Thrashing sweet beautiful babes fur pie hardcore blowjob

Thrashing sweet beautiful babes fur pie hardcore blowjob
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Shanna moved in with me because she was one of those people who couldn't hold down a job, and frequently had a drug issue, whether it be pills or meth, or both she would bounce back and forth between addicted and not. More often on drugs than not, I watched her closely, and monitored my belongings because she was very brunette takes fat cock of stranger hardcore and reality and though she had no job, she would have little bits of money here and there, and she seemed to either always be asleep or never be asleep.

I had just thrown out my newly ex-boyfriend of 12 years and we had a son together so I would allow him to visit when he wanted.

When Shanna moved in, I noticed immediately she liked him and never expected she would stoop as low as she did. While I was asleep one day she went into my phone and stole his phone number. Though she would already disappear and pop up, then say she had to "go see her parents," but I knew her parent hated her, I put it together rather quickly she was sneaking out to fuck my ex.

One night she and I got extremely drunk and I convinced her fucking men, and expecting them to pay you was a normal thing- and she confided in me she had been sneaking off to meet guys who wanted blow jobs, back when craigslist was a huge hook up spot.

She had no idea I knew about her and Jay, and she was eager to help me with our bills, so she agreed to allow me to arrange dates for her, for blow jobs, and if the price was right- she would consider more. Well Immediately I began to hook her up with any and every guy who wanted to fuck.

I would ask for $300 for anything, and when she would hear how much I had arranged and how much she could make, she was not only eager and excited to fuck complete strangers, she continued to see my ex, both of them had no idea I knew they would fuck in my alley way in his car, or sneak off to his parents' house and bang one out.

She thought she was clever and would tell me about "this guy" she had met and liked, and well, she would be telling me details about my ex and her, thinking I HAD NO CLUE- so this became a little game cat and mouse, and I had the ace in the hole.

I would arrange for her to fuck men, suck their dicks, take their loads on her face, in her cunt bareback (always), and yet pay me. She refused to do anal with any clients, and refused her "services" to those who tried. I found this strange because she loved anal. She had told me several times and she "would cum hard" when she was fucked up her ass. So after her "last customer" of the night she would come home and wait for me to head to my room to "go to kharlie stone in college guys love braces I would promptly watch the "lil blue dot", courtesy of the spy ware I had installed on my ex-boyfriends phone, magically start moving towards my house.

Shanna would detail these encounters for me under the guise of her "new boo", but Jay finally told me everything after he was done using her as a cum dump about a year after this all was taking place. I knew something was "up" but Jay filled me in on just exactly what happened during this time and it went something like.

She would wait for me to go to bed, and Jay would go park along the canal and wait for his anal whore to sneak out, he made sure she would wear a dress or no panties, for easy access.

He would then take her to an undetermined location in his moms car or his car, she would suck his cock until he was hard and wet, he would roll down the window and bend her out of the window, usually spit on her a few times, and he would slam his cock in her asshole.

He said he would pump her hard, harder than he had ever fucked anyone in their ass and listen to her grunt. She took his cock for long periods of time because he would fuck another girl from his office before coming for her asshole or he would have a hooker suck his load out so he could really give it to her.

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He most of the time would dump his load in her shit hole, and sometimes he would make her suck his shitty cock. He said he would wait for a while, take her to get a burger then pull up to his parents house mid morning after his mom was gone and fuck her again (always in her asshole) while she was bent out the window grunting, and his dad would sometimes watch from the kitchen window and eat his breakfast.

She became our toy.

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His dad would later end up fucking her too and apparently, a lot. And he would take my ass as often as he could when I lived with him right before me and his son moved out. So i know when she started staying with them she was taking both daddy and sons loads. Jay told me then whole year she stayed there he came inside her asshole as much as he could as he choked her and pulled her hair. He told me so many stories and even admitted she fucked his dad a few times while he watched and even would let his dad use tpys and weird objects to fuck her.

I'll have to tell you aboiut Jay walking in on his dad, his dad's very large black friend, Shanna and their well hung Great Dane later. For about a month She would tell me how she would "save her asshole" for "this guy" to dump in when she was off duty, and I felt, her little lie and my ex boyfriends little fantasy world was just too exciting for them, and frankly I wanted to cute blonde enjoys anal riding during some things up.

One night I got Shanna really high.

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She was drinking already and I told her that she was going to entertain two men for a lot of cash, and she insisted on making it happen at our place. I was secretly thrilled she wanted it at our place because I had already planned on taping it, but at home-it would be so much easier. I got online and found a duo of marines who wanted to fuck bare back, hard, and anal, rather quickly.

Deyvon was a huge black man, and his friend Robert was a well hung white guy, very tall and he particularly wanted to dump his loads, plural, in a useless prostitute. They were perfect and ready to fuck that night. Shanna was already slurring, dancing provocatively and letting her pussy show, when the walked in 4 hours after we negotiated a price of $400 for the both of them. I also informed Deyvon and Robert I would be getting kristeen chan fucking audition akira hco very fucked up on a mixture of things, but that only meant they could go for anything they wanted without much resistance.

Shanna met them both at the door and immediately started to dance with Deyvon. Robert took off his jacket, and pants and was down to his basketball shorts and a t-shirt in seconds. Before I could shut the front door she was already sucking Deyvon's ear as he started massaging her vagina and Robert pulled out her tits and started to fondle them.

I ran to my room and got my go pro. She saw the camera and began to protest it being in the room. I acted like I took it back to the room, which I did---to get it ready and recording. By the time I came back horny couple threesome with violet starr in the bedroom, my camera was not what was on Shanna's mind. Deyvon was bending her over my couch fucking her, in her pussy as hard as he could.

She was drooling, giggling, and moaning out, "Fuck me with that black cock," I set up the go pro inches from her face and let the camera capture her experience. He slapped in and out of her, she grunted, and I thought that must be what Jay hears as he is fucking her… Robert stood back and was filming with his phone in one hand and slowly jerking his dripping very large circumcised cock in his other hand.

"Yeah Dey-Dey fuck that bitches cock holster, HA HA! WOO YEAH BOOY! Get her, get her boy…how's she feel? She tight?" He was asking Deyvon and panning back and forth between the close up of Deyvon's cock going in and out of her pussy wildly, then to her face and then Deyvon's face. Robert was super excited and wanted in on the action. "You like that hoe? Huh?" He would get real close to Shanna's smiling and grunting, very messy drooling face, and lick her or stick his dick in her mouth where she would slurp the tip and he would yank it out, "no, no, no baby this is for your back side, yeah, daddy is gonna fuck that asshole." And in between her grunts she would say, "No asshole, no," and smile and go back to taking Deyvon's large fuck stick.

"yes, your asshole baby, yours" Robert kept reassuring her, she was getting her asshole fucked. Deyvon was wearing her pussy down and pumping wildly, "You like that you little whore?

Feel my cock in your guts? Huh? You feel me?" he reach forward and started to pull her tits and I brought the go pro camera to a new view, this time, it's man pissed with lady ass long shot from the coffee table, and Deyvon rides her like a porn star, bucking his black prick into her pussy. "Uh ah! Uh, uh, uh!" Shanna grunts and Deyvon looks straight into the camera and smiles as he drills down all his weight into his cock.

"AH AH AH SSSSTTT, UH UH STTTTOOO AAHHH STOP!" She was trying to get out buy Deyvon gave way to bucking into her so hard she was yelping and slobbering down her face onto the couch and floor.

"Want to smoke a cigarette with me? Let these two have some fun?" I asked Robert who put down his phone and followed me to the patio. Our window was widow open and curtains drawn, and though it was pitch black and they couldn't see us, we sparked our cigarette's and began to watch them again. Robert looked at me, and said, "So, what's wrong with your pussy?" I said "Well I don't sell it, sooo" he walked behind me, pulled up my long t-shirt, and reached his hand down my panties to find my soaking wet pussy lips greet his fingers.

"So I just won't pay you for your cunt," he said as he pulled down his basketball shorts, letting them drop to the floor. His cock sprung up and he bent me forward.

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He was stronger than my will to resist and he was balls deep in my cunt in a split second. He kept his cigarette firmly planted between his lips, took both his hands to my shoulders and pulled me down on top of his cock as hard and fast as he could while we watch Deyvon flip Shanna over, and begin shoving his radiator sized cock inside her ass.

While her tiny body wiggled and tried to resist, Robert was filling me with his cock, and asking me if I liked watching Shanna get fucked. "I do, but I would love to watch my ex fuck her ass" Robert slammed his dick in and out of me over and over. "That's so fucking hot!" barzzers xxx sex stories vedis said, and then he dropped his load in my pussy so deep I felt his cock spasm 4 times, "You fucking piece of shit." I slapped him and he laughed, "Aww it's just a load of cum, you will be just fine." "You son of a bitch" I yelled, and walked back in the house.

Deyvon was deep in Shanna's bowels and she was asleep. "Get the camera bro… Film her face as I fuck her Rob." Rob picked up his phone and obeyed quickly; I grabbed the Go Pro camera and also filmed her face.

Her eyes were rolled back in her head, she was drooling still and she was sweating like the piggy whore she loved to be. She was still grunting with each anal thrust she was receiving and Deyvon wasn't being gentle. Rob was calling her a "cum slut, druggy whore" and anything that came to mind and we cheered "fuck that ass, fuck that ass" until Deyvon whimpered and unleashed his river of cum inside her. He pulled his huge rod out and it was crowned in a turban of shit.

He promptly went to Shanna's willing mouth to clean his dick spotless. He mouth was covered in brown shit and semen and it was only half time. Robert flipped her back on her back and went full on balls deep in her cunt, he immediately claimed it was loose and my pussy was worth more money than Shanna's. Still, Robert spent a good half an hour on top of her passed out and all. He eventually found his way inside her shitter too. He came inside her butt hole deep and long.

He and Deyvon had one more turn on her and they both were satisfied they got their money's worth. I filmed the entire thing without her knowing. I wiped her face and redressed her. I even went as far as to wipe out her mouth and spray Listerine spray in her mouth. The next morning she mentioned nothing and when romantic xxx hot american students girl finally did, she only asked if we ever met with the guys we were supposed to meet up with the night before.

To which I acted like I had no idea what she was talking about. A few weeks later I confronted her about her and Jay meeting up and not only did she deny it she hid at his house for a week until I boxed up all her crap and put it out next to the trash. I then edited the video to feature the best highlights of her night being a cum whore and I sent it to Jay. I attached it to an e-mail that said "You know, you can't turn a whore into a house wife after a night like this." For 1 year I got no reply, then one day out of the blue I got a reply to my e-mail.

It had a video attached. The video was Shanna and Jay. Jay was filming a POV phone video of him fucking her in her ass. She was making her familiar grunting sounds, except there was someone else there. In front of her, a cock was in her mouth- and the person on the other end of the cock?

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Her stepdad. They were spit roasting her. Jay fucked her up her ass and came inside of her balls deep. I know he filmed it for me because as he goes to turn the recording off he looked into the camera and blew a kiss.

The e-mail read, "I never turned her into a housewife, but her Daddy and I made her a good anal whore." Shanna still accepts clients and Jay still fucks her in the ass. And so does his dad. Sometimes he films it for me and I really, really love watching.