but it was faint. "Where did you find that nice piece of ass?" Tommy asked. "She's a friend of me and Rock. She just moved here." J said. "Nice. I would totally tap urine babe leaks on her own table during her masturbation Tommy said. "Touch her, I'll kill you." J said getting angry. "Right. Anyways, great game." Tommy said laughing and walking away.

J got in the car and turned up the radio. "You ok?" I asked him. "Yeah I'm fine. He just makes me angry sometimes." J explained. I went to put my hand on his forearm and it was burning hot. "You're burning up. Maybe you should take the long sleeves off." I suggested. "No" he said quickly. He turned his head to me and his eyes were a gold color. "I'm fine." He said smiling at me.

We drove to the diner in silence. Rock was waiting for us and ordered our drinks. "What took you guys so long?" Rock said. "Tommy." J said. "Oh." Rock said. "What did he want?" "I'll tell you later." J said. We ordered our food and talked about the game. I didn't really know baseball but I can hold a conversation about it. Rock had rolled up his sleeves mid conversation, but there was something on his arm that wasn't there when he slept over.

I couldn't get a good look at it because J spilt his water. "Rock can you go grab some paper towels? I can't get out exclusive –mommy got huge natural tits the booth." J said. I was sitting on the outside next to J. We cleaned up the mess and ate our food. "You guys wanna come play games at my house?" Rock said while we were waiting for the check. "Then you guys can sleep over?" "Sure" I said. "J I'm gonna assume you're a yes." "You know it." He said excitedly.

"I got the check. I'll meet you guys at Rock's" Rock and I got up and headed to his car. We got in and the thing on his arm was gone. "What was on your arm?" I asked. "What do you mean?" He asked. "There was a black thing on your arm before J spilt his water?" I explained.

"What are you talking about? Did Tommy give you something?" He said jokingly. "Maybe my eyes are playing tricks from all the gaming." I said. "Probably. You should also wear your glasses more often if you're gonna keep gaming like that." He said. We started to drive towards his house.

"I hate my glasses though. They make me uglier." I said embarrassed. "Don't worry. Nothing can make you uglier." He said jokingly. I jokingly punched him in the arm. We got to his house and his room was like a mini apartment. He had a room that looked like it could be a living room and then a bedroom with a walk in closet and the "living room" had a bathroom like mine. His "living room" had a 3 seater couch followed by a 2 seater couch.

He had a 50" TV with Xbox One, PS4, and a GameCube. It also had a desk in the corner with a laptop and 2 computers. "This is a sick set up." I said in awe.

"Thanks, it keeps getting better every year." Rock said. "Birthday presents and Christmas presents." "Lucky. Xxx techars fuking student big boobs birthday is in June so I get like nothing." I sat on the couch.

Rock sat next to me. We turned on the Xbox and started to play Happy Wars for a bit. His phone went off. *Hey, ran into Tommy. Be a there a little longer than expected.* "Damn.

Tommy ran into J again. He'll be here later." Rock said. "Aww. Can we play Madden? I'm feeling a nice victory today." I said. Rock laughed. "Not today.

Do you just wanna watch a movie until he gets here?" He suggested. "Sure just not a stupid romantic comedy." I said jokingly.

He put on a scary movie and I swear by the end I was on his lap. I get scared easily.

He checked his phone again. *Hey, I'm not gonna make it. My arm hurts. I need to go him and take care of it.* "Damn, J isn't coming. His arm hurts." Rock told me. "Awwww is he ok?" I asked. "Yeah, he just needs to ice it." Rock said. It got really quiet for a moment. I noticed and gold ring around his iris like J's when his arm was hot. They were hiding something. He looked super sexy in the light from the TV. He was the galician night 11 real voyeur sex at my eyes.

I leaned in to kiss him and he did the same. His lips were warm and soft against mine. After a few seconds, he pulled away. "We shouldn't have done that." I said. I moved over on the couch. He moved back over. "And whys that?" He said getting closer. "Because what if J finds out." I said.

"Oh well." His face was right up next to mine. His eyes were golden now. He smelt like Old Spice and water. I started backing away. I was running out of couch to move to. Next thing I knew he was on top of me. "I don't want to do this." I said.He put his hand on my next and pinned me down.

I started to gasp for air. "I've waited too long for this. I'm not waiting anymore." He took his shirt off. Then he let go of my neck to remove my shirt. "Don't bother screaming, the walls are sound proof." He took off his pants and then mine.

I started to cry. "I thought you were different." I said. "I am different." Rock said. "I thought you wanted more than hollywood xx movie in ebony dubbed I said between sobs.

"All I want is sex, all the time." He said. He started to take off his boxers and reveal his erect 8" cock. It was the first cock I've seen and I really wish it wasn't like this.

Rock slowly started to grab at the wait of my panties and I tried to get away. He grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back. "Nice try. I'm going to do this and you're going to like it." He said. All of a sudden the door bust open and J pushes Rock off of me. "Lye, go home. I'll see you tomorrow." J said through his teeth. I ran as fast as I could home. "What the fuck man?" J said closing the door after I left.

"I can't take this anymore." Rock said. "How the hell did we get like this?" "That damn dog we ran into. Remember you decided to pet it, and now we're both fucked." J screamed. "She asked about the marks. I told her she was crazy." Rock said. "We need to tell her." J said. "We can't put her in danger like that. I know she's your mate and all but we can't." Rock said. "After you almost raped her tonight I think she deserves to know." J said smugly.

"Fine. We will go in the morning." Rock said. "Go to sleep." J said. "Ill see you tomaro at 8." He walked out. I son witness how mom desi foxx takes two bbcs home as fast as I could. I got dressed right outside the room. I sprinted home and went up to my room.

I got my box out of my closet. It has a thing of birth control in it to take when I think I'm getting serious with someone. After tonight, it was a good time to start. The box also has condoms in it that I will carry from now on. Also a fake id to keep getting my birth control.

I took the pill and went to sleep. I woke up to knocking on my door. I answered the door and saw Rock and J. I tried to close the door but J held it open. "Wait, we need to talk." Rock said. "I have nothing to say." I said and tried harder to close the door. "Then let us talk." J said. I stopped trying to close the door. I walked over to the couch and sat down.

"We brought food." Rock said. "What do you want? You said you wanted to talk." I said. "5 years ago, we were walking through the woods behind my house. There was this dog." J started. "I thought it would be a good idea to follow and pet it." Rock continued. "So we did and it bit us and now when we get angry, we get these marks on our arms and our eyes turn gold." J kept going. "In short, were werewolves." Rock said.

I laughed. "You have got to be kidding me. You expect me to believe that." I said laughing. Rock stood up and stomped his foot. "Calm down Rock. See neither of us has ever gotten angry enough to go full wolf. Though I should have last night." J said. Rock was still standing. He showed me the inside of his arm. The black mark started showing and my jaw just dropped. "Why did you guys tell me this?" I asked. Rock sat down and calmed down. "To see if it would help excuse my behavior from last night." Rock said sadly.

"To break the curse, we need to have sex with our mate. We don't know who they are though. And that is the problem." J said. I just looked. I was stunned. What the hell were they telling me? How the hell am I still a living entity after this news? "Are you ok?" "She doesn't look to good." Rock said. "Get her some water." "I don't feel too good." I said. "Get her a bowl too." Rock shouted to J from the other room. "Let me get this straight.

You guys are werewolves, and you need to have sex with your mate to break the curse. So you just sleep with any girl to find your mate?" I was so confused. "No, we can feel if our mate it close, but when we're really close our mark starts to get really warm." Rock said. "But we don't know exactly who they are." I thought back to when I first met Tommy. J was defensive of me and his arm got hot. And when we went to the diner, the mark on Rock's arm started to show because of Tommy.

Tommy seems to really piss them off. " I your mate?" I asked. "We think so." He said quietly. "When did you guys figure that out?" I asked. "Last night, when I saved you from dumbass over here, I was at my house and I felt that you were in trouble." J said. japanese beautiful babe gets a hard fuck is a lot to process." I said.

"We know. But if you still want to be friends, we have a game tonight, come to the game." Rock said. He got up and headed to the door. "I'm sorry." J said and got up and followed Rock out the door. I couldn't get my thoughts straight.

My best friends were werewolves. I had to have sex with one of them to save him from being a werewolf. And the other one tried to rape me. I showered and made food. I do still want to be their friend but I don't know if I can handle it. Next thing I knew it was time to go to the game. I got changed and went to the game. Yet another win by the dynamic duo. They came up to me after the game. "I'm glad you came." J said. "You look better." Rock said.

"I really do want to be your friend, but I don't know if I can deal with the whole werewolf thing." I said looking down. "Well, there's something we never told you, if we don't break the curse by the age of 18, we will be stuck in wolf form forever." Rock said. "Hey babe, nice to see you again." Tommy came up from behind me and grabbed my butt.

"Tommy, now is not a good time." J said. His eyes were starting to turn gold. "Why not? Why don't you come with a real man babe?" Tommy said. "Tommy, I suggest leaving now. If she wants to go with you she will come after our conversation." J said.

His eyes were almost full gold. "I think I want to go with him now." I said. I turned and went with Tommy as he turned and gave a sly grin to Rock and J. "Lye!" J yelled after me. We got into Tommy's truck and he put his hand on my inner thigh and we started driving. My phone went off. *Tommy knows about us and if our mate dies, we die. Be careful.* "Who was that?" Tommy said.

"It was blaked school girl new red tuv 2019 mom. She wanted to know what times I'll be home." I lied. He started to rub my inner thigh.

Next thing I knew, we were driving on the wrong side of the road. A car hit us head on. I woke up in a hospital. I don't know how long it was after the accident. The only ones I saw were my parents sleeping and Rock. "Where's J?" I asked. Rock got up and held my hand. "He's with Tommy. He barely survived. They had to resuscitate him on scene several times.

J is going to kill him." Rock said. "Am I gonna be ok?" I asked. "Yeah. Two weeks in here and you'll be set to go. Your gonna miss a bit of school but me and J are here to help." He comforted me.

After two miserable weeks in the hospital, I was set to go home. I didn't have any major injuries, just a concussion and a swollen spleen. I was good as new. My parents kept me home another week after I was released and they sent Rock and J to check on me. "Hey guys." I said. "How are you feeling?" J asked.

"I'm fine." I said. "Good we can't have you dying on us." Rock said. "Hey Rock, can I have a moment with J please?" I asked. "Sure." He walked out and closed the door. "I'm sorry. I should have listened to you about Tommy. I'm sorry I almost killed you." I said starting to cry. "It's ok. But we don't have to worry about Tommy anymore." He said.

"You actually did it, huh?" I asked. "He almost destroyed us. Yes." He said. "I think I owe you something." I said. "Why?" He said. "Just come here." I said. He came closer and I kissed him. His lips were much softer than Rock's and felt much more like home.

"Thank you." He said when I pulled away. Shortly after him and Rock left. I was finally out of bed and back to school. Everything way back to normal and I was able to hang out with Rock and J again. It was a Friday night in October. It was the Friday after J's birthday. I wasn't able to check my phone until after the football game that night.

*1 text message* *You look cute in that uniform. Rock went to Lucky Charmers, wanna hang out?* I looked up into the parking lot and saw J's convertible. I walked over to it. I got in the passenger side door. "Let's go." I said. We went back to my house. My dad had some work dinner to go to with my mom and they wouldn't be back until later.

We went up to my room and he sat on my bed. I climbed up on his lap and kissed him. His lips felt more like home every time our lips connected. His tongue tried to make its way into my mouth.

I let his tongue wrestle with mine for a while. Then I took off my coat and he took off his. Our tongues continued to wrestle for a while longer. I stopped to take off my top and then his. We fell back onto the bed and he rolled on top of me.

His hands started to travel up and down my sides, gently grazing my tits each time they passed. He started to undo his pants and I slipped my skirt off and threw it aside. He started to tease my pussy over my panties. His fingers running over and around my slit. Eventually I let out a moan and he removed the panties. His slid one finger in and began to finger fuck me. It was so pleasurable. I started to moan a little louder. He took off his boxers and his 7" cock stood tall.

He slowly slid his finger out and guided his member towards my waiting pussy. He slid it in very slowly and when he was all the way in he waited a second for me to adjust.

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I nodded to let him know it was ok to continue and he slowly started thrusting in and out. I started to moan louder than before and I had to bury my face in his shoulder to muffle the noises. I started to dig my nails into his back and I was moaning like crazy. He started to pick up speed and thrust harder.

It sent me over the edge. "I''m going to.cum!" I moaned. I felt every muscle in my body twitch and I screamed as I released all my juices onto his still erect cock. He kept pumping in and out until he came not long after. He slowly pulled out. He kissed me passionately, before he pulled away.

"Ahhhhh.ouuuccchh" he started screaming. He was in a lot of pain. His arm got really hot and the mark turned black. After a few minutes he got up and the mark was permanently on bicol university scandal high school arm. "How are you feeling?" I asked. "I'm fucking pissed that I still have this fucking mark.

It was supposed to go away." He said. "Look at me." I said. I looked at his eyes and they were the dark brown color I fell in love with. "You're eyes aren't gold. You're ok. It just looks like a tattoo." We got dressed and went to Lucky Charmers. We couldn't find Rock so we just danced all night. The next day we called Rock and he told us to come over. "You ok?" J said. "It sounded urgent." I said.

"The mark is permanently there. I'm stuck a werewolf forever." Rock said freaking out. He started to pace back and forth in his boxers. "Did you have sex with someone you thought was your mate?" I asked. "Yeah." He said.

We laughed. "I thought the same thing. Your fine it's a tattoo." J said laughing at him. "You mean, I don't have to worry about going wolf anymore." He said confused.

"Yes reality kings anal sheena shaw I said. "In that case, you guys wanna play Black Ops 3? I got a pre release version." He said throwing on a shirt.

We all sat and played Xbox for the rest of the day.