Hot milf goes wild in a pov video

Hot milf goes wild in a pov video
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Being 14-years-old and beginning to develop titties created many opportunities for Amy to have guys look over her young body and in some cases even create humiliating "boners" in their pants at the same time. She had become an enthusiastic "cock" enthusiast on the Internet and continued on a daily basis to learn everything she could about this fascinating tool found inside boys' pants. Using Google searches, she learned how to visit sites that showed boys and men with huge cocks, shooting ropes of cum everywhere.

. which she saved pictures of, on a flash drive that she received for a recent birthday and hung around her neck like a necklace. After weeks of sitting in front of the computer buck naked, with her fingers in a frenzy. . manipulating her pussy and apple-sized titties. . being the voyeur that she had learned to be.


it was time to branch out and get some real pictures of her own friends or school mates. The craving began a few years earlier when she began watching the lump in boy's bathing suits before and after they went swimming. With younger boys, it was just a tiny protrusion that didn't cause much interest.

But teenage boys and young men's visible appendages are really what got her sexual desires to flow and lead to her current behavior.

From roughly 3:00 until 4:30 every day, she had free rein of the computer in her house since her parents worked and her twin brother was usually at practice. She learned how to cover her tracks by deleting all traces of her obsessive behavior online. It was Friday afternoon and Lily had promised to come over with something special. When she heard someone at the door, she quickly pulled up her shorts, sans panties of course, and pulled down her tight fitting Lycra top over her small breasts and raced to the door.

When she opened it up, her friend had a big smile on her face. "You won't believe it! I took some great shots of my dad and brother. . both naked!" said Lilly holding up her pink phone. "Awesome. . let's take it in the den and upload it to the computer," said Amy wild with excitement.

A few minutes later, the two girls were sitting next to each other examining the pictures. "Wow! Your Daddy's got a big one doesn't he?" said Amy looking at Lilly's dad's picture taken from an angle when he was in the shower and she was lucky to snap the picture that showed him inside the clear glass of shower stall. "Uh huh. . he's always devon anal is the best medicine around the house in his boxers and stuff.

Lately he likes for me to give him a neck massage and his wiener gets all hard while I'm doing it! He tries to hide it, but I know he gets all excited. Last night I kinda leaned forward and let my boobies touch the back of his head and I thought his cock was gonna rip right through his shorts!" Both girls began to crack up laughing.

"Pretty soon, these titties are gonna get you in trouble," said Amy as she playfully reached over and tweaked her friend's breast with her fingers. "Look who's talking," said Lilly as she returned the favor with a courtesy pinch of her own, noting that Amy 's stiff nipples were now fully displayed on the front of the girls lycra top. For the next couple of minutes, the girls began to fondle, touch and pinch each other's breasts, squealing and giggling until they almost fell off their chairs.

"ENOUGH!" said Amy, "Let's check out Mike's COCK yesterday!" she said, slipping her hands from under Lilly 's top and clicking the mouse. Instantly the girl's brother's image appeared, and much to Amy 's delight, he was holding his cock and obviously masturbating while looking at some porn on his own computer. "This is great! I can't believe you were able to get this without him knowing," she said, her juices beginning to flow in between her legs.

"I made a peep hole in between our rooms and my new camera phone lets me zoom in. Look at the next one!" said Lilly proudly. Amy advanced the picture once again and somehow she had snapped the picture when Mike's cock had begun to shoot a thick rope of cum up into the air. Almost like a mad scientist, she zoomed in on the image further and closely examined a continuous stream of hot semen leaving the pink tip of the boy's cock and almost hitting him in the chin.

"WOW! That is too much. He must have been really horny to make it shoot like that. We gotta get more pictures of boys we know jacking off! What do you think about getting some of our friends to take pictures of Big COCKS for us?" "I like it. . but we gotta be careful. We could get in trouble doing this. . but it sure makes me horny thinking about it. How about Emma and Tammy? They both have boyfriends in high school. . even though their parents don't know it." "I was thinking of them.

. and I could probably talk my brother into posing for us as well. Think there is any chance you could take a picture of your Daddy with his cock sticking out of his boxers when you give him another massage?" "You are soooo naughty.

. but it's worth a try. How about if we get some guys to come over here after school and show us their cocks? I know a couple who would do almost anything to see my titties. "How about my brother. . in about 10 minutes. . since my parents aren't going to be home until late tonight". "What?" said Lilly. "He's always been hot for you. . and maybe we could pretend it was some project or something." "Mike IS kinda cute," she said considering what her friend had said, "alright.

. small tits client aruna aghora pounded by her nasty masseur. I'm game. Who knows. . maybe he would even do it without me showing him my little boobs." "But it would be a lot "hotter" if maybe I could be the photographer and tell you guys what to do!" "Alright.

. but after we finish, I want to go upstairs and get each other off like we did when I stayed over before!" said Lilly. "Just what I was thinking! Let's quickly get all washed up and let me loan you a couple of naughty things to wear to get him all HARD." The girls literally ran to get ready. Minutes later, Mike came in the back door and immediately noticed his sister and her best friend. "Hi Mike. .

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. could you go catch a shower. . and then hurry back. Lilly and I need a favor. "I. . guess so," he said noticing Lilly in his sister's Lycra top and shorts. Although she was the same age as him, he always thought she was a "hot" girl. As he walked past, he noticed she wasn't wearing a bra, and her stiff nipples were visible against the shiny top.

The girls heard him run up the steps and minutes later the shower was running. He was tempted to jack-off as he fanaticized about Lilly, but elected to just quickly wash his body and hair and rejoin the girl's downstairs. About ten minutes later, he entered the kitchen and noticed they had moved. "Amy! Where are you guys?" he yelled. "In here waiting for you," said Lilly, winking at his sister.

With a comment like that, Mike raced into amateur babe pawns her pussy and pounded by pawn dude den.

"All squeaky clean and ready," he said as he entered the room. He had put on a pair of white athletic shorts and a tank top, leaving his shoes and socks upstairs. The girls looked him over with an approving glance as they joined him on the couch. . one on either side. "So what's up?" he asked. "One of the new teachers I have. . has given us permission to do an extra credit project. . but we need a boy model. . to help us out." "Really?" he asked somewhat suspiciously.

"Uh, huh. We need to explain what makes a boy's penis get excited and all HARD . . and need like before and after pictures," said Lilly as she glanced down at Martin's crotch wondering if his boner might begin to grow hearing what they were proposing. "You want to take pictures of my c-c-c-ock. . I mean penis?" he said naively. "I would love to take pictures of your COCK, for our project. . I mean we have seen each other all naked before anyways," teased Amy now staring at the rising erection up against his shorts.

Mike cursed himself for not wearing any briefs after taking his shower, as he uncomfortably shifted back and forth attempting to not show his erection to the girls. "Soooooo, can you help us out?" asked Lilly, deliberately moving her shoulders back, allowing her little titties to push up against her revealing top. "Maybe. But won't everyone know it's me?" he asked. "We only need to show your cock. . penis. . whatever, and that way no one should know." "I guess it would be okay," he said now staring at Lilly who was doing her best to display her young body to him.

"Great!" said Amy locating her phone in a nearby drawer. Lilly and Mike watched her turn on the device and move to that app. "Lilly and me talked about a few shots we want to take, but do you think you can get rid of that boner in your pants?" she asked mischievously. Mike turned scarlet and almost on cue lost his erection. "This is kind of kinky sis.

Do you want me to just pull down my shorts and then you take a picture?" "That's fine," she said with little enthusiasm, pretending to fulfill the stated assignment.

"Lilly, why don't you look away for now." "No problem," said the aroused girl turning her back to the boy.

Amy looked into the viewfinder and watched her brother slowly pull down his shorts. A few tuffs of pubic hair appeared and then his shaft began to be displayed.

Amy unconsciously began to snap pictures as the shorts moved past his waist and down to his knees. "This is kinda embarrassing," he said letting go of the garment and standing straight up. Amy continued to snap pictures. "Damn girl. . don't you have enough?" he asked. Lilly had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing.

She knew how obsessed her best friend was about "cocks" and imagined her tight little pussy was leaking just as fast as she was taking pictures. "I just want to have a few choices.

Now. . let's move on to the next step. What gets you all horny? What might make that cock of yours get big again?" she asked.

"That's private!" he responded, his shaft now shrinking even more. "Aw come on Mike. We need to know," said Lilly turning around and examining his flaccid organ. "I've had enough. You guys are making fun of me!" he said beginning to pull up his shorts. "No wait! What if I have Lilly do some things that might make you HARD again," said Amy. "Like what?" he asked suspiciously.

"Well. . what if I had her kiss you," she asked looking at her friend. Mike wasn't ready for her suggestion. He knew his cock would quickly rise to attention if that took place.

. but he elected to play it off. "That might work," he said now looking at the girl and imagining what it would be like to kiss her. "Alright. . ACTION! Lilly come on over and kiss Mike on his lips," she said looking back in the viewfinder and zooming in on her brother's cock. Lilly moved over in front of the boy, placed her hand behind his head and slowly kissed him.

Never being this close to an almost naked boy before, this was just as arousing to Lilly as it was to him. Amy shifted sideways slightly to capture his growing cock that had leapt a few inches. After a few seconds, Lilly moved to his side and the couple looked up at Amy.

"That seemed to work pretty well," said Amy. "Tell you what. . I know as we go on, your shorts and shirt will get in the way. . so Lilly, why don't you take Mike's clothes off for him." Before the boy could object, Lilly began to lift his tank top over his head and then tossed the shirt onto the couch.

Immediately his cock sprang forward and upward, since he was now almost totally naked in front of the girls. Next, Lilly knelt down in front of the 14-year-old boy, grasped the sides of his shorts and slowly began to pull them down to his ankles and then lifting one of his feet. . had the boy kick out of them.

Throughout this, Amy continued to take pictures. She was now looking at a 6" fully erect cock (big for his age she thought) that was now aiming up towards the ceiling. "Very nice!" said Amy, licking her lips. From the angle she was at, her friend's face was directly across from her brother's erect cock.

"You've been looking at Lilly s titties, haven't you?" she teased. "Uh huh," he said blushing and looking down at Lilly still kneeling in front of his cock. "Let's see if your cock gets any bigger, if you touch her titties," she said. "Alright," said the nervous boy as he moved his hand down past the kneeling girls' shoulders and then tentatively onto to the small mounds that were vividly displayed on the front of the Lycra top.

Lilly shuddered with excitement as she looked down and watched the boy fondle her breasts. He gently rubbed his fingers around her stiff nipples, causing them both to sigh with excitement.

He had never felt up a girl before and continued to cup, manipulate and even pinch her titties. "Is his cock any bigger?" asked Amy continuing to take lewd pictures as her brother continued to "feel up" her friend. "Uh. . I think so. . he sure seems to like what he is doing," she said naughtily.

"But I think he needs more practice." "Take off your top and let him touch your bare titties in the flesh. That might give him more experience," said Amy. Mike immediately stopped touching her breasts, not believing what his sister was suggesting.

Almost in a dream he looked down at a smiling girl and watched her pull the fabric out of her shorts and very suggestively begin to pull her top up over her head. Mike could not believe what was happening as the Lycra fabric left her head and was tossed onto the carpet.

"Feel my titties, with BOTH your hands," she begged reaching up and gently moving his hands down past her face and shoulders and then back onto her aching apple shaped cones. Immediately he found her nipples and began to tweak them with his thumbs and fingers.

Their rigid tuber-like buds reminded him of the hard-on he was experiencing at the same time. "I love that. . pinch them for me," she said. Needless to say Amy continued to snap pictures as she watched her brother fondle and manipulate her friend's breasts.

He loved the sensation of her stiff nipples rolling between his fingers. As he leaned over to effectively cup both breasts as she had instructed. . his now fully rigid cock was dangling right in front of her face.

The girl had never seen a cock this close before. . and marveled at the dark purple mushroom tip and the long pink shaft. She was especially excited to watch his balls pull close to his body, remembering from health class that this took place just prior to a boy shooting his load.

She deliberately moved her titties forward, loving the attention they were receiving from the boys sweating hands. "Excellent!" coached Amy. "Let's try one more thing you two. To make this look extra special. . let's get Mike's cock all wet with your saliva Lilly." "WHAT?" gasped the girl as she continued to examine the 6" cock in front of her fanaticizing about what her friend was suggesting. "Yes, you heard me right. . gently cup his balls and LICK HIS COCK so that it is all shiny.

He will LOVE it!" she shrieked. As she was saying this, she moved onto the floor next to her friend so that she could carefully capture what was about to happen. Lilly playfully stuck out her tongue but then cautiously moved her hand up the inside of the boy's legs until she was slowly manipulating his balls in between her fingers.

The boys cock bolted upwards, causing the pre-cum tip to graze her moist lips. Without thinking, Lilly began at the base of his cock, within an inch of her fingers and using a lollipop gesture, proceeded to lick the total distance of his cock. The boy began to moan in pleasure as Lilly continued to slurp up and down his shaft, two, three four times making it all slippery with her saliva. "I can't last much longer, sis!" he whined, knowing his cum was about to shoot out of the tip of his shaft.

This encouraged Lilly as she deliberately wiggled her slippery tongue back and forth under the tip of his cock, bringing the boy to the edge of climax.

Suddenly Amy moved behind her friend, and still snapping pictures, slipped her moist hand into the front of her friends shorts and wildly searched for the intersection between her legs.

As Lilly continued to bath Mike's cock with her tongue, she felt her friend's finger locate her clit and begin to wildly rub. "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. . yessssssss. . ." she moaned, moving her tongue away from the boy's cock momentarily. "Rub my pussy!" she said as she felt her friend satisfy her fantasy. Amy leaned fetish babes get spunked hardcore and blowjob and whispered into her ear: "Now SUCK HIS COCK!!!!!!" she demanded. Suddenly Mike felt Hollie's lips part and slowly swallow his sexy legal age teenager sweetie gives a ride hardcore and blowjob into her mouth.

Not knowing exactly what to do. . she pursed her lips together and began to move her head up and down. It only took a few seconds and soon his hips were bucking back and forth and his shaft was literally fucking the young girl's mouth. Shot after shot of hot cum began to belch forward filling up her mouth.

She pulled her head back slightly for some relief and soon her face was being smeared by constant ropes of cum. Amy moved over slightly and captured the entire erotic episode on the camera. Her brother obviously had not brought himself off lately. . because minutes later, he was still holding his cock and masturbating his juices all over the topless teen. Soon Lilly and Amy were laughing. . not believing the amount of cum that was being generated from the 14-year-olds loins.

Setting down her camera, Amy decided it was her turn to suck some cock. . so she grasped her brother's organ at the base and began to milk the remaining juices into her hungry mouth. Lilly, despite being covered with a layer of sperm, began to catalog the first of many fake agent shy british blonde amber deen sucks big cock tube porn fests that would take place between brother and sister. It's time for Lilly to walk home.

. to a naughty adventure she had never expected. Episode #2 Lilly left Amy 's house with lewd memories of her brother's big cock shooting off in her mouth and all over her body.

. almost like the spray of a fire hydrant. She now had a mission and that was to see if she could get her dad to expose himself and with luck snap a few pictures for Amy 's collection. In exchange, her best friend promised that she would hook her up again with her brother. . chocolate babe jezebel gives head through glory hole interracial and pornstars. especially if the pictures were revealing enough.

It was Friday night and she knew her Dad liked to get drunk since her mom was in a bowling league every week on that day. If she played her cards right, this might be the perfect opportunity for some pics. As she started up her front steps, she noticed her brother Terry was home. As she entered the house she winked at him and continued towards her bedroom.

"Hold on sis. You got some explaining to do!" he said somewhat annoyed. "Well follow me into my room and we can talk there," she said. She passed the den and noticed her Dad was watching the Reds play baseball, and he had a 12 pack out and had already finished the devils gang bang lisa ann vs chanel preston of it.

She poked her nose in and said: "Hi Daddy! Maybe later I can give you a neck massage? I know you had a hard week." "Sounds good to me baby.

. see you in a bit." She was conscious of her brother right behind her and began to be curious about what he wanted. After he entered her room, she shut the door. He sat down in a chair opposite her bed. "I found your spy hole. . you little pervert! Have you been getting off watching me? Probably naked, right?" he said accusingly. This caught 14-year-old Lilly by surprise and she immediately turned all red!

There was an uneasy silence as Terry's question remained in the air. "I have never lied to you. . and yes I was.

. hot huge boob brunette slut jackie cruz strips ampampamp plays with pussy about boys and stuff. . and that's why I made it," she said somewhat stuttering. "Well, I'm curious about girls too. . but I haven't carved a hole in my wall to check YOU out!" he said in an annoying fashion. "I am sorry Terry. . really I am. I'll make it up to you.

. I promise." "I know you will. So show me the pictures. I saw the flash go off through the hole you made." Lilly looked horrified. "I can't do that. . it would be too embarrassing!" she said. "Well how about if we go in and see Dad. . and he makes you show HIM all the pictures instead?

He'll also probably take away your camera too," said Terry walking towards the door. "No please! I would get in trouble and definitely grounded!" she pleaded.

"I know. . you should have thought about that ahead of time, Miss Hot Pants. Give me your damn phone!" he said holding out his hand. "Terry. . there are OTHER pictures. . on it too. Not of you. But. . please don't think I'm a slut or anything. Me and Amy just like to. . ." but she caught herself. "Like to look at boy's cocks. . Am I right?" he asked. Terry began to get aroused as he watched his sister shake her head up and down.

Now he had control of her . . and could not wait to see the pictures. "Phone?" he said holding out his hand. Lilly fumbled in her purse and took out her pink camera phone. Terry went to the display and began looking at her pictures. "Shit!

Dad in the shower. . he's gonna be mad. And then him with a boner in his shorts? Shoot Sis. You are one horny little bitch aren't you?" Next he looked at himself pounding off and finally shooting his load. His cock had begun to grow and he thought about adjusting it and hiding it from his sister, but decided why worry? She already knew what his long cock looked like.

The next series of pictures were the money photos though, taken earlier in the day. Seeing his sister's bare titties, and then watching her lick and suck someone's cock.

. and then her best friend sucking on the same cock. . it was more erotic than any of the magazines he had hidden in his room. He couldn't wait to have Amy as his second little sex slave. Her titties were bigger than her sisters!

"Well sis. . you are now going to be my little slave, aren't you? And you better not EVER refuse any of my horny requests, which will be coming REAL soon. I'll be right back. I am going to upload these pics to my computer as an insurance policy," he said and then abruptly stood up and left the room. When the door opened, she heard her Dad yelling at the TV, and realized he was already slurring his words and obviously on his way to becoming drunk. Lilly should have been very upset, especially now that her brother had proof of what she had been doing, but deep down inside, she was kinda excited her brother knew about her cock fascination.

. and wondered whether this might work to her advantage. .

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especially in terms of getting more pictures. A few minutes later, Terry returned with her phone. "I uploaded and then cleared your camera phone of all the pictures!" he said handing it to her. "Nooooo. . that isn't fair!" she protested. "Oh yes it is. From now on. . if you want to see your naughty pictures. . you must do it in my room. . NAKED!" "What?" she protested.

. but secretly thought that might be fun. She stepmom gives a breast exam to stepteen she didn't have much of a body yet.

. but being naked in front of Terry might be fun. . especially if he made her do stuff to him or better yet if he did stuff to her. Little did she know her lewd thoughts would merely foreshadow what was about to happen. "Uh huh. . and we are going to start right NOW! Take off ALL your clothes, put on that thin little pink summer robe you like to trapes around in around the house and meet me in my room WITH your phone.

Don't worry about Dad. He's getting all boozed up. We'll deal with him a little later." Without waiting for her response, he left the room and walked down the hall to his own room. This was going to be great! He'd wanted to see his girlfriend naked. . and seeing Lilly would merely be a neat little tune-up.

He knew he'd get Lilly to do all sorts of stuff to him and maybe even his friends. In fact, he would start his own picture collection. As he racy and wild wet crack drilling pornstar and hardcore his room, he stripped off all of his clothes and put on his terry cloth robe.

His cock was so aroused, it was difficult to tie the strap in the front and modestly hide his arousal. He sat on a chair next to his computer, leaving the computer chair empty. He heard a soft knock and told Lilly to come in. Without any underclothes on at all, her developing body was almost transparent in the robe he had requested that she wear.

Her titties were displayed against the thin fabric. . and he noticed her stiff nipples were poking out the front of the garment. She a backseat undressing leads to some erection issues also carrying her cell phone.

"Sit down sis. These pics look a whole lot better on a 21" monitor. Go ahead and click on the file at the bottom of the screen," he said. Hollie looked up at him since he had stood up after she sat down. The growing lump inside his robe fiercely poked out the front of the fabric. She turned back, grasped the mouse and clicked. Instantly HER image was on the screen, kneeling in front of Amy 's brother's cock.

Her bare little titties were covered with his sperm and a long stream of cum was shooting directly into her open mouth. Seeing the image this size was truly a turn-on for her.

Her pussy began to leak as she more closely examined the image. "Got to admit it girl. . that is one fucking HOT picture. I won't embarrass you by asking whose cock you were SUCKING. . but it's time to make some more little movies and pictures for your collection. Give me your camera and combined with mine.

. we're gonna have some fun taking pictures of each other. First of all. . let me connect the interface with my computer so that you can see what I am shooting." Lilly watched the screen go black and then a shaky image of his bedroom appear on the screen.

. and then finally a full shot of her sitting in front of the computer. "That is awesome that you can do that Terry!" she said pulling her shoulders back and straightening up in the chair.

She noticed her stiff nipples were giving her excitement away as her brother zoomed in on her chest and then just on her small breast. "Here's how things are going to work. I will be the movie director and you will do exactly what I ask. . got it?" he said. "Please make sure Daddy and mom don't find out!" she said looking at the door. "Not a chance. . and to make sure, let me put on the lock," he said walking over to the door and turning the button. Lilly watched him but then was surprised that on his return trip, he had allowed his cock to poke through the space in between the sides of the robe and she noticed the dark purple head on top of his long shaft dangling in front of him.

"You're getting me very horny sis. . so let's get started," he said clicking a button on the phone and suddenly a red light turned on and she knew he was making a short clip. "How come your nipples are all hard?" he asked. "Maybe because you are showing me your penis. . uh I mean COCK," she said inspecting the shaft with very focused eyes. "Go ahead and open up your robe and show me your tits Lilly," he said zooming in so that the image was just showing the distance between her shoulders.

"I haven't got tits. . silly. Just these little boobs!" "So let's see them," he said impatiently. "This is soooooo embarrassing," she said letting her hands slip down her sides and then slowly un-knot the tie. She watched herself on the large monitor as her brother panned down and watched the robe open. He held the camera with his left hand and began to wank on his shaft with his right.

As Lilly pulled back the thin fabric, her bare tummy came into view and then her titties peaked out. . with stiff nipples accenting their arousal. "Take off the robe you little slut and show me your naked body," he said. Surprisingly these words aroused Lilly rather than upsetting her. She looked directly at her image in the monitor as she lifted her bubble butt off the seat slightly, so that she could pull the fabric out from under her.

At the same time, she slipped the robe off her shoulders and then let the garment slide off her arms. "You like what you see," she teased, again pulling her shoulders back and displaying her nude body for her brother. "Abso-fucking-lutely sis. . show me that little pussy of yours," he said panning down past her breasts, past her tummy and finally the crack in between her legs.

"You mean THIS pussy," said Lilly somewhat embarrassed that her juices were leaking onto the seat. . but none the less she let her fingers slide past her stomach and inside her legs.

Looking up at her brother, she pulled her teen pussy lips open, showing the pink inner lips. "Very nice. .

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now let's stop the video and take a few single shots with yours. What am I doing with my COCK?" he said switching cameras but now more lewdly pulling on his organ in front of his sister. busty brunette sucks dildo and fingers pussy it all HARD," she said suddenly switching to a sexier voice. Terry was pleasantly surprised as he watched her talk dirty directly to his pulsing rod.

He moved closer and caught her image in the camera as he began to snap pictures. "Jacking OFF. . I hope big brother. I'll bet you like me being all NAKED in front of you, huh? How about if I start rubbing my twat.

. do you like that?" she purred as her left hand snuck down in between her legs and she began to rub her aching clit. "Awesome! Now pinch your nipples for me," he uttered as he panned back down and snapped a few shots of Lilly bringing herself closer to climax and then back up to her beginning to pinch her erect nipples in between her thumb and first finger. As he watched her body begin to flush with excitement, he moved within a foot of the horny girl as she continued to follow his instructions.

"I want you to keep rubbing and tweaking your body. . but it's time for a little snack. What do you think I have for you?" he asked suggestively, waving his cock back and forth in front of her hungry mouth. As she continued to pinch and twist her nips and more enthusiastically rub her twat as her brother's 7" long cock continued to move back and forth and closer to her wet lips. "A NICE LONNNNNNG COCK. I LOVE COCKS. . I LOVE TO LICK THEM AND THEN BEST OF ALL.

SUCK THEM UNTIL THEY SHOOT OFF INSIDE MY MOUTH. CAN I DO THAT FOR YOU TERRY? CAN I MAKE YOUR COCK EXPLODE INSIDE MY MOUTH?" she said tempting the young teenager. He didn't answer her but still snapping pictures moved the last few inches so that now the purple tip of his cock was moving across his sister's quivering lips.

She opened her mouth slightly and thrust her tongue out, to catch the soft.

. . and yet hard tip of his cock. She didn't look up but heard her brother moan, which ignited her animal instincts as she began to devour his cock with her lashing tongue.

Still pinching her breasts and rubbing her pussy, she began to paint his entire shaft with her spit. Back and forth her head moved as she wrapped her tongue all over the surface of his shaft.

Terry knew he couldn't last much longer so he grasped the base of his cock and began to feed the first 3 or so inches into his sister's mouth. Back and forth he began to buck his hips as his shaft moved in and out of her hot slippery orifice. Having sucked Amy's brother's cock not an hour earlier, she began to display what she had learned from that act as she pursed her lips, making his entry more and more difficult.

. knowing he would soon be cumming. And then it happened. . the first rope of cream burst out of the tip and sprayed the inside of her mouth with its salty slippery goo.

Terry didn't care he was almost forcing his cock down his sister's throat as he continued to fuck her lips and mouth. Shot after shot of cream left his cock and soon her mouth began to leak his juices. "Swallow my cum you little bitch!

Slurp it all down caton leone xxx story sex stories 2019 com be my little slut!" he yelled. As she attempted to follow his instructions, her body began to shake and soon her violent, yet satisfying climax erupted, sending shivers down her back porn vidi4min clip mp3 dawnlod total satisfaction throughout her body.

Again and again Terry rammed his cock into her mouth. Then he pulled back and said: "Let me rub my cock all over those little tits of yours," he said as he watched his sister move away from the computer and lay her naked body on the floor. Terry put aside the camera, and straddling her chest he moved his cock back and forth over her stiff nipples. .

. since there was not much tittie rising from her chest. He was so excited, he continued to shoot cum all over her breasts, chin and as he lifted his body slightly, her red face showed her total arousal.

He continued to direct his organ, still shooting cum, all over the top part of her body and then decided it was time to see how well it fit in between her legs. Lilly had closed her eyes, since they were covered with her brother's cum, and all of a sudden she felt his raging cock begin to enter her virgin pussy. "NO!" she screamed. "Fuck You! You know you want it.

. and I am going to give it to you," he said as he felt the aroused tip begin to enter her love lips. He tried to buck his hips, but the tight fit was making it almost impossible to enter. He then pulled back and with all his strength. . rammed his 7" organ up her twat.

She screamed in pain, but he elected to continue to buck his hips in and out of her pussy. With each insertion, it began to become somewhat easier, despite her words of protest. He had somehow never lost his erection and soon he had found a rhythm as he continued to fuck his milf and teen babe enjoyed a very hot threesome session sister.

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