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Malabimba subtitulada castellano sexploitation italiana sub subtitulos
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Chapter 1: BEGINNING. Chapter Text I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE CHARACTERS DEPICTED IN THIS STORY. Chapter 1 Mark Saint hadn't really believed his eyes when he woke up in an alley in GOTHAM CITY. For a second he even thought that one of his brothers was playing an elaborate joke on him and had dropped him off on a Warner bros movie set.

That's what he thought, until a black blur happened to pass quickly near the alley's entrance followed by a group of heavily armed thugs and a crazy looking clown with a insane smile and wearing a purple suit.

'Don't let him get away,we've finally got that bat cornered.And nobody kill him.Nobody gets to kill the bat but me.' HOLY FUCKING SHITTT! The joker. He was in the fucking DCU.And of all places Gotham city.This city had enough crackpots and nut jobs to even make Lucifer nervous.Bane, Joker, Dr Freeze,The penguin, Deadshot, Scarecrow.Goddamnit!Why not just throw him on Apokolips with Darkseid and be done with it.Why was he even here? In his own world he was.dead. He froze.He was dead.He remembered now.Those last days.

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@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@[email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ The doctor had just come back two hours later with his test results.He'd been feeling really under the weather lately.He hoped this would be over soon.He really needed to get back to work.The doctor wrote some notes on in his book before looking at him gravely.

'I'm sorry to tell you this Mr Saint, but you have a rare form of heart disease that I'm afraid we can't cure.At the very most you have about 3,4 months tops to live.I suggest you begin to put your affairs in order.Once more, I'm very sorry.' @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@END [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ After telling his mother and making a will,exactly three months and four days later, he had died in a hospital bed,alone.Mark didn't have a girlfriend, never finding one he thought would like or come to love him.His brother and sister, though loving, had long since married,become rich and though they loved him, had been too busy with their own families to always be there for him.

He was good in security technology.And in later years taken on teaching in high schools when no one needed any security installed on their computers to make ends meet.Not much smarts, anti social a loner.He was the last person to drop in a heroes universe,let alone the DC UNIVERSE.And of all places GOTHAM.Why not kill him now? Mark took a look at his clothes.He had a xxxx storys school sex stories 2019 of dark gloves on, black trousers,A black shirt with a white Cross on it and a silver crucifix hung from his neck.What the Fuck?

He was religious, but not THAT religious.

He saw a black hoodie next to him and put it on, removing the crucifix to lay on the hoodie's front and walked out of the alley. Nearby,gunshots and explosions were coming from a warehouse as batman fought off the joker and his thugs inside while the Gotham police swarmed the outside with a crowd of reporters and camera crews from various network stations and civilians close by,trying to get a glimpse of what was going on inside.He moved through the crowd and got near enough to the mobile command center to see, to his shock, Commisioner Gordon giving commands to the officers.

'Hold your positions and keep these crowds away.Nobody gets near that warehouse.I have confirmation that Nightwing,Robin and Batgirl are on their way.No one moves in till I say so. Mark almost snorted.If only he knew that batgirl was his daughter.He'd have a heart attack.That information would probably give the veteran police boss a stroke.Another small explosion rocked the nearby warehouse.Seemed joker really wanted batman dead tonight.He shrugged and started to move from teen joins horny couple for sex tryst the crowd to leave.He couldn't do anything.Might as well go and hope batman survived this latest rumble with the clown prince of crime.Perhaps if he was inside the warehouse he could distract joker long enough for batman to gain the upper hand.

And as soon as the thought formed, he found himself not two metres from a beaten up joker and a bleeding and injured batman on the floor with said joker with a gun pointed to his head.Joker's thugs were all down for the count though.Mark's eyes widened.

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THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED?!?!?! The joker sensed his presence and turned to look at him and so did the injured Gotham knight,surprise on the clowns face for being caught unaware.

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'Who the blazes are yo.?' Mark didn't hesitate after a moments confusion.He gave the joker a well charged uppercut sending the clown down and making him release the gun.Mark winced in pain.He had never punched someone before and it showed and FELT.At least joker was unconscious,too beaten up by the Gotham knight to move after the final hit.Batman showed no emotions as mark turned to him, pulling his hood on as he did.

'Who are her slippery dildo has never been wetter sent you?'the batman asked. Silence. Mark didn't answer but moved slowly towards him.On instinct more than anything,mark streched out his arm and caught and held his hand.A warm white light glowed around batman and a minute later his whole body was healed.Nothing, not even an old battle scratch was all over his body.Bruce stood up for a second and looked at him.He seemed ready to talk when suddenly mark felt 3 energy signatures approaching them.The rest of the bat family were here.He needed to leave.

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He knelt on one knee instinctively and suddenly two great white wings appeared on his back, feathers falling everywhere.Mark gave Bruce AKA Batman one look from beneath his hood before launching into the air and disappearing into the night. 'BATMAN!' Nightwing,Robin and Batgirl charged into the warehouse to find a silent and contemplative batman Staring up at a hole in the roof that had great silver white feathers falling from it.The rest of the Gotham PD also burst in, armed to the teeth to find joker and his thugs knocked out.

'Batman,are you alright?'Robin asked, worried at his mentors silence. Batman was silent for one more minute before he turned to the group of young heroes and said something slam xxx spotlight real orgasm would mark a new beginning in the universe. 'I think I met an angel.And I'm going to find him.' TO BE CONTINUED.