Angela medina gets a dildo and a dick

Angela medina gets a dildo and a dick
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"You sexy thing, sexy thing. I believe in miracles…", sang the radio along with a happy Homer, driving home from work. He parked the car and entered him home. The kids were watching TV and Marge was taking meals out of the oven. Having heard the door close, she shouted "Kids!

Diner!" That night, the Simpsons were having chicken, except Lisa of course, who was having tofu. -So then, Bart said, Mrs. Krabapple turned to the board and I used my last elastic to hit her glass of coffee, which made it tip and fall over our exams. I guess we'll have to do it again, but now, I know what to study. -And you, what did you do?

-We received the notes from our last exam. I got an A++… but of course, Alison had an A+++. Stupid Alison, Lisa said under her breath.

-Oh, Homer started, by the way honey, Mr. Smithers is coming to visit us tonight. He says he wants to talk about something important concerning the family. He didn't mention what though. *** Later that evening, Waylon Smithers arrived. They all sat in the dinning room, except Maggie who was sleeping upstairs.

-Ok, as I come here, know that this doesn't concern your job at the power plant. This is on my own terms.

Even Mr. Burns doesn't know. Actually, this might be the one thing he doesn't know about me. They all looked at each other, meaning "yeah, that and the fact that you're gay." -I come with a proposition.

I've interacted quite often with your family and find it quite charming. On my time off, I built a company, Snurb Corporation, which is registered and legal. Officially, it researches pharmaceutics products, but it never saw the light of any medical stuff. Actually, it deals with underground pornography. He waited until their obvious shock passed. They always are, he thought, but they always see the light. -I very well understand your reaction, but believe me, it's not as bad as it sounds.

-Get to the point, said Bart. Waylon took a deep breath before blurting out the whole truth about why he was there. -Homer, I would like you and your family to make pornographic videos. Marge's voice covered the rest: WHAT?! -I understand your concern Mrs.

Simpson, and… -And nothing! I want you out of my house, NOW! -Please, if you would just let me explain. -Homer, show him the door. She didn't shout anymore, but her voice was ice cold. Homer had rarely seen her so angry and he knew the best was to obey, for the time being at least. -This way Mr. Smithers. Homer followed Smithers to his car.

-Well, I've got your wife's answer, but what did you thing, Homer? -I don't know… how much does it pay? -5000 dollars for your first movie, if it's what I'm interested in. -5000?! That's a lot of money! -And easy money too… Look, I see your wife in the window looking at me and quite frankly, I'm scared of her. Here's my card, call me on my beeper anytime, day or night. Smithers slipped a card to Homer before taking off in his red convertible.

Homer hummed while looking at the card, reading: Waylon Smithers, CIO of Snurb Corporation. *** That night, when everyone was sleeping, Marge went down to the kitchen for a glass of water. She couldn't exquisite and wet asian oral stimulation japanese and hardcore due to her thinking so much. She heard hernagging voice repeatedly saying "No", to an invisible Smithers, along with how immoral it was, against the law and the bible… However, behind that voice was another one, smaller, telling her she never had any fun, that it could be an easy income.

Marge was so self absorbed that she didn't hear Bart come in. -Hey mom. -Hi sweetie.

Why are you up so late? You have school tomorrow. -I couldn't sleep. I was thinking about… homework. -Homework? -Well, maybe it's about Mr. Smithers. Bart served himself a glass of water before sitting down in front of his mother. They just sat there, silently except for the sips of water, lost in thought for a moment. -What do you thing about this, asked Marge. -I can understand why you don't want to. -But what do you think?

Bart took a drink of his water, not myanmar sexest vigin girl sex his mom in the eyes, uncomfortable. -Why don't you ask Lisa? She has an opinion on everything. -Because I want to know your thoughts. Bart took another nervous drink, still not looking ravishing starlets get fucked in an orgy in the face.

-Well I… suppose… it would be alright. He didn't look at her, but he felt her eyes. Mad eyes? Sad eyes? She took a sip. Her little boy was becoming a man. -How, asked Marge, amazingly controlling her voice to keep it neutral, how would this be alright? -You're mad, aren't you. -I'm not mad, I'm just… concerned, as Smithers said.

Concerned for all of your well beings. -Well, the way I see it, it would bring the family together in a fun activity and we'd be paid for it. -What about the law?

What if we get caught? -Ask Smithers. You didn't leave him much time to explain himself. I'm sure if he does this, he must have a good backup plan. Bart got up and returned to his room. Marge just looked into the darkness. Maybe… he was right. In some twisted way, what he said was true.

What is they did do it? Would it really be better? First thing would have to be talk to Mr. Smithers, and then choose. Marge went back to her room and returned to bed. Homer wasn't asleep. She knew because he wasn't snoring, and because a Snrub Corporation card was left on her pillow. *** The next day, Marge confirmed with Lisa, the only who hadn't given her opinion yet, if she was for or against it. Lisa gave her the big thumbs up, having herself already considered the matter.

If any doubt was left in Marge's mind, it all left with the confidence in Lisa's voice. That day, none of them could concentrate on their tasks, which obviously didn't change much for Bart).

Marge even had to get cookies at the store because she burned hers. And finally, the time came. Smithers rang. -Mr. Smithers, welcome back.

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Please come in. -Thank you Mrs. Simpson. I suppose that means you've reconsidered my proposition. -I really much apologise for all this. I overreacted. As for your proposition, we'll have to talk first.

This isn't something to take lightly. -Right you are. And don't worry about yesterday, it's natural that you want to protect your family. It only shows that you love them very much.

And besides, I've seen worst. Don't ask me what, xxx story of shakira dare believe me, I've seen worst. -Please, let's sit in the living room. The cookies were already on the table. Marge offered drinks to which everyone answered milk, except beer for Homer.

-Now that we are settled, let's begin with the questions. First, did you ever have problems with the law? -No, none at all.

When I started this, I knew the law would be big concern. I managed to bribe the judge and get him in my pocket.

Quimby jumped at the idea of making movies so he's on my pay list and the mayor is just happy with the extra "tax" money Snrub brings to the city. It's taxed higher, but it's worth every penny. -Who has access to this, asked Lisa. Is there danger for my reputation? -Only people who produced at least one movie have access. The distribution is made in the country or world wide, which is at the discretion of the people producing it.

The people who see this are like you. I'm associated with a world wide group and let me tell you: every detail has been checked and rechecked. There is a reason why they stand since the early 50s. -Who are "they" exactly? -I'm sorry, I can only tell you as much as I already have. But they are so powerful that they have influence over the president, and not only of this country.

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-Mr. Smithers, said Homer, please tell us about the five grand. -Well, since you are new, you can only go as high as 5 thousand dollars. However, later movies can bring up to 20 thousand. -What will be expected of us? danish nikita is gloryhole and bukkake fun scenes, a normal first timer.

I would like to see every family member at least once, including Maggie, but the most important is to see all the kids.

An infant must be present in every scene. I want a clear shot of everything, so you'll usually need a cameraman, although some have made wonders with a stable camera. As for the rest, you may have the type of sex you wish: vaginal, anal, oral, masturbation (even though that isn't worth much), hetero, gay and lesbian.

Smithers fell silent and no one added anything. They were now all convinced that this would be a good thing, a great thing even. Everyone turned towards Marge. -Well Mr. Smithers, she said, where do we sign? *** Later that night, after their new boss left, Marge, Homer, Bart and Lisa sat at the table, their new video came in the centre and a notepad and pencil in front of Lisa.

-Ok, Marge said, if we are going to do this, we need a plan. -But why honey? We never needed a plan before, -This is a video that will be seen by, hopefully, tons of people.

I want to get it right. What should we do as a first scene? -How about Homer taking Lis' in the butt? -But why, said Marge. -I don't know, because she's playing her saxophone. -Or maybe I could come home sad because of a bad grade and dad would cheer me up. Actually, Bart could cheer me up as well. -Now there's a good idea, approved Marge. Put it down as scene one, well, if everyone agrees… They did and after planning the four other scenes, they prepared the camera Smithers had given them.

Everyone went into place. -Ok, places everyone. Lights, camera and… action! *** Scene 1 Lisa gets a bad grade *** Lisa opened the door and ran up the stairs, crying, and slammed the door to her room. Bart came in right after. -What's with her, asked Homer. -I don't know but she was crying all the way on the school bus. I tried to ask her but she wouldn't tell.

She didn't look like she was physically hurt though. Homer and Bart went up and knocked on Lisa's door. They only heard muffed sobbing on the other side. They slowly pretty passenger convinced to get railed by fake driver the door. Lisa was on her bed with her pillow over her head. -Lisa, what's wrong?

-My life is ruined. -Why so honey? She took a sheet of paper and gave it to Homer. It was a report card and she had an F in history. -Oh Lisa, I'm sorry. But you know, your life isn't finished because of that. You'll have other grades and I'm sure you'll have an A+ on your next history test, an A++ even. Lisa sobbed softer now, but still kept her head hidden. Bart then approached her slowly and put his hand on her red dress.

-I know what would cheer you up.

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He moved his hand downward and under her dress to her private parts. He started rubbing through the softness of her panties. Even from under the pillow, he could hear her moans. He rubbed softly, sensually, until he felt wetness. Bart then proceeded to remove the panties, to which Lisa didn't object. He slowly pulled, making the silky undergarments slide, which made Lisa giggle a bit.

Bart then took the pillow hairy ebony pussy and babe threesome hd putting my bone in the th hole lifted it from her head.

-I want to see your face. She was still face down, but she turned her face to her brother, nodded and turned on her back. He put the pillow under her head. Bart returned to her love lips and entered a finger between them, probing the wetness with tenderness. He entered a second and started pumping rhythmically in and out of her. He moved on the bed and added a breast massage from under her dress to the finger fuck. Lisa had her eyes closed, mouth slightly opened, panting and moaning with each thrust and rub.

-No more Bart. I want YOU. Bart removed his hand and removed his shirt, shoes, socks, pants and underwear in a few seconds, leaving only a nude golden boy to be admired by his blonde housewife aimee addisons husband watches her get railed by a stud and their dad. Homer was still in the room, looking at his kids and holding his crotch area while jumping from one foot to another. Bart turned to his sister. -Do you mind?

-Only if you do. -Homer, why don't you come here and unwind. He didn't need more encouragement and so he too undressed, while Bart helped Lisa remove her clothing. He then put his erect member at her pussy and thrust completely in. -Homer, you'll have her ass. Their father got on the bed and put his own hard member, a bigger and hairier copy of Bart's, at Lisa's rectal entrance.

-Don't go in dry! Don't go in dry! Homer had never done ass before. He asked his daughter to "please give it a few licks, for lubrication". Lisa passed her tongue all around Homer's big maleness, which sent a shiver down his spine. Bart still didn't move and waited for his dad to bumfuck his sister. He reasoned that even though this was great, THAT would be better.

So Homer returned to the hole and poked the entrance. He grabbed her young hips and slowly entered her. She was less tight then he would of imagined, but he still could well feel the flesh taking hold of him.

Bart started pumping in his sister, which Homer copied. The sensation was all new and highly exciting for all three of them. Lisa had never felt such passion, the love of a boy and a man, family, pushing their love in her every crevasse at the same time.

Homer had never felt such tightness around his cock, since he had never done any fucking in an ass, much less with a child. Bart could feel the energy Homer was putting into the act, the rubbing of his dad's dick fucking of a very dirty pussy aperture his own, through Lisa and his ass rubbing against his father's chest. Finally, Homer let out a shout as he let his warm cum flow to Lisa's inners. Bart and Lisa came soon afterwards, almost at the same time, drenching their sex organs with each other's sweet sweet juice.

Bart let himself hug and kiss Lisa, which still in her. -I love you Lis'. -I love you Bart. -And I love you both, Homer said, also in Lisa and hugging them both. -Thanks for cheering me up. *** Scene 2 Bart's HOMERwork *** Bart was browsing the Internet in Lisa's room, looking at various gay porn sites, a pad besides him and taking notes.

He then cleared the cache like his sister had showed him and returned to his own room. There, he proceeded to look at gay porn magazines.

-Hey! That dude looks like Milhouse, Bart said, and it looks like he loves what he is fed. Homer then passed in the hallway and seeing Bart looking at homoerotic magazines, he popped in for a visit. -Bart, what are you doing?

-I need to finish this work on homosexuality for school. I thought that by looking at these I'd be inspired. -Well, there is another way… Homer unzipped and put down his pants and underwear, revealing his limp cock. -Dad, what are you… -Does this work matter to you? -Well, yeah. -Then I suggest you start sucking boy. Bart looked at his father's dick, got up and tentatively took it in his hand. He rubbed it a bit, playing with his balls and making Homer moan softly.

Bart then gave it a kiss, first on the yellow skin, then on the tip, where he tasted a few drops of precum. Not hating the salty taste, he then took the tip of the manhood in his mouth, sucking and licking and making Homer "ah" and "oh". Homer grabbed his son's head and thrust his cock inside his mouth.

Bart gagged from surprise, but accepted it and continued pumping his head. The man was trying to contain himself, but it was all just too exciting and so he quickly released himself in Bart's mouth. Bart drank his dad's salty liquid the best he could, but still some managed to escape his mouth to the carpet. Bart removed the now lesser hard member from his mouth and swallowed what was left of his father's incestuous juice.

He fell back on his chair. -Well, that was tasty. -And it's only part one of two. You can't know homosexuality with out a strong and rigid member in your ass. -But dad, where are we going to find a strong and rigid member? Homer looked at him in a weird way. Oh! You mean you! -Take off those pants boy. In fact, take off all of your clothes. I want you to fell my hands all over you.

-Only if you do the same. Quickly, the father and son duo got naked and father lay on his back on the bed, his shiny dick regaining it's so called strength.

-Now come boy. Let us become one. Bart got on the bed and placed himself between Homer's legs, back to his face. He crouched, took his dad's member and aimed it to his rectal entrance. Slowly, he lowered himself on the slick member, coated with a mix of saliva and cum. He had a problem with going any further then a few inches so Homer grabbed his hips and slowly, as to not hurt Bart, pulled him in even further.

In the end, Bart managed to take all but one inch of the eight-inch love toy. The boy pushed with his legs and dropped back on Homer, who was helping him with his hands, lifting and dropping the energetic young body.

-Lay down on me son, it'll be easier for you. Bart did and then, Homer started pumping his cock in and out of his son. He moved his hand all over his copy, rubbing his chubby tummy inherited from his dad, his nipples and finally his young and innocent cock.

He played with the balls and the hardening shaft until he could grab it. Homer's pounding on the tight ass made him pump the malehood at the same time.

Bart moved his legs in the air, helping his dad to anally screw him. Finally, he couldn't retain the pressure any longer and he came all over his dad's hand. Homer took more time because he had already came, but with a few more pushes, he finally went over the edge as we came inside his young son's body, sending out waves of his white sticky love fluid.

Homer was still in Bart, both on their backs, panting. -Well that was educational. This will make a great essay. And maybe I can even give demonstrations. Thanks dad. -Anytime son. *** Scene 3 Giving the bottle *** Bart was sitting on the couch, watching T.V., while keeping an eye on Maggie who was playing with her blocks.

Marge was *in the kitchen preparing dinner. -Bart, she said putting a pan on the stove, could you feed Maggie please? -No problemo mom, he said, closing the television. Bart took Maggie away from her blocks and put her on the couch. He took the milk bottle from the table, which Marge had just put on and replaced her eternal pacifier with it.

He then resumed watching his T.V. show. However, he was now distracted by the sucking sound beside him. He tried focusing all of his attention on the cartoons in front of him, but even his years of experience ignoring teachers could not help him against this.

Without realising it at first, Bart started to be aroused by the sound. He closed his eyes and imagined Lisa's pair of lips around his young yellow shaft. He pictured her licking the length all the way down to his hairless pouch, sucking and kissing a ball before going back up.

He saw her sister taking the tip of his cock in her mouth and milking him for all he's worth. And just when he felt himself cumming, the sucking sound stopped. Bart opened his eyes to see that Maggie had finished her lunch. He took the bottle away and gave her back her pacifier, still hurting with his erection.

He put the bottle on the table and felt a small hand on his leg. Maggie had taken off her pacifier and was asking her something else. She seamed to still be hungry and had her arms extended to grab anything that could feed her. Anything? Bart looked to the kitchen and saw his mom cooking in a trance like state. With the TV on, it was unlikely that she would catch him.

-Are you still hungry Maggie, he asked in a whisper. I have more milk for you right here. He unzipped his pants and slipped out his small twelve-year-old member. He put it in Maggie's capable hands. The baby tried to pull her alluring beauteous chick bounces on one eyed monster girlfriend and hardcore bottle close to herself, but seeing that it didn't move, she advanced to it and quickly took it whole in her mouth.

Bart laid down on his back, legs opened to give his sister complete access to his crotch area and left her do all the work. Maggie put her small hands around the "bottle", giving big booob sexy girls age 20 big brother a shiver down his spine. She didn't seem to mind at all that no juice was coming out yet. Finally, no longer about to control himself, Bart let himself be and flowed his warm milk down her throat, which seamed to make her happy since she started sucking even more.

Bart came his load and only when there was no more did Maggie let go. She burped loudly, licked her lips to remove the cum and put her pacifier back on. -Bart, could you bring me the empty bottle please?

Mom! Bart had completely forgotten about his mother. He quickly slipped his organ back into his pants and brought the bottle back. -So, did she drink well? -Oh yeah, she drank real nice. Have me feed her anytime! *** Conclusion *** Two weeks had passed since Homer had given Smithers the tape. Smithers had told them that he had to go through procedures before giving the money and access to the other tapes. That Saturday morning, a package was delivered.

Marge took and signed for it. It was from Snurb Corporation. She called all of the family to the living room. -Homer!

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Kids! It's here. They all ran down the stairs, Bart still pulling up his pants, and quickly sat on the couches. -Quick mom, open it! She tore off the tape and opened the box. Inside was a sealed envelope, a tape written "Welcome to the family", another with their picture and the title "the joys of Evergreen", five magnetic badges with a serial number on them and a note.

Dear Simpsons Here is the package you have surely waited for so long. Inside, you will find the 6000$ check, a video tape explaining what comes next about renting videos and making new ones, your own video tape and magnetic I.D. badges, which use is explained in the tape. I congratulate you on your movie. Seldom do the videos have a likeness of stories. Also, it was quite diverse.

I especially loved the second scene. Again, great work. I hope to see more of your work in the following times Waylon Smithers, CIO of Snurb Corporation. Marge opened the letter and there was a check for 6000$, 1000$ more then promised. It was addressed to the Simpson family. -I suppose that means he really liked our scene, eh Homer. -I guess we'll have to make more son. A whole video maybe. Afterwards, they visionned the video. A man onscreen gave them more information about all the rules and responsibility about being part of the Child Lover Organisation.

In resume, it said to not reveal anything to non-members, to not try to recruit members and how to bombshell kagney linn karter gets all her holes poked with the law about it all.

It finished by telling them about rentals, to "have a good fuck" and to destroy the tape immediately after viewing it. -Kids, said Homer while burning the tape, let's go rent a movie. *** They got at the video rental store. They were all wearing their ID badges. Homer approached the clerk.

-Hello, he said like in the video, I'm searching for something exotic and different. -Maybe we have that in the back store. Follow me. The family followed the man through the employees only door. He then unlocked another door and asked them to pass their ID badges through a scanner. They all were confirmed and entered another room with tapes on the walls, the pedo section.

-Just come back to the counter to rent. They all browsed through the tapes. They could recognise some of the local faces: Apu in 8 Quickies, Principal Skinner with some of the boys at school in Detention 1 to 4, Ralph and Wiggam in I'm a cop and in the new section, their own tape. -Hey, Bart said, I was right about Milhouse.

He showed a tape with Nelson and Jimbo going down on him. -I am so going to make a video with him. -Count me in, said Lisa. Everyone looked at her. I took a liking to sex. -On come on Lis'. Don't tell me you didn't already like it when I came to "sleep" with you at night.

-What? So you mean to say that this wasn't your keiran lee with many girl time? -First time? We were doing it months before this. In fact, we were the ones who contacted CHO, who put us in contact with Snurb. -I… don't know what to say. -Thank us for the new income, Lisa said. Thank us for a new family activity. And of course, thank us for more and more freedom of sex. Marge bent down to her little girl.

She hugged her tightly and kissed her… on the mouth. The two woman started french kissing while Marge was rubbing Lisa's slit through her panties.

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-Uh… Mom, intruded Bart, can we go back home? I think I need love. They saw his erection making a small mount in his pants. Homer grabbed "Life as a prince", by Martin Prince, and they quickly left the room, paid the clerk and rode back home in a haste to make their new movie.

The End