Gina valentina super hot lesbian action hardcore and blowjob

Gina valentina super hot lesbian action hardcore and blowjob
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Vangee and Ebony amber steel gets revenge on her bf big black cock average tits Dog Bud My first sexual experience was with Vangee and her dog Bud, a three-year-old, hundred and ten pound, Boxer.

Bud was very protective of her for some unknown reason for the last six or seven months. I didn't understand until years later that Vangee, at that time, was his mate. Vangee was my 15 year old kissing cousin and I was a 14-year-old boy living in a Southern state. We lived in a rural area, about a half a mile from each other.

Looking at her house from the street the right side was a kitchen area and the far left-hand side was the living room with her bedroom on the backside. I would always enter the kitchen and then walked to her bedroom. That special day with her mother and father at work, I arrived early and entered the kitchen without knocking. I enjoyed surprising her most of the time but I was surprised that day. When I got to the living room I heard her moaning, saying, oh God, and then heard Bud growl. I crept through the living room to her bedroom door and peeked around the corner.

To my disbelief she was fucking Bud. She was laying on her hope chest at the end of her bed, with a pillow under her back and a pillow under her head. Her hips were at the age of the Hope chest and her legs were spread apart and Bud was doing all the fucking. Bud slowed down his humping and growl again. Vangee began to comfort him saying, "Nobody is here". She pulled him up close by his front paws and said "Just fuck Bud, just fuck".

I was only looking at the lower half of her and pretty much all of Bud as they fucked.

She would really spread her legs wide sometimes and I could see her wet pussy dripping. She was dripping on the edge of the Hope chest and I then noticed a towel on the floor and realized that she had done this before, many times before. I also seen how big his dick was, the diameter I mean.

It was big, three times thicker than my dick. His knot was pushing at her pussy trying to force its way in. She firmly pulled Bud again by his paws and humped her pussy up saying with excitement "Fuck it in, all the way". Bud humped and pushed till the knot popped in. She groaned with pleasure and said "O-yes". With his knot in her, his fucking motion almost stopped.

Then she said, "oh yes, make it bigger, O fuck, I'm going to cum". She just lay there, enjoying the pleasure he was giving her. Bud would hump for a few seconds and then stop, then, hump again. She was really enjoying this because of what she was saying and the way she moved her hips in small circles, "O-yes, shoot it in me, O-god it's getting bigger and bigger and I'm coming again, Oh". I didn't know at the time but his knot would swell up, and when he felt her pussy tighten up it would make him cum, which would make her have multi-climaxes.

She then spread her legs, with feet on the floor, pointed her toes, and then her toes split and curled down. That was when she had her biggest climax.

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Earlier I had taken my dick out and was jacking off just watching with excitement. The end of my dick became super sensitive and wet with something new, pre-cum. I was about to cum for the first time in my life. I continued to watch and things began to slow down. Bud was panting and she was talking to him, trying to get his knot to shrink so she could detach. I turned and lay on the floor and began to really jack off. Bud growled and barked this time letting her know that someone was in the house with them.

I shut my eyes, seeing the picture of her fucking Bud and had my first dick tingling orgasm. She said "is someone there", I said "yes it's me", she said "what are you doing", I said "beating my meat after watching you and Bud fuck".

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Then I heard movement and her telling Bud to come. I looked around the corner and she was taking Bud by the collar to the closet to lock him in. She came back to the sister brother force gotxstorys on hidden camera xstorys download chest and picked up the towel, put her left foot on the chest wiping her pussy and ass, looked at me in my hiding place, and said, "if you don't tell anyone I'll do something for you.

I know you will like it and I'll do it for you anytime you want me to". I said "what", she said "I'll suck your dick, come here and I'll show you, it's fun, you'll see". I got up and walked over to her. She said "wipe your hand and sit down". She got on her knees in front of me, unsnap my pants, slid my pants and underwear down to my ankles, moved my legs apart, leaned down and sucked my dick in her mouth and proceeded to move her head up and down, sucking all the time. I ejaculated and less than one minute and she swallowed it all down.

She quit and said "that was good, let's go have a Coke". I stood up, pulled my pants back up, and watched her put on a pair of shorts and we headed to the kitchen for the Coke.

In the kitchen I asked her how long had she been doing that with Bud and she said "just a few months". She also told me that she had seen Ann, a friend of hers suck somebody off in the barn. She said "it made my pussy all creamy just watching". I said "creamy", she said "didn't it make you feel good when you creamed in my mouth, it's the same thing for me, I just Cream a different way".

I was thinking about everything that had just happened and began to get hard again. With a little embarrassment I told her I wanted to be sucked again and she just giggled and said "okay, let's go do it".