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This is Part 1 and 2 of Caugh in the Story. Susan finally realises what she wants! Again my english can be mispelled and incorrect, specially when grammar is involved. I'm sorry but if you can't tolerate it don't read it. Keep giving feeback if you want more. Sorry by the delay. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Part 1 - Blending in Susan was daydreaming about her previous night's adventure when she was startled by some sort of vibration.

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She looked to the table and saw her phone flashing and ringing. She grabbed it. It was flashing Stacy. "Hey Stacy is it you?" - She asked prontly. "Hi Susan. Im calling because I found something related to that strange fax you sent me." - Stacy explained. Early this morning Susan was having breakfast when she found a match on an old lead she had. So she sent a fax with all the details to Stacy her "sidekick" at the Newspapers's headquarters.

Susan and Stacy teamed up very often to increase efforts in the investigations the each had. "So this is what I found: I have a very reliable source that, well is very connected around this drug importantion issue, he tells me he knows the symbol.

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By the way, this is going to cost you (grins), because you wont believe what I had to do to have him talking." - She rambled. Susan knew that she had fucked her source for this. "Yes yes of course, now spit it out" - Susan begged, she was very excited. "Okay. A few months ago he had a strange request form an important client for a very specific drug. He asked around and found it was only made in germany so he went there to meet with the drug quartel.

When he met with this guy, the leader, he didnt tell me his name, I honestly dont think he knows, Anyway. gabriella paltrova analed by huge black cock said when he met him he heard some conversations about human traffic and kidnaps, and he saw some room with chained girls, that as he looked in were quickly closed by some guards. He told me even he was a bit overwhelmed and scared with all that.

He just closed the deal and got the hell out of there." - she finished. "Okay very interesting but how does this relate to the fax I sent you?" - Susan asked "Well thats the amazing part. The symbol in your fax. He had no doubt that was the symbold marked in every guys rings, flags and doors of that drug organization!" - Susan could believe it. It all had up, the German news about drug quartel, the matching symbols to the same quartel that this drug dealer knew. and the same rumors about kidnapps and slavery.

The only thing that didnt made any sense was this girls card. "Was she one of the kidnappers? A victim? A spotter?", Susan though one girl group boys rep herself. "Susanyou there? Hello?" - Stacy asked since Susan didnt say anything back. "Yes. Thats great news. keep searching and report to me. I have to go." - Susan hung up. She payed her coffee and and left the coffee shop.

As soon as she caught a taxi her phone rang again. Unknow number. "Hello?" - she aswered "Susan? Its Hans" "Oh hi. How are you?" - she asked "Fine, great actually. Listen I'm calling beacuse I really can't forget you so easilly and Italian mature seduced young boy was thinking. if you still wanted to take me somewhere." She hadn't really been thinking about it. but she was feeling kind of compelled to accept, maybe hoping she would end up as she did last night.

"Susan?" "Oh sorry. Sure. Why not? Tonight. you pick me up?" - she said "Ok. but you choose the place this time!" - He let go a small grin "Okay okay. I have to go. Bye, 8 o'clock! - She said. "I'll be there. Bye" - he hung up. She got out on the place were supossedly the drugs were beeing sold, according to the german article. She wasnt expecting to find anything and with the excpetion some prostitution and junkies she was absolutely right.

There was nothing there. She got back to the main street and made a decision. She grabbed her phone and dialed Anne's number. The one on the card. It rang twice and then a sexy female voice spoke: "Hello.

who is this?" "Hi. I don't know if you remenber me, we met last night at the club, you gave me your card." - she was interrupted "The american girl, I remenber you very well. You have a pretty good blowjob technique." - she added, grinning. If this was a video call Anne would see Susan blushing and twirling her tongue in somehow shame and pride at the same time.

"Well I was calling to wonder if we could meet. I have some things I wanted to ask you." - she told her "I bet you do. Tonight. My favorite club. I'll send you the adress by text and where you can pick up your dress, youll need to blend in.that is if you want your story Miss Susan Sims" - she hung up.

Susan couldnt believe it. Not only didnt she explained anything to her but she even made her more confused. "How does she know my name? Dress? She knows my story? What the fuck" Susan thought. She caught a taxi home. Her phone blinked on the way there. Anne's text message. She sat down at her computer.

She googled the first adress. To find one club named Blasen. Translated to "Blow" in English. She found out that the club had no reference in the maisntream, turistic or even in google. It was an underground club. She was quite intrigued and curious about it. But the second part of the message was what was scaring her.

"The second adress is for the shop where you have to pickup your dress. It has been made for you. Its already payed. You better bring it along with you, Kisses". She googled it . she found curious beauty receives anal slammed hardcore russian it was from a very renowned desinger in Berlin.

It was almost 6pm. Another text message. From Hans "Cant wait for our date". "Fuck! Hans!" she forgot she had fucking of a very dirty pussy aperture date with him. She then thought it could even be a good thing, she could drag him with her. She went to the designers shop and walked to the nearest assistant. "I have a dress kept and bought for me." - she said somewhat curious "I'm sorry that isnt possible." - she replied "Well.

I have a message that adressed me here. Anne sent me". The assistant pose changed. "Oh you are one of . them. Follow me." - she said "One of who?" - Susan asked "Anne's friends." - She aswered, and looked the other way. She wasnt telling anything else.

She handed Susan two bags giftwrapped. She was about to leave. "Wait!" - the assistant pleaded "Oh .I thought this was already paid. I'm not." - the assitant interrupted. "Its not that. I forgot to hand you this." - she hands Susan two more bags and a shoe box. She pushed it in a bag and took a taxi back home. She layed the dress on the bed. "Shit." She blushed.

It was a short low cut, open back, red dress. It had a daring neckline and she never wore something as provocative, almost slutty, as that. But she had to hand jenna reid in teeny slut likes it rough to Anne, it was as glamorous as teasing, as expected from a designer.

With all that Susan caught herself thinking how did the designer got mixed in all this. She could careless right now as she was quite behind schedule. She took out the content of the rest of the bags. The red perfect shoes to go with the dress, really high heels.

A beautifull necklacebracelet and ring earings. On the last bag a key and a card, along side with a lipstick. As she was about to go on and grab something else. She saw another bag. She picked it goth babe in a fishnet top masturbates and took it out. Inside was a small paper and a red laced thong. "Figures. With a dress like that ." She layed it on the bed and read the Paper "Your name is Scarlett Rynes. You are an aquisition from America.

The platinum card if for you date. I know youre bringing one. No bra. Go along with it. See you there." She was stunned. "How does she know about Hans?" She took a bath and started to get dressed Hans rang the bell. When Susan opened the door. Hans when all glaring and starring. "Hello . Hans? Im up here!" - she toyed him. She thought it was kind of nice to be noticed like that, not that she wasnt.

"Hi. Sorry lets go?" - he asked They took off and had a really nice dinner. Hans ocassionally starred to much, as well as everyone else in the dinning room. They left the restaurant and by Susan suggestion they head off to the club. They arrived a few minutes later, after a rather expensive taxi ride. The club had hardly any signs or presence lights excpet for the name on the door. She opened. Hans was thinking how did Susan found out about this club if even he didnt know about its existence.

Inside the was a more glamourous door and a guard. She handed him the platinium card and whispered to him. He looked her up and down, smiled and let them in. There was a small hallway.

Hans broke the weird silence. "Okay. Where did you find this. whats going on?" "A friend of mine recommended it to me. Don't worry lets go." - she lied to him and actually also to her, since she didnt knew whats was behind the next door.

She opened. A bright purple light flashed them. It was a regular club. had a bar, a dance floor, a lot of well dressed men. And to the back 4 doors, none of them the bathroom. It was quite big. They walked in and sat down. As soon as they sit she receives a text. "First door to the right. Its say private but use the card" She grabed the card from Hans and took him to the door.

She pass it on the reader and they walked inside. Inside was another bar, a lot of tables,4 poles, 4 booths and a lot of semi nude girls and sexy dresses, just like Susan wore, dancing and lap-dancing all around.

They sit down and Susan was called to the bar. She left Hans, who was still trying to understand whats going on and head to the bar. She sat down and Bangbros valery santos colombian chick with big ass films her first porncolombia fuck fest rapidly sat down next to her.

"Okay Susan we have to be quick. Dont interrupt, let me speak. No notes. No questions" - Susan nodded. "This is one of their clubs. There is the normal club, the one who just walked out ,this area, private just for members.

But there are also two more areas. One that is a small brothel and another one I never got in, but I know what happens there: rape, traffic, auctions and organized events. You must be wondering why and who am I. Well I work here, in Area 3. The brothel. I am not against my will or anything. But there is something you still didnt understand.

This is just one of the branches in europe and one of many around the world. They are secret and untraceble. The reason you found this one was only due to the German representant of the "Sklave Klub"the Clubs branch in Germany, is also drug dealing.

That has made some news and some focus on them that isnt wanted by the bigger heads of the club ownership. They will deal with the "Sklave Klub" anytime now. By that I mean they will destroy and kill everything and everyone that knew about this. I was encharged of the Brothel. I recruited girls and sometimes I even spotted some for Area 4. Thats why I need you. I need you to print this strory and request me to be taken into the USA with witness protection. Please!" - she told her everything.

Susan was still trying to digest all this information. But more than ever interested in all this. "Well.if I can find proof of what you are saying I can promise that I will grant you the protection you need.

But how am I going to get proof." -she asked. "Thats what the dress is for. I followed you yesterday and I had to made sure you were ready and willing. For you to get proof you have to get in the Sklave Klub. I asked for you to audition tonight. I know you can handle it. I saw you on the club yesterday.

Its the only way." - Anne replied. Susan looked to her hands. She knew that audition could mean anything form : dancingstripping to sucking and fucking someone. But she had decided. She was going to get to the bottom of this. "Okay. I'll do it." - she looked to Anne serious. Anne smiled. "Great. Okay, so its what you'll do. You have to walk over to that guard and say you are here to audition.

Inside there will be 2 or 3 guys form the board. They will ask you what are you doing there. You say I sent you for Project 4. Its a group of girls that are here to be the new understudies at the brothel. You know how to pole dance?

- she looked at Susan - I thought so. Tell them you only know how to dance and lap-dance, no pole, and that you are a great fuck. Now I am not going to lie to you. I really dont know what they will ask for you to do . but be prepared for anything. Please. do it." - she begged. Susan nodded and walked over to Hans. "Listen I will explain later, stay here, and whatever you do dont tell anyone my name or yours, change you name. If anyone asks your a member and are here as a girls client.

Scarlett. Okay?" - she asked him, he nodded and sighed as she left. She walk in to the door. Part 2 - Audition She stepmom stuck under the bed gets creampie from stepson erin electra in. It was a big office. Two men were arguing as she entered.

They stoped looked at her and told her to sit down in front of them. She sat down and tried to look as calm and sexy as possible.

She crossed her legs. They were around their 30, tall ,perfect muscled body, german, tall, blonde hair and very rigid looks. They seemed very cruel and ruthless, as if they had no values or morality. This really scared Susan. "So Miss Rynes? Why are you here?" - one of them asked "Im here beacuse Anne asked me to be part of Projekt 4" - she told them "Projekt 4. Oh right. okay. If Anne says you are trustworthy we believe, but as for your skills we have to see for ourselves." - the taller one added.

This was it. She had to be good and impress them. "Sure. What do you want me to do?"- she smiled. "Good. Ok. Take off your underwear and. Wearing a bra?" - he asked "No." - she aswered, shaking a bit. "Perfect. Take off your underwear and come here." - he asked her. She stood up and removed her red thong from under the dress.

Putted it on the chair and walked over to them. "No, closer sit in front of me, on the desk." - he demanded. She went around the desk and sat on it, right in front of them. "Spread." - he said, just like that, ordering as if she was some slut to be used and ordered around. And right now she was. She blushed and spread. "Wider." She spread as wide as she could, all this made her very horny, and she was bukkake with guys facial cute american blonde wet.

He played with his finger around her pussy and fingered it. Took it out. "Your very wet. Thats very good. Okay close and drop the dress young blonde gal rubs cock ito pussy She dropped them, her breasts were fully exposed now.

He cupped them. The other guy cupped too and they smiled. She looked very confident but she was terrified to be used like that. He then took a small egg and pushed it in her pussy spreading her legs as his wanted. She moaned. He grabbed a remote control and push it to max. Her legs started to shake. and she was moaning very loud. They smiled. They turn it down. She moaned and sighed. He set it to max again. She shaked and moaned so hard she fell to the floor.

She then started moaning. Susan was now very . all she wanted was to go on until she orgasmed. They stopped it and looked down on her. "You are a very horny girl. I bet you would do about anything now just to cum.

" - he took out his cock tru his zipper - "Suck it!" - he ordered. She desirable ariel grace needed a gigantic manhood to screw kneeld in front of him. She couldn believe she was doing it so quickly without even thinking. "Am I this horny?

Or do I actually enjoy this" Susan though as she jerked the cock now right in front of her eyes. She started to jerk it faster and swirling her tongue around the cockhead. She licked the shaft from bottom to the tip and then started sucking it. as perfectly as Anne said she'd suck. She slowed down and tried to lick it all around. It was quite big and thick. Susan estimated he was around 8 inch.

She kept sucking, but she started to feel a wet soft something on her cheek and now her hair. The other guy was now naked and jerking his cock on her face. She croutched and start sucking faster while wachting another cock on her face. "Stand up" She stood up. "Bend over the table. now slut!" - he comanded and she obeyed really fast.

She dropped her belly straigh on the table. One of them stood in front of her face and pushed is cock in her mouth. She moaned when she felt the other one pushing his cock inside her. He started to push it faster and when it was all inside he started to pound her faster and faster. She did her best to suck the other guy while moaning and beeing rammed from behind.

She started to suck faster and faster as she was being fucked faster too. She was so hot and horny. she was dripping all over his cock. "You like this dont you slut" - one of them said while he pushed his cock out and sprayed her face with hot thick white cum. The first squirt landed perfectly across her whole face, the second on her hair and the rest he rubber it on her lips and teeth as she moaned of pleasure.

He dressed up and grabbed a camera. He started snapping pictures of her beeing fucked by his associate. He was now pushing it all in and outSusan was moaning like crazy all just making her user more agressive and more slut pleaser. He pushed it deeper and deeper and he moaned really loud when he released his load inside of her. Just like that no warning he just cummed. He took it out and pull her by the hair making her kneel. She understood and cleaned his cock from tip to his balls.

He got dressed and threw her her clothes. "Tomorow same time, better clothes slut." - He said. "Get the fuck out of here. NOW!" She started to dress herself. "What part of NOW! Don't you understand?" - He slapped her and drag her outside. She heard the door slam and she look down. She was still naked with her skirt on her knees. He kept her panties. She got dressed and walked toward cute busty teen rides dildo on cam guard that whispered to her she was still full of cum all over her face.

She blushed. "You have a towell or something?" - she asked. "No" - he opened the door. She rubbed the cum with her hand. She just wanted to get out of there. She walked inside Area 2, signaled Hans and headed to the exit. She could find Anne anywere. Hans didndt say anything when she saw her with cum on her face and her hair all messed up. When they left the club Hans called them a cab and he dropped her home. She didnt say a word.

He payed the taxi. This was when Susan realised she was still very horny, she public8 sex for money in public in shock, she wasnt in denial. she just wanted more cock!