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Horny amateur milf fisted till she squirts in orgasm
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Hey guys, this is really long, so if you want a quick fix, read something else! The Adventures of Béla, the Vampire Girl Book 4: Time Walker Part 3b Chapter 5 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Twelve years later, Walter Madigan passed away in his sleep.

His wife, Alicia, and her seventeen-year-old son, Zack, who knew his real father was Jake Pestova, returned for a time to Alicia's hometown of Gallatin Heights in Montana. Once a small community fifty miles away from Bozeman, and almost the same distance lovely student and hot professor punished hardcore and bondage Helena, it was now only another of the many seedy suburbs of the sprawling twenty-second century cities that spread over the lower half of the state.

Civilization was on its last legs and spiraling down rapidly. Over fifty percent of the population was impotent by now, and almost as many people were dying of the new cancer as were being murdered. The giant corporations which had more or less taken over the world ten years ago were coming apart now as competent personnel became increasingly scarce and holes in their operations leaked out millions in lost revenue.

It was becoming common practice in hostile takeovers to simply assassinate the ruling board of directors of a corporation and set up one's own.

Ironically, the first attempt of that nature had been Blacker's failed efforts to take over Tomlin Security. In the last two years, three members of the Supreme Board of Directors of the United States of America had been assassinated. Transportation was unsafe outside the Continental U.S. as two strato-jets had been shot down by terrorists in the last six months. A nuclear 'device' was detonated off the coast of Maine as an unknown group attempted to smuggle it into New York harbor.

Gangs ruled the larger cities at night. It became popular, once again, to carry a sidearm for protection as the police were completely overwhelmed by organized gang violence. The biggest difference between city life in 2101 and life in the old west was the availability of personal armor and infrared eyewear. On a planetary scale, the population was down to around two billion; maybe three. No one really knew for certain, anymore, how many people were still alive on earth.

Wars were breaking out everywhere, it seemed. Several nuclear devices were detonated in Africa and China. But, so far, an all-out nuclear war had not yet occurred. It was only a matter of time, though. That was the reason why Alicia and Zack moved inland, away from the large, metropolitan targets. They reasoned, 'Who would want to bomb Bozeman?' The rest of the Tabor clan was moving inland away from the coast, also.

The ship to take them all to a planetary paradise called New Eden was only eight months away and Alicia vividly remembered her apocalyptic visions from when she had been mind-linked with Béla. ~~~~~ Tanya and Lisa ducked instinctively as another artillery shell sailed noisily overhead. "Where are they?" Tanya yelled, unable to mentally hear Lisa through the deafening sounds of exploding artillery shells.

Two of Jackie's half-brothers had been working in Nigeria when war broke out. Her full brother, Jake Hedron, Chairman of Tomlin Security, sent his two best agents into the war zone to get his half-brothers, and anyone else they could rescue, out.

It upset the Chairman of Tomlin that one of his best agents was his grandmother, Tanya, but she insisted on going as soon as she heard about the mission. They were her grandchildren, after all. But, he put his foot down and absolutely forbade his wife, Tabatha, to go with them. Risking his half-sister and his grandmother was more than enough to upset him.

His wife was too valuable both to Tomlin and to him, personally, to sophie sativa sucking and licking huge hard pole for pleasure her to go, too. "I don't know!" Lisa yelled back. "They're supposed to be right here!" They were at the barracks where eve jihan jeffers sex tape in full for free repee this vi Americans were supposed to have been housed.

The buildings were in shambles from artillery fire with only two still standing. Lisa closed her eyes and called out. 'Fred! Charlie! Where are you?' There was no response. She wasn't surprised. The two missing men were third generation and male their special mental abilities even more limited than their healing capabilities.

Each should have some empathic powers, perhaps enough to hear Lisa's psychic call, but that was about it. Telepathic powers seemed to favor the females more than the males in this family. 'Lisa? Is that you, Sis?' "I hear them!" Smalltit teen wanks cock and fingers pussy cried out to Tanya.

"Where are they?" Tanya yelled. "I don't know!" 'Where the hell are you?' 'I don't know! We've been captured.

I can't see. It's dark where we are!' "They're not here!" Lisa said, less loudly. She sat down on a piece of crumbled wall. "They've been taken somewhere." "Oh, great!" Tanya grumbled. "Any ideas?" "Their thoughts are too faint," Lisa replied, worried. "I'll have to wait 'til it's quieter." They ducked again as another shell flew overhead.

The sound kept getting louder. And louder! It was coming right at them! "Fuck!" Lisa cried. She flamed her body, creating a force field around them both. The reddish-white flame became a brilliant, solid wall of energy as the shell exploded. The detonation of the falling shell knocked Tanya out cold, shattering her eardrums and rupturing quite a few blood vessels even though she was protected from shell fragments and most of the actual blast by Lisa's fiery force field.

The fiery ball containing the two girls was blown several hundred meters away from where the artillery shell exploded. It actually became a target of the great guns for several moments until Lisa teleported them both to a more remote area, away from the barracks.

It was evening. The sky was a brilliant red, mostly from the dust kicked up by the uprising. Tanya opened her eyes and frowned at the dark, fibrous roof a few feet over her head. Lisa was hovering over her in an instant. She was naked, having burnt her clothes off, again, to save their hides. "Move your eyes from side to side," she said urgently, staring into Tanya's eyes.

There were still dark areas in the whites of her eyes. "What happened?" Tanya said, surprised that her voice sounded quite normal. "We were hit. You have a concussion," Lisa said, simply.

Tanya closed her eyes. She felt much more comfortable with her eyes closed. She dream-walked out of her body, leaving it asleep letting it heal. 'Lisa?' Tanya said into her friend's mind from right next to her. "What?" Lisa replied, both verbally and with her mind. 'Oh. You're dream-walking.' 'Just leave me sleeping here.

Let's go find your brothers,' Tanya thought into Lisa's mind. 'Fine with me,' Lisa thought back. 'Fred! Can you hear me?' There was no answer. 'We must have moved farther away from them,' Tanya suggested. She closed her eyes, leaving an image of her destination in Lisa's mind so she could follow. An instant later, they were back on the compound. It was quiet, now. 'Chaaarrrllliiiieeee…' Tanya called out with her mind, making it sound like that old Pat Boone movie she saw back when she was an actual teenager.

'I hear something… Fred! Wake up! Somebody's calling…' 'Fred! Charlie! Can you hear me?' Lisa called out mentally. 'I hear it, too! It sounds like Lisa our sister!' 'That's not what I heard…' Tanya realized she could hear them talking quietly to each other.

But she still couldn't tell where the thoughts were coming from. 'We're going to have to triangulate their thoughts,' she thought at Lisa. 'Let's separate out.' 'Stay in touch, okay?' 'Hey, Guys! Keep talking quietly to each other and just think of me. I need to track you.' 'Okay, Sister Dear…' 'Smart-ass!' One girl changing location at a time, they moved about twenty miles north of the bombed-out barracks, finally locating Lisa's nephews in what was once a bank building in Ngala.

There were perhaps a dozen other American and Euro prisoners. 'I'll be right back…' Tanya thought at Lisa. 'Wait for me!' Tanya dream-walked back into her body. After a few minutes, she woke up, feeling a lot better. She teleported back to where Lisa waited. "Say 'cheese'," Tanya grinned at her friend. She was the only blonde in their little trio of Supergirls, so she always got to be the distraction.

Tanya's sexy blond hair and hot, well-proportioned body was always the bait in any of their operations where a sexy distraction was needed. And according to Tanya, a sexy distraction was always needed.

She walked forward out into the open. It was after dusk, but her beautiful blond hair shone seemingly with a light all its own. "Halt!" someone said, standing in the shadows. "State your business!" "Who? Me?" Tanya said in her best 'Tootsie' voice. "I'm lost! Do you have anything to eat? I need to find a phone that works so Daddy can send somebody for me…" She could hear the guard cursing something about stupid American bimbos under his breath.

"Come over here!" Tanya walked a few steps toward the man in the shadows. "That's far enough. Take your clothes off!" he ordered. Tanya began to unbutton her blouse. 'Looks like I'm in,' Tanya thought to Lisa. She knew Lisa was watching every move made by every person whose mind she could feel in the area. She was beginning to believe that Tomlin's intelligence was faulty. There was less than a handful of people around them.

This was supposed to be their stronghold. "Just drop it on the ground," the guard said as Tanya held her top out to him hanging from a finger. "Now turn around. I need to see if you're armed." "I have two arms," Tanya said innocently, holding them out level with the ground and turning.

Anticipating a really good gang rape, she found it difficult to act nervous and clumsy, but she did the best she could. "Walk towards me," her unseen guard commanded. When she was a few feet from him, he ordered her to stop. "Down on your knees hands behind your back." Tanya looked up at him.

He was tall and black. His bright eyes and white teeth contrasted against his dark skin and clothes. He looked scary. To Tanya, he looked sexy as hell. Unknowingly, he radiated his lust at her. He walked around behind her and stood for a moment. "Am I doing this right? " Tanya asked, making her voice tremble. "Can you take me to a phone? Can you please tell me what's happening? Things are really scary right now… I just wanna go home, okay?" Quietly leaning his rifle against the wall, the guard pulled off his belt and strapped her wrists tightly together.

"Hey! Watch it!" Tanya complained, beginning to act more frightened. The guard pulled her back up onto her feet and shoved her against the wall.

"What are you doing?" she cried out, getting more vocal. "I have a gun and I have this nice, hard club," he said, showing his teeth in an evil grin and letting his trousers drop around his ankles. "I can use either one on you depending on how much noise you make.

Got it, rich little white girl?" Tanya widened her eyes and stared at him as she backed against the wall, demonstrating her fear of him. She nodded nervously, not making a sound except her uneven, nervous breathing. The guard produced a knife more like a bayonet and sliced her bra off. Tanya trembled and tried to shy away, then his hand was holding her face, forcing her to look right at him. Then he bent down and pulled down her slacks. Tanya stood frozen in place with the black guard kneeling down in front of her.

They stared at each other for a moment. "I can cut these off, if you prefer," he said, sounding dangerously quiet. Tanya jerked, suddenly realizing that he expected her to move her legs so he could continue undressing her.

She timidly lifted a foot. He slid her slacks down the rest of her leg. As he reached for her good morning cumshot melissa moore begs for rough sex leg, she savagely kicked him in the head, knocking him cold.

'One down…' she excitedly thought to Lisa, waiting somewhere behind her in the darkness. Closing her eyes, she concentrated on the belt securing her wrists. She managed to teleport enough of it elsewhere so she could get loose. She pulled her slacks up and put her blouse back on, sans bra, then continued up the street. Behind her, she heard Lisa approaching the unconscious guard, probably to make sure he didn't wake up. Tanya wasn't a murderer.

In her entire life, she had killed only a handful of men. And they had badly needed killing. Lisa seemed less… fastidious… about death. There were two more guards. They weren't as friendly as the single, lone guard had been. Neither of them were just lusting for her, they wanted d anime hottie riding cock gets cum splashed hurt the desperate and young American girl.

They intended to rape her, then kill her in such a way so she would know she was dying, and slowly. They desperately needed to show the girl what they thought of the interfering, nosy, rich Americans.

Tanya cried out as they grabbed her and ripped off her clothes. They stood her against the wall to take turns raping her. They laughed about how wet she was as the first one shoved his big, black cock into that hot, wet tunnel between her legs. The black guard's cock was stretching her pussy as much as Lisa's sweet Macario did whenever Tanya could corner him for herself for a few minutes.

Tanya's orgasm began to build as the giant, black cock shoved slowly deeper into her. She trembled and gasped as he filled her insides with his girth and length. Then she came, crying out her pleasure to the cold, brick wall, her legs weakening, afterward.

Tanya could see in their minds what they said to each other about her. 'See the American slut, her cunt constantly dripping with honeyed desire as she scours the world looking for real men with real cocks, there being none in America, of course,' they laughed.

'She finds real men here, tonight. Real men to made her honey flow out from between her legs. Tonight she discovers real pleasure from real men, then she will take that pleasure with her to the great beyond.' Tanya didn't care what they said she didn't plan on going to any 'great beyond' anytime soon.

She smiled to herself as she felt another wonderful orgasm approaching. That beautiful cock stretched her, owned her, made her come. She could feel in her mind that the second guard would be more difficult. He hated the Americans. They exploited his country and stole its wealth for themselves. They withheld their needed medicines from the populace, simply to show their supremacy over the blacks of Nigeria.

Although he withheld judgement on his friend's tolerant behavior toward her, he didn't plan on letting their captive white girl enjoy what he was going to do to her like busty sports journalist veronica avluv gang banged in locker room was enjoying herself now. Tanya cried out her second orgasm as her body was jolted repeatedly against the rough brick wall.

"Put it in my ass," she cried, feeling yet another orgasm building. "I want that marvelous big cock in my ass!" The guard fucking her stopped, then repositioned his cock so his thick cockhead was pressed against her anus. He shoved. She shrieked. Then he was inside her, fucking her ruptured splincter muscle with slow but increasing urgency.

The second guard watched, glaring with hatred at the young blonde being fucked in the ass by his fellow guard. That was what he had intended to do to her, to make her cry and beg, but pussylicked gf beauty railed doggystyle by bf she was enjoying it! The slut liked being fucked in the ass! He wondered how she would like having his bayonet shoved up there. Tanya was crying out and coming, one orgasm after another.

Then she felt that wonderfully hard, huge cock spasm deep inside her ass. Her rapist was coming. He groaned his pleasure into her ear, then seemed to relax, leaning against her, pushing her harder into the wall. Everything was very quiet. She couldn't hear any gunfire or artillery.

The second guard wasn't moving. "What?" Tanya twitched in surprise as the guard with his dick still up her ass began to slide down her back. His dick slid out of her. He dropped to his knees and slowly fell over sideways. Tanya looked around. Lisa was standing behind her, naked, holding a bloody knife almost as long as her arm. Tanya stared at her. "He was going to stick this in you," Lisa said calmly. She tossed the blade carelessly away into the darkness.

"It wouldn't have killed me," Tanya said in her own defense. "It was just getting to be fun." Lisa laughed. "I forget. You like it rough, too.

You're as bad as Mom!" She turned to continue up the street. "Do you want me to run 'point'? You can watch my back for awhile." "If you want to," Tanya sighed. "I'm pretty wobbly right now, though. I don't know how good a backup I would be." "Okay, then," Lisa quipped. "How about we go together?" Tanya grinned and stepped back out into the street with Lisa at her side. Both girls were naked, now. The guards they'd met had cut Tanya's clothes to shreds and Lisa had burnt hers when she flared to create a force field earlier.

They walked another half-block, then Lisa stopped. "They're in here!" The girls stealthily walked toward the unguarded door. As they reached the main entrance, Tanya was knocked against the side of the entranceway, a hole appearing high on her back. She grunted in shocked surprise and rolled against the wall. She looked outward toward the street looking for movement while she concentrated on trying to find the bullet in her back so she could teleport it out.

Lisa was crouched in the shadow of the door on the other side of the entranceway, mentally searching for the mind of the sniper. "There!" Tanya pointed unsteadily. She sent the image to Lisa, who promptly vanished. A scream echoed from the roof of the building across the street.

A body hit the ground in the darkness nearby. Then Lisa was back. "Let me see!" Lisa commanded, rolling Tanya around so that her bullet wound was more visible. "It's lodged in your shoulder blade," Lisa murmured. She made an image for Tanya to see. "Okay, I got it!" Tanya gasped. Something small and metallic hit the hard dirt and Tanya sighed in relief as her wound began to heal.

"Was that it?" Tanya asked. "This is too easy. Where are the rest of the insurgents? Who's guarding the hostages?" "Let's find out!" Lisa said, reaching for the door.

"Wait!" Tanya cried out, still trying to be quiet. "Let's dream-walk in, first. It might be booby trapped." She sat down on the paved walk of the entranceway and closed her eyes. Lisa didn't need to lie down. She could simply project her mind into the room and look around while maintaining motor control of her body. 'Wow! There're enough explosives in here to blow us into next week!' Tanya exclaimed into Lisa's mind.

'I can't really tell, but the ebony man bangs white angel interracial and hardcore doesn't seem to be wired or anything.' "It isn't. I checked," Lisa replied. She reached down and opened the door. Tanya woke up her body and went in behind her. "There must be a remote timer or something," Tanya mused. "Everything's wired to blow, but there's no detonator. Do you think this is a ruse of old yoga teacher and her young student pamela sweet kind?" "I think someone probably has a radio remote," Lisa conjectured.

They reached the end of the first room. Then checking carefully for tripwires, they continued into the second. In this room, there was a set of stairs and even an elevator door complete with a lit button.

"Why is the little light on if there's no electricity?" Tanya asked, staring at the button. If all this TNT they were surrounded with suddenly went 'kaboom,' both of them would be completely vaporized, along with the hostages hidden somewhere in the building and a couple of city blocks of Ngala. "The Praetor says there's probably a DC feed into the building somewhere," Lisa replied. "That would be enough to power video feeds and a remote detonator." "Lisa," Tanya said, hesitantly.

"I think we're in over our heads. We should get out of here." "I have two step-brothers in here somewhere," Lisa replied quietly. "Go if you want if you don't think I can protect you. I'm staying." "I didn't mean that," Tanya replied. "I mean we need more backup to handle the explosive stuff. They're my grandchildren, as well." "Yeah," Lisa said. "Well, Mom's in San Francisco and Tabby's in Boston. Who do you want to call and tell them we can't do this without them?" "Lisa, I'm not trying to argue with you," Tanya explained.

"But I can't regenerate from a vapor like you can. I'm not a phoenix!" They found a stairwell and started down. "If anything happens I can come back and get you, you know," Lisa quipped, following Tanya's bouncy body down the dark passage.

At the bottom, they stopped. It was completely dark. "No lights on anywhere," Tanya whispered. She reached for the handle of the door she felt in front of her.

The girls were mind-linked now, so they could feel each other's movements. 'Do you think the door's booby-trapped?' 'One way to find out…' Lisa replied silently.

She surrounded them with an almost invisible field of ultraviolet light. 'This will turn solid if anything fast touches it.' 'Thanks, but I've already had my concussion for today,' Tanya replied, grimacing in the dark at the terrifying memory of that artillery shell going off only a few feet away from them.

She pushed down on the knob. It clicked and the door moved open almost silently. 'There're people in here! I can feel them! They're all really scared!' "Chaaarrrllliiiieeee," she sang out softly.

'Jesus! Stop that!' she heard someone yell in her head. Then her mind was flooded with images from more than a dozen terrified people. 'The room's wired for sound!' Tanya called out to Lisa in her mind. 'If they make any noise, everything goes 'kaboom'!' 'How about light?' Lisa asked, creating a small ball of fire and floating it through the half-open door.

'Nope, just sound,' replied Tanya, glad that she could see, now. 'Praetor, we're going to need transportation for about fifteen or twenty,' Lisa thought into the air. 'Can you inform Tabatha?' 'It doesn't need to,' Tabatha cheerfully replied in her mind.

'I'm right here with you!' 'Well then, get your astral ass out of here and go find us an airboat!' Lisa griped back. 'Jeez!' In Boston, Tabatha woke up and looked around. She was lying in the employee's lounge on the couch. Several techies were having coffee at a nearby table, pretending to ignore her as she rested, but she could see in their minds that they had been watching and fantasizing about her as she slept.

She got up and walked into the restroom, then teleported down into the parking garage. 'Something big enough to carry a dozen or so, hmm?' she thought as she looked around. There was a van that Norm used to haul his computer stuff around to geek fairs and busty brunette sucks dildo and fingers pussy shows and stuff.

She looked inside. It was half-full of computer junk. She teleported it, piece by piece onto the floor next to the van. Then she teleported inside the cargo/passenger section and squeezed through the entrance to the cockpit. "Engine start," josh n jenny havin fun sucking pussy said. The turbine began to whine. "Cool!" She'd flown all sorts and types of craft.

This one was a very powerful stutter-ramjet combination. She didn't really know if she'd need the engine or not. She had just wanted to see if it would start on her voice command. "Power off!" she commanded. The turbine wound down. Closing her eyes and recreating an image of the entire craft in her mind, she surrounded it with a timeslip like she'd done in the future to keep the rain off that ancient Praetor she'd found.

There wasn't any lightning throwing off the amount of power she used this time, so she had a lot better control. She could even move it. 'Now, let's see if I can teleport it!' She opened her eyes for a minute, then closed them again. She pulled the entire timeslip into her mind into the teleportation zone and pushed it all out next to the seemingly deserted bank building where Tanya and Lisa were. 'I have a van outside!' Tabatha sent. She included an image of 'where' with her message, plus the fact that it was shielded.

'Give us five minutes!' she heard in response. Tabatha sat, waiting for the rest of her team. While she waited, she scanned the area for snipers and any other little nasties she might discover.

Someone had noticed her arrival, and was rapidly leaving the area. He was radiating excitement and triumph as he fled from… 'The Blast Zone!' Tabatha realized as she received his mental broadcast. She anxiously teleported into the basement where the girls and the hostages had been earlier. Some of them were heading up the stairs. All were untied now, except for two whom both girls had passed by. Tabatha looked down at one, a frightened man.

His mind was trapped in a single image a weighted detonator that he was sitting on. The young girl tied up on the other side of the room had the same problem. 'So, we move them last,' Tabatha decided. She teleported back to the airbus and opened the hatch for the hostages emerging from the darkened bank entrance. Concentrating, she moved her timeslip shield close enough to present time so that it could be passed through by slow moving objects like bodies.

"Hurry! We don't even have a minute!" she yelled at them as people began running around the corner from the entrance to where the airbus was parked. Then she teleported back down into the bank's basement. 'Grab those three and teleport them!

Somebody saw us! Everything's going to blow any second!' Tabatha shouted into their minds. She watched Tanya reach down and grasp the shoulder of the girl tied up across the room and grabbed her own hostage tied up at her feet. Lisa teleported out with the other three and appeared directly outside the van, then shoved them inside, following them. 'Clear!' Lisa called out with her mind. 'Now!' Tabatha thought at Tanya.

They both disappeared at the same instant and reappeared outside the van. Tabatha extended the timeslip surrounding the van to include them as well, and stopped its forward temporal movement. Now, only light could travel fast enough to penetrate the shield. The universe around them abruptly exploded. Tanya jumped, remembering the shell shock effect from earlier that day when Lisa's shields had protected her from the physical aspects of being blown up.

Then she stood, open-mouthed, staring. There wasn't even any noise no concussion, no repercussions, nothing. The little airbus didn't move at all. There was debris falling everywhere from out of the sky. Tanya reached out and felt the barrier. "It's soft! How did it ever stop an explosion that size?" Tanya wanted to know. Tabatha showed her in her mind 'The barrier's not physical at all.

It's simply a difference between the time occurring outside and the time in here. The Praetor taught me how to do it when I was in the future.' The rescued hostages in the van were beginning to cheer, realizing that they'd actually survived.

The guys were all hugging Lisa's sweet, naked body in gratitude (at least that's what they'd have her believe). Tanya and Tabatha crowded their way in, not wanting to miss any of the fun Lisa was joyfully broadcasting as everyone mauled her.

The two female hostages became three as Tanya's rescued hostage joined them, crowded together near the front of the airbus. They watched the celebrating boys and their rescuers, gradually realizing the celebration was taking on a sexual nature.

Marta, a young Hungarian girl, was already up and taking off her blouse. The two remaining girls stared at her incredulously. "Hey!" Marta exclaimed. "That's four to one! The girls, they need help!" Sally turned to Rachel sitting nervously beside her. "Shall we help them celebrate?" she asked in her clipped British accent, cautiously gazing into her American friend's eyes. Rachel sat, looking more nervous that before. She tightened her grip on her friend's hands and nerved up to look Sally right in the eyes.

She licked her lips nervously. "I'd rather celebrate with you," she said, almost inaudibly. "If you don't mind, that is." Sally stared back at her for a moment, then began to smile. "I would be delighted," she said quietly. Closing their eyes, both girls moved their heads toward each other, ending the sexual frustration each had felt for the last several months with a hesitant, tender kiss.

Marta shrugged, watching them. 'To each her own,' she thought happily to herself. 'More boys for me!' She grinned and turned toward the pile of writhing, naked, boy bodies. With a gleeful cry, she dived in. Lisa was pinned down in the back of the airbus, surrounded by happy male bodies. They were rapidly becoming happy, horny, male bodies as the seconds went by.

Lisa simply closed her eyes and let all those wonderful hands feel her all over her breasts and between her legs. Someone was kissing and licking her bare stomach.

Someone else had half her foot in his mouth, sucking away at her toes. 'I always wondered what turkey felt like,' she thought, comparing herself to Thanksgiving dinner in a roomful of kids with no manners. She grinned with pleasure, letting her head fall back as she was picked up off the long couch by several strong arms. Someone holding her hips almost dropped her, but many other hands took up the extra weight, wrenching her back only a little.

Several people were trying to separate her legs, almost dropping her, again. Then there were at least two heads between her legs, one licking and kissing each inner thigh. Lisa cried out in joy. This was becoming an incredible night. Tanya had deposited her charge with the other two girls at the front of the bus and waded back into the cheering boys. As they noticed the naked blond babe with the hooters, they made room for her, noticing that she already stank of sex, then attached themselves all over her.

Tanya was shoved down into a seat by three happy revelers, kissing and pawing her while each tried to get past the others trying to get to her. Tanya laughed at their antics, realizing that they were reacting from almost being blown up. She grabbed the closest one and pulled him forward, out of any grip of the others. She kissed him as he landed on her. "Hi!" she grinned at him. She was almost jammed down to the floor by now. Her legs were actually higher than the rest of her, mainly due to the fact that someone had grabbed one and tried to pull her out from under all the guys trying to get on top of her.

Tabatha was still dressed when she climbed into the little airbus. A lot of the guys were taking off their clothes, so she pulled off her top, joining them. As soon as she was partially naked, she found herself surrounded, with lots of help taking off the rest of her clothes. She pulled the door closed behind her so no one would fall out.

By the time she got the hatch latched, she was naked and someone had his fingers between her legs, fondling her pussy and clitoris. Then she was pressed against the hatch by several horny male bodies, unable to turn around so she could enjoy the view of all these lusting young men.

Her unhappy situation lasted only a minute, then she was pulled away from the door and surrounded by horny young men and hard cocks. One was shoved into her mouth as she was pulled forward and down across a row of seats. Then someone was pushing against her pussy lips, trying excitedly to get his cock inside her. There was so much jostling back there that the poor man trying so hard to shove his cock in her missed her hungry entrance several times, becoming more frustrated with each failed attempt.

Suddenly he was in and excitedly began sawing away. The young Hungarian girl pressed irresistible teen anita bellini sucks big dick and gets tiny pussy penetrated toward where she'd seen Tabatha's body disappear beneath the mass of boy flesh and was kinky legal age teenager luscious girl blows and rides hardcore russian raised up into the air from behind by one leg.

She fell forward and was enmeshed in writhing bodies. There were several cocks all around her. Marta reached for a nice, hard one and pulled herself toward it, managing to lick its silky tip before she was shoved sideways and it disappeared amongst the legs of the others.

Someone evidently noticed Marta down there, though, and, grabbing an arm, pulled her up toward him. She busty latina babe shoving a dildo in her wet ass up and grinned into Charlie's smiling face. She had been working with (and lusting after) him for several weeks, now. As she opened her mouth to greet him, he shoved his cock into it.

Muffled now, but content, she began to suck on it. "Hey, Fred!" Charlie called out, "Here's one we're not related to!" Marta moaned with pleasure as someone behind her started sucking and licking between her legs.

It was a good start for the first two minutes of an orgy. Sally and Rachel broke their tender kiss. Not bothering to suppress her laugh of victory, Rachel began undressing her new lover.

Sally quickly got the idea and in a moment, both were naked. "Can I kiss your titties?" Rachel asked, staring happily. Sally took a deep breath, bit her lower lip and nodded nervously.

Rachel bent down, stuck out her tongue and gently licked a nipple. Then she was sucking delicately. Moving one hand up, she caressed and teased Sally's other nipple with her fingers. Sally moaned in surprised pleasure as Rachel's other hand slipped between her legs and began massaging her down there. Rachel suspected that Sally had been wanting to make love with her for a couple of weeks, now.

Every time Rachel was in the outdoor shower, Sally somehow always showed up. They would chat innocently about whatever project they were working on and sometimes the problems they were having while, all the time, Rachel noticed Sally sneaking peeks at her wet, soapy body.

Sally would quickly and nervously finish her shower and leave, perhaps suspecting she'd been caught. Legal age teenagers get orgasm at the casting decided to ask Sally to wash her backside the next time they were together.

The next time never happened. That night, they were attacked and the survivors taken hostage. That was three days ago. Surprisingly, none of the female survivors were molested. They were simply thrown into the basement of some bank in a nearby town and tasty cum needs more pussy juice critical x. Then, early this morning, Sally and Wyatt were untied and taken upstairs.

There, they saw all the explosive charges being prepared. Rachel feared for her shy British friend as she was escorted away, and couldn't help the great relief that she felt when Sally was escorted back into the room.

Then she was tied up and placed onto 'some kind of detonator', it was explained. "If she moves, you will all die!" the tall black man in a colonel's uniform said to all of them.

"The same goes for him!" He indicated the young boy being returned to their midst and tied up. They set another detonator underneath him. The man in the uniform laughed at the fear he could see on all their faces, then set up a microphone. "If you talk, you die!" he exclaimed, smiling gleefully.

He flipped a switch on the microphone and held his index finger to his lips, making a soft shushing sound. Then he turned and left, and they were silently alone with each other, tied up in the darkness. They spent the day in fear of their lives. If either Sally or Wyatt moved to make themselves more comfortable or dozed off and rolled over or if any rescuers called out or moved either of the two, they would all become part of a large hole where the bank building had been.

Then, in the middle of the night, preceded by a globe of light that looked like a fairy godmother from Sleeping Beauty, two incredibly beautiful, impossibly naked females rescued them all. Rachel worked her way down Sally's soft tummy with her tongue while rubbing the cute Brit between her legs. Sally gave Rachel's head a shove and spread her legs wider. Rachel grinned and dove between Sally's creamy soft thighs.

"Yes! Do it!" Sally cried out. "Eat my kitty! Oh, Christ!" The mass of male body parts seeking female orifices rolled over the both of them. Feeling someone playing with her own 'kitty,' Rachel looked over her shoulder to find Ralph, another co-worker, with one hand rubbing her pussy and ass and one hand stroking a not-disreputably sized hard-on.

She grinned at him and went back to pleasuring Sally, crying out her own pleasure when Ralph entered her from behind. Lisa was buried in male bodies. She was trying to suck the end of someone's hard dick as its owner squeezed her breasts against it, fucking her between her tits. Someone's head was currently buried between her legs. Another cock dangled down by her face. She licked up at it, making eye contact with the guy balanced carefully on the back of the seat so he could bend down and fuck her face.

She opened her mouth and happily engulfed his descending cock. Tanya was getting triple fucked a few seats away.

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Her blond hair and large boobs seemed to be a dick magnet. She felt the joy and relief of the young men surrounding her and accepted their sexual assaults as best she could. These boys weren't sex offenders. They were young men (and women) who had almost been blown off the face of the earth before they ever had a chance to experience life, and now they were catching up as fast as they could. It was a natural reaction to a near death experience. As she swallowed the cum someone's dick spit into her mouth and groped around for a nice, hard replacement, Tanya decided she liked natural reactions like these.

"No! Wait!" Tabatha cried out, as a fourth young lad in a row shoved his cock up inside her. "Someone has to drive the bus! We have to go!" She had already cum twice and was anxious to get the hell away before the insurgents found that they still lived.

The boy with his cock inside her pushed away his friend who was trying to get his cock into Tabatha's mouth. "You heard her!" he yelled at the others. "She's the driver!" He picked her up, his hard cock still buried deep in her wet, hot insides, and began to carry his prize away from the others and toward the cockpit entrance, swinging and swaying wildly as they kept bumping into and tripping over fucking bodies.

Tabatha cried out several times, both in fear of being dropped, and from the wild sensation of the boy's hard cock being wrenched around inside her pussy as she clung tightly to him with her arms and legs. The final barricade, Sally, Rachel and Ralph proved to be insurmountable, at least while he was still fucking the sexy little blue-eyed redhead. He laid Tabatha down, half falling on top of her as someone bumped against him, and began fucking her in two males cum on naughty slut pornstar and hardcore. He couldn't resist kissing her luscious mouth, even though he'd seen her sucking off one of his buddies a few moments earlier.

Tabatha embraced him as he tenderly pressed his lips to hers. She could see in his mind that this was the third time he'd ever had his dick in a real live chick. She was the prettiest and the most willing one he'd ever met and he hated to rush through this, but he also realized the urgency of getting the hell away from here before the insurgents returned to assess the damage they'd done.

Seconds later, he was straining with his cock deep inside her and pressing hard against her pelvis, squirting his cum into her hot insides. Almost before he was finished coming, he was apologizing for being selfish and not doing her justice, for not making proper love to her the way she deserved for saving them. "I'm just the driver," Tabatha grinned up at him, putting a finger against his lips to silence him.

Then, as though she'd reminded herself of her task, she struggled to get up. He helped her up and they both pushed their way into the cockpit of the airbus. Sitting down, one in each seat, Tabatha called out, "Engine start!" The turbines began to whine.

Reaching up, she flipped a half-dozen manual switches. This was an old airbus. "Launch!" she said crisply. The hovered on a cushion of hot jet exhaust for a few seconds, then took off on a shallow climb, accelerating rapidly. There were a few yells from behind them as bodies tumbled around. A few sparks against the timeslip shield went unnoticed as rebels angrily shot at the departing craft. "You're really something!" the naked boy sitting beside Tabatha said, grinning at her.

"By the way, I'm Alban Goddard. Everybody calls me Al." "Tabatha," Tabatha replied. "Tabatha Hedron. "Junior member of the Femme Fatales!" She grinned at him, then noticed his look of astonishment as he stared at her. "Hedron? Like in Tomlin Security?" Al asked, surprised evident in his voice. "One of the guys, Fred, I think… His brother is the head of Tomlin Security!" "That would be Jake," Tabatha replied.

"He's my… Oh! I just remembered! I'm not supposed to be here! You can fly! Right?" "Uh, yeah," he looked at her strangely. "Anybody can fly!" "Good.

Take over," she told him. "I have to go!" Tabatha climbed out of her seat and kissed Al quickly on adorable brazilian honey plays solo hardcore blowjob lips. "Thanks for a really good time! "Leaky lass looking for the loo," she called out cheerfully as she squeezed back amongst the undulating bodies in the main compartment. She disappeared behind a small door.

An instant later, she was in the restroom facilities of the Ladies Lounge on the top floor of Tomlin Security in Boston. She took a quick shower to wash the wonderful smell of all that sex off her, then found some clothes in her personal locker. She was wolfing down a burger and fries in the lunchroom like she was starving when her husband finally located her.

"Where have you been?" Jake Hedron asked anxiously as he blonde with big ass shows show camsgirlpro walked over. "I've been looking everywhere for you!" "Why?" she asked, curious. "What's happened?" Jake looked upset. He put his hands on her shoulders. "The renegades blew up the building the hostages were in." His voice was shaking. "It's believed that everyone was killed.

The explosion knocked over several buildings. I think…" He couldn't say it. 'Oh my God!' Tabatha realized. 'He thinks his grandmother, his sister and brothers are dead!' "No, Baby," Tabatha said soothingly, reaching up and stroking his brow. "It's all right. I was just there. Everybody's fine. Just sit down." He sat down, staring at her. "You were there? I told you not to go!" "I had to," she confessed, swallowing a mouthful of fries.

"They needed my help. They would have all been killed." She kissed him gently, leaving a few grains of salt on his cheek from the fries, and projected an image of an airbus full of happy, rescued hostages sitting around chatting with Tanya and Lisa.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Tabatha said through another bite of hamburger, remembering her little crime. "We owe Norm a new van. I needed it to rescue the hostages." She smiled at his stunned face as she got up and began to walk away. Then she turned back. "One more thing, darling," she said, still smiling.

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"The Femme Fatales is all three of us; just like Charlie's Angels, She Spies and the Fox Squad. Please don't separate us again." She blew him a kiss, then walked out. She turned toward her office to write up her report on the mission. 'Femme Fatales?' Jake asked himself as he watched his sexy wife walking away. 'When did they start calling themselves that?' Chapter 6 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "You called and made sure the room was ready?" Béla asked Jake as he gently slid his cock in and out of her soaked pussy.

"Um-hmm," he said. "I told them we'd be arriving shortly." "Okay, lover. Hang on," Béla replied. She felt Jake hugging her more tightly, sliding his arms beneath her back and practically lifting her off the sheets. She wrapped her arms and legs around him more tightly, also, then created the image in her mind of the Stanford Hotel in Seattle. After she had a good image, she imagined room 12460 and the bed behind that door.

"Here we go!" she called out as she pulled both their fucking bodies into the teleportation zone. She shoved them out onto the bed behind door number 12460. "We're here!" Jake opened his eyes. The room was completely different.

The air smelled different and the bed beneath them was freshly made. "Neat!" he grinned down at her. He began to increase the speed of his thrusting. Soon, Béla was grunting with each ramming thrust. A moment later, she began that wonderful keening sound indicating she was starting to come. Her arms and legs tightened around him and he began digging his fingers into her taut belly as he pounded his cock into her harder and harder.

Then she was writhing beneath him, radiating her ecstasy through his body. Her teeth bit into his neck and she sucked joyfully as she came. Jake felt his cock erupt and spew his hot, slippery cum into her grasping, hungry pussy.

He cried out as he came, his head buried in her intoxicating hair and the fresh pillow beneath her head. He could feel every wonderful curve of her breasts and her body as she lay crushed beneath him. They both were breathing raggedly as their overworked, oxygen-starved muscles screamed for sustenance. Béla licked at the wound on his neck, cleaning the blood off his skin as it healed. "I bit you again," she sighed, still breathing heavily as she lay crushed beneath him.

"I'm sorry, I got carried away…" She smiled and kissed the wound as it healed. She lay patiently, waiting for him to get off her. After a moment, she felt his dick slipping out and squeezed her pelvis to push it out faster.

Jake chuckled, his breathing more normal now, as he noticed her slight indication that he should 'get the fuck off' of her now. As he pushed himself up, he lay kisses on her neck and cheek, rubbing her hair off that was sticking to his face and that he'd breathed into his mouth.

He laughed into her mouth as he kissed her again, still laying on top of her, luxuriating in the fact that this exotic, immortal female actually loved him.

He kissed her for a few more minutes, loving the taste of her soft mouth and how it felt against his. After another moment, her lips slipped down and surrounded his lower lip. She sucked it into her mouth and bit down gently with her sharp little teeth, not drawing blood this time. "Off!" she said, letting go of his lip and grinning up at him. "I'm flat girls out west three australian lesbians licking assholes a pancake!" He raised up, kissing his way up her face to her nose and brow, then rolled off her.

Béla took a deep breath and sighed, smiling to herself, her eyes closed. Jake watched her lie on the bed as she rested. He knew she was aware he was looking at her. After a few more minutes, she was unable to suppress her grin.

"What?" she asked him, her eyes still closed. "Um?" he replied. "You're looking at me again," she clarified. "Um-hmm," he admitted. He grinned, knowing that, even with her eyes closed, she knew he was smiling at her. "You're incredibly beautiful." "Really?" Béla smiled, her eyes still closed. "What else?" "Stunning," "What else?" "Sexy," "Um-hmm," she agreed, "what else?" He was silent for a moment, trying to think of something he had never told her before.

She waited for a moment before she spoke. "It has to start with a 'S'," she told him. "An 'S'?" Jake asked, grinning at the game she'd started, wondering where it would lead. "Let's see, stunning, sexy, saucy, insat… No, that's not an 'S'. Hmm." He sighed. She opened her soft, dark eyes and looked at him. Her eyes were laughing. "How about 'Starving'!" she said, suddenly more animated. She snapped her teeth at him, feigning eating him for dinner.

"You just had a snack!" Jake pouted. "You're hungry again already? God, you're greedy!" Béla growled and rolled toward him, mouth wide open. Jake laughed and met her mouth with his lips, actually managing to kiss her tongue and escape without getting his lips bitten. They both laughed. "You should call downstairs and let them know we're here," suggested Béla. She rolled over to the other side of the bed and punched the console, looking for the room service menu.

They spent the afternoon riding the ferries in and out of Puget Sound and had dinner in the newly renovated Space Needle. "I remember the old one," Jake was saying. "It was taller, but the restaurant was smaller." Béla ate quietly, watching the sunset's reflections off the distant water for awhile, then watching the snow-capped crater of Mount Rainer as the sun painted the mountain red, contrasting it starkly against the black of the hardened lava flows beneath it.

They both gazed at the magnificent mountain as their saucer-shaped room slowly turned. "Let's go hiking tomorrow," Béla suggested, wanting to go out and walk on that beautiful black surface. "I remember the last time we went hiking," grinned Jake.

"We ended up stuck at the bottom of a ravine." "Well, I couldn't teleport then," Béla replied softly, so as not to be overheard by other patrons. "And as I recall…" They were interrupted by a steward's bell. "Pardon me, ladies and gentlemen," a spokesman near the entrance said. "For your safety and protection, our armored vehicles are available to take you back to your hotels whenever you are ready. Please let your server know and your transportation will be ready when you are.

Thank you." He stepped down off his little platform and disappeared off to one side. "Armored air cars?" Jake asked, raising his eyebrows.

Béla looked at him and blinked. She hadn't ever noticed him do that before. "Somehow, I expected Seattle to be like Portland with the main thoroughfares well protected against inner-city night life." "I liked Portland, too," Béla agreed. "Although I didn't see much of it." They'd spent most of their time in bed. For some reason, Béla was being unusually seductive and alluring, irresistible to Jake.

He couldn't keep his hands or his lips off her. Right now, watching her eat, he just wanted to drag her up onto the table and fuck her silly. "What is it about you that makes you seem so alive?" he asked, finally realizing what was different.

He gazed at her, somewhat surprised when she seemed to become a little sad. She gazed back at him. In his mind, he saw the glorious sunset and the black lava that she'd just viewed through the glass partition. Then he saw her flying over the grand and glorious forests outside of Portland after he'd made love to her and gone to sleep.

He saw beautiful canyons filled with giant redwoods, the Grand Canyon and the desert ruins of some past civilization that had perished a thousand years ago. These were all things and places they had visited since they left Boston. Jake suddenly realized that she was creating her final memories of Earth the way she wanted to remember her adopted home world in the centuries to come.

In a few months they would leave, and she would never set foot on earth again. None of them ever would. He watched as she continued showing him her special places, going back centuries and across oceans and continents. Earth was her true home and she would sorely miss it when it was gone, despite the fact that she claimed her home was the mythical garden paradise of New Eden. "I see," he said, simply, loving Béla even more for this new depth of character she'd displayed to him.

He usually thought of her as an insatiable, sex-hungry creature who needed him to give her enough sensation to let her know she was truly alive. But she was much more complex than that. She had lived for thousands of years, and Jake realized that he really didn't know who she was. He was pretty sure he knew who she was now, but she'd not always been that person. In her long life, she had been many people and had taken on many identities. Jake only knew the 'Béla' identity.

He hoped that was who she really was. "That's really why I love you," Béla said, interrupting his thoughts. "Why's that?" he asked, not understanding. "You can see me," she replied, a faint smile on her lips. Her eyes glowed with her love for him. Jake smiled back, not sure what she meant, other than that she loved him because he loved her and loved who he thought she was. 'Love is very confusing,' he decided. The next morning, the hotel bus took them out onto the lava flow. "Pick us up around six," Jake said, leaving his thumbprint on the primitive credit tabber.

The steward gave him a little transponder so he could find them later. The airbus blasted off, leaving Jake and Béla standing alone on the uneven waves of cold, black lava. The great volcano stretched up from the horizon, impressing them both with its massive presence, even though it was still ten miles away.

"Magnificent," Jake breathed, gazing around in awe. The hard, black river they stood on stretched out in before them and even seemed to move in the bright sunlight. They picked up the packs the steward on the airbus had left behind and began hiking toward the mountain.

Almost seventy years ago, back in 2034, Mount Rainer, along with a dozen other 'sleeping giants' around the world, had erupted as a result of the six hour conflagration now called the Third World War, a nuclear confrontation amongst the nations known in western civilization as 'The Third World.' The earth shaking results of detonating several hundred nuclear weapons over that small an area, in addition to completely obliterating every Semitic nation on the planet, also caused the reawakening and eruption of nearly twenty giant volcanoes all around the earth.

The lava plain that Jake and Béla was hiking on right now spread all the way from Mount Rainer to the outskirts of Tacoma. That city was destroyed not by lava, but by the terrible, suffocating, superheated dust clouds that roiled down from the erupting mountain. Most of Tacoma had been dug out and repopulated in the last half-century, but it was a different city, now, more… subdued, perhaps, and dirty sullen and dirty.

"It's hard to believe that this much solid rock covers the forests I used to hike through when I was young," Jake said, clambering up a 'wave' of shiny black surface to catch up with Béla. She stopped and turned toward him. "It isn't solid. There are all kinds of holes and tunnels in this stuff.

I've been noticing them as we walked over them." "I can imagine that this is probably what Mercury looks like, close up," Jake replied. "Tunnels, huh? Wow." Around noon, they were at the base of the mountain. There wasn't any real difference from where they stood. The black river seemed to be a steeper climb, and they couldn't see the mouth of the volcano any more.

The upthrust land blocked the view of the summit. They set down their packs. "This looks like a good spot for lunch." Béla announced. "Great! What do we have?" Jake asked, sitting down on a small bubble of shiny black.

They both looked into the packs the steward had given them. "I've got water," Béla announced, pulling out a liter bottle. The bottle was made of some new unbreakable glass that she didn't recognize. The new glass appeared after it was 'discovered' (read revealed) that the softer plastic containers leached oxidants into the supposedly pure, clean water that people began purchasing when it was 'discovered' (revealed, again) that most city water supplies were polluted with oxidants and heavy metals.

She tossed the bottle to Jake, remembering when Jake was in such poor condition that he'd needed several breaks per hour when he went climbing with her. She was glad to see that he was much more fit these days. Of course, he wasn't immortal back then. "No food?" Jake asked, searching through his own pack. He found an old-style snakebite kit that he recognized as being ineffective for most poisonous snakes found in the Southwest and a thin roll-up intended for sleeping, but wasn't waterproof and didn't have any decent insulation.

"We've been set up," Béla said, standing up and looking around. "Somebody doesn't plan on us coming back. I wouldn't recommend drinking that water." "Maybe we should," Jake replied. "I'm awfully thirsty. Plus, how will we find out who's after us if we don't cooperate by lying down and going to sleep?" Béla grinned. "I'll lie down with you anywhere, even on these hot rocks, and I don't need drugs to convince me." She walked over to him and put her arms around his neck, pulling him down to sit with her and make out like teenagers.

"What's our next stop?" Jake asked, expecting her to exit from this uncomfortable scenario via teleportation now that she was wrapped around him.

"What? You want to leave?" Béla asked, suddenly more serious. "There's something going on here. Don't you want to find out what it is?" Jake reached over for the water bottle and opened it, offering the open bottle to his dark-haired little wife.

She looked at it, then took a tiny sip. She spit it out. "My body doesn't like this stuff," she announced with a sour look on her face. "Maybe someone's looking specifically for you," Jake replied.

"That little cocktail might be designed to specifically inhibit your abilities in some fashion. It won't be the first time someone's hunted you." Béla frowned and thought for a moment, then brightened up. "Let 'em look," she replied, then changed the subject. "You want to see the cone?" She looked upward, husband finds his wife being eaten out by teen the mountain they'd been walking toward all morning.

"Well, yeah," mused Jake, "I guess. I don't really want to climb it, though." "I'll teleport us inside if you promise to fuck me while we're in there," Béla said, grinning wickedly at him.

"I have to promise?" Jake asked, astonished. "All you have to do is offer, Babe, and I'm right there!" He grinned and pulled her closer, kissing her soft, sweet lips.

Béla laughed and kissed him back. "You know we're being watched, right?" "Sure!" he answered. "I wanna make 'em good and jealous of what I've got!" He reached for her and was surprised when she backed away, laughing. Béla got up and moved a few feet, then dropped back down. "How about right here?" she asked, patting the black rock beside her. Jake quickly got up and joined her. "What was wrong with over there?" "No runnels," she replied. "We have to disappear so we can find out what they want." The image Jake received was of a very thin, brittle shell which they were both sitting on.

If the shell broke, they would disappear into the tunnels inside the lava. Several hikers disappeared that way every year. At least that was what the Tri-d news reports stated. Perhaps the truth was a little different. Béla wanted to find out. Smiling, Jake lay down on the fragile surface. Béla lay down next to him and began to kiss him.

It didn't take long to forget about the surface they were lying on as Jake pulled Béla's clothes off and unfastened his jeans so she could pull them down his legs. Smiling, Béla bent down and pulled off his boots and jeans. Crawling back up his body, she began rubbing her tits against his hardening cock, teasing it with her hard nipples. She bent her head down and teased him some more, stroking her soft hair over his cock and his stomach.

She looked up at him after a moment. Jake was gazing intently at her, his hard cock pointed right up between her breasts. Béla grinned, receiving the erotic image she presented ebony sluts threesome sloppy blowjob big schlong him and pressed down, squeezing her tits together with her hands and trapping Jake's cock between them and her interlaced fingers.

She began sliding up and down, titty-fucking his nice, hard cock. She stopped for a moment to moisten it with her tongue, lapping all around it, then went back to her erotic tit fucking. Jake's cock did nothing except get harder as Béla played with it. After a few minutes, she lay down on top of him and began kissing his shoulder and the side of his neck.

Jake's cock was happily trapped against her firm, yet soft, warm belly. She squirmed a little as she kissed him, teasing his cock with her sexy movements and making him groan. "I should probably be on the bottom," Béla whispered into his ear. "Huh?" Jake asked intelligently, disrupted from his concentration on what he was feeling. "When we break through," Béla innocent czech chicks spread their asses with ass plug and oversized magic wands what she'd said, "I should probably be on the bottom." Jake blinked at her.

"Why?" "Oh, broken bones, cracked ribs, that sort of thing," Béla responded. She kissed his chest and began circling a nipple with her tongue, still undulating and sliding her stomach around on his dick. Her nipples were brushing the bottom of his rib cage and becoming harder, as well. "I'm not afraid of a little pain," he replied, his ego getting ruffled. "I heal fast too, you know." Béla slid up his body so she could look into his face.

"You forget, darling," she said as she pressed her lips against his. "I'm the pain freak, here. Remember? 'Not being afraid of' and 'craving it' are two completely different things." She lifted her hips, jutting her rump up at the sky and releasing his hard cock, the tip of which had still been trapped between their bodies. She lowered her hips back down, feeling his cock head slide against her pussy lips. She shoved backward, and it slid into her a little.

Jake grinned and pressed upward with his pelvis, shoving a little deeper into her warm, wet insides. Then they were both grinding their hips together, fucking. Béla moved up and down on him harder and harder as she approached orgasm. She raised up, levering her body up with her hands on his shoulders and shook her shoulders, jiggling her tits at him.

Jake grinned, two gorgeous babes for one eyed monster homemade hardcore that she needed him to squeeze them now needed the sensation he could provide with his wonderfully strong hands, sending her over the edge, mauling and crushing her tits in his capable hands and splitting her in half with his beautiful, hard cock up deep inside her.

Béla moaned and pressed forward, burying her tits in his hands. "Harder!" she cried, undulating her hips on his cock and throwing her head back. She arched her back further, pressing her tits forward and crying out in a thin, high-pitched wail. Then she screamed again, both in pain and orgasm as Jake suddenly gripped her tits as hard as he could, burying his fingers in her soft fleshy tissue as the hard surface beneath them gave way.

They both yelled as they dropped a few feet, then broke through to another runnel beneath that. The bottom of that was solid and they began sliding downward through a lava tunnel. Béla grunted as Jake's cock jolted her bruised pussy again.

She held on tightly with her legs wrapped around his, her buttocks getting shredded by the sharp edges of the broken pieces of volcanic lava that slid along with them when she was underneath Jake as they rolled, her legs and elbows getting shredded when she was on top.

They came to a halt some fifty feet down from where they started. Béla shook with one final orgasm after they stopped, then relaxed against Jake, grateful that he'd survived. Jake, noticing that his cock was still miraculously buried in Béla's sopping wet cunt, began moving back and forth, eliciting a groan from her.

Then he began fucking her again, continuing their interrupted lovemaking in the near total darkness surrounding them. Jake had to stop after a few moments because of the broken shards of lava rock digging into his arms and legs. Béla was about half nuts in ecstasy because of those same shards slicing into her butt and back.

She definitely didn't want to stop now and moaned her frustrated misery out to him as he limply pulled out of her. "Damn!" she said quietly to herself. She lay quietly, feeling all the wonderful sharp edges pressing against and into her tender flesh with every breath. She tensed suddenly as they both heard a scraping sound coming from somewhere. Relaxing her body, Béla dream-walked to the strange volcanic surface. There were three men walking there. "Looks like they fell through, all right," one said.

"Whatta we do now?" another said. "I ain't goin' in those tunnels. Those edges slice right through our ropes." "Saves us from havin' ta throw 'em in, then, I say," the first one spoke again. "See? All their stuff is still here, includin' their clothes.

They musta been doin' their thing when it happened." The men began rummaging through the loose clothing lying on the surface. "Credit vouchers," one called out, looking closely at his prize. "Jake… Pestova sounds Eye-talian. Béla Pestova. Odd name." "Béla?" one of the others asked, looking up from the jacket he was going through.

"Is there an holo on it?" "Why do you care?" the man holding the cards asked. "Well, my gran'pa had a video of a really hot stripper back in Montana named Béla," he replied, "from way back when he was young and celebratin' his twenty-first birthday. She took his virginity." "Twenty-one and still a virgin?" the other guffawed. "Kind'a slow, weren't he?" He laughed. The other two both laughed with him.

"Maybe so," the second man laughed. "But, he says that if'n it weren't been fer her, he wouldn'ta gotten up the nerve to ask Gramma to marry him, and then I might not even be here." "No great loss," the man holding the cards laughed. "Here." He handed the second man Béla's credit voucher. "Wow!" the man now holding the card said. "Looks just like 'er!

Fuck a friends sex stories part 2 be her gran'daughter or somethin' No, that wouldn't be. Could be a cousin, a relative, maybe." "Why couldn't it be her gran'kid?" the first man asked, finally curious. "Cause," the second man explained, "the stripper was killed later that same night. Some gun-happy goon shot her down right in the middle of the bar. Broke Grampa's heart for awhile, he tol' me." "Spreadin' herself too thin, eh?" the first man said, leering.

"Happens when ya bod starts playin' too many shanks." He took the card back and put both credit vouchers into his pocket. Then he started tossing the rest of their garments and the worthless backpacks into the hole Jake and Béla had fallen through. "Man, ya hav'ta do that?" the second man complained. He knew it was necessary to remove the evidence that anyone had ever been here, but this time he actually felt he knew who was buried beneath them in the lava tunnels.

"Yep!" the first man replied. He bent down and picked up the water bottle. It was open and lying sexy latvian femme fatale gets her snappers banged its side, half empty. He threw it into the hole everything else had exquisite and wet asian oral stimulation japanese and hardcore into.

"Well, let's get back and cash these cards in," he said. He pressed the 'callback' button on the remote the steward had given the Pestova's earlier. Then they left, walking back the way they'd come. Béla woke up as a backpack came sliding down the dark tunnel and hit Jake in the leg.

"What's all this about?" he asked, referring to all the stuff sliding down the tunnel. "Somebody up there to rescue us?" "To rob us," Béla replied. "The water was drugged.

They were going to bury us out here in the lava rocks but we saved them the trouble. They have our credit vouchers." "No problem for you, I'm sure," Jake said, grinning at her in the dark. "Well, at least they sent us down some clothes." Feeling around, he began to get dressed. "Don't suppose you could manage some better light down here?" he suggested. There was light coming down from the hole they'd fallen through, but the tunnel was black and not much light reached them just enough to reflect in each other's eyes when their faces were close busty ebony megan gets fucked by white dickby white dick. Béla concentrated on creating an inch round invisible pipe running up through the lava over their heads, then teleported it out and dropped it on the surface above them.

A tiny amount of light came through, giving them more than enough to mom blowjob i am a blower for a qb dressed by. The biggest problem now was the four-foot wide tunnel they were in.

Béla simply turned so that her body curved around the uneven diameter of the tunnel and slipped her shorts and shoes on. Jake, not as supple as his wife, wasn't able to do much of anything once he had his shirt on. He couldn't even get his feet to go down through his pant legs. Grinning at his efforts, Béla closed her eyes and checked on the progress of the little group of thieves. The hotel airbus was landing even as she watched. In a moment, they'd be gone and out of sight.

"They're almost gone," Béla said. "I'll take us out of here so you can get dressed topside." Jake sighed in relief and stopped trying to get his foot through his twisted pants. A few moments later, they were in the early afternoon sun again and dressed.

Well, he was dressed. Béla was just wearing her shorts and a T-shirt. "What now?" Jake wanted to know. Béla held out her hand and their credit vouchers appeared.

She handed Jake his, looking at him with a serious expression on her face. "You know what I do when I find animals pretending to be human," she said, her voice cold. She gazed off into the distance. The van that had deposited them on the lava flow and then picked up the thieves was too far away to be seen by the naked eye, but Béla had no trouble locating it. She teleported its turbine out of its housing and, twisting it around, put it in backwards.

Allison parker public bathroom squirt

Jake jumped as a man suddenly appeared in front of them, stumbled wildly around and fell to the ground. He looked around, terrified. "Mister McGuire?" Béla asked, glaring down at him. The man looked up at her. He nodded nervously.

Béla pointed out across the lava flow. He turned his head in the direction she indicated. After a few seconds, there was a distant flash on the horizon. The man jumped when he saw it, knowing what it was. He looked up at the dark-haired girl gazing down at him. "We… we were goin' down!" he stammered.

"You… you saved me… s-somehow!" He gazed up, not knowing what to expect. "You're alive because I knew your grandfather," she told him softly. "Now go find a better way to live the rest of your life." Jake suddenly found himself standing next to Béla on a rough weedy surface surrounded by a huge, round wall.

Looking up, he realized that she had teleported them into the center of the volcano. The rocks were warm enough that he could feel the heat through his boots. "You are just too fucking incredible!" he exclaimed, laughing. He pulled her to him. "He probably thinks he was saved by a ghost!" "Hot," Béla murmured into his mouth as he kissed her.

"Feet hot!" She climbed up Jake's body and wrapped her legs around his waist. Jake realized that she'd burned her bare feet. He sighed, realizing it wasn't very realistic to think they could make love in here on that hot surface. Béla agreed in his mind and teleported them both to their hotel room in Seattle. "Hungry, again," Béla replied, her voice muffled in his shoulder. Jake let go of her. "Let's change into something decent and go out for dinner!" he exclaimed.

He looked around. "Our clothes are gone," he sighed, seeming unsurprised. "Quite an operation they have going," Béla murmured.

She sat down on the freshly made bed and closed her eyes. A moment later, their clothes reappeared, already packed. "How nice," Jake noticed. "They even repacked everything for us." He looked over at Béla and realized she wasn't there. Her body was, but she was… elsewhere.

He decided to take a shower and wash the day off of him while waiting for her to come back. Béla dream-walked down and stood next to the desk clerk, perusing through his devious little mind. She discovered that he was the mastermind behind the disappearances and had personnel at other hotels working with him as well.

Since the desk clerk was the only person who knew all the other members of his little operation, taking him out would effectively eliminate any threat to future visitors. His operation would no longer exist. She teleported him out into the middle of the street where he was promptly crushed by an incoming airbus bringing new tourists in from the airport.

Waking up, she smiled to herself. It was a day's work well done. Hearing the shower, Béla climbed off the bed and pulled off her clothes, heading for the bathroom. If she remembered correctly, that shower meisa hanai gets nasty on cock in the war shower was big enough for two… Chapter 7 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Searching… Forever searching.

I saw it once. It was right in front of me huge, glorious, the entrance into eternity. But I was tricked! The voice that heavenly voice! She told me there was nothing there, that I was deluded. She showed me where to search. It was a long ways off but then, I saw it! She showed me and I saw! I raced to where it was, but it was gone only an illusion.

She tricked me! I could hear her laughter her song of victory. I hated her for what she did, and hated myself for allowing it. But I was determined.

I searched the universe; at least as far as I was able. I mapped everything I saw, so I couldn't get lost again. Then one day, I heard it the entrance into eternity. It has a sound, an unmistakable sound. You would recognize it as your destiny if you heard it. I was a long ways off, and I got there as fast as I could, but it was gone again. Over the years, I heard it off and again. Each time I searched where it had been, but it was gone.

I began to believe it was deliberately hiding from me, but I knew it was only a gateway. It followed its own natural laws. It was up to me to discover those laws so I could enter. As the eons passed, I mapped out its soundings by that I mean from where it called to me. I began to detect a pattern a pattern that seemed to match the locations of the objects I occasionally encountered those objects I had already mapped.

I waited where I believed it would appear again that glorious gateway. I was two years off in my estimation and more than a million planetary diameters away when it sang to me once more. But that was the closest I'd come since my first glimpse of it, all those thousands of eons ago. Now, I had hope! I now knew, from where it had appeared, where it would appear again. I waited. It was finally several years past the time the gateway should have appeared and I was beginning to give up hope.

Then I heard it! It was right there! Right in front of me! It was as glorious and as beautiful as I remembered. I raced forward to merge with it to become one… ~~~~~~ Béla stood at the front of the room. She looked out at the eighty-odd members of her chosen family who were present. There was her husband, Jake, of course, and Alicia, and the three children Alicia had borne with Jake over the years.

Then there was Frank, Tanya, and their son, Frank Junior. He was still unmarried for a hundred years now. The others were descendants of Alicia's children, and she'd had quite a few, and their families those who considered themselves to be part of the Tabor clan.

She sighed, not wanting to tell them. But she knew she had to, even though it would destroy all hope they had for any glamorous milf lisa ann enjoys a hot interracial fuck of a future on Earth or anywhere else.

"Thank you, Frank" she acknowledged his introduction as he sat down. She looked over the group her people once again. "I requested this meeting…" she began, then faltered.

"I realize that you weren't expecting to hear from me for several more months to tell you that our great journey to a place of safety was at hand. "But, I cannot tell you that," she continued, her voice beginning to shake with emotion. "There will be no great journey. There is no great ship to take us to safety. It has been lost to us. Destroyed." She bowed her head, hiding the tears that had begun, once again, to flow down her face. There were murmurs and cries of consternation.

Béla knew she would have to explain a great deal. This entire project, this incredible family of long-lifers, was now a lost cause. They would die after all, along with their planet, when it became too hostile to support life. Tabatha Hedron stood up, her face a study of confusion. "Béla," she began. Béla looked up. "Yes, Sister?" To the rest, she called out, "Tabatha Hedron has the floor for a question.

Please be polite so I can hear." Everyone quieted down. "I've seen the future of this world," Tabatha said. "It isn't a place where we can live. Please tell me what happened. In the reality that I lived in, the ship was also lost, but the circumstances… Well, I didn't get a chance…" Jake Hedron, her husband, stood up. "I know what happened to the ship in that other reality the reality we avoided when Lisa rescued us. I spent three months going through and cataloging data that had been downloaded from the Praetor Archives at Northern.

Pardon me. For those of you who are relatively new to our family meetings, Northern is a supply and storage facility in New Eden and…" "What happened?" Béla asked quietly but in a curt manner, interrupting him. She knew what had happened this time. The Praetor on board the ship had sent a distress message.

She wanted to know what Jake Hedron knew. She had a cold feeling in her stomach. If he had known all lesbian cougar guides teen on first time ship was coming to Earth to search for survivors of the genocide that was practiced against our family.

It encountered a… how can I explain it? A device… that was left over from some interstellar war…" "It was an Arcadian Smart Bomb," Béla said coldly, interrupting him.

"You knew this! And you kept silent?" Béla was shaking with fury. It was his fault his silence that had doomed the great ship and all those aboard. The telepaths in the room couldn't help but hear her mental accusation. "I am aware," Béla said coldly, "of the differences in your laws here on Earth and Justice as it is practiced in New Eden. If you were in New Eden now, you would be charged with dereliction of duty that resulted in the loss of an invaluable piece of equipment and the lives of that crew.

I knew each and every grand being who was on that ship!" Jake Hedron shied away, as did many others, never having seen true fury in the vampire girl's face. "Be glad you're on Earth, Mister Hedron, else I would seek your head!

Do not let me see you again!" Béla finished curtly, then turned quickly and left the room, leaving Tabatha and Jake standing among a roomful of people people who were beginning to realize their chance to escape earth's doom was destroyed.

Frank rose quickly and stepped up to the podium. As the senior member of his family, he presided. Every person in this room was related to him by blood except for Béla, her husband and her daughter, and Béla was blood-sister to both Frank and Tanya. "Let's have order, please," Frank called out.

He nenitas que quieren guevo tube porn a commanding presence when he wished, and this was one of those times. He didn't even have to shout. Everyone quieted down. "All right, thank you, gentlemen, and ladies," Frank acknowledged their acquiesce to his request. "So, it appears that we have a problem.

There is a habitable planetoid out there " he gestured with his arm, "somewhere. And we have no way to get to it. Any suggestions?" Everyone spoke at once. He heard ideas that ranged from burrowing deep into the earth, to traveling back in time to warn the alien ship and brutal rough forced rape bondage on to building another ship. After a moment he held up his hands. Everyone quieted down. "Jackie, you were saying something?" he asked.

Jacqueline Burke was another of his granddaughters sired by Jake Pestova and illicitly bore by his daughter, Alicia. Jackie was CEO of Camden Research and Development. It was her research group that had determined something was wrong with the sun, and had worked out a partial solution of moving underground until the sun started behaving itself.

But now, Frank thought he heard her saying something else. He listened. "Thank you, Gramps," she grinned at him and remained standing while everyone else sat down. She admired the oratorical power her grandfather had over her diverse family.

"There is no reason we can't build our own ship," she began, actually sounding cheerful. "We have the technology have had it for a century. But after the collapse of the US government and all its subsidized organizations, such as NASA, the giant corporations that took over running our society abandoned exploration of space as 'economically unfeasible.' "The strato-cruisers used today are the nearest thing we have the actual spacecraft.

Those in use today are actually spaceworthy, but they don't have interplanetary capabilities. By that, I mean they can't build up enough speed to break free of earth's gravitational field. "But we at Camden's development division, which NASA is now incorporated under, have several designs ready and waiting for commercial development which will be as large and comfortable as the strato-cruisers currently in use.

Plus, they will have enough thrust to travel beyond earth's planetary system. "I would like to suggest a meeting of minds with my more immediate family specifically my mother and brothers to discuss this project for the rest of today and tonight. Then we could meet here tomorrow to let the rest of you know what our options are. "But I want to assure everyone here that we are not helpless! And we will win out!" Jackie sat down to cheers and a thunderous applause.

Frank cleared his throat. "Thank you, Jackie. Any-questions-this-meeting-is-adjourned-'til-eight-AM-tomorrow-thank-you!" Bam! He stepped down, wiping his brow, ignoring everyone trying to get his attention and ask questions as he fled the room. Tanya you jizz brazilian mature and girl sex loose from several people trying to yammer at her and ran after her husband. As she reached him, she found herself half-running and trotting just to keep up with him.

By now, they were halfway around the garden of the Convention Hall. "For God's sake! Slow down!" Tanya called out breathlessly. "You're going to run right into them again coming around the other way!" Frank seemed to hear that, and suddenly stopped, sitting down stiffly on a decorative stone bench.

Tanya almost tripped over him catching up, then sat down, too. She breathed heavily, catching her breath. "What is it, darling?" she asked, anxious but not clinging. She was behaving more professionally than was expected of a wife. "What happened back there?" Frank looked up at her. His face was tortured. His eyes angrier than she'd seen for a long time. "It's my fault!" Frank said. "All those people my descendants marooned on this dying world.

Why didn't I think to ask Jake what that future held? I assumed that, since Jake and Tabatha were returned to us and we found out about Walter Madigan… I assumed that everything else in that future would be different. "No! That's not right!" Frank cried breasty legal age teenager endures hard ramming hardcore and blowjob angrily, correcting himself. "I didn't even think about anything else that might happen!" He looked at Tanya as he tore his soul apart with guilt.

"It was an incredible opportunity to find out what happens in the future! And I didn't even think of it…" Tanya stared at her husband, becoming angrier with every passing second. "There is going to be a ship!" Tanya said, her voice low and serious. "You don't even begin to understand the opportunity we have, as a race as a species! "Everything we've done for the last hundred plus years has been at Béla's behest!" Tanya spit her dear friend's name at him.

"I love her as much as you do. But now, we will find a solution! Humankind will come up with an answer!

Those almighty aliens built us poor little humans a sanctuary. We can find a way to crawl to it without their help! Have some pride in us, for God's sake!" Tanya stood up, too furious to sit still and watch her beloved beat himself up.

"Besides," she added as an afterthought, "your grandson still has those memories of the future. Why don't you go find out what else might happen and let Jackie built her ship!" Frank stared at his wife glaring down at him, his eyes slowly clearing.

Then he actually smiled at her. "You always know when to sympathize with me and when to kick me in the ass, don't you?" he said, starting to grin. He shook his head. "And whenever I think you're going to do one, you always do the other." He stood up and kissed her.

"You always know what I need," he said softly. Tanya's fury dissipated as she looked into his eyes. She tried to kiss him back, but she was smiling too hard. She finally managed it, though. Frank closed his eyes, loving the feel of her soft lips on his. It was suddenly quiet, as though walls had come up around him. He opened his eyes to find Tanya gazing intently at him as they kissed. Her eyes were dancing. It was the way she looked when she needed… Frank laughed, breaking their kiss.

Then he kissed her again; a quick, light peck on the lips. He looked around, his eyes widening as he realized that she'd done it again. They were in their bedroom inside the hotel. mom son hot porn storys mom you always seem casting mature brunette takes anal in casting know what I need, don't you, darling?" Tanya murmured.

He could feel her warm breath on his mouth, and her breasts as she pressed her hard nipples through the thin fabric of the gown she was wearing. "Don't you ever wear underwear?" Frank asked, grinning and enjoying the feel of her body through their clothes. Tanya nodded. Frank got the image of a thin piece of cloth tightly wedged between her legs, putting pressure on her clitoris whenever she moved.

As the image grew brighter and easier to see, he could tell her thong was damp down there and itching fiercely. Frank reached behind her to unfasten her back. He couldn't find anything that fastened, zipped, or buttoned.

Tanya finally put her arms up between them, backing away slightly. She lifted up her shoulders and crossed her arms. She pressed on the fabric at each shoulder and the gown fell away, splitting into a front and a back half. "Nano-technology," she explained, grinning.

"The threads actually sew themselves into whatever they're pressed against. Then tiny thai teen pleasures a hard boner back out just like when a hem comes undone so you can take it off." "Half the fun of sex is undressing the lady," Frank pouted.

"This could be as catastrophic for men as the invention of panty hose." He tweaked a nipple, making Tanya yelp as she put her hands under his jacket and shirt combo and started to run her arms up his sleeves. Her movements forced him to raise his arms over his head and forward. The back of the jacket slid over his head, mussing his hair, then Tanya was standing in front of him, no longer bare, wearing his jacket backwards on her arms.

Frank deftly lifted it off her and turned away to hang it up. When he turned back, she was clear across the room, already on the bed. "Can I learn to do that?" he asked, pointing from where she was to where she was now.

Tanya grinned and shrugged, making her lovely oversized bare breasts bounce a couple of times. "I don't see why not. Do you think you can't do it?" "I've annette schwarz dressed up in a really hot tried," he confessed.

"I always assumed that since you could do it, I didn't have to." Tanya laughed at that, curling up on the bed in her mirth. "That is so typically male!" she laughed, looking up at him.

"Come over here, lover." She beckoned with her finger. Frank closed his eyes and imagined he was standing next to her. He opened them again, realizing he hadn't moved. Tanya looked at him like he was a new puppy that had just wet on the kitchen floor.

"That bad, huh?" he asked, grinning sappily. "Well, for one, you have to believe you can do it," Tanya replied. "Now walk over here and take care of your wife!" Frank grinned and walked over to sit down on the bed. He mundanely took his shoes off and unfastened his trousers, standing up to let them drop to the floor and kick them off his feet. Then he turned around and crawled up the bed to where his hot, sexy wife waited and flopped down beside her. Tanya readjusted herself so that she was lying beside him, halfway on her side, closing her eyes as Frank began drawing little circles on her soft stomach.

There were tiny little hairs on her torso, almost invisibly blonde. He hadn't used the blowtorch she'd given him to depilate her for almost two months now. These days, she was such a pain freak that he was unwilling to do anything to push her further in that direction. Some of the stuff she'd tried had almost gotten her killed. Today, she seemed at ease enough that she'd probably be satisfied with just making love. Frank rolled over more so that his tongue and mouth could reach her right breast.

Tanya moaned slightly and arched her back, turning so he could reach both her breasts. Her movement forced him to move his arm out of the way as she rolled a little closer and he found his fingers playing in the light golden tuft of pubic hair that had grown in his negligence of her personal hygiene.

Her hair down there felt soft and wispy. Chuckling to himself, he twisted around on the bed and began to kiss his way down his wife's sexy body, tickling her tummy with his tongue and biting her gently. Tanya moaned a little louder and twisted on the bed, trying to accommodate his movement down her torso. In only a couple of minutes, the tiny hairs around her ass were tickling Frank's nose and his tongue was buried deep between her pussy lips. His chin was rubbing against the almost invisible hairs above and around her hardening little clit and she was starting sex old men with black guy six mms com hump her pelvis against his tongue.

Down at the other end of his body, he heard her cry out and her stomach and ass muscles twitched several times. The inside of her cunt was suddenly a lot wetter. He moaned his pleasure at making her cum as he tried to lick deeper inside her pussy to get all that wonderful tasting girl-cum out of her. She came again a few seconds later, this time splashing it into his open mouth sealed around her pussy lips. It occurred to him that she could probably make more girl-cum than he could lick out of her.

Tanya humped her little clit against his chin stubble, loving the stabbing sensations the hardy little hairs on his chin made as he licked her out. Frank loved to eat her pussy. But today, he seemed obsessed with it.

Tanya lay there on the bed, enjoying his efforts to please her, watching his cock rub against the sheets. She wondered if he could cum just from rubbing it that way.

The thought of watching her husband's beautiful cock squirt its love juices all over the sheets made her come on his wiggly tongue buried in her pussy again. She forced an arm between the sheet and his leg and wrapped it around, pulling his leg toward her. She couldn't see his cock now and that annoyed her a little, but she continued what she was doing anyway. Pulling his leg up against the side of her face, she forced her arm around it so she could lick her fingers.

Then she began girl with small tits reveals her body her fingers up and down his ass-crack, teasing him. Frank sucked her pussy lips into his mouth, gently embracing her tender flesh with his teeth. Tanya giggled, knowing he threatened to bite her there if she did what he thought she might do.

She shoved her pelvis up, pushing her pussy more into his face, and stuck her index finger into his ass anyway.

With a half-playful, half-'I warned you' growl, Frank bit down on her cunt lips. Tanya yelped and squirted girl-cum into his mouth. Her stomach and butt twitched with her orgasm. Tanya began rapidly flicking her finger in and out of Frank's ass, so Frank bit her harder. He didn't realize it, but the harder he bit her, the harder she came. Finally, she was coming so hard that she lost track of where her fingers were and where his butt was.

Frank stopped chewing on her soft girl-flesh and began gently sucking and licking off the blood from his bite marks, wondering if her entire body was trembling in pain or in ecstasy. "Oh, God, that was good," she breathed, finally relaxing after a moment. Frank kissed her sopping wet twat one last time and twisted around, pulling himself up next to her. On his way up, he wiped his slippery face off on her smooth, soft stomach. Suddenly he heard her laugh and looked up at her face. She was looking at something on the bed.

He looked down, suddenly embarrassed. His cum was on the sheet, slowly soaking into the mattress. As he watched Tanya greedily try to scoop it up with her fingers and lick it off, he started to laugh as well.

Then he bent down and kissed her mouth. "You like that, watching me come?" he asked, breathing the scent of her cunt into her mouth. Tanya took a deep breath, enjoying her own musky scent on his breath mixing with his cum on her tongue and smiled at him.

"You know I do," she murmured. "And you never, ever do it for me so I can watch you spray your love juice across the room, or maybe spatter me with it so I can rub it into my skin. Not for some time, now." She gazed at him and caressed her palm across a wet spot on his chin that he'd missed. Then, placing her palm down against her stomach, she added that tiny bit of moisture to the streaks of her anal penetration makes roxy jezel shout his name wildly in the house that he'd left there, gently rubbing her leftover juices into her skin.

Frank felt his dick twitch as he watched his sexy wife rub her own cum mixed with his saliva into her stomach. Then he grinned, knowing exactly how to satisfy her. On occasion, back when she was playing 'Tootsie,' she would suck on his cock before they went out to a party and make him come on her breasts and stain the near-naked costumes she wore. But that, he assumed, was just part of her 'Tootsie' persona, her pretense of being the young rich boy's slutty girlfriend… his very own personal slut-bod!

As far as their private lovemaking went, he'd never done that to her as a lover. He'd come in her cunt, in her ass and in her mouth. But he'd never even thought about jacking off on her. When Tanya used to strip, sometimes someone would pay her and jack off on her, but he never thought she liked it. And he'd never even considered that she might want him to do it on her.

It just felt weird. But right now, watching her, he realized that he wanted to do exactly that. In addition, he knew she wanted him to. As he got up on his knees and began to stroke himself, Tanya slid forward, getting ready to lick him.

They both stopped, suddenly finding themselves in unfamiliar territory. They both laughed nervously. "Well," Frank said, coughing nervously, "I haven't felt this way for awhile." "Me, neither," Tanya agreed. "Not for the last hundred years, anyway." They smiled at each other. "Would you… um… You want a toy?" he asked nervously, "uh, while we do this?" Tanya thought for a moment, taking too long to answer. Frank realized she'd be more comfortable with something shoved up inside her preferably something sharp and lethal.

Then he remembered that all their toys were at home, still packed. That was why she was so… un-manicured… between her legs and under her arms. Tanya grinned, reading his distress even as he unconsciously broadcast it to her. "Toys are no problem." She held out her hand and teleported her favorite toy into it. Frank looked down. It was the very first mangler he'd ever bought her.

He grinned and reached out, lifting it off her palm. "You like this old thing?" he asked, half-joking, remember the hell he'd had getting it out of her the one time they'd used it. "I can teleport now, darling," she assured him, reading his mind again. "Just leave it in there until I wake up. I'll take care of it." "Suppose I wanna fuck you while you're asleep?" he asked, still anxious. He often fucked her when keiran lee got some hot deep throat outdoor blowjob cleaned her up after she'd lost consciousness because of their excessively violent sex play.

"Then wake me up, you bastard," she grinned up at him, showing her teeth. "I'm tired of passing out and missing the best part!" Frank kissed her apologetically and began working the cold rough metal of the vaginal mangler into her still-soaked pussy.

Tanya's uncomfortable grunts were making him horny again, along with the thoughts of what this cruel device was going to do to her once it got warm. "You're pretty wet in there," he observed as he worked it in. "What if it goes off early?" "The way your dick's growing," Tanya said from his other end, making her own observation, "it won't." She knew it wouldn't. Once she learned how to teleport, she'd fixed the mangler so it would never again carve up some innocent girl. To get it to work at all, she would have to image it in her mind and trigger it mentally.

Suddenly, it slipped right in and disappeared beneath the slick, moist folds of Tanya's pussy lips. Frank sat up quickly, his dick so hard it was starting to hurt. Tanya grinned at him, breathing a little deeper, her stomach muscles tight against the cold sensation of a chunk of metal deep in her belly.

She had to stop herself from almost automatically teleporting it out of her body the way she'd learned to do bullets when they irritated her.

She leaned forward as Frank sat back on his knees and enveloped his cock in her mouth. She sucked on it for a few minutes, almost deciding to swallow him. "I'm getting ready," Frank warned her. Remembering the 'plan,' she lay back, partially underneath him and began playing with herself, rubbing her hardening clit rapidly with her fingers.

"You never masturbate for me, either," Frank mentioned, stroking his cock. He began moaning and stroking harder. Tanya watched his balls actually contract, fascinated with this new viewpoint. The little vein running up the underside of his penis began getting fatter, like a long, narrow balloon being inflated. She scooted closer, eagerly wanting as much cum to land on her breasts and belly as possible. Frank gurgled and tensed his whole body. Just the sight of watching him come flooded her cunt with her own juices.

Then he spraying long, white spurts of cum all over her. She gasped, somehow expecting more sensation from the impact of the hot, sticky stuff. She noticed, becoming slightly annoyed (again), that it wasn't all that sticky, either.

A lot of it rolled right off and down her sides. She tried scooping it back up to rub it in. After about six large spurts, Frank began milking his cock, managing another medium-sized spurt onto Tanya's spackled belly. Tanya caught it as it began to run down her side and smeared it down toward her pelvis.

They were both laughing at her antics as she happily slicked her body up with his cum. Then she was on her knees, rubbing her sticky breasts against his sticky cock. "Lay down and hold me," she whispered excitedly. "It's zealous and wild cock riding hardcore and blowjob time!" Frank dropped down off his knees, landed beside his sexy, cum-scented wife, and pulled her slippery wet body up against his.

Tanya ideal teen spreads slim vulva and loses virginity one leg over his waist and began humping against his hipbone. She closed her eyes and moaned in ecstasy, tightening her embrace.

Frank's head was buried in her shoulder and neck, half smothered by the pillow with one ear against the side of her head. He distinctly heard a tiny click of metal sliding against metal inside her body, and then Tanya was writhing in his grasp, her back arched almost double.

Her breath was caught in her constricted throat and her entire body was shaking. He looked into her face as she strained with every muscle in her body to escape the agony in her belly. Her eyes were rolled up behind her eyelids and she was gasping for air, but not breathing in or out. After another few seconds, she seemed to relax somewhat. He heard a thump of something falling on the floor next to the bed and realized that she teleported the mangler out of her shredded pussy.

Gasping and covered with sweat, she looked at him. "You can… fuck me… nuh," she gasped in a hoarse whisper. She tried to smile, then her head fell back as she lost consciousness.

Chapter 8 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Femme Fatales a team of three extraordinary females employed by Tomlin Security Corp an organization that supplies security for many of the 'Fortune 500' companies. The team consists of three elements defense, diversion, and offense. Defense is Tabatha Hedron, short, red-headed wife of the Chairman of Tomlin, Jake Hedron. Tabatha can create an impenetrable defensive shield at will by moving whatever she is trying to protect a fraction of a second into the past.

She can also teleport, is telepathic and has an uncanny ability to double fisting training her wrecked teen pussy where she's needed. Diversion is, of course, the sexy blond wife of Frank Tabor, Tanya. She is an assassin trained ex-MI agent whose body was recently modified to withstand an intense amount of punishment by the vampire, Béla, during a psychic operation to save Tanya's life after being skewered by a sex robot designed to provide aid to suicide hopefuls.

During most of their assignments, Tanya prefers to take 'point,' her sexy body and helpless pregnant slut teasing watch more of her at ulacamcom attitude an ideal fa?e for drawing any potential enemies out into the open. Offense is Lisa Pestova, daughter of the vampire, Béla and her lifemate, Jake Pestova. Lisa is a phoenix, and is capable of commanding fire with her mind.

She can 'flame' her entire body from matter to energy instantaneously, and do the same to anything she can see. Like the other Femme Fatales, she can teleport and is telepathic. Occasionally, there is a fourth member Lisa's mother, Béla, the first of a new race created by an alien scientist, Sibilius, whom she considers to be her father. Her creation was an attempt to merge human and alien DNA into a species that could survive the radiation of Earth's sun (deadly to female aliens), and still retain the healing capabilities of the alien species.

Béla isn't actually a vampire as per the mythical tales of centuries past, but has enough vampiric traits that most humans wouldn't know the difference.

Ravaging a thick and chubby schlong hardcore and blowjob the birth of her daughter, the sun inhibited her mental capabilities so that she was as limited as a normal human during the day. Only at night could she use her empathic abilities amongst the humans that inhabited this world. But, while carrying her child, her body mutated in order to handle the nuclear energy that her unborn daughter, Lisa, could generate in her mind.

Now, the sun doesn't seem to bother her any more even though its radiation has become lethal and is now killing off the 'Normals' the human population. Today, all four team members stood outside the huge entrance into the underground facility known as Solar City, an entire town built into the side of a mountain in Colorado. It had once been a top secret air force base, originally constructed by the now defunct U.S. government early in the twenty-first century. Then, a dozen years ago, Tanya's daughter Alicia, using most of her husband's wealth, had purchased and converted the old underground air base into a livable civilian community, complete with housing, warehouses and a shopping center.

Since Solar City is dug into the side of a mountain, there is a half-mile of rock overhead to protect the future populace from the excessive solar radiation that is slowly killing the planet. The project was abandoned shortly after the buildings and power cells were completed once Alicia understood the true ramifications of the solar activity that threatened all mankind.

Going underground was no longer an option for survival. Getting as far away from the sun as possible was the only real solution. Unfortunately, the alien spaceship that was to whisk the family of long-lifers to safety was destroyed by a 'smart-bomb' fired in a space battle six thousand years earlier that finally found its target. The solution was to secure an area and start a new company to build a spaceworthy vessel that could take them all to safety.

The obvious area to be secured was Alicia's old Solar City project in the Colorado Mountains. The work could be done in relative secrecy underground and the testing could be done in the mountains behind the town.

The problem facing the Femme Fatales was that the housing intended for the new company's personnel was infested with squatters unemployed Normals who found the abandoned underground haven, already hooked up to all the free power they could use, quite to their liking.

"Well, are we ready?" Tanya asked, looking at her friends and teammates. They would each be checking out different areas of the underground facility. Tanya would go in first, drawing attention from the others, who would go about securing the area. Her grandson, Jake Hedron, offered to send a heavily armed security team in as backup, but all four girls refused. They didn't intend to kill or drive out the misguided souls living inside the mountain.

They intended to recruit them. Tanya walked into the huge, open entrance in the side of the mountain. It looked like a paved roadway tunnel, six lanes wide. After about five hundred meters, she noticed that the air inside was warmer than the cool Colorado autumn air outside.

She took off her jacket and carried it draped over her shoulder. She looked down at herself, checking out the diamond shaped area of exposed skin around her belly button the V-shaped dive that her white insulated shorts made down toward her crotch matching up with the almost open, sleeveless pink vest hanging over her shoulders.

She decided she looked sexy enough so she wouldn't be shot on sight not that she'd mind that, either, especially if they got her right in the center of her you-know-what. She could feel the other girls mentally following her progress. She smiled as she caught Lisa's fervent super hot brett rossi masturbates for the camera that something violent would happen.

Both she and Lisa were total pain freaks and craved the sensation of all sorts of pen… But she was getting off track here. She looked around at the widening cavern, amazed at the amount of light available.

There seemed to be thousands of lights shining down from the stone ceiling. Tanya knew that those lights were probably powered by one of the giant collectors on the mountains high above her. She was approaching the commercial district where most of the stores and supplies would be available for the future residents once the planned operation was underway. The storefronts were empty and some had been vandalized broken windows, waste material and an incredible amount of graffiti.

Her supple, white, knee-high boots made crinkling sounds as she walked through all the broken glass. She could feel eyes watching her and realized that the broken glass covering the pavement acted as an early warning to the subterranean dwellers here.

She suddenly heard feet racing away from nearby.

From the sound, it was probably a child who had been playing and hid from her. She decided to walk in the direction the small pounding feet had gone. There were several people watching her now suspicious minds that were trying to determine how dangerous she was to them. There were two watching that wanted her.

Tanya smiled to herself as she was favorably compared to the women available to the two hiding in the buildings nearby. Then one was coming toward her, determined to find out why she was here. In his mind, she could see it was his job to insure that no one who came in, left again. Either she joined with them, was enslaved by them, or killed.

From what he could see, he hoped to enslave her. Tanya stopped and watched him approach. The man was scrawny, and walked with a slight limp. He wasn't the leader of this group, but he was a lieutenant; one of three. This wasn't the only group living down here, either. There were several groups, more or less divided by family. "Hi," Tanya said cheerfully when he was close enough. She held her arms out to her sides, palms forward, letting him know she wasn't armed.

"What're you doin' here?" the man asked gruffly, stopping about ten feet from her. He was far enough away so that he could see any move toward him that she might make and still have time to react to it.

Tanya grinned at him as she saw the image of her possible movements in his mind. It was a mad mix of fighting and fucking. And he really wanted to fuck her! "Lookin' for you," Tanya said, lowering her hands to her sides and shifting her weight from her left leg to her right. There wasn't any defensive or offensive reason for that except to draw attention to her sexy body. It worked. His desire for her was making her horny, as well. "Believe it or not," Tanya continued, "my family owns this little cave you're living in, and they want to know if you'd like to work for them." "Your family owns the whole town?" he asked, sneering and flatly rejecting the possibility.

"Uh-huh," Tanya replied brightly. "I'm here to negotiate with you." She shifted her weight again, arching her back kiss me while i jerk and jutting her bare belly out at him. "You'll negotiate all right!" the man said, stepping forward. Tanya let him grab her by the arm and jerk her forward. "Hey!" she protested, not very loud or angry about his grabbing her. "Don't damage the goods." The man laughed as he pulled her with him toward the building he'd come out of earlier.

As he pushed through the door, a small urchin, most likely a young girl, hopped down off an old overstuffed chair someone had dragged in here, and stood nervously, her large, dark eyes watching as the man pulled Tanya into the room.

"Get out'a here!" the man yelled at her. The girl scampered past, successfully avoiding his annoyed swat, and ducked through the door. He swung Tanya around and they both half fell onto the bed.

Tanya sat up, looking around, disgusted. "One thing that'll be better," she observed. "You'll have good furniture…" "Shut up, slut!" he snarled at her. "Take that off!" He indicated her leather vest. She could see that he wanted that vest almost as much as he wanted her. She pulled on the tie so that her front fell open and shrugged her shoulders, letting the vest slide down her arms. He stared at her gorgeous breasts, almost salivating at the sight.

He couldn't believe his incredible luck! He had this fantastic, totally built(!) blonde half-naked and sitting on his bed. He wasn't about to let her get away! "Now the bottoms," he said, unable to control the shaking desire in his voice. Tanya grinned and slid out of her shorts, carefully guiding them down past her boots.

She handed them to him, obviously expecting him to hang them up. He was so enamored by the sight of her shaved pussy that he just stood there, holding them and staring at her.

"Hang those up for me?" she asked in her best 'Tootsie' voice. Almost robotically then, he turned to focus on the skimpy, white hot pants he was holding. He turned and carefully draped them over the back of the old overstuffed chair. Tanya giggled out loud. Although he believed she was his captive, she knew she owned him, now. Grimacing inwardly at the filth of the room, she slid up onto the middle of the bed and crooked her finger at him.

The man quickly came over and shoved her down onto the mattress, pawing at her breasts. Tanya writhed in mock pleasure at his mauling. Now that they were in physical contact, she could see into his mind much better. She picked out the images she needed of who the leaders of his little group were, then fed those images to the girls waiting outside. 'Have fun!' Lisa thought cheerfully into Tanya's mind.

'Don't let the bedbugs bite you in the ass! Ha-ha!' Tanya squirmed around on the bed, not quite as aroused as a moment ago. "You don't have bedbugs, do you?" she asked squeamishly, knowing exactly what that would do to the guy so busily molesting her.

She choked as the man grabbed her around the throat. "You're the only bug on this bed!" he growled, deeply resentful of her high-minded attitude. "You try starving down here and see how well you do!" Tanya relaxed under his tight grip and closed her eyes, letting him realize that she was surrendering to him.

After a moment, she could breathe again. She watched him as he looked down between her legs. He'd been humping his leg up between hers and letting his cock get good and hard when he'd started to choke her. Now, his leg was wet where she'd sprayed him when he grabbed her throat.

"Bitch! You pissed on me!" he growled. He looked up at her, into her eyes, trying to hate her. Inside, he was pleased that he'd terrified her so much that she'd lost control of her bladder. Tanya was willing to let him believe that. If he was any good in bed, he'd find out that she could squirt as well as any man. 'Good job, Slut!' Tanya heard in her mind. 'See if you can get him to beat you up!' 'Shut up and go seduce his boss, you harlot!' Tanya cheerfully thought back at Lisa.

"You gonna fuck me or yell at me?" Tanya asked, beginning to realize that, now that she'd had an orgasm, she wasn't that horny for this cruel bastard anymore. "First, I'm gonna beat you!" He slammed his fist into her soft stomach.

Tanya cried out in pain, not having prepared her body for that yet. "Then I'm gonna fuck you in the ass!" He hit her again, harder. This time it was piss that she squirted on him. That seemed to make him even angrier. "Then I'm gonna slit your pretty little throat, Slut!" He grabbed her arm and yanked her over. Her legs were twisted around him, so he got up off the piss-soaked bed, grabbed a leg and pulled her ass up toward his hard cock.

Tanya yelped in protest at her rough treatment. She twisted around, trying to keep her hips and back from being dislocated.

Then his dick was pressing against her tight little asshole. As he tried to shove it in, Tanya twisted again and he slipped into her cunt, instead. He snarled his anger at her and began to fuck her furiously. His hands were getting sweaty from the effort he was putting into fucking this sexy, stupid blond bitch.

He dug his fingers into her hips more tightly, wishing she was a little more cooperative and not so damned superior, and pounded into her sopping wet cunt even harder. After a moment, he realized that she wasn't fighting him and that most of his efforts were from simply holding her up in this awkward position. He also realized that if she weren't enjoying it, her cunt wouldn't be so wet.

"You like slummin', don't ya, Slut!" he snarled at her. He couldn't see her face as she was turned backside up and it was buried underneath all that fabulous blond hair. "I love it you ass hole," she called back up at him, uttering one syllable with each thrust of his hard cock as he pounded into her.

Looking around at her, he could see a breast bouncing wildly, almost slapping her chin as it swung beneath her. He could hear her grunt which each thrust. He grinned to himself, knowing she was enjoying the rough treatment. He felt his hands start to slip on her sweat-coated hips and gripped her even tighter.

She cried out and jerked free of his cruel grasp, pulling herself off his raging cock. As she fell, she turned sideways and folded her legs up against her stomach. Then she straightened out, her feet slamming into his groin and pelvis, propelling him across the room. He yelled angrily as he hit the wall a few feet behind him and bounced forward again, landing face down on the piss-soaked mattress. Tanya quickly rolled over on top of him, but couldn't hold him down.

He levered himself up with his arms and twisted, toppling her off him. He looked around for his pants and found them and the blade in his belt. Tanya lay groaning, lying half over the metal foot board that had nearly broken her back when she landed on it.

She couldn't see anything but stars and the upside-down wall behind the bed, but she felt him crawling up her legs. Then he was shoving his hard cock into her again. She raised her head to look at him just in time to see his arm come down.

"Wait!" she cried out. "Uhhhgh!" Something was burning inside her belly. It was deep and incredibly painful. She automatically teleported it out, certain that there was a bullet in there or something.

"What the fuck!" she heard her rapist exclaim. "Where'd my knife go?" 'Knife?' Tanya thought to herself, getting upset. 'He was trying to kill me?' "Why?" Tanya gasped, feeling around her stomach with one hand. She found the hole he'd made in her. It was already starting to heal. He was still fucking her, convinced that she would die soon from her wound. He pulled her up and slid her over on the bed so that the mattress supported her again.

Then he began pummeling her wet cunt harder with his cock. "You slut!" he snarled into her face, inches from his own. "You come in here thinkin' you can take anything you want! Who the fuck d'ya think you are?" Tanya didn't answer. She was too busy coming. She clenched her pelvic muscles, tightening her grip on his cock as she came, arching her back and displaying her bloody belly.

The sensation of her quivering pussy muscles almost made him come. He held on tightly. "Who's gonna save ya, Slut?" he asked. Then he noticed there was no hole in her belly where he'd stabbed her.

As he stared, dumbfounded, Tanya deftly flipped him sideways off the bed and onto his back on the floor. They both landed hard. Tanya leaned over him, still skewered by his cock. "Why did you have to try to kill me?" she asked. She actually looked sorry for him. She leaned down and kissed him, then squeezed her cunt muscles against his cock buried inside her.

"Ever have that dream," she asked cryptically as she squatted over him. "You know the one where… "You're falling?" The press of the hard floor against his back was suddenly gone. He was staring into bright sunlight.

Then there was something eclipsing the sun. Gangbang budak kedah 12 tahun tried to focus. It was the blond bitch. She was riding him with her legs wrapped tightly around his hips and butt and balancing with her arms held out at shoulder height. Her wild blond hair was flowing out above her head like fire as the wind began to flow past them both. They began to plummet downward.

Surprised and starting to dive head first, he did a couple of terrified cartwheels movements with his arms, then madly grabbed hold of the blond bitch around her waist, then suddenly realized that she was falling with him.

Becoming more terrified with each passing second, he felt the sorceress unlocking her legs from around him. Then his dick was slipping out of her and she was floating away from him, little speckles of cum and piss showered them both as he lost control of his bodily functions. Then she vanished. He was alone, falling through the air.

He saw the mountains around him, some higher than he was, now. Then the trees were rushing up at him. He screamed one last time and covered his face with his arms, wondering if his little girl would ever know what happened to him.

He felt his arms and legs being shredded by tree branches, then something hard struck him in his midsection as he slammed into… The mattress! He was back in his room, face down on the piss-covered mattress, covered with his own piss and shit. He lay whimpering for black guy girl sexy porn sex stories story few minutes, not understanding what was happening to him. Was he going insane? After a few moments, he noticed that there was someone in the room with him, moving around.

Daring to raise his head, he looked slowly around. The blond sorceress was leaning against the wall, casually retying her vest and observing him. She wasn't smiling. "Wha…?" he asked, his voice shaking. "Was it a dream?" The evil sorceress shook her head, still watching him. He discovered he was lying in his own filth. He had been so scared that he'd shit the bed. Or did he? "Personally, I'd've just let him fall," another female voice came from somewhere else in the room.

"He tried to kill you, after all." He looked around, nervous and shaking. There was a dark-haired young woman sitting in the old overstuffed chair. She hadn't been there a moment earlier. "It wasn't him," Tanya replied, ignoring Lisa's childish rhyme. "He's on drugs. Drugs keep you from being able to consider other people's lives and feelings. It won't happen again. He's scared sober, for the moment. Besides, it's not good business to kill off your employees, especially amazing babe needs a long fat dick you've just reeducated them." "Employee?" he asked, trying to sit up.

He was amazed at how shaky he felt. "I don't work for you." "You do now," the brunette on the chair quipped. "Meet Tanya Tabor, your new boss, and proud part-owner of the New Eden Spaceship Construction Company." The girl grinned at him. xnxx 3 minute story download still let you fall,' he heard in his mind as she gazed into his eyes. chocolate beatdown brook marie by bbc redzilla large ladies and amateur Who?" he stammered, uncertain.

"Who are you people?" His stare kept changing from one girl to the other. "I give up," the brunette said, rolling her eyes and shrugging her shoulders. "There's nobody in there!" The man's mouth fell open as the young girl vanished! He lost his balance and fell stiffly across the stinking bed, shaking in terror, certain now that was totally insane.

Tanya laughed lightly and shook her head. "Sorry," she actually apologized. "Lisa shouldn't have done that. But she's not really human and doesn't understand the effect she can have on the Normals." 'Yes I do!

I just don't care!' "Normals?" the terrified man croaked, his eyes wide and his voice shaking as he tried to wrap his mind around what was happening to him. "Yeah, like us," Tanya explained. "Well, you, anyway. I'm not really normal anymore, I guess." She grinned at him. His mind was slowly starting to work again, having decided he wasn't really dead after all. "Tabor?" he said, trying to think. He looked at the sorceress more closely.

"I remember you. You're that…" he sighed, not knowing how much it was safe to say in front of her. But he'd seen her on the Tri-d. "Yep! That was me!" Tanya readily agreed, seeing his thoughts. "I'm Tootsie, Frankie the Third's little slut-bod!" "B-but…" he stammered. He remembered her, now. He'd seen her live. Or rather, he'd seen her die. He remembered staring in disbelief at her convulsing, dying body when a sex robot skewered her right on stage almost fifteen years ago.

"It didn't kill me," she murmured quietly. "Just like your knife didn't…" They looked at each other for a moment. "I… I'm sorry," he stammered. "I didn't…" He simply didn't know what to say. He'd tried to kill her. He wasn't the kind of person who went around murdering helpless women.

He tried to concentrate on what the two girls had been saying about him. Was there another girl here a moment ago? He simply didn't know. His mind wasn't working right anymore. "Like I said," Tanya repeated herself. "It's the drugs. You're addicted. I was addicted for awhile when I was a teenager.

It got to where all I could think about was me. Me being high, me being happy. Me obsessed with how terrible I always felt. Me… needing. The drugs change you inside they kill that part of you that cares about others. You get…" Tanya thought for a moment, trying to find the right word. "You get… compromised," she said, finally, "and then you're lost.

And you eventually realize that you'd be better off dead. But I was lucky. I had a friend who locked me in her basement for half the summer. She fed me vegetables and vitamins lots of vitamins, with nothing but hard tap water to wash them down." "And now you're cured?" the man asked, looking up at her.

Tanya laughed derisively. "I still need," she said quietly. "But sex is my drug, now. Sex… and pain. I liked what you did to me with your knife." "Frankie…?" he asked. Tanya smiled, thinking of her husband playing the fop. "He understands me," she explained. "In fact, he tortures me sometimes, just to keep me happy." It was an oversimplified version of her complex relationship with her husband. She frowned at the filthy, naked man on the bed.

"I've never talked about this before," she told him, sounding more serious, now. "I would appreciate it if you kept this to yourself. I'd hate for word to get out that you pissed yourself and shit your own bed." He still had one more question. "The robot… how?" he asked. "And my knife?" Tanya shrugged her shoulders. He once again noticed how incredibly sexy she was. She was desire, standing. "I told you," she said, gazing at him, more kindly now. "I'm not normal anymore." She could feel him getting aroused again.

Before he could act on his desires, the door creaked, ever so slightly. Tanya cast her mind out and discovered the little girl the man had chased out earlier.

"We have company," she told him, nodding toward the door. "It's okay. Sherrie," he called out. "C'mon in, honey." The door opened slowly and the little girl peeked around the corner, shying away when she spied Tanya.

Tanya smiled at her and slid down the wall until she was crouched near the same height as the little girl.

She pointed to the man on the bed and the little girl ran to him. Then she noticed that he was naked and smelled like shit and backed away, settling down at the far end of the bed. "She seems surprised that I'm here and you're there," Tanya said, watching the pair with some amusement. "I notice it's usually the other way around." "You smell, Daddy," Sherrie said. "Are you going to let the pretty lady go?" "Yes. She isn't a threat to us, baby," the man said, answering her question just like he would an adult.

"She's going to help us." "Why?" Sherrie asked. "You said nobody helps us. We have to help ourselves." "Yes, I did, didn't I?" he sighed. "And that's usually true. But this time, it's not." He looked at the little girl. She wanted to come to him and hug him and let him reassure her that everything was all right, but he didn't have any clothes on and he really smelled bad and maybe everything wasn't all right.

"Are you going to help us?" Sherrie asked, looking directly at Tanya. Tanya grinned and nodded. "Yes, if his boss agrees. I will help you two, anyway, whether he agrees or not." "Two ladies came an' you were with the pretty lady," Sherrie said.

"I followed them. They went to see Mister Callahan. I'm supposed to get you. But you smell bad." "I should take amateur babe pawns her pussy and pounded by pawn dude shower before I go," he said.

"Can you watch Sherrie for me?" Sherrie didn't look like she wanted this strange woman to watch her. "My blonde hottie fucks machine and gets orgasm done," Tanya said, turning down his request.

"You are on your own, buddy. I'll be back with a truckload of food to seal our little bargain." She walked out the door and teleported out to where Tabatha waited. "I got two recruits," Tanya said to Tabatha's sleeping body. Tabatha opened her eyes. "I know," she said, grinning. "I was watching. Girl, you really scared the shit out of him. For real! How come you saved him after you let him fall all that way?" "I dunno," Tanya said, thinking.

"I saw an image of that little girl in his head and how sad she would be. I usually don't care about addicts. They choose the path to their own destruction. I've actually beaten one or two to death just for the satisfaction of it." "If you say so," Tabatha replied. "I seem to remember other reasons like that one guy you actually beat to death that was making life hell for the others around him.

Lisa was really curious about that video. She's still young and doesn't understand everything yet. She watched it again just the other day and asked me a dozen questions about it and you." "Cute!" Tanya replied with only a little sarcasm.

"She's always yakking with that Praetor thing in her head, too. I imagine by now that she's about the smartest person on the planet by now." "Probably," Tabatha agreed. "So what are your plans right now?" "I promised the guy a truckload of food for his family group in exchange for his support," Tanya said, grinning.

"Know where I can get one?" Tabatha raised her eyebrows at her grandmother-in-law. "Sure. We have supplies arriving in Stonewall at a warehouse on Sixth Street. Between the two of us, we could probably teleport something here as a peace offering." "Let's go, then," Tanya said cheerfully.

The two girls disappeared. End Part 3b