Playgirl gets hammered doggy style homemade hardcore

Playgirl gets hammered doggy style homemade hardcore
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So I took up with Kennedy, we got home from the weekend shooting in L.A. She was horny, very horny.

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So was I, I hadn't had sex since the early hours of the morning. Kennedy dragged me up to her room, and watch as these cute year old beautiful cuties hardcore massage me to go down on her, then I fucked her. Once we were done, we'd both come again, that was it, I had served my purpose; I was no longer needed.

I was expected to leave, so I put my clothes back on and walked back to my place on the other side of the graduate village, as Kennedy drifted off to sleep. I supposed that's what being friends with benefits means. It just felt kind of weird. That set the tone for our interactions, I felt like I was being used, and that Kennedy was rude towards me, but I seemed to like it.

I just got turned on by that. That I didn't understand. So, as with any problem I don't understand, I researched the issue. There's a lot of information about sexuality out there, some of it helpful, some of it less so, some of it just plain sany layon fucking story sex stories. There are a lot of opinions, like they say, everyone has one.

What I found most useful to understanding was a website That asked me a bunch of questions, some of them about things I'd chocolate beatdown brook marie by bbc redzilla large ladies and amateur considered and then ranked my tastes. It also had explanations of the terms used, so I could understand its rankings. It reckoned: 99% Non-monogamist 92% Voyeur 88% Submissive 70% Experimentalist 62% Exhibitionist 61% Rope Bunny 58% Degradee 48% Slave 33% Primal (Prey) 31% Brat 27% Switch 27% Vanilla 25% Rigger 20% Degrader 18% Dominant 17% Masochist 14% Primal (Hunter) 13% Master/Mistress 12% Brat Tamer 10% Girl/Boy 8% Daddy/Mommy 8% Owner 4% Pet 3% Ageplayer 1% Sadist Some of its conclusions, I might argue with, I think I'm pretty vanilla really, but it doesn't.

(Vanilla is normal, liking normal sex. I like normal sex.) I also think their methodology is flawed, and the numbers too conveniently smoothly distributed, but it gave me something to think about.

I'm not sure I am a "non-monogamist" at heart, but Kennedy has made it quite clear I'm not to get attached and expects me to fuck others if I have the chance, so there you are. I like watching porn, I like watching others fuck in front of me, so I wouldn't argue with "voyeur". Then, it gets to submissive. It explains, "Submissives like to follow. Some like to give control away to their partners." That'd be me. I really like Kennedy telling me what sex we're going to have.

Well, I like that we have sex, and then I like that its at her behest which makes it even better. It also says, "Submissives typically pair up with dominants." Intrigued by what it was telling me, I mentioned it to Kennedy, who took the test herself. For Kennedy, it reckoned: 99% Dominant 98% Master/Mistress 96% Sadist 95% Rigger 95% Primal (Hunter) 92% Aroused beauty gets fucked after a blowjob 90% Owner 82% Experimentalist 80% Non-monogamist 78% Brat Tamer 65% Voyeur 62% Exhibitionist 20% Daddy/Mommy 7% Masochist 7% Brat 7% Vanilla 5% Primal (Prey) 3% Switch 3% Ageplayer 1% Rope Bunny 1% Degradee 0% Submissive 0% Slave 0% Girl/Boy 0% Pet Basically that's saying she likes almost every type of dominant role, and hates the submissive ones.

We're compatible in that we both score highly for "non-monogamist," "experimentalist" and "voyeur/exhibitionist." So we have some common ground and like experimenting, then it comes to she's dominant and I'm submissive, so we compliment each other perfectly there. That's the part I really like.

What it says about dominants: "Dominants like to be in charge. Some like to have their partner obey them without question." That's us. Then of course, "Dominants typically pair up with submissives." Then, it comes to how she'd like to express that dominance, she really scored high for "rigger," she likes to tie her partner up, and degrader, she likes to humiliate and degrade them. On the other hand, I scored high for "rope bunny," liking being tied up, and degradee, liking being humiliated.

I'm not so sure I like the idea of being tied up, or humiliated, but the thought of being helpless and at Kennedy's tender mercies turned me on so much. Of course, in my version of the fantasy, I'm helpless and Kennedy has normal sex with me, I don't know how the reality would turn out. Then there are the ones I'm somewhat ambivalent about. Master/slave, and hunter/prey. It's not that I had a strong desire for these, but I didn't mind so much, and Kennedy likes them, so she could do that, and I'd be happy.

Kennedy behaving in a Master/Hunter/Degrader sort of way was the sort of thing I found confusing. How I could be turned on by Kennedy being so uncaring, and humiliating me. Now, we could incorporate these elements into our sex lives in a mindful manner, we'd understand what it was we were doing.

Or at least, that was my reasoning, Kennedy just liked the ideas the test gave her. She really liked that I would let her do that to me, and I'd enjoy it. (I'm still not sure enjoy is the right word though.) Then there's the incompatibility with sadism/masochism. The idea of inflicting pain really does it for Kennedy (at 96%), but I really don't like that idea, of being the one inflicted with the pain, all of 17%, and I'd put it lower.

Now that's not zero and my submissive/degradee/prey tendencies make the idea of it happening exciting, just, I can't imagine liking pain. Then there was another thing about BDSM I learnt from my research, the "safeword". In a BDSM "scene," "no" might very well not mean "no". So you have to have another way of saying, "No, don't do that, I don't want that, anything but that." If I said that to the dominat/master/sadist/hunter/degrader Kennedy, it'd probably turn her on so much I wouldn't get out alive.

So you chose an innocuous word you're unlikely to use accidentally and that means "no", or "stop". Now using your safeword is going to be quite disruptive to your love life, so it's not something either of you'd want to do. So the dominant should know how far to push the submissive before they snap. Then, you can also have "yellow" safewords which warn the dominant that the submissive (that's me isn't it), is nearing their breaking point. You can also have "green" safewords, saying they're not being dominant enough.

It seems those sort of safewords are more controversial, some think they take the fun out of it, and if you have yellow and green ones, the real safeword is now the "red" one. So we settled on the safe words: Red: Phlogiston Yellow: Aether drift (or Aether or drift or similar) Green: Thermo(dynamics), or Michelson/Morley What can I say, we're physics nerds.

We took a couple of concepts (heat and reference frames in this case) and used their discredited theories as "no thank you" safewords, we're unlikely to ever say those anywhere. Then, we took the current theories to mean "yes please," but we're still unlikely to say them accidentally.

(Phlogiston is a discredited theory of heat; thermodynamics is the current theory of heat which seems to work. Aether drift is a discredited theory of an absolute reference frame in the Universe; the Michelson-Morley experiment proved it didn't exist.) Neither of us had considered any of this before, but seeing as how the scores lined up it was natural that we'd try it. So with our new found insights into our psyches, we experimented. Like I say, we scored high for "Experimentalist" (70 and 82%).

The obvious one to try was rigger/rope bunny, i.e. bondage, she'd tie me up. We had no equipment for this, so we improvised.

We had a look around Kennedy's studio where were having this discussion and came up with a workable plan. About the only place we could see to tie me up, and still allow Kennedy full access to me was the breakfast bar. I could lay over that so my dick was below the counter and my face hanging off the front. We pulled the desk up to the bar, so Kennedy could lie on it, and my face could line up with her pussy.

I particularly liked that idea. For bindings, Kennedy had some nylons. I stood at the counter and spread my legs until my dick was below counter height. Then I leant over the counter, with my arms and head over the front of it. Kennedy then used the nylons to tie my wrists to my thighs. I was pretty much stuck at this point, at hungarian horny teen gets fucked anal by mexicans vanda lust mercy.

Of course, I had all sorts of thoughts of what I'd like her to do to me, but I also liked that she was in control.

I was naked of course, and really, really hard. That was when Kennedy had her own idea. She lay one of the barstools on its side behind my ankles, and then used some more nylons to tie me to it.

It was an improvised "spreader bar," something to keep my feet apart, making me more vulnerable, I liked this a lot. What surprised me later is there's a Wikipedia article for "spreader bar," and that you can buy them from Amazon.

Now, she tested the setup. She ducked under the counter, and I felt her mouth on my dick. She sucked me long enough for me to moan appreciatively. I was really liking this; this was my fantasy.

But, she didn't do it for long enough for anything to happen. I stayed quiet when she reemerged from under there. Then, she tested the pussy licking position. She pulled off her panties from under her skirt and lay on the desk. She was really obviously turned on, and she pushed herself into my face; I couldn't move to get to breasty legal age teenager endures hard ramming hardcore and blowjob. This I really, really, really liked, but it didn't go on long enough for me, or her to get off.

She hopped down off the table and asked rhetorically, "Now what?" She walked into the kitchen behind me, where I couldn't see what she was doing.

I heard her rummaging in draws. Next she stands behind me and fondles my ass, and reaches under to grab my dick, demonstrating my vulnerability. This was turning me on so much, I moan some at that. Then, she said, "If you can't escape in the next ten seconds, I'm going to spank you." Now the idea of her asserting her dominance like that was a turn on, but the idea of pain was not.

So I struggled to get free. I didn't manage it in the ten seconds allowed, I don't think I could have got free by myself in any timeframe.

There was a whack on my ass, that hurt, and I yelped, "Ow!" I struggled even horny latina fucks friend and her bf to get loose, but still couldn't manage it, despite a few more whacks to encourage me. Then, Kennedy walked around to where I could see her, she was holding a wooden spoon. She put that down on the desk in front of me. There's a name for that, showing the torture victim the tools of their torment, to freak them out.

Kennedy's sadism was showing itself. She said, "I'm going to use that on you again." I really was in two minds about that, the pain was really bad, but Kennedy doing it to me was really good. She reached under the counter and grabbed my dick, saying, "You like that, don't you?" "No." "Really?" "Yes." "He doesn't seem so sure." She stepped up to my head again, "I know I'm sure." She lifted her skirt and spread her pussy lips; she was most definitely turned on by this.

She picked up the spoon again, "I'm going to spank you, and I'm going to enjoy this." She stepped back behind me and whack! "OW!" I tried reasoning with her, "Don't, please, I don't like it." That was a bad move, my pleading just turned her on and spurred her to hit me harder.

I kept pleading and pleading, I really wanted her to stop, but she didn't. It was awful. Eventually she stopped, by that time I was in tears. She saw the tears and laughed, then squatted so she was face to face with me, "Thank you." She sounded really sincere, and kissed me, then, "I really thought you'd have used the safeword before now." My reaction, "Oh, I didn't think of that, I just wanted you to stop." "You mean you weren't playing?" "No." "Oh you moron, you have to spoil things." Obviously, she thought I'd been consenting to the treatment, and not using the safeword when I should have, changed that.

So she untied me, she was really disappointed in me, that was it for the night, I got to sleep alone, and feel awful for letting her down. Before I went to sister forced brother txxx her an friends, I went online and ordered some things.

Amazon prime is amazing, my order arrived by lunch the next day. I went to see Kennedy, that was unusual, she'd usually breeze into my place like she owned it (and me), or she summoned me to her. She answered the door, and I said, "Sorry." And presented her with the box of the thing's I'd ordered. She looked unimpressed, she asked, "What's this." I looked around nervously, "Could I come in and tell you?" She looked puzzled, but shrugged, I came inside and put the box down on the counter I'd been tied to the night before.

I pulled out an item and gave it to Kennedy. "What is it?" She asked. I blushed, but managed to say, "A real spreader bar." Kennedy was surprised. Then, I pulled out some more, "Velcro cuffs." There were several sets of those, with clip on straps. "Spanking paddle." It was a wide leather paddle, with a handle, just what you'd need to spank me. Finally, I pulled out the last item and handed it to Kennedy, saying, "I'd really hate it if you used that on me. Please don't." "What's this?" She asked.

"A strap on dildo, I don't want you to fuck me in the ass with it, that would be too humiliating." I wasn't kidding; the idea horrified me. Of course, I didn't want to admit, even to myself, that the idea turned me on.

She looked thoughtful, then looked at my crotch, I was rock hard, of course. She grabbed my hard on, and said, "I'll give you one more chance, if you screw this up, that's it." I didn't say anything.

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"Well, take your stuff off." I hastened to strip off and stood before her, still hard of course. She had her arms folded, looking impatient, "Well, clear it off." Looking at the counter.

I clear the box off the counter quickly and took up the same position as I was in yesterday. She took the spreader bar and some cuffs and attached it to my ankles. She grabbed my dick from behind, saying, "I like this." She wasn't the only one. Then, she got some more cuffs and attached my wrists to my thighs.

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Now, I was helpless, she said, "You forgot the desk," she was right, I hadn't pulled the desk up in my haste to get tied up. I was crestfallen; I'd disappointed her. Kennedy took advantage of my slip, saying, "maybe this will help you remember in future." She brandished the paddle then went behind me and spanked me, hard, once on each cheek. OW, I was still a bit tender from yesterday, but I stayed mute. Kennedy went and fetched the desk positioning it like yesterday.

She put the paddle and the strap-on on the desk where I could see them. "I had thought your idea of fucking you in the ass was perfect, but after that, I feel like spanking you instead. I don't know why I'm explaining this to you, there's nothing you can do about it, is there?" I shook my head. Having no say in my own torment was a big turn on, but I still hated both options, but also I still thrilled at the thought of either. Maybe you can tell I was confused by all this, how could I both love and hate an idea at the same time.

Natasha nice ashely pink lacey london lesbian threesome sat on the desk and picked up the paddle, and stroked it. She pointed it at me, "Now you remember how this works?" I wasn't sure what she was asking, I looked questioning. "Your safeword? You remember, when it gets too much for you, you use the safeword." I nodded. I was not going to forget that again. Then she added, "I've decided to make a new rule, if I push you too far, and you legitimately use your safeword, I'll blow you as much as you want for a day." That sounded amazing, I really liked that idea, she saw my expression.

"Of course if you use it before you really mean it, I won't be pleased. If I'm not pleased, you get to go home." She was really going to make my life hard; she'd already made me really hard.

She thrust the paddle at me, and demanded, "Safeword!?" "Phlogiston." "Good." Then she got up, and stepped towards my rear. I was really turned on by all this; I was so hard. But, I still don't like being spanked, so I pleaded with her again, which of course turned her on more.

I thought it would; I hoped she appreciated my efforts. OW, no, I really don't like being spanked, so I pleaded harder. I didn't have to play a part; I really wanted her to stop. I tried to hold on and not spoil her fun, but it was just too much for me, so I eventually shouted, "PHLOGISTON!" Then burst into tears.

Kennedy stopped, and hurriedly started undoing the cuffs, "Why are you doing that?" I asked through my tears. She paused and said, "You just used your safeword." I knew that, but I really didn't want to have gone through all that and not get something for it. So I added, "Yes, but it's the spanking I don't like, I like the being tied up." Feeling very daring, I added, "Particularly if there was going to be a blowjob." She laughed at that, and asked with a chuckle, "Is there anything else you want now?" "Going down on you." My perfect fantasy would involve being tied up, a blow job and licking Kennedy's pussy.

I was feeling really hopeful. She clarified, "While you're still tied up?" That really was the idea, so I was enthusiastic in my response, "Yes please!" It got even better when she asked, "How do you want me dressed for this?" I hoped this was Kennedy being nice to me, not just some psychological trap for me, "Just the white leather mini." That's how my fantasy went, Kennedy (or Kiki) in just her white leather miniskirt she sometimes wore for her job.

She disappeared into her closet, and when she came out, she was wearing just that. She stood in front of me where I could see it and modeled it. She juggled her boobs, and I moaned. My fantasy was just about to come true, and I only had to get a sore ass to do it, if I were in a more rational state of mind I might debate if it were worth going through that again. Kennedy disappeared under the counter and I felt her mouth on my dick; this I really liked.

Unfortunately, considering how turned on I was and I didn't get any last night, and I was tied up, and helpless, and my ass ached; I came almost immediately. Then I slumped, hanging off the counter like a rag-doll. My reverie was interrupted when Kennedy grabbed my hair, lifted up my head, and forcibly shoved her pussy in my face.

I was still somewhat stunned by the blowjob to fully appreciate this, but that was perfect, just like my fantasy. I tried my just a perfect fuck with velicity von to help Kennedy get off, but all american milf kelly madison gets oiled up and fucked seemed to have that in hand herself. She was really turned on, and wet, and wiped my face against her pussy.

I wasn't performing on her, seachsleeping mom sex sleeping pill son was riding my face, it was more like she was using me as a sex toy, her real life interactive sex toy. I loved it. She also came too soon, and flopped back on the desk. I got a great view of a sopping wet Kennedy pussy. I just waited for Kennedy. Eventually, she raised her head and smiled at me.

"I remember why I put up with you now." I took that as a compliment and basked in her approval. "Any other ideas in that fetid imagination of yours?" She had promised me blowjobs, so I was hopeful, and I tried another of my fantasies. "Tied to the bed with you sitting on me?" She liked that idea, so we did that as well, me cuffed on my back and Kennedy on top in the sixty-nine position.

That was just totally amazing. She did fulfill her promise, I got several more blowjobs that day, and several the next, while we experimented with the bondage gear. Oh man! It was great. After a while we settled down and only did "kinky" things once or twice a week, mostly it was vanilla sex, if Kennedy telling me what to do is vanilla.

There was still one item I gave her, I'll gloss over that. Mostly I liked our new found activities. Or if I didn't like them, they turned me on. Kennedy really seemed to like her end of the deal, I don't think she was playing.

I only used the safeword a few times after that, and never for a spanking. Kennedy could push me to the edge, but then I'd think of the blowjobs if I gave in, that would buoy me just enough I didn't need to, and then she'd stop before I used it.

She was really annoying like that, but I didn't complain to her, as I doubt I'd like the result.