Xxx bcomhot best six story

Xxx bcomhot best six story
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This story happened towards the start of summer last year. I wake up and it's Saturday and got to get the grass cut and few things around the yard done. I get all of that stuff done around 1ish in the afternoon by which point its 75 degrees and beautiful out. My dad is upstairs packing to go out of town and my little brother is just waking up and grabbing something to eat. After I get everything done outside that is needed to be done I come back inside and grab something to eat and read and send some emails.

After that its 3 and I go upstairs and get a little nap in. I come downstairs and its quarter to 5 and I am the only one home. At which point my sister comes over and drops off a few things and says she will be back later. So she leaves and I eat some dinner and watch some TV.

After watching TV till 6 and I decide to go hang out with a friend down the road. I go hang with him for till it starts to turn dark. As I am walking I see my sisters car and her absolutely beautiful friends (German girl 5'7, skinny, and amazing ass) car as well in the driveway and see the garage door open. I sneak in and grab a ladder quietly since my room is on the second floor and I left my window open and my neighbors always know I am always on the roof.

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I sneak into my room and grab a ski mask I have, my camera, and a machete my other brother left before he moved. I grab all that stuff and sneak back outside I see the basement light on so I realize they must be downstairs in the basement watching a movie.

I sneak back into the house with the ski mask on, machete, and wearing all black and head to the basement door which locks from the outside. I lock the door quietly behind me and they ask each what was that and neither of them move so I walk slowly and quietly down the stairs. When I get closer and closer to the bottom of the stairs I hunch over so they don't see me. I get to the bottom of the stairs and look over to see where they both are and they both are facing towards the TV and wouldn't be able to see me.

I sneak up to the backside of the couch quickly. I pull out the machete and place it on my sister's throat. At which point her friend is screaming asking what do you want.

I point at her and my sister. Her friend tries to run away but doesn't get far because the door is locked. I grab young blonde gal rubs cock ito pussy by the hair and drag her down the stairs and throw her back on the couch. I take the machete and place it on one of the straps of my sister's shirt and pull and than the other and yank it down exposing her blue bra.

Than I move over to her friend and take the machete and roll up her shirt and cut her shit right down the middle and pull it to its sides exposing her and just her pink bra. I pull out my camera and take a couple pictures of them both in their bras. My sister is a 34B and her friend are the same. I grab her friend hair and place her head down my sister's zipper to her pants I undo the button and she undoes the zipper with her teeth and exposing a little nice lacy black thong an snap a few shots.

Than I do the same to my sister and as she is bending over to undo the zipper of her friend I see part of butt crack and her thong. I snap a couple shots and her friend is wearing a nice hot pink thong. I put my sister back in the spot she was and pull her friends pants down all the way exposing the complete pink thong. I roll her over to face her back to me so I can her amazing ass in that thong and than I snap a few amazing shot her ass. I move over to my sister and pull her pants all the way down exposing her unbelievable ass and black lacy thong and take a few shots of the perfect medium size ass.

Now that they're both in just their underwear I take a few more shots of them both together and front and back of each other. After I finish taking a few shots of them I pull down my pants and boxers exposing my rock hard dick her friend moves right over but my sister didn't so I smack her hard on the ass an than she did. Took a few photos of them sucking my dick and deep throating it. After about 15 mins of them both sucking and stroking my dick I decide its time to take off their bras an expose their nice breast.

I take each of their breasts and smack them around a little bite to get them warm and hard. Take some shots of them. Pull down each of their thongs one at a time exposing my sister's partly/ landing strip pussy. Take a cope shots of that spread part nicely. Than I move to her friends and hers isn't shave at all its completely all natural. Take a couple shots of that as well spread apart.

Put them both back on the couch and had them both rub each other's pussy for 5 mins to get them awesome teen whore enjoying a dick hiddencam and hardcore and ready.

Than I place each of them face first towards each other's pussy. Did the typical pussy lick sign and they both started right in on it while they were going at it my sister was on top so I saw her amazing ass up in the air I gave it a snack smack turn a little red. Took a few shots of them eating each other's pussies.

Was an amazing site to see. After about 15 mins I stopped them. Than I got in on the action eating my sister's pussy first while my sisters friend sucked my dick some more.

After 10 mins of that they switched my sister sucking my dick and her friends pussy getting eaten. 10 more mins go by and decide it anal time for them both. I place my sisters friend on her knees on the couch and my sister leg spread wide open her friend starts eating her pussy while I start fucking her hard in the ass deeper and deeper each time I enter. Smack her ass around a little. After about 15 mins they switch my sister getting fucked harder than her friend in the ass and her friend gets her pussy eaten.

Smack her ass even harder than her friends and she screams. After 20 mins of fucking my unbelievable sisters ass decide time for more sucking of my dick. Get them both back on their knees and have them both start sucking, stroking, and deep throating my dick.

Another 10 mins pass by and I am ready to cum so I place their two faces together with their mouths open wide and shoot a load of cum all over their faces and in their mouths.

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I put my boxers and pants back on. I grab the machete, my camera, their bras, and thongs and head to the stairs quickly and side the machete between the lock and doorframe and unlock the door. I get out and lock the door behind me. At which point its 11:30 at night. I hear them zip up their pants and run up the stairs and try to open the door and cant so they start pounding on the door.

I sneak up to my room change clothes and go back down stairs and their still pounding on the door. I leave and go to bed.

The next morning early so its kind of a little dark I don't hear any pound on the door.

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I see that there is a message on the answering machine I play it back quietly and its my little brother saying hes gonna stay another night probly. So I grab a little mirror to look under the door to see where my sister and her friend are and they both aren't in front of the door.

I grab some duct tape cut it into pieces to fit around my sister and her friend's mouth. Than I grab some rope and take the pieces of duct tape and unlock the door and quietly go downstairs and take the duct tape and place it on my sisters mouth first and than her friends.

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I grab the rope and take my sisters hand and legs and tie them together like a hogtie. Than I grab the rope for her friend and tie her to a pole that is in the basement.

Before I left I smacked sister hard on the ass and said hope you liked last night! Than walked away. A few hours later came back and starting to have sex with each of them for another 2 hours than let them go.