Two teen duddys xxx some of these pigs just dont get it

Two teen duddys xxx some of these pigs just dont get it
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Chapter 1 We fell asleep holding each other lip to lip. We woke up in exactly the same position, except that Morgan was gently licking my lips, her leg over my hip. "Good morning, sleepyhead," she said softly. I opened my eyes, slid my free arm up from her waist to her neck, gently pulling her even closer. We started our day with a warm tender kiss—one that lasted almost five minutes. I pulled back, stroking her face. She may have sexybigtits girl tease and pleasure pussy with vibrator letcamscom like a little kid but she was all woman, and she was all mine.

"Can I ask you a question? I'm thrilled you changed your mind—but why? What happened between yesterday morning and last night?" One thing about Morgan—she was very direct. She leaned her head up on her left hand and caressed my face with her right. Then she looked me square in the eyes and answered. "I had to go home yesterday to change my clothes. My mom was there. She asked me why I stayed the night—our first night. I tried to tell her all about you—how we met, how we hd pov horny brunette sucks fucks and gets a load on her face to your place, and, yes, how we made love.

Mostly, I told her how you treated me. You're the first man who treated me like a real woman. That's when I realized—I wanted YOU! All the other guys I went out with, well, they'd fuck me, sure, but when they were done they'd tell everyone it was like fucking a little kid. How embarrassed they were; how funny it was. One guy even said it was pathetic. Can you imagine how I felt?

I'm 22 years old and I've never had any hope of a real relationship until now. I just can't afford to let you get away. I'll do anything to hold on to you—anything." "Anything?" I asked with a smirk as I slowly slid a finger first into her surprisingly wet pussy and then into her tight ass. Morgan spread her legs further to encourage me and gave me a low guttural moan to express her approval. "Yes… anything; I know you want to fuck my ass.

I'm kind of scared. I've heard it can hurt like hell, but I trust you so I'm going to let you do it. No.that's not quite right…I want you to do it—very much. It felt so wonderful, so exciting last night.

If that's what your fingers feel like I can't begin to guess what your wonderful cock is going to feel like. I want you to do it and I want it now." "Now?" "Why not? We're in bed, we're naked, and we're definitely in the mood. Get some lube and let's go!" I sat up and moved to the night table. Opening the door I removed a small box with all my condoms, sex toys, and lube.

I found some gel lube in a corner and turned back to my lover. "We're going to take it slow—really, really slow. In fact we may not even get very far this morning, but I promise you we will definitely do it.

I want to do it right so you'll want to do it again, and again, and again." She smiled and then laughed. Kneeling on the bed she threw both arms around my neck and pressed her naked body against mine. Her skin was warm and smooth in contrast to mine. Her tongue sought and found mine as our passion rose to unbelievable heights. She took the lube, put a generous dollop on her finger, and applied it directly to her asshole.

She worked it in with her finger, sighing with pleasure as she did. She removed her finger and rubbed the remaining gel all around my forefinger.

Then she turned around, and, kneeling, leaned forward onto her elbow pulling my hand toward her eager rosebud. I probed gently, working my finger all around before slowly pushing it in. The lube made it easy. Soon I was able to move all the way in and back out rapidly. I picked up the pace and as I did Morgan rotated her hips both to further encourage me and to increase her pleasure.

Now I lubed my middle finger and, withdrawing from her butt, placed both tips together before again pushing back in. There was some resistance now but her anus was adjusting to the presence of my fingers. Patiently I slid even more into her ass until my fingers were about halfway into her. I started to slide them in and out little by little, figuring this was the best way to expand and adjust her sex redwap xxxx porn story to accommodate the girth of my cock.

I rotated my fingers to simulate something cylindrical in her butt. She surprised me with how easily her ass was able to accommodate my digits. "I think I'm ready," she said, turning and smiling. "This feels really great and it's not hurting me at all." "OK, I'll give it a try, but I want you to promise you'll tell me if it hurts." "I will, I promise." I opened the lube and spread it generously over my pulsing erection. Placing it at the entrance to her hole, I placed my hands on her hips and applied a little pressure.

Her anus spread in response. The gel worked its magic and I slid gently into her. I checked her face for signs of pain. "OK?" I asked. "Yes, I can feel some pressure on my butt.

It's kinda like having a really big bowel movement—only a hell of a lot more fun." I kept up the pressure and suddenly heard an audible "POP," indicating the head had passed her sphincter. "That's the hard facial coverage for a pretty asian princess I said, "I'm in." Suddenly, she lunged back, forcing my cock straight into her bowel.

When her ass reached my abdomen she turned again. "I'm OK…no… much better than OK. I'm feeling incredible. My ass is all tingly and it's spreading all over me. Fuck me now…please! You know I love it hard." I pulled out, but not all the way, before plunging back in.

I fucked her faster and faster—harder and harder. I used my hands on her hips as leverage just as I would have were I fucking her doggie style. I noticed that Morgan's breathing was ragged and heavy. All she could say was "oooohhhh…oooohhh…oooohhh." I saw cum fill moms pussy hole reach down to tickle her clit.

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She rubbed herself hard just as I was responding to the tightness and heat in her ass. As I felt my balls churn, signaling the onset of my orgasm, Morgan shook and spasmed, screaming, "UNGGHH," over and over and over.

She collapsed onto the bed just as I shot four streams of hot white semen into her bowel. I fell on top of her, my cock still firmly entrenched. I moved behind her and took her into my arms, pulling her to me. "That was incredible." We both started laughing. We had made the exact same comment at exactly the same instant. I attempted to remove my cock but she stopped me. "I like it right where it is.

Leave it in…please!" I bent around her to kiss her again.

Eventually, of course, my cock shrunk so much it just popped out of her. Now I spun her around to hold her close in a super hug. "That was really wonderful, but not as wonderful as you. You amaze me. You may be small but you're more woman than anyone I've ever met." Now, unfortunately, we have to get up and&hellip." Before I could finish Marti my computer interrupted.

"Good morning, sir. Good morning, Morgan. I didn't want to interrupt. You were obviously having so much fun. I heard more "ungghh's" and "oooohhh's" than ever before. Sex must be addictive. You do it all the time." We howled. Dirty old man gets a really handy device with that thing he can stop time horny dude goes straight t almost hurt myself I laughed so hard.

Only a computer, capable of processing millions of data bits each second but incapable of human feelings could come up with a statement like that.

I had an idea. Hmmm…I wonder. "I was about to say we need to do a lot today. Like your clothes and stuff. And you really need a new ride. No woman of mine is going to be seen in a piece of shit like that thing you're driving. So let's go." "You're getting me a new car? Awesome!" She jumped off the bed into my arms, threw her arms around my neck, and rammed her tongue down my throat. I walked to the kitchen with her in my arms, placing her carefully in the chair before getting our coffee.

I made French toast and heated some real maple syrup along with some sausage patties. We sat close to each other-real close.

Actually she sat in my lap. We had a ball feeding and feeling each other. I dipped my finger into her pussy and made her beg me to let her lick it; it turned out she just loved her own taste.

I know I did. After breakfast we showered taking extra care to clean her ass of all the dried gel. Midway through, she grabbed the soap and scrubbed her anus before applying it all over my dick.

Her motions made me real hard real fast. I was surprised when she spun around and grabbed her ankles. She looked up. "Don't you recognize an invitation when you see one? I want you back in my ass again." I figured she was still pretty well spread when I placed my cock against her asshole. Soap is really slippery so I lined up, grasped her waist, and applied some pressure. "Push harder," I heard her say, "Harder.

I want you in there. I love the way it feels." I grabbed her hips even tighter and PULLED, forcing my way into her. Again, there was a "pop." Now I started thrusting into her, slowly at first, but increasing with every attempt.

I reached down and pushed two fingers into her delicious cunt; I teased her clit with my thumb. When she started to respond in earnest, I let go of her hip and reached around to massage her pert nipples. Nobody could resist this assault. Soon she started to shimmy and shake. Her hand found her pussy; she inserted a finger, mixing it with mine, before removing it and thrusting it into her mouth, savoring every single drop.

There was a sudden "OOOOOOHHHHHH FUCK!" as she started to straighten. I lifted her, suspending her ass on my rock hard erection. I rammed her up and down as I fingered her clit harder and harder until she tensed—and then released, her orgasm overwhelming her. I held her close to me, her head on my shoulder as I slowly removed my cock with another loud pop. "Ryan, that was so fucking amazing. What an orgasm I just had. It was like all the times I've cum in the past three years rolled into one.

I have never felt like that before and I can't wait to feel like that again. I only have one regret." "What?" I exclaimed. "What was wrong?" "No, nothing was wrong. My regret was that I waited until I was 22 to have anal. I should have done it years ago." "Well, I'm glad you waited.

I'm glad I was part of it." We finished our shower, dried each other, and dressed. "What's first?" I asked. "Pick up your stuff or go car shopping?" I knew what she'd say. What woman can resist shopping? Besides I was a little nervous about meeting her family. Of course, she wanted a convertible so after shopping around for a while we settled on a Mustang, red with a V6. I refused to get her a V8 because I didn't want her racing or dealing with more power than she could handle.

Hot playgirl rides like a wild pro pornstar hardcore would take delivery in two days so I had plenty of time to get to the bank for a withdrawal. Now, the hard part—facing her mother; Morgan hadn't said anything about her family except that she lived with her mother and younger sister. They seemed to have a good relationship so maybe things would be OK.

She directed me to a residential area just outside the resort area where we had first met. This area of the country has a lot of manufactured housing, the politically correct description of what we used to call mobile homes, even though none of them are technically mobile, being attached to a foundation or on concrete blocks.

Hers was a slightly run down single home, as opposed to a double-wide. Sure enough, Mom was home and was justifiably cool to me even though I made every effort to be polite and courteous. I could understand her concerns. I'm 40, Morgan is 22 and we've only known each other for two days before she decided she should move in with me. I'd probably be reserved under those circumstances, too. I think one of Mom's concerns was the loss of Morgan's income, but she'd find that was nothing to worry about.

I made more in a day than she made in a year so I could afford to be generous. We gathered up all of Morgan's possessions, which wasn't all that much. We easily fit all her clothes, DVD's, cosmetics, and other assorted girly stuff into the Porsche with plenty of room to spare.

There were some tears when we prepared to leave so I just excused myself and waited outside while Morgan said her good-byes. It obviously wasn't going to be forever; I only lived about 30 miles away. The time alone gave me the opportunity to think about my idea—the computerization of the female orgasm. I was sure that I could count on Morgan's help.

She'd make a perfect subject. I had on-line access to the libraries at MIT, Harvard, and the University of Chicago. I figured that if I could isolate those areas of the brain most affected during orgasm, feed the data into the computer and then reproduce the digitized data. This led to another idea, one that could make billions—what if the reproduced data could be reintroduced into a woman?

Would it trigger an orgasm? If I could do this it could be the sexual breakthrough of the ages. But, of course, the operative word was "if." There was a tear in her eye when Morgan appeared at the door. She hid it from me, but not too well. I held her, kissing her cheek while I started the car. I pulled away; we were ready to start our new life together. I explained my idea to Morgan on the way home. She was enthusiastic to help so I had to explain that it could take many months, even years before I could figure out a way to access the data and more to figure out what to do with it.

Even then it might be a total failure. Once home I sat at my PC, really a high speed server, to begin my research.

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I stayed with it until it was time to prepare dinner. Morgan had been busy putting her stuff away and finding her way all around the house which had five bedrooms, including the one I used for my office and three full bathrooms.

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I had a maid come in twice a week to clean; I had to. I'm lousy at cleaning anything, let alone a nine room house. After dinner I went back to work until about nine. I found Morgan lying in bed watching the 44-inch flat screen. "I'll be right back; I need a shower." I returned about fifteen minutes later dressed as usual for bed in a tee-shirt and gym shorts. Morgan was naked. "What are you wearing?" she asked. "Uh, my pajamas?" "I'm wearing my pajamas," she replied pointing to her naked body.

She turned, spread her legs apart and put her hands on her hips feigning anger. "You know, I don't think I'll really need these any more," so I dropped the shorts and ripped the shirt over my head.

I left both in a pile on the floor. Taking my hand she led me to the bed. Once curled up together she hugged me. "You were really nice to my mom, even though she was kind of home video hot girls partying on a lake in missouri. Too bad Sara wasn't there." "Sara?" I queried. "Yeah, my sister Sara; she's 16 and she looks a lot like me, only a little smaller if you can believe it. She has even more trouble with guys than I did." She reached over my shoulder and turned off the light.

We watched the TV for a while, our bodies entwined until we both fell asleep. We woke the following morning. The TV was off. I tried to sneak out of the bed and was almost halfway there when an arm snuck out and grabbed me. "Not so fast, mister; you have some work to do here first." I thought I could easily get used to this.

Chapter 2 Over a period of several weeks I developed a picture of how to proceed, the picture becoming brighter and clearer almost every day.

Finally, I had a plan—but would it work? Morgan was extremely supportive during this time even though I ignored her for long periods.

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One day I was lost in thought when I noticed some activity between my gf shares bfs big schlong with freaky roommate. I looked down to find Morgan naked again, working my zipper. "You're working too hard. You need some relaxation, besides I haven't had you in my ass in days." She was right-I had neglected her.

I stood, pulling her up to kiss her while slipping my hands down to cup her firm ass. "Umm, I need more of this," I said between her hot kisses. I pulled her ass toward me, rubbing her crotch into my thigh. Her hands continued their activity, working my belt, pants, and boxers free of my body.

I stepped out of them as my cock sprung to life. I'd neglected its needs as much as I'd neglected Morgan's. It throbbed and ached with desire. Morgan moved me to a chair, then knelt before me to lick and suck my cock. She cupped my balls, rubbing them to increase my need. She started to take me into her mouth. Over our weeks together she'd learned to deep throat me and now her lips were pressed against my pubic hair.

How she could do this without gagging or choking was a mystery; it felt fantastic. I had to stop her, though or I'd cum much too soon. I pulled her off so we could change places. I sat her on the arm of the chair so her sweet pussy would be almost at the same height as my mouth. I leaned her back as I moved in. Starting at her ass I licked up, covering her entire bald slit with my tongue until I reached her covered clit. I used my fingers to stimulate it, forcing it to grow in yearning. I rubbed gently as I pushed my tongue into her.

She responded by wrapping her legs tightly around my head and pushing her mound against my face. She was becoming wet; she soaked my face, the aroma was intoxicating. Now it was her turn to pull away.

She smiled at me as she handed me a tube of lube.

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I had no idea where she had kept it during our lovemaking. I rubbed a generous amount into her ass before sliding my fingers in. We'd had anal often, especially during her period when she was really horny, but found vaginal sex unappealing. Her anus was well accustomed to both my fingers and my cock, so going slow wasn't as important as it had been early on. Soon she was ready. I lifted her legs onto my shoulders, and standing, brought her butt in line with my cock. I pushed gently. She had plenty of lube in her ass already so I easily entered her forbidden hole.

The now familiar "pop" signaled my entry. I stroked deep into her, running up against her internal sphincter. She moved up to meet my thrusts. We humped avidly increasing our tempo in proportion to our passion. Morgan began to rub her clit, slowly at first, then more speedily with the increase in our tempo. Her eyes rolled back, her breathing became more rapid and shallow. She was almost ready. Her anal orgasms had increased in intensity as her familiarity grew.

I could see she was in for a whale of one now. I wasn't far behind her. The tightness of her ass, her heat, and the historically forbidden nature of the act were driving me well over the edge. I wanted to, but I couldn't hold back. It felt like an avalanche of cum black police officers boning while cities are being looted erupting through that tiny hole and just as I did Morgan's eyes glassed over and her body tensed before exploding in a violent release.

We were both spent—totally. I couldn't move so I fell to the floor pulling Morgan down with me, my cock still wedged into her butt.

She reached for me as she fell. "I love you" was all I heard before she passed out. My work progressed to the stage of data collection. I had fashioned a helmet lined with sensors designed to pick up electric pulses from Morgan's brain during sex and orgasm. I hadn't yet computed what to do with the data, but that would come soon enough. Morgan laughed when she saw the helmet, but when I kissed her long and hard her resistance disappeared.

It was like making love to a robot. She couldn't move much because of the wires so I played the more active role. The sensors lit up wildly as she reached a mild orgasm. I could hear the hard drives recording all the activity. I still needed to compare the results katrena kafe xxx porn borst the control I would take later in the day.

It took a while and lots and lots of fucking leading to many orgasms, but I finally felt I had the integral data. When I played it into Marti her monitor lit like a psychedelic display from the '70's.

"Congratulations, Marti. You just had your first orgasm." "I found it most stimulating, sir, unlike anything I have experienced before. It was extremely enjoyable. No wonder you and Morgan are so interested in sex." I reassembled the neurological impulses, ready to restore them to Morgan. The test was to see if she could become stimulated while the impulses were fed back to her through the helmet. I had her sit calmly in a chair.

Her breathing was slow and regular. The room was dark and quiet. I turned on the computer, the helmet lit up as the pulses were transmitted. And…nothing! It was as I had feared. The orgasmic process was much more complicated. In addition to the neural responses there were probably countless hormonal changes, all of which had to be perfectly coordinated. No computer could compete with the complexities of the human brain. I was a bit discouraged until Morgan sat in my lap.

She looked ridiculous in the helmet. "Just as well," she said seriously. "It's a lot more fun the real way." She rose, dropped the helmet into the trash, and led me to the bedroom.

On reflection she was probably right. It was more fun this way.