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Hockey milf shanda day deep throats big dick
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After Tim and Anna got all cleaned up from their sexual experience, Tim laid back down on the couch, and Anna sat in the recliner, both acting as if it never happened. Anna's pussy remained swollen and a little sore, not letting her forget about what had happened. Kelly and Jenna didn't get home until almost 7:00 in the evening. As Jenna walked into the front room, she was surprised to see Anna there.

"Hey Anna, what are you doing here?" Jenna asked, smiling. Anna smiled at Jenna, "well I was bored at home, so I thought I would come hang out with you." Jenna looked at Tim, and noticed him sleeping, "what did you do, wear him out?" She asked Anna jokingly, not knowing how right she was.

Anna looked at Jenna with a half smile, not wanting Jenna to know what had happened. "I guess I bored him to sleep," Anna said with a half laugh. Jenna smiled at Anna, "that's not hard to do with him." Anna's pussy tingled as the thought of having sex with Tim crossed her mind again, "do you think I could stay the night tonight?" She horny blonde nailed taxi driver stockings and hardcore Jenna sincerely.

Jenna looked at her friend and smiled, "I think you can, let me find out," she said, turning around and going to look for her mom. Anna sat in the recliner, waiting for Jenna to return. Looking over at Tim, wondering how she was going to be able to have sex with him again, if she can stay, without Jenna finding out. Jenna returned shortly, a big smile on her face, "yep, you can stay the night." Anna's face lit up with excitement, "yay!" Jenna giggled, grabbing Anna's wrist and pulling her behind her, leading Anna to her room.

Jenna closed the door behind her, as Anna walked over and sat down on the edge of Jenna's bed. "So how long have you been here?" Jenna asked, sitting down next to Anna. Anna looked at her friend and smiled, "oh since 3 or so." Jenna nodded, "did Tim sleep the whole time?" Anna wiggled on the bed, her tight shorts hugging her swollen pussy lips tightly, "not the whole time." Jenna noticed Anna shifting around on the bed uneasily, "are you ok Anna?" Anna slowly nodded, then said, "my shorts are starting to dig into me, do you have some looser clothes I can wear?" Jenna nodded, as she stood up and went to her dresser, shuffling through her drawers.

"So what have you been up to this summer?" Jenna asked, finding some plaid pajama pants and turning around. Anna shrugged her shoulders, "not a whole lot, been hanging out with Kaitlyn a lot." Jenna chuckled as she threw the pajama pants to Anna, "I haven't seen her all summer." Anna laughed as she stood up, "well I wonder why, you know with your stepbrother here, and what you've done with him." Jenna's look turned to anger, "what's that supposed to mean?" Anna unbuttoned her shorts, looking at Jenna, "you know, having cum eating asian attractive chick loves deepthroat, you two are pretty much boyfriend/girlfriend now." Jenna smiled, realizing Anna was right, "I never looked at it that way before, but you know, you have a point." Anna smiled, as she pushed her shorts down and kicked them off.

She grabbed the pajama pants and sat back on the bed, giving Jenna a view of her swollen pussy lips pushing against her panties. As Anna got her foot into the pant leg, Jenna came over and grabbed Anna's big cock fast fuck fucking a cuban girl for her tv. Anna froze, looking up at Jenna, "what?" Jenna half smiled, "what is wrong with your pussy?" She asked bluntly.

Anna looked at her friend in shock, then down at her covered pussy, seeing a noticeable wet spot on her white panties, and her swollen lips bulging against them. Anna looked back up at Jenna, her face turning red with embarrassment, as she shrugged her shoulders.

Jenna looked back down at her friend's covered pussy, as she asked, "yo. you're turned on aren't you?" Anna turned even brighter red, as she spoke, "I. I'm sorry Jenna, I couldn't help it, he had me so flustered, that I let him fucks teen girl xxx i have always been a respected member of the community im it." Jenna looked up at Anna, "who did?" Anna held her head down, as if in shame, "I wanted to see if what you told me was true, and it was, and he is such a smooth talker, I couldn't control myself." "Wait a minute, you had sex with Tim?" Jenna asked in shock.

Anna nodded, "I'm sorry," tears starting to well in her eyes. "Oh my god Anna, you were able to take him inside of you?" Jenna asked, not at all angry with Anna. Anna slowly lifted her head up, looking at Jenna's wide smile, "you're not mad at me?" Jenna shook her head, "not at all, I'm curious how he fit that monster inside of you." Anna laughed, wiping the tears away, "it wasn't easy, but after he used his mouth on me, and made me cum, he was able to get it in." Jenna's pussy began to tingle, as she listened to Anna talk, moving Anna's hands away from the pajama pants, and let them fall to the floor.

"Did you like it when he used his mouth on your pussy?" Jenna asked, slowly standing up, feeling herself getting turned on now. Anna quickly nodded, "oh my god yes Jenna, it was incredible." Jenna smiled seductively, as she sensually said, "I bet it was." Anna nodded slowly, watching Jenna slowly lift up her shirt, taking it off, and tossing it aside. Jenna put her hands on her hips, standing in front of her friend, with her bra and shorts, "tell me more Anna," she groaned lustily.

"I really enjoyed it when he sucked on the top of my pussy, along with a finger inside of me, that's what made me cum finally," Anna slowly said, shifting a little uneasily on the bed.

Jenna moaned again, "did you like it when you came?" Anna quickly nodded, "I squirted something out of my pussy, and all over him, but he didn't seem to mind." Jenna's look turned to lust as she moved closer to Anna, standing over her friend, smiling deviously, "did you feel pleasure when you were cumming?" Anna looked up at Jenna, a look of fear crossing her face, "oh yes, like I said, it was incredible." Jenna smiled again, "and I see you didn't get sick, like you thought you would." Anna quickly nodded, "yeah I guess my mom was wrong about that." Jenna slowly nodded, lightly chuckling, grabbing the bottom of Anna's shirt and pulling it up quickly and tossing it aside.

Then she put her hands on Anna's shoulders, slowly pushing her back onto the bed. Jenna's pussy was completely soaking her panties now, as she crawled on top of her friend, her covered tits hovering over Anna's face. "Wh. what ar. are you doing Jenna?" Anna asked nervously, feeling the heat of Jenna's pussy coming through Jenna's shorts, against her thigh. Jenna's smile widened, "do you wanna cum again?" Anna looked at her friend in shock, quickly shaking her head, "n.

no." Jenna lightly laughed, "why not, your pussy looks like it wants to," as she moved her hand between Anna's legs and against her friend's covered pussy, moaning. Anna jumped a little when Jenna pushed her hand into her pussy, looking at Jenna in fear, "wh. what are you doing?" Anna asked again. Jenna smiled seductively this time, "having some fun, your story got me all hot and turned on now," rubbing her covered pussy against Anna's drill anus and baseball bat in pussy, and rubbing her hand up and down Anna's pussy.

A soft moan escaped Anna, as she felt herself getting turned on again, but not wanting to. "Ple. please stop Jenna," Anna said, almost with a plead. Jenna laid her head on Anna's shoulder, whispering, "what's wrong, you had sex with my brother, but you can't have fun with me?" Another moan escaped Anna, as her hips slowly began to gyrate into Jenna's hand movement.

"I. I've never done this before," Anna whispered back. Jenna moaned as well, rubbing her covered pussy harder against Anna's thigh, "it's ok, I'll teach you, just like Tim taught you." Anna slowly nodded, her hips moving more and more, "oh my god Jenna." Jenna moaned with a giggle, moving her hand up to the waistline of Anna's panties, trying to push them down.

Anna moaned a little louder, as she lifted her ass up, allowing Jenna to push her panties down.

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Jenna knelt up, tugging Anna's panties down and completely off, looking back at Anna's swollen naomi cruise rides a dick in her ass. "Oh my god Anna, he did a good number on your pussy huh?" Jenna exclaimed, tossing the panties over her head. Anna looked at her friend with want, feeling the same way she did with Tim earlier, her body temperature rising and beginning to tingle.

She kept her eyes on Jenna, as Jenna slowly pushed her own shorts and panties down, smiling the whole time. Jenna kicked her shorts and panties aside, staring at Anna's pussy, licking her lips, "Anna move back up the bed." Anna did as Jenna instructed, sliding further up the bed, until her head was resting on Jenna's pillows.

Jenna smiled at Anna, slowly climbing onto the bed, and kneeling between Anna's spread legs, "are you ready to have more fun, but with me this time?" Anna shrugged her shoulders, not sure what to say, still a little unsure, but turned on at the same time.

Jenna chuckled as she bent over at the waist, her ass high in the air, as she kept her eyes locked on Anna, moving her head towards Anna's pussy. Anna bit her lower lip, watching her friend's face getting closer to her pussy. Anna sucked in a deep breath when she felt Jenna's hot breath on her pussy.

As Jenna got closer to Anna's pussy, she could smell her friend's excitement, moaning softly as she stuck her tongue out and lightly ran it over Anna's slit.

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Jenna giggled to herself, when she felt Anna to shiver, flicking her tongue against Anna's swollen clit. Anna closed her eyes, as a shot of pure pleasure coursed through, moaning loudly, "ohhh!" Jenna moaned as well, as she moved her tongue down to Anna's entrance, pushing it as far as she could, drinking her friend's nectar. Kelly slowly opened Jenna's door, not having any idea of what was going on in the bedroom, ready to tell Jenna goodnight.

As she peeked into the room, she had to cover her mouth to muffle a gasp. Her daughter was kneeling on her bed, african school girls and boys ass high in the air, and her friend's legs spread around her. Kelly immediately felt her pussy tingle, as she looked at her daughter's tiny slit, and a twinge of jealousy coming over her as she heard them both moaning. 'Why am I getting jealous, she's your daughter not your lover,' Kelly thought to herself, as she quietly closed the door and headed for her bedroom.

Anna put her hands on the back of Jenna's head, feeling herself getting more excited, as Jenna moved her tongue in and out of her pussy. Jenna was drinking her friend's nectar, as she rubbed her nose against Anna's clit, noticing her friend's pussy getting wetter and wetter. "Oh my god, oh my god, I can feel it coming Jenna, fuck you're gonna make me cum already," Anna moaned, surprised that her orgasm was building so quickly.

Jenna moaned more into Anna's pussy, wanting to urge her friend on. As Kelly walked into her room, she could not get the thought of what her daughter and Anna were doing. They were playing with each other, just down the hallway from her.

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Kelly sat down on the edge of her bed, contemplating what to do, her pussy beginning to leak into her panties. She opened the top drawer of her end table, looking in at her sex toys strewn about in there.

As she reached in to retrieve a vibrator, Kelly knew she had to get off now, but didn't want to do it alone, thinking about the two young girls playing with each other again. Anna's hips were bucking up off of the bed, her orgasm about ready to explode inside of her.

Jenna moved her mouth up to her friend's clit, sucking it into her mouth, as she shoved two fingers into Anna's pussy, feeling her muscles quivering and contracting inside. Jenna pulled her mouth off of Anna's clit, flicking her tongue quickly, against it, as she started finger-fucking her friend.

Anna's back arched high, almost crying out as her orgasm exploded inside of her. "Ahhh, I'm cumming, oh yes, I'm cumming Jenna," Anna moaned loudly, her body bouncing and moving wildly on the bed, her orgasm coursing through her. Jenna kept flicking her tongue across Anna's clit, feeling her friend's juices leaking out around her fingers.

Jenna withdrew her fingers, moving her tongue to Anna's leaking hole, tasting her friend's nectar. Jenna pushed her tongue into Anna's cumming pussy, sucking at the leaking juices, enjoying the taste of her friend's pussy.

As Anna's orgasm began to wane, her body continued to writhe and jerk on the bed, her breathing still ragged. "Holy shit Jenna, that was even better than when your brother made me cum." Jenna knelt up, smiling at Anna, "good, now you get to return the favor." Anna returned the smile, her look turning to confusion now, "bu. but how I do that?" "Perhaps I can show you how Anna," came Kelly's voice from the bedroom doorway.

Bisexual dad fucks son and daughter real incest tabotrailer park jumped in surprise, turning to look at her mom. Kelly stood in the doorway, wearing just her black bra and panties, and holding some sex toys and the KY jelly in her hand. Jenna smiled at her mom devilishly, "how long have you been watching mom?" Kelly stepped into the room, "long enough to get really wet." Anna sat up on the bed, looking at Kelly with interest, a little confused as well, looking at the sex toys in Kelly's hand.

"Ms. Mrs. Thompson, yo. you watched us?" Anna asked, turning bright red in embarrassment. Kelly pushed the door back, not closing it all the way, smiling at Anna, "I sure did, what are you embarrassed about?" Anna had a shiver run up her body, "I.

I don't know, it. it's just that I'm new to all of this, and didn't know you were watching us." Kelly chuckled, "it's ok Anna, it looked like you enjoyed yourself huh?" Anna slowly nodded, not sure what to say. Kelly laughed again, "so are you ready to learn how to give another girl pleasure?" "What are those for, mom?" Jenna interjected before Anna could answer, staring at the toys in her mom's hand. Kelly lifted the toys up, a wide smile crossing her face, "for us to use on each other." Jenna looked at her mom in confusion, "why do we need them, I can just go get Tim to join us." Kelly shook her head, chuckling, "I think Anna wore him out, he's passed out on the couch." Jenna bit her lower lip, staring at the toys, "ook, but how do we use those?" Kelly set the toys down on the foot of the bed, "I will show you." Jenna looked at the 4 toys on the foot of her bed, nodding slowly.

None of the toys were as long, or as thick as Tim's dick, but they all intrigued Jenna. One toy was about 5" long and rather thin, maybe a 1" circumference, it was pink, with a slight curve at one end. The toy that Jenna really focused on, was the closest to Tim's size, it was rubber, about 7" or 7 1/2" long and 2" in diameter, with a caramel color to it, looking like a real, veiny dick.

The third toy was pink in color also, made of silicone. Each of the ends on it looked like the head of a dick, it was 8" in length and 2" in diameter, with ribbing running down the shaft. The final toy also intrigued Jenna, it was black and about 6" long. The one end of it was really skinny, and had ribs that gradually got wider as it went down to a large, circular base. Jenna looked back up at her mom, smiling uneasily.

Kelly noticed her uneasiness, "don't worry sweetheart, it'll be fun, now why don't you and Anna switch places." Jenna nodded, looking at Anna, as Anna rolled off of the bed and moved up next to Kelly. Jenna moved up the bed, rolling onto her back, laying in same spot Anna was just in, laying her legs flat, and slightly apart on the bed. Kelly moaned lightly, looking at her daughter's moistened slit, "ok Anna, you go to that side of the bed and we'll get started." Jenna watched her mom and friend move to each side of the bed, her pussy tingling in anticipation of getting attention.

Kelly looked over at Anna, "ok first off we need to see how excited our subject is." Anna nodded, watching as Kelly laid her hand on Jenna's thigh, lightly rubbing it. Jenna moaned softly when her mom laid her hand on her thigh, spreading her legs further apart. Kelly smiled at Jenna, slowly moving her hand up her daughter's thigh, towards her pussy. Jenna's breathing began to hasten, biting her lower lip again, feeling her mom's hand getting closer to her pussy.

Anna watched Kelly's hand intently, watching Jenna spread her legs open. Kelly moved her hand up until her forefinger brushed up against the edge of Jenna's pussy, causing Jenna to moan louder and slightly arch her back, wanting her mom to touch her slit.

Kelly looked over at Anna, "see that, it looks like she is a little turned on." Anna nodded in response, watching Kelly move her hand away from Jenna's pussy, hearing her friend plead quietly, "please momma." Kelly giggled at her daughter, "in good time sweetheart, we're teaching here." Jenna's whole body was tingling now, wanting to cum so bad.

Kelly then started pushing Jenna's shirt up, "this is another way to see if they are turned on, or you can possibly turn them on." Anna watched as Kelly pushed Jenna's shirt over her bra, pulling it over Jenna's head and tossing it aside.

Kelly looked at Anna again, smiling wide, then reached down to the front clasp of Jenna's bra and quickly unsnapped it, the bra flying open, exposing Jenna's pert tits. Anna gasped when her friend's tits were exposed to her, staring at Jenna's firm tits. Jenna's nipples stuck out, erect from her dark brown areolas, her breathing lifting her tits into the air. Anna watched Kelly slowly reach out and lightly pinch her daughter's nipple, causing Jenna to arch her back and let out a long moan.

Kelly pinched and twisted Jenna's nipple, looking at Anna, "mmm see, she's pretty excited already, why don't you do what I'm doing to her other one." Anna nodded once, nervously reaching her hand out, it shaking as it got closer to Jenna's nipple.

Jenna had her eyes closed, her body writhing on the bed, her mom continuing to tweak her nipple. When Anna pinched her other nipple, Jenna's back arched even higher, a louder moan escaping her, and her pussy starting to leak. Anna tried to repeat what Kelly was doing, pinching and twisting Jenna's nipple, feeling her own pussy tingling again, a soft moan escaping her.

Kelly looked over at Anna, noticing that she was enjoying herself as well. Tim's eyes shot open, thinking he had just slept through the night on the couch. He sat up, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, noticing it was long dick for the beautiful kaci starr dark outside.

He looked at the clock on the wall, seeing it was almost 10 o'clock, he retrieved the remote and shut the tv off. As soon as the tv turned off, Tim could hear moaning coming from the hallway. He sat there listening to the moans, 'what is going on?' He thought to himself. Tim got up from the couch, quietly making his way to the hallway, his dick beginning to twitch as the moans got louder. Tim walked up to Jenna's door, the source of the moaning.

He peered in through the cracked open door, stifling a groan at the scene in front of him. Jenna was laying on her back, Kelly bent over the edge of the bed, sucking on one of Jenna's nipples, while she was running a finger through her daughter's slit. On the other side of the bed, Anna was also bent over, sucking on Jenna's other nipple. Tim's hand immediately went to his crotch, rubbing his rapidly hardening dick, watching his stepsister's legs jump and tremble on the bed.

He wanted to just push the door open, so he could get a better view, but just kept watching through the crack. Kelly pulled away from Jenna's nipple, saying, "ok Anna let move to the next step." Anna pulled away from her friend's nipple, looking at Kelly, curious about what was next. Kelly motioned for Anna to move to the foot of the bed, looking down at Jenna, "are you enjoying yourself sweetheart?" Jenna busty blonde bimbo rides a massive rod with a moan, "oh yes, please make me cum mom." Kelly giggled, "I'm not going to, your friend is." Tim almost barged in to join them while there was a break in the action, but restrained himself, realizing they may not like the interruption.

So he continued watching, rubbing his hard dick through his shorts. Kelly looked at Anna with a smile, "get on the bed between her legs, on your hands and knees." Anna obeyed, silently climbing onto the bed, looking at Kelly as she moved between Ponfilm mit janete somi kostenlos open legs.

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Kelly reached down and split Jenna's pussy lips apart, giving Anna a view of her friend's pink insides. Kelly pointed at Jenna's swollen clit and said, "this is one of the most sensitive spots on a girl, her clit." Anna nodded, not taking her eyes off of Jenna's pink pussy, feeling her own tingle even more.

Tim stared at Anna's swollen pussy lips, his dick throbbing hard against the constraints of his boxers and shorts. His breathing hastening, and his dick beginning to leak precum. "Now you can either just focus on the clit, or what I prefer is alternating between sucking on the clit and sticking your tongue into her pussy, sucking out the sweet nectar," Kelly said, smiling at Anna. Anna nodded once, moving her head towards Jenna's open pussy, sticking her tongue out and running the tip up her friend's exposed insides.

Jenna's legs clamped onto Anna's head, arching her back high and moaning loudly, almost cumming right there. Kelly moaned, watching Anna flick her tongue up and down her daughter's pussy, urging Anna on, "that's it lick her pussy, eat her out, make her cum for you." Kelly removed her hand, and pushed her soaked panties down, wanting to get more involved now.

Tim groaned a little louder, watching Anna's upturned ass bounce and sway as she ate out Jenna, and watching Kelly push her panties down. Tim pushed his shorts and boxers down enough to free his raging erection, slowly stroking his cock. Kelly climbed onto the bed, next Jenna's head, ready to straddle her daughter and make Jenna eat her out as well.

Before Kelly could barbra sweet cassidy b ian scott her leg over her daughter, Jenna threw her head back and groaned loudly, "oh fuck, I'm cumming, fuck yes I'm cumming." Kelly froze in place, watching her daughter's body shake and convulse, her orgasm taking over her body.

"That's it sweetheart, cum for your friend, show her how much you like her eating your pussy," Kelly urged Jenna. Anna was moaning into Jenna's pussy, her mouth being filled with escaping juices. Anna was enjoying the taste of her friend's nectar, noticing it was sweet and had a little tang to it. Anna held her tongue inside of Jenna's contracting pussy, trying to suck at it.

Kelly slowly rubbed her pussy, watching her daughter fall limply onto the bed, breathing heavily. Kelly smiled at Jenna, "so did you like that, did you like having your friend make you cum?" Jenna looked up at her mom, a look of total pleasure on her face, nodding. Kelly chuckled, acting almost like a little girl now, "good, because now it's my turn," she said, quickly straddling her daughter, facing Anna. Anna was kneeling up now, a wide smile on her face, watching Kelly back herself up until her pussy was just above Jenna's mouth.

Anna's eyes widened, watching Jenna stick her tongue out, Kelly slowly lowering her trimmed pussy towards it. Anna watched Kelly's slit open a little, as her daughter's tongue began to penetrate it.

Anna's pussy tingled as she heard Kelly let out a long moan, keeping her eyes focused on Kelly's pussy, watching Jenna swallow jenny ferri deep drilled by a black cock her face was smothered by her mom's pussy. Tim had to stop stroking his dick, feeling the urged to cum already. He knew Anna was probably shocked at the scene in front of her, and wished he was in there to see her reaction. Anna watched in shock, Kelly beginning to grind her pussy against her own daughter's face, Kelly's moans getting louder and louder.

Anna was snapped out of her stare when Kelly said, "Anna grab that long, plastic dong there, and you and Jenna can try something new." Anna turned to look at the toys, seeing the two-headed dong, she picked it up, giggling as it jiggled in her hand, "you mean this one Mrs. Thompson?" Kelly was starting to move her hips up and down, feeling her daughter's tongue move around inside of her pussy.

"Uh huh, give it here and lay on your back, then get your pussy as close to Jenna's as you can," Kelly said, taking the toy from Anna. Kelly laid across Jenna, slowing her hip movements, focusing on her daughter's swollen pussy. She used her fingers to split Jenna's pussy lips open again, bringing the end of the dong up to her entrance.

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Kelly moaned louder as she steadily pushed the silicone toy in, Jenna moaning into her pussy as the toy easily sank into her.

Kelly cooed as she stopped moving her hips, slowly moving the toy in and out of Jenna's pussy. Jenna knew it wasn't a real dick that was moving in and out of her, but it still felt good, and she started gyrating her hips into it. Jenna pulled her tongue out of her mom's pussy, moving it up and down the leaking slit, feeling her mom tremble every time her tongue went across her mom's clit.

Anna got herself into position, scooting herself closer to them, watching Kelly move the pink toy in and out of Jenna's pussy. Kelly looked up at her with a smile, "you two are going to fuck each other now." Anna gave a hesitant smile, not sure what Kelly meant.

Kelly stopped moving the toy, grinding her pussy against Jenna's face again, as Anna scooted herself closer. Kelly reached over and opened the younger girl's pussy, cooing at the sight of her hardcore group sex scene in a van entrance. She lined the other end of the dong up with Anna's entrance and steadily pushed it in, listening to Anna moan as it entered her pussy.

Kelly moaned also, saying, "mmm you're a tight girl." Anna nodded, focusing on being penetrated again. She closed her eyes and heard Kelly moan, "now start moving your hips forward and back, do what feels natural, and you and Jenna can fuck each other." Anna nodded again, slightly lifting her ass up and pushing her hips forward, feeling the toy sink further into her, and her pussy mash against Jenna's.

Anna threw her head back, enjoying the feeling. She slowly began to pull her hips back, feeling the toy slowly withdraw from her a bit, then pushed her hips forward again, a little harder, slamming against Jenna's pussy. Kelly watched as Anna moved herself forward and back, getting a clumsy but steady rhythm going.

She started grinding her pussy harder into Jenna's face, wanting to cum now. She kept her eyes locked on the two younger girl's pussies, watching them splay open every time Anna moved back, and go back in when Anna slammed forward. She could see Jenna's swollen clit sticking out from under its hood, and she lowered nicole aniston rachel starr blowjobsenjoy head towards it, sticking her tongue out and flicking it against Jenna's clit, feeling Jenna jump under her.

Tim was beside himself, watching the scene unfolding in front of him. He grabbed his twitching member again, realizing he needed to cum before he exploded.

Jenna was moaning into her mom's pussy, and writhing on the bed, feeling her orgasm building again. She didn't know what to focus on, feeling the plastic dong moving in and out of her, Anna slamming against her pussy, or her mom flicking against her clit, all she knew was that is about to send her over the edge again. She could feel her mom beginning to tremble and little caprice lesbo fuck in sauna full lengt on top of her, knowing her mom was going to cum soon also.

Every time Anna slammed against Jenna's pussy, Kelly flicked her tongue against Anna's swollen clit also, feeling Anna shiver. Kelly hoped she could make them cum again also, but her orgasm was quickly building inside of her. Tim focused on Anna's jiggling tits, feeling his ball sack pull closer to his body for their impending release.

"Fuck it," he said, pushing the door open and entering the room. Kelly jumped when the door swung open, looking up at Tim, his hard dick in his hand. As he waddled towards the bed, Kelly closed her eyes, her orgasm shooting through her like a rocket. "Ohhh fuck," she moaned loudly, her whole body shaking and convulsing on her daughter.

She ground her pussy hard against Jenna's face, feeling her juices flow out of her. Jenna tried to swallow as fast as she could, sucking on her mom's cute chubby sex story xxx, feeling her mom's juices running down her cheeks. She felt Anna slam against her pussy again, grinding her pussy against Jenna's. This finally sent Jenna into orgasmic bliss as well, her back arching high, her orgasm shooting through her. Jenna's loud moans were being muffled by her mom's pussy, her body bouncing up off of the bed as she came.

Anna threw her head back as well, feeling her third orgasm beginning to take over. "Ohhh god, I'm cumming, yes I'm cumming," she moaned, grinding her pussy hard against Jenna's.

Tim felt his own cum rush up the shaft of his dick, his dick growing in his hand, watching the three of them cumming together. He pointed the head of his dick at Anna chest, letting out a loud groan as his dick throbbed hard, cum shooting out of the tip and squirting across Anna's body. It shot out so forcefully that some of it splashed onto Kelly's face, covering her closed eye. His hips involuntarily jerked as his dick throbbed again, firing more cum across Anna's bareback is filthy in a basement, splashing down on her stomach and tits.

Kelly's orgasm had faded, and she heard Tim, Jenna, and Anna groaning, moaning, and grunting. She felt Tim's sticky cum covering her eyelid and running down her cheek, and she opened her other eye in time to watch more his cum fly out and splash onto Anna's arching body.

Kelly moaned herself, grabbing his throbbing dick and pulling him towards her, taking the head of his dick into her mouth, as a final, weak shot of cum oozed out and into her sucking mouth. Kelly giggled to herself when she felt Tim tremble and try to pull back. Jenna's and Playful babe dped by huge black shafts orgasm were slowly fading as well, slowly grinding their pussies together and trembling in aftershocks of their orgasms.

Anna collapsed onto the bed, completely out of breath, lightly moaning in pleasure. Jenna tried to push her mom off of her, wanting to catch her breath as well. Kelly pulled away from Tim's dick, still stroking his wilting dick slowly. She looked up at him with a smile, "so you woke up and enjoyed the show huh?" Tim slowly nodded, looking down at his stepmom with pure lust.

"So do you think you can get hard again and fuck all three of us with your monster?" Kelly asked, moving off of her daughter. Again Tim slowly nodded, shrugging his shoulders.

To be continued if I get good reviews? Again thank you for the great comments on the other stories. Constructive criticism please.