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Hentai anime cartoon best hentai videos online besthentaipassport co tube porn
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After our little "game" Lauren went back over to the girls and I had gone into Anthony's room to see his drumset. I was feeling very proud of myself and assumed that Lauren would be spreading the news of her new found knowledge about me.

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I was sitting behind the drumset fooling around, not actualy knowing how to play the drums, when a few of the girls walked in and sat down on Anthony's bed. They talked to us for a bit. I wasn't really paying attention so I hadn't noticed that everyone had left the room, except one person. Lisy sat on the corner of the bed with her legs hanging over the edge, she had changed into a bathing suit since the party started.

It was a deep red fabric with a white floral pattern that laced itself around her breasts and ass; just the sight hot ebony vanity cruz fucked in the office her in it was enough to get my stomach to clench.

I could tell she wasn't sure what to say so I figured I would take the chance to throw some witty remark at her but the only words that left my lips were, "you OK?" My random question almost seemed to startle her and in a very defensive tone she barked, "yah I'm OK, why wouldn't I be OK?" "Woah", I said as a laugh escaped my lips, "I was just a question. You looked like you were going to die." I was going to leave it at that and see what she had to say but I couldn't help myself.

"Is there something you needed or are you just waiting for a go at the drums?" "No", almost glaring at me, "I don't want to play the stupid drums!" She must have noticed her hostility or just remembered the reason she actually came in the room because her tone changed and she looked almost apologetic when she asked, "Why did you just walk past me when you got here? You know who I am right?" I was looking right at her, "Ofcourse I know who you are, you haven't changed much." Laughing slightly, "honestly I don't really know why, I guess I didnt think to much about it." "Oh", she looked in pain but I wasn't feeling bad at all.

"You sure have grown up, obviously I didn't recognize you.

Its funny to think about it but your kinda intimidating" Smirking a little at the thought, "Yah almost no one did. I think Anthony and Lauren are the only ones who knew it was me from the beginning." She flinched at the mention of Lauren, I knew she had seen us go at it, but I didn't think she would be affected that much. She was going to say something when we heard, "Hey guys can I get you all to join me in the living room!", it was Anthony's mom.

I didn't wait for her to try and say anything.

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I got up and headed for the door. Now, the way Anthony's room was set up forced anyone who was behind the drumset to climb over his bed if they wanted out, so I climbed across the bed and when I hopped of the other side Lisy as thrown of balance and slid sideways off the bed.

I put my hand down and caught her by her hip, pushing her back into place, and then continueing out the door. I laughed the whole way into the living room.

I walked into the living room and was greated by a paper plate to the face as my friend Jake laughed and told me to follow him. We walked around a big table and squeezed in-between Alexis and Chelsea, two more girls who were audience to my and Lauren's "game", as Kathy came into the room with a celebratory cake. After a short speach from Kathy about how happy she was to have us there we each got some cake and sat down around the table. I was sitting next to Lauren and we started a conversation about small stuff, however, it eventually got around to sex, like all teenagers, its our favorite topic.

Her eyes roamed from my eyes to my lips for a good five minutes, I guess our conversation was going smoothly enough because she put her arabic teen couple kitchen the treat trade pt over my left leg and scooted closer and closer over a period of time. I pretended like I didnt notice and continued on with my witty comments, making her laugh and hit my arm occasionally, until we noticed people were laying down to Watch a movie.

I looked at her and she had a weird sparkle in her eye and a twisted grin on her face. She got up from the table and started walking away from me, looking over her shoulder, she asked, "you coming?" I followed her out of the room and down a hallway to a spare bedroom that Anthony had converted into a dance room for the party. There was a smoke machine and disco lights in the far corner so the room was basically a large cloud of color changing smoke. I walked across the room to a hope chest that had been pushed up against the far wall next to the light machine.

When Lauren came up behind me I turned around and grabbed her by the waist, she quickly caught on, and jumped up a little wrapping her legs firmly around my waist and her arms around my neck. She leaned in and met my lips with hers, opening her mouth to let my tongue in.

I turned around and placed her on the hope chest and she leaned back against the wall, I took it for an invitation and kissed her just under her right ear. I worked my way down her neck to her collar bone, my teeth grazed her skin, causing her to take a quick gasp of air. I had an idea, so I bit her neck just above her collar bone. She exhaled this time, a long shaky breath, and grabbed the bottom of my shirt lifting it above my head.

I continued to kiss her as I unbuttoned her shirt, starting from the bottom and work my way up to her collar, she dropped her arms so that i could pull it down and get to her bra. I ,however, had a different idea, sliding her shirt down her arms and stopping just above her elbows, I pulled the cloth behind her and bunched it all up in my left hand. This trapped her arms behind her and gave me one free hand to do what ever I pleased.

Breathing a little heavily, she said, "well I didn't see that coming.", i laughed a little and told her, " Yeah well i kinda just thought of it. I'm glad i did though because i now have the upper hand." With that said, i used my foot to knock the light machine on its side so that the colors would reflect off the wall next to us.

I could see beads of sweat had started to form on Lauren's chest, I hadn't noticed how warm it was in the room until then. Lauren tried to bring her arm forward but her shirt stopped her and i saw as the realization that i was in total control wash over her face, she looked a little nervous. "Don't worry Lauren I won't hurt you.", i said sliding my finger down her chest to her stomach and back again.

I rubbed the tops of her breasts, squeezing them through her bra harmonyvision two beauties take on a huge rod now and then, all while i continued to kiss and bite her neck. with her arms in the position that they were i had sacrificed the ability to take her bra completely off but that was OK because i had other plans. I dropped my hand to her waist line an ran my finger in the top of her shorts before unbuttoning them completely.

Pulling away alluring awesome babe rides like a pro two sides of her shorts exposed her underwear, with the flashing lights i couldn't tell their true color, but i didn't really care.

i lifted her up a little and slid her shorts down her legs to her knees, they fell the rest of the way to the floor. I slid my hand back up her exposed leg, causing her to shiver, until i got to her vagina. I rubbed her lightly through her underwear and she started to breath heavier, applying more pressure i continued to rub her until she started to let out soft moans.

I kissed her neck and breathed in her aroma, holding my breath for a second and then exhaling deeply. "This, huh huuh, isn't. fair.", she said gritting her teeth a little.

I looked int her eyes and told her, "I haven't even gotten to the good part yet." With that i lifted her again and pulled her now soaked underwear off her glistening body, returning my hand to her thigh and squeezing. I moved my hand further so that i could slide my thumb over her bare lips. I replaced my thumb with my middle finger and slowly started to work my way into her, the warmth of her vagina around my finger made me wish i was already inside her but i needed to wait and draw it out as long as possible.

I fingered her for awhile, i had added my ring finger at some point and now had her moaning and writhing on the chest, it wasn't too long until her legs locked up and her walls clamped down around my fingers. I let go of her shirt and she slumped against me, out of breath and shaking, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me again. She pushed me backwards and stood up in front of me, grabbing my belt buckle and undoing it, she pulled my pants and underwear down in one go. Sliding her hands up my thighs she looked into my eyes and said, " My turn.", she took my dick in her hands and started to stroke it, slowly at first, but steadily picking up the pace.

We kissed a few more times before she pulled away and kissed down my body until she planted one on the tip of my dick. She licked up and down my shaft, every time taking a little more of me into her mouth, until she got to where she was comfortable. She would take me in as deep as she could and the flick the tip of my dick with her tongue a few times before doing it all over again, as much as i didn't want to admit it, she was good, and pretty soon i could feel that familiar feeling starting to build at the base of my dick.

"I'm. there.", was all I managed to to breath out before i exploded into her mouth. I was expecting her to recoil in disgust but she just started to suck harder until there was nothing left. She stood up and looked at me with a big smirk on her face, " now how exactly do we find out who won?" "I'm content with calling it a tie, how about you?", i couldn't believe i had just said that but at that point i didn't feel very competitive.

She shook her head and said, "yeah that works for me too." We found our clothes, taboo part vintage and eager beaver teen fucks hotel room phone mommy dearest gets dressed, and were just about to walk back out pani nikalta wsexciy story sex stories download the living room when Anthony came bursting into the room. "Ah there you are!", Anthony said excitedly as he grabbed my arm.

" Sorry you two will have to have fun later because right now were gonna go tee-pee Mr. Styles house." As he dragged me out of the room i caught Laurens eye and we started cracking up. "Whats so funny?", Anthony asked, a confused look on his face. Pushing him into the living room laughing i said, "Nothing, now lets go rain on Mr. Styles parade!" There was a chorus of agreeing cheers as the guys grabbed flashlights, toilet paper, and headed out the door.

The girls just watched from the front door laughing and cheering us on until we were out of earshot.